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Episode 375: Matt's Getting Married, With Bobby Murphy of Existing Conditions

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hello welcome to cooking issues Dave Arnold your husband cooking issues we had to re-record the intro the original recording was lost but want to start this week's show by talking about a long time Porter of cooking issues listener caller and Sporter a book and I see you know had the products been Neo talking to his three years is that really you know love member of the cooking issues Community took his own life last week and we just want to take a moment and talk about it and you know he wasn't actually in the hospitality industry but you know it's also a huge two sides of huge problem in the hospitality industry we just want to take a minute anyone that can hear us

no please if you feel hopeless you don't know where to go or you don't think there's you know any way that you can get help with if someone can help you there is and if you're thinking of taking your own life there is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which is one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five that's one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five remember there's help out there and even if you don't think that you're worth saving other people do please please take please take that last little bit of of effort and call and get him some help don't hide the fact you need help don't think it's silly that you need to go get help please please do so we do not have Matt in the booth today we have a cuz he's getting married and for some reason he believed that getting married was more important than coming in and Engineering are show

more important in his marriage you like but it's like you know if like Paul McCartney was going to be somewhere you would cancel like all the rest of the shows like forever say The Boondock they're swell Rebecca is a boondoggle plan her wedding yet but I will fear filled up one side and down the other questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so I in the booth today we have Max how you doing doing great how are you alright this is your first this your first time it is so I tell said because this is how we do this tell us a little bit about yourself sure I'm crazy craft beer and I love whole we got to call our way to hold a man

I'm taking stuff that people actually want to eat that sounds like a better idea

wedding speaking of cocktails to make cocktails the day before he got a book about that Taco Bell from library almost every recipe had a lemon juice or lime juice that said you know at that two hours before and not earlier so what are some good cocktails that are still like one for lemon 81 another sort of whiskey peach-faced one are there any techniques that we can use to make fruit juice use caulk to use in cocktails is it when you say we is it you and your wife are making them

I need my husband so are you but they're for your wedding

here I think how long do you have

for we have the good news is I know you don't have time because you're planning but you do have time so first mistake people make in life in in is trying to trying to force a particular cooking especially catering cooking is trying to force a recipe into the scenario instead of choosing the recipe for the scenarios that makes sense that doesn't make them right so there are many recipes that don't require the the the juice lemon or lime to be fresh but they're not necessarily that you know that normal things you think of so right off the top of the bad so we're talking about a summer wedding where do you live how freaking hot is it

Vancouver not super hot so into it that are built on the all of the ingredients being aged so old school Punch or not do you want to do an old school punch but old school punches that are made primarily with peel and Oleo saccharum these things last a long time there also and art like how are these being served you have some sort of cater waiters were going to be pointing this out

yeah we got a bar at the venue and we'll have some servers there okay this is no offense to all of the cater waiters out there but I have seen the vast majority of cater waiters and again I'm not trying to insult the whole category but that I have met their just doing this to make a couple of bucks before they do whatever they're going to do with their life and the translation of that is they do not care about your cocktail so if you say to them something like please make sure these bottles are on ice at least 4 hours before hand and then please don't pour them over ice what they will do is not show the bottles at all and then pour them over the world's crappiest ice with a lot of water in the bottom of the glass I'm telling you this from bitter experience okay so you have to like the good thing about punch recipes

many of them I should say is that they are relatively bulletproof against wide variance in dilution and temperature and they're built to be aged the right away your kind of winning their you might want to Jack the alcohol little bit because you know damned if people know it's punch they know they're about to get like $18 34 teacups fine in the cups are small but you get what I'm saying like modern cocktail people want alcohol level is it a little bit higher the second thing you can do is you can use court now cordials I've been saying for many years people need to get wrap their heads around cordials again now cordials don't taste like fresh juice but think about this do you really here's where you need on a like like cloudy unclarified fresh juices for shaken cocktails right you're not pouring that you I not I should say I don't know you I mean I've spoken to you but I don't know how I feel

what is it that is it like I'm only using unclarified fresh juice really in shaken cocktails and you do not want a cater waiter shaking your cocktail right now A clarified juice yeah it's only going to last

you know a day before it starts going off the run a test so if you want to clarify some juice run a test and see how long it lasts before you don't you don't like it anymore maybe you can do it do it beforehand but really cordials are bulletproof now they don't taste like fresh shoes because they're not supposed to taste like dress shoes and they've gotten a bad name because Rose's lime is not a no offense Rose Bud like you know her lime juice isn't the best you know what I mean it like when I say it's not the best bad but you can make like a lemon cordials you can make you can make lime cordial as an alternative if you ask if you must use a fresh juice and you're going to shake something acidy just an orange juice last a lot longer than lemon or lime juice does before it goes bad so you know yeah you get like a couple of days out of acid adjusted orange juice it's different flavor but it's something you can use in lieu of in lieu of the fresh lemon or lime and it won't go

a detergent off taste which is kind of the way I characterize old lemon or lime juice any of this making sense

yes definitely see at 4 weeks so what I'm expecting is that enough to have any more questions welcome to call back is that in I don't know where you're going on honeymoon but I am 6 weeks I want to hear how the car I want you to call back and I want you to tell me how to talk to him

build it all right I mean I can graduations on the wedding I'm sure can be great thank you it's very frustrating to get a lot of calls about it very frustrating to pay someone a lot of money to do a bad job at something you don't mean it's like it's very frustrating to pay someone to do your plumbing and have him do a bad job it's very frustrating to go to a this is why if you're a kook like restaurants can piss you off sometimes because it's very frustrating to go to a restaurant and pay someone for food and have them do a bad job Bobby Murphy is here from the next restaurant in Chicago so you may also call in any of your Chicago I also from Iowa or Iowa related your Grande cat related questions your

are the cocktail cap program running a question or your cocktail questions your beverage director questions and you're not alcoholic beverage questions to a Bobby Murphy hear anything of which we've got a question from positive MD is coming to New York and he wants to know your suggestion for interesting bars restaurants he is already planning to come to existing conditions are met no one knows better where to eat in New York than the stop your Lopez but I don't think she goes out as much as she did two or three years ago I think not why we're having to stop yet why would that have changed because you know

use that used to be forced to go out you know what I mean

apparently I've been corrected nastassia Lopez is going out all freaking cylinders firing as much as she ever did as much as she ever did so all right buddy Anastasio by where she positive energy go as far as bars knock off all the classics Dino morea Margo death & Co of course you just in conditions throw today our friends and family mace out of the cabinet which is an iced tea Mezcal bar and I was told people to like when you come to New York cocktail Kingdom Greg bone-related bars that you that are on the east side you never get over to our side of the city he's going to push out Katana kitten our sister bar just wait just wait

rap for Connecticut in the two of us are there for bars up for best new bar where one of them kind of kittens also they're so like, no matter what happens I know what I was just saving to be that comes in New York don't burrow hop and like picking a red cuz we do in the East Village you could go to 10 bars and play top from the East Village to the West Village cuz we're in the Westfield picking up Hoppin John Eagles asking where's the best place to grab a bagel in New York Kayla you have to make a choice in life over what style of bagel do you want do you want a puffier dough ear Bagel of the SS absolute family do you want

like our tall bagel I think I would remember what all they go. Do you want more of like you know a smaller Bagel like you told me he wants to open a big ol shop in the UK hey says the bagel suck figured New York has the best yes how is he do that the waters different

it's not interesting to tell you that

Saratoga New York water is not interesting it's it's relatively low and dissolve solid ain't nothing special about our water you know what it is we have a we have a large food culture and we have a large Jewish culture and that's why we rule at big now those Montreal people

some people like those bagels I have not been to Montreal in many decades and never eaten at any one of their fancy bagel stores I like the bagel store montreal-style bagels are here but they had salted with they don't Montreal anyone that doesn't add bread to the Salt is a bad person I'm looking at you Tuscany terrible people and I don't know what do you think about those orwashers is like the only one that has a dog in the fight I give all the Montreal Bagels a fat black seeds pretty good too but what do you think about question too because you got to think like are you just going for the bagel are you going for toppings and fixings are bagels absolute for sure about to lose SSI also absolutely comes from Essa it's a little different I like that even in that neighborhood like neighborhood by Nook neighborhood so Columbia University area used to have it

I haven't been there in again in like decades but used to have three top tier bagel places there was absolute there was Columbia which is also good which is a a denser Center style bagel and not that big Joey saying that I have absolute pushes out the kind of classic fight like in the seventies the classic fight was H&H vs. Etha you know what I mean like as a style bagels and H&H but even he even though we're answer is in that in that like low 20s write it like even down there there's tall bagel with Dax is Dax his favorite like these Bagel things tend to accumulate kosar's baby clothes are bialys which made excellent bialys used to have a kind of their own kind of different kind of bagel they changed hands a recipe change a little bit anyway the reason that the reason that it the bagels are good here is because there is a lot of bagel competition and a lot of connoisseurship of of the bagel who's Barney Greengrass Bagel what do they serve

I believe they're H&H which is the same as usual Never by my house in the Upper West Side newest it was pretty good but I'd prefer absolute all the time and I always tell people like you moved in York NE like don't have very much money and some pizzas like the first thing than Bagels you like the easiest thing and it was like a real hard problem for me for like the first 6 months and not to go to Barney Greengrass and order a $22 tuition Bagel everyday for breakfast when you leave New York and you go out you look at and basically they're just Bagels shaped bread you know what I mean they're just the garbage there has not made right you know what I mean they're just stayed up like the recipes are online people I've made them to stop saying I may or may not do a big ol thing we do our videos because we bought a 19 like 90 like Bagel maker which is fundamentally just a little boiling Kettle for bagels but you can make a decent

I think the reason people don't make good ones because they don't have people that care will buy a good bagel maybe people don't even like it could be I don't know I just feel like people don't like their dough recipe like that's a number one and then proofing whatever it may be like they just don't keep consistency them all a rocket scientist Bagel sign now from Elvin Elvin wants to know what's another place in the world that I can get a decent Booker and Dax existing conditions liquid intelligence style gin and tonic

well I don't know

I don't know Bobby

blood I don't know I'm sure there are places but not that many people do re carb on not there's not that many people doing re carb on that kind of drink right what's Puerto Rico penalty they do it there I know that I mean I've heard great things by la penultima I love Steven those guys down there but I have never been but that's like the only people I've ever heard of like redoing legit in juicer the actual gin and tonic and I'm anxious to go if I ever make it to Puerto Rico next week this episode is brought to you by you

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all right so I might be restaurants now where I haven't been anywhere good

and I've been anywhere good lately all right Bobby what about that what about liking liked all of your crew is going out to places like Boone's what are the places like that like Uncle bones and all that what is a place people go now Boones will never get old if I had the money to eat at Boone's everyday I would eat up balloons everyday I take them there like immediately and mostly like your name so we love it for me like I have a really done a bunch of like I would say like upper tier restaurants here I did before when I do live here but I'm just how to turn lights or sound like a snake food right now I hate to say I haven't been anywhere where I'm like damn that was good also it's about the experience like who you go with to NWA

the entry to record in the end of Straight Outta Compton

veteran died eating a lot of Chinese food my life and I want to move to New York and tan Szechuan food very hard for me not to just want to eat stage 1 food all the time here check this out people this is not this but I have a new I have a new cheap you know everyone in New York people in New York everyone's got like if a Popeye's with the most neighborhoods there's a cheap fried chicken or a different like a semi-independent fried chicken joint I found my local 1 dates are like you to have a bombing giant squid which I actually I think is a cuttlefish and said big flat one of them at that used to it they fry the whole thing and then they hack it up and serve it to you it is on point they're like there are poppers are on point they put some sort of like MSG in them in their coding

yeah I'm Point highly recommend even the kids like it yeah I don't have any local Country Chicken I just moved to Italy she has not one recommendation for you check this out name of the name of this person but hey Dave anastasi I'm all caught up with the backlog and decide to listen from episode 1 again this is likely ill-advised for a rational person but I've never claimed to be said person listen I'm going to give you the same advice I give Dax odax re-watch is Bob's Burgers and Parks and Rec like on a like like I constantly he's like something new Serena Serena watch something listen to something new

I can't stand listening to myself the first time around you know nastase and I constantly want to murder each other true or false. The about the Bananaman know but who is the Tuesday king of animals Robert yeah yeah 6 hours East of ever heard you talk

but he was so dominant that Bobby went over into the into the existing conditions archive and pulled out a banana costume oh yeah and he wore for half of our service on the birthday of the bar he wore a banana costume and was playing Bananagrams

he sitting there Karen Stanley who is the new manager at Brooklyn. Congratulations to us and for having him to English what just what I say never going to get Noah so and as you might know like Alicia say that she only cares about her own envelopes not true so she by the way is like is like a floating board Scrabble where you have to rearrange and keep putting two letters and you're trying to form a Scrabble like bored but about constantly Arrangement and if you're playing with Nastassja don't you dare use two letter words you I ever she hates I just don't like easy like why why play it if you're going to make it easy like it should be hard to be hard and you should think so when you play with the sauce yet everyone else in the world play Scrabble rules and terms of like legitimate word

temper when you claim stasio Lopez she flipped the table on somebody wants

she flipped the table the first time she played with said person who I'm not going to talk about

he used TI and she's like well if you really want to win that way and he's like I do and then like but then he kept grabbing letters and putting them on the floor thinking I couldn't see them like that is really cheap what you should know is that you don't mess around with nastassia Lopez when you're playing the game because she will shoot you like it's like like a card player in the old west door at the table at the bar while playing bananagram and she reaches for a letter and punches the water glass all over my board which time punches the water glass water everywhere all over me all over the letters and then Karen Stanley course immediately starts help me clean up and Nastassja what's Nastasia do because remember it's about who can fastest create a board

you can play please don't play feel like I'm with you what the hell you doing why you playing that you made so then she pulls over a towel don't you just start doubting the water like like like like like washing machine mixes my board up

with the towel well being very careful not to mess with her letters so I'm like and I just like to smack her letters in the room across the room odesza across the room anyway so we're life Karen it horrifying she's like about to go into a panic attack CC next we start playing

and like literally 45 seconds later nastassia Lopez cuz Jack Schram was the bartender puts the glass refills Musashi's water glass put it exactly where it was the second the first time around he punches the glass again right into my lap all over my letters and I do this

kids up in like I thought I was going to punch me if I thought you were going to punch that I jumped up have my arms in the air then I jumped up and said nothing that I jumped up and said don't get angry I'm going to pee and then I ran off when you said you just said I'm going to be any rain she looked like my nephew look like my dog watts in with like his ears pinned back and like looking up and like I always wish I hadn't said or moved at all I was just give me air in my arms in the air my eyes Super Why doesn't Aaron tapped out for the rest of the two words

I got to be so this is likely it would be a rational person but I never claimed to be rational with that said I listen to a few episodes about the Aeropress did you ever try again after a while that was my nowadays you can get like a listen listen listen when I go have coffee there there's coffee for enjoyment and there's coffee to get your motor running so you can head out on the highway when I'm traveling my assumption is unless I'm traveling to a place it's known for coffee at the coffee that I have will be bad and I am dressed I need the coffee to wake up and be for you know my good friend peristalsis peristalsis is one of my favorite buddies to have with me when I go travelling traveling can really clogged up the old tubes if you know what you want to say and stuff for the traveling wreak havoc with your body in California it was all good from California

that's a good food I didn't like to check in with six in the field but Alexander Kira's the bathroom is the classic study on bathroom technology and urination and defecation technology from the late sixties I think it's one of you wants to hear that of the classic in the field just meet me over on Alec Alexander Kira's the bathroom and maybe we'll do that for later today it's an intense book today technology like how your culture influences like how bathrooms are made like Prince is one of the reasons that fit in the US

all Western cultures really can't use like full squat toilets like the hole in the ground toilets is because they require you to completely remove your pants so if you come from a culture where everyone is wearing something that can be hiked up around your waist then it's reasonable to use that are that kind of a system but that's why we can't do it even though that even though they're horrible on on your butt Parts regno sit-down toilets are horrible on your butt part anyway so all of this and more including that the physics of urine streams in Facebook if someone wants me to do it eventually because I think I know we didn't do a good job at the bar because we didn't have the money and it's about existing conditions someday I hope to be able to design a bathroom from scratch and it will be glorious

Batman technology is so crappy and I'm ashamed as an American there are bass in technology is so garbage compared to Japan like a properly now when I was younger

good I'm going to go into it even I don't know. I wanted to fully like like LED insulate my bathroom for the no noise can make it in or out so it like that they did the people screaming at you whatever couldn't come in there's no sort of dinner at the bathroom was a private holy meditation zone right and you didn't have to worry about making your own private noises while you were in no I know a billionaire who did that well here's the problem as I get older or as I had kids in like what if there's an emergency

you know what I mean there's no that's my biggest fear in life is getting murdered in the shower and people are like why that's like something just like a movie thing but what I'm in the bathroom no thoughts just complete piece of whatever I'm doing so I can sneak up behind you used to think in the shower no no not for anyone that might he he didn't believe that showers he didn't understand the restorative properties of shower so he wants when I was in the shower was like that's enough water and you reached in and turned off while my dad was big on the power shower the 5-minute shower who turn off after 10 ever you said use your washcloth I was I was being a little bit chokey I am naked in the shower but I do have two washcloths and it's moving all the time

so yes I have tried the Aeropress I used to carry with me and the grinder but now because I just accepted that I'm not going to have great coffee and since everyone has at least some form of espresso somewhere like what I'll do is I'll research where the local shop is I will get up extra early before I have to meet people down enough time that I can go down I always order it I give me a quad there like give me for espresso shot in one cup and I drink it on the way back to the hotel room then I do my you know Dale irritated and get it going so that's what I do I no longer carry coffee products with me although you have to start classes in the field now but more importantly have you tried the minipresso or nanopresso from Le Coq Au my co-worker and my coworker has one for traveling especially in countries where the coffee is hot garbage which is hot garbage is my next band

it's only garbage cover tunes machine also you think there are other useful things that we met with this thanks in advance Serena I haven't used one I was going to get one they're only like 30 bucks I should get one but I'm on like a at my house is full and feel like I'm on a not acquiring things kind of thing you're good at giving away phase right away so much I threw away the original the original spends all I saw that no nobody take that up but people did pick up like any other piece of garbage I put that we got Georgia

Yu-Gi-Oh watch

by the way hello

what's up

what up I need to know if there is reusable sous-vide bag there are I'm not using their silicone bags but you know how like I said on the show many times that all of us have like kind of mental things and like used bags to gross me because they here's the thing like let's say you had a reusable bag at the bright ideas silicone bags are out there silicone bags are out there reusable silicone sous-vide bags are out there

if you had some sort of a rack that you could open it and dry it fully open and actually a rack that you could put into your dishwasher so they could wash on the inside of the bag effectively then it could be pulled out like everything those baseball hat drawing things ya lighter the boots if you had one of those then I would say let's do it affect me look into it and then and then I would be like yeah use it over and over and over again cuz why wouldn't you use it over and over and over again it's very easy by the way to seal inside of so for those of you that don't want to look like using a vacuum bag and let's say you don't want to use look like you're using a vacuum bag I don't like a hack you can get a ziplock bag freezer Ziploc bag seal it put your put your product in seal it then cut off the corner on the bottom side of the bag put that over the seal bar and run a ziplock through and then you can have us a vacuum sealed Ziploc bag I'm not saying that I do that and pretend it is not a vacuum bag I'm saying

you may do that but so what you'll be pretty old to figure out a way to be hard to get some trying to think of it like using one of these bags and an actual commercial machine uses the heat sealer cuz of one-way valves have a certain have certain limitations in terms of like how hard of a vacuum they can suck because of the pressure differential you need to go across them but you know when you're actually sucking water vapor off and pumping water vapor at it might work I'm going to go ahead and say that if you could wash it effectively be good idea I do know they exist but I worry about the bag juice After hot garbage like the other band is bag juice we always talk about it for years and I don't know if reusable is there yet but I wish there was compostable

thatskannada compostable I've looked into it like for instance there sealable PLA and and things like that better but the most bioplastics that are completely compostable or degradable the problem with them is is they need to be fabricated out of time in a way that makes them hard to store for a long time and then use they have to be used relatively quickly and then put a apparently I'm not being told that I can't do Classics in the field even though I have Ruth M Griswold the experimental study of foods which is an under-appreciated and still free to buy classic in the feel of him talk about home economics

mostly Paws or maybe we get here on time and Price Road about you know Road in about genetically modified Chestnut trees at Sonoco Teja cheese and last stuff

I was excited by the Classics in the feel like I've all the posted if you totally can't you know the biggest posts ever seen cuz every time that I come to do the show I bring a whole pack of postage with me and then lose it all right so get ready for Ruth M Griswold experimental study of food next time the field on cooking issues

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