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Episode 373: There's Still DNA in that Glove

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Jack that lead to nail the nail the nail head bartender at existing conditions how to inject doing well thank you. How are you doing all right so Jack may or may not try him in early in the program but I have him doing some I haven't doing some work for our classic from the field segment which I may do earlier because it may go long does stassi is enjoy manipulating the headphones right into the microphone that is not mouth noises people so you need not be disgusted that she has Nastasia manipulating her ear pieces for no reason when will you downgrade Jack from special guest guest

wow well I mean you been around a bunch I said semi-regular I maintain special status thank you

Connor saying I get used to it I've gotten used to Booker my son Booker who doesn't listen so I can say what I like

you know he's he's well known for doing the shut up Dad which is now my ringtone to Poker calls me you'll hear to go shut up Dad while listener very nicely made me that ringtone when he was on the air doing it but he

you know he has his when he was younger he wanted to hang out with this person but he had heard the phrase what is it called what makes the heart grow absence makes the heart grow fonder so he thought the less often he spoke to this person the more they would like him well yeah girlfriend doesn't work that way that's not what that means but the reverse of that familiarity breeds contempt is in fact what that means sometimes true alright alright alright I got something but you got time to talk about not the book stack with the book I will stab you okay then I will save my book thing actually write things out I eat your like me

what you do and this is if you come on if you are a writer of a book and you come on this show please let me have the book a week ahead of time so I can make sure I read it cuz I don't have books I don't have people on with books that are read what I typically do then is I just take a crap ton of Post-it notes and I write notes myself and post it to the book so it doesn't ruin the book and then I go through the Post-it notes the fast way to find things on the on the radio calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so last week on Tuesday nastase and I were not here because nastase and I were in Detroit and I will say and take note of this people they asked I was a judge of a cocktail contest but also nastassia was a judge of a cocktail contest excellent cocktail contest judge

Exxon cocktail contest as right as much to the surprise and Delight of all of us yeah yeah and I also had a good time in Detroit and I will say this in Detroit for those of you that don't and never been to Detroit or not know anything about that part of the United States for some reason which is actually known but makes no sense it makes a little sense as the fact that I called liquor and fruit Blended together and spun out in a centrifuge mastino for about the same level of since they call hotdogs in Detroit Coney's right because the story goes that there were there was a group of Greek immigrants who came to Detroit via New York and they were like this is like early early early 1900 and they were like they're like what they sell hot dogs in Coney Island so when I get there and talk like this cuz they were a Greek and B you know Mary would like hey they call him Coney Island Coney Island has hot dogs

Detroit to started calling him Coney's and I have to say Detroit people please if you visit New York City do not go to Coney Island to have a hot dog she will be sorely sorely disappointed. This is not an insult that I want to hear anything this is not an insult to Nathan's Hot Dogs Nathan's Hot Dogs are fine standard hot dogs but the Coney because they call them in Detroit are freaking awesome they have what the worst Aficionado is referred to as snap I am extremely Prost in a sausage and you very very very very rarely if ever these days get a hot dog a k a Frankfurter with some real explosive snap on that sucker Jackie like Snap-on if you hand me a caseless hot dog we're done

casings being stripped off of casely cases Frankfort yes it is disturbing and mesmerizing at the same time I've spoken on the air before about the the armor Factory rancidity problem right probably like I don't know so interesting story I think I said this before mad if I say this before. Not with me in the booth so I want to hear it so hot dogs AKA frankfurters are a subset of the story whatever and are subsets of emulsified sausage is where you you make a batter right you make a batter out of it then the batter is pumped into used to be pumped into casings went to snap comes and cook. So now they they often a strip off their casings are you making me make cases hot dogs so I believe it was in fact I know it was armor had a giant plant that was

making hot dogs everyone loved these hot dogs they redesign the plant and nobody like two hot dogs anymore there were no good and what they discovered then they afraid who they hired hired someone famous to come in and do an analysis of the plant and try to figure out everything that was different in the new plant versus The Old Man by the way this is good instruction for any of you out there that one are doing food on a on a commercial scale or be need to scale a process from Once a scale to another or see need to change where your cooking because a lot of these kind of commercial industrial even home processes are very finely tuned to the equipment involved so what they discovered was all of the processes were exactly identical except for in the old plant there was a guy whose job it was to wheel the giant carts full of emulsified meat batter from the place where the emulsified meat bad

was made to where it was pumped into the casings and what happened was is that during that Transit time it took so long I don't know where the guy was lazy I don't know whether the guy was I don't know whether it was a long way to go I have no idea but there was a good bit of cut of fermentation and other kind of oxidative processes going on between the making of the batter and the pumping to the casings and in the new Factory they no longer had that step so it went right from making the batter into the casings and nobody like them anymore because they didn't have that funk from the from the slight whatever it was fermentation rancidity whatever is going on and so they had to engineer into the process that weight step to let the sausage goes slightly off before they pumped into the casing and this is another version of one person's rancidity is another person's delicious and you can go search cuz I know I've talked about Reese's Peanut Butter Cups before anyway

I've held on even get on that Detroit Detroit has amazingly good Tony's hot dogs with good snap I will say this though I said to the person I said to the person give me this by the way Miss Asia how legitimate to those people look there's the white t-shirts. The hot dog / 20 people looked like that this store opened in like to Lafayette was place we went and it opened in like 1913 or 1911 or some like this I need 14 and these people look like they've been frozen in time sometime in the 50s like at the the too tight white T-shirt the paper hat like the kind of the awesome voice the look of I make hot dogs all day long all I do is hot dogs all day long they give you this look they have a look in there I like it's like they don't even really see you they see straight through you to the billion other customers they've given hot dogs to before you were just like you were just like hers at the hot dog is a constant

hot dog mess we're just like there is no actual interaction anymore it's just it's just you space time continuum and the dog I think they're just immediately assigning a number to your human form which is two hot dogs I think they are suspended in space-time dog Dimension somehow there's a flux in and out of hot dogs and people but it's all kind of just a crime rate in pateros look in there I think smile on their face

dogs that not like super happy to the faint smile of like this is how life Works dogs anyway the one mistake I made was I said I said how do you have them and they put that they put chili on him and I wish they hadn't had the chili man chili was good I wish I'd had one chili dog and I wish the other ones had just been sauerkraut and a must-see experience

completely authorized to stop to talk about the hot dog in the cocktail and maybe it's your talking into the microphone to stop shaking the microphone table with your foot

I have slapped nastassia in the leg about 30 times the show alone for hitting the microphone so hard with their feet that they wobble millimeters per day or not. The bike won't pick it up

Chef making cocktails and Jackie wanted to make a lot of drinks a lot of the time making drinks right cocktail contest between bartenders which are a lot about show what percentage of a cocktail contest Jack is about to drink

is there a number less than zero who needs to win for whatever reason whether they think they can sell the drink depending on the contest and then how good your tap dance is and how well that tap dance kid trying to push and not to say that those things aren't important also for you know those various marketers who run these cocktail contest everybody's got a everybody's got to eat in the book where do today but this contest was a little bit different and he was supposed to be kind of more lighthearted friendly because you know chefs were invited to the cocktails now I don't know why I would be more like oh I know she don't respect cocktail that's why I burn actually used to be shifted her more and more respect and Cocktails as the years go on I think they realize that it's at it is that there are people in the cocktail world it's been just as much time thinking about cocktails is

they think about other things so and it was for charity so you know you they just came in they made their cocktails and then they did Charity and we ended up voting for a melon cocktail which You Know Jack I would not like but it was a well-made cocktail if you are a chef and by the way it was a chef cake from Lady of the house who is the person for Mercy I grabbed she was her idea she set it up I think we're going to try to do one in New York what do you think that she is making cocktails for charity at existing conditions what do you think New York is the word to them or very good at coming up with kind of flavor combinations as that you think they would be a job but here's what they are not good at they had to make four drinks for the judges right first of all shifts are terrible at wash lines

they don't understand the idea of a washing line so for the wash light on a plate and see the tiny piece of jewelry in a distancia is going to get a tornado in short rib never had to kind of a bar service is where the cocktail hits in a glass and if you serve me a very short core and you serve Jack a very long pour one part of me says wise because he can consume more liquor than I can at this point in my life another part of me says hey I'm paying the same amount as this contest. Watch line 2

they had practice making for drinks No Limit practice making for drinks so almost no one had that the two handed like quadruple Shakedown so they were almost all under shut cuz no one had told them that shaking is actually doing so is that a not Slayer so Jack is a to my chagrin love the little bit of bar flare the bar so good man cannot lift a bottle without spending it it's just not in his nature if there's a cap on the bottle bottle going to be spun yo and like in the thing is is that I see people who don't do this for a living perceive all of this stuff is just flare it's just Tom Foolery back there we had a couple of very very lucky mrs. because when you're okay so when you're shaking a drink

you take the two tins 110 fits inside of the other you hit it and then you form a vacuum seal and you shake it but as we all know you could get a leaky don't we don't all know as some of you know you can get a leaky 10 set in if you have a leaky 10 said there will be no seal and then if you're just holding the Big Ten and you shake it the little tin can shoot off the back and stuff to go everywhere so I saw a couple I saw a couple no lock down with the finger shakes yet no explosion sell a couple towards the guest shakes which are hilarious when they go wrong but no mishaps no mishaps and I thought the flavors ever been on the training on any of our any of our trainings I guess it cuz and you know she was she wouldn't be paying attention but it you never talk negative about another

Chef or bartender it's hard enough in this industry to make a freaking living why would you take anyone down right now I will take down there's like a couple of people that are on my list where I will take them down in public or I will say bad things about them in public what's a very very very short list and none of them are chefs are bartenders

dumb talk about the bar we went to be called I don't remember bar when the idea that a perfume shop in in Detroit and it's in a basement and they spit crazy amount of energy outfitting this turns into a bar but it converts in the way that I'm Murphy bed or the way that a motorhome converts from like driving or eating to sleeping so like when they turn it from a perfume shop in to a bar like all the tables flipped out of nowhere and all the sudden they have all these seats in this basement and all of the the lamps are custom stained glass lamps that represent Aroma molecules and then there's like Morse code talking about Aroma and flavor in the bar

anyway amazing Place husband-wife team run it and so they what they do is they sell perfumes during the day and then at night they have drinks that are all based on not using the perfume which although we'll get to that later not using perfume but based on the aromaz that they make in their perfumery business and so they'll they'll basic nose spray either on the base of the glass or on the napkin or sometimes on a tester strip and they and they haven't gone out for each one too so they do an odd pair an alcoholic parent and you have the scent and the and the drink at the same time and I thought it was kind of a I thought I was a great place I had a great time and they said that well you know it's very hard to get someone to show up at your perfume shop and spend an hour like thinking about the different sense in a Roma's that you make it just kind of kind of in the kind of out so the bar came to it because they're like well if someone sitting down and having a couple of drinks I can get them to

think about the aromaz for a couple of hours so a lot of cool and interesting happening in Detroit Motown oh Stevie Wonder's favorite candy I can tell my God so we go to Motown I'm going to get in some big trouble here this is something I probably shouldn't bring this up I'm not going to bring it up

well let's just say that in Detroit

it's still cool to be very Pro Michael Jackson apparently none of them have seen the recent video I will just leave it at that so like if they're still at the Motown Museum very Pro Michael Jackson and they started to have a glove there one of his gloves and the tour guide who is very possibly say bouncy bouncy anyone who is short of stature she called a shorty doo-wop

you need to chill out it's hot as hell in here you must fill out but like yeah yeah and Michael Jackson's glove and she's like they're still being in that glove and the stock and I immediately think it's going to say she's going a different way different way and she's so maybe we can clone him again and have another Michael Jackson in the South are like that's not what we thought you were going to say

that's definitely not what we thought this was going

yeah anyway so that if you're the best part about it honestly as you see the studio were so many amazing songs were recorded all the way up through I think they moved they moved out of that recording studio somewhere between 68 and 72 and they moved to LA but just some amazing songs recorded in this studio was released the tiny little Studio they have the drum kit that Marvin Gaye played and they have the Vibes that Stevie Wonder play and the microphone cords are still hanging from the ceiling I mean and crabby will Studio I mean compared to Modern stuff but it just goes to show just goes to show what you so here's a good story in the food story why is coming out so you know Miss effusive tour guide

was saying

the Berry Gordy put a candy machine in and pull the candy guy when you refill at you can refill it in any order you want but just make sure that slot for is Baby Ruth always put always put Baby Ruth in slot for and she goes the reason and she pantomimes is how nosy she was she pantomimes a blind person using the candy machine and she's like because little Stevie Wonder would come out put it is $0.10 and then she pantomimes him slapping the knobs and Counting and Order pulls number for because Stevie Wonder Saver candy Baby Ruth candy Twizzlers so if you ever get to meet Stevie Wonder Baby Ruth and Twizzlers least when he was a young boy favorite video game Atari Atari 2600 advertisement on which is amazing and my other Stevie Wonder throat I don't have a right to tell you is it Nastasia knows for a fact that when you get Stevie Wonder on the phone he likes it

his mouth

right TV Wonder slapping his job

10 Amber Road in an essay about French service the can I enjoyed reading it is too long to read on the air if if you want me to read people your thing on the air you have to keep it

relatively short but the short of it is is that he disagrees with the stassia liking French service he prefers restaurants that are run by Frank people in non-french environments where they have them or relaxer

and he talks crap about a restaurant with another reason I can't read it he talks crap about a restaurant where I know some of the people that work there

restaurants don't you wish you knew at the same exact voice I'm going to use for the second we're going to do in a minute let me put my glasses worse and worse okay tell everyone in the studio are there an essential oil safe to use on cocktail garnishes to add fragrance if property is diluted can you stop spilling coffee everywhere

Dieter coffee what coffee is Jack when you got her the coffee what was the what was the order okay so Miss Asia likes the worst possible coffee that you can imagine it could blind taste the worst wine in the world

I attempted

she likes whole milk and some sugar that's like a specific ratio that I've managed to I think dial-in at this point but this place only had skim and cream so I had to do a delicate ratio

delicate ratio it was not my band's name nor was it my nickname there a there's nothing about me that it's delicate ratio so bad, especially if it's affiliated with the band by the way Troy and they have we had like like a huge piles of fried cinnamon rolls and with would like goofy frosting all them good he seems called Skillets but distancia says in the midwest no one gives you milk so she said to the waiter 89 * milk milk milk milk milk stassi what are you talking about she's like in the midwest they only give you these creamer things like because of what like to have free Moors on the coast to hear just had this weird idea about the picture

and then she spilled milk all over me punt

the mill picture into me all over me and I was like something I don't care about is again causing me problems all right interesting pilgrimage if you're in Southern California the worst coffee of all time that I think could possibly be like it was it must have just been like old tea and darker brown food color I don't know how they did it but they made it what do you do you remember the name of the diner

diner by LAX it's a really lovely Diner really close to the airport well you she loved it it was it was perfect it was exactly what we needed in the front of that van what year was that coffee probably like a t4a by the pre-ground like you know big number and open it and let it breathe for a while for a couple years you like monsoons coffee do you jack

it's not my favorite that's not what I would drink I don't think of people drink a lot of monsoon coffee I feel that was a thing like 10 years ago in their Green State are left in bags and then you know kept over like a wet season in my store houses and they swell and turn kind of yellow and then you roast them and then they have different kind of a lot of people likes yes it's a note of spoiling from the bed

but some people like Monsoon cuz I don't mind I mean Pam's coffee shop I haven't seen a lot of monsoon coffee recently anyway the food looks great and eat the food we were picking you up how did that work out great show from the seventies The Banana Splits yeah yeah no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no anyway right and that was Jack in the Stop and try to pick me up at the airport because they would just go in any other lane other than where I was to pick me up I feel like I was just singing like the banana the banana banana splits song and like watching them like having just keep cooling around the airport

in their in their Westfalia minivan all right. I should be following and what's a reliable source of information about The Culinary uses of these extracts because I would like to start using aromatic oils on cocktail garnishes I thought it would be straightforward because in my mind you just extract avoyelles you eat all the time unfortunately it seems that the alternative medicine in quotes Community has saturated the internet was so many claims in this topic that I can't find a source I trust their two major categories of Claims One essential oils can be used in place of medicine I don't care about these claims because I use real medicine listen don't be judgmental you know what research has been done on the topic and two essential oils can be harmful with used in food this is concerning to me the sights a claim that these come from don't seem reliable there are no reliable sites

why can't you see a reference if you want to spend a really crappy day of your life go look at Health claims for for anything or anyting it like they're so disconnected just dip your toes in the doctor Mercola Waters of garbage health information on the internet we should just know like I would one day doing a tire show just devoted to making fun of and be bunking crazy but health plans on the internet that have no basis in reality except you could do it for about 36 hours in a row and not make a dent in the vast quantity of garbage information there is there on the internet and that's not like I'm not telling him I think I have opinions about I'm just talkin about logical inconsistencies and clearly misrepresented quote-unquote facts that are put out there

but that said I will say this the one that you bring up his pretty dramatic claims like celery seed oil cause miscarriages eccentric cetera here's the thing as is well-known and Harold McGee talks about a lot and a lot of people talk about a lot a lot of the weird things in plants are extremely toxic in high quantities in a high concentration so a lot of things that we takes as flavor components like like the flavor of mint is put there so the bugs don't eat them it right it's toxic to bugs in like large party so because a bug presumably is going to accuse men as 100% of its daily diet it's getting a lot of that kind of carvone molecule that you're getting rather small quantities and a test of how what it's like to be a bug I encourage you to do this by 100% only do this if you really kind of a freak Show like I am by your mint oil

put some on a spoon

and then put it in your mouth then you will know what it's like to be a bug eating meant in terms of concentrations it is shall we say unpleasant are you up give two collars on the air to sew or not on the are obviously but yeah fireworks fireworks that are when you shoot off fireworks plastic crap is everywhere little paper stuff and it doesn't it and it doesn't go anywhere yet the cleanup I know this cuz I was cleaning this up in the house and moved out of yesterday so it's like the paper everywhere so get this pyro degradable is the business pyro degradable I listen to this is like Jen who is you know my wife is biased against people who shoot fireworks cuz she's not a fire with person she's like I don't really know I shouldn't talk like that I don't really know that the demographic to shoot fireworks if it's is the demographic that cares about the Earth sounds like listen here's what you do you Lobby to make it

lost so that you have to shoot pirate the greatest up the first thing you do is you create pirate degradable the company in the trademark and then you Lobby for it to be the law that all the fireworks sold have to be part of the boom so just burn to nothing right no plastic particles are biodegradable you think that you'll have problems with safety of like the tubes like the fireworks abarat I fat maybe the tubes take a little longer to degrade yeah but that's also the tubes aren't like the tubes aren't included all over your lawn picture tubes up reused

PS don't we use the tubes don't listen to Irish evil if you're buying reloadable mortars there are very specific to requirements for reusing the tubes please don't reuse the thin cardboard tubes you want I see you don't have to deal with traffic we don't want to be helicopter with we want to do well it's not to go the goal is to be grouchy or we can hire the group cheese that the fireworks alley the groupies to make a firework display for us and then we can know smiley faces that she's garbage smiley face smiley face I need to see one again never need to see it again

not a good firework anyway also nastassia night Detroit split their fireworks money with Canada believe it or not so they don't do it on Fourth of July because Canada day is close to the 4th of July but not exactly the 4th of July Canada feel like Detroit Set It Off in between Canada and the US in the water and they split the money with Canada and so it's not on the 4th of July so we also saw their fireworks

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okay yes I think I have the same one it like a big fire pit with a grill on top

yes that means you're doing it right yeah so so on that what would you do to it to crank out a whole bunch of pizzas

so I mean

I mean for like a pizza right like the only way I've seen people do actual Grill Pizza unlike the Egg grill Pizza is to have they put a stone on then you can parse set the dough on the stone and then you and then you top it and put it on but the problem is is that the way that I use the cowboy grill you could do the cowboy grill is large enough so that you could just have a seat on the one side bills and sort of down to go over it and then Dome it over but I think you're probably much better off just getting one of these dedicated small pizza ovens like and he keeps pushing that I don't have never used them I've always wanted one and no longer have an outdoor space cuz I no longer have a place where I have an outdoor space but I've always wanted to use it you could get it done but getting the top and bottom to be perfectly in sync on a cowboy grill the good news I can say cowboy grow big enough to get a temperature gradient but that means that you have to create the other side so hot that the radiant off the Dome with by the way doesn't exist cuz your cowboy grill didn't

the Dome is enough to get the the pizza cook the other side that make sense going to be like what materials used to build the dome but if that sounds ridiculous ridiculous and it's really big I don't think anyone like the biggest spit spawn tops for like a walk like are not big enough I mean you ain't what you could do

go to a hotel supply place and measure your grill and they make stainless steel bowls big enough for this thing a Denver and I had to work in a giant hotel giant hotel and their smallest Bowl was enough to toss several small children in a hole through that and put a heatproof handle on it and then your ass you say GTG cuz that's all you need for a lute doesn't need for insulation or anything like that it's like spun aluminum like you wanted to be relatively reflective cuz you wanted to reflect the stuff back down but I mean you're not you're not making a retain heat masonry oven you know what I mean throat you could if you want like in bed something in the coals he look real hot and then hold it over the pizza old school salamander style that will work we know what that is that is a p i t a

alright so essential oils a lot of things are very harmful first of all some some essential oils are stuff that are not foodstuffs fragrances that are not foodstuffs be weary but things that persons using all right you can buy using all like oil of clove a little bit of it very diluted in alcohol like super diluted in alcohol and spray tan not going to be a problem you consume a lot of it and real problems

the issue with him is very easy to overdose I would go and I find a lot of people that use these things it's easy to over overuse them and also they are unpleasant when used in high quantities so just I would just be careful of that but things that are made from foods that are diluted down to this the especially like in general I'd say you're probably okay I don't use them because I don't use them but I know a lot of people use them as uses them Mandy aftel sells uniform until your perfumes sells fragrances that are completely naturally-derived that are that you can be used in food system

so since you don't have time for more questions we're going to go on to this week's episode of

this week we have a creepy how I got to this one right cuz it's kind of a long journey so Karen Hesse irascible now dead writer kind of Americana and history of Americano books did a reprint of the Carolina rice cookbook which is put out by a Miss Tony in 1901 called the Carolina right now the Carolina Rice Kitchen I think the subheading was African influence and interesting book I read that that eventually let me actually to write right when I became published a book you should all read call although it might be outdated now but it's Point black rice you know that I can early history of how rice came to be in South Carolina anyway so embedded in this book this is how I operate in better than this book

we came out 1998 is a single thing about ricebirds now what happened was is that ricebirds where this they're actually the Bobolink which is a bird that still exist are ground-nesting birds they're completely protected now you cannot kill one for any reason write this is why I was interested so rice is not not ancestral to South Carolina right it was it was planted by humans starting in the I forget whether it's late 60s early 1700s but it was so these birds bobolinks write these AKA ricebirds they were flying because they're would call passerine Birds they fly long distances they migrate from you know the north of the US like New England I think all the way up to Canada and they migrate all the way down to South America and kind of when they make it down to South Carolina they're hungry cuz they

flying a long time but they've never seen anything they've never seen anything as rich as a South Carolina rice field today would descend in geoscience warm down and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and they will get so fat and they were so numerous that the old Legends were that if you took a shotgun and fired into the air it like 30 of them would fall down in one hit and people would eat them much like the Orville on which is how I got interested in it so the order line is a bird eaten whole and it's also a passerine bird in France migrates from north of Europe down to France I think the Africa and those are eaten whole and that's the famous one where that was a bitter almonds last meal and that you have to cover cover your face Yourself by yourself from God to eat it and they're roasting whole and you eat them bones and all and those ones because the French are you know their kind of tweaked a little bit they they drowned those in I believe it's Armagnac

I would go around them so that you don't lose anything inside they roast them whole and then you eat them always want to have one never had one there any birds that exist that are not in danger that you can eat like that so the Bobolink not in danger but well maybe now here's why when one died and hit the ground apparently there was so fat can capture them alive and force-feed them all to the same point in Orleans would be so much so that when they hit the ground they would burst or as they used to say when I was learning German and anyway so there's magic birds and here's what happened so like there was a hurricane that wiped out the rice crop aside from the fact that you know

rice in South Carolina had to be harvested manually because they didn't have Machinery that could go in there and do it so rice really drop down a lot so then after this hurricane wiped out the rice in the street and I think like night in the early nineteen hundreds and then simultaneously with that they passed a law that stops you from shooting any birds other than specific game birds and so they became illegal to kill his Bible and ironically the majority of them are there ground-nesting birds are killed by lawn mowers now like the lawn mowers are pulping these birds on the regular now when I found this book and researched it I read I called every single country on the flight path the consuls of every single country on the flight path of the Bobolink from the United States to Brazil to figure out including the islands if any of these people still ate these suckers so I can get ahold of one and see what it was like to have a Riceberg answer no

answered know which one which country has the most lacks laws

I don't know I don't know because a lot of people have lost but they don't reinforce hey but yeah but if I do this thing am I in trouble who's who's asking why that's what I call the Secret Service once and I asked them cuz I live in New York I live in New York right so I told this to you or talk about the Secret Service on the air mat for her was coming to town this was as I guess this is Clinton right so like when I was letting you know just moved to New York and I had a car still and the present would come to town and they would tow all the cars in the past but they wouldn't let you know what the path was for security but call the Secret Service and I'm like hey if you tow my car because the president comes by it one do you how do you let me know where you put it and to who pays for the toe because

I don't really think it's my fault and the guys why are you asking I don't know what if I knew I wouldn't tell you why I asked him like I was being so Agro

I think I told you to me question

who pays for the tow you didn't get towed

but he couldn't but I could and I think it's an interesting question it is that's fair I mean New York City is such an affront on everything when someone's I mean I've had human waste like white on my car when they know I've had like Anyway New York so I Came Upon in my studies a book called the market system written by Thomas F Devoe published in 1867 now he originally wrote he originally wrote a book called I think just the market published in 1862 just prior to the American Civil War but he wrote a book called The Market assistant in 1867 and the very first thing you notice if you ever seen The Gangs of New York City Gangs of New York if Meijer nastassia like nastase and I have kind of a love love not wanting to be friends with what what's his name Daniel Day-Lewis we love the idea of

I don't want to be his friend want to observe him like a normal father average dad's Mahwah let's have a catch Sun

another take that smell

is that working anyways so like one of the memorable things about that movie was was Daniel Day-Lewis playing a character named Bill the Butcher Poole and Bill the Butcher Poole wore a very distinctive top hat and I always thought this was some sort of affectation but no butchers certain butchers used to wear top hats and when you see a picture of your boy Devoe who was one of the best-known butchers in New York in the middle to late part of the 1800s you can see him in his top hat and their other pictures of butchers in top hats at this time which is kind of cool the top I was invented in the late 1700s and people who wanted to even people who work even though it's a lot of times Aristocrats and hiring people who were wearing a higher class people are wearing them people who wanted to show authority of all classes to wear them so certain police officers postal people and as it turns out butchers all right do you think New York smelled worse

then or now I got to be there and I think you don't notice it it's just that that's just the air yeah but yeah I don't know you must look it up look up it is available on the internet archive it is available on a couple of University website is available in Google books to download of human food food sold in the public markets of the cities of New York Boston Philadelphia and Brooklyn notice Brooklyn's its own City including the various domestic and wild animals poultry game fish vegetables fruits and excetera excetera with mini curious incident and anecdotes by Thomas F Devoe author of The Market book Etc and then in quotes the sub line is what we eat and I printed in New York in 1867 and this is by the way

an intense book so app all the Skechers in it he drew sketches and then hired an engraver to make them he's just hard core he was in the story he live to be 80 years old he was born in Yonkers and from the early part of the age of born 1811 I think in Yonkers and he started is Butcher business in the in the 1830s and remained a butcher in Jefferson Market with one of our original Market on 6th Avenue and Christopher Street Big market now nothing there's a place called Jefferson Market but it was a huge Market he maintained his stall there until I believe 1870s he became the head of market for New York City and he was a sick dude so he let me see what it says this book was written so he wrote the first book about the market which is the history of markets in New York and the East Coast which is also must read right and he's like I got interrupted right in my second book by the American Civil War which you just caused the Rebellion

pissed off because his first book came out today that for something was fired upon the start of the Civil War and so he's a little bit pissy about that but anyway so he decided he had so much information that he was going to divide his book into historical and fun fact I was going to be volume to which I don't think he ever came out with and Youthful that's why I call the Market assistant which is book once this book is entirely how to shop in New York City and environs in the 1860s and what you can get there and how it tastes and how to cook it is 1860s on food and cook it seems like kind of on food and cooking mixed with cook catalog mixed with everything he has recipes he has poems and I'll just say what I deem useful is bleeding from the daily wants the common expressions of the day something to eat what shall we have today for dinner this is what he was writing about what is there in our markets fit to eat what kind of meats poultry games fish vegetables and fruits are in season

names are given to different joints of meat and what dishes are they severally and generally used for we have had roast Steaks and Chops and chop steaks and roasts until we're tired of them now do I say what should we have for dinner these with many other exclamations our daily discussed and no one has the answer we ever claimed for this book a comprehensive answer to all questions of this nature three sets himself up to be a pretty badass book and I have to say he delivers so I can in it are some poems you should look up he has a poem a credit to OJ I don't know the reference to Eaton interview of New York in 1814 about how markets are places where everyone of all classes meet the place where no distinctions are all sex and colors mangles are and then while I'm starting a long poem would you have to read but the one section I like is

nothing more clear I'll tell you why all kinds of folks must eat or die objects of Honor or disgrace are all seen at the marketplace who's in the kind of poetry you can read in this book along with others interesting stories in a section on beef which of course he's an expert he writes be fine here it's section on B has a section on what different nationalities I don't think we have time to get into it you know classic 1800 like liking but of course am I racist because an intersection on how kosher butchers operate in it like very specific I told you a story about my great grandpa and kosher butchers write a grant my great grandpa was one of my great grandpa is my step father's side was a butcher and they used to cheat the they have kosher inspectors and so one of the things they would check for was at the pleura of the lungs wasn't attached to the

wall and so they used to make an incision where the inspectors wouldn't look go in and make sure it was separated because they had to pay for kosher inspection no matter what you're paying the amount of money to expect with her taxes are not so he wanted his past yeah yeah because they could sell Kosher meat at a higher price because it has gone through the inspection this is in the B section and his amazing pictures of all the beef cut that are made which are sick but this is story the other people have mentioned that I was saying the origin of the name porterhouse steaks took place about the year 1814 remember is in his lifetime in the following manner Martin Morrison was the proprietor of the long-established a well-kept porterhouse in quotes located and known at that. At number 327 Pearl Street in New York near the old Walton house we introduce him at in 1803 or refined he opens a porterhouse number 43 Cherry Street is becoming popular Resort

and a porterhouse in those days was not so devoted to tippling dram drinking in the commonest for the loafing for the manufacturing of politicians are corrupt officials as they are at the present day but rather to accommodate the hungry and thirsty Travelers Odin young Bachelors semen and others with a cold lunch after the English custom of a pot of ale or Porter and a bite of something important has has prepared a hot meal of one or two dishes along with which was Morrison's who must be quite famous for his excellent Dish Dish of broiled beef steaks Woodbury University called for at his place and hence the porterhouse steak and it just goes on and on with different stories like this but I will read his he also uses the old term for beef of beeves standard on wild animals will tell her we need you at the Bobolink just how I got to this book why were talking about it bobolinks also called wheat or rice birds and buy every weird bird like Kingfishers are in this every week

vegetable every year to meet this bird under the name of Bobolink is frequently exposed for sale this what you don't understand all of this weird stuff was available for sale in Market prior to us having a kind of rules for safety and health in conservation with them for all of that but like you could buy anything of these markets the Bobolink is frequently exposed for sale alive or in cages in our Market but seldom killed for the table until they are found feeding on the wild rice

and the South under a new coat and name when they are fat and fine you also talked about robins like robin redbreast selling them so I had also thought you might enjoy this white wing Doug White Winged Dove attacking white wing Coop which of the guests more of a duck but I wanted to sing this is a very strong tough and fishy and they feel entirely on shellfish young birds have are much better eating and season from October to April to he ever want to eat a wild animal this dude tells you exactly how that stuff tastes so Jack well oh well I'm talking more about that you want to look through some of the ones you chose and it's so good so I have a quick

quiz for you all right which of these these these following names are a the are common names for a herring okay real life so

Moss bunker Whitefish

bony fish hard head men Hagan or pain Hagan Manhattan is definitely a herring right now isn't Manhattan the hearing and I had to take a corgi in Bunker or are they all is one of those all include know tomorrow Boston mossbacher mossbacher is my new band so I can cured mossbunker I'm going to get Damon Harge Infinity shred is still on tour you can see him to write a song for this called mossbunker last page of the the names of the plants on this page are mangle virtual martinia milk vetch and maskell plant give me give me give me give me some uses and or and or using for this magical plant is another name for a morel

let's see pokeweed is not yet say you have let's say you're not so much with kind of rules or laws

not so much with not so much with rules or laws and you have this particular past in your in your yard

is it skunk this most detestable animal is I am told when properly prepared as good as raccoon I've heard about raccoon I have heard those who have eaten its it was very sweet and savory after hip and rest I never saw it for sale in our markets although I have heard of it being dressed and sold under another name but the skins of the stripes and black skunks are awesome for sale the latter being the most valuable surprising to me

see if you can look up raccoons raccoons in their terrible water but here's raccoon or racoon read me the full grown or old raccoon will a from 7 to 12 pounds The Flash was described quite Rank and strong and I must confess that I was not in a situation to give them a fair trial when I ate of them I love this guy when and what kind of bear is to eat on saying is this book is a must-read so if you have a different classic in the field assassin are going to do maybe appleheads later you got to let me know on cooking issues on the Twitter what kind of things you want to hear for Classics in the field I have the bull moose cooked

I have a bunch of things that we have that we can do classic Smithfield let us know what you want to hear about for this week this has been cookie issues and

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