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Episode 370: Clean Up, Aisle Live... on air (w/ Paul Adams)

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I see her at the one close Food salon and spending time with our first caller and then running through there a texting thread so America's Test Kitchen pause going to be important testing on the air

hey Dave this is Devin I have a question for you regarding the coordination in the bartending World animation of parts of operations do you see the opportunity for stuff like that for bars like super like a super automatic machines like for instance the custom ones that Starbucks uses or excetera excetera excetera volumetric dosing about espresso and coffee grounds some things like that instead of a one-unit superautomatic look I kind of hope not I mean the fact of the matter is is that certain parts of bartending or extremely easy to automate extremely Dizzy Wright

obviously that your kind of stuff we like to do with a lot of pre-prep and not not too busy but it's easy to automate some of the stuff at a certain point I just assumed drink at home I mean the question is what are you trying to what are you trying to do you know wig with your with your drink people at home can't make a decent espresso they just can't do it right so and there is a certain number of actions that a barista is doing every single time right to make it like it's it's not like they say it's like a game of golf it's about repeatability about being able to like repeat the same shot or bowling is more act because bowling really is the same time every time you toss the the bowling ball you're talking at the same ten pins and so you know is the beans change the roast change anyway you're trying to achieve a specific thing every time and so you know at least everyone has a reasonable goal with a drink it's not the same people want their drinks different

you know it's there's the panther so could you make a machine it was like

and like shooting stuff into a glass chilling it to an exact temperature and handing it to you without human intervention sure and could that take a drink at like a really wretched Club you know where it where the person like not only could care less about the drink could care less about you and kind of wishes you fall off the face of the Earth just want you tip and then want you to die and have the next customer come up already yeah and how good are the drinks on cruise ship if you have bottled cocktails in a machine it would also be cooled it walk up to the machine in the cocktail gets made by the machine to order we have banters with you but we hello person I Hate Machine thank you you're a machine what's planking me mean nothing you're a machine the corporation maybe thanks me which is fine but remember a bartender's making the drinks that go into into our machine could it be mass-produced sure I mean like

watch a mass-produced products that are delicious Princeton's Coca-Cola is pre-made put in a bottle rate the bars that you're supposed to be able to order a wide variety of thing so most of the automation is coming down the line is like here these three mixers here in these tents. Let me spray them into a cup and and you know they have those machines that make my coffee could you do it sure you know is it going to replace a bartender in a real bar application again I hope not like you want it like at what point are we drinking at what point are you like just hard drinking alone you know what I mean like if you're if you're walking up to a machine like that's not mine. My back and I mean

I think I talked to a machine would be a fun novelty at a bar but I don't see it replacing the human bartender if you wanted to have an environment where you trusted no one to make the drinks right so you have complete lack of skill which is true in a lot of coffee shop complete lack of skill and then you also have you know a limited menu and a lack of skill on the production side I'm sure that this machine would do better than the average Joe Comeau if somebody wanted to put an automated bartender in that corner over there I wouldn't say no

I mean but the thing is is that it would need so much power you need ice constant supply of ice constant supply of of liquid wrench Downs all this other stuff automated bar back to also would take up the entire shipping container we can't even get why you always keeping it real well nastase and I were in Los Angeles last week we did an event at Harvard and Stone Aaron polski's joint where you know he viciously viciously underestimated how many drinks when he did not viciously underestimate the amount of drinks that we needed that money did not definitely definitely did not hate this. You do me a favor but wait till we're done to airdrop does a boil over the front of what I need to read and I can't can't read that stuff you know now that's great I have a picture of it and send me a picture of Rebecca to boondoggler and and and an apple head

I really I just need my iPad to function as a as something I can read the information off of a k you know that pair of shoes from Zappo's you ordering is real nice this is a more pleasant me I'm trying to be supportive and Ivan Mccalla he has a place so his family is a Japanese extraction via Peru where they picked up Peruvian like rotisserie chicken Technologies right then came to Los Angeles and settled in Koreatown so he and I guess he like took over from his dad they have a restaurant Pollo a La Brasa you know which is the Peruvian chicken Western in LA right and so it is a Peruvian chicken joint in Koreatown run by a family of Daphne's extraction that's where that's the kind of

classic kind of vodka sell a mash-up of what's going on we didn't get to have his chicken or the next time I go out there and stassi we should that we can stop by have is chicken here's why I like the guy two things one he brought us a present which is what I'm talking about now to the guy makes all of his own rotisserie parts so he's like custom fitting out all of his rotisserie and then I looked them up on the Internet like they hands like chop all their own wood cuz they do wood fired on their on their chicken so I want to go check it out but be the reason we're talking about it today is that he brought us at Harvard and Stone and handed me a bunch of MREs MREs right meal ready to eat these are the military rations made by the Wornick Corporation now Warnock makes civilian rations right but you cannot buy legally anyway you cannot buy the military version says right on it we're Fighter were recommended Warfighter tested Warfighter approved and then it says

where does it say somewhere it says you cannot buy or sell this is government property commercial resale is unlawful what is the difference between military rations and civilian rations to the Wornick company they say there's not a big difference yet everyone wants to buy the military version I guess because it's illegal to sell them right so apparently they're difficult to sort I don't know where I've been Source this I didn't ask him I wouldn't know where to get civilian rations either but when he hands it to me he said this to me he said listen listen don't open the package can you get home he says these things because they contain a heater in them right by these are allowed on an airplane as long as they haven't been opened but as soon as they've been opened are no longer allowed on on the airplane so don't know the Museum of food and drink as long as we haven't done an exhibition on it yet but you know I personally been interested in military food for a long time some of the great advances in food technology think caning right RR result of needing to feed

oops on up you know when they're far away when you don't necessarily have access to local produce also you know when you fight a war that's why in the old days when you fought a war you took all of the crops and cows and pigs and whatever and 8.8 the land if you went you know what I mean but these MREs a lot lighter feel this fall

white light white light apparently is also completely self-contained so we're going to try to do this in the completely I haven't already lights to I have a night or liquid in there so it's everything but the liquid this is menu number nine beef stew did I do the book it really says that on the menu at says MRE and I have a knife with me because of course I'm a breathing human

but it says that I don't need a knife to open it and indeed I don't so if they finished and pouch when I open up take a look here okay what comes with it comes with a sport no spoon sorry come on Warnock step up your game any sports sports if you don't need it is inherently unsatisfied okay honey mustard and onion pretzel nuggets

apparently these are ready to eat right now while we're waiting. Do you want to crack open these honey mustard and onion pretzel nuggets see what else we got in this world Magic Hat

nuggets all over the floor so it's something with my son death which is open packages by like just like Mega rip their pretzel nuggets all over the floor I hope you don't have too many mice problems in here mat did not

one of you try one because it is it's going to make mouth noises

chocolate hazelnut cocoa beverage powder naturally and artificially flavored open my mouth is chemically purified to stay in 30 minutes before adding to powder their pouch that was Paul open zipper add 6 oz of hot or cold water to fill line close zipper shake to mix consume promptly heat within one hour or I guess all hell breaks loose I can't you make this or have nastase make it cuz you're on that you're on the phone with social media machine what's this

do not overfill all this is the heater this is the Ready-to-Eat magnesium heater which we're going to learn to use in a second here and this is the beef stew envelope

what's in an MRE oh it's got a real nice beautiful I probably want to set up this it looks like one of that looks like a larger version of a McDonald's apple pie thing right

and this is the opportunity to be on below to hold it cuz I guess it gets hot right this

stassi house that house that smelling over there

how are the pretzel nuggets we got blackberry jam why I don't know peanut butter why I don't know

nut raisin mix

at clearly ready to eat and here's our packet with salt chewing gum to freshen your breath and Tabasco sauce I'm grooving on it and then a multigrain snack bread that's what the PB&J is for so you got multigrain snack Brothers take a look at it

that's not bread that's not bread that's like that's like a cracker on roids and see

it's snack bread okay that's what they had in Lord of the Rings imagine if Fig Newton imagine is Fig Newton material without the Fig part was just inflated to a thicker thing it has the exact picture of a fig newton cookie nastasi is a fan morning vapor is released contain hydrogen A flammable gas do not light a fire while you're doing it right Roofing Sky open

using no no equipment other than just the water that I've recently chemically purified by passing it through my body on radio can you see this

now that's a heating element

ready for a nap right now all over again what happened people was just took something which is equivalent of balancing a single piece of paper and rested it up right by a bunch of cables that's what happened and I'm filling up this thing this is water activated so I got to fill it up to the fill line

you see here probably enough

got to get Eder all wet meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat right now supposedly this is going to work now oh my God yeah feeling up when we have the sleeve they stick something to say okay alright now it's got to be propped up cat can you practice up against The Rock

oh my God you can smell it right

know that the chocolate no no it's one of those cannons that uses that uses like an acetylene reaction where it's got the no talking about the cold bangsite they use my God's going out of my head the name of the chemical that when you add water produces yeah and then you smell that smells like like like this propped up against The Rock like that the water has to completely cover the heat all right now Paul's going to hold that emitter for 12 minutes

what heats up well nastassia cleans the chocolate beverage off the ground and I answered the questions the Cutlass try it okay to drink out of the pouch

that was not nastassia there is there is a case of try to write is the first taste of the couch looks difficult to drink out of field yeah you just mix it in there and Slug it down this isn't meant this is not like but it's got like a wide mouth why don't they make cuz it needs to be pre-mixed should be called me already to clean

you didn't shake it that's what it said to do roll the tape cut for this back in roll the top over and then shake it such that you actually distribute the powder on the inside has been several weeks of basic training is teaching you how to do a Meal Ready-to-Eat supposed to prop It Up Against the Rock is there a rock in the kit

you know what

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his Soda Stream I'm looking to stop paying for SodaStream refills I'm hesitant to go full-on and install the carbonation system in my Plumbing to my Plumbing cuz I rent in New York City the smell of the MRE is low and it's not that I love it it smells like exploding stuff smells like my childhood where I would like everything on fire and who else had my child since they're just met my brother seems like that job might be above my paygrade I was thinking of catching a CO2 tank to my SodaStream adapter but I keep my SodaStream under the state for space reason and I feel like turn the valve open and close on a tank every time I want soda which is usually multiple times a day there are adapters online that allow you to refill SodaStream canisters directly with a tank which seems like a good option although I don't know if there are any dangers there are or if it will really work it will

wanted to get your opinion on which of these options you think is best and also ask where to get food grade CO2 all the food grade CO2 New York City area thanks as usual Joe first of all there's no such thing as a people going to yell at me really badly especially the sellers of food grade CO2 there's no real difference between food-grade CO2 and any other greatest CO2 the difference is the tank so tanks that have impurities in them can put off flavors like if there's oil or any sort of other impurities who's really all about the cleanliness of the tank that's the important thing right and I have used tanks from welding shops for 20 years roughly and you know what they make carbonated water they work

so what are the dangers if you want to fill a soda first place you want to fill a CO2 tank that couple of problems I've done it many many times you don't want to over fill a tank right so you have to be able to first of all like you should really get a feeling like a filling rig if you're going to fill it again and again because what you want to do is add some CO2 to the tank Purge it and then fill it again and then be able to vent off because you want to make sure that you don't have any air in cuz the air is going to ruin you have to keep a tank Frozen before you fill them such to see what you want to stay in them otherwise it's hard to get the CO2 in also the tank you're feeling from either you have to be comfortable turn it upside down to get the CO2 to flow into it otherwise what's going to happen put it this way if you take CO2 you know depending on the temperature let's say 800 PSI in your CO2 cylinder your big one it's a liquid above it is gas if you just then put a tank on it and say go what's going to happen is is that it's going to feel with 800 PSI

I have CO2 gas and then nothing else will happen and because nothing else is happening you're not feeling that you're having a very small amount of CO2 will never feel so if you kill it kill it kill it down as a CO2 gas hits it it will condense turn to a liquid and you will constantly fill it up until it is either the same temperature as a cylinder or it stops feeling you also to really do this right you want with called a siphon CO2 machine has it a siphon CO2 tank that has a spigot running all the way to the bottom so that the first thing and drawers off his liquid not gas otherwise you need to turn the tank upside down to have the liquid flow out of it which you know what I mean I'm not going to say I haven't done it because I haven't any time but I'm not sure if it's safe probably is not secondly if you overfill a tank what happens is is at the tanks are meant to have a certain amount of expansion room based on what percentage of what the pressure is of that at a particular temperature so if you don't have enough expansion room in that tank

as soon as the temperature goes up I mean even a little bit even up to like you know 91° Fahrenheit you're going to blow the overpressure valve when you blow the overpressure valve it spent and you have to redo it it's also impressive right so you don't want to have that happen because it doesn't just leak down to a safe procedure a pressure it's like I'm going to dump all this for you to into your kitchen right now and it's not it's not what you would want to have happened so I would not have it happen now also if you were filling tanks and you don't get them hydro tested regularly so like let's say you were going to go buy a paintball tanks with a lot of people do paintball tanks small ones are so cheap that they don't hydrotest them if a tank becomes extremely old is no longer inspect will it explode probably not but there have been cases where old non Hydro tank Hydro tested tanks have exploded and again this is not a pretty situation you don't want to have it happen so what I would do just to make your life easy is I would get the adapters to fill

to go from a SodaStream to a paintball tank and then I would get the you know biggest paintball tank they can fit into your SodaStream in lieu of its internal tank and then you can get those things were filled at a sporting goods shops and if you really want to their people online who will sell you a tank that's already been cleaned out to make sure it doesn't have any oil and then that's a decent way to go of course the real way to do it is to get a 10 to 20 pound CO2 tank 20lb the most economical and stick it under your sink and Duke are Bo caps instead of using the Sodastream technology but if you're wed the Sodastream and people who were wed the Sodastream they just can't get enough of the farting noises at things that tells you that is carbonating and for some reason they loved it and people who aren't used to the carbonator caps that the ones that I use they're like it's too hot to do it it's hot it takes about 10 minutes people 10 minutes and you were fine with a carbonator system but whatever whatever needs to get used to it. 10 minutes to create

did that technique as opposed to the Sodastream and it is super cheap and and people then you can carbonated cocktails then you can carbonated fruit juice you can call me anything you can recarbonate your wine you can post carve your your champagne if it goes to Flat Monessen recommendation oh by the way I was looking up CO2 safety and again like I looked it up there have been there have been things where you know they've blown up and kill people but it's extremely rare can you hide your testerone tank you can't hide your own tank but it won't be certified it won't because you are not certified to hydro testing but if you fill your tank with water use a hydraulic press with a use a hydraulic you know cylinder with a very unit with a good gauge stick your tank underwater and then pressurize it to a particular PSI you can hide easily hydrotech when hydro testing is is that a pressurized water stores very very little energy so what a tank fails when it's got water in it it just goes and water sprays out

it comes out right and then immediately the pressure drops when you pressurize something with gas this is why this is why the chicken gun estacion are going to fire is so tremendously dangerous because when you store vast quantities of compressed gas right it is very compressible so when there's a lot of extra energy released this is why I compress gas PVC for instance is rated for water and not for gas specifically because the rupture mechanism of POS up PVC is brittle and if there's gas in it as opposed to liquid when it does rupture it goes all to hell and gone like Through Your Eyes through your neck to your face yawning mean so it's like through your chest do the chicken I don't have time to talk about nuclear war in calculators but I got some good nuclear war calculator information coming up later for people who are interested in nuclear war calculation which by the way people my age nuclear war was the thing you thought about growing up like when I was growing up nuclear are like everyday I'll plan with compasses like where I wear in the fireball range I was compared

New York City but hell if you're in New York city so they the real question is what kind of weapon is the person going to use against us right so if they're using a suitcase style bomb in the ground burst in New York City and they try to like make a point by doing it in a very like like I building Canyon Place turns on no one has ever run those tests so there might be some people doing computer modeling now the ground burst of ground burst of a small suitcase style weapon in a very densely built area but most of the almost all of the tests or even built on the there that are done we're done on kind of 50 style like Levittown American like widely spaced wood building villages with occasional concrete structures they were fabricated out in the desert or you know wartime experience from Hiroshima and Nagasaki or airburst test so there's almost no real data on what would happen if someone suitcase bomb that's when I was a kid

read about terrorism I was worried about the Soviet Union throwing like you know what birds are so used to be that the way back in the day missiles had one Warhead on them right and then they went to this technology call Merv where they would throw one missile up and then it was split into a bunch of warheads and so they didn't need just one Warhead landing on New York you were going to be sick as he has circled in in multiple Megaton rain not kiloton Megaton range hydrogen bonds in which case nastassia long story we live inside of the crater so not a lot you can do the survival plan is you know use your last 15 minutes while I thought you were going to take a boat if it's going to be selling that you can get away from right to go into it did this come up Dave's bread I went through a speaking of the military

how much longer on the imari how much longer on the imari I don't know how can I consume the liquid as far as I know it will kill consumed some it's making hydrogen gas getting that from somewhere because normally it's ripping me oxygens off oxidizing something and they are probably the magnesium and then producing hydrogen gas would she know and that's why I not supposed to put an open letter how's your beverage call the chocolate beverages terrible beverage

it's just like a you should be good with milk it's like quick and water it's like not enough quick and water well I'm sure there used to be more quick back before the initial spill happen if that's what her to do you spell the flavorful part of the flavor when on the ground smelled amazing

I'm going to say that tastes fine that tastes like quit you like strawberry quick or chocolate quick

I love strawberry quick but I had a terrible allergic reaction to it when I was a toddler and now I'm afraid of it maybe as soon as Thursday and we'll still alive live douche it out I'm going to go through my cherry test where I see whether or not this eight months of a weekly shots in the back of my arm have caused me to be no longer allergic to cherries and then In-N-Out eating cherries at a doctor's office

this way like if I die they can bring me back to life feel epinephrine is the Narcan of allergic to cherries so they just like you sit there like you you collapse on the floor when they hit you with the epinephrine and then ship you off to a hospital that sounds great going to be amazing are you providing the cherries or does the doctor have in like 16 years and you think I'm going to let a doctor buy it they might have special pharmaceutical grade Cherry that is possible to buy I'm going to feel each one are the best oh my God huh like the difference between a crap cherry and a great Cherry is like the difference between I don't know crap coffee and Grey Cup even worse like a bad Cherry it just has no flavor is just like a bag of water where the skin is still taught there still texture to the Flesh and thought it nice acidity and sweetness not talking about and the feeling

I'm not going to the doctor's office cuz she'll get pissed but the feeling of just spitting those seeds out

if I can be that guy going down the highway again like I was when I was young at like you know 70 mile-an-hour shooting seeds out of the side of my window my God is there any better feeling really isn't my God they've shot seeds across this whole country when he was younger I told us anything before like I used to live on the 20th floor of a garment district building you know when my wife and I had our first illegal Loft and the entire next like section of the block instead of had a building had a single-story loading docks we had a great view. You would have loved it cuz it's on the west side and she only like living on the west side but we used to spit are cherry seeds straight out the window because there's no one down there that's a great feeling spinning cherry seeds out of a window in Manhattan without without actually damaging anyone know cherry seeds no cherry trees grow on the top of the loading dock to my to my chagrin

that one more thing on the CO2 just some people try to say that they expensive CO2 adapters are worth the money because they are quote unquote lead-free the vapor pressure of lead at a temperature that we're talking about and a small amount of lead that you were is required in free Machining brass is like rough order zero so I would just say no liquid has ever touching it only CO2 is touching it so someone tell me I'm wrong but a little bit of lead in a fitting that's never going to touch anything but gas and never going to get hot I'm going to go ahead and say don't worry about it what do you think all yours after from what to what adapter from the the brass adapter from the paintball tank to the Sodastream like some people are saying that they're adapter is worth the $50 instead of $15 because it has led free brass most brass almost all brass back in the day had a small amount of lead put into it to make it a much easier to machine which by the way that stuff like Marine brass

super easy to machine a dream on a lathe but I just don't think there's going to be any cross-contamination because all the touching it is a gas at low temperature in the vapor pressure of LED would you not even a hundred percent LED is a little bit of lead in Nebraska but machine zero so you're not going to really get any cross-contamination the reason you're paying $50 to the other one is that that person is probably a human they're making a small number of them they're not a large corporation so if you want to support them for having the idea I would do it for that reason enough for the lid

we can try it while you're doing that Matt rights in about the vermicular which sounds kind of gross vermicular sounds like vermiculite or vermicelli like worms right sounds deliciously like what's gross about worms one of those were meters pause I bet you're one of those were meters how hot is it how hot is that uncomfortably hot uncomfortably hot yeah nice that's my favorite kind of let me see you say I'm trying trying to judge now Paul's temperature that's that's warm by the way the meal is as they say ready to eat meeting you don't have to heat it it's safe to eat with outdoor going to pour this into a cup or you want to eat at the pouch we've had extremely bad luck eating things out of the pouch you want to try it yes I'm not going to tear it I'm going to cut it with a knife even though I like is that in my really with my parents okay nastassia

if I tear this and it pours beef Ragu all of my lap Nastasia it'll be the best day of Nastassja is life even better than the day Peter walked in on me in the toilet

right I got a small opening in the top of this meal ready to burn my crotch

nastassia I'm not I'm not going to use the scissors I got a knife but I just wanted you to use no tools

all right reading can you spell near

Where's the fuse be included as we won't use includes don't we have to unwrap a Hemi a spoon

most delicious like Dinty Moore it smells like Dinty Moore

Tennessee shooting this year

why you saying hey it's like freaking can be stew I'm going to say this is going to be great on social media my igtv so people can go watch it there they want the full effect and now is realizing that and I'll tell you something worn it Corporation God bless you you're not afraid of salt that is a is a is a salted beef stew I'm going to give this one cooking issues approval

that is like you know that taste like a decent canned beef stew

not Grimsley

it's it's very well thickened it's it's very same sort of insulting Matt Matt's trying it he came out of the boot into the shipping container to try it. It's all trash in for the day

I'm for it only person hasn't tried it is cat because she's a secret vegetarian they make they make vegetarian version by the way for those I didn't bring chicken with said I brought peace to I thought that it would be more polarizing what else is in our meal interesting but a bit spendy have you had any experiences with this equipment that might Warn its place in a home kitchen I already have a low temperature cooking capability so I'm wondering if there's an advantage to having a vermicular induction unit question 2 with nastasi allows it would she will not but she will like this question so I'll do it anyway and we will answer them in reverse order I was simultaneously amused and confused so a boondoggle nastassia Define boondoggle

I think it's a trip that's not worth our time if anything that is not worth the time or expense usually complicated it's not not worth it it's it's derived from the little key chain that the scouts used to make the now you see him earn your kid you used to leave those plastic things into those kind of barrel-shaped newspaper was called the boondoggle boondoggle then got applied to the little thing that you make and then somehow during the thirties that. Transmogrified into meeting something at the waste of time are useless especially something that requires energy to do and is not worth the investment

Wendy anyting so the first time we went to LA Intrepid bartender friend former btx now majordomo bartender Austin Henley referred to the party that we through as a which by the way is the greatest insult you can give to a party it's a sub party I was like Austin good planning my friend good punning so and in fact it was and that and that was the infamous Infamous circulator set the fahrenheit instead of Celsius event among many many many others so because that anytime Booker and Dax does an event outside we have to pay for it I don't know whether you understand it but when you do stuff you pay for it right so we have to pay for us to go out to crew whatever we're doing

and right now like we're pushing spins Al's because we need more people to buy them but the fact that matter is we know we're all we're never going to sell that many we know that it's what we know just like us trailing Edge technology mean he's right you know we we know what we are but like honestly like to get the existing customers to buy more and more expensive restaurant take it on they need to kind of Lay's potato chips in a little bit like to run a program like when we have an existing conditions you mean like for right at least three to run and 1/2 have is a spare while I fix the other one because it's 8:12 my point is is that if we sold every single spins all that we've made we still have to like we're not getting rich we're not being Bernie Madoff here with our spins AWS like they accused us of in with our see results ain't nobody getting rich off

I'm going to put in the stocks yet miss Darcy and I are over-the-top going to make us happy what you going to do with your money once we need the next five and want to become helicopter Ridge ain't nothing we're doing is going to make us helicopter Rich other than to be nice maybe in a while

I need to get out of the city that was one of my get out of New York New York right you want to be at how to get out plan so like this is weaker friend Phil Wright just basically said they were going to give up like if they knew they only had 15 20 minutes to stassi and I have a plan so the various plans we have you guys rated right

what is gravity could just be something going to happen like a dirty bomb so I guess you just need to get off the city right and suppose you don't know getting out of the city when there's traffic and be problems I like the parachute backpack with the propeller because then use go to whatever top your building you see anything parachutes with a propeller on the back we seen these things have you seen it I didn't know they were amazing anyway the other one is you can buy small with pressurised canisters inflatable boat without without boards where you store in your closet wheel it to the river and stassi lives near river I live near a river out that I think it's best if you were very rich and you live in the city but it's not for that let's say you are rich and you come from not in New York City and you moved in New York City and your parents are worried about you and you were very very rich you there is there is a dude whose business is you want to build a boat is zodiac boats there's various varieties of zodiac boats inflatable

aluminum pontoons zodiac boats the Coast Guard uses them they're indestructible and require very low-maintenance this dude will keep one gassed up ready to go with stuff at a dock such that when you hit the nail GTFO button right it's always there ready and you just right out of the city on your own zodiac how sweet is that a personal submarine talk to me East River I have you chopped up a journalist and thrown her body parts overboard are you Danish remember that story have you murdered journalists are you Danish by the way you never answered okay so the vermicular so the boondoggle is because we sold all of this thing's all that we make we still wouldn't be making enough money to pay for a promotional tour. Inherently anything we do that spends all related to Boondoggle like inherently and you call Rebecca with love

you also do we all call her the boondoggler and now it's a thing of what we called her that on the on the air when we get our La show and now it's out of the shell of a policeman. Let me know how did I never had a pretzel is good with it a flavored pretzel under a totally fine it's probably a pretzel that you buy at the grocery store there's a sugar-free raspberry beverage base to clean our breath of the den team or still more done but there's only two so you can really only eat one with a friend unless you're one of those people that bites

imagine an induction cooker but induction rice cooker for induction Crock-Pot with by the way my Zojirushi induction rice cooker is sick I love it but with a cast iron pot instead of a regular rice cooker pot and some more controls on it I think it looks like a very well-built piece of equipment it's again it is for rich people like if you wanted to have a rice cooker that like also had a really cool cast iron pot that you can put into the that you could put into the stove as well then I'd say it looks like a nice piece of equipment if you're looking for it to do something that your rice cooker can't do then I would say no it's not worth $675 I would rather spend the two hundred and something dollars on the largest Sochi Russia rice cooker used after what that's for and since you probably already have a you know liquor stay somewhere using that for your stove top where but it looks like it and by the way you

is that on a regular induction unit as well so you know there's that so it is for macular about it though at nothing as far as I can tell it's just a name it looks like a very nicely designed very well put together like a instapot sort of a thing with a cast-iron very well Machine cast iron sinks I'm going to say if you have the money do it I mean it looks nice I would be proud to have one on my counter Marcel from the Hudson Valley right said about oatmeal I hate any chance you can get day of the answer this question this may have been discussed before but please tell me everything you know about how to make good oatmeal like oatly in a commercial restaurant setting that is a highly flavored raspberry beverage I can smell it across the room if you mix it is only in a commercial restaurant setting I'm especially interested in semi long-term stability thanks Marcel from the Hudson Valley okay so here's the thing which is the oatmeal cat the Baristas use is not

made like a regular human being there is a a patent on it right so they use whole oats and then they grind them up and then they enzymatically treat them with two things one a protease which include any time there's a there's a patent you can go on so you can't by the way if you actually try to do what they're doing you're infringing on their patent because the patent is very recent they applied for the patent in 2014 and they got the patent in 2017 they be Emma date the protein with that means you have to wait through a bunch of stuff we need somebody to protein your cereals have a lot of proteins that are liable to this process called the imitation when that happens they the protein partially unfold and become better emulsifiers so they don't have to be there at the ingredient label list on on Oakley is very very clean writing to see if I think I have it here so I can read it may be by the sea bass

water and 10% Oats Oatmeal uses whole oats that they grind so Bland right and they treat with enzymes in that States they're using a 10% oat base but they had something to break down the stars they had some sort of amylase to its 11 amylase to break down the stars increase increase of sweetness probably also reduce some of the gummy nests in it and then they have a protease which adds an emulsifier to it without having to use an emulsifier so it also is theoretically increase of the protein content that's soluble so it's increasing the protein content however they also add grapeseed oil the reason they're adding rapeseed oil is because there's not very much oil in it so if you wanted to act like milk you have to add milk now they don't add an emulsifier to it when calcium phosphate that's probably adding someone else vacation to hit salt and vitamins but they're trying to get some emulsification out of the proteins that they've deamidated right now that one of the tricks of their patents is that if you just add like

bromelain or some other protease to it it won't they won't do it the same way it was hacked the protein up into little pieces those little pieces may or may not have any multiplying capability but they're also likely to be bitter so you know I'm like you know breaking Sugar's down we're pretty much just busting it down proteins when they're broken down the wrong way can produce what we call Peter polypeptides but I'd say if you don't care about any of that just make oat milk with standard top hit it with a mixture of gum arabic in Santan to stabilize the heck out of it because you don't have the most fires in it and gum arabic Lomo safai fine and then add some oil to it just like follow one of my recipes for like any milk you know fer for butter syrup or something like that to emulsify a small amount of oil into the oatmeal and she also stabilize the oat milk from separating because you're not going to find all of the all of the enzymes that the only people do and even if you did you'd be infringing on their patents so thanks Ivan for the MRE nastassia although she didn't want to try again

thumbs up I know I know she's stupid Queen who doesn't likes to find me someone who doesn't like to do and I'll give you a person that doesn't really like living for listening to Heritage Radio Network food radio supported by you for a fresh as content and to hear about exclusive events subscribe to our newsletter and to your email at the bottom of our website Heritage Radio Network. Org connect with us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at Heritage underscore radio Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization driving conversations to make the world a better fare more delicious place and we couldn't do it without support from listeners like you want to be a part of the food world's most Innovative Community rate the shows you like tell your friends and please join our community by becoming a member just click on the Beating Heart at the

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