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Episode 376: The Army Ant of Grass

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Rockingham Lopez how you doing we got Matt back in the booth so great that you are now a married man the food was good lobster was very delicious many many pictures of lobster on the internet for my wedding highlight of the wedding we pitted all of our tables of gasp against each other in a cake decorating competition instead of having an actual cake and it was the most fun was anyone good at it at all first of all this is Rhode Island right now I forget fancy Rhode Island are you like he's some sort of like Rockefeller like you know Breakers Rhode Island or just like you know kind of more mellow people along the Route

I was like that at all and it's kind of a funny word it was anyone a good cake decorator or were they all just like complete nightmare very proud of the cakes they were there were things of beauty somebody said we have it on video that it was like the greatest episode of nailed it they never came cool nice well I believe it was our idea needs to happen what are you a public or a private Instagram neither really you don't have Instagram I haven't I think so there's no record so you eat like you're trying to promulgate this new wedding idea which we did not have my god dude runs like a social media for radio station. I did not do that ever ever have that be part of my job

well point being that like this is something that our listeners in fact we had we know someone last week called and is about to get it get married maybe this is something other people might want to emulate found it found fun daytime who sprayed highly highly colored icing all over their fancy party dress

I don't I don't know that that happened actually but liar I didn't see it if it did if anyone knows how to find photos of Matthew's wedding let us know I have some photos of the case I can show you but you know photos aren't great for the radio show today on the radio program we have a special guest because I've been told that it's better to have special guest and not so it's now you know I think of him almost as existing conditions Bananagrams Champion I believe we mentioned on the air last week he was so good at Bananagrams on on our birthday celebration places Mustachio only play 6 hours of Bananagrams with him because she could not beat him

she would have played maybe 45 minutes a day if you'd be like even once we've been like I'm better than this guy and quit 6 hours later had not beating him his real job I guess she's at The Nomad Robert sacks I hide in and very well I'm alright so call in all of your nomad related questions or Bananagrams related questions or I don't know if I know how much you want to share about your personal self but like you also have an interesting like like a typical Nomad backstory I don't know how much you want to share that on the air but that welcomed calling all questions relating to this to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so I want to get my how much do you want to say about yourself I mean

so I was asked either promote something or bring something I

really had nothing too interesting to promote I think so I decided to promote something I could bring Which is my

favorite cocktail I feel like people like to hate on okay Cosmopolitan we're drinking them out of beer glasses oh no not my Preferred Glass for the Cosmopolitan of you know for those of you that don't know apparently there was some sort of fight but the ABS people did the good folks of Absolut vodka have given the kind of the imprimatur of inventor to Toby cecchini right Who's the bartender and professorial looking fellow here in New York but the specs of the average person has the makes nowadays is fundamentally unrelated to his original Speck in that his original spec is highly acidic highly acidic a very big drink so are you so so question being me I'm sure you know I kind of like his back and kind of what people make now you want to give people respect so they can see the difference between

so this back I've seen that was his original spec was I believe it is the one I have here to base. And then 111 Citrus cranberry juice or cranberry cocktail and then Triple Sec Cointreau grain of those orange supposed to be Absolut Citron in the original and so and by the way like it was you that don't know like far far people are people are like super short handle like a jerk you're not talking about looks like there's such a fight like some people say comes from the 30s like there's this


missing cop mixing cocktails are mixing drinks in Elite bars but it was like more of a daisy variation that was raspberry lemon Triple Sec and Gordon thing Jackie 93 don't want to watch me know I was drinking these things in the freaking seventies okay all the sudden the 1980s rolled around and people started drinking them and it came from a specific place and that's it that's it it's not your fault Robert what it's like

they love Cosmos and they want to argue about which spec is cracked or they want to be like oh that's terrible pain train from Sex in the City I don't want that drink that's that girl drink but that's also the thing one of the reasons I love Kosmos is because

it's a perfectly decent delicious vodka sour whether you want to call it a daisy or Kamikaze ready for whatever it like and people want to date gender drinks all the time I mean pretty much if I see something pink across the but I guess I can have John Tavares famous drink the shark will you know the rules blue drinks get to it but I I want to ask someone famous person actually

hey you know the Blue Curacao is it's kind of a bad product why don't you just use a good orange liqueur and blue food coloring and he was not happy with me and we'll get to later I'm not against fake coloring is just

give me the average person knows just straight-up fake that does the average person know that it is only as in DC blue number I think too by the way I think everyone in this program who was that my favorite Nastassja moment of all-time all-time my favorite Nastassja moment ever ever

tapa tapa we ordered a can of a fnp-c blue to Powder Ridge PS if you don't do this but if you somehow managed to slip your buddy a gel cap of fmdc blue to we were testing penetrate color penetration it's be concentrated so if you if you give someone this Castle what you will not do you like poop poop green Street Green and they won't know why I don't like more than two boxes of blueberry a Boo Berry cereal blueberry. Blueberry blueberry cereal in one city I go to lunch I leave the can on the

on the thing I'd realize how concentrated it was like literally like like milligrams color thinks it's like very intense and and so I was like yo don't touch this bottle I'm going to lunch now and I came back why would you do that on a shelf but she knew it came so soon as I come back from lunch and did you touch the bottle I'm like to be why is your entire face blue all over your face and white blue all over her face you look like violet freaking Beauregard

my favorite because she was supposed to just pulling the Shaggy I didn't do it and they like when she is blue

but I feel like if you get anything in the powdered form it's always like the most volatile form when you like

get like anyting powder I feel like people get powdered forms of stuff from like they're the people who go to like tennis not like Walgreens I like you remember like after that you were like I'm getting gloves gloves you open it we be careful not to sneeze or breathe too hard we open it and we like triple bag and we were done when I think I do. And stassi is always like can we put it in the joke app and give it to differ with one of our messing with people's insides without letting them know I believe you should let people know if you're messing with very few days to him no no no mouth noises crinkles going to get in trouble again so so that's the way people is a high acid

and low sugar so how much how much of the of the orange record and which was recorded human respect was he Quan

or is he a trace episode I think it was Triple Sec going to be higher most triple sector going to be higher in sugar than Cointreau right so if you try to make Toby's recipe with Cointreau it will be who's jarringly acidic right maybe rib with a higher sugar level Triple Sec maybe but still you're talking about like in the city drink so so what's that are you using when using a cecchini spec using more of like the modern adaptations I've seen which is

lighter on Citrus and then kind of citrus almost as a modifier and then a split of the orange liqueur and the cranberry so lighter on the Citrus meaning less acid Toby knew that we were doing this now you know if he cared he would he would jump in here and throttle all of us

I mean he gets to be really angry doesn't yeah you should talk to about it

Robert using a golden ball

anastacio has history will not eat on near the microphone

Cracker Jack birthday cake popcorn I'm going to say this about Cracker Jack I love Cracker Jack it needs more but if you flash the problem with Cracker Jack is it's not as good as you wanted to be if it doesn't have enough with a coating on it

are you a person of sausage does not like kettle corn I should probably get on my level does my freaking tax doesn't have I told you how my family now gets angry at my impatience last week when it was super hot they only do that now well I just kind of realized last week when it was super hot my back's clear ordering Chinese food cuz that's what that's what they want never possible to do a good for that way Robert trying to do the just barely cracked my parents could wash line there Robert

professional feel like soup when it's a hundred degrees outside and I started I was like something out that is like that you're so Agro and now all you have to do is the word soup makes fun of me a drop know some sort of like a noodle soup if that's not the right weather for you if you if you eat the popcorn into the mic Robert you will be murdered by anyone that find you I'll tell him where to find you and look up people don't like me at my job what days are you there

Olivia says we don't have set schedule again in order to murder you for the crackers where do you where do your Bananagrams skills come from in a very competitive family that

really use games as a way of just passive aggressive lead braiding each other and

making each other feel like they're intellectually inferior and weird games are very good at that cuz he can really like your intellectual prowess by being like look at my vast knowledge of the English language but when I called Bananagrams I feel like this is a very like make it accessible like

maybe look like others banana bag go by that when I played it as a kid was a game called syzygy man I didn't know but it came in this kind of ornate velvet bag with these gold robes then there are these soft red plastic tiles they have these very ornate kind of like tarot card looking images on all the wild-card tiles that are not played it. She hates wild cards as we know from last week in normal daily speech no spellings of letting you know she won't even allow e l which is really elevated rail which is what about AAA the volcanic rock

do you use that and when you talk about that normal people

and I'm saying for when you get when you get continent shafted but I feel like the real

so clean while we're games like lost Scrabble growing up the game upwords you guys ever play that sweetie Scrabble Scrabble where you could build on top of tiles to change words so got a little frustrating

but was Bananagrams I feel like

the real skill side is don't be married to anything you've made like you have to constantly be shifting moving your bored around like sacrifice half your bored and just like trucks that you can make it

very strategic with

when you dump which is where you put one tile back that you don't use any draw three more cuz the more tiles you have like the better chance you have of making the word so I never I never I don't really even care I never dumped early I'm always just like I might never done Robert is now lounging your Bananagrams Lounge so after you to come back and let us know how it is I have some questions I will get to it this one's from pronounce liaison ABC from Dublin Ireland by the way I have a father Bill's staying with me now the the cocktail priest grease when they go around they stay with people that's how it works I'm tails and Tails

no that's has a Camping sleeping bags of Spain

it's not important I'm here and he's going back to Dublin

what's the weather for 25 minutes you can stay at her house for two years

make sure that you drink all of her wine and ask her to go get groceries for you and make sure that you play loud music when she's on the conference call if you ever have to do business with just realized that you're going to have to hear some sort of stupid crap in the background because neither of us can be bothered to go to a quiet place to have our conference call and whichever one of us is making the noise the other one will yell at them like incessantly for being such a jackwad I would say we were yelling at each other to be fair and I said what I said anastasi is

neverknock comedians comedians supposed to be in business and she was like so when you called me I was on the beach and nobody could get through no text could be sent and I couldn't like to call anybody for some reason your call came through and it was like Christine 3-g like one bar loud and clear

I have to say this people the argument started over and listeners will know

Uber I'm going to say this straight I was going to put this out there so

nastassia wants to make this product call the wine Santa now the wine Santa for those of you I don't know there's never heard this story really made animatronics Santa Zombie animatronic figures not like you to freaking whale where it's like either Santa or fudgie the whale or a zombie you know or whatever it is what it is anyway you have to go buy wine zombie and wine Santa other one zombie makes a lot more sense anyway because then why wouldn't if you got wind they don't need it that they need brains right mean Santa just had too much but he's typically eating milk you would think the Santa Fe puking up milk punch anyway

point being what wine Santa is is a poorly made animatronic Santa who is holding a a punch bowl all so poorly fabricated with a pump coming out of his mouth such that everyone's seen it legally is done anyway so then you have to trade more so like then a tube is coming out of the mouth and vomiting liquids into this folk could be non-alcoholic she wants you to Lemonade for kids lip puking lemonade Santa and effort for good measure typically when people try to dispense it they'd rip it all up in his beard and so his beard is covered with whatever sort of disgusting product has been going through and also typically he is has a unfortunate that we say center of gravity forward

spell all of his drink and then continue puking on to the grab thankfully face down so we know he won't choked on his own vomit while continuing to dances animatronic dance on the ground Steven hopping from there maybe Santa will get punched in the chest and head mayfly off I don't know may happen has happened anyway so this is a business idea and stassi believes that everyone on Earth wants one of these things is going to be the next Billy Bass for those who don't remember Billy Bass is the fish the dead fish on the wall who slaps his head and tail back and forth and sings best things they were asking what are we what are Target prices in South Asia $50 I didn't do it I didn't I didn't I didn't finish

where was Joe Napoli the ball well in all the years that you've done it which is like to be fair for years so if you get a branded she already had I get all my money into it oh my God that's not the case I put a lot of money into it how much money $3,000 - slapping it around flipping around $3,000 has been lost

my money with your money I don't have to pay my money I'm saying in general $3,000 is gone down the Poop Shoot and no money has come in and yet Nastasia believes that the big money isn't what I agreed to do first of all I'm going to call the guys in China that we deal with and I like don't call them because we're new with them and we want them to think that we're still here Free People

because they work on a contingency basis not a word they only make money when we get products ship from China right so I was like I don't want them to think that they're investing their time but poorly so don't go with some sort of crazy idea that never got my bunch of videos of when Santa because when I said it was like look you and I know cuz she hates crowdfunding so I was like look I don't think there's an actual Market of people who will pay $129 let's say for a an animatronic vomiting Santa right now

what is an animatronic with a hundred and $160

yeah I said was we need to make about 5 that for an item like that in order to make it you need to make about five thousand of them right because think about this and I said do the numbers for the guys in in China have company in China to work with if they're going to make I'm just giving you a odd numbers in case you guys want to build something if you have an agent a good Agent they're going to take roughly 15% of what's called fop Freight on board so whatever you're paying the factory in China 2 Port let's say Insurance in which is where I am trying to see if you were going to pay them 15% of whatever that number is not the retail number so let's say you're going to make five thousand of them that's all they get five thousand times whatever your price in China is X 0.15 that's what they're making so they have to do a calculation in their head

is this worth it because I said what I said is that if you you hate kickstarter's but if if the The Boondock learn who for some reason is also on board with the wind Santa boondockers Rebecca apothics our PR person for our mighty mighty spinzall and Sears LPR. Things are on board for the wine salmon Bananagrams this is why you're a winner

Twitter I feel we're talking about that before right cuz I'm a loser anyway so it sounds like if you can kick start this sucker and get 5006 that I know the 5,000 people want this if you can somehow create the media poop storm and have this be the next electric cooler remember the electric cooler that sold all that all that 5 million dollars and electric like if you can presale 5001 Sanders I will gladly go into the wine Santa business

so she immediately called up our folks in China was like yo we need to know how much it cost you can know how much it cost if you make a zombie by October

wedding box of why buy silver in the original question from Michael was can you pressurize an isi whipper with a tank of nitrogen instead of using all those tiny cartridges well and two sorry he said

but like the chemical formula and two is all he said thank you and I think they said I've definitely heard of a diapers for sodastream's and drink maze before but a cursory search doesn't reveal anything similar for is I said they was unconscionably expensive if you know anyone with a machine shop skills it's oh my God I hope I hope I don't crash in the money I hope you don't have any sort of vermin problems in your studio the popcorn Grace mice don't like popcorn Always Love Popcorn Love Popcorn

Wasabi 88 I want to be nice to the Furman

don't worry I got you in the sausage machine shop skills can do it but I'm not going to worry about is you really want to make sure that that part is well-built they part that connects on to the pressure. But not a good news is that you're using a regulator so it's never going to be as high of a pressure as it would be with a cartridge but literally that's the part that killed that lady that blogger that's the part that blew up I believe shot off and hit her in the affair with her chest and her face and in and killed refuse to be careful but anyone with basic machine shop deals can do it there used to be a company that built it when they they charge a lot I don't remember the name of it they might have had a business but you can you can find it I actually made my own tops for the whippers out of a very high grade food food grade urethane from a company

APCO to the way to do that is it just make the best ideas to make a mold with silicone out of the original then disassembled it you'll make a plastic positive machine that plastic positive then recast it with all of the adapters that you need that's what I did but it is kind of a pain in the butt so maybe it's not worth it for you to do that I don't know if it'll be on that never be afraid on board zero because I had to pay for all of it by the way speaking of Booker and Dax making things existing conditions in the next two weeks we will be announcing Booker dax's it's not the next project in The Sassy working on in China but it's going to be our next thingamajig our next potentially patent-pending thingamajig next two weeks and I accidentally texted someone who didn't know about it and Nastassja threatened to murder them

not even wait for them to go to sleep threatened to murder them if they talk to the person currently in Thailand and he said who am I going to tell the monkey the sitting in my window don't you tell that monkey teething teething effing monkey everyone knows those window monkeys are thieves everybody knows

I've never even been there and I know that their fees anyway

do you ever get this question all right I need to call in for the episodes I'm listening in reverse order and apparently back to 127 from 2013 she's what are we on now Matt

376 my question I've been looking into bottling low-alcohol drinks and having to be shelf-stable for this I plan on using a corny keg and the counter pressure bottle filler to minimize for me and carbonation lost her mind research the alcohol we need to be the 18% range or so would be guaranteed a preservative be quite that high if it's going to be carbonated but yeah which is too high for the alcoholic soda Vibe I'm looking for five to 8% ABV I will be the best way of guaranteeing that the bottles won't spoil or start fermenting I was considering sodium benzoate but is ineffective against some of you sending fortunately we actually ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C people creating carcinogenic Benzie first of all you got to sell it if you want it you say delicious Benzene delicious Benzene and then people aren't worried about it FYI it is true that ascorbic acid sodium benzoate has a couple of problems one it tastes bad to

like wait until like if you get if you get sauerkraut this preserve a sodium benzoate like I don't like it you wanted me to taste bad the other problem is is that with is it in conjunction with ascorbic acid vitamin C which is used in a lot of its present in a lot of citrus. And I use it as an antioxidant all the time it's my favorite antioxidant I prefer it infinitely overall cell fights because not everyone taste sulfites not only are many people allergic to sulfites or either they are they believe they are allergic to it but people's taste threshold for sulfites are widely different and so even if you can't taste the level of sulfide sitter in your drink other people can and sometimes free so far as loud as can be created and cause I'm not going to call you out Siders who I've had this happen to but it's happening anyway so the other problem is ascorbic acid

which is my antioxidant choices I just said you can create a Benzene but in the presence of heat so typically at in a refrigeration and low shelf temperatures you're not going to be causing that reaction that but it's something to think about but the fact that a lot of people don't like it and that it doesn't taste good you know the bands he's just an added kind of reason not to do it the other thing that's effective against many you things is potassium sorbate that some sorbate I don't think it's as problematic as benzoate it's usually not I think a hundred percent effective on its own. That's something to look into the other thing you could you mention this

pasteurization is sometimes used by hard cider makers to help fermentation early in Bottle cider would that be a Panacea in the situation and the answer is the answer is both yes and no so when it stops and I were looking to make sodas got remember that what a nightmare remember how terrible that was remember like how like we didn't want to get up in the morning and we're like I got it. It's like it's just like it's just that the problem with it is this you can bottle your product and then he pasteurize it and you only need temperatures of about 60° C I'll give you Celsius and cheer in Dublin or like a hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit for us here in the in the USA and the problem though is that the pressure in a carbonated drink goes up at Stickley when it's heated to those temperatures and so there's a limit on how carbonated something can be so just as an FYI

like a very when you talk to a professional boteler they're going to ask you this I mean with whatever action they happen to have it Dublin how many volumes of CO2 you want in that in a volume of CO2 is 2 grams of carbon dioxide per liter of Beverage right and the correct answer for nastase and I was like we want like for 4 and 1/2 and they're like like the most you're going to be able to get with heat pasteurization in a bottle because they're worried about the bottles ruptures the first of all you're going to have to buy more fancy expensive sticker bottle but the most I think they can do is about two-and-a-half 3 volumes of carbonation so that's like maybe up till like 6 grams per liter of CO2 in your beverage before they're going to be worried about stuff explode in the tunnel pasteurizer now you can just wing it and pray and then throw away the ones that have a shattered and spray glass into your eyes but you know I don't necessarily

I don't necessarily recommend it but it is a good solution if you like what I like to call West Coast carbonation IE like carbonation I eat pork rib bones come on

so you can do it another thing is it if everything depends on whether you're doing a couple or you're doing this professionally if you're going to do just a couple of them instead of professionally you could try cuz if you're going to do it on your own you don't need it to be validated by a third-party none of this stuff going to kill you she's going to taste bad right if it starts fermenting it's just going to get dryer more highly carbonated and perhaps explode it will not most likely with the flavors that are in these kinds of things actually spoil in a way that will cause danger it will just be a lower quality product just like just like myself and so you can run some experiments now what I've always wanted to do is build a and it's hard it's expensive to do commercially because you commercially things need to be done quickly and with high throughput but he UV pasteurizer if you buy a bunch of high-intensity UV lights and put them in a box and you're willing to have you sing sit there under UV light you can just test how long it takes to zap all the bad stuff in it without it spoiling and without it changing the flow

and I've had UV pasteurized cider before and it is a lot better than he passed her I said so anyway

good luck with that what you have to say about the birthday of Cracker Jacks

they are my usual ways to ingest in corn but what's your usual Way of St Louis Missouri area will the exact middle of Steelville Missouri Missouri including Alaska and Hawaii and Alaska and Hawaii I can go hang

Alaska might be counted and then we don't stay there it's not like hard facts do you do go back there for the eclipse I want to fly to st. Louis to see the eclipse I didn't the last one we had the last right on that epicenter is it because you hate a congratulations to our sister bar Katana kitten for beating us at the best new bar in in America who has a Shinto moss in the whole team over there a katana kitten when you go to the big are you know that's a whole lot of trade show convention convention in New Orleans when it's horribly hot I went there and like this this person was like I want to go to

after someone if she's like oh yes we have a three-room experience and the end of the experience was the one person I just want to say hey how are you and then leave right that's all I like to do hey how are you I'm still alive still feel like there's a three-room experience I love her straight in the face is like I hate experience

she's like I hate it but it's breastfeeding at the table with Asia Nastasia and people are allowed to do that people are allowed to do that

baby got to eat I don't mind when people breastfeed and why'd you bring it up if you don't mind it why'd you bring it up

I don't know why you don't want to talk about it you brought it up eating it as an as an eater a child is eating yeah but I would think you'd want to like cover the breastfeeding but yeah yeah yeah all of us put a towel over your head and your place eating ortolan if you had told me that this conversation was going to take place but you would like stripped the name of the way and you're like guess who said which thing I would have gotten that wrong this is why I said many times and I've had people mean and crazy please don't understand how I'm coming into crazy nastassia is the only frat boy I hang out with

for real you know what I mean like for real people unbelievable she's like him me a beer what is wrong with you what is wrong with you

maybe got to eat it's incredibly painful to hold it in when the time is going to have you been to the bathrooms here do you want her to have to go to the freaking bathroom heater restaurant

precious ones. 10 / if you want just want the mother to be in case in an envelope

Delta baby crib

I think a frat boy anastacio might be interested in joining this conversation of the Chad there they're discussing what your favorite shot and a beer combo is

sure I don't drink beers I have pictures of light flavorless beers as all Frat Boys dude who she will have a Corona and she probably won't shoot it but she'll probably have it like a shot of whiskey that someone doesn't want she sent me a picture saying so I would say even though it's a terrible pairing a shot of a high-proof whiskey and it is not like an Agave shot person she's not going to sit there and do that do the tequila or the mess, but I would choose

okay? It's not a food let's do a food question right not a question that will make sure we get to today Dan Price Road in about chestnuts and you know we can't say 10

but you see if she can open either she's like Dave you're a jerk with you

I mean talk about classic in the field that whole album

element with the prank phone call that that Snoop has at the beginning

because every other day what is genetically modified GMO American chestnut trees designed to resist the chestnut blight and the articles by Rowan Jacobsen who wrote the geography the oyster which is a book I think that I read and has done a did a lot to kind of help the Resurgence of everyone knowing and caring every little Nuance about every little oyster Robert what's your favorite oyster

my favorite loser I mean

I'm more of a

Northeastern Coast like is salt and Brandy and if I can get them calendar cucumbers sometimes I like them it's like a palate cleanser between my knees go so he's serious like if someone else wants them like I'll have like one in her I will just make a fine he'll make a fine benoit's of that crap and put it onto my Westar as I have done you will be good be good lately Brian like very fine fine very fine cubes of cucumber cost in like it like in it in any nut on top of an East Coast with her that you have never had never had a real play Twister I hear I would not like them

I have not been presented with lin-manuel so anyway so he wrote that which you can look at psmag which I don't know what that is most controversial tree in the world now here's a think so after those of you that I don't know don't know anything about trees American chestnut was one of our kind of ubiquitous a forest trees provided delicious chestnuts it provided good wood so we used it for carpentry we used it for nuts it was nice treat lovely it was completely wiped out in the early 20th century by a fungus that invades the tree bar causes at the split create oxalic acid keeps getting worse and finally the tree gets girdles it dies funny thing is chestnuts are theoretically very resilient so what happens is if they shoot up shoots of the old tree around the dead tree those live for like 10

15 years they never become big then they die and it happens over and over again so even now you can find remnants of these Old Chestnut trees with these young shoots that will shoot up and then dies shoot up and then died there slowly dying out because they Roots can't produce enough reserves to stay alive so within 20 or 30 years all of those original chestnuts will be dead and the chestnut will be wiped out of all of the Brazilian Chestnut trees that existed Back in the Day none of them none not one and they searched so people have been searching the forest forever try to find some loan I'm here chestnut tree that is resistant to American chestnut tree that is resistant to the blight The evolutionary movie where he was the last guy like that chestnut tree never been found they've tried reading the American chestnut with the Asian Chestnut trees try to get one that is more like an American but still resist

never found never been possible so what they did is these folks were like well I will just I will just to sort of Gene from wheat into the tree and maybe the tree will be resisted and guess what it is and so now they have this a genetically modified tree that is resistant to the light right now the problem is they want to put this into the forest and no one has ever released at a non Plantation way right in a completely uncontrolled back into the forest Wild Thing for no money by the way this is not a money thing right no one's going to make money off of it and did not know I mean there's going to release it into the wild it's nights like you know free of Free of Ip restraints put that way, but no one's done it before and so there has been an outcry and outcry there is a I forgot the name of that I had it last week cuz I can't talk about it last week but it's like some website with a very easy to search for a name like stop. Org

are problematic right so like they're they're trying to introduce eucalyptus trees to places that are colder than where eucalyptus wants to grow in plantations and why the hell would you want to introduce eucalyptus trees anywhere where they don't automatically grow talk to anyone in California about introducing the eucalyptus tree and they'll punch you in the face Harold McGee hooptown isotope how often does Harold McGee go off do they ever likes like start cursing people or things out I was like yo yo eucalyptus trees are pretty high on eucalyptus trees can I walk to Brooklyn New some new building put up and they try to make it Beautiful by plane bamboo out front right please don't do that my father-in-law he was like

I was like yo yo it's just like unkillable

it shoots things under my fence and shoots bamboo up it's the Army and of grass wow I thought the grass was he turned out bamboo Bamboo bamboo Bamboo I'm sure they're not all still strangers just the ones that can grow up here anyway so I will say this I'm happy to have people call and tell me that I'm an idiot but 99% of the arguments against is gmo-free one of them is you can't possibly know what's going to happen so you can never do anything that's one argument I think that's dumb another one is that this is a trojan horse so they do you like GMO products if you don't do this because it's not any money attached to its peoples going to feel warm and fuzzy about GMOs and then monsanto's going to go shaft the farm has also can't really anyway but my point is is that like I mean that's not a valid that's not a valid like you have to discuss the tree on its own merits you can't say oh my God

board water all over this lady was amazing you can't discuss the I can't discuss Ameritrade you can't say whether people like this GMO they're going to like the other bad GMO and therefore you can't do the good stuff listen I use a knife to do surgery on you and you can't do that cuz sometimes knives they stab people and the people that make it a 9 they're going to think everyone's going to think it's okay cuz they're making scalpels know you don't mean like and then they're like oh well things are bad and they Point things that are bad like eucalyptus plantations were they shouldn't be me and since the whole I think anyway so that's my feelings on it but please Melissa Melissa Road in earlier last week about her question was specifically this now. So I'm going to ask you to do this you have to do some legwork Mary Drake I believe her name is is one of the foremost cheese scientist and believe that your name Mary Drake a cheese scientist in the United States see if you can get ahold of her see if she will call in because the question and I'm not

qualified really to answer Melissa hates goat cheese and truly spoken about this before right she also turns out she hates Cotija cheese now is like kind of like hard salted very crumbly cheese that you can use in grading I love cookies most hates it now I don't know why the listen to contact listening listen you can hear me to contact you if I'd like a little more information and information is this I'm trying to figure out how much of your distaste for kotija is the waiver versus the texture so she has a crumbly dry or cheese what are your thoughts on Cheshire right Cheshire is a dry crumbly cheese do you like Cheshire which is a cow's milk cheese but has a crumbly interesting relatively unique space to texture going a little Deep In The Weeds here but if you like do you like Castle mono write another very crumbly texture cheese

hanging out at 8 if you haven't had that don't worry about it do you like a setup another highly salted but whether she's not goat sheep most or cow depends on who's making it right to let let me I need it I need it because I need to know to try to figure out what it is that you don't like I'm guessing they had a lot of enzymes now to Cotija so they can speed agent they don't have to age it for as long as its official the Aged and you're getting off flavors from the enzymatic breakdown products perhaps lipid breakdown products but I don't know that we're going to try to get in touch with married married right now I have her phone number Great and then they had one last question I need to know the answer to about what you like or what you didn't like what was it what was it who was one of my

I was late today and it was my health care assistant which one of the classics in the field online almost all of the classic in the field that we're going to tell you they have online copies one of the ones that were going to do nastase and I are going to post an online copy even though she doesn't want to cuz she doesn't want you to know how to make apple heads but we're going to do it anyway we're going to post one online yes we are shaking no white no one's going to make an apple his Nastasia

no one's going to scoop you on your Apple Head. Do you like it's too big to fo be very low on it I know you're a butthead before the company in China makes even to panties they do grow a lot of apples in China we will let you know when something that we do is not available online because almost all of them are I should have meant I should have mentioned that most of the things we do are available online Robert if you're ready and you can weigh in on this ready for this week this week we're going to do something a little bit different in that this is not necessarily a classic but I don't know why it's not a classic right it's something that should be a classic but it's not and I found it in a thrift shop and and I and I bought it and it's by a person she's dead but her name is

Ruth Mary Griswold right and you can find a copy of the book is called

the experimental study of foods experimental study of foods and I like food whenever I see foods that way I think of the way Lee Wesley Willis song don't ask me for sugar honey iced tea and he says he's in the thing and he's like don't ask me to pay for your foods you don't I mean don't ask me for a Sony Discman she was born in nineteen she died in 1992 and she was a food scientist but also a home economics kind of Professor and it's kind of

all the early work in at least an American kind of food science writing kind of fell under the rubric of home economics and it was a good place for smart women in science to go into things reminds me of any of probably not have time to remind me a story there is a doctor who was a generation or so older than my mom was a Pediatric Cardiologist who went to medical school in the late 40s early 50s and my wife and I met her again I hung out with her when I was a kid a couple years ago she was in her 90s and she's become a Pediatric Cardiologist which for those of you that don't know you go to medical school then you go to do your internship your residency then you can do after that you can do you know you're at your residency is your specialty so you would do pediatrics in back in the day probably still is but with my mom is going to medical school it was you know women women doctors primarily went into Pediatrics they were kind of ghetto eyes into PDF Pediatrics

for various reasons but then after that you go to What's called your fellowship which is a subspecialty so it's a very highly educated to my mom's a Pediatric Cardiologist do you know Dr Griffiths what is a PDA at what speed at cardiologist and so I said hey and hard in like the in the 50s to become a Pediatric Cardiologist that take the soreness Asia and what you said to me was actually know because I John Hopkins where I was there was a woman who had become a Pediatric Cardiologist during the war and no men would study with her and she needed students it was actually easier for at that at that time that location for women to get into that specialty because no men would study with this woman so it's like it's like study feels that for terrible reasons have become popular with these very talented women anyway so the reason this is a classic in it so interesting so she writes his book

and she doesn't keep the money from it all the profits if she made from this book she put into a scholarship so you can still to this day you can't find her to give me information on this woman on the internet still this day you can go get the Ruth Mary Griswold scholarship which is awarded to undergraduates at the Indiana University in Bloomington is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students majoring in nutrition dietetics are human development and family studies with a GPA of 3.25 or 400 and above and this scholarship is entirely paid for with the profits of this book that she wrote in 1962 so why is this why is this book which is not knowing I called Harold McGee I was like Harold do you know about this book is like no I don't think it's not like one of the more famous early books like early early like Catherine Peters book or like the Fannie Farmer you know in that the cooking. Which was some of the early works on it I think there's someone needs to redo this book like like everyone who writes iced tea

people by Harold ickes book on food and cooking as textbooks for like you know Nann major food science books but if you're studying food science there's very little between like with Harold is writing which is very specific kind of book amazing book everyone needs to own at least two copies both addition right and like Cinema which is like you know kind of a hardcore like food, food science or like Lowery's Meat science isn't like this there's very little in between people and try to make specific text books for food science that are aimed at people who don't necessarily want to be two sides that are interested in food and interested in science and I think this is the template for the book and you can get it online at a place called Babel b a b e l. Hasi trust hathitrust. Org and I found it to the thrift shop that sounds like two bucks I had no idea what it was on the inside it says at the request of mr. Philip can't we are pleased

send you a complimentary copy of this book for your consideration as a basal text for your classes the list price is 949 so like this book was actually sent out to someone to try to get them to use as a textbook but why is it gray

let's take a look at the table of contents going to give you kind of have an idea why it's so good

so she breaks it down into an introduction to food experimentation an introduction to the food science which is great like why do this why not she then goes into her part 1 which is the current day this is what needs to be totally kind of redone write the current status of Food Science but the current status to science 1962 is not the first food stamps science as it is now but she goes through much as Harold McGee does eggs dairy product meets veg preservation fat starch leavening agents yeast cakes pastries Etc candies but then the Real Genius of it so as she goes into it in somewhat in detail rice if you put him down you know chemistry reactions like very integrated in the way there a lot of college courses can't be because college courses are typically taught under one Department physics 1 Department chemistry 1 Department biology not under kind of like multiple disciplinary things but then where she really turns into a genius here is her food experimentation and in that starts its only from page 491 to 567 the food is better

Asian section but I highly highly highly recommend it because it tells you how to run basic experiment and by the way every every chapter in this book ends with experiments that you can do in a standard kitchen without a laboratory right so like to use is fundamentally basic stuff we maybe need a couple of things like Neo beakers and whatnot scale but she Oliver experiments are are awesome and can be done in a regular kitchen and that that alone is worth the price we get a couple of and I like her attitude which I think she puts references at the end of everything so the bibliography is horribly out of date but everyone who most people who write about food science for general population don't ever put any references and at the end of every chapter she gives you references for further things to look at further places to go and where she got the information which is something I think everyone should go to I think she was firing on all cylinders back in the 60s people steal

haven't managed to do this evenin you know kind of you know where are fit for the way through our Century already so we see if I can find us something I think you guys will like that I have time so I know I have to leave 20 minutes after my God OK approaching the experiment I'm going to go teach with Harold McGee at the Harvard again this year everyone and Harvard needs to read this the students dad and difficulty finding a first problem may find comfort in learning that there's usually no trouble in selecting future problems because they seem to a ride, Sore Eyes constantly as research is being done as research is being done if you continue to work you will have new questions to work on if you just sit around thinking about questions you will not have new questions to work on so smart so smart reading also suggest topics are reviewing areas in which on solve problems away investigation oh wait investigation I eat do investigations ideas may come from practical food problems that have been

counter from suggestions about simplifying a method of food preparation from studying what function ingredient stores or from doubt concerning the validity of a theory this lady everyone should just read what this person said and then I mean I mean I kind of need you guys to keep asking questions but like this that she has the exact right approach to how to do everything and then she closed the first step in conducting an experiment is to read work already done in the area and planning and it's yours against unknowing reputation of work already done and then nobody knows this in 2019 nobody can figure this out and then she goes on to explain which is amazing but how to use a card catalog none of you guys need to know how to do it she has an amazing section on how to plan your experiment right how to efficiently plant experiment how to document your experiment how to not f up your experiment how to control your experiment she talks about how

it's rain and fine pastries what is litter trained in these cases it's six she's like how to select judges how to train them to talk about triangle test how to figure out whether your results are real or just garbage right and then she talks about simple ways to measure things like how do I measure the volume of a cake stuff that like Greg wanner doesn't is genuine ideas which is maybe thing blog you should read now and I will if you guys look at the Facebook which if you don't you're a bad person go to pay 5:23 and check out how she recommends reporting red textures

eat print of the bread slice of bread make an ink print everyone should someone someone if you can hear me someone needs to take this book and update it and maybe add to the truth and Griswold scholarship in Indiana just doing our part to try to maybe bring her back so that everyone recognized her as thank you Robert thanks. Congratulations Matthew and thanks coming back this is been cooking issues

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