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Episode 378: Naturally Nutty

this episode is brought to you by Cabot Creamery celebrating 100 years of being a dairy farm family owned cooperative . Learn more at Cavite cheese dot coop That's Cabot cheese dot c 00 p . This week on meeting three . It's our Season four finale , and we're sharing some of our greatest kitchen joy's . Maybe most people consider making it too much work or too messy , but this is the food that's worth the work and worth the wait . You always know where the thing is because you put it away the right way the first time . You just sort of stand there and , you know , with your hand on your hip and one like outstretched , less wind Marianne staring into the refrigerator , going okay , speak to me . Oh yeah , What are you doing with the celery tonight ? I am making a simple syrup for a gin cocktail with the salary , and I also found a recipe for a celery soup that's going to use up the celery and the potatoes and some of that duel that we still have hanging out in their tune in and be inspired to find the joy in your kitchen . And don't forget to subscribe to meet , and three wherever you listen to podcasts loathe radio network every Tuesday from a freak . You know , this time ? Not my fault , though . Not any of our faults . Really . Just a miscommunication . We thought there was some people . Matt in the booth ? Yes . Thought there's gonna be no show today . Other people thought that there was a show from Liberty three joined the usual Anastasia Hammer , Lopez and Matthew in the booth . What's going on ? You guys not officially making shows this week ? I don't know . We are this week . And this is a weird thing . Where ? Because there are two sets of holidays this whole , uh , Labor day . You take office Sunday ? Monday ? Uh , Thanksgiving . You take off a Wednesday ? Thursday . So a Tuesday had to fall somewhere Last year . They chose to make it this one . Wait a Tuesday . What ? Like to even it out ? You gotta skip Tuesday somewhere . What ? What ? May explain this to me . So that so That moron like me can understand what ? They're the holiday on Monday . So you have to skip a Tuesday over the course of this year we've got are this season we've got a Sunday on Monday , a Wednesday and Thursday off . That's almost entire week . So those Tuesday shows would randomly have one extra weeks of the easiest move is to just skip one . Yeah , but we skipped the last , like , 1,000,000 . Well , that is true . Uh , right , because And also we're not here next week because next week I will be doing my yearly trip to Harvard and then out to Los Angeles , where Anastasia is getting us ready for the Houdini party . Stops you want describe the Houdini party . Why don't you describe it ? And I will talk about other things . After what it's what it's for . Mo fad , because here's what happens . The Stasi Lopez and the boondoggle a Rebecca Rebecca boondoggle ir r p r person who doesn't like to be called a flak when you meet her , Do not call her a flak . Apparently , this is an insensitive term to use for public relations . Professional . True ? Yeah , why already color ? But anyway , you call the book Don't place it all on me . Boondoggle is a term of endearment , its term of endearment . But on the other side of the Stasi now gives up . I like calling Yes , I said This is a boondoggle . You said that made her upset . Then you and I both started calling her the boondoggle . Let's be honest . No Debut came up with it , but go on . Okay , so we're going to L A l A moustache . CIA . First of all , Nastase and Rebecca are just obsessed with Los Angeles in general . Why ? I don't know . You okay ? Sure . But anyway So , like like we're gonna throw this party in Los Angeles , it's doing spiraled out of control into this , like , giant McGill . A kind of like all this cool stuff like moustaches . Like we can't just go have a party because the first party we threw was so terrible that it was known as the sub party . The first part of you , that's when the circulator was on the floor when there was a pirate . Yeah , when the Stasi a managed to , like , do everything in a way specifically seemingly designed to , like , flip every switch to happy blow my stack instantly had me flying lip truly as the party was starting anyway , going so anyway , So that was the sub party , right ? We had it at a place that had no Internet access and no one could get to the place . It was like a great house dope anyway , So So to make up for it stops . He's like , and Rebecca like , we're gonna rant that We did apple . And that was good . That was an event . Yeah , but you want to throw a party that was at a bar ? That was Ah , Papa at a bar . Missed Ozzy . It may or may not believe that Barbara is . Don't you know that I don't even know what you guys are 15 out about now ? I missed it . Who on the microphone just said truck front ? Newsome was because I didn't hear it . And I normally hear what Dave says . What ? No , that has to stay in because we don't believe it's not true . We'll discuss later . Yeah . Uh , anyways , so they're like moustaches like , Do you know that there's a Harry Houdini house in in Los Angeles and then Austin , who we work with ? Austin Henley . Who ? That major domo we worked without in Los Angeles . A lot was like , my brother is a magician . So it just started kind of spiraling out of control from there . And then we realized that all of this is gonna cost a lot of money and be kind of like , bigger than we can just kind of pay for it . So we decided to We're like , we're gonna do it as a fund raiser for Mo fan . So per no Rikard got on board . Somehow we have Dan . The autumn ater on board somehow is coming in to span at this party . Yet you have , You know , Jeremiah Stone in favor of a husky from Contra wild air pizza and all this stuff . They're gonna be there cooking food the best way we have . Hola . We have . We have , uh , Jack Schramm from existing conditions . Austin Henley from Major Domo . And I think Nick Bennett , maybe from porch Light is gonna They're gonna be there . Swing area , John slinging booze , aerial shots of you knows . Now that is now Alton Brown , science advisor on good eats . He's gonna be there , and some of the Stasi is convinced , and you can call and let us know that it's better if we all dress in costumes . So she is trying to rent Get this . She's trying to rent a soul . Tarso ZOLL Tar is the fortune teller in a in a in a glass box . So she's trying to rent a soul tar outfit for Harold McGee , who's going to be at the party . So Harold McGee's gonna be at the party there . Ariel Johnson were the other costume ? Yeah , Harold Johnson decided she wanted things is a low quality top hat . Thing is , I can't put it over my thing , but I This new Stasi is the Stasi is top hat is made out of . It's made out of pantyhose . I hope you know that . I I only deal in really for felt hats . So this is a thistle is a This is a , as we say , garbage hat . Please tell me you guys have a themed couple's costume . Wear the ring leader . Let me see . I'm gonna take my earphones off . Put on the hat here . It's terrible quality hat . No , you look great . Yet from far away . It's a way of the monster maker from Universal Studios coming and bringing a life size , that is Ah , we're gonna spout wine out of this thing's mouth when the stars he's gonna try thio contract this person to make us a wine zombie . Anyway , So , uh , anyway , So we have five tickets . Mostly people coming . Our celebrities , food people , friends of way can't . It's formal fat . We can't . We can't invite friends of ours because it's from the food friends like people . Anyway , so fundraiser for Mo Phat . There will be an auction at the , uh at the event proper as well . Uh , should be loads of fun . And that party will be next Thursday . So if you want to attend and we only have five tickets , uh , you can bid on those tickets at 32 auctions dot com slash Houdini and 32 is the number 32 auctions dot com slash Houdini David tweeted You will tell me who ? You , you old sweet Later , and you will instagram it later . We only have five tickets . By the way , Houdini a start at $500 . Houdini was a bicoastal fella's gonna be You know that he , like his other residents , is here in New York City . So we should try toe rent out his Upper East Side townhouse at some point . Yeah , do it . Who did anything ? They're so awesome . Brother will be there doing some sort of magic . I don't really understand everything that's gonna happen because the Stasi is making it all happen . Along with the boondoggle . There will be Apple headed up , by the way . It turns out Estancia , I don't know if there's anyone out there if you're out there . Uh , so it turns out that the Internet's a marvelous thing and , ah , flowrider song low . You can get a knock capella version on the Internet like you can just go on YouTube and search Florida Low Capella and you can get just the vocals and then you can get the instrumental tracks . I don't think I'm gonna have time , cause I'm preparing not only for the party but for the Harvard lecture next week . Eso It's the 10th anniversary , I think of the Harvard class , So it's a big kind of It's a big kind of public lecture situation with , like Harold in the gang , All that up at Harvard . If you happen to be in Boston next Monday , will be doing the public lecture anyone can attend . I don't really know how to look that up . Goto Harvard s C F s C . A s , uh , you know , cooking class and look it up anyway . Uh , so you can get this . And so it would take only a small amount of time if you knew how to do it right and engineering knowledge to change the vocals , to have them just say Apple headed doll instead of apple bottom jeans . And then you just play that clip at bull headed doll and boots . For if we could do that with the for , we would like them . We can make one of our because there will be Apple Head's Stasi has already started Car van on the apple heads . Now listen , we all know that there is a vicious stereotype out there . I made everybody go this weekend . There is a stereotype out there of like people who grew up in , like so Cal , who are half Mexican , half Ukrainian , Russian , right , sitting in their apartments in in Hell's Kitchen alone , carving apple heads . We know this is a stereotype . This is vicious , vicious stereotypes . Sona Stasi is not one of those Apple head ladies PS . Speaking of apple heads , for those of you that I don't know have never listened to us before , Apple head Oh my God , we were supposed to do Trina thoughts in his classic in the fields today , But we didn't . Ah s Oh , Drina Dotson is the undisputed queen of the apple Drina Dotson , undisputed queen of the Apple head . Her Apple head book is like the rarest of all of the three Apple head books that you can get head maybe the oldest of all dolls , Juna Dotson . In her introduction to Apple Head dolls Adam and Eve Time , she's like , Listen , if they had apple trees and the apples shrunk , that was basically an apple head doll . So right up there with , you know , right up there with prostitution was apple head dolls in terms of early cultural achievements . So Apple Head dolls are like Drina are that they were the over apple . The other doll is the apple head doll on . We also in peak cooking issues fashion looked up all of the references to doll making the Drina dot dots and mentioned in her 1967 I think 67 classic Apple Head . What's the book ? Apple Head Dolls for fun and profit isn't like this . Rob it , uh , so s so what you do is you take this Apple head and Apple head dolls were a thing for like a week and 1/2 in the late sixties , early seventies . So much so that was it has been a pleasure for pleasure and profit . Was it Hasbro ? Yeah , Hasbro came out with the Vincent Price shrunken head maker . Now , shrunken heads , of course , refers to the actual like Amazonian , like Ecuadorian Peruvian Amazonian practice of shrinking human heads . Which is it's . There's too much to get into on the actual technology of how to shrink an actual human head spoiler . You , you cut the skin off the head from the back , uh , boil the skin in a tanning preservative solution packet with hot sand and keep the features in rough shape as it shrinks down into something that's only the size of a like a little bit bigger than a human fist . That's a traditional kind of shrunken head manufacturing . And by the way , uh , you used to be able to start terrific , actually used , able to go by actual shrunken heads in South America . So much so that they started killing people specifically to sell to Europeans and Americans , trunk and heads , and it's it's a whole nightmare story . Whole bad thing . The process was the trade was made illegal like a long time ago . A long time ago anyways . So Vincent Price somehow got roped into saying that thes apple head dolls were shrunken heads and because he was a horror star back in the day , you might know Vincent Price as the laughing the laughter at the end of Thriller . Not that we listen to thrill or any month , but I want to get into it . But Vincent Price , well known horror , uh , actor and like , you know , all around kind of character actor that you remember from the from the middle part of the 19 hundreds anyway , So he was the face of this Apple plans , They saying It looks like it's saying , I'm going to shrink your head . And so it's a It's a thing that fits over an incandescent light bulb and allows you to make your own apple heads . We got it in the way we got it . We own it . So you take an apple , yet you treat it in salt and or lemon juice , and then you cut it into a kind of a rough face and then you shrink it down . I use an Excalibur dehydrator and then the Stasi and I use it for cocktail garnishes . But why do we do ? Apple has it because the sauce and I had a meeting once with a meeting with the partners of Booker and Dax , where we were talking about contract disputes . And somehow Moustache and I had started reading about Apple head dolls because we're stupid . And , uh , they were saying that the stacks and I couldn't have a business together other than Booker and Dax and I just like I went from , like , zero to explosion instantly . And I said , If you stop , see and I want to start an apple head business or you want to tell me I can't like that , right ? Anything like they were , like , missed . Ozzy was like , I want to start in that little business right there . That was it , right ? Is that huh ? Stars ? He's like , Damn , it's what I want to do . So that's what we're doing . So calm . So yeah , So back Thio back to other things . So missed . Ozzy and I have all been an interesting places . While we've been away the past almost two weeks , I've been in Iceland so we could talk a little bit about food and whatnot in ice . And by the way , Iceland like amazing place to visit so expensive . So shout out to appetite . We got , Jonah says . I saw in the wild a copy of Liquid Intelligence on the bar and then saw one of their bartender join us on the street . And he's like a like liquid intelligence . So shout out toe Iceland , although buying liquor and Iceland so expansive , their taxes so high . So you should go to a Patek and enjoy their cocktails . By the way , you can go to a glacier . Uh , you go to many glaciers because , like Iceland has so many glaciers and their melting so fast that you think that climate change would cause that like , you know , the sea level to rise in Iceland . But they're glaciers are melting so quickly that it's actually reducing the weight of Iceland such that Iceland is rising out of the ocean . That's how messed up it is anyway , Um , so they had this Glacier lagoon that's only been around for , like , 50 something years because as the glaciers been melting back in form , this glacier lagoon and icebergs like honest to God , icebergs break off and float into this glacier lagoon and then out onto this beach called Diamond Beach out into the ocean and you can go walk , walk around near these icebergs . Don't walk up . Don't ever because you think I am . Don't ever walk on the ice blocks they could flip over at any moment . It's like the one thing they tell you . Don't walk on the iceberg . So Dax and I was like , Hey , we allowed the walk on these icebergs . Come on anyway . So the icebergs , like chunks of them , come off and float right up to the shore , where you can pick up like , you know , like a basketball size like iceberg chump . That's perfectly clear , because it's from the inside of an old glacier . So if you go to a volcanic glacier in Iceland , it full full of ash because , like every 10 seconds , this giant volcano Kotla , every 50 years would erupt and sprayed tons of black ash everywhere so the glaciers , like ice ash , ash , ash and then as it melt , it turns into a giant piles of black ash . But this other glacier over on the eastern side , there's a lot of clear ice and so you could pick it up . You should sell this stuff . Cocktail nerds like like like like guests from America and Europe come to the boss and he's like , Well , yeah , I don't know that people would pay a lot extra . But I think if you have a tourist going to a bar in Reykjavik that they would pay extra for iceberg piece of ice in their cocktail . What do you think ? Yeah , you know what the guy said . He's like , Well , in the old days , the glacier was so close to the highway that Fisher , you know , the people who are fishing would drive their trucks back right into the glacier and then just chainsaw giant chunks of ice and chill their fish with it . But he's like the glaciers melted back so far that they no longer no longer do that . I was offered whale many times , did not want to eat . Whale didn't have well . I wanted to eat puffins because I leave the hell out of a puffin , but they're actually dwindling in numbers , and so I didn't see me puffing on the menu . I did have Icelandic split lamb's head , which is one of the things that they're kind of known for , and there's geothermal everywhere , nice and everywhere . We're not anywhere . Many places . So there's lots of places where the ground is at cooking temperature . And they have this kind of cultural saying where you make this brown bread , which they call root broth or whatever they call it . Heavy pants , Icelandic impossible to pronounce . Don't even try , and they bake it underground in a pot for like 12 to 24 hours . And they make these underground geothermal steam breads , which are also known as thunder bread . Because apparently , if you eat too much of it , you get a little bit of thunder down under . You know what I mean ? Kind of run straight to you , but there they're almost a dead ringer . When they're fresh out of the ground , they're they're sweeter and moisture , but they're almost a dead ringer for New England . Can bread . New England can brown bread , but these have obviously a much higher right content because they're made with rye bread . So that was some of the interesting stuff had there in Iceland and then the week before that in Taipei had all sorts of cool stuff So there's a There's a nut that one of my old interns , Jiangsu was from Singapore kept on trying to get me in New York , and it's got various different names Devils , pod , water , Cal Trop or the technical name is Trap Abi cornice . But it looks like a back like a bat nuts . And so they've always been described as a watershed snot . I've never had one . So we're in the night market in Taipei and I see this guy who looks like the human equivalent of a bullfrog like he's got like his eyes are kind of huge and just sitting there , he's not moving like he's on a lily pad . Just not moving for like an hour were sitting there eating stinky tofu and all this other stuff . He's not moving , and then I'm like , notice . He's all he's selling is like the bat nuts , and no one's buying anything from him . And so we go over there and he tells , you know , Eva was , you know , taking us around . He's like Westerners don't want buy these things , so it's not . It's not something that you get outside a lot , but I'm here to tell you they're very good , and they taste much closer when they're kind of steamed or roasted and served on the street to a regular old fashioned chestnut into a water chestnut . So if you're ever in the area , get one . However , I will note , uh , you must cook them because they have up their fresh water and they have parasites to grow in them , and the parasites will do nasty things to you If you do not cook them . There's nothing missed . A CIA loves more than a parasite . Another interesting food Taiwan Taipei , specifically that you don't get elsewhere is called I U I U Jelly . It's not that it's delicious , but it's very interesting . I mean , it's good . It's very interesting for this property , so it's not related to I . U , the freshwater fish that I think makes excellent sauces in Japan . It's ah , you is the name of this fig products . What they do is there's a thing called a creeping fig right , and you can , I don't know . There's American creeping things , but I don't know if they if they work the same way . But , um , you take this creeping fig , you take the fruit , you cut it out , and this is relatively recent , only the past . I think 101 150 years they've been doing this . You turn it inside out . So all the little seeds from the figure sticking out and then you dry it . You then massage these seeds in cold water . Now , remember , in Taiwan , I looked this up . This will become important . Admit they have much more calcium in their water in Taiwan than we have in New York City , which is very kind of soft water . So you massage it , you massage the sack . It's called washing the eye , and you put it in like a little kind of like , almost like cheesecloth tea bags , and you do it and then you pull out the tea bag and in like 30 minutes , it sets to a solid thermo heat , irreversible so you can heat it gel on . It's really cool , and they serve it as kind of a thirst quenching summer because it is freakin hot in Taipei in August , it is freaking hot , so anyway , so I looked it up , and it turns out that it's a rare kind of it's a rare occurrence in nature of a completely native easily , easy to extract low meth oxy pectin gel . And so I brought some home and I'm gonna try Thio experiment the other one you like this term ready for this Since Tasha , it's called Big Intestine in small intestine is this is one of my favorite things that I had there they take a they take like , a large intestine and they stuff it with rice and they steam it like a sticky rice . And then they slice that like sausage . That right sausage just writes down the middle and put like pickled cucumber and a regular sausage made with small intestine on the inside . And those suckers on point on point One of my favorite things I had missed as he is now wearing her garbage top head , uh , had many other good foods in in Taiwan . But that's the kind of stuff I wanted . Thio , I want to tell you about what you have in italy slash France and good food . Uh , no . In France , we went vegan . What ? I thought that was just one time . That was a one time we find stuff in France . Um , about in Italy , once closed in front . There was all this Was France still closed ? You notice it was Farrah gusto . So it was like the last week of anything before everyone just goes on vacation . Where does France go ? I don't know . I don't know . Because Bobby Murphy from the bar was in France , like the week after you . And he's like , there's nobody here . You just say Egypt . Yeah . Really ? Uh , didn't know Egyptian tourism that I went to Massimo , but Nora's restaurant and correct me if I'm wrong . How was it ? You said you were with someone that they like was not a food person ? How'd that go ? Uh , you said that she was like I was taking so yellow . Hey , you imagine you get to go to , like , a three star Michelin restaurant like Awesome . Oh , Vittoria . Like , beautiful everything beautiful , like people wait their whole how many tables they have in that restaurant . 33 tables . So you're taking one of three tables . So it's like , this is a hot commodity . This table it was like I got all this food years . Always a trouble . Uh , yeah , It's , uh not the right time of year . For what ? A way to put it back . Yeah , but that's not the right time . I don't know , But they're a little right now . Yes . Oh , like does it ? Does it kill them to take him out and put it back ? So says the person like they don't even hunt for them if they don't have their characteristic smell . But it's the wrong time of year . They still smell , they smell or the dog like found . Yeah . So now you and I both down triathlons . I tried to train my Labrador Major two truffle hunt , and he need to start with chuckles . So what you do is you train them if you're cheap , like me , train him on truffle oil . So what you do is you get truffle oil and you The first thing you do is you train them in the house like was like , you put a little bit on it and then when you put it down and when they go first , you just given the scent and you start feeding him treats . So they associate the scent of truffle of treats . Then you put the thing down somewhere close and you give us a term like I was . I used search , right ? And so then , when major would go over to the thing . I would be like , Get down , show treats in space right Then you hide it in another room and then if they go to it , then treats in their face . Then you go from that to taking a Q tip , putting a little bit on it and then going out into a yard and putting it like , you know , half acre away and being like search . And then when the dog finds it , you're like I got treats right in the face , you know what I mean ? So , yeah , so Major could find a Q tip with a little bit of truffle oil on it , like across an entire lawn like easily . But the problem is , is that you know that truffle experts we were talking to an organ at the time was sure that there was some form of truffle , you know , on the ice , have property . Connecticut , on this property in Connecticut , based on the kind of tree cover that . But Major never smelled anything underground . He was able to consistently find like a truffle oil sent anywhere , I put it , but was never able when you just gave him search out in the woods any time of year to find anything in my neighborhood . But Major is too big of a dog to take out toe Oregon And , like , put him with one of their trained truffle dogs and see whether or not , um , you know , he could do it . But I guarantee you in Italy , Major , could Major could bust out some truffles . Maybe not anymore . He's a lot easier now than he was , like , you know , four years ago . You know , it's hard to teach an old dog to date troughs , but he was pretty old at the time . He was like , three or four . Now he's like , sandy care anymore . So what else would I asked with travel ? Like , Why did you go from hunting in the summer ? Because it wasn't for summer truffles . You were hunting for real trouble ? Yeah , We found white truffles . They were small . We put it back . Who told you it wouldn't kill the truffle ? The guy who you were paying Teoh guy . Okay . All right . Did he plant in ? There was , like , a like a I went to Italy once and hunted pheasant with big quotes around it . Tell you about this . And like they were , it was for a TV shoot . It was for a TV shoot . What we were supposed to be like , really like learning how to do things . I really did . I forget how to do it . Learn how to split a sheep's head from an old school Italian butcher with nothing but a knife . No sauce , no nothing . And , you know , like , do it really well . And since for gotten the trick is you gotta put your fingers in the eye sockets . That's the trick . Anyway , By the way , the sheep said they served in Iceland . They remove the brain . Man , I don't eat brains anymore , but I thought they still serve it with the brain . They also didn't crisp it all . They served it with skin on , which is not how I'm used to it . Anyway , back to this . So , like we're supposed to shoot a pheasant . So we're out there . It was Johnny's . Jeannie and I were out there , and they're only reason they did . It was they wanted to train their dogs , so they they just they stun a pheasant and put him in a bush , and then they tried to get the dog to run after him to flush the pheasant out so that you can shoot it . It's really not hunting at all . It's pathetic . And the dog was too stupid because they hadn't trained it properly yet . It was ignorant , let's say and it wouldn't run after the pheasant . And so they were like , You know , they're like , you know , whatever they say in a time when you say I'm beyond okay , you know what I mean ? And like and the dog wouldn't go so eventually they they had to sit there and , like , toss sticks the pheasant to get it to fly . It's pathetic . It I still feel I don't feel bad about it because I ate the pheasant . But it's not sporting . Yeah , you know , if I wasn't eating the pheasant , it would have been a horrible travesty . Anyway , Um , okay , we should do this thing . What ? What things ? All right , let me answer a question First , right ? Answer questions Andrew writes in about stabilizing peanut butter . I love nut butter nut butters A gross ! Where ? Right you made it . You made a gross word . Face nut butter . The crinkly fate . It's quite loud . I love nut butter but hate when it separates . And , yes , I'm very lazy . I would by no stir peanut butter , but it always contains added sugar . And I have to watch my sugar sugar intake pretty closely . I'm curious . Is the sugar actually necessary to hold the emotion ? Uh , Mulligan . I think it's just kind of I know . They also had palm oil , which I would believe helps keep the fat solidified . But presumably sent . Sugar is so ubiquitous it also serves some role here . What is It wouldn't be feasible to use other stabilizers to keep peanut butter smooth and not separating . I just want to avoid the sugar interested in either commercially available products or something I can mix in the store bought at home . Thanks for the advice , and by the way , I love existing conditions . So I think the reason that the like so if you look at , let's say Skippy , the ingredients and Skippy are roasted peanuts , corn syrup solids , which is very important . Corn syrup solids , sugar , soy protein concentrates salt , hydrogenated vegetable oil on it says literally to prevent separation . Mono and I bliss arrives those air there . Uh , I don't know why . I guess those air , helping to multiply it on , maybe also for other purposes and vitamins . So if you look at that , it's really the sugar is there for flavor . I'm almost 100% sure , because when I wasn't able to find any data on you know , I did a quick search on wasn't able to find anything on sugar being stabilizing . And in fact , the opposite is true from my experience when you want to vastly increase the yield of nut oil out of ground nuts , add sugar , uh , or if you want to break your grinder , add a lot of that . You know , not like a like a You know how , When you're blending nuts , you'll add like sugar , like powdered sugar with starch to like stop it from clumping . If you grind it in like an actual like plate grinder and you add sugar to it , it will turn into such a thick paste that it will clog and almost destroy your grinder . Um , so I don't really know why I like sugar affects it so much , but I always add sugar true with a little bit of water in the form of simple syrup . But I had a little bit of sugar to it , and it breaks . It breaks it and causes the oil to come out very , very , very , very much more . Son . I don't know whether it's because the sugar is actually adding moisture to it , and that's what causes it to weep oil so much faster . That might be the case , because if you look at peanut butter , it's got less than 2% moisture in it . That's the That's the number you should really be looking at . So I would guess that , um , Sugar , if anything , is gonna probably make it less stable . But that's just that's just my guess . Um , so . But I think the reason that people who add stabilizers also add sugar is because 99% of the people prefer the taste of peanut butter sugar in it , and they're selling to the 99% of people who want sugar in there . Peanut butter . Uh , what you really want to add is , I think it's the modeling bag Lyssarides and the palm oil that's doing it , and so you can look at on . You can get the abstract of it . The functionality of palm oil is a stabilizer and peanut butter by K . Arianna 2006 on You know , they talk about it on the effect of stabilizing with this so you could probably get some sort of ah , high melting point fat , like palm oil and some modern Douglas rise , which were sold by the Ferran Adri , a corporation as ge lis or through Modernist Pantry . You can also buy mono and Douglas arrives and kind of melt those into your palm oil started in , and that should help stabilize it . I don't know the numbers , but I don't think it's gonna be a problem . Oh , by the way , the Internet had an interesting solution for this . It's been posted over the last year , Um , where they're like , just turn your jar upside down . So if you store your jar upside down , the oil is gonna go towards the bottom of the jar . And if you keep doing that back and forth , apparently you can stop it from fully separating out . I have not tested it . That is just what these thieves folks do . Another thing that I would have assumed is that , like light nuking of the peanut butter could help just by heating it , making it a little more fluid so you could mix it . But it turns out that microwaving , especially chunky peanut butter in the microwave , is very problematic because because there's so little moisture in it , you tend to get very localized areas of the peanut butter heating up drastically , and then those can go black . And once they go black or brown , or if the microwaves get eggs orbed into like , for instance , the chunky part of the peanut butter preferentially over the rest those will scorch and turn into char nuggets on the inside of the peanut butter . So if you are gonna nuclear peanut butter , short bursts , make sure you started in between bursts and realize that it could be extremely problematic . But that was an interesting an interesting microwave problem with people . Right now , what you want to talk about next we got , we have may have some chocolate liquor that one of our radio listeners made . Josh , do you have a glass ? We can use these , so we're drinking and chocolate liqueur out of water Cup . It's 100 . Uh , what is that ? I know you're the one with eyeballs . I hope this this is from Josh earnest sent back his ears all sure , because it's a guild in this is the guy who hate who does not like guild insurance . So apparently we are . We are low quality . What ? We know where low quality individuals . But our T shirts are not behind a standard . Uh , Stacy , I hope this finds you well . Here's the series . All shirt as well . Assume trophic liqueur I made , um It is 100% neutral grain spirits cooked in a circulator and 56 Celsius with Valrhona cocoa milk wash using a spins all T m . I like the TM . Thank you , Josh . And cut . Sweetened with turbinado says nerve . Whoa . Approximate A B V and bricks . I was 25 . Okay , It's quite good in a brandy Alexander , if you're into that sort of thing , should be enough to share or not enjoy Josh . Right , Josh ? Well , even though you do not appreciate honest , skilled choice , she's like , what kind of t shirts ? Gilda . No , no . Oh , no . Oh , no . It wasn't your she with villains . They're rough , I guess . By the way , if you like a fancy Josh , if you can hear this , what are your thoughts on Bluff Works T shirts . I think they're quite nice . By the way . Ministry of Supply set like sent me that out of Massachusetts . They do kind of high tech , kind of like a like mountain to board room , kind of close . And they sent me like a suit that I wore in Taipei so you could rumple it up into a ball , then wash it off in your shower and it drives in a couple of minutes . So I did that . But they sent me these pants and I took them out on a glacier . And the guy , the glacier guy , was like , You need rain pants , it's raining and you're on a glacier . This glacier I went on was like So like , everything's melting constantly because this summer , but we were literally doing what's push ups into the glacier . All of us were doing push ups into it and just drinking out of the streams of meltwater coming off this glacier drop . Get me Glacier doing that . But like he's like , those pants are not waterproof . I was like , suck it And they were . Josh just said , uh , the man who made this bluff works is cool . Buildings are boxy . Well , as a boxing man myself , they're fit . Model is Dave's body . Yeah , that's quite good , actually . I like it . What do you think ? It's good . Yeah , Good product . There's a slight fruitiness to it . What is that ? They get just in the valve . Rana , It's good . I'm gonna give that a good I appreciate . Okay . The highest compliment you can give true . What do we owe ? No living in Iceland . They target them to grow things there because it's hard for them to grow things there . Right ? So they get a lot of fish . They poured a lot of the stuff they grow . But you know what's growing wild everywhere . Angelica , Angelica , Angelica is good for PMS . And is that true ? Is that your new show ? Female ? She's was the name of John Waters . Famous . Uh , film Is that female problems ? So they have Angelica growing wild everywhere and s o I bought home . They sell the seeds which you rarely get , like the kind of green , not dried seeds . And make a t on it some time to work with that . See whether you make me some . Maybe I'd be in a better mood . I don't know whether the world is ready for Anastasia Lopez . It's in a good mood , you know ? My mom said when she was here when she went to the bar , she was like , You're not really like how you are on your instagram . I wish you would show the world how nice you are . What ? Yeah , She said I didn't raise you to be like this , but you say that she did reason to know . She said . I used to be very sweet , and I am my mom . That's what people also say about me so clearly like you and I working together has been terrible for you , ever sweet ? Uh , yeah , Ask anybody . Before I had to start working with other people . I was the nicest , most patient guy . And then , as soon as I had to start working with other people , I realized that the world is terrible . What does it mean to be patient when you don't interact with other human beings ? It's like this . It's like like people who Okay , so , like , people think I'm gonna lose their mind . I lose my mind on them , but I don't if I don't respect that , it's not true that I don't respect them . I don't have any expectations , right ? So if I don't have any expectations for what you should already know are already be able to do , I'm a mellow right because my assumption is why should anyone Why should anyone know about my weird like , you know , ticks and Proclivities and problems ? And like all the weird stuff that I demand , like out of what I make or what's being made around right ? Why should anyone know that ? So I think it's a waste of your time . No , I'm happy to teach people . But why should someone know that , right ? So there's there's no there's no blame . It's like blame . It's like blaming like it's like blaming the wind for blowing . You know what I mean ? Like what ? There's no point , but it's like when you've been working with someone for years , for years and they do the same thing over and over again . It's like it's like people say date you , you know , you go from 0 to 100 instantly . I'm like , No , I'm always at 99 . And when you but my 99 Israel mellow like my 99 is like normal , like you know I can contain it until I hit 100 . But it only takes that one drop to put me into 100 mode when it's when it's the same stuff over and over again . You know what I mean ? So , like , back when everything was my , you know , everything was my own fault . I would get mad at myself , but no one would notice that you don't Even I still get mad at myself . Is there anyone ? I get matter at them myself . And that's why you and I get along because yeah , yeah , I am my worst critic . Well , except for some things . You think you're good at darts . You're terrible . Like you , Eddie Nell writes in about acid O . J . We just started playing within a home , and it's , ah , tons of fun so far . Besides the doctor J , which is , you know , a normal Julius varying with milk wash . Uh uh . From from your book , what other classic cocktails do you think work ? Well , swapping in acid adjusted orange for lemon or lime . Uh , we made amazing whiskey sours the first day . Of course . Uh , I didn't know . Well , really anything . I think you know it's just fun to have around and to play with . But let me tell you something else , and you can ask it . Adjust . We did it . I did a nascent adjusted . Uh , what was it the other day ? We did a bunch of acid adjusted stuff . I can't remember . I asked it . Adjusted it . I think I did . We did a come quat syrup . That was crazy . So if any of you have had the course era , which is Moroccan preserved lemon lime tequila and simple syrup , Well , I did a come Quat version with a 50 50 0 J . Come Quat acid adjusted split based lime , and it was really ridiculous . But the thing is , you don't want to get too much . You need to get enough solids out of the come Quat to have it be pourable , but not so much that it's clear because then you lose the thing . So it's a medium clarification . So it's one of those situations where you don't want to fully clarify same thing with preserved lemon juice . Um , that is a something . Sure , I beat Robert . Why don't you explain who Robert is so that people have some reference if they're not friends with . Okay , Robert , who was on the show ? Bar Guy ? Well known Banana Grams champion . And I said , if I ever beat him , I'm gonna retire . My And he attributes his banana grand skills to his home schooling . Yeah , and two like that . The fact that they were fiercely competitive at home ? Yes . Yeah . Anyway , so I beat him yesterday . Doesn't mean you're never gonna play again . This is like the third . This is like Aaron was also in . You shouldn't make statements like that . That's why that's why you're never going to see Billy Joel live in concert . It's ridiculous . Go see Billy Joel alive and concert while he's still okay . You can see it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you have to live that it doesn't have to be a punishment . You don't have to punish yourself for spurs skipping out , buying tickets too far in advance and not putting in your calendar and forgetting to go to the concert Working a big event ? Yes . Working a vegan event with Mei does not mean that you are doomed to a Billy . Joel is life where you never get to see him at the garden . It's just not Matt back me up on this ? Uh , no . You should go . Yeah . This episode is brought to you by Cabot Creamery celebrating 100 years of being a dairy farm . Family owned cooperative , Cabot Creamery Cooperative has been in continuous operation since 1919 . They make a full line of award winning cheeses , Greek yogurt , sour cream , cottage cheese and butter , and you can takes a century of commitment in every bite . It's simple . The best milk makes the best cheese . Cabot is known for its award winning Cheddars . They're naturally aged , naturally gluten free and naturally lactose free . Try their classic mild , sharp and extra sharp Cheddars , or spice it up with habanero cheddar , horseradish , cheddar and pepper jack cheese . After 100 years , Cabot farmers commitment to making the world's best cheese and dairy products has never been stronger . When you love what you do this much , the best is always still to come . Cabin is owned by 800 dairy farm families in New England and upstate New York , and 100% of its profits go back to its farmers as a certified B Corp cabin is committed to doing the right thing in business , they even have a Department of gratitude for himto honor , amplify and reward those who give time to do good , much like the farm families of Cabot do in their own local communities . Learn more about Cabot Creamery Cooperative at Cabot cheese dot coop . That's Cabot cheese dot c 00 p . Nate Simon writes in Hey guys , I'm interested in trying to get a smoke , flavor and proteins while still getting the advantages of low temperature cooking any thoughts on when and how to add smoke flavor . Possible thoughts I've had include cold smoking before the low temp , adding a liquid smoke naked , adding liquid smoke to the bag or a brief cold . A smoker hot smoke after low temperature . Obviously , I don't want to use too much hot smoke for fear of ruining the advantages of low temperature . Cooking would appreciate any thoughts you have . Thanks and best wishes wishes Nate Simon from SAC Town . You know , I would like to go back to second . I know that catalog Californians aren't into it , but they have nice trees . There . They do . They really do have nice trees are redoing the chicken cannon . Yeah , listen , so I gotta answer the question . I can't believe I was actually about to answer a question . They're not going on a tangent . And you were here like , Hey , what about the chicken ? So , listen , there's a lot of water soluble flavors in , uh , smoke , so if you smoke it beforehand , just expect that the bag juices , they're gonna lead to a lot of that stuff off . Now , if it's real , Smokey , it's not gonna matter . But you are going to get some leeching off of the of the flavor . A lot of people I know I don't have a lot of experience with post smoking , but a lot of people post smoke . A lot of people also really do like liquid smoke . I don't have that much experience with it , and I have never had the really good stuff . The only stuff I've ever bought is the supermarket stuff , and I'm going to give it a firm me right ? But liquid smoke Israel smoke , right ? It's just been it's just been who it's an extract of real smoke . So it's not all of the things in real smoke . And sometimes , as I say , it could be a bit of a one note Nancy . But you can get very good liquid smokes . Now spray Dr Smoke powder is good . You gotta be careful with it because over application makes it acrid and nobody likes kind of acrid smoke , so you could try any one of those things . But I would do a brief , brief but relatively heavy after low temps smoke . And if you let it cool sufficiently before you put it in and use a thick enough cut , I don't think it's gonna overcook that much . But that's just what I recommend . Not having done too many experiments , Matt who apparent not You met Matt , who apparently asked you about Nick symbolized Apple head dolls . What does that even mean ? It says I'm the person who messaged you about next symbolized Apple head dolls . How do you next , Um , allies , Apple head dolls . I don't know if it's a D M r e mail , but you can't . What does that even mean to externalize an apple ? Next , analyzing is something you do to the seed coats specifically of corn that can be done to other things . What does Nick civilization have to do it ? So anyway , here's the question I sent in . I look forward to the show returning , and I hope it . Lee is nice . Uh , recently , I saw a day of eating dim sum on Jack's Instagram . That's when I was in Taipei , as it didn't some lover myself . It got me thinking I have some questions . Please forgive a three part question . But one what is your favorite ? Go to dim sum dish . You know , I don't really have that . I'm kind of a bad person . I don't really have a favorite . Do you have a favorite stars ? Do you like going to dim sum ? No . Why not ? Do you not like all the French time people eat now ? Dim sum stuff at any time . So it's not your thing . Wow . Do you not like things on carp , Steve ? Not like ordering lots of little things . I don't know . I just don't go . There's this place in L . A . That's gonna reopen that shaped like a pagoda . Do you know I thought I was Chinese growing up . This is sounds terrible . Please never say this again . If that's true , why did someone say you had a mother would always go to Chinatown in Los Angeles and it was such a treat because I would get a Shirley Temple and Joey would get a Roy Rogers . So what does this have to do with your knees ? She actually spoke to any What little she could like menu , Chinese air , like restaurant trainees with the waiters . And I was like , I think I'm Jake . How is he able ? Because it was so foreign to me . Oh , yeah . But this is like , this is terrible . This is why this is one of the This is kind of like you're heading into terrible territory wasn't being held . I looked . I allow it . All right , you're allowed . All right , listen , I just never want to discuss it again , but I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Chinatown Is a child . Um , on the spectrum of things that have come up that we should definitely never , ever discuss again . This isn't that it's not that far along . Not even self aware . Never mind . Yeah , we do have one other question on the job . You want to get it ? Sure . Uh , what kind of skewers does debuts with his tandoor ? I don't have a tandoor , but I'm really liking the quarter inch plus six square skewers for ground meat kebabs . I led them straight on the kettle grill over charcoal . No , Great . You want to know what kind of skewers you use on your tender work ? All right , so skewers for a tandoor is an interesting problem because , in fact , it's very hard to keep certain kinds of products on skewers because as they cook , they loosen and slide down . Other products get firmer and our stay on this cure easier . So , like certain meets , uh , like they seize up when you put him in the tandoor and those stay on really well , like you're never going to get a shrimp falling off of a skewer , right ? And this brief . Me , too . There's there's two funding . There's there's two choices . There's three . There's shape . There is Ah , uh , like dimension that how big around it is and there is material . So if you have things that want to slide , then you want to use black steel or iron iron like black steel skewers because they're rougher , and so they're gonna have better grip . If you're gonna do stuff that's gonna seize on , is gonna shred when you take it off the skewer . You want to get that look more kind of cold , rolled , stainless , kind of kind of skewers . Um , square ones for certain things can be better in terms of being able to rotate without them turning on the skewer . But it really depends on getting the weight right . So the heavier the thing you put on the skewer , the more you're gonna have to do double securing . And the more you're gonna have to kind of weave in and out , especially if you're actually doing hashtag vertical grilling in a tandoor . As soon as you're going in a kettle and you're going horizontal , almost none of this matters . If you want to maintain things in very delicate shapes , then you can do the kind of old school Japanese fanned out three thin skewer thing to maintain shapes and then , like , flip the fan , which is quite quite easy . Um , I am such a lazy weasel bastard that I actually , uh , you know , towards the end of when I had my giant cowboy grills , instead of doing skewers , I would just get the kind of large clamshell opening like flat spring loaded grill baskets that were like lay flat and then I just put infinite infinite on him and then squeeze them shut . And then it's just like , wham , wham ! And you could fit a lot on it , and you don't have to secure them as much . It doesn't work in a tandoor , right , but it's hard to suspend that , but it does work on a flat , a flat grilling surface . I just had to make sure you get one that doesn't have a lot of plastic , cause aplastic can melt if you get the handles kind of too close to it . But they're very easy to pick up . They never spin like a like a skewer dozen stuff never falls off . If you are using it in a vertical grilling situation , you have to make sure that whatever you're doing won't slide off . And a lot of what people say doesn't work . So like jamming and onion on the end of it doesn't work . As soon as the onion heats up , it's gonna start falling off of the skewer , and it's a nightmare . The other thing that they don't tell you when you're working with Sanders is that you need that the last thing on that skewer is going to get burnt to help but to hell , because it's the closest , and there's more radiant heat down there . So you want to put some stuff on the end of it that is going to kind of be that you can kind of either want it more overcooked or you can kind of pitch or else keep your stuff way further up this up the skewer . Do not attempt to have the stuff go all the way down anywhere , close to the bottom of the skewer . If you don't wanna have some really , really , son Bernie , like , over over grilled action on the on the bottom of it . What I really wanted to invent was like a little like for , like , weasels like me who want to do things that you shouldn't do . I eat , overload , obscure and put stuff . It's too heavy on it . I wanted to just make a little like a like a skewer clip . They just went on the end of it . There was , like , Easy on easy off , but I never did it , and there might be problems with overheating in losing spring temper at the bottom of the grill . But that's kind of what I always wanted to do . What I just never bothered getting around around to doing it . But that's my feeling on on scores now a large square skewer . If you're doing vegetables , it'll wreak havoc . It'll shatter vegetable . That's when you need a thinner skewer , right ? Or even sometimes , a flat skewer . You know if you're doing , uh , you know before there , unless you par cooked them . So if you're doing something like potatoes and you want to get a little bit of that stuff and if if you just shove a big skewer through , sometimes you'll crack on , especially if they're smaller , right ? Smaller potatoes . But if you park , cook him , then you can shove one right through it . Then I would go with something thicker , but realize that the potato doesn't have a lot of structure at that point , unless it's just a light part cooking . By the way , I had a lightly cooked sweet potato salad that was actually okay . The potatoes still had . They were . They were just at the point where they were starting to feel they hadn't gone to mush , but they were just cooked to be almost like a potato in the potato salad , and I was surprised that I was gonna hate it . Also had that nice and I wouldn't have bought it , but I couldn't translate the word sweet potato inside the store . Extended have Internet service . It just said something Car total sellout . And I didn't know so surprising . That's my feeling on security guys standing in the field . I gotta finish this goddamn question . Oh , my God . What ? Uh , so my favorite Go to one thing that I do like . I really like steamed buns . I really , really , really like steamed buns . My favorite steamed bun is the molten lava steamed bun that's like may with salted duck eggs . And one of things I really like about it is that it's oh , you almost never get one . That's very good , but when you do , they're amazing . So a lot of times , the inner coding is too grainy , and it or it doesn't sag , Right ? But if you get what molten lava one that's on point , it's really good . Where you going ? You're already cold before you're like I'm sweating my Joanie Joffee it . And now you're like to Cole , the best are under greater uncommon Dimson Dish will look for him , I don't know . And the best dish assess the overall quality of a place . I don't know what I'm gonna have Jack on here . He cares a lot more about , like , he's gonna be a lot more When the next time we have Jack Schramm on , he'll get about it . But Matt from Winnipeg said that he's hoping for duck feet a cz . The answer . I do like I do like duck feet and chicken feet and had some really on point . Uh , what about duck tongues he ever had ? Remember when mills used to make duck tongues all the time ? I really liked up tongues . Do you like duck tongues when you have chicken feet ? Do you like him gooey ? I'm not . You've never had chicken feet . So me asking you whether you like them gooey or crispy is like I imagined crispy , so crispy . It's like , you know , the new style where you pressure cooking , make the bones edible , and then you deep frying . That's a point . That's a point . But you like to take the males off . You think it would be like with the nails on the nails off ? Think off , Okay , Outstanding in the field . It's not calling out standing in the field . You don't even know what it's called for . Real , for real fear . All right , So for this week , I was supposed to be and I'm too stupid because Miss Dawson , L A . We'll do it In a way , I have scanned the entire Drina dots And listen because you think everybody is only a 16 page book , right ? It's a classic in the field , the classic in the field I haven't fully scanned . I think moustaches like people are gonna take it away from us . It won't be our thing anymore . I'm like everyone in the world should have free access , pleasure and profit . We have means zero profit of it . And I bet you somebody will were no one is going to make profit off of the Apple Head dolls . I want to hear from the Internets on think cooking issues , listeners I want to hear like , Do you think we should make Drina Dotson's a whole book available on my instagram account or not ? And it was before we go classics in the field . Didn't you say you want to talk about chicken gun ? You're gonna do it like after after the Houdini party , we just need to get the shoot ready . We're gonna do the chicken gun people . And it wasn't lying about it . It's in the Stasi , his place , and it's filling up her entire . My dad almost on Unser , assembled it and threw it away . It's not possible to understand it's glued . No , he started to take the touch touch . I saw him going for it and I said , Stop , You didn't know that ? Did you touch it ? No , I need to know that times it . He did not . Every every one of those bolts is exactly told a certain number of foot , not touch it . He was thinking , Why would you do it ? Because he was cleaning up my house and he was like , What about the air compressor ? The organ was financed , their everything's everything's there . Nobody's . But I'm telling you , it is a huge safety problems . If anyone touched those bolts , nobody vegetable like It's already a huge safety problem , because PVC you shouldn't be pressurized air for those of you that are building like any form of air can and PVC is a bad material because of the way it shatters , especially when there's compressed air in it I need to know , Am I still a ZAY was less , Which sounds very safe , by the way , just as someone not involved . Yeah , right . You know what it's like ? I just want to make it through . I just want to make it through this next couple of years , like , physically intact . You're not saying a noble goal , you know ? It's like I have a couple of goals in life . Like I don't want to catch fire again . I preferred and never catch fire again . I'm gonna get shocked . It's not even near the same skinny shock doesn't hurt you . Nine times out of 10 you only have projects have been ruined because n'est aussi even when there's no electricity involved . When I tell her to hold something , thinks she's gonna get shocked . It just drops . It walks away . Even when it's not connected to electricity , I enter a piece of wood . Hold this . It's gonna shock me . That office that it could've built up every time I can bake Bill of static , I shock back . We used to test Okajima , which is the Japanese fish killing techniques I received as a gift from ah fish , a fish and anesthesia Corporation . A muscle tester , which is basically a little electrode that you could put on freshly killed fish muscle to see if it's still twitches . I eat . Does it still react ? Electricity ? Is there still a teepee in it ? And missed . ASIO would not for any amount of money , let me shock her with it . She was losing her mind over it . How hard did you go ? It's not that it's It's weak . It's , um I know . I know that amount of feeling of going in . And did you ever play that let like that game that Dax had Don't know that game that where you have to hold it and the last person puts you ? No , no , no , no , no . But I was around with and you wouldn't around . Now you would never play . Oh , no , no , no , that's weird . I don't like heights . So I guess maybe it's the same thing . I don't like heights , but that's not actually gonna hurt you . Get catching on . Fire is in fact , bad for you for your skin fires . A bad idea . Goodness . Today's classic in the field is now . This is one that a lot of you are . You're already gonna know this , but I felt I was looking through my books this morning and just seeing , like , a group of things that I hadn't talked about in a while . And what popped out at me Waas stalking the wild asparagus by You will give it Now you're giving so you'll give in . I was born in 1911 on He lived until 1975 . So he died relatively young . He died is 60 . If I guess in the seventies , that wasn't so bad . But he grew up very poor . Even before the dust bowl His family was pores . They moved around a lot And his mom taught him at a very early age how to forage for wild things . And he had a crazy He had a kind of crazy life . They moved all over the country . Hey , worked for a while as a circus . Bendel Shit . He worked in a circus . He worked . He was a hobo . He just went everywhere on Dhe . Then you know he originally when I was young , he was a communist , like , you know , active , you know , activist . And until World War two with Soviet aggression . And I think in Poland he's like No , and he renounced . You did everywhere , did all this kind of stuff . And in the sixties he was trying to write a novel , and he ended up instead because his literary literary agent said , You know all the stuff about while food he ended up writing about while food . He wrote the very first , I think , really famous book on Forging , called Stalking the Wild Asparagus in 1962 he followed up with stalking the Blue Eyed Scallop in 1964 . And then he wrote a book , which I thought was amazing , which was a You know what Outward Bound is and starts in . It's like where kids go and they go out and they have to fend for themselves . He actually wrote a manual for Outward bound for these islands that I used to visit often main . So he's writing about wild foods at a time when no one else was writing about wild foods and he just kind of loves the subject . And so I think these books , even though they're somewhat outdated , um , you know both , I guess in the style of writing and what he's saying are kind of , I think , kind of magical reads , because this is a guy who's just excited about doing what he's doing . Even though he made , he would ever he wasn't a survival guy . He would go out . He would forage for stuff and bring it home and cook it often with terrible recipes , often with a lot of other weird can stuff . It was the sixties in America after also , like , you know , the food he was making wasn't necessarily the best best . But for sheer love of what he was doing , it was kind of amazing . In the seventies , right before he died , he became immensely popular because he did a series of grape nuts . Ads . So , did you like great much growing up ? No , I hated them . But did anyone like grape nuts growing up old people ? Matthew , did you like grape nuts ? Absolutely not . Have you tried them recently ? Uh , I have tried them . Somebody was using them as ah descriptor for beer . At one point I went back . What for ? Beer . What ? Beer tastes like grape nuts . Belgian double . What great . Much more of a texture . It's like little pieces of gravel . I didn't like grape nuts because the box is so dang small . And there was so heavy and they were gritty And , like I didn't get the whole thing . They weren't sweet enough . I was a kid that dump sugar all over my serum about you like I love Cheerios because I would dump sugar all over . Then you get that sugar that sugar milk in the bottle . Yeah , so anyway , so you'll give in , started doing all these great great nuts commercials , and you could look him up on the video . The most famous . He's most famous for one that maybe never even happened because it was parodied so much . But he would say , I'm you'll give in . Many parts of the pine tree are edible , and I like grape nuts so he , like , doesn't stuff . And so , like many parts of the pine tree are edible , became a thing like Johnny Carson made fun of them Carol Burnett , Which is how I learned about it when I was a kid . Carol Burnett made fun of my first started reading when I was in my twenties , but you can actually look him up , and he's like cat tails can be eaten , but you're not going to so eat grape nuts and you're really like I'm out foraging for part of my breakfast . Here's a high bush cranberry bush . This goes good on grape nuts , and so you just go on and on . So he became kind of like a little bit of a joke character because of his leg because they're shelling out for grape nuts . I mean , I would show off a great anyone wanted paying a Stasi , not a shell out , by the way , like we're game , let us know . We just know no one's ever That's a year , Really ? Yeah , it's probably the year after at this point , let's be honest , we're gonna have to push it . There's no way that China is gonna build the next product in time like where's were hose ? We're not . We're gonna be having , you know , a product we can . Now she's Elise . Okay , so anyway , so stalking the wild asparagus and stalking them , so that's talking whilst viruses about plants . He also did stalking the helpful herbs , which I don't have that much of a memory of . But they're both about foraging , and they aren't region specific , so you're not gonna be able to do everything now a lot of it is East Coast centric because he spent the last half of his life on the East Coast in Pennsylvania . But a lot of it's not so . He talks in stalking the blue eyed scallop about foraging for gooey ducks . Uh , although some people disagree with his methods of Gui duck foraging about abalone back when you could do that . So it's really just books aboutthe love of going outside , and I'm gonna read a little bit from the titular chapter stalking the wild asparagus . When I was about 12 years old , we lived near the Rio Grande in New Mexico . At that age , I didn't mind school so badly when the winter weather made it disagreeable to be outdoors . But when the first warm days of spring arrived , I only existed through the five days each week . In order to really live on Saturdays , I would be off early every Saturday morning to the river , the woods or the surrounding hills to see what nature was doing about bringing the earth back to life and to revel in all the changes that have taken place in the week before . On one such Saturday morning in spring , I was walking along the bank of an irrigation ditch headed for a reservoir where I hope to catch some fish . Having to look down , I spied a clump of asparagus growing in the ditch bank with 1/2 a dozen fat little spears that were just the right size to be at their best . By the way , asparagus should be fat , Moustapha , not those thin garbage lignin fied stringing nonsense of various things that you bought at the farmer's market . I mean , that was the worst . Everybody knows asparagus Should Jack . Okay , uh , fat little spears that were just the right size to be at their best . The idea of reaping where I did not so as fascinated me all my life . I took out my pocket knife , cut the tender tips and drop them into the pail in which I had intended to carry home any fish I might catch . Even when I was cutting this cluster , I saw another with several more perfect little sprouts . Alerted , I kept my eyes open and soon found another clump and then another . So he ends up not fishing that day is just getting just getting asparagus . Um , so the important part about it is , goes about this time , I notice . In an old dry , last year's stock stood alone above every clump of new asparagus tips . If I could learn to distinguish his oldest Baracus stocks from the surrounding Dr Debris , then I would be able to locate the hidden clusters of green spears from a distance distance . Despite my patients to be all seeking more of these tender spears , I sat down on the ditch bank , and for five minutes I did nothing but just look , which is great advice . At one at one old dried asparagus stock , it looked very much like the dead weeds and plants that surrounded it . And yet there were differences . After getting the size , color and form thoroughly in mind , I stood up and looked along the ditch bank . Instantly . I saw a dozen old dead asparagus stalks that I had missed . So he learned , then toe , look at a distance and see anywhere at the right time of year whether or not he was gonna be able to get asparagus . And this is what he's trying to teach you how to do to observe , so that year after year , you could become Maura part of the world around you and glean from it . What ? What , what you can get before another spring . Need talks about unfortunately right after this happened , I was a kid . Before another spring , my parents had moved to a high , dry plateau further west , and I was a middle aged man again before I saw wild asparagus again the next time I saw those familiar dead stocks that had beckoned for me to come and pick the green treasure at their bases with one spring when I was driving along a country road in Pennsylvania shortly after moving to the Commonwealth wealth where I now make my home . And so then , like years later , he has this thing's memory . He comes back and he doesn't more and more and the ends by saying , I suppose this wild vegetable is really no better than the cultivated kind . But because of the memories it evokes , it always tastes better . To me is exactly the same species as the cultivated varieties . Birds long ago scattered the seeds from domestic plants and now all over the Eastern states and in irrigated sections of the West , while asparagus grows in fence corners and hedge rules . Um , my neighbors often smile when they see me by the roadside with my asparagus knife and pale . They think it is much simpler to merely by the asparagus one wants at the supermarket , But I have a secret they don't know about When I'm out along the hedge rows and waste sides gathering wild asparagus , I'm 12 years old again , and all the world is new and wonderful as a spring son quickens the green things into life after a winter's dormancy . Now do you know why I love wild asparagus cooking issues ? Thanks for listening the Heritage Radio Network Food Radio , supported by you for a freshest content and to hear about exclusive events subscribed to a newsletter , enter your email at the bottom of our website . Heritage Radio network dot org's Connect With Us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter at Heritage Underscore Radio Heritage Radio Network is a nonprofit organization driving conversations to make the world a better , fairer , more delicious place . 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