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Episode 374: Whine Quay w/ special guests Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske of Contra, Wildair

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what every Tuesday you know you know

Android as usual in this afternoon to a parent is going to get married to Newport Rhode Island in tuxedos you going to have monkey Butlers that way none of those things around Easton's Beach are you from Rhode Island know my parents over there for half a decade so sort of I have you given him her the cooking issues guide to wedding officiants I was told that I made that I made mostaccioli friend the wedding officiant

I didn't know how do I made her cry if we don't ask so happy happy wedding what's it what's your what are you doing for the wind / liquor situation what's going on there a margarita and his signature cocktail they tried to give me a drink recipe has like no thank you I will give you the recipe very good local Brewery shout out to gray sale in Rhode Island I like a lot

and then I don't know what are we doing about the wines red white rose I don't remember what are you what are you doing for food

buffet style bunch of stuff most people went with the lobster like real good Sprint a word of advice to anyone who ever if you should ever hang out with me don't sit anywhere near me if I'm eating lobster I mean I feel like the whole wedding was going to give her one individual tables cuz they will be spraying yeah I've had I've had people like get up move in disgust and like leave because of the general spray a lobster juice around me when I'm eating lobster like that's it Lobster device are you going my teeth teeth ever give a big one on the closet I've almost broken my teeth on lobster shells cracking open the the claws but it would last for cracking get stiffer different story

that was round 1 round 1 In fairness I told nastassia that she wasn't allowed to put her foot on the table holding the microphones and jam the table up and down anymore so it turns out I was wrong when her foot is not attached to anything the vibration level is so high with you from Tacoma Narrows Bridge Galloping Gertie Oh Yeah Yeah Yeahs for those of you that don't know check that out that was its exact almost exact same design as the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in fact but it had a resonant frequency that the wind used to make happen to it I think it's in the 30s and there's videos of the wind hitting adjust the right angle hitting the resonant frequency and the thing is going up and down like a jump rope until it finally snaps so it turns out just as he needs to keep her foot on the table because otherwise the resonant frequency is so hard that she rattles her phone out of her pocket all kinds of crazy stuff right

what me telling you to take your foot off the table today we have half of the people are going to have on the air with us today we have Jeremiah Stone of Contra NYC and while they are and we're hungry we're you have also the pizza place what else you have now we're going to have in a minute I call and fabulous you know if I'm being on house key but I have always called him fabulous since I knew him when he was like 19 when he started coming to the Friday 2017 when he came to me and said he was I knew these guys back when to call in your questions out of your Jeremiah or fabulous related questions to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128

so I knew both of these guys I knew fabulous when he started coming to the French culinary student came twice came as a culinary student and then as a as a pastry student but I'll wait for that for when you come it's his fault by the way people that the technique of blending and then Center Fusion stuff is called who steno we'll get into that later but at the same time Jeremih I think I one point was a student I didn't really I don't know you when you were student write a little bit not really the French Culinary Institute used to work maybe still does if we had like an Amphitheater and every was it Wednesday usually or like Tuesdays Wednesdays in the middle of the week they get very well-known chest or interesting or anyone who come and do what I thought were pretty awesome food demos you know private events classes with you Harold McGee

yeah right but I mean we had a lot of interesting people coming through doing like weird cooking stuff too and so is like a great opportunity to kind of meet people like learn new techniques to see what was going on and so Jeremiah Was was down there it's all right you know one point like we were always friendly but you were kind of my mortal enemy cuz I would go f up your kitchen

you have to place up at the place up I don't know where you're getting that from you might have messed up the kitchen but I I loved you guys we were always friends he's coming in this guy's way back when and then I figured they both do something but I had no idea they were going to start something together at all why not entitled and

no they just they they wanted to be part of the Whirlwind so

a Bagless

tell Jeremiah is talking crap about you since when you first came to the FBI he didn't like you because all of the all of the interns where he said entitled today how did you end up sometime if you like him before or after he had $10,000 worth of sneakers still in front of me I still don't like him was is a sneakerhead he came to me one day and he was like I had $10,000 for the sneaker store for me I was like that's $10,000 of you know $70 sneakers that can be like tennis shoes you know this is very rare but it wasn't 5000

who did it because they were they came in they saw they spit speakers and everything

now that I walk around with like cell phones and the internet before they break in and they started to take the TV they take all the electronic admit and then are internal computers in random Thief happened to know about these are fancy sneakers you still you still everything you know you know Jordans are worth you know

you two hated each other and I didn't like him because I don't like any of like when you first meet them how much do the FBI cost that point yeah yeah yeah so it's like this one is stassi never understood we had these interns they are real crappy and Nastassja who ran the program after Mindy you know who ran the program first assassin never ever ever ever understood that these people were not working for us even though we were making them work they were also paying $40,000 and this was one of the persons that they got to be in this program so nastase and never kind of understood this

your entitlement came from but the fact of the matter is that they were both like they were both customers and employees in the Hardline to kind of rice do you know it's also especially when one was in an intimate with you you just got thrown into I mean everyone was there at the time like all the chefs who wear likes for the relevance of the time we're there and you got to hang out with them and work with them and you know like I even with Johnny that I work without the words like me and him had a relationship prior to me working with him so it was just a very weird situation we're just just knew a lot of people and then you know in that in the very sort of short and like very close Facebook symmetry it was just very easy to get lost in in that other than just working and that's what a lot of it came you know I also didn't like

best stereo system in all of Southeast Asia this guy he's one of the engineers who came up with nomiku he said he worked on your Journal Michaela Christina whatever you think no matter who was was the reason that circulators are inexpensive leap right now Mercy circulators used to be like a thousand bucks there were two thousand bucks then they were 1,000 bucks and they were eight hundred bucks a flat screen TV of The Culinary world and no Miku and then as soon as nomiku hit everything was four hundred bucks and now it's like two hundred bucks you want to mean so it's like I think I didn't people don't give this to Poppy pod enough credit for that but remember

Chi-Chi shorten his name from we pop some puppy pot that we potsu Peapod Tisha to because he couldn't fit the name on on his chest wife at the French Culinary Institute and he came up as I just continued on their Divas armpit just call me back but he came in and we're all like hey and then we're like hey you tie and he's like how did you guess I got a ball head of program of the French clerics to call the tech program which for a long time with house in a closet in the basement of the amphitheater and then we miss Linda Stasi started working we moved up in the world literally to the fourth floor

and we're put into a garden then we we ran out of that hole like the

the outside of the then they didn't bother cleaning so literally their was garbage dumpsters in there and then the students were just curl or that you know they also the Stafford Pearl bags of garbage into the dumpsters and so if you ever been in a dumpster room there's like that line of garbage at the at the level of the dumpster where there's like that spray of garbage like he ever like it like on a griddle you know when a griddle is not protected and you can see like the pancake line from when pancakes are flipped you can see that line of Greece and pancake platter on the wall it was like that in the garbage room at the at the toss level and no one ever cleaned it well then people wearing informed that it wasn't the garbage anymore so into our room

like I just got this is where it like a AK that people this is where I started becoming impatient seriously I worked with myself by myself for myself like when I work for the lawyers I did my own job I didn't like no one I didn't have to work with anyone I just did my job I went home so everything was very mellow as soon as I had to start like interacting with people that's why I lost all my patience like I think I had a finite amount of patients it was just never tap and now I'm just at 0 all the time I mean it a hundred I guess the boiling point so I used to just walk in and I'll just pick up the chairs and just throw them down the hallway baba baba thrown down the hallway cuz I'm like no exaggeration started working inside corner they said they were going to build me a lab right away from build me a lab to maybe will fire you

try maybe you could live in a cubicle then they're like okay okay you're too messy to be in a cubicle what you do every day and then you just wrote on the form OTP my way home. See and I got into appleheads I got into another argument with a partner / employer who was asking me a bunch of garbage that made no sense and save it for when we do Apple Head dolls

applehead applehead not work together and I can't work together in other things as when we were starting to Granddad and this is what we're doing Booker and Dax and by the way at that time they weren't going to give Nastasia even ownership and Booker and Dax like this week and see this is so damn it and I want to go make apple head dolls together we want to start an applehead business you're not going to stop me and pretty much exactly what I said was this was this Chinatown times in the back of Milk Bar commissary such a mess every time you walked in there and all The Milk Bar

are people easy to kill the business book index right now

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and then I had to throw it all the way when I got rid of my house I was like saw the stuff that I'd like carried around for years like little pieces of like weird equipment that I've carried around for years finally got rid of you know what I did find the other day before Jeremiah and fabulous open Contra wildair they came to waste at least have a lab on 54 Eldridge which was by there is is the ground spitting capital of the world as far as I know we tried to video we tried to do a video when we were going to sell the searzall and we're trying to do a video in your lap in our lab and the person who is my king us could not get a clean sound take without being hawk in the background in fact for years before Peter Kim from The Museum of food and drink Peter Kim for the Museum of food and drink is now my generalized ringtone him yelling in pain as he Knuckles into the Puffin gun the first time you ever tried to hit it is is my ringtone

before that it used to be used to be from the Sears I'll shoot like a giant really you couldn't do a 20-second take without a loogie hot and then when you want though he worked at the restaurant next door outside on a lawn chair peeling his feet peeling his feet onto the ground on the ground and if I remember to get somebody The Only Name is like you guys have it so easy you guys do you know all the resources you guys have been wild-like movie and coconut feet

reason literally we don't have a lab anymore is because we didn't have the money to fix the roll up gate and the roll up gate was so broken that Nastassja one day she yelled at me so there were word for like this like the general like female stuff is vodka

everything everything down there's Maude, you're going to break my computer open the office cuz I got it like she knew I was already going to be there she would not come to work unless you knew I was already going to be there, she had someone open it and then she stood there hanging on it hanging on it like like like a gymnast or like a monkey like waiting for me to show up and like

we had and then we had some guy cortical fix it all they did was Pompeii quartz and lift grease into it to Everytime We Touch the door from then on out like we were meeting greet sticky sticky lifter he's an assassin I would like to hell with it we're out of here and literally that's how we lost a beautiful space

Mary so fabulous before you open Contra work there for us only got downstairs wanted for and I was like we need to store some stuff he's like oh okay I thought you were going to open another illegal gambling joint in the basement because this entire block was illegal gambling joints and coconut tea people we went in we went downstairs and in the basement or first storage room was just a room

a room mattress at 9 log mattress the print of a refrigerator you don't have a refrigerators have been there for a million years and no there's no cleaning that have the line where the coils are on the back of the wall and a picture of Jesus a mirror on the ceiling and then a bathroom with just a hose

and that's it and the locks are on the outside only. Room to get to the other room where you kept all your stuff is amazing place I miss it very very very first Sears all that we ever made the round one I had was the first one was head of CIA when you were on Thanksgiving Day for how people get red torch contains go to type it wasn't like shower head remedies to burn the hell out of our self those first prototypes that were contained we're like trying to shoot it through this mess and then our Knuckles would catch on fire and we're like maybe we should enclose it a couple weeks ago

Dad how come you don't know how to use Instagram where the internet I'm like I cuz I don't care if someone on Instagram said the Dave Chang invented this year I love Dave but that's not the case

nastassia Lopez says I'm not allowed to like a post if she puts up

she's like it seems robotic I don't care that you like a story if I like your story doesn't help other people see your story yeah you Jeremiah Jeremiah skills over your skill group. Do you like say I like it

GM me I like this

press on it with a heart on it nobody is your sending her the heart so how you getting around the laws here currently navigating all of them well LLC we're allowed to a liquor license owners we have one off premise license which is the shop and then you can figure out if you have an on-premise or just what you haven't only have one off-premise Transit one shot if you're importing you can't but if you're only if you have a sort of Isaiah restaurant you can

really you guys want ya and then when you're bringing alcohol in you can't have a emporter and also like a retail shop by will you call so can't technically have a grocery store and a wine store because they split beer and grocery as one category this is this is a super old law to basically make it fair for the people who are in need of some beer on groceries allowed to be sold together and wine has to be sold separately so you can also like you can't this is why Trader Joe's Wine store is like a block away from Trader Joe's the Trader Joe's and why Whole Foods started a wine store on 59th Street and they couldn't cuz it has to be separate buildings like separate structures at all sorts you can just have like a a different entrance and needs to be like a different you need like demising walls

is important because no one in California like can get good wine at all

where you can buy wine like anywhere in California you can have a restaurant and sell wine better at than the same space why are we here just crazy cuz we're not we're not going to sink into the to the ocean off into the ocean what do bring Jeremiah open we're going to open in September. We hope it's not before next September those of you that don't know I don't know maybe you've been under a rock you haven't been paying attention you guys have made long ago you open country like 4 years 3 years 6 years ago

what what what oh my God is trying to accelerate ohmygod ohmygod sunnyway 6 years what about while they're four years ago Jeremiah and fabulous have become a huge power houses in the food world they're everywhere they're all over the place I knew him when but I did William and we often talked about this but I mean you're the reason why the restaurants exists is because you could we met basically threw you how's that doing

it's doing great we're on our second pressing it's called a very serious cookbook and it's on sale now a drone will bring it to you so six years ago at Jeremiah and fabulous when they first opened they were the earliest people that were playing at the level that they were playing at in New York City that I'm aware of that was a food place food place food that food food library library I know of at that level of food that was very dedicated to Natural wines is that true that's my impression was that Troy New York

two of our good friends annoy our hearts and in our aviator who had a running 360 and Red Hook and 04 which was like a really simple many did you like a $25 set menu just like simple kind of fresh food grade ingredients and just and they that was really one of the end and also DC from Laurent saillard like much more Bistro driven but I would say in Manhattan we were like there is not a tasting menu not a restaurant that was you know trying to do something that was elevated that had an entire list that was not what we will be classified as natural on even know what that meant until I think we've gone like kind of full circle with the like all of us talking to Jack Schram our head bartender who is he also a huge proponent of the

April Wine and the fact that his ex-girlfriend used to work for you for a long time even like that the higher that like the old school somebody is kind of come around someone to your point of view right now I just think that we've gotten to the point where if you just need to have liked some of these wind spider list for younger people to relate to what is I don't get it but I think you tell me why I'm wrong because I'm sure you have it like the old school like to play the old school sommelier game right it's all it's only about like super expensive it's about can I get this rare super expensive thing right by George 20 years ago so there's there's a generation between now and that

right but like a lot of that generation still like people like in their late 40s print my age right like late 40s like these people still grew up what's a luxury thing if it's price that must be good well but there's also like there's a certain things that are recognized as a top of their of their games up you know you like it like how much of the old growth have you had like this year that you're eccentric cetera some kind of sure ship of like some lesser-known things but by and large the people out spending money if they were going to drop money they drop money on something that was known had a certain kind of pedigree and it was kind of about that you know what I mean I want to spend money on something that they can't fully predict or you know there's if there's not very little consistency or if there's no understanding of exactly what you know they're going to experience

cuz you're everything is everything is so dialed-in you know cuz when you talk about conventional wines so much so much of the wine is about what like what you're learning is through

you know I know what like this year should take that's why they can't that's why those guys can you know they Advanced arms and when you do your Masters they can blind stuff they can you know that's why they say that cuz it's something that you can study it something intangible that you can study and learn certain year certain region certain grapes have a certain profile but they don't you know they don't always have really appreciate the wines that are simply made because this is really how people used to make wine but it's kind of like when you're making wine in your

hundreds of years ago hundreds of years ago in Italy got pulled over the side of the road and this lady was like you know try my wine and it was

I was like very young guy like we were like we were like like drinking Prosecco like it was soda pop or I mean I'm not saying I was like I need to be fancy but even and I bet there's no one saying that everyone that makes wine just because they're doing it you know at home and it's that is done right I make my make my car's the way we made them hundreds of years ago not at all you do to build everything yourself out it's not like we've come up with all these ways to improve things it's just we've come up with ways to this is I mean making wine is one of the oldest you know better than conventional is old yeah like it's it's brought it to a place where there's you know it it it styled it in

which I don't I don't necessarily think you got in front of me eating pizza with a knife and fork what country is people from are they speaking English can you lip-read what the hell what's worse eating a pizza with a knife and fork for eating Crest on 1st and further or a knife and fork knife spoon fork knife and fork and crust and first really yeah so one of the taxes Dirtbag buddies in the handle like we had a birthday party and we took a picture and sent a bit and picture to Miley my sister-in-law who runs the Food Network Magazine and she says nothing but this WTF crust first and we like zoomed in on the picture and like of all these kids there she noticed that this one kid was eating crust first and was like oh yeah he can come back to my house and yeah that's just like there's no sense to it why why do you eat the handle that's crazy

if I cooking with a pan and you grab that there's no oil so that I can oil the Crest at the end and eat it like it's bread I like the oil the Crest at the end of olive oil dammit the middle generation you're talking about I think it's like that the Parker backlash right the people so that the older generation sign over there there more you know like I I think that they aren't they had they taken interest to you no more affordable Wines New World Van Lines

more than a first growth but they're not affordable like other words like here's here's where I don't get right it's like I can go out and for $20 I can get a really good bottle of conventional wine or I can get a lower-end crapshoot read that to me like that's it that's the best in 20 most come on to you if you told me to I bring a bunch of the overall cost of Metra line tends to be more expensive but I would say more expensive than that cuz you have such a range but we're talking about dollars like a couple bucks here everything is it

that you know 20 to $35 range there's not a lot of wine that you're going to spend 50. Like a lot of natural wine that you can spend $50 on in

why don't I don't think it has anything to do with the price I think they like wine is one of those things with if you if you like why you're going to buy expensive wine regardless I just think that these winemakers are just in in line with what the food world is becoming you know and I think a lot of it it's you know when we work with you the food just like the tenants he was to be like mother and I used technology and do all these things to make the product better and then that turns and you know it now it's all about farming or your vegetables come from where everything's comes from you and it's it's okay it was good at anything back in the day care about that stuff to yeah but I think it was a little I think it was a little less they cared about they cared about products being good but not necessarily like seeing outside of you know now they're there

I have to. He makes it stopped at 10 with white bread you know

I mean I think like a very very few people had the the economical capacity to run a restaurant that could be technological at some degree and also care about the produce they were bringing all those people who were technological we're all spending ridiculous amounts of money on their food all mine from like local all stuff we look at where like while he's to buy a fish from look at the food cost of someone like crazy food cause someone like liebrandt back in the day who is running like over 50% food cost shipping in this very specific thing from a very specific protein in fish from Japan versus he was always there but now it's more important to be close to it then you know flying fish from Japan like me to do is we talk to fish

and who fish you know if we could have fish for its domestic and it's close and we can have an interaction with it or like we know you know it's not about asking. But you know at the restaurant we ask the fisherman egg like what's the best we can and instead of every week for the last five years and I think there is a difference and I think with these winemakers that's the same difference you know these people become available to you you can talk to them you can have the information of what's happening at supposed to you know just buying wine from France not ever talking to the winemaker not knowing who pick the grapes not knowing how the grapes were picked not knowing all of this stuff I don't deal with the Wind by but I know even the big Spirits like the actual makers come and talk to you when you own a place I mean it's not like for the average person or persons not going to know anyone

Jeff is interested in wine average bar owner sommelier can know all of the people that make all the stuff at every level that's just the truth in the industry it's just Nick Nelson true it is 100% with liquor you mean with liquor and wine buyers of all the wine importer to do wine and liquor if they make their we make the wine people available to you don't even feel like there's a big difference depends who you're talking about even if you're talking to somebody who is part of the family is very different how much they actually are involved with the winemaking how much they really know you know you dealing with you end up becoming salespeople some extension of the family they're the ones who travel talk about these big white houses because that's what they do but if you're talkin about understanding the true process of growing The Grapes to making the wine and the people that actually do that that is you rarely ever see that

on that level of the really high and expensive wines because they don't have you know an interest or time to go and talk to a small restaurant you know maybe like a really expensive or any other night host a really special event that brings you know maybe a winemaker out from the burgundy or whatever but you don't really have that access like a rash on the Lower East Side you know we're like in Kansas City or in LA or you know where though

crappy little toys when there's always a high point of difference like the old world was unattainable because of price and exclusivity but knowable what is it New Orleans unknowable because we've gone through it without the other Spectrum now where it's just you know there's some people who respected and cool sell these wines because that's what they believe in and there's also the part of like it's just trendy know everything now people are so visual like you said you know Instagram is such a relevant to for marketing it's like people you know someone from bone Appetit or something from an important magazine or celebrity they post a photo of your the labels of these so-called natural wines are so much more enticing than your old school bottle of wine so if someone puts it up and they're like this one is so cool that labels school and everyone is just okay and cool now there's like a really famous

make a from Austria to go to got what he has these labels with like faces of families and are you seeing everyone everyone post about all the time and that's like you know everyone knows those wines my girlfriend what do you think you're good at Instagram what do you think about this instant Instagram stuff ability of it I mean there's things I hate about it there's things that I think for business are you so yeah I mean you know you're just before you have to deal with media to put your thoughts out there and like it was a distillation of what you believe then that someone listen to what you believe then and then they wrote whatever they wanted and now you can just share your point of view just how it is to everyone that follows you are people who don't follow you I didn't like the first it but I like it now and my father would hate it

does the father with hated my stepfather by the way my stepfather like he's an old-school Drinker he's got he's got a case of 85 PRC in his Cellar that he bought as a future you know what I mean so it's like that's the kind of like Drinker he is into like he has some of that he yelled at my mom for a few ruined Christmas one year because my mom bought him a case of 85 DRC which is romanee-conti Le Tache week 4 and all that stuff a case as Futures she spent like I think a couple hundred bucks on it at the time in like 1986 I guess when the Future 2 released for the 85 year and my stepfather ruined Christmas yelled at her the entire time for spending that much money on that wine this single bottle of romanee-conti that he liked from that is now worth $25,000 on auction and he hasn't drank and he can't drink that gives know what he's going to do with it he keeps on drinkable because he's like I can't drink $25,000 but I can't sell it

cuz I've never had it but he's into good value of for traditional style stuff he tends towards intense towards he buys me stuff I like which is like we're all those memories and stuff like that but you know he tends towards like you know Chattanooga fought in it when you like drinking right when Robert Parker retired became popular so I like I like that I also enjoy like the giant ridiculous American wines like Curly and like all that stuff but I also like austere wines

you know I like I like a range from us. Are you serious my favorites from our good friend Tom Lube he's just like in the south of France in the landlocked Asian this is I think it's asking Alexandria and Wizkid Blanc there's a little bit of VA in there which I think is blowing off right now cuz that's and you were kind of not feeling that the first zip but so did AKA oxygen was touching the wine is like like like a Wu-Tang who take pepper AKA AKA

I mean I think this is I thought it like this is 2018 and I think you would have liked 717 was a little bit cleaner and I was not expecting it to be this wild because I told she just asked me if I was going to bring something funky to kind of like show and I was like I was going to recently liked more mainstream drink a lot of vinegar kombuchas like I'm not like I don't like I don't like I don't like I don't like Basque cider very much I mean like that's not it's not that it's bad but like there's a reason to have to pour it from like five story building for you to be able to drink it and

but the good thing about that is it after the first couple of ships it does blow off but also you acclimatize your palette to it and then you're you're fine with it you know what I mean so like if that's meant to be the thing that's meant to be the saying and I'm good I enjoy drinking I'm enjoying drinking this why not to drink natural natural wine think that everyone who drinks natural wines think that all natural wines are good which is not true even that even you know winemakers you like you'll buy a bottle of wine and they'll be amazing and then you'll buy another bottle of wine and it'll be absolutely undrinkable and a lot of it has to do with it is it is so much more volatile than the conventional because convention wines have even natural wines have things put into it but not as much as the commercial nothing just a little bit of self that little bit of SO2 that's it I mean but small amount of

he has with with this Cuvee but sometimes it you know you kind of decide what you're going to do it's but it's on such a minuscule level you're like I like that's not really I like funky one that's not that's not that's not the point it's you know there's there's plenty of wines that I could taste you on that you wouldn't know whatever is conventional I mean like from the keys are in the room is hilarious so two shafts I happen to know you personally so it's not like he's let me so like like like a frat boy in the group anyway like definitely if he sits on your coat she's going to be going to be tooting on it Susan Superfly play anyway

I'm leaving and I was sitting on his wife who knows I don't know why she didn't pick it up from the back of the chair but she's like a tutor on this multiple times and then handed to him like this is why you're fat boy so but as a chef right here's the here's the thing I find interesting about it is like all the people I know who adds cooks are all about consistency 100% of the time

are God's choking me are all about like wines that likes show this difference as Agricultural Product from from year to year from thing to thing so it's like they're very non-interventionist in their wines other than kind of like this hand of the maker kind of a thing and yet in the kitchen are all about control 7 can attest I'm I would rather have like eating and cooking consistency is important but you know there's certain things I find important to be consistent other things I like the nuances of it being different and I don't like that's why we either we co-parent see space eating something I like you know something might be you know when it when it feels like it's done by hand and it feels like you know it it's not a machine with a timer and somebody that you know his is

doesn't maybe necessarily have those those intuitive skills to to prepare something without those things so I mean yeah can you don't want to be like we strive to be inconsistent but I'm glad rabbit like you know we're cooking you no cooking each piece of fish you know just in and out of an in oven so it's you know one person might have a slightly different like we're not cutting each one of them old I got a ring mold and and making tour Sean said all Cooks perfectly I think even if it's from somebody who ate the day before or who's eating at 6 and you're eating at 8 but I mean hopefully it's all good it's like not at all I think it's you know that it's somewhat you like I spent like a lot of time in the end those restaurants that everything even I mean you mentioned no more but no it was the same you know

they like even to a bigger degree because you were picking herbs and like herbs are like you know unless you working a lot or if they're just going to look different all the time we have to pick the others and look the same and it's it's crazy you know and I think you just spend so much time places that like that that you you crave the chaos a little bit you know you try to control as much as you can but they're so so bad aspects of just the uncertainty there are quite appealing you guys still make the square that while they're know we will we do soft shell crab in the summer for the new generation yeah we just wait we was cranky but not super hard I hate everyone who mistakes hard for crunchy you and I mean it's corn and

don't like cornmeal batter what's not like a it's corn and potato you are I'm just potato are you willing to give out to the recipe I like potato starch and I guess now they're they're soft shell crab delicious you don't like the recipe I'm just thinking my mind out of work is different from like they have to take something if they making a restaurant which is entirely different from how do you know when you make something as recipe that's very specific and it works but then you give it to someone else and they just mess it up right because they're not with you and like I'm like I don't know what to say you know she's been literally making it for over

forty years and she has to look at the rest of you every time it's on the index card the same one she said it's like brown and she gave she photocopy that and gave it to a family friend and they just it just was a mess and like I think it's like some things you just you write the rest of you don't really consider all I kind of light do this that way in like it's because of the temperature of of my stove and this Lena like this all these little things you just can't explain what you know about it when you put a recipe in your book and it says Iota carrageenan and then someone misses you and they message you and they're like a I don't know how about you what I had cop up and it didn't work like well Yeah Yeah Yeahs as we all know people are the worst case before I get into the final segment you guys going to put up explain how this thing will happen to the term loosely no for blending liquor and and Postino so

I might leave the sous chef Jean-Georges at when I was working for Johnny was named Justin beanie and I don't know why we could just kept talking about it and who was it was it we pop it pop it was you. We would all do fake Spanish from Mexico City is 2 and 1 a lot though the mummies like right now in a strawberry yeah anyways but like he used to like do fake Spanish with me all the time so we would call Justin who's Dina which isn't fake that's how you would say it

Gael Garcia when he would go into convulsions

do that all the time and be an intern like I do you ever sleep we want methamphetamines I actually do you know to be honest I don't think I was part of the process of how it began I just came back when they and you guys and I made a drink and you really deserve his Dino during the time that you guys were there what was the worst thing and the best thing we made worst thing ketchup chocolate for sure conceptual you love it right now I can simply I love you

actually I was in Copenhagen and something they were making chocolate out of Rye or something and they were like all yeah we made this fake chocolate I was like then we meet the bourbon once we made with distilled like some of the actual date that was good I actually like the good I mean

the onion ice cream wasn't bad Bunny Ice Cream was good actually know the best thing I ate those best thing was when we went to buy those stocks oh my God wanted to make pressed up this was when the 2010 or something I was like if you want to do I think Danielle had donated a duck press to the French Culinary Institute for like you know soltner syakir one of these Hills for friendship and sell a house like in so one of our interns I think it was Yahtzee right with EIC wanted to make pressed duck as I go you know if you really want to make pressed up you can't just go buy duck it has to be done with the blood in it so you can't like cut it or do anything normal so we had to go buy a duck from a live poultry place and as I can I can't be part of this in any way

does a prime example why I don't speak Spanish to people just because because he made me speak Spanish to the people work there are like that like we don't speak Spanish

the Halal joint I don't speak Spanish

and your leg when we bought the dogs took them back to I was not a part of this people what's about to transpire I was not a part I took them back to Nick Wong apartment cuz they lose you know yes from yes and then Nick Wong now the that the chef at UB preserve they had to dispatch them personally in a humane way but in a way that was good for the thing I could not be a part of it so that it was a nightmare right for you though we have a News segment on the show that but I wasn't going to be

Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples like a store that used to be that way when I have bad search engine optimization Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples Peoples and the wine bar Peebles was going to be cold up people's wine bar at people's can you have a mascot mr. Peeples and like have it

what you think their story is this is the concrete Warehouse Supply center of the city which is why all the streets around here are terrible and you can show that with concrete dust when you walk out the door and there's big plops of concrete in the bike lanes that cause me to almost die every time I ride my bike around here so if you need Concrete in the greater New York metro area where the concrete we got everything you need we got to go now we come to the end of the final segment we going to college by the way people don't like us anymore no questions no colors he called me anymore

Bayou Classic music classic is actually you ever been to be like like where is Powell's Books Powell's Books in Portland right 2000 Portland Oregon hippies and practices and I searched through it and it is the craziest cookbook that I think is ever ever ever ever so the story is his there's a guy named George herder in in Waseca Minnesota who in 1935 start an outdoor store like Cabela's or something like this but he was also like Sears Roebuck he had a catalog in this catalog ship everywhere until you became one of the best-known kind of outdoor dealers that the business went bankrupt in 1977 Cabela's and it went bankrupt it's kind of interesting

can you put on time but like basically like someone who clearly has a certain political bent was like as soon as they stop being able to sell guns over the Internet over the males in the thing he went out of business is like hardcore like they sold guns and ammo and it's a Cabela's bought their Cabela's bought the name and you can still buy hers brand I think like decoys in a Moe's from Cabela's if you want to with George her aside from being an outdoors person is a naturalized Enthusiast it was it was exactly what it was but

basically he started writing a series of books in I started writing a 1959 publishing in 60 called The Bull cook and authentic historical recipes and practices volume 1 2 3 also has a lot of other well-known bugs look through it like his the list of books he's published or I'll give you some professional fly tying and Tackle making manual manufacturers guide sitting and finishing gun stocks the professional net making manual here's a good one the only way to professionally fillet and clean fish is an old school prank like a hard School hard hard hard old school crank so you know he's a mid-century mid-meal 20th century like white guy American conservatives hated New York City

I hated all that he says things that are

whenever you're ready to tell you that comes with everything that it would come with but you have to read these books because Randall's oh my God that's that's for sure like like a bee sound like he's not like saying anything he's not intending to be at all he's not like an overt racist in the book or an overt misogynist in the book but he says things that are ya like Oriental but just pissed at the time or like the way is that Native Americans are characterized which he thinks is characterized in the middle good way but obviously you know but that's not what's interesting about the book because they are 100% factually incorrect so he was writing in a time when he was one of these weird semi learning people who traveled the world taking notes on things and then writing above all recipe books with all these weird stories that are just dead wrong

and if you look it up for some reason it's not it's on the internet I don't know why because it's not in the public domain yet but you have to read you have to read some of this the very beginning of it says

in the lumber Camp days in Pioneer Days The Kooks learn from each other the secrets of old-world cooks each taught each other each cut his other than country other countries speakers out of this Fine Food compared to nowhere else in the world I'm putting down some of these recipes that you will not find in cookbooks each recipe here is a real cooking secrets so throughout all this he said he's giving you all these like crazy secret that you can't know anywhere else I'm also publishing for the first time authentic historical recipes of great importance by the way none of them are authentic historical recipes for your convenience house Meats fish eggs soups and sauces and sandwiches the art of French frying desserts how to dress game how to properly sharpen a knife how to make wines and beer with cheese recipes are terrible how to make French soap and here's my favorite what to do in case of hydrogen or Cobalt bomb attack. Much in alphabetical order as possible so for those of you that don't know a Cobalt bomb

is when they add stuff like Cobalt to a an atomic weapon to make it rain more radioactive fallout on you and basically I'll give you the in a nutshell what to do in case of a hydrogen bomb attack he says that what you want to do is don't go in your basement he's like everyone says to go in your base and he hates magazines by the way even though he was a huge catalog sales person he hates magazines and editors of cooking sections especially like every other page is a reference to how much he hates these people and he says anyone that tells you to go in your basement is an idiot you're going to be crushed by all of the house that falls on you in your basement he says you want to Five Pound containers of tobacco you think that's going to be your money he's like when money is worthless tobacco will still be currency and he says get a 22 rifle and a thousand rounds of ammunition so you can hunt squirrel and whatnot went when the time comes this is his recipe for success in the Cobalt bomb attack

give me some other stuff

so I like I say everything he says is wrong so like a literally everything he says is wrong to try to find one I wish I had time to get into this he has a whole section on Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp okay Corral at Dodgers boil sliced Buffalo tongue pickles and vinegar and it's thinly sliced Buffalo liver fried with bacon and onions were famous he's Wyatt Earp breakfast consisting of half inch thick slice of beef or Buffalo eye of rib steak with thinly sliced onions on top put between two slices of buttered bread with the butter will sprinkle of salt to serve with two fried eggs with both very popular and justly so and then he gives a recipe for Oriental Saloon at Weider brand he gains a recipe for Wyatt Earp's doves and so he gives his whole long recipe goes into how wide are used to shoot people in this entire thing about how Wyatt Earp cooked doves and a whole secret of Wyatt Earp's doves ready for it soy sauce

soy sauce

yes fake secrets for fried chicken says never use charcoal for broiling by the way he hates charcoal says it's not sit noxious and gives off noxious that he's also a Believer early believer in alkaline vs. acidic foods and acidosis which one of my favorite crank Health theories of all time but he says no I mean sometimes you need a balanced alkaline and acidic Foods or in your butt and figure out what your pH is Fine Foods when you know you've had a very highly acidic diet if you eat a lot of this eat this other thing but like for instance apples alkaline food

why lemons are not what is that mean give me a meaning for it

Pietro's I guess what your body pH of what your blood like what he says always use hard coal it gives off no carbon fumes like charcoal and it gives them eat fish or fowl a much cleaner taste hard cold never excuse the flavor of Swedish Ballard such as charcoal definitely does the use of hard coal like anthracite coal is what he cooks with instead of charcoal in Minnesota for broiling has always been accepted practice many other parts of America also discovered this to be true the famous restaurant Gage and tollner Xin Brooklyn which unquestionably Broyles the finest fish and meat in the East uses nothing but hard cold never charcoal then he gets a recipe for the guy like fake the guy who hears everything seem fake history for you Mary Louisa Roquefort stuff chopped beef Mary Louisa was an Austrian woman the daughter of Francis 1 of Austria she married Napoleon want to France becoming the Empress of

the French spelling of her name is Marie Louise the same as it is spelled in English

Austin cooking is always been excellent this is true this is not a lie she said he says Mary Louise was a woman who instinctively knew good food combinations chopped beef if you like cheese is one of the fine dishes and like all really good recipes it's simple to make it so you know the trick and then he gives cortical the original recipe which is ground beef and Roquefort cheese like on a vinyl is there any says that Napoleon would order this constantly he said roll through stuff chopped beef and Chow Chow Mustard Pickles to tell Mustard Pickles are an American thing straight up roof for stuffed stuffed shop beef and Chow Chow Mustard Pickles in french fried potatoes were one of Napoleon's favorite meals I don't really get this stuff when he was a prisoner on st. Helena Island he requested that he would be served this menu item at least once a week his request was never granted I have always thought that this was carrying punishment way too far and they also a diatribe everyone else

messes up this recipe that you've never heard of by cooking it wrong it's like the whole book is an amazing just diatribe against everybody Palm Springs The cookbook writers like he hates Palm Springs love the place he literally I believe wanted Palm Springs to be Cobalt bomb so they can get rid of all the humans and people could go back in there and live nicely and the one piece of advice I've never tried his which I think I'd like some day if you ever need to and I think I should do something before if you need to kill a turtle and it's pulled into its shell what do you do you put a chopstick house but yeah I learned that from you yeah yeah well that's good I learned it from him so I stick out you put the Chopstick in its bucket bites the Steak and Chop off the head

yeah yeah Chinese people came up with that and I'll send the recipes in the era of like fake news where like you know everything we see is fake all the time but like back then like it was a good dose of can you believe this guy actually wrote this book and some of the recipes that actually tried some of the recipes are actually decent almost all the history is fake with a little sprinkling of Truth so don't necessarily take his advice on how to survive a hydrogen bomb attack you guys got any last words on the show

you looking each other naughty people can't hear the not check out the L5 and Jerry Show I have a son let's do it this weekend Saturday at like 3 or something like that right by the school that work for you guys thank you

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