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Episode 372: Moon Rocks Are Forever

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like a drowned freaking thank God I always wear an undershirt a god this guy wears an undershirt 100% of the time and I have the STD dirty blanket than the studio that's been here forever. He had nicknamed the STD blanket actually touching it when we left the house the Sun was shining right I was for me anyway I was like I was not going to rain so I wore my shoes that have holes in the in the in the in the bottoms because I'm walking on to buy new shoes yeah right

the internet is there for a reason look up the weather get out of the subway I'm carrying with me the classic in the field we're going to talk about today it's in my hand cuz I was refreshing myself as soon as Point start pouring right I don't have time to like cover my side of the book under my under my vestments and then walk here and Matt how I look when I showed up you look like you walked out of a swimming pool into the studio I took my overshirt off and running it out and copious fluid came out of it as though as though it has been in the pool so anyway okay we're going to be at start with next week we're not going to be here during Christmas season sassy like it's like you think that they're part of our lives in like they know what's going on next week we won't be here where we going to be

we're going to be in Detroit we're going to have two things were doing one we're judging a contest which is by the way I hate contest I hate time to do but apparently this is a good-natured contest, contest okay if you were John on nailed it I wash it with mine own eyes never got it never happened so like the is email that the people very specifically said that they were going to be good-natured about it and they flew me first class to La okay maybe it's because like you know I'm not built to win contests like I never like I never do what it takes to win a contest is never the thing that I want to do that Wednesday you know what I mean cuz like you know that's when I lose with style science fair when you were a child

totally should have one like my my giant parabolic mirror array from like 1983 when I was like twelve that could light like anybody and anything on fire like definitely kick the crap out of anything else was all made with is a pre-internet I just called every Glass and Mirror Company in the Yellow Pages and I will trust you no talking honestly will you can build a little set of mirrors and you can like make a little bit of I like little little little little so I built a 4 by 4 foot mirror array on a parabolic mirror array with two by fours for the Angles and my dad helped me like figure out you know that the angles to make sure was a parabola and I found a company that was like you want to buy you want to buy like a couple hundred 4 by 4 in mirrors do they need to look nice and I was like not and they gave me an amazing rate

when you had to look up like mirror and glass in the Yellow Pages inside call like everyplace it was seeing within driving distance and made a giant solar thing that concentrated the sun into a 4 x 4 in window of death and then put everything that you light it on fire Bond villain yeah yeah but you know when that doesn't win cuz they're like if you can like the judges on fire a compass on the problem with that kind of thing is they have to kind of stay in one place you know what I mean it's like it's like you've come back when the sun's out and I'm going to get you and then you like you ain't exactly at the angle of the Sun and then put your hand on fire by this little snot-nosed kid okay wait so you're just threw that away like a year ago my my stepfather was like get the sting out of the house I get a binding need the space

what Detroit I don't know but it's and it's not it's not done by cocktail people at Chefs who are doing ingredient rum cocktails that's the that's the and and apparently I'm told good-natured and then we're making cocktails making cocktails on the Monday but here's a little-known fact to people who aren't from Detroit Monday is this Monday coming Monday for those of you in the Detroit greater metro area is apparently like Z day of the year for fireworks show in Detroit next Monday so we're not going to see fireworks we're going to be inside during the fireworks show apparently entire city is one big fireworks show right and nobody goes out on that night and that's the night please come

if you're in the Detroit metro area and for some reason I don't know you hate firework me there are some people out there made fireworks this weekend since you can come closer than next time is restaurant packing the place up and I realized I had somewhere in the high hundreds of dollars of illegal fireworks from Pennsylvania Pennsylvania by the way of all the states around New York there's two the two closest illegal fireworks days whether they're legal there are New Hampshire in Pennsylvania but in New Hampshire you can get nice big shells right but no Rockets you can't buy Rockettes in New Hampshire so if you really want the Rockets he got to go to Pennsylvania who doesn't like the Rockets the Rockets have fun anyway so on Father's Day on Sunday

he went home my wife Jen definitely didn't want any part of this so she went home with Booker dad stayed with me anastacio Jack and Bobby from the bar came and wheel it off like a half hour 40 minutes like continuous continuous boom boom boom boom is you know it is that is really no way for the cops to find it there's no way for them to know where it is if it looks like it's coming from the middle of like this like Ridgeline there's no way for them to see where it's coming from awesome oh yeah well you got something to say Asia wanted to Dad Rock so what was the song we didn't know you was the Boston Boston foreplay long time and then you wanted to play Cat's in the Cradle which is

edible tandoors already gone out of that house my mom has it and she's already used it dies so you know kudos to my my my stepfather he hates anything he doesn't understand so he's like distant what is his tail what is it just going to burn through the day it's going to burn through the deck and I'm like for a listen to like 20% dextrose specifically that you know what forget where I got a jersey and like Summit New Jersey pacifically designed this Pandora for Jax it's on Wheels now I will not I will not if you want to hear the story of of buying a Tandoor and man whatever has happened more than Thrice

cool calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's +712-718-497-2128 by the way so I'm of the past couple of weeks and on fire and fire in general don't read anything but do you have any idea I don't know read anastacio but you have any idea what this is

no no okay hey what how I feel. I mean like they only have so much of it that they brought back this is also a rocket there's only so much of so because we've been talking about nuclear warfare diamonds odess moonrock I mean you have to go 250,000 miles to get it and then 250,000 miles Fargo who cares you know what I like the way you think that most people

I know people aren't are you a man or scissors yes I want to cut it cleanly it's not mine so this is also a rock that there's only a fixed amount of it in the world it's called trinitite and what happened in New Mexico when they set off the very first nuclear weapon in the desert outside their I get rid of a zit Alamogordo revving how they were at the Trinity site it turn the desert to Glass and that is a piece of glass from the very first atomic bomb that was ever detonated called trinitite and people used to go out in the desert and collect it and then in the 50s the government got pissed off people going out there so they just bulldoze it all over and stayed a couple 55-gallon drums so this is some of that and it reminds me of a cooking thing so miss Darcy and I are going to do some ridiculous cooking things over the summer one of which is the

just make up a date we're going to do it do you tell me why would I tell you in the future that we can set up what it needs to do and then we have to stick together was never going to happen Okay we're going to do resistive cooking I want it to do it on this is a kind of post-war cooking things that never happened but I've been a long time many many years thinking about kind of atomic level C R right comic level C or so for any of you have ever watched nuclear test videos which if you haven't please no go out and watching amazing but you'll see when they put these tests buildings out in the in the desert and they dropped the the bombs if you look at them

you'll see the initial Flash and then you'll see like smoke just Rising off the building and then stopping because the thermal energy that was delivered to it was enough to charge the outside instantly but because it wasn't long enough it didn't actually catch on fire now I did some research and the numbers for that classic picture that you can see of that wouldn't sided house going poop and smoking but not catching on fire was 700 watts per square inch for about a second so that is a high number as a high number of thermal energy to deliver to something but it's achievable we could literally test searing at nuclear level stuff when you like to do that sometimes I feel like you and see how many how many nuclear nuclear policy to take to get a nice sear on the outside maybe it tastes are we all know that shooting a laser is something makes it tastes terrible least according to Harold McGee anyway here's a little piece of History to remind you of a nucleus hearing there's a v

first nuclear surgery and all around it I mean acting like it was a long time ago not a lot of induced radioactivity in the class why you worried about it a little bit

no she likes to bust it out and she's like no just goes back to Nastassja mom he is

this is a term that people actually would not understand Russian other Russian terms that you might understand such as ski

what's that one

she's like what she can understand what I'm saying about her aunt in Russian what Anthony dinner 8:10 hey hey crew Anthony from Seattle writing and I purchase a control freak which is the very fancy induction hob that was made by Breville in conjunction with polyscience our friend

ofrenda polyscience control freak and I've been running into some issues where the unit will frequently trip the circuit in my kitchen even about nothing else plugged in to the building manager at the standard 20 amp circuit set the trip at 80% load know know how about you sit at the tribute 101% load jerks jerks anyway you need far less than that you need a 15 amp circuit works fine I plugged in to 15123 crimes at 1800 watts it doesn't seem like it should be a high enough load to trip the circuit you are correct

I've also run to the stripping issue running circulators is much lower power requirements 911 hundred watch respectively the building manager seems to think you just do to be afci Breakers that apparently they're prone to tripping when appliance recycle their heating element if this is the case you have suggestions about what kind of outlets Breakers actually looking for in a new apartment and then the chefsteps says you should use GFCI I've never used an afci which an arc fault interrupter which is designed to trip if it senses would called Arcane but even like crap e g f i c c i v can cause problems if there is a internal problem with the GCF I also older pieces of equipment like for instance that we used to have one of the large model Hobart mixers you know that you don't need a large model ones at the school that was a quick wet electronics that would blow in any GFI right so even a good modern GFI cuz they were brand

do it would trip in so we had to go find non GFI circuits to plug this into in the issue is is that depending on the electronics that are involved this day it is Put Some Noise back on the power line and especially you think about the way that induction works with it it's like it's like hunting hunting for frequencies and doing all this stuff doing a lot of switching putting some power back on again right into the microphone is. You listen it's like you know when you're talking to someone and you turn your head the cops imagine that the microphone is somebody what do you think that you know I'm just like wow, what are you thinking for that

OUC my Charmin bear finish the story first

you trying to get me off of the Charmin bear

oh I mean off topic

so I fall quote please people please people it's hard enough for me to stay on message please so we're a heck was I so so I put some noise back on the power line and older equipment a lot of old electronic equipment can chit Tribune regular gfi's because it puts noise back it doesn't like a fci's probably since they're not as common probably not designed for that probably tripping it even your current apartment go buy one there like you can get a good g f i n g c a v for like $15 at a big-box home improvement store why I should work fine mine plug into them all day all night and it worked fine

I'm not singling The Sassy I know people say I'm mean but Nastasia it's in the food business you don't cough into your hand where you cough into your elbow, the food is still coughing by the way because of the fiberglass not Dave for sick I'm not okay Charmander

it is better running issue for you

yeah yeah jogging sure every now and then the summer my friends and I will hold Beer Mile event have you heard of a Beer Mile I have not is it like the century Club where you have to drink a hundred shots of beer in an hour it's similar in spirit I guess so the girls have a beer mile are you set up around a quarter-mile track and before each quarter mile of what you run for you track a beer cans and bottles none of that nonsense to 12 oz minimum beer 5% alcohol by volume for greater or greater what you want to go with minimum although you could probably jog a mile before you feel the alcohol right

yeah yeah well it's so the trick that are the reason I'm calling is because after you drink that first. You're on that first quarter mile think start sloshing around in your stomach phone starts precipitating pressure starts building and gets really painful it's not easy and it's not easy to burp up that phone you know the gases are trapped in the phone so I want to wondering if there's a solution you know I have control over the type of beer the temperature of the beer I can you know do any sort of tapping beforehand on a can but I need to eliminate as much as gases Bush trimming the beer and in my stomach that I can actually opened right before you run the lab well what's the lowest carbonation beer that exist

also the carbonation what's the lowest carbonated beer in the world

well that that's a good question I mean to be some kind of like to know that a real well yeah but some kind of British thing right you want to go and you want to make sure it doesn't have one of those little like in fulminators at the bottom and you're not allowed to like pour sand into it right

no but I do have control over the contents of my stomach I'm not above Peds you know if there's anything I can take before drinking the race to I mean she just dropped the phone and went to things there it's there is the problem me what what has the lowest carbonation but also doesn't produce a nice head like you want basically you want like an incredibly thin like low bodied beer you want the lowest body beer that exists just wanted to be lowered carbonation then then you'd expect then there's going to be some terribly produced beer a low carbonation with almost nobody like you want like the most garbage thin bodied like almost no barley in it you know what I mean like you want like the other way I think you guys should make this race more challenging and what you have to do is you have to eat a soft serve ice cream cone and then pound the beer

oh my god I've been pushing for an eggnog 5 days I know he likes me up on that are you allowed to throw up

see you at you have a penalty laugh if you can't keep the beer down

I'm not recommending this but I wonder if there's any way you could like bypass like that's open yourself up so that you're like one long constant burp like but no you can't because you don't want to choke to death resume I mean like obviously if you modify it there was not proud of it but I was a member of the drinking team of AT-AT


and no sweet and go there by using stale beer like stale old beer you know what I mean yeah right I can that no one will see and then just let it gas off for like a week and a half and then like you know that's cheating I can't endorse cheating on the show father's is only so much honor in the Beer Mile

I'll head right now if you look at the records they're pretty they're pretty out of this world I think 4 minutes 30 seconds something like that in the beer do you drink then run or run drink number to do end with a beer and with a Lap you start with and you have to you can't drink it while you're going to eat drink it before the clap so it's like the pistol goes off and then you hear all the cliques how many competitors are there I didn't know existed

well you know what we just got an impromptu you forgot to do it maybe like between 5 and 10 have you been one of these five or ten people that you can run at four and a half minute and drink 4 beers that's National now that you can get this done I think it's just a research problem of like a research on like one of those ratebeer rating sites for like you're either of those things will win if the beer has nobody you'll be able to burp up your nose

your half-sister Corona you can burp up a Corona right because it has nobody right sure that's one way to go but imagine if someone made something with his little body of the corona that also had very low carbonation then your winter the diva or something yeah and clearly don't eat any dairy beforehand temperature do I want this room tents look I don't really know I wouldn't go room temp just because again not proud of this to have shotguns many beers but if you on certain occasions you can get like these like rapid rapid nucleation things happening in your throat when you're drinking really quickly and that itself can be quite painful you know what I mean like when you're drinking and so you know that can be that can be problematic and so you don't I mean you want to get weed

Drake other we drink one flat beer I would say that warm just open beer is probably more prone to that then beer that's a little bit colder which is going to make it down before it does that are you allowed to squeeze the contents of the can into your mouth that's another way to go

they recommend against it but let you know we're a little more informal so I can probably yeah although it might make the last couple of dribbles mean I don't know how they test the weight of the can afterwards to make sure that you don't cheat the classics shotgunning trick that when you are finished you crush the can and throw it and you lose like in a half an ounce or so from the toss a ton detective yeah classic classic trick is to put the can of your head upside down and the hired some sort of like just like in a duel some sort of second to put the can over their head

yeah yeah I let us know let us know how it works by the way are you are you better waiting on the drinking side of the running side seems to me you can probably specialist in one like it definitely is advantageous to be really good at 1 rather than you know jack of all trades but I'm running for me I have trouble gripping remarried

pistacia for you peanut butter steak hello anastacio Dave Dave mad. He said to anyone else in the room long time first time running in love the bar accidentally became a not quite regular even though I don't even live in the same state city or coached I'm curious if anyone has asked what why you need to cut don't cry

I'm in the middle of reading the person's question

I'm asking you for this scissors I'm curious if anyone has asked about this mean that seems to be exploding on the sous-vide subreddit basically people spread peanut butter on a steak low temp it and wipe it off before searing apparently the resulting product tastes really good and not peanut Butter ate all but I feel like I should try to reach a theoretical explanation before trying that's a mistake just try it and then see what's you all theories are garbage by the way

that's why I hadn't been able to test it but I'm really curious PS I Know Jack and Bobby the bar last week with this very question to try to avoid sending it in to no avail pass on my thanks for tolerating my low-quality individuality as well thanks Eldon so

I watched the video by someone who claims to have thought of this idea on his own I forgot the guy's name but hit the theory was that he likes peanut on Beef & Vietnamese cuisine so he's going to wipe peanut butter on the steak in sous vide it and everyone on the video went like you know crazy for how how good it was now I have not tried it but again fiery all theories are garbage however what is peanut butter made of if you ask me to think about it and not having tried it you wipe peanut butter on you cook it you like the peanut butter off and see right now

there are a couple of things I would like to know everyone in the video said that it was one more tender two more beefy and you three just delicious ask for more tender I don't really understand why it's not a lot of tenderizing agents in peanut butter that I'm aware of its salt sugar oil and peanut salad right that's what you got in peanut butter you got yourself and your peanut salad so the this could be one of those cases of you know like I like to put mayonnaise on things before I'm going to see him it could be a cake because man is fundamentally salad oil solidified oil plus egg yolks show me know the egg yolk is good for Browning and oil is obviously good for you know fer for searing so this could be a case of like similar to Manny's but even thicker

with the addition of the sugar which in low concentrations is not going to be perceived as burn but it's going to be perceived more as a searing thing like a small amount of sugar you know what you could depending on the sugar involve probably also help for my are so there's that in the oil is going to help with you know getting good contact between the pan your steering on we're going to see around in the meat itself so that's one explanation to I'd like to know whether or not I mean I don't know if there's not that much salt in peanut butter so I doubt you're going to get any salt pre salting something obvious a long long discussion that I can't get into right now but I'd like to know whether there's more drip Los I'm on more drip in a bag with a peanut butter State versus not peanut butter steaks when you wipe that peanut butter on a steak your innocence wiping


sealant over the meat exactly across on the ends of the fibers where you're going to get a lot of liquid coming out so it's conceivable that you are inconceivable it's conceivable that you are stealing some of the moisture and as well and that could be the extra juiciness I don't know I have to run some taste test also things like peanuts just tastes good and so maybe steered peanut on the outside also increases beefy taste now for those of you that say well there's no penetration of the peanut butter so can't really affect the taste of the meat you're definitely wrong about one half of what you said is probably true that there's little to zero a little to no penetration of the actual product into the inside of the meat but just saying things like spices marinades excetra are only on the outside of the therefore they don't have a lot of flavor is incorrect because a lot of the flavor of cooked meat is from the outside where those kind of interactions can take place until they're quite important even if you don't have a lot

penetration which is why if you cook a large large hunk of meat and then just like large and then cut it directly in half and then cut a small cube out of the center relatively flameless no matter what you do do it so I hadn't thought about it but now that you know I'm theoretically writing my book on the subject I will I will have to test it out and then give give props to the inventor if I can determine exactly what is there a giant bear animatronic animatronic animatronic animatronic there's no such thing as a freewheeling animatronic bear at the human being on a pride Jazzy

it's not anyway. Remote control as a person

I'm just asking how would you think that like why are we so much easier to just hire one of those cuz it was nothing idiots outside of Times Square

I am moving like an animatronic but I'm still relatively a human being

you guys build an animatronic Dave C say where's my red blood that you took the people say I'm mean but like after all these years Matt what episode number is this

all these years right you have to preface anything you say to the listeners with information I can't say it cuz she didn't want anything on there but it's but look out for it next time and we will discuss the special clothes for her but we're doing something even more special deals on the air right little what's our current song

I think it's the Sade one I want

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so if there no more colors on the air will you have a question from the chat and actually know what he got for me Robert asks if Dave has any thoughts on the new is Nitro siphon and any uses for Avion coffee and beer he says sort of rude in my opinion for isi to make the Nitro system incompatible with our current I as I siphons so on the fence about it

yeah okay I have my phone is talking please I need to look up a picture of the throws you that don't know the new Nitro which they should know if this is one of those confusing things the new isi Nitro thing is not nitrous oxide so the nitrogen and nitrous that you buy for whipped cream or for Rapid infusion or the CO2 that you buy for seltzer water or whatever else from from EC they are both compatible 7 gram Chargers all you know they all of that stuff compatible back and forth this new Nitro is not nitrous it is Nitro straighten nitrogen and what it's doing is under pressure

is putting nitrogen nitrogen is not soluble and so what happens is if you get that it like immediately Bubbles and creates that kind of foamy texture that you get from like a widget in it and it in a Guinness right it's not the same gas mixture and I guess that's why they made it not compatible I don't know I was maybe the pressures are higher I don't know I had a conversation with them briefly at the bar because they came back to demonstrate it to us but I mean honestly could have made a compatible they probably couldn't make it compatible but they didn't want you to use one for the other I guess so that they they didn't do it although that's not a problem for them to CO2 vs Nitrous I don't remember their story about why was incompatible I'm not going to say that I am I feeling is it if I believe that it was a good story I probably would have I probably would have remembered it so I probably also agree with you that I didn't think of such a good story as to why they made it incompatible

now for this week's episode Classic Cinema feel yeah we have making pigeons pay which is a classic they first came out in 1949 and is still considered to this day a classic in the field of raising pigeons fly was pitching right yes but I didn't know that till I was like 30 more kind of parent yo it's kind of clear like we're used to eating squab in fact I was at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in France you know well over a decade ago and I Know It me meaning I am spent a lot of time on it anyway we went in there and we were lost so far as you have been to Paris there's this restaurant on even know what still doing but look like cattle and I think it was called it's it's in the blood which is this kind of area

on the outskirts of Paris and it's where all the hookers hang out right and we we were spending all of our money on the meal and we have a reservation we no speak French and so we've got lost there's no Uber there is no nothing like nothing the cell phone nothing we got lost and we were walking around the water book while I'm trying to ask hookers how to get to this restaurant and we were an hour late to our reservation is still sad us and they were you know they were quite nice to it anyway the waiter came up they weren't really nice to us cuz they were French no offense France but you know that your service is not about being friendly to me it's about you know being kind of service do you prefer a more friendly American french fries and so the guy comes up and he's giving us you know and I have my high school French with me you know which is basically crap and he's like serving us to pigeon which you know is squab

I tried a joke to the guy I was like something called pigeon in New York City right am I right nothing nothing nothing that I'd 850 $5,000 for a moonrock massassi still on the moon rock I like how like how many different peoples Wi-Fi did you have to parasitize to get that information because nobody that don't know there's no internet service in this little box that we have she had to like to go buy a satellite phone and download it one bit per year to get information how much 855 I can't see how how much 3014 in note find it. Like how many carats is this rock I don't know what you want for your engagement ring for those you if you plan on

trying to get engaged to nastassia Lopez is a young pigeon now they think about Bob that is cool I want the reason I have this book making pigeons pay first published in 1946 and I believe still in print the right after the war is I wanted to raise pigeons in Connecticut I wanted a dovecote because you're nothing so squabs are the flightless pigeons away pigeons grow is that they have the know that they lay eggs that pigeons hatch. Hatch has it grows to two-thirds of its adult size before it ever flies so it is extremely tender

it is never flown they don't have to worry about trying to catch it right and you're the other great thing at all pigeons are just going to make another pigeon as soon as that one leaves so they don't really get attached to it once it's gone as long as you take that as squab out of the out of the nest right before it would have flown you get a super tender bird never never flown and the parents don't care they going to make another bird so it's kind of this genius said so what day is what what the old-time folks you to do they would make something called a dovecote this is where is how I come to this because I wanted to build a dovecote is you would create and you still see them in Europe and in some places even the US has large kind of almost a large beehive things off and sometimes they're square with holes in them

and what happened is the in inside you can get into it so the pigeons would poop inside and the people could go inside cuz you can use the poop from a door people will go inside to go steal the squab out of the nest before they fly but there were holes to the outside so that the pigeons could fly out and this is kind of what I learned from one of them to learn from this book when I talk about the pigeons would fly out and eat whatever for the nobility never used to feed there pigeons in fact you are not allowed at the common person you are not allowed is it legal to raise pigeons because what the pigeons did was fly out and eat everybody's crops so it was kind of like another tax that the Nobles had on the peasantry because they weren't allowed to kill or raise these pigeons but they weren't allowed to mess with them when the noble persons pigeons came to eat their crops go back and raised little birds that the does nobility got to eat in addition to the pigeons are good at scrounging even in winter time for

average lying around in creating more meat for you to have a in the winter time so anyway so it's a win-win for everybody but two things the reason I didn't make the dovecote in my house was one every one of my family said if you murder those baby pigeons we won't eat them so I'm not going to sit there and eat the baby pigeons all by myself right and two it's kind of rude to send animals out specific lead to eat everybody else's stuff and then fly back and you get to get some fruit and in modern kind of pigeon raising which is how I got to this book modern pigeon raising it's considered kind of import Ace to allow your pigeons to freely roam so they may ravaged the countryside so that you may have a nice feel so if you look even to this day like I want to learn about pigeons there are three books exactly free books that are highly recommended and they are all by the same guy Wendell Mitchell Levy he died in 1976 the actual I'm not going to talk about the most classic

Gyros called is a pigeon and it is like the pidgin Bible in the way that fruit you love you more book fiction out of Ashley's book of knots is like the not Bible the pigeon to this day still is still the Bible for all manner opinion so we're talkin talkin homing pigeons we're talkin eating pigeons were talking pigeon feathers were talking pigeon pigeon pigeon if you want to know about pigeons write the pigeon by Levi is the book to get it's quite expensive but for very little money you can go online I have the I think 7 3/8 printing from the 70s that I was actually ex ex ex libris from a middle school library trying to get Middle School people to read it if you're actually interested in just raising pigeons and you want the bear Reutimann of knowledge to get into pigeon drink making pigeons pay is not only a great title of a book but is the book you want to get now

a little bit about a little bit about our boy Wendell any he was he was born in the late 1800s and started raising his own pigeons when he was 11 by the time the first world war broke out he became the first lieutenant in charge of pages in The Charge of the pigeon section of the USA signal Corps because not just food pigeons an expert in homing pigeons he did that from 1917 to 1918 during the time United States with their War 1 he's and became the president founder and chairman of the Palmetto pigeon plant from 1923 Hills retirement in 1956 became chairman of the board meeting how many people on board of the freaking Palmetto pigeon plant he was the president who was the editor of the question-and-answer Department of the American pigeon journal from 1927 until apparently this book is published I didn't even know that was a journal and the president of the national pigeon Association for 1931 and 1933

well as the president of a bunch of actual breed pigeon breed Association

choice choice words from making pigeons pay

is my hope that through this book many persons desirous of earning a livelihood and undecided as to their future may find in squab raising an answer to their dreams of an independent outdoor existence commercial strawberries and get the Sound business for one with the necessary qualifications it can also be made a well-paying sideline what's interesting in my uncle and my crazy world I have several crazy uncle Uncle Rick there was a lot of schemes for raising animals in the depression and just post war in United States where they were like hey you got nothing else to do you I got a house you got something you can raise animals for money and make a lot of money so I have another book on how to raise rabbits if you're interested you differently about that one I'm chinchilla rabbits cuz they can kill a rabbit if you want to hear that can kill a rabbit home we got to do Classics in the field can kill a rabbit at some point let me know

so then we see what else do I have here making pictures pay what children's character loves pigeons what do member know Bert Bert Bert pigeon song he did the pigeon dance you're my favorite quote from everyone's idea of a blind date like that he is what the producer called everyone's idea of a blind date so when you show up at a blind date you're like Bert and then do you say the younger pigeons has been recognized as a delicious and nourishing food for many centuries as far back as we can trace recorded history we find the young pigeon of preferred article diet among the many people live in Piqua T Gyptian bill of fare about 5,000 years old record their use of that time among the ancient Hebrews and it's actually true their desirability at the Choice article of food with well-recognized

they called them young pigeons and not squab for the word squabble don't even use an English speaking countries for the past couple of centuries Abraham about 1913 BC with order to use a young pigeon as a sacrifice to God the subsequent mosaic laws are very strict and approving various food and especially so because of the existing hot weather and consequent quick spoilage doves actually small pigeons and young pigeons are the only found suitable for the law of Moses to be used as sacrifices chickens ducks and geese go race at that time we're not acceptable and in a couple of quotes from Leviticus and it is true that you could sacrifice a lamb if you were rich but remember we did Anthony Bourdain what would Jesus eat for Christmas was born Joseph and Mary didn't have a lot of money so far sacrifice they did Squad and we cook squab in a Palestinian what amounted to a Tandoor for Anthony Bourdain when he was doing his Christmas special all those years ago when we made that fake Pandora

superior food value with the early writings many references to raising pigeons as food Socrates discusses their breeding Aristotle discuss it just courses on their characteristics and have it and actually describe five distinct breed the domestic pigeons in Rome about 2,000 years ago pigeons were in a high state of cultivation and the Roman writers describe Pigeon Racing for food purposes in great detail then he goes into a very long if you're curious what you should be if he goes he goes in a very long discussion of the intricacies of pigeon raising in United States including how to raise them on Railroad right-of-ways but I want to find what he says about the meat of pigeons compared with chicken probably the most popular of all felonies it is Tanger has a Richard flavor and does not have the dryness which is often found in chickens unless they're very competently cooked the meat of very young lamb is quite tender but not as Tender Is that a squabs and young Lana the flavor that does not appeal to everyone about the only meat market today

we compete with swab is filet mignon a good filet mignon was always tender and has a flavor that quite Justified quite justifiably appeals to many the size of the new parking at the table is necessary and individual portion of the exact same size which is a real asset again Swapmeet lends itself to a great variety of cooking roasted with or without stuffing broiled fried smothered in fact any way that the most enterprising cook may desire see recipes on page 253 yes you did you how to raise them how to buy them how to breed them how to kill them how do skin how to sell them and how to cook them making pigeons pay by Lenny


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