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Episode 369: Live(-ish) from the City of Angels

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cooking issues at the weird

will do it will do it

all right I will do the intro where am I I'm in Hollywood Hills we're not going to hear is radio network Yankees recording pre-recorded in the Hollywood Hills what can I do with a special I love LA Los Angeles tour of cooking issues where is close to the Hollywood sign as you can possibly be that's right and we were introduced by the way we have with us today we have courses. To the Hammer Lopez how you doing stuff yeah good and maybe have a red Rebecca the boondoggler our Intrepid marketing Guru

now you're going to say Hello I'm shaking my head right now

and that's all you're going to get I can see you you're not shaking your head you're lying to the listening audience I'm head bartender Jack's ran when he will oh yeah how you doing this is basically along with Austin henna leaves at majordomo out here in La this was the team that we've been running around doing things like Harvard and Stone Bible Bible talk about it later we do not have Matt in the booth because Matt lives in New York instead and then we'll get to the store in East Asia we have Jeff in the booth how you doing

yeah and we are at his house in the Hollywood Hills this might be the closest house to the Hollywood sign that exist on Planet Earth true or false and this is. And here's why I even though it's hard to go into like a jet engine whine and show out of cherish the reason the reason is like chooses to stay at this house we come out here it's not just the Hollywood sign but because the association actually like hung out here when they were doing the album that had song such as chairs my right to Graham Nash at a party at this house by Mama Cass who live next door okay so I had to bring it back to cooking always have to bring it back to cooking so my point is is that some gnarly

gnarly gnarly stuff is taking place in this in this building true I mean it has to be like that are of a folk mean right Minister party stores when did you get involved in this house who is living there before with his still like rock and roll types or was it

that's what I heard. That makes sense that makes a lot of windows in the back porch Salon out on Friday all right what we were doing I just spends all demos and that's it right so we will pursue run Harborstone how the appleheads turn out so for those of you that don't know I don't know if you how you'll be hearing this not knowing this like the Stasi and I have been for many years obsessed with the apple head doll phenomenon Sonos. Seems like we're going to do a place we're going to do it when do apple have sweet drinks and I was like I don't really have time so she's like crap on you I'm going to carve a tarp to out of all of the Apple Head by car to and and then we're all worried

I didn't want to do it all well nastassia believes that there is some sort of stereotype of like a half Mexican half like Russian woman who moves from the Los Angeles area to New York to the west side and just sit at home all day making apple heads to her this is like a valid stereotype if you didn't want to be so she wanted me to make at how's it going to do nothing wrong with collected cat have a boyfriend

then she just getting deep into an on cooking area that I don't know if you want to get into for the question everyone had on the apple head so what you do is you take an apple stop running to give him the procedure you take an apple right then you carve it right right right thing that you can sell it back in the day they just haven't Vincent Price shrunken head maker that was you just like ripped apart your your parents lamp and put over a hundred watt light bulb to Vincent Price shrunken head maker with the apple and you did you wanted a time I have an Excalibur dehydrator so I took a bunch of copper line and made hangers and we can do like I think we could do like 16 at once or more that last batch to the whole back in the dehydrator just let it go

I told Stacy I thought we should use clove eyes for it because you know that's legit thing closed eyes and I'm not old school and she's like no I'm going to the cake decorating shop and buying you know they're totally okay they're not googly but edible cake is the best thing I saw this week was Nastasia Googling the phrase cake hair

so we ended up and then she's going to put these fake hats on we ended up matching not needing hats what's a googly eyes are on them they don't need hats really Rebecca was The Stylist found a new car which is just putting a variety of small hats on Apple heads depending on the personality what speaks to me and we had several that looks like Freddy Krueger one that looks like Donald Trump did not look like Jay-Z and it's faxed inspired by Jay-Z when you were a carving I would say would be more accurate look anything like Jay-Z Jack there was a minor semblance

the guy that photo anyway because we were we did old fashioned which is you take a passion fruit you mix it in with what we mix it into a bees Wings Plantation here Plantation original dark at the enzymes spin it out dog with little brown sugar pulled over a rock garnish with an apple head and you know everyone can I eat the apple key try not not I don't think anyone ate one not poisonous no but anyway you'll never get that the bar why because Jack we do not go ahead or garnish garnish to me gives you nightmares when you go home at night

I don't know if we sold all of those we went through all of our drinks like super Cody told ya he told all the more drinks than we had planned it was great so busy that they've done there. Lots of old old friends great regulars came through like Eric Tai who has been a Booker and Dax regular for years now he lives out here I was so nice to see him and I you know who came from last week Steve from Los Angeles and I will read his Pono yes yes this is now the cooking issues Palm

I had sushi from a chef who developed a technique for aging fish I got to try some of this an amberjack kampachi

Steve from Los Angeles

that's really powerful all right all right all right so we can do any other new drinks right although we're and we're Aunt way we ran out of all of our drinks going to stop at night at midnight you have a grocery store out here on the West Coast people call Rouse I don't know if you know this but Back Where I Come From that means vomit

oh yeah yeah eyebrows are going to go to Ralph Ralph mean throw up in West Coast okay okay we thought we were going to do blender version to Thai Basil Daiquiris which I know I know they're only like 88% as good as a real Thai Basil Daiquiri liquid nitrogen but they don't have any type is what we were in Thai town but the point is is that you know like you go to like like a crap a crappy grocery store I'm not boosting New York you go to crappy grocery store in New York at happens to be in like a Latin neighborhood they have the good I can get the Latin ingredients there you go to town and they don't have Thai Basil I was disappointed it was just grab whatever mezcalera polski had on the back bar I think was a decoration how long is that stuff in there cuz he's pouring that stuff yeah we did

and parsley which was the only green thing they had in quantities large enough we made an orange syrup which I don't see repair before right so needed a suggesting the orange juice up to become the same thing as a lime juice I want to do splits Citrus so we had lime juice already we got some fresh OJ and I think it's 780 something like that grams of sugar per kilo of orange juice equals 50 breaks because remember where she has a 10.5 10.6% sugar in it and we use that syrup and we did have a good time would be calling think green what are you guys can I have it only have green

he left you can have green and then you started making Daiquiris while now we left at that point but the point is you're going to do just like a milk wash Daiquiri right like what was the the the backup a chainsaw training with the folks at Square One allowed to talk about the new place right now no yes or no whether or not we could spend the stylist with strawberries out of milk to make some sort of a milk I don't know what they want to do but it broke and we got strawberry and then we showed them good ol fashioned milk Stirrup because they wanted a heat stable acid stable milk syrup we made milk syrup which I've told you many times but it's equal

sugar milk Blended in a blender not too hard you don't want to over foam at then wants his dissolve you add for every leader of syrup you add 1 oz of 50% citric acid solution or about 2 ounces of lime juice you blend it you'll see it thicken up and then once it thickens up you I call it like Nike par baking club par breaking your part Breaking the milk so that when you're using it in your application it won't really curl out and break until they want to do a hot mash it worked we did Juice Plus milk syrup steamed it it's team been held in and out of the hot coffee but that's like not be much more delicious cold it was two rabbits rabbits cost people guess how much do rabbits cost $100

thanks we're doing a lot of work outside so we are the way we cook them was we spatchcock them you know I couldn't we open them up put them down there on the Inside Out made him flat the kind of like they still look a lot like rabbits when they flattened out though I guess they look like a cross between a rabbit and chicken when they're flat knowing that comes so you something of chicken spatchcock then we did salt pepper mustard garlic oregano lime lemon juice oil Rite Aid garlic you say garlic in Spanish. Let that sit while we cooked our delicious hyper expensive 20 freaking dollars worth of mushrooms that can fit inside of a small lunch bag they were very worth it was really good out here is strawberry land like all his people I'm sorry Union Square you know Green Market with your tristar's and all that you come over here and the strawberries in the Farmers Market to shut up they always think that they can

am I right jack oh yeah we think that you like listening oh my God oh my God I have been to Mandarin quite Heaven Jean Lester's Ranch in Watsonville California by Pepper what oh my God for the 2-hour lunch or the hour and a half lunch we had 250 kinds of citrus and she's never going to let me forget that she had that that we didn't bring our lunch and they brought a lunch so we ate like a like a piece of rye bread

terrible stories that we were told that it's not allowed in restaurants in New York anymore we're like I'm pretty sure that's not true I work in this business anyways so she never let me forget that but you know I'll never forget it as a fantastic experience because I got to taste 200 Verizon Citrus including a lot of those kind of men are in Quad things but they weren't necessarily in High season and we only had a couple of them and I am I mention Tucson air if you eat only Citrus for entire day I apologize but you know how people say that guy thinks his his what do you say what does think he's okay I ain't nothing but Citrus hard Citrus and when I go to eat something I don't mess around Jackson same way true don't mess around I I it came out of me almost like it went in pure Citrus juice and I was like this is me

this is the best day of my life anyways in the manner in which they are delicious cuz they're there more sour than a kumquat slightly thicker skin and I would say twice as big and every Dimension so four times the volume of a kumquat real good real good California hybrid everyone Buys in medjool dates right because they're delicious and then occasionally people go by DJ Khaled no deadlifts or does he tease or some other kind of date but and these are all the like you know that the well-known kind of dates that were brought in from places like Morocco play rock at Ollie's Place Arabia but there are some amazingly delicious California hybrid dates that are kind of micro cuz I've never been turned into big kind of date production then we

yes it was called Empress so the next time you're in the Southern California area you know it's going to be a season when is the end of summer is actual date season right for fresh dates for new crop dates I think it's the end of summer anyways I encourage you when you're in the area to search out real date Farmers fine and ask the metals are great whatever but find some of their cool hybrid dates because although many joules are super silky and super sweet and beg and delicious like there's a variety of textures from ready to Silky the skin can BBQ Beef Irma can Papa can have more of a candy texture so there's a lot that is like to do do you like nothing that the guy made a seat with the sound so this guy he's like the date don't even date rip out the pit stick tusker County then and then eat it it was good but I think I would rather just have chocolate in days it'll be the best I ever had

so I don't know if you know this like I'm a cheap man and the Stasi Lopez is a cheap woman this is perhaps how we got into business together because we're true people and but the messed up thing is is that we're cheap about different things and we're also we're also both of us if you don't know us right around says I'm so far like we're both willing to do unreasonable things for minor reasons so like just didn't want to deal with regular car people so she's like I'm going to just fake Airbnb for cars called cars so here's the thing about people's car car they may or may not be maintained may or may not be maintained so just Asia has in her head with by the way I appreciate you like I'm going to rent a piece plus and then we're going to like be able to drive the entire like like you know Booker and Dax cooking issues existing conditions Armada

around Los Angeles like you know like Cheech and Chong used to do back in the day but without the marijuana and or and then like you. We'll get out we'll do it ever going to do so she's super psyched about this piece bus and she shows up first if you can hear the brakes how many miles away can you hear the brakes on that day that I knew was going to be a nightmare Rebecca the boondoggler totally jinxed

have you refer to me as a boondoggler previously by name with Rebecca Mustachio also Anastasio make me sing various boondoggle songs like right I won't do it now anyway point is is that Rebecca gets in and it has a full kitchen if you are on your knees and you only want to do very limited things in a bathroom. Yeah no cup holder so so I got I got him first I got into La first masaccio's already here with the van and I get on the phone with her when I'm off the plane when I'm waiting for him like you're picking me up right she's like yeah she didn't tell me what the car looked like she just said it's too loud one you'll hear it

tell me so Rebecca is I would say everyone would agree the most reasonable of us

it's a big wheel growing and learning experience for me this trip I would say first of all seats for Sleep 6 you figure it out just like this house except it's sleep 6 but you can actually have a hundred people here on a Saturday night this house and that van is that they both move the same amount

and here's what happens we're going down the highway

stop cuz I got to get gas cuz this thing gets like Neo 5 6 miles to the gallon so it's like draining you can visibly see the gas meter going down as you're going down the highway pull into the gas station and turned it back on again and meanwhile there the whole time or driving well I don't know this yet I don't know where she goes huh the battery lights on doesn't tell me what's going on we pull into the gas station you turned it off

what did you say you were like the people let me tell you everything is going wrong with the battery light goes on it means the battery is not charging without a battery if you don't have a battery and your alternator is not working properly as soon as the battery runs down no more spark no more engine no go right sound like oh my God oh my God we're going to gas station right by the gas station at least like if there's a little bit of power in the battery left when you when you turn it in an old car go get click click click nothing you suck it was dead and dead and of course none of us know that like in a VW the engine is in the rear of the car I'm like I do we throw the alternator belt what's going on on this thing and then the battery also in one of these things is right in the middle of the vehicle so we're right next to a gas pump so no one can pull in and up and we are jumper cables for this that you can't tell you something

sing the guy said when he gave it to miss. He was like all the jumper cables are back here. Should have told you something about it

play the batteries here and the jumper cables are here in case you should need to know what I mean so then kept referencing that you were going to sleep in the van and he did not think that you were going to be driving it around true true so we jump rope by the way it takes very little electricity from the battery to keep the car running as long as you're not running the radio or doing his other stuff you're really just making this part right at that. But that being said we're driving through Los Angeles in an old bus with the windows down you think we're not going to put the radio on house probably didn't put the radio on all the good news is doesn't have any air conditioning that's a good thing because I saw the compressor for it with no belt that the guy cut off because you didn't want to maintain whatever so we get this guy to jumper as we sit there for a while we go and I'm not sure in my heart I'm like what was it a problem with it with the charging other words if the alternator

can be okay running as long as you don't turn it off. She also wants me to talk about the fact that like you know like I don't know why you just send her panties Skittles who had breakfast at city with a dead bus at a gas station just sitting there we're all trying to rip the backing off and look at the engines you like Skittles fell off a little bit

you're eating Skittles right now I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with that

no pickups on with a working car so like we get to suck her going and we can make it all the way so we're like this house I told you the closest house for that to the Hollywood Sign you have to go on some snaky snaky windy road and the road bifurcates like 89 times before you get to the final one where this house has and PS the cell service Jeff right around cell service up here not so much not so much and I love you as we approach to turn was left left left left left left she was right she was right now also remember we're in a piece bus on a road that's about as wide as a baby stroller like a baby stroller can go up this world may be so we live in this place I don't even know where it is Dorcas Place anyone knows where that is Dorcas

verse to make a good OC pulls into an extremely rich person's driveway how do I know they're extremely rich because they had one of those automatic gates with a punch pad and a little camera so you can say who you are and a bunch of vehicles in their little McGillicuddy over there right in their little cul-de-sac their private cul-de-sac we pull into it but half the peace bus is still on Dorcas place

and then right there the spark plugs are like you know what I'm done I'm done nothing and Jack has no bars. He has no bars I have no bars Rebecca The Boondock are you come to the rescue you have a half a bar service is only one bar and things that the stories were telling whose exactly the point. Clair

anything like I had not experienced any good old-fashioned La Road Rage when I was out here until this happened so where we where are we going to do early 80s like peace boss halfway into Dorcas Place Dorcas place you know I can barely walk on it much less drive a car and like this guy comes around the corner like 85 miles an hour and is little Beamer with sore ribs around Slams on the brakes and we went and what we are here we live here now project with to drive over jump us only give us enough to jump us give us enough power to get you know if a spark plugs running

back to where the house was we made it we called it in for like you pull a flatbed up here you free show and get this thing to hell out of here anyways you get a refund yet this episode is brought to you by Foster sundry specialty grocery located in Bushwick Brooklyn since opening in August 2015 Foster sundry has evolved into the neighborhood hop for weekend brunch we can I buy groceries coffee on your morning commute a draft beer after work and so much more their cheese counter whole-animal Butcher and produce section make grocery shopping a pleasure Foster sundry also offers catering and wholesale learn more at Foster sundry. Com. Foster sundry

oh I also mentioned I forgot to mention so real real cooking tip cooking tip not driving we're going to have so many cool driving-related cooking tips in that piece bus to in a piece bus searzall shoot in the Pace bus we're going to take it down to the Los Angeles River and do searzall cooking in the piece plus didn't work out for us you're not riding the bus again never get no no more we're going to read from reputable people on the way there was a sign on the side of this piece bus and said before your next adventure and I had to stare at it while we're like trapped on Dorcas place with this guy's Beamers grocery splattered all over his front car because they don't have seatbelts

honestly it was an adventure though they just didn't mention that they were creating the adventure like the van is the adventure yeah yeah yeah we had purchased two very large expensive rabbits only what kind of rabbit is it in California if it gets too bright in my back pocket marinated and then we used the I use what I've learned from Pandora member everything I now know about cooking I've erased all of my old memories and I do everything based on the Pandora technique which is used preposterously high heat and then just go off and on as many times it takes to get the stuff done now and then will you can let it cool down and then fired one last time to rewarm it as long as you keep it like relatively warm so you always have a nice crust and you don't overcook it so remember it usually works on stuff has been lightly tenderize cuz you're going to overcook some of the outside that's why we had acid in them

mermaid sugar all that crap spatchcock made it flat we should have pounded it Jack right anyways so my wife wouldn't like if she hates does not like we don't cook rabbit at home because she doesn't enjoy being just enjoy the phone thing

leave that what we did is we we made we made like you know the surface of the Sun Jackie turn your grill into the surface of the Sun by like putting like eight loads of coal in like super hot and then just we did both sides off on oil in between I think we had to off on it four times right like that was at 3 and then three we do one last one so what you do is you you put it on super high for like 2 minutes flip it right it hasn't formed across at this point then for the first cook pull it off let it rest right until it's no get down to kind of a lukewarm kind of a thingamajig then back on do that for 2 minutes then pull it and then usually some of the ones where you're actually kind of pulse the heat into it that you're trying to get that heat up relatively quickly won't let it cool all the way down before you hit it again so let's say you're cooking something like shrimp shrimp is going to be viciously overcooked right mean pretty much

but with that one you almost let it cool all the way back down between firing can you keep it well-oiled because all you're trying to get is a nice exterior because the inside as soon as it starts cooking is overcooked your rabbit not the case because you need to get the size especially in part of the end of the hunting stuff cooked into a bit thicker so you're going to need to go off on was still relatively warm so the whole trick of this kind of high multiple he cooking is how long you let it rest off the heat before you hit it again with your with your you know quick on quick off off on off on that's going to be you know the subject of of half of the book that mustache it doesn't believe I'll Ever Write which one the miracle moisture Management in my mind it's not supposed to be called that supposed to be called something else but in my mind I just keep calling it a miracle moisture management

y'all bring moisture back people it's in West Hollywood as you guys have asked me that like six times over the past 24 hours they really call West Hollywood weho

yeah they do okay so you some questions I Restaurant Group recently acquired a family-oriented burger restaurant here in the Kansas City area that has three units around the metro area in addition to tightening up some of the beverage operations now I have that song Tighten Up going to bed head painting apps on the beverage operations and procedures in their bars I've been tasked to upgrade the milkshake and adult milkshake program now I have to leave going through my head and I wish we could play that you know she's a cook who I was almost going to get her to be the other judge I think I wonder whether she would have used that song as that as the as we get started almost as we get started on those dates will be using the same Vanilla Ice

base with purposely has a high butterfat content for the owner's request and I'm sure to the Delight of most Americans my question is how do I maintain the texture and most importantly the thickness that is necessary in a fine milkshake when adding Spirit Liquors excetra my initial attempts wall tasty delicious Ave come up stand and lacking that no shakiness that we all want we think Burgers Fries & shakes I'd like to use a mixture of spirits and liqueurs in each for example a malted version featuring 50 Cent 50.5% Bourbon and 31% alcohol level Spirit base tomorrow is this even possible I may need to rethink entirely keep in mind it will have him any competent bartenders on staff special ingredients such as liquid nitrogen excetra are simply not an option in these heavy volume establishment they just installed a high-velocity Hamilton Beach 3 spindle mixer that you just that with this specifically for the milkshake program Ryan Miller

so the answer is if you're not willing to do anything out of the ordinary they're going to be thin right so you can either reduce the quantity of liquor in use liquor that has a relatively High viscosity I mean we've all had Bailey shakes in the past ride Jack but they sent out quickly because the alcohol content is just going to cause everything to melt down faster what I suggest you do go on cooking issues mustachios cooking issues still a porn site or is it back to being a cooking issues

look up my recipe for gel and based ice cream the what I think you're going to want to do is specifically for the the alcoholic ones if you can have a separate ice cream base bun for it you turn the ice cream base into a fluid gel so I use gel and Louis will Jalen and you should have B CP Kelco but it went out of patent so you can get it so what you do is you set the milk so if you listen to what you say you have milk cream eggs you set the milk Porsche unless they are going to have a thousand Mills right so 500 Mills milk 500 milk milk cream and then I don't know like three four egg yolks whatever's going to be in the recipe right you take just a milk and you put you put like a full 1% of Joanne that's 5 and then a thickener so you could use LBG now you can use any of those you can you bring up the milk and you you boil the milk with a Jo-Ann and then you add in as it starts to come down and temperature you got a little bit of

call Sam the recipe is there you are a little bit of calcium to eggs with the eggs in a little bit of calcium and then the cream and then I had to clean before it sets and remember that you want to keep it so above the temperature weather Joanne stats but without having to boil the cream up then you said it except hard like a gel you blend that gel and that jail now has the consistency roughly the milkshake and it's completely stable then you add you freeze it like Ice Cream you make a milkshake and then even as it warms up it won't melt in quote it'll just get it it'll just get warm with your kind of gross Melvin question for me and Brooklyn asked why is everything so disorganized in life are with us

but they can't be listening live so what's that like when one of the email this now but like regarding what like there's different reasons why the following what's been going on here why is everything in our life is so disorganized well because we try to do more than we are able to do you know how you try to do more than you're able to do and it's it's crap show you what I mean it's like but at least you can do something interesting read me the odds that we could do anything at all if we tried to only do what we knew we could accomplish would be zero we will get nothing. Like when we got in we did the bar that we had the car trouble then we do the bar thing we got went to bed at 4 we woke up at 8 when is the farmers market in all of yesterday we we did stuff yeah but it was it is just organized because we try to add too much stuff into but it is

so yesterday we also we also went to someone's house on guy's house right and we made Saratoga Palomas and Anime Saratoga plumbers and we also I'm estate on the air because they were not political and B we don't curse on this radiator but like empirical Spirits habanero just to let we did with a grapefruit juice carbs. That was delicious yeah those guys are cool they had they had some fun stuff there and Gray House views and your nice weather garbage day we are 5 minutes

I can say I answer two weeks ago but I'm pretty sure I did this

okay I'm pretty sure I can remember answering his question

John did I answer the question about Acme Ice Cream that I talked about the stoelting Ross custard machine that I talked about the fact that the only continuous Freeze ice cream machine that a normal person can buy and by that I mean under 20 grand cuz they're like 12 Grand I looked it up is that is that is the stoelting Ross Frozen Custard machine that only puts about 20% over run into your into your base has really good talk about this because

he said if you have no overrun which is what the people Acme claim that they have over one team out of are in an ice cream base but if you have no overrun then it's just a frozen block of cream that's what we call a greasy popsicle not ice cream right so you want to get me some overrun and they're just manipulating overrun to be lower if you had talked about the ways to manipulate overrun

that's what I call a greasy popsicle that's a greasy classical I'm pretty sure I did I'm pretty sure I talked about this John if I didn't talk about it get back to me this we did not do we do not talk about pickle brine I'm glad Jack is here today for this greetings to Nastassja Dave Matt is not here at all so I guess that's Rebecca and you get in this house we become become fond of Bloody Marys with pickle brine in them we are now going through brine faster than the pickles I would like to make my own Brian but have a question or two I like Clausen brand pickles so thought that start with this knockoff recipe which is from a Blog called Amanda's cooking with no G A man is cooking cooking cooking I remember like you ever seen those fensler films GI Joe things

we're not good. You're not cooking like that if you haven't seen since were filmed it was one of the early viral videos and this involves the recipe involves fermenting in in quotes the pickles on the counter for a few days prior to putting them in the fridge how would you approach has if you didn't care to actually produce any pickled cucumber is this step important to the Brian flavor I eat is the pickles are the pickles important to the pickle brine yes or do you have your own recipe for this I checked liquid intelligence lastly any comments on the comments in that recipe there are two micro debates about what's going on one is whether the fuzz that some folks grow on top of the pickle is mold an acceptable byproduct of fermentation the other is whether you should boil and cool the brine or just makes it thanks Glen Holden from Aurora Colorado

Okay so

play the long and short answer is that in the way that you need some bass in there to ferment in order to have the brine from it right so you need to have something for the lactic acid bacteria to grow on to actually get that pickle brine flavor the fuzz is almost almost certainly not mold is probably bacteria and you're being like that like the dead burnt out bodies of the bacteria or the living like bacteria kind of stuff that growing on the outside or on top of the Pickled stuff that's all fine and good right but you're going to need some sort of substrate what I recommend you do is make classic pickles right so or buy them right and in general like if you're going to can them for a long time that's when I use a jar most of the time when I'm making my own pickles I keep them alive so it's just salt and you know whatever flavors you want garlic coriander yada yada yada you can get the nice flowering Dill flowering Dill not regular Dill flowering Dill

flowering Dill that said flowering Dill with a little humbles you put that in and you make it get the right amount of salt you let it ferment you can pull it at whatever point I noticed in Amanda's cooking that that she appears to like a half sour Jack how are you feeling what has to have sour you like I know why you like to punch I told you what my Creek is you go to the pickle store cuz I buy pick up from a guy in a big pickle jar big bucket like they 55 gallon drum pickles I was like yo yo give me some half sours but give me full sour juice and if you leave your house hours out long enough guess what they become full sours right so what you do is you can pull them at the last minute the House hours will be brighter green and they'll have a better texter but you actually don't want that since you want to maximize a pickle brine flavor what I suggest you do is for metal whole bunch of pickles blend all of those suckers as an SPL to him spit them out in a in a in a spinzall Branson

would you can buy on Amazon from the booker and Dax Corporation and then that pickle brine you get a very high yield of that pickle brine you can then if you need to jar and heat that to stabilize it and it will keep for the me approximately till the next ice age or nuclear war whatever happens first theme song on the way out what does it mean cooking issues semi live at a computer cord from the Hollywood Hills thanks Jeff for recording us and you are we all going to sing this work we were already doing it where do you want to take your lean back cuz I don't know how many times that I have said who's Dino actually all the time so we're walking the dogs I don't know how many times did I have said who's Dino and he's like

block dad cooking issues

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