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Episode 38: Bacon Carbonara?

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hello and welcome to cooking issues on Dave Arnold your hose to cooking issues coming to you live on the Heritage Radio Network approximately 12 to 12:45 every Tuesday I'm joined here in the station today with that of course nastasha to hammer Lopez and cooking issues on webmaster and friend Jerry lavish love Jerry too busy to call in all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 with any and all of your cooking or non-related cooking questions before we start I'm going to dress a little blog business for those of you that go read the blog and I encourage it even though I haven't been posting as regular as I should have. I have like 15 post that I need to write it's not that I'm lazy although that's also true it's actually do have a lot of other stuff going on and I need to get the ability to just jot off like a couple hundred words it hit and hit post but so far I haven't been able to to do that as much

everyone in the world tells me I should write write for some reason I can't do it has a form section that has apparently been overrun I'm putting you on the spot but I've been overrun by spam and we are actually attempting to solve this problem by Terry and all the rest out there please come back we love you and we want that stuff to survive and flourish so we have a guess who's working out you were running it and and also Vicky's running at Victoria or it just it's just it carries a man Jerry is a new father a a computer consultant extraordinaire and we force them to do our blood work on the side

my question is fairly simple I make pizza dough and every time I do it it seems to shrink when I try to roll it out so give me your exact procedure

call Baker Ecuador use a KitchenAid usually

no food processor with the dough buck and a little rest and stuff over eyes rolling pin it sort of snakes back into a smaller piece move to a higher hydration more more water in the Dell probably is going to help you and I don't know like I'll get I'll tell you this I'll give you another thing is I would move away if you can quit using a rolling pin I find it to me it negatively affect the texture of the of the pizza at skate at to me that texture is much better when it's kind of you don't have to be able to flip in the air like you know like a like a but you're basically using your face and scratching it is helpful to me I always liberally flower right before I before I start you know pulling it out but I'll tell you my procedure and it in a nutshell and see if this helps I use a fairly I don't use this High hydration dough isn't as an April starts Style

I'm somewhere usually end up in the area of like got seventy 75% which is too stiff for real pizza aficionados but that's kind of what I do I use a fairly high protein flour until for every thousand grams of flour I'll have in it roughly seven hundred grams of of water or 750 grams of water in that range 7750 and a little bit of yeast and I allowed to do a very very long initial rise in another another thing something more important than eating ass is really good way to get textures to make the dough the night before breaking into your pizza size Trunks and throw them into quart containers covered in your fridge it's called retarding the dough that's also can improve your dough texture and flavor by allowing the East to act on it longer be have to use a smaller amount of yeast so for your hair texture rolling back I would say one of the main things is is if you stretch it out it won't pull back as much as always going to be a certain amount of snap back but when you roll it I think it's going to snap back even more is this making any sensors if not useful at all

well. Try to make sense my gentle procedures I start up with the other sponges pretty wet and as I'm needed it I like to do that flower in till basic bit sticky but it's not or would not sticky when I try to do it I mean I'm not sure what is on the board at sort of make a disc and let it hang and finding out that way I find out works pretty good until I lay it down flat and then you know it's like elastic on your underwear to sort of drinks back in real fast is are going to get a little bit of a little bit of a snapback have you done that you can you pull a window on it if you done the window test description

you know over stretch it a little bit a little bit thinner before you drop it because I invariably I get some Snapback I don't get like rubber band e Snapback is it still warm or cold when you're rested the rest of the room temperature new resting in the fridge next to let it come to room temperature in the room and does the stuff the same stuff you like it's proof out in the room so taxi rising and and it's dead at room temperature or not cold at all when you can give it cold at all it will snap back to do this but when I make pizza I usually am making 8 fairly large ones at a time I don't want to make them to order so what I'll do is I'll actually I use a very minimal amount of flour just enough to get it on my fist so I can pull it out in the shape and then I throw it onto a piece of pie

paper it'll semis the pizza with semi stick to the parchment paper because it's it's you I haven't flower department at all so the dog what kind of stick to the parchment a little bit which prevents any contraction oven make my pizza on the parchment and I'll shove the parchment entirely with the pizza on to the stone for the first 35 40 seconds up to a minute of baking pan how hot my oven is just until the Bottom Farms across new releases from the parchment Now quickly shove my peel and pull the park now and finish the baked out on it a couple of bandages this one I think I saw your snap back problem with it to you can make a bunch of pizzas and put them on sheet trays and stack them up in your kitchen ready to bake so you're not making pizzas every time have to throw it into the oven and so to me those are huge Advantage is the one thing you have to be careful of special cuz my oven goes up to 850 degrees is the burning of the paper so what you have to do is after you put the pizza down even after you do the sauce and and whatever is take trim around the door with scissors such that there's very little pizza overhanging the edge

and I don't prevent you from getting a lot of scorching or or or or burn marks on the on the paper and then remember to just get it out of the oven you know after after I'm sticks so in my oven that's 45 seconds or so I in your Ivan maybe longer I don't know how you haven't got to stand around the kitchen entire time we're families eating pizzas will give that a shot see if that helps out of flour and I think obviously your hydration going to change a little bit but you know what my favorite pizza is that I'm a car made with a sir Galahad which is a fairly high protein like really good other than just the protein quality doesn't really well middle of nice flower from

Arthur Butz not unfortunately generally available when I'm making it at home I use a hacker's which is a fairly there a p is a fairly high protein AP I wouldn't use like a southern-style really soft JP if you're using like a good northern-style AP now that's a little bit harder I think it's okay or you can use the better for bread stuff that I never used it the King Arthur's better for Beretta I either use their sir Galahad I use hackers what about like a pan out of zero double zero Pizza that I seen and I have different flowers I'm sure you have some really really good flowers out of my head for some reason in San Francisco

repeat I know they sell 50 lb sack that's how we get it but anyway I hope the next time around, we had an interesting comment in on the extremely fascinated with this irradiation of seeds thing and turns out there other people fashion of fascinated with two so it turns out that after we dropped the bomb in World War I think horribly especially the second one we then went on to do a whole series of nuclear weapons tests in in the air atmosphere underground underwater in the 50s and 60s which made for some amazing feeling by the way if you've ever seen the videos of them it's just me and completely compelling awesome spectacle horrible idea but completely compelling awesome spectacle so one of the things they did was a seeds and they're the reason

I want to see whether or not we could we germinate are seeds after we had been hit with a nuclear weapon right and I are seats stores going to be obliterated or the three people that survived the war if they happen to have some corn with them can they grow it again so that's that but they found out they got some interesting mutations from this and they started purposely radiating seeds in an attempt to find seeds and shoots and leaves and plants in general because you can also get invitations on the branch of things that cause sports right and fruits so they're trying to get new varieties to find a peaceful way to use nuclear radiation and this pain in entire movement now I'm fascinated with it but I don't really know that much about it and we got a tip-off from Tom Metcalfe are listen to Tom Metcalfe who tipped us off to another person who seemed extremely interesting I've never met her page Johnson who's a garden store in and she has a Blog called Garden history girl.

anyway she is apparently apparently from reading it like one of the world's experts on nuclear and Atomic Garden she calls Botanic Gardens so I encourage you to read everything she's written on it she's going to write a book on it and if you happen to be in London on the 7th of June she's going to give a speech on it at some like Royal Horticultural Society HuHot think of a day and I wish I was in London because I'd love to go turned out we used to have these things called kind of garden shears what they would do right they would stick a up a pipe into the ground full of like you know some some horrible ain't no gamma radiation you know some radioactive element Cobalt something I think they would sink it into the earth into a LED enclosure so you can go look at the Garden and the garden was arranged in concentric circles around the radiation source and then soon as you walked out with your Geiger counters after you collected your irradiated stuff they would me me me me me me me me me trae's a radiation Source pack up and start knocking out the the produce again and there's pictures of them online amazing stuff anyway

thanks time to update and we're sure to hear more about Atomic Gardens and I wish I could go see that speech and you could also go to the wedding doesn't care if people keep saying the wedding I'm like I know someone is getting married is no it's like the kissing bug people really care about the royal wedding come on right anyway it's a natural extension this is not the this is not the real wedding show she was at the Royal Wedding if you version 2.0 is going to an anorexic friend frenzy as a result of all the cameras on her return to the wrong place I no longer have cable because I told my wife she could cancel cable if I could do X Y and Z never think you should actually pick up the phone and cancel cable so I am cable is I know nothing thank goodness.

give an iPad yeah but you can't stream the news that I ate yet you cannot things that I used to watch know what this is all about not only about cooking anyway calling all of your questions to 718-497-2128 come in at 3


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my favorite title of any program here on the Heritage Radio Network hot grease questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 from Paul Paul says Hi silver the first night of passover comprised of the Seder night a big family meal with many reading songs and Central to this question symbolic Foods yes this is true / bird egg in its shell which represents the Passover Sacrifice from thousands of years ago preparing it is a royal pain in the blank blank blank as it has a tendency to explode and create a smelly mess in the past of roasted in the oven raw and this year I first boiled then roasted it both times it exploded and then tried making it which is a nightmare

I then tried making a small crack in the shell and this does not work either give me suggestions as to how one could do this reliably without having a huge cleanup job afterwards cheers talk interesting question for me especially for several reasons one I used to when you're in college I found a microwave and then he threw it away because of the cord had been broke and they didn't know how to fix it so I just fix the cord was a $0 fix and I had that I have my microwave in college right I didn't really use it to cook food we use it to see what we could blow up in a microwave right so of course we did all the stuff that's now since become commonplace marshmallows CDs with your awesome for about like like half a second form look like lightning fingers like the emperor is zapping you from Star Wars you know that the grape trick light bulb and a half a light bulbs I must have blown up the entire case and 1/2 300 watt light bulbs are freaking amazing because they light up for a long time before they heat up the envelope of the glass and then explode what time actually had one blow up

and it didn't shatter it just blew a hole in the side of a glass so it looked like one of those high-speed photographs can't believe it. I lost it anyway one of the fun things to blow up in the microwave an egg explode in the microwave when your new cat and you can nuke it for like like 3 or 4 minutes and just when you think it's not going to blow up you walk up to turn off the microwave and fam she blows up and I have to tell you it is extremely impressive in there's no peace in their bigger than your pinky and yes Paul it's picking pinky nail that is and yes Paul it does smell god-awful so I feel for you however I have roasted eggs in the oven many times without them exploding and I haven't done any particular prep work on them and I'll tell you what why and what so you know a person that we like to make fun of here on in on cooking issues he's a French dude who'd you know talks about it he's the guy who keeps saying like a really strong as a good term no matter how much we tell him that that term is kind of disgusting sound

his philosophies feeling any way that is 65° C egg has a perfect runny yolk in it because he cooks them in the oven anyone has a circulator out there anyone out there circular knows that a 62 degree egg is running in 63 degree egg is set at a 65 degree egg is most certainly not running in the center and it's this may sound like a crazy like angels dancing on the head of a pin for people who don't cook using circulators and low temperature but this is this is like I don't know I don't know what's the equivalent of its I don't know it's crazy it's just nuts 800 or like for like or like deep frying water the only person I know what does that is out of town or tablet using methyl cellulose it's crazy but the reason why is because you were to cooling off of the egg when he puts it into hit three dozen in the oven at 65 and asset evaporating off the temperature in the egg drops and it's actually only 62 inside the egg which is why it works for him even though it's theoretically flood technique SO2

Contessa's I cooked a bunch of eggs in the oven at a fairly low temperature though act like you know to 5303 25 in that ring Fahrenheit now we're back on Fahrenheit. God's way to fake anyway so excuse me I use celsius people anyway don't worry I cook meat in Celsius so what's interesting is you can look at the eggs if the eggs don't have marks on the Shelf from where water is evaporating out you can see them because they'll develop little brown spots on the egg where the steps evaporating off cuz as water evaporates out of the out of the shell out of the egg cells undergoes my are reactions at a very low temperature like similar to the way they would if you cook them in a pressure cooker or if you did how many eggs by putting them in a pot and letting them cook overnight in a bread oven to eat you know for your for your Sabbath meal on Saturday night right so they should turn brown right in the Shell even without burning right which is amazing and it but if you don't know this little little bits of water or pinhole brown marks all around the eggshell it means that aches

ocl2 maybe your eggs are coated with something like waxed or maybe you have a really I use typically use crappie Supermarket eggs at break really easily maybe you have like a free range egg that is really like has a really good Charlotte I know Wylie Dufresne right now is doing an egg and he's using some really fancy eggs with really happy chickens those happy chickens have very thick shells so he's having a really bad pain in the butt problem showing them all so I don't know what temperature your money at Paul the try running at a lower temperature is still going to turn brown even at 350 or 325 because the Meyer reaction is going to be happening at those low temperatures so don't worry about having those temperatures not be that high roasted lower and I've never had one blow on me using that technique if you roast at high or you might be able to build up pressure fast enough to have it explode parent you can because you told me you did not and let us know how it works out cuz that sound sounds good day

you're not going to blow it if you're not getting pinholes your building pressure she's going to blow cracking the shell in one place beforehand you might be having some water trapped inside might be harder actually to get the water out of this and I wouldn't I put them in raw and maybe I put them in raw uncovered like you know directly on the rack which I shouldn't go because they might break and and that's that's how I do it and I haven't had one blow yet but maybe we should make time at somebody else's house I'll try it at a higher temperature and I thoroughly recommend it if you are going to blow up an egg in the microwave if you if it first you don't succeed try again it takes longer than you think if every four eggs maybe one of them will blow up and please do in somebody else's microwave right you know someone that you don't like like him next time you get invited to someone's house to a party that you hate and there's a million people there and you can't believe you got invited there just toss crab legs in the microwave walk away don't really do that don't do that I'm getting a look like I can't believe you

I'm not I'm not I'm just kidding the last three awful thing you can do till microwave vacuum machines everyone every every class I taught in sous vide not the the other one for professional to come in because they've got a lot to worry about anyway but like every class I would teach on it they have someone asked me have I put a lie that's why I was in the vacuum machine I'm like no no no

although I do have a friend of mine and this is one of those a friend of mine was really me a friend of mine through a cockroach infested piece of kitchen equipment into the microwave because he just didn't know what to do with your food in the microwave turn it on a pop like popcorn is what I'm told ya I haven't done that in the microwave but apparently that that is a true enough backstory okay wind rights and he says hello to stash it doesn't care for me like she better for the show sometimes not today today is it a question I've read widely disparate opinions on the suitability of previously frozen meat for making sure pork products specifically I want to hear pork belly which is a very good idea for bacon and pancetta and jafra guanciale guanciale is one of the world's great products effaced how the heck could you give me a squeaky face on gum Branch Outlet

can you don't like one child flavor I prefer there's a bunch of the artisanal guanciale is out there I think a bit too dry I like a like a moisture one truck for those of you not hip to the fact guanciale is cured pork jowl you can cure either flat or you can cure it rolled up or you can carry flat and then roll it up I like them all the one I use is rolled up it has a higher fat percentage and they make something similar in the South called job again but it's not doesn't taste the same to me because it does not the same spice make sure I thought you should get the one Charlie it might taste there is no finer topping for pizza in the world than guanciale guanciale might be the best thing you can put on a pizza if going back to pizza and what I like to do is

are you still down there it doesn't need a lot of heat you can throw it on there raw and it'll it'll crystallizer in chunks I slice it really thin because it's mostly the fat and I like the texture the fat when it's real thin and basically just the heat looks at it and and kind of shriveled it up a little bit but doesn't make it hard and doesn't take away from the unctuousness of it she like bacon pancetta and Lardo but not guanciale folks now you know what I have to deal with on a daily basis upon which by the way I'm all for authenticity right but we are in the US of a here and the smokiness accentuates the dish very nicely thank you and I think bacon tastes delicious in a cover-up yes I'm not wrong I'm not saying it's authentic right but then take like

carts don't have Motors in them and yet I enjoy a cart with a motor on it help me carry this stuff around authenticity isn't everything it's not authentic but it's delicious over everyone out there saying that you can that like somehow you know your taste buds are shot or you know it's just cuz you're an American or just cuz X Y and Z hello smoking is taste good in that dish that's not carbon her meet me kidney beans and best wishes I also I'm a firm believer in having the authentic dish the way it's supposed to be prepared without any embellishments without any changes preferably in the location and by the people who make it so you know a lot of times it is ingested preparation it's the specific ingredients if someone has in a particular place cook differently they taste differently the environment different they're cooking utensils are different the way they handle the Green in two different so if possible

you should go taste the taste of dish made by the people who are supposed to make it however once you've tasted that you have a Target in your head feel free to do anything you want to it including using bacon which is straight-up delicious okay I can't believe you've totally we totally sides that poor Rob's question okay so he wants to cure pork belly for bacon and pancetta and and gel for guanciale but the Heritage breed me to he likes to use are available him only in the Frozen form just freezing alter the muscles in such a way as to change the salt curing process and does the method of freezing make a difference aside from these specific specific questions any insight on meats or Cuts or applications that are especially freezing friendly or unfriendly thanks he like-likes a show in the blog regards Rothwell thank you for liking show Unblock Me preciate it here here's the story first of all used to be in the United States that all the cuts of meat that you were going to use for securing all the pork was frozen for a deep freeze actually for a while to cure any trichinella in advance of hearing it which also going to kill trichinella you know the parasite very few of the worm

liver disease is measured in grams per cubic centimeter muscle mass right anyway so previously most if not all the meat that we cured is Frozen right now it it turns out that with his car to come back to your question to take the collar and come back we'll talk about freezing and and me to call her you're on the are good on Sucker Punch of gift certificates to like Amazon and Crate & Barrel stuff cuz I got I got married pretty recently the new pots and pans and just kind of upgrade from the the crappy mish-mosh that I have and I'm having some trouble trying to figure out exactly what's in Dustin I want to get stuff that's going to get a laugh and recommendations

I don't have to tell him you didn't you extract but you know I have particular non-stick Center tunnel and they're not any longer have thought about cast iron but I'm not sure that's the way I want to go for for everything hear my thoughts and then you can nonstick get a new issue everyone should have at least one non-stick lying around I have a fairly big one and a fairly small one assume that they will get obliterated over the course of a couple years and that you had to throw them away 14 by 14 out of the Ford bad big burners for Tina today and so I should I get those and then I assume that those things are going to be gone after a couple of years of you still not seem to get a cheap one

I don't know whether scanpan fix the problems that they used to have Scamp and you've got some problems but they're fairly easy in they actually have a warranty on them so if you break them or in a ruin the coating you can send them back right invest in the one investing one good pressure cooker if you get a good pressure cooker like Coon Recon even though it's not very expensive the pot itself is quite a good pot and so you can cook with it or without scorching on the bottom if you're doing onions or something before you're going to add language to it to do a brace or or a pressure cooker right get one piece of cast iron I have a whole bunch of cats. I would go to Sears to go to the thrift store to find a piece of cast iron that has a Polish face on a current cast iron has a pebbly surface it's called as cast where they used to sometimes do a machine surface finish or sanding on the inside surface of the pan and those ones when they're seasoned are like glass and they're awesome right but they can't find a manufacturer

animals fine for enamel coated cast iron I would only get a dutch oven that's what I have I have like a la Creuset Dutch oven but any one of those cat enamel stop any one of those guys going to be fine but I would get one for everything else I think the cast iron going to be a pain in your butt unless you want to get a muffin pan or something because they're really heavy to Lug around I would get but I like having a cast iron skillet for biscuits and things like that and then just cuz out every once in a while I just feel like it I feel like having cast iron because you can put it on that stove and crank the heat really high and walk away from it and not worry about it because not going to warp out on you it's going it's going to be good but I would get one from a thrift store or from A & A used source so long as it's not been scrubbed it's not too rusty and the service is glassy smooth and you can start to get nowadays because they're the Ruffin and probably but I will get the separately from your name with one right I wouldn't subject in enameled one to the super high heat that I was suggested black and put a black cast iron skillet on now for your

standard pots and pans I would go for any high-quality pan that you like the that you like the look of I use All-Clad at home and they stood up two years of constant abuse I don't have any fancy All-Clad but I'm not showing up for All-Clad either it's just this is what I I use at home and I get a fairly wide variety going to need a couple sizes of sauce pan and you know at least one small like a like a skillet and then a larger stock style pot I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a giant stock pot that giant stock pot is it then you should have it's cheap because you're only going to cook liquids in it and it does not matter the quality of the pot if all you're going to be doing is boiling water in it unless it looks so ugly that you can't stand you know looking at it in your house right so all of Mike I tend to go cheap on my huge pots are only going to have water boiling in them this making any sense what I'm saying

everyday pan and are those what are those mean if I pee all clad stainless steel and a lot of them I think not now that a lot of y'all class have the ability to go on induction fairly efficiently they have like I guess it's either magnetic stainless or or the stainless itself is good enough with induction that they can run induction or they can run or they can run off of gas or electric but you need that aluminum slug in the center for rapid and even heat conduction that has an insane warranty really I've never had all clad is that in the inside of the pan you can see where the handle is riveted on now I seen him in the school I seen those fail from extreme abuse but at home they've never failed but the one problem with them is if they are difficult to

clean out around the rivets but that's my only real that's my only real gripe every other handle welding handles on I've broken those welds off so the rivets I've never broken see a lot of high heat you're going to be frying sauteing with don't spend the money on something that's going to see mainly water exception being I would spend the money on on like a Kuhn rikon pressure cooker if you can if you can afford it they're expensive one in Okun Recon and get the big one by the way you know you can get a whole set of Our Stars set of all Flats you know but the pressure

proper lighting is the ultimate material from the heat transmission standpoint and I have a nice Hefty way to them they're extremely expensive if the copper is showing their very hard to clean and keep clean and the other problem is is usually a lot of people have copper pans they don't have enough copper in them so you're not really getting the advantage where's the aluminum slug pans have a real thick slug of aluminum on the bottom of them and you can look look at the bottom of your pan before you buy it you should see it's going to have like a little basically shelf of aluminum underneath that you can see it in a mini pants about a parent to go to court unless you like the Polish things of Thomas Keller's like that you'd like the Polish thing that's the only reason I think that 8 years ago 10 years ago

give me the copper and nothing it's not a big deal anymore and then there's a question of free or cheap big stock pot is it okay to go all aluminum nail do you believe that aluminum touching the food is bad I don't know where my big stock pot is aluminum because it's very lightweight and it's very tough and big butt like 6 gallons I use my giant stock pot is a turkey fryer 16 and that's where the cheapest way to get one of those things but you have to be willing to have its ugly and you have to be willing to cook in aluminum pans if you have induction not what do you have are there in San Francisco

can induction gas what do you have nice I like gas all those instructions awesome I fight if I you know but gas is unfortunately for my energy usage standpoint still the way to go here in the US and hopefully he'll get really beat up every 6 months nicely and you have decent stuff now if you know you're going to view something on purpose right or there's a process that have glitter that obliterates things as a matter of course the reason like while you sit a Sizzle platters and whatnot those things are made of something it's not that expensive but in general the very high end restaurants they have respect for the food and the thing that touches the food right it's like a top-down respect for food that trickles down onto the plane to the customer

in less expensive restaurant where you're hiring someone who you do not trust near there's no reason to hand that person a good piece of equipment because you don't think it's going to respect it you know what you see I'm saying you're not spending a lot of money if there's no used to it but if if there's a used to it right at the he is more even there for the food is going to be better then get a better piece of equipment and treat it nicely you know what I mean

I do and why I called in French friends and stuff like that it just that aren't accessible to not to leave when I get really thin to go with the warranty what happens when you freeze meat what's going on is that especially if you freeze it slowly is that you're not freezing the water on the inside of the cells you're actually the water is extracted from the cells and cells get somewhat dehydrated

play the crystals form on the outside of the cells right there's also a certain amount of that the fact that this Crystal is energy stored them in the freezer that grow in the shrink they grow in the shrink and they puncture the cells right then as it thaws the water needs to be absorbed into the meat but but because you rupture some of the cells and because it's impossible to get all the water back into meet you lose some liquid right and then that's what's called drip Los now things are very fragile like berries United States turn into water a mess because all the show the cells get kind of hurt right and that's really what's going on if you perforated some of the cells you've lost some of the moisture to it and Siri what happens in terms of actual penetration is it because you rupture some of the cells there's a lot of liquid moving on the inside you should be able to cure it faster right it would it will take the Cure even faster so it's not going to hurt it's not going to hurt it from occurring standpoint to have Frozen it now there are some people I read on the on the internet because I didn't even know it was an issue there some people on the internet who think that it's going to be having more of a back to

real problem if you saw it and then cure it because I guess I'm presuming that it's going to take awhile to thaw it out but presume that you have a good provider who froze it right you know when it when it was ready to ship it to you Frozen and then you're thawing it and then quickly curing it I don't think any extra bacteria sometimes it takes a thought I was going to be a big deal in fact I'm not saying this but you can probably start the curing process as its falling even cuz of salt will help accelerate the the one thing I will say is that you probably should not cure the bacon and then freeze it because what happened is unless you have a vacuum packing machine cured meats Special Report because it believe it or not that the fat in pork has a good degree of unsaturation to it is very unstable at once it's been cured in salt and exposed to oxygen has a tendency to go rancid so if you freeze bacon and it's not in a very very good vacuum pack along with some other antioxidants like for instance MO

or maybe even some liking out some I would not ascorbic acid but like a something like sodium metabisulfite or something like that as an antioxidant along with acne you'll notice that even in the freezer you are a bacon will get rancid very quickly start developing the other flavors of fat rancidity so I would definitely if you were going to deal with the Frozen thing not freeze it after it's accurate I would freeze it fresh saw it. And then use it unless you're doing a super long hair when it's going to stick out and stay out for a long time anyway in which case the water levels or lower score spinal your man city will be last and not the flavor that we like and I hope your meet Ashley a partially fat man city of kind of in a way that makes it taste good right so it's not always necessarily bad one person's rancidity is another person's delicious two-year-old Iberico bellota fed Jamon so let me see what I've answered all your questions I think so I would go ahead and cure + cure those cure those things now one last question I have in from Bryan heslop

he says the recent Museum fundraiser sounds like it was incredible and it was right was called bone Appetit bone Appetit at cuz I gave him caveman food and one of the things that make you go on the Block and look at it one of the things was enoki mushrooms that look like Twigs he said how did he make it and I forget I think he's soaked them in in some sort of like flavorful broth like soy and then dehydrated them and they say that's the only part of the dish I got to taste and they tasted really good you tasted it yet but it's National were actually running dishes and by the time I came back to try and taste like the leftovers that they were all gone manufacturers in China I've looked at it but the problem is I never have enough of a minimum quantity order and the other problem is is it unless you know a specific manufacturer play some stories from Philly Preston could Prince Philip pressing for probably science and it tries report

is there all the time and he's had some things he's had really good luck with and something said he's had really bad luck with if you if you if you go over there and have someone build something to spec then they will build it to your spec and it will probably be good mean a lot of really amazing stuff is built friendships modernist cuisine Jerry's looking at is it was printed in China because the printers over there were so good they were the only printers that. Muir full moon Chris Young could get that would Prejudice other they want us out there in the printing is on Miracles book and it is but I know what time before that since the stash you interrupted me by doing the watch Point Chinese Chinese yes so but the problem is if you if you buy something over there that was Bill to somebody else's suspect it might not be your respect so I know he tried a couple of Chinese model import vacuum machines in the problem was it they look mean they they weren't as Robo is the ones that we get because that wasn't part of the QC process but also if you vacuum a lot of

if fried some piece of complementary in there cause smoke and almost a fire right so unless you know something works like for instance like if you go online look on blogs for whatever people doing and people will have tried X Y and Z cheap Chinese. Safran since everyone I know who buys a miniature Mills and lathes buys to see ones that come in and they're all made by one or two manufactured in China and they work with some known problems that everyone knows what those problems are and they fix them ditto with laser cutters ditto with you know certain like a plasma cutting tools things like that so it's just look online and don't be the first person in the US to try it out anyway that's my that's my right yeah right I wheeler made of time anyway this is been this week's cooking issues come back next week

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