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Episode 37: Cinnamon, Guar Gum, Etc.

hello and welcome to cooking issues on a Heritage Radio Network I am the host of cooking issues Dave Arnold here with Miss Tosha. Hammer Lopez coming to you live from Roberto's Pizzeria in Brooklyn New York to every Tuesday from approximately 12 questions to 718-497-2212 excuse. You prefer Xenon cookie related questions right today today's episode brought you buy the horse ranch horse ranch is the nation's largest single Source Supply or free-range all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef since 1865 the first families raise cattle on the richest man to the central California coast the results of FIFA extraordinary flavor that's as memorable As Natural as the surrounding landscape for more information go to that's www. interesting happen this week do I know this stuff I really I feel like I feel like I'm being left I'm going to I'm going to get skinny when it comes repeat that by the way the pain that we get for doing this favor they show every week is a pizza and a salad correct just talked to you already here. You do apart from providing me with tons of ideas I think it must be for me england-australia he said right to spell steins in the British fashion

the food technologist an honorable profession when done right years ago he was working for a chocolatier in small boutique store and saw that the liquid compound compound some panforte which is a delicious kind of weird kind of candy dance Suite from Siena I actually like it do you like it you know it's that really dance dark with all the nuts in the cave fruit in its got that it's at the way from paper on the bottom and it stays good forever and a slice it and two discs into wedges caramel it's not imagine like a fruit cake without the cake making some panforte and stuff and turn into a thick slime and he ask your boss about it and he said it happens when we as a cinnamon and you look around on the internet for some explanation is why I said it would cause this kind of effect

I'm guessing probably some polysaccharide similar to what's in gum arabic would you like to know if it can be extracted and use as a future telling age well I was not able to find any information on that although there is a polysaccharide in send them in that some nut job has named Cinnamon ax polysaccharide that some sort of BS health benefit or something like that jelly properties similar to come here because it just it's not a bark phenomenon it's a it's a sap phenomenon so come here big is a mix of protein a small amount of protein and gum sap other could be some residual stuff in the park and it clearly there are many barks that are used for thickening for instance I feel a powder so yes obviously there's probably some sort of them

some sort of gelling agent nothing's panforte is very very thick and usually use up boiled sugar component just probably close to coming up on you anyway so the addition of anything is going to absorb water and have any sort of polysaccharide or water bong affect my closet to take gum up but I'm interested in this I'm going to ask Nikki if I have Nikki next time I speak to him if I can remember not regular cinnamon the Kasia has in it during which is an anticoagulant so I was not able to find anything but I'm going to keep my ears out for that and anyone else if you hear anything about it or had experience please write and tell us because we're interested in that sort of thing

okay I'm going to go on to hello from Adam Adam has a Bacon related question that he hopes we can help him with you think so complicated situations where you need to hydrated go to work to work it but where are the gluten formation is the enemy Frances Jones cakes cookies Etc gluten under control you usually use low protein flour avoid over working and then ate a lot of a fat and the fat basically is it is coding the flour particles in preventing the water from forming gluten so and reason he's right about an experiment replacing water in the pastry crust recipe with vodka alcohol doesn't have a gluten activating properties of water does a producing a hypothetical producing Presley little less chewiness than usual this is true this is not only for pie crust is also for batters so it mean the famous examples in pie crust land would probably be

America's Test Kitchen Chris Kimball's you know his show that he's Cook's Illustrated Guy where they have their pastry there pie crust recipe that includes a good portion of vodka in it does two things one allows you to add more liquid so that you can make it a little more it's not as though it's not as flaky doesn't come apart in your hands involved Eliza's off and doesn't want a lot of gluten so it can be rolled without it getting tough rights are the second famous one is probably Heston blumenthal's fish and chips batter where he will add vodka to the batter to prevent sort of gluten formation to make it stay crisp without it getting it all to add a lot of extra you know start buying other than flour to get it to be where he wants either too very well-known applications of alcohol being used as the wealth hydrates the wrong way but there's not water but you know what I'm saying to give the dog some sort of plasticity so anyway so he goes on

the deal with no gluten formation whatsoever I wonder what would happen if you would Hibbett gluten formation entirely when it starts to be in granular form I think you still want the greens be hydrated to some extent even if they're just swelling and sitting together an extremely delicate away with little intergranular entanglement so that you're not even sending it's going to turn into dust when you buy down on a 12-0 gluten formation 100% 09 it because it means the dog is extremely hard to work this is why it's very difficult to work many gluten free recipes right so if you're going to make up mean people do make pie crust and what not exclusively out of things like potato flour and rice flour for gluten free recipes but these those are typically extremely hard to handle the same way that non flour dumpling wrappers are hard to handle the way that those are usually saw is he will pre cook pre boil a portion of your starch so it just starts will entangle yourself a little bit to give you a little bit of structure so you can then form it into a workable go so it

can be helpful for our is always helpful usually in information of Dal not so much in batter's seven batters it's not as big of a deal but anyway so he goes on in his last a while ago was talking about the free sauce to building gelling agent in this came to mind what if we had a jail that had poor heat stability so that the job was holding on the most of the water when you're forming the dough but when is heated to tell loses its hold on the water and allows you to see if into the flour and that would control the shape of baked goods and make it so they had a fairly high water content without it for having a lot of information but I'm not sure if that would actually be useful or not but if you want to experiment with it because you and general likes very very low water formation thing store delicious the classic example of shortbread which is basically you know you take butter and sugar and tiny bit of flour and barely getting to hold together and you bake it and is there anything more delicious shortbread no no no

know what it's like hardtek nuts who made your shortbread


anyway I'm sorry for that Outburst alright listen we have a card I'm going to tell you a first try and agar fluid gel if you want to get something to hold onto water but at the close to the boiling point will it will melt Kappa carrageenan won't form of fluid Chelsea can't use it even though it's going to melt a lower temperature hard tack and feed collar you're on the air

hi Dave I love the show by the way lots and lots of useful hints I have a couple questions about hydrocolloid Enquirer gone to stabilize emotions right and

it's just this is guar gum on it I got it from will powder taste it if it has a bad taste to it and means he's sourcing and is no offense to him to a source resourcing inexpensive Gwar and if that has a beanie taste of it is before I answer your question if it has a beanie kind of off taste to it you going to want to call company called t i c gums and get there stairs which is called Gwar flavor its flavor free guarin T2000 or some crap like that Ben's flavor free Gwar and that's that's awesome right that's that's really good now will might be sore so if you taste his Gwar and it and it taste okay then I add stick stick with it but if it does have kind of an off taste you and then I'm looking to get another you are not what specific problems you having with with stability using that system

what what it is a reasonable temperature it is very very stable more stable than any holidays ever bomb making that I would for like a demi-glace or any other thoughts but when I get up to those temperatures you know like the 60 neighborhood they won't even at 60 even at 60°

cuz I can write with my measurements cuz I'm not keeping it and circulator he always keeping it try and keep it in the traditional steam table we don't have that could try to control products that door or combination to percentages that that will increase the resistance is just a portable I'm surprised so when you heat Gwar what happens is guar loses two of its thickening power it doesn't get damaged in any way when it cools down it will come back to its thickness McGuire loses a bit of its thickness as it gets heated up unlike xanthan which loses its would only lose the very little bit of its abilities when it when it's heated up now wouldn't want to stick in the the Gwar at all because we add more Gwar because they are going to start tasting barn and be it's going to get to fix when it gets cold

I'm wondering whether the heat that the damage is actually happening to the egg proteins in it right it would be a good results of both original Hollidaysburg, you know what that means right yeah keep assist systems can be difficult because you can have multiple interactions with things so basically you don't have an emulsifier in there like the only emulsifier you have are the well the egg in the one and the end the milk solids in the other so we are both aguar in the Santa and the Gwar

basically as a as a thickening agent to prevent the the particles from climbing together and the windows and is acting as a week gelling agent when it's not being stirred right and so that's basically your stabilization system you might want to move to an added emulsifier so I was a good one in this Choice might be Gum arabic right so instead of using xanthan we use a mix of gum arabic VanZant then called tickle did also from t i c gums ticaloid 310s and take away two 10s and it's a basically it's a mix of xanthan gum arabic Gum arabic is going to act as your as your emulsifier right and then the end they are going to act as your stabilizer as a week gelling agent when you're not staring and sitting on the steam table I've made butter syrups just butter serious with that that will sit on your bench or get heated indefinitely without breaking so then if you're having further problems with brake and you can add something like you are or even a starch to something like egg yolk to prevent the egg yolk proteins from being able to to to to quag

end up you don't turn the crappy on you so I would move to I would try system of a gum arabic in San Tan and an easy premix one is a ticket to 10 or 3:10 as we should go sell tea or sample out or just get commercially available Gum arabic and added into that cuz I think what you need is to add an actual emulsifier and the Fairly stable over a wide range Heats and it's also fairly stable over a wide range of dilution so if you were then suddenly use a like like like you can even fortify liquid into that for a Blog to attempt to thin it out a little bit and it was still hold it sauce consistency so ask it's a lot more friendly than a traditional beurre blanc and it could make you could have like a base there that be useful for a lot of different recipes

right right great until the next thing I need to try and he's at the end if you want an American Sour Patch Kids gelatin that's just straight-up gelatin and then I haven't I haven't it's been a long time since I work at anything like that I've never gotten really good results they but they from everything I've read like that the gummy bears are starch molded and so it's all about getting a deal that's why they have that poured looking back because there mold in the starch right so it's not like it's a it's all about getting your moisture levels right and just not rushing it like those gummy bears take a couple days to make so there

Damien so it's all about you in the Maury Show level right having dry and exactly the right rate it's like gummy bears they don't last in the bag right you can tell if you got an old one because they turned hard and the and the young ones that are just right have the right texture so I mean I would look at you can look in some of the old books like like that one that mentioned a bunch of weeks back and I have the name of My Head by Kirkland call Professional Patisserie from like the 1800s early 1900s cuz they have all the cornstarch recipes but there are some Modern books at also talked about that I don't know where torreblanca is Botox about that we talked a lot about cornstarch and molding that's interesting interesting stuff european-based jellies are more based on packed in that's more of those fruit slice textures that your teeth thinking too and I'm not same as a Gummy Bear all so good I think probably easier and faster to make

yeah I was getting a little bit of bleeding hearing about that I've never done a coating of a candy like that they probably make the candy first and then spray it with something so they can pan it do you want to say so you probably have you I'm saying that out loud just saying it but I that's how I would do it rather than try to control the the powder and the candy making at the same time but they probably they probably have something that they paint paint off the pan I'm not sure what that may be an alcohol time and then get into it here but I don't know I'd have to look into it but couldn't cause you any problems

weather Athens to get malic acid get tartaric acid on your first commercial break on cooking issues


do you stay in a sauna

David Jim Croce music before country can I use listen to my mom when I was growing up used to play it all the time but like she had this song where he's like I was joking about this hear the song I know it's kind of late I hope I didn't wake you and then goes on like this like like crappy love you know I just called to say I love you in a song but like Sunday and I was going through it would like to know the phone ring at 3 a.m. you pick it up

he died

Jim's snap out of it anyway we have a question from and see what we're going to take next we have a question from Johnny hunter in Madison Wisconsin RN in dry curing Meats Activa RM but I figured you out there not in the know is meat glue the wonderful wonderful wonderful product that glues any proteins together first does it work to glue two muscles together and then do a dry cure Houston is might be nice if he's trying to do a dry-cured ham without the bone it would allow for better shape and unless airpod is accepted as truth the way they do a boneless like a prosciutto is actually cured bone-in and then they debone it and they have a very high pressure press it presses it into a handshake mole that's why all prosciutto to the same shape cuz they've been crushed into that mold least the ones that are bonus so yes this would work days are definitely working me to make sure that you had some might help you because you could salt in that interior portion and so when you're carrying your own have a lot of times you'll get paint or lack of care along the bottom line because

not going in especially through the fatty areas and so this will give you an opportunity to get some of the Cure on the inside of the meat as long as you've been over-salted and then you can still glue even over a light so I'll be there and you're not going to get a lot of bacterial probably the one Mainframe you're going to have him doing it is you're going to be introducing bacteria into something and then gluing it shuts you want to make sure that you're killing bacteria right away there so I'll definitely put some tonight right nitrates rather or try to guess a hand trades and some salt enough salt to kill whatever ails you on the service of that because otherwise going to be in deep deep doo-doo I don't want you to get anybody sick second question on me about rolling short bellies recipe and under pressure for rabbit bacon day but he didn't mean that he meant rabbit with bacon not bacon made from the bellies of rabbits because even Keller not that dated until I can kill a thousand rabbits for one serving of the movie is I don't know

today's me what color does he layers rabbit up with bacon using activity using meat glue and Johnny's try this with a couple of different animals and clean rabbit and goat and after you cook stew bellies and slice them and roast them in the oven they come apart so is there any way to do it since the meat of a separate when it's cooked in a high-temperature thanks a bunch so here's the problem of your private Thomas Keller's recipe in the book and it's not a parent how much kind of meat do you have to add he's layering slices of bacon together with like one layer me clue you need to make sure for someone your gluing things that have a lot of fat you're not actually gluing the fat what you doing is blowing the connective tissue the college in a different proteins that form the network of of the fat before it's ready which is why you can't glue rendered fat you can only glue glue original native fat need a fat so basically it's rendered it can't be glued what you are glowing is the stuff that ends up being a chicharron if you were to cook it long enough that's the protein residue okay so you want to make sure that

all of it has a thin dusting of meat glue on it and then even at high temperatures this stuff won't come apart if you brutalize it like you fry it and an oven sometimes the violence of The Frying can make the meat pieces come apart but the pain itself won't be damaged as long as you have enough meat glue such that connective tissue is always touching connective tissue so I would make sure that you get both sides of any belly that you were doing you might even want to switch instead of using CRM using activity GS which uses gelatin as its bonding agent is going to be a little bit stronger of a bond and also you can paint it on and make sure you're not missing anything just don't add too much liquid or it's going to be a problem teller also recommends Under Pressure using a like a like a sieve like a handheld save don't use that you like a cocoa-dusted Earth is going to get a much finer coating so you should be able to get it to work if you if you do it then on a side note a lot of comments on her blog recently coming from Nut Job wingding freak shows who are anti meat glue because of some knee-jerk reaction that they think they're going to the Butcher and they're butchers serving them

loser like hacked a piece of hamburger and selling it to them as a whole steak and it's all based on some crappy crappy expose in quotes because it's not an expose expose song it's not happening on a show in Australia called today tonight show the show itself has an oxymoronic freaking name today tonight to dumb name for a show only only you know I don't understand like unless you were listening in which case producers I love you I love you show have neon basically it's saying that like it's some of the quotes that are absurd anyone is ever use meat glue before or even an expert can't tell that something's been glued together with me glue and anyone who's ever look at a piece of meat before in their lives can tell the difference between a bunch of scraps glue together and foisted off as a whole cut of meat and and one it's been you know that it's a real honest-to-god muscle so I think they're making a kind of Tempest in a teapot about a problem it doesn't really exist and also saying how it's a bacterial nightmare because when we were using me

when you're putting things possibly contaminated with bacteria on the inside of your meat which before you thought was relatively sterile but the trip with that is is it's not it's not that that's unmanageable just knowing that's what you're doing and anyone is properly trained using me clue knows if they have to kill that bacteria that they put on the inside so I encourage all of the listeners it is to go around find these blog post these morons who think it's not banned in the EU in bass meat glue is banned in the EU not transport m&a switches from an enzyme Ramen to buy blood clotting factor that uses to meet what uses of mica was banned in the EU and it was banned in the meat in the EU for dumb dumb reasons it was banned because the moron so we're doing the legislation couldn't think of a valid used for it because they're not Cooks is not a problem with non cook get any saw too much of a problem where you might do something fraudulent and so they ban the use of that but didn't ban the use of the other one which is more prevalent the thing that makes me really angry about this is it so hot

find together meet with crappy binding agents like carrageenan and like the way they make dog food everyone when they see a bound piece of meat thinks it's been found with with Miku Miku is actually an expensive and nice way to buy things together without the use of a lot of fillers in gelling agent which is how people can rip you off they really feel like I'm going to rip you off anyway so go out there and smack these people upside the head with some knowledge cuz they need it okay sorry OK and from Australia this is from James hey guys were a member of the Australia Today Tonight Show me to join the block for a while so it's probably not getting the podcast for the show he's been struggling with oven spring it in his bread for 2 years and he stunk so far I'm going to be here now so far I've managed to work my way through every single problem apart from the fixation side bus that swings cooking it out of the oven spring what's happening is instead of going along when he slices to bread he's getting a burst in the semen along the bottom of the bread and splitting on the bottom which is not what

I want to have happen and he's tried all the different kinds of things you can try burying his different hydration from 60 to 85% using autolysis which is a process where you start the the the the mixing of the flower need a little bit let it rest for a while and then and then meet again mixing different batters making different kinds of starters different kinds of hand rate a hydration different kinds of flowers excetera excetera different kinds of formed solve ratios different kinds of risings different proofing levels different bacon yada yada yada so he's wondering what the heck is going on and so he said that sometimes he now uses a different a steam technique was called steam via I swear it whatever everyone in bakes bread now is that is that steam formation from for many types of Reds team formation the very beginning of bread baking is extremely important and so he's been trying I want to wait till you throw ice in and it gives you a constant rate of steam because the oven can't have app can't melt and evaporated all quickly enough so you have a steam the last little while we're as if you just throw away

a very well vented a home oven will just obliterate the steam you're not going to get enough steam so he wants to know what to do well

I was going to say that most times when you get a bad burst in the bottom it's actually because you're using you're not doing a good enough for me technique assuming that everything else is okay you're not like giving a good skin to it when you're forming around but you say you try that I'm so I would go when I have a question I don't know whether the Brit Basin Community respects them but I like going to the fresh loaf which is a blood which is pretty interesting and also there's a kind of a nut and I appreciate nuts there's a guy named Steve B I forget what his with his a Blog is that you can find him Steve beat heat heat experiment with a lot of crazy stuff and he found a steamer that is effing algebra the name of the company that manufactures the steamer but it's basically what you do is you take a hotel pan you drill a hole in it you put it over your bread as soon as I can soon as you put it on your stone and then you you you taking you rig up a garment steamer with a nozzle and you pipe steam into the hotel pan for like 20 or 30 seconds and then put it in the oven and then a couple minutes later take it off and

that more closely mimics a steam that you're going to get out of an oven and I have never used it but it looks really interesting so you might want to try and so and there's a couple people on the web now experimenting with these like handheld steamers and hotel and upturned hotel pan so yeah I wish it was still wintertime me to come still feels like it but I wish it was because it's hard for me to do a lot of baking in there could my oven is gets hot mighty mighty mighty hot condition of curious back like what the actual mechanism of steam is because it seems kind of confused people say multiple things that it's like I don't have to do more research on the actual everyone knows it's team at the beginning house across from everyone but a lot of the scientific explanation seems kind of bogus and I started reading some the documentation this morning I didn't have time so maybe it's something we'll deal with later on it on a different dad on a different who's going to watch it all right then take our second commercial break and while we're going to it why don't you remember to call into 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

where am I

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Jim Croce is visiting hell on that Operator Operator just trying to do her job you know he's talking about his best old ex-friend Ray I admit is a jerk for running away with his woman woman ran away with him takes two to tango so I have good news that I actually did something I said I was going to do and I ordered an Aeropress coffee so I can finally say what I personally think about the Aeropress coffee we've talked about it a million times on the are only cost 2495 so I ordered on Amazon and it makes it perfectly fine cup of coffee I might use it now as my as my taking my bag coffee maker but here's what it doesn't make espresso coffee thing I learned something recently there's this thing called cup of Excellence have you heard of this

every different country every country has its own cup of Excellence a lot of countries and there's a huge competition where there they're cut again and again and again and in the winter and they're all the small lights are auctioned off and someone has to buy the whole auction so far isn't Dallas brothers who is when the sponsors the museum thing we did that latte art judging contest gave me a bag of Rwanda 2010 Copa, Co-op cup of Excellence coffee and it sells for a lot more than regular coffee it's like 30 $30 a pound queen rain rain wholesale green and a very good type of Excellence go to to check it out go to a cup of Excellence. Org anyway to dancer to call in your question to 718-497-2128 that said what he born in 72 common common

make us free question yeah but it's also a seaweed 420 is a holiday for me it's my wife's birthday but Easter is is actually Anastasia's birthday which is 474 is this this year nastasha gets Easter I've had Easter on my birthday before her birthday before one of those crazy ones anyway, can you show me the holiday 420 is the jack you no more


so it's not Easter in some holiday that that us old fogies aren't familiar, I'm not really interested in cannabis of course you're not itsy we the catches your fancy seaweed salad is is freaking awesome with its Al Dente crunching ubiquitous sesame dressing does it don't speak Chinese I guess or Japanese I've been able to track have been able to track down good weed to use in a salad I see the fresh stuff and some Asian groceries but the sections near the sea cucumbers where nobody bothers labeling stuff in English I project I've been sitting on for a few years is a trike alternating series in order to have fresh Unlimited Supply of weed I just saw on the Giza on food and cooking this has become a combo and sea lettuce are commonly used in salads if I have any tips I wish you look for Market or what species make a good salad and tips on prepped and have i n since I've used saltwater aquarium before made them can it do I have any tips on sourcing growing some hydroponic weed okay the problem is that a lot of the

weeds that you use are too big to basically to basically grow in a normal situation although things like what, they are and end up in all these things are routinely farmed and that's how they do it like if you very rarely get wild anything anymore but it's just they're so big that it's hard it's hard to do you can gather your own on the coast which I've done a bunch of times with limited success unfortunately I haven't done any research recently back in the day they the book that ate everyone had was called cooking with sea vegetables by Sharon Ann Rhodes unfortunately it's kind of like and this is nothing against anyone it's kind of hippie dip and I'm much more into like straight-up you know killer information and like pictures in this wood looks like it was written in the seventies or eighties and I've had it probably you know since forever and it's like all black and white and it's not really up to date it's so nice to tell me if there's an up-to-date new new series book but

how you use a seaweed depends a lot on what you want a good website it's interesting that the person who made it apparently doesn't want you to find it because it's very hard to find but it's seaweed to the Pacific North Northwest by Brianna Gucci Gucci Mane and hurt their website I don't have here if the name of that but she has a fever for seaweed or some like that but she has good pictures of all different seaweeds you can get in the Pacific Northwest and how they taste cuz she ate them which is pretty cool so she has a good list I recommend you go to that then, seaweed seaweed have been ripped off of the Rocks you don't know how long they've been batting around in the ocean and therefore there maybe they might be mine are rotting or some like that but I've never died so far I'm collecting a wild seaweed

one thing you can raise in your aquarium by the is a certain varieties of a sea lettuce green ladder you can rate raising it in aquarium it's going to be an expensive proposition but you should try it and knowing you you're probably well so you should probably get that give that a shot I think how you treat it depends on what it is so friend since even something like combo we use it in a salad after we've used it to cure and cook a duck so like Mills would have it sold recipe where you would wrap a duck breast in, because, because current curing that is awesome right and then after we cooked that we peel it off and then we'd slice it finally and then you can eat it is really crunchy, if you don't over soak it right is still got a little bit of crunch you slice it thin and then you can have it as a nice as a nice out as a how you use a series going to really depend on what state you get her name you're going to have to refresh it and usually it's tried she going to have to refresh at you get fresh I would just choose what I would do in general if you see something in that in that market just buy the hell out of everything

my every damn thing and then taste it and then you know just try to compare pictures on the internet to what you can find who is a relatively few number of ones that are commercially sold you know you work on a LG key, let you know lovers Nori's a different types of coughs so you should be able to do a mix and match and then remember the characters named remember once I went to Chinatown looking for Pig's bladder which is legal to get in the US and why did they went on I went on Google and translated Pig's bladder into in the manner in and then printed the characters out and then drew a picture of a pig with its bladder and then pointed to it and I think I got my point across because they were laughing their their their butts off but didn't give it to me paranoid because it's illegal here tomorrow eater really early yeah it's a little too early for a burger frankly butt eater is going to come to my house because I no longer have the kitchen anywhere we don't have a kitchen Brooklyn yet

I don't have a kitchen in the FCI any more so since I'm kitchen less I'll be cooking it in my house which is a pretty mean I have a sweet kitchen kitchen so we're supposed to do our version of The Ultimate Burger not a problem is it it's so many people have done their versions of the ultimate burger right you have the modernist cuisine version of The Ultimate Burger which involves a lot of stuff you know they they cook them their Burger Factory for a long time I'm not a fan of cooking a hamburger for as long as they are not so not fair and it's not for me because I like certain types of meat can take on a kind of gaming Livery note that I don't really that's not for me and a burger like from me like a long as I'm going to want to cook a burger is probably about four hours that's about it I'm not tomorrow because I'm not waking up that early start a burger anyway so like I also don't like vacuum packing Burger down because I think they get too kind of smashed so I'm a fan of the way I like to do it is it take that the meat mixture

give me a quick fry to set it and then put I'm going to grind bacon into it though okay was delicious right sounds I was thinking I was going to use a combination of short rib Chuck and bacon right grind it I like a real loose pack and relatively thick and then fried quickly just to keep the surface intact then I'm going to put it into probably butter or maybe I maybe like a butter that's been mounted I'm like a bird Blanc with with some some hyperboles Beast I can't decide yet and then because my wife write my wife birthday tomorrow so I really shouldn't be doing this to my wife's birthday on her birthday and she's not going to be there it's going to be in the morning my wife is flying to Boston tomorrow so I have all day to fix whatever I do right light up because this is the best way to finish a burger off right I'm going to cook it in butter in a bag at about 55 degrees for a couple of hours and I pull this out the route and then I'm going to build a small bed of hardwood coals on the ends

add my house under my hood in the mini Weber that I have I'm going to build the temperature up till it's about the temperature of the surface of the sun such that it's basically melting the Weber into my into my stove well I'll let you have it you never took it home if I bought it and was never reimbursed for it so yes I gave it to you and I'm going to use it one more time before you take it you've had a year and a half or more to take it to your house and you never have cuz I've moved it like three times in my in my house and the grill like Piper Grill at basically on the service of the cold put a nice crust on it and then I do my favorite gun and here's my favorite Bond it's it's a no wax tile from Buffalo it's going to be caraway seed and salt on English muffin homemade English muffin cheese and regular cheese

like at that modernist cuisine do a really cool thing where they did they take in a day flash Infuse a tomato with like a vinaigrette or something like that which is a really good idea but soon does not tomato season I can't get a decent tomato I might just use pickled green tomatoes to do the pick one that's made of the same time I like fresh onion so I can put some pressure on it on it just a show that give me the give me the stinkface onions I don't like I don't matter. Anyway we can throw some money for you but to me a grilled onions in between it's not a sauteed onion and it's not a nice ass in between crap wrong you give me nightmares I don't know my mom told me nightmares and come back next week for cooking issues were hopefully we can discuss some of these on your nightmares

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