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Episode 368: Walk Like a Leatherman

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Meat and three is back we're kicking off our fourth season and celebrating hrn 10th anniversary with a very special episode about our home Brooklyn bird is was such an interesting place with such a strong gravitational pull it attracted all of these different groups stations of gentrification I would say the majority of the people who are members are Co-op definitely have certain purchasing power are mostly white and we are trying to change that we're taking you on his journey that spans the birthplace of food radio to Buzzy neighborhood pollinators to the transformative Health journey of our Borough president while someone is throwing me a life raft and I'm going to take it to hree available wherever you listen to podcast

I work every Tuesday to actually fairly close we were here fairly close I'm impressed I've also never had the door open while you did that before wow that's you generate some serious volume tried to see whether we can go for a mellow but you know just doesn't know people don't like it by the way from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Lopez is with me she ride with me on a subway train but she is next door placing our order for lunch because as those of you may or may not know our payment for really

I think she's here in the middle of a sentence just throws them out of the way just for Jackson project Nastasia and lies only payment for this is a pizza Shear Joy Shear joy and a pizza

give me a 45 minute podcast all it requires really is a pizza

podcast from a secret location in Los Angeles next week we're going to be in Los Angeles next week and by secret she means we have no idea where to send it.

8483 Cameron doesn't look like the old it's like more of a modern it's not like an old-school piece bus right it's not like we're going to show up at 1 lucky radio guest radio listeners house and spend some stuff just makes this stuff up and then and then she looks like she's doing and I will say also that nastassia will find some way to bow out no way I'm the driver have an inverter in it is it like a it's like a rolling you know so you can plug can we plug a center Fusion on the inside of the bus

I never been to burning man there's a whole group of people we have a friend Jordana Rothman who is she was big on it like why do you not want to go to stuff I don't like the people I don't think I like the people there are to go I don't like drugs either so I'm prodrug but I just walked

we have a car on there with the question I'll bring them next time I guess that's what I'm wondering I see sometimes advertisements I'm not a cook or anything but for very high-end stoves and ranges that are used by restaurant I'm wondering outside of the ornate this and the customization do they cook food any better or there any special features compared to your Vikings and kind of things of that is the main thing about you're paying for different single version using the right right so you're spending a lot of money on the name and you're also spending that there's a lot of kind of enameling work you know I've never done a lot of cooking on animal tinny we almost got one four Realms got one for the lab

French culinary years ago that was a really lab you didn't even know me they were going to build an entire lab on the 5th floor and they ran out of money Midway through building it to the entire fifth floor was empty for like 3 years and then when they built it they built it as a student thing they didn't do the lab anymore so thanks for you were going to build a lab so they had the original idea was there were going to build a lab that she could come in and use all this new stuff kind of like an incubator food incubator before its time but then they just ran out of cash and then they're like you know what we don't need to build this for you probably would still be there if they had built a lab so maybe for the best so

a lot of this you know you're there not building very many of them their custom and they have a lot of enamel work and I have a lot of fancy you know fancy stuff on it and chefs who have their high-end equipment they end up falling in love with it right so why is it so the two and two of the high-end Brands you know associated with like with Francesca molteni Bonet and you know while he was a born a guy he loved his phone at the giant built-in thing now I've never I know that multi me I think there's some home stuff but I think with that it's not this going to necessarily cook any better know their burners are very nice like French cops are very nice but they're not going to but not going to make your steak any better the issue really if you're just talking in General commercial vs. not too sometimes you're paying for things like the name you're paying for things like build quality so you know a multi knee or even any of the higher-end commercial stuff is just met with a much

segregate a gauge of Steel and so she's a lot tougher can take a lot more abuse than not that you abused it but can take a lot more than an ordinary things but really

like a professional like a load of mid-range professional thing the difference between that and home is typically that there's just a much higher output on the professional one other thing the professional things tend to have is you have her like a rail in front so when you're cooking professionally you know at your range you'll be you'll be using your burners and then you'll have a rail in the front that you can either pull stuff up or you can put a 6 pan up front and move around until like that rail is very helpful and I think most home stoves don't have that rail also almost all professional stoves that I've used are designed to operate like a flat system so the Great's are such that pan can be slid off on around like I said up to the rail or off to the side very easily not all home things are like that so what you're paying for can be a lot of stainless as opposed to if you're buying a stainless unit which you know most home units aren't really good

rates are spiders where we going to call them because they're going to take a lot of abuse especially if you're paying extra has steel steel razor steel spiders as opposed to Cask is cast one can break and they often do brake especially in commercial application and then you're paying for the getting in a professional stove the burner output now there's a lot of downside professional equipment as well typically they're standing pilot so that they're always putting heat out that's why we know I have a 1 but I have a professional one at home and what I do is I turn off all of the pilots and then I like them with a Torchlight them when I'm going to use them just because I don't want to have those pilot lights running all the time commercial ovens also you know they have a running pilot in them and they get the gas ones anyway and they tend to work they're much bigger like you want to be able to fit a full sheet pan in so a lot of Home oven can't fit full sheet pan in but they're also not insulated very well so they take a lot more energy in and then they also

do the lot more energy out to the kitchen of which is one of the reasons why a commercial Evans really aren't spect for home in some places don't allow them anymore that they don't have its good insulation to get a lot hotter both in the back and on the side so you know you can Scorch Cabinetry that's next to it if it's not the new put together right also commercial ovens tend to be they don't have broilers and I'm so most commercial Evans least one that I've used the heating element is down underneath but there's no top heating element so there's no Broiler element so again like commercial ovens and Commercial ranges are fantastic 40 using four actually absolutely hate home ranges because I just can't stand not having the power when I want it but that said like modern induction home ranges can do an excellent job so you know it's not always that you're just paying for you know stuff that you don't need but also sometimes having a home equipment not so bad like a home oven as long as my stuff that's in it

got a convection function on a be fine with home range I would take me a lot at the place that I have in Connecticut Island how much longer the place I have in Connecticut I have never want to use the range shift because if it's worthless this week so I have induction Hobs that I use and and it's gas to it just terrible stuff reduced insulation on the commercial units higher gauge stuff it's assume that you're going to have the same cranking and anytime that you throw away energy you're actually making things more stable so like for instance old school espresso machines mrs. Theory like I've never spoken to one of their designers about it but I'm an old-school espresso machine it's not insulated at all very well or at all because the way it one of the ways that they get stability with relatively bad temperature control is just having so much

eat leakage that there's a relatively High constant heat input and if you have a relatively High constant he didn't put you cannot enter in an in and out you tend to even out the bumps in the road and get it to be kind of more stable at a higher temperature because if you have something very well-insulated you take it up to a temperature in the thing shuttle you know turns off then when you open it you're counting on you have a lower thermal give a little slower thermal mass and and lower like constant heat input so it can drop faster right cuz they're putting more energy and I'm losing more energy out but that's just a theory and I just also think that you know the average designer doesn't care very much about professional cooks and whether or not they're sweating to death and lastly it's only been fairly recently that you know places like Fisher nickel and all these other have ever rated the Energy Efficiency of commercial appliances and I think most people would be shocked

act at the amount of energy that consumed by commercial appliances Commercial Refrigeration commercial gas ovens ranges know I looked at a Combi oven one that was being used in one of the MoMA fuku places years ago and that single oven had twice as much power going into a single oven had twice as much power as my entire apartment the entire apartment so it's like that was a Combi oven so, and also regulate themselves by hurling energy off into the ether that's how they regulate their you know that how do you make it and get the steam but you want to regulate your vent all the excess to the atmosphere so they're just crazy waste of energy

and you know hopefully in the future you know Energy Efficiency water efficiency is had a lot of people but Energy Efficiency has it really hit it more in California which is where Fisher nickel is ramen so there's a lot of people over the past 10 years so my tenure problem that past 10 years have been focused on Energy Efficiency especially for things like Steamers Friars via oven to not I don't think copy paste of that

good question, next time with your second question nastassia is he not doing her I've Been Told

that I should allow her to do her Hammer thing and not feel nervous about it


so now I'm okay so Colin Gonzales Road in thanks for answering my my butter steering question a few weeks ago I have a new request any question Dave please talk about ranch dressing I like ranch dressing but wait but why are you advocating for pre-made Ranch at all

cuz most people bring the pre-made to your house but why would you make ranch dressing or ranch dressing analogs are incredibly easy to make why wouldn't you just make it with the package

why do you require a package to make ranch dressing saying other normal human beings who don't make all their food bring it to her

ayo ayo

the package how do you make ranch dressing on your own what is ranch dressing I'm not really rude I'm not Pro Ranch really I just I don't know I'm not really addressing guy what about Cool Ranch Doritos Opera all variations on Doritos in the backseat of the car and vomiting in the backseat of the car there are certain flavors that if you're not eating them smell repulsive you know I'm talking about Nastassja anyways have they done a Dorito flavor for every type of salad dressing is there a thousand island Dorito you know what I would like I would like the blue cheese Dorito there go blue cheese blue cheese dressing who was it then someone like my wife like we're talking about

on the show but like she ever been on the show

now it's like I think it like half the people probably don't even believe that I have a wife, myself included you never mind my wife heard alot about her I'm sure she existed don't worry about my being so ranch ranch my son tax like ranches day is a kind of the one thing that he used to learn how to make and if we don't have the ingredients for his version of ranch then he just says we don't have it in the can't make any salad dressing so in there are many different varieties of ranch and I didn't actually look up the specifications before I came on but the basis of it is very simple it's a mixture of mayonnaise and then sour cream and some people yogurt right unflavored unsweetened yogurt right so there I don't put yogurt in and I'm more of a sour cream mayonnaise kind of a fellow feel like that's the base is that and then salt pepper some herb like usually have to put an ally a minute like chive and then I like in it deal but

nicely if you want to go to a ranch Ally tarantula at a ranch similar thing you can throw in any green herb you can throw in possibly you could throw in cilantro cilantro

why the hell would I do that salt the key also everyone a lot of people anti sugar and I don't like sugar you know there sugar in the pack ad some sugar a little bit you don't want to make it sweet you want to balance that bounce it out a little bit and some people like to add more Siri you can have more Security in the form of love and you can have more acidity in the form of vinegar you don't have to add more to go if you don't want and I don't think there's garlic in a standard Ranch but it doesn't hurt it and I always add to most of my dressings like to add a touch of mustard but again is it a hundred percent necessary know anything in there and yeah you blend it all in your food processor and you got Ranch that's a salt and pepper and because he always supposed to be there but you can do anything as long as you start with that cooling base of mayonnaise and sour cream with maybe yogurt if that's what you're saying is you can throw anything else and you want you could add lemon juice

you could add no salt pepper an herb usually chives any Ali and really and Dill and then everything else is up to Grant and I think I think everyone should make their own ranch I don't even know why do they sell packaged why would you sell a packet what do you add the packet to just sour cream no mayonnaise mistake straight sour cream egg spread dip maybe sour cream moment but if you would if you were making it for dressing

I've never made it for dressing

okay until I was recently watching Thomas Keller masterclass you think we should do one of these masterclass on a cocktails what did he say on them incredibly weird on the right leg what are you said you seen the commercial for that says I got to look it up anyway and he used to make a potato puree which contrasted with regular mashed potatoes you later makes a parsnip puree instead of using the Tammy simply Vitamix did he says if you try to do the potato in the blender all the stars would cause it become dummy what is it about high speed blending that would cause as well ruptures to starch granules and then it it paste out your nails were used to work with the French Culinary Institute used to add extra water to a certain potatoes Blenheim invited prep to make them gummy on purpose who would make an on-purpose gummy potato puree and it was quite good by the way

oh I finish mashed potatoes with immersion blender before it is is it likely that I was unknowingly eating gummy potatoes well look couple things on mashed taters I

it's okay so where the Tamia Tamia is a fantastic way to make mashed potatoes if you have another person doing it right so Thomas Keller is willing to do Tammy mashed potatoes because he only has to do it once and then tell you that this is the way you should do it but sitting there with a pastry scraper scraping potatoes through a Tammy over a bowl then makes him the stuff into it and then cleaning out said Tammy is a freaking nightmare I hate it so I hate doing that way you are doing your good thing about it is that it forces you to cook the potatoes enough the classic mistake people make with mashed potatoes has to like I'm afraid I'm going over cook the potatoes until they undercooked mashed potatoes you cannot make mashed potatoes with undercooked potatoes the trick is to cook the beat the cook the bejesus out of them now you can either bake them right which I do or you can boil them people don't like to boil them because the excess excess water in them but if you dump them and then like keep them over a heat a heated area for awhile open so they flash off most of the extra

water's going to go away and you're not actually going to ask soggy mashed potatoes it's not really a problem you can look at the potatoes and you can see them dry out on their own if you dump them in big enough chunks to make sure you cook it enough and then you can tell me if ye if you blend it it will go gummy food meals I hate I hate food no. I really hate them there a bear to clean they suck they they keep use your time coming up right they have to reverse and go forward reverse go forward by the time you finish at your potatoes are cold cuz it's taking forever unless you have one of the big commercial 1jj basil you know Chef in here in New York he went to his mom's house like I told the story on air went to his mom's house she had him a food mill open the front door of their house and just threw the food mill into the street and then close that close the door again I hate food most your immersion blender as long as you don't overdo it is not going to be bad also a paddle if you do a little pre mashing paddle in the KitchenAid is not going to kill you the trick is if you just

overdo it it's going to go it's going to go gummy on you but I think people are worried about overdoing it and tend to under do it so they're still chunks of on mashed potato with your thoughts on chunks of my mashed potatoes. I bought an attachment for a dynamic hand blender and that attachment isn't is a powered like ricer on the end of a stick and I have to say that thing is amazing it's it's crazy to me that no one in America makes these because it actually works quite well and I was getting ready to hate on it I bought it for testing thinking I was going to completely hate on it and actually unfortunate up liking it anyway

and I guess he's saying that either he wants to parsnips to be gummy Thomas Keller or he just doesn't find it to parsnips go gummy

we ever choose a person that and then this question is for you and stassia have you heard of modern Adventure basically they get tastemakers to leave cool trips I almost went to one-on-one the Vietnam led by Alison Roman here's a link blah blah blah who won the Republican Georgia led by Bonnie and Israel Morales you should look into doing one

I sent it to Rebecca and she thought that you wouldn't be organized enough or something he's asking you I would love you are a parent that has you so the thing is is would like I can make it happen but would you like what would you do on it on a trip this is you would have to plan the trip yet

right but so what do we do yeah well how would you actually do in that environment at first of all you ever been on a tour I never been on a tour either like or you would be leading the tour but then that would require me to go to a place that where I was with a local and it would be New York know you would be discovering the stuff for the first time how do we know we're going to discover good stuff it doesn't matter just for fun okay so it's like all right why don't you what if we took everyone on a tour of the leather man's route boring with Taurus 34 days long you may not shower you may not wear any machine made clothing your clothing must be made of leather boots sold by hand and it must weigh 60 lb

what is the weather

hey Dave Nastasia my name is Chris I'm calling from Philly I have a pasta question for you so we've been making fresh pasta for a couple years now with primarily freshly milled flour it's not whole wheat or worshiping off the brand but we're finding that after a couple days in the fridge by the pasta starts rounding and after doing some research online seems like enzymatic Browning is to blame for that and I only have access to so many articles online I keep I keep landing on this one website research gate that has a lot of articles that might be useful to me but I can't really get to them so I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on how we could combat that

you're in our pasta and you know we're trying to trying to keep the German or trying to to to highlight the flavor of these has these local weeds and I'm fresh green chiles a Browning often with enzymatic Browning there's going to also be kind of characteristic flavor changes is it are you getting that as well or no or is it taste okay to Salem it tastes are as far as we can tell any taste taste the same on day 6 as it does on day one

right but it's just the color is off so you can't sell it anymore we can sell it but we're learning that our customers have a preference towards like lighter-colored golden noodles and they loved it but it's just funny whenever we put a pasta that's like a traditional golden color next to something that's a little bit more Brown you know the one that's the traditional color but always sells out first yeah I know aren't people the worst they can General solo so I don't have any specific answers for you at the research it but the what do you know about the website sci-hub

now I don't actually mentioned this someone sent it to me from people sent to me Sy Hub s c i h u b and I think it's. TW it changes around. SE what you do is you do your primary research while I can show you say like you know you have been able to get to the papers cuz you don't have access to them the good news is that all of the all of the big search engine for academic stuff like Al said yeah by the way I believe make most of their money in like you know gun-running I just made I didn't make that up but pretty close anyway today their databases are available online and then when you search for the stuff they have wood called a DOI DOI number right so then you copy that number the DOI number and then you go to SCI Hub and you enter it and then it gets you that paper for free so you know so you can get anything almost almost any talk

now it what you get doesn't have like a lot of the books and so you know you're going to want to get access to probably some of the you know pasta books it's been a long time since I've read them and most of those books are written from you're not from the standpoint of someone who someone is doing it industrially and so most of those people were like well what you do is you bleach and or age of flower you know what I mean obviously something you can't do what the weather at you know Joel Gargano I know he makes all the stuff Fred but he doesn't keep it so I don't know whether he has any suggestions you know I would say that probably some form of antioxidant but I don't know if you want to add an antitoxin to I don't know which one would be most effective in pasta but you can even look up I mean like I would guess anything cuz you're not doing an egg based pasta because if you did you can just jacket with although

vitamin E I took a funeral I don't think that will help with this not that kind of an antioxidant anything but you wouldn't want to go too well with age and it's the same the same story with those you know if you're not what we typically vacuum-sealed of dough right after we make it that keeps the color for for a while but then you know if it sits out outside for a few hours you'll notice the color start changing pretty quickly so we just been reading those pastas and selling them Frozen just that kind of combat that like that stuff is in egg right that it took a funeral stuff in tin egg I don't think would prevent the Browning side of the oxidation that's going to help more with fat oxidation I think it's been a long time since I've had to think about it but I don't know that like I don't know what kind of antioxidant you'd want to add this

stop the brown in which case is probably only like if you used IHOP is probably only a little bit away maybe even in a couple of papers away and in the maybe someone on the staff you never had to do that stuff right because you were doing Frozen video with cook it and freeze it obviously once you cook it you're wiping out the enzymes in your good so you know maybe someone in the chat group has had this problem my friend in New Jersey is now making chickpea pasta anyways so let's take a look at if you want someone to email your question if I find anything and research I'll talk about on the next time just another quick quick when I guess

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how to reduce that's all the time I know now you know what it's like this isn't she is doing she's doing her Tina from The Lettermen was no possibly a french guy you can look at pictures of him on the internet and he all he used to carry with you Carrie like a couple of personal items I think like a book in like this like pot that he had and people would throw away old boots he would cut them open and like likes o them with songs into his leather man outfit with weed like 50 60 lb and he would wear this every day of the year cuz I only had the one letter man outfit you would wear it everyday of the year and he would walk in a circle that was 34 days long that went along the coast of Connecticut then up through Westchester which is just North of New York City in New York up like over across to the Connecticut River and back down in

Ram boom boom boom 34 and sister happens most of my adult life has been spent directly on the Lettermen Trail my mom's house is right near the Lettermen Trail you know you know New Haven when I let you know in college was right next to the Leather Man Trail my place in Connecticut on the other end of the Leather Man Trail so like Lopez's you know where she is on the on the Eno in Stamford fantasy Tavern on the Lettermen Trail anyway you never sleep inside ever in fact they had to force him to go to the hospital when he was dying of mouth cancer and he didn't really talk to people wouldn't respond the famous pictures of him and he looked at that there are on the web he looks incredibly angry because he didn't like people taking pictures of this is like the 1880s and so like people would give him food to eat and he would sit down and eat it until 1 in the morning

famous pictures that you see him eating something and what happened is if they had a camera and they put a tarp over it and they're like hella the man has something to eat and then they ate as he was eating they pull the tarp off and he's got that look on his face like what and if you mess with him he would never come back to you again and it was seen as kind of unlike most vagrants at that time people are rioting anti vagrancy laws knows a lot of violence actually again they weren't at that time but specifically in the anti vagrancy laws that were passed in several locality with the leather man went through they would make specific what's it called allowances for the Leather Man because he was kind of a good luck charm and I think the reason is because it was a extremely regular schedule at 34 days I think so you would just go around and there are no caves in Connecticut so calling them KS is a misnomer like there are literally like zero Kays but what they we do have is piles of rocks and some of the piles of rocks form cave like structures where the Leather Man would live and scattered all around

Trail route are these things called leather man caves where you can go hang out with the Leather Man used to used to be and so nastasi wants us to do at or where we go together leather and then we beg for food and I have a family and by the way he would do this like I say in the middle of the winter he would be sleeping outside in case you want to get on board with us let a man Trail Elementary oh wow good chance if I tell him about this he's just going to do it with or without you but a question so you're wearing a 60 pound or whatever it is leather outfit 6 7 8 10 years for straight right so like at what point can you no longer smell yourself

probably pretty quick I was going to be my gas based on New York City but it's going to be together like we have to be wet to separate ourselves by a day everyone on the trail as we separated by a day

doing it together well that's not it's not supposed to be social he was a loner Hewitt was the Leather Man not the leather group of people anyway okay I didn't even know this game so I didn't I'm reading it for the first time I didn't ask them how it ended up on my iPad without me knowing but I pretty much every oven I've ever owned it has a convection setting but I don't ever recall encountering a recipe that says to use it I've cussed around occasionally and read and write up in a bit but I don't really have a firm grasp on the point of it is it correct to think about it as the heat version of windshield where increase air movement is essentially nullify notifying the temperature and moisture gradient they would otherwise exist between this thing being cooked and they have an environment shiny thinking about using it for things where I want to emphasize exterior cooking over cooking through EG roasting asparagus or some like that where you want to put some color on the exterior without rushing out the interior are there

specific you use cases where you would recommend it thanks from Patrick I went if you have a convection setting I use it almost all the time so the reason that they don't talk about it a lot is because not everyone has it and so when you're writing recipes they're typically not written for having a convection setting the this if you are correct it's the heating version of windshield the problem is is the air inside of an oven is relatively static right so if you have let's say you have a pan of water so for some people when you're cooking things specially early on in the cook you have a pan of water in the bottom so you're creating steam like let's say you're making bread that's team and the bubbling and boiling creates enough Motion in the ocean let's say that you have you have a pretty good mixing write in a cake in a convection in a non convection environment we are not having a lot of boiling a lot of movement on the inside of the oven the air can get relatively stagnant and especially if there's not an open flame which they're very rare

yes right can get fairly static and so stagnant and so you can have a very large temperature gradient at the surface of the product you're cooking where the moisture is evaporating off of it convection oven mixes that so it gets rid of that one to buy moving more hot air over the surface of your product that you're increasing the heat transfer rate quite a bit now almost all of the time you want that to happen so it just makes things cook much more rapidly than there are exceptions like I guess in a braised you don't want it or if you're worried about something cooking too quickly then you then you wouldn't do it but what it's doing is just accelerating the rate at which you can put energy in the ultimate of this is called an impingement oven so if you heard of like oh what a turbochef things like this it's like being like in the wake of a jet engine there's throwing so much are hot air across it that they are at the hot air is constantly fresh

I'm getting so much more heat input that I can cook things radically faster the only other downside to a convection oven that you get is that I mean again sometimes you don't want him back and it can dry out the services at things quickly but it can actually blow things around so certain delicate pastries if you have a high convection setting you can like blast the top of it down or you know certain light things can rattle around the oven so when you're doing dehydration of light things and you turn the convection setting on is it going back that's why some things have low convection High convection because things are more delicate or things that we can get rattled about you want to put in a can of lighter convection on it but in general people that have convection use the convection the majority of the time I would say

Steve Roden from a Los Angeles where we're going to be next week Steve you did not provide enough of a years what years what you said I had sushi from a chef who developed a technique for aging fish

I got to try some of this

an amberjack kampachi

well okay Steve I'm happy that you got the truck

yeah it's a problem but I will say this

I had sushi from a chef who developed a technique for aging fish I got to try some of this an amberjack about you

I think it is a phone and maybe doesn't require any further elaboration except to say this I think there are very many more people now who are hip to the fact that fresh fish isn't the best fish so there are some cultures there some preparations where you want to eat the fish as soon as you kill it back obviously there are whole recipes and culture is built on live fish at a restaurant but for the majority especially for things like sushi right you want the stuff to go into rigor mortis back out and then go a little further to get kind of the optimum texture and this is definitely true salmon definitely proved to be true of most fish that it's not that there's an Optimum day after after the first one Optimum day after death and an Optimum day after

rigor mortis and then there's a very every species of fish and also depending on the season and how is clogged how is treated there's a very kind of narrow perfect window and like great sushi chef you know for years I've known that it's not it's not the freshest fish is the fish that is at the exact right moment that it wants to be served but it's too complicated to explain that to most people so they just a fresh and I remember I forget his name but there was this there's this guy very famous chef in Kyoto I forgot who was because 10 years ago in his name is blanked out of my head but he was telling us that he went in and he ages is fish as well they know to get it exactly at the day if you want he also used to do he would do like also pressed age Sushi we're even after you make it you like a jet on kombu compress for a Zama Sushi you know mackerel Sushi review the agent for a day to get that texture up but he want he was he hated Commercial Refrigeration cuz he thought it mess with this fish so he would

commercial very modern commercial refrigerators and then turn them off and then just put blocks of ice in the next thank you for your also I heard from somebody that they really liked your wedding advice and that you should do more of that well as someone needs to ask me questions that I feel you know what's the word I'm looking for passenger van Kirk Road in been a fan of the show for years I currently working in nonprofit in Georgia that helps people who work in commercial Foodservice this year as part of our James Beard award we are paying for Nationwide suicide prevention training for anyone who signs up in the month of May it's not a cookie related question but given the shows proclivity for data the commercial Foodservice industry has the second highest rate of suicidal suicidal ideation by the study if you want to look it up is Honda

fall 2017 and the industry had a 54% increase in suicides from 2012 to 2015 according to Peterson at all in 2018 QPR training question persuade refer is considered the gold-standard and suicide prevention training and it Cooks people with skills needed to respond to someone in crisis it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete if you'd like to share then I shall I be grateful you know I think I should take it there's a lot of young people there's also a lot of people living a lot of people living paycheck-to-paycheck the other lot of people that need help so yeah I think I maybe I think I should have take us to the bar and we will try to schedule will try to schedule sending this is is a great thing I think you know anything you can do to help the you know help the health of your help and hopefully your crew

or anyone in your industry you should take the opportunity to do so I mean it's such a tough industry anyway and I know in the past kind of that that that you know the attitude of the kitchen can prevent you from me especially the attitude and starting to stassi I know you do not talk about this all the time that I can up my hand in half and I just keep two together with duct tape and then you know since it on the flat top to glue it back and then got back to work so you know that mentality which is unhealthy right that mentality I think kind of also bleeds over into you know not wanting to say that you have a problem in fact they can get it becomes difficult because usually in the restaurant industry the kitchens and restaurants and bars are so

asset Staffing problems right because we can't / staff but if we are understaffed were ruined so there's such a there such a stigma there such a disincentive to say that you have a problem because if you have a problem and you know you have to miss shifts then there's a huge there's a pressure on you from above either to it like not give you the good shifts anymore or and it's just it's a straight business problem and so I think there's a lot that needs to be done in training people who are going through problems need help with you know they're having suicidal suicidal ideation but they're probably maybe this training addresses I don't know they're also I think has to be training on the managerial side of how to help people who are going through this without the anger that you get when you have someone on your staff who's having problems and therefore is probably calling out or has other issues and so I think it's definitely something that

you know that is problematic in the kitchen since we looked at what do you think it then it's food I heard centertainment why does creative people in general or have other you know demons people Jeff's do events together a lot of ice cream is a tiny company named after the even tinier town of Acme Washington population 246 so kind of not a good name acne-like should be the top should be like the biggest city in Washington should definitely dwarf Walla Walla is that the best named Walla Walla at the cartoon Ayo by the way this weekend I went to the New York Philharmonic did Looney Tunes music

oh why did you do that because I don't know Margo Dax when so we went and it's like

I was last time you were you watch Looney Tunes problem at not just the ones that they don't play anymore when I was a kid they stop playing the ones from World War II that were anti-japanese they kept playing at the German ones longer but like since you know since you started happening since it's our coming-out you look at Pepe Le Pew and you're like oh that's not funny like Pepe Le Pew is basically forcing himself on his cat when I was a kid I didn't really think about it but I like this is not no not and should not be a source of amusement a guy forcing himself on this cat also some other like some stairs and they were playing this now and I'm like didn't you think maybe this one's or made it just get to be a car cultural artifact I don't know the music was asked me if a story Acme Washington but what makes acne interesting is that their ice cream is way denser than anything else on the market for example their products are 30% dancer than huh

even allowing for the actual size of Haagen-Dazs fake pint containers even allowing for the actual size of Haagen-Dazs pay pint containers explanation is it they make their ice cream without adding air but that's not true that's just a lie I'm sorry but it has to be a lot but I find it even minimal turning creates a product a lot less dense than there is do you have any guess how they do it and why aren't they were out doing something similar because what Acme is turning out hahaha is addictively good. So here's the answers one

if you want before I scream people like overrun is the amount of air that is in the ice cream show 100% over run means that you have added the same volume of air as you have of ice cream base right so that that is you know typical like crappie ice cream will be running at like 100% over run like a good like high-quality to Super premium ice cream will have 30% 30% 40% 50% over run in there right now Frozen Custard which is about the densest thing you can buy on the market

and is what we were talking about before about Carvel we got to get her in that lady who invented fudgie the whale we need to get her in call upset and I need to get the lady who invented fudgie the whale and because and we'll buy a fudgie the whale and we'll just have a whole fudgie the whale party for those of you that don't know fudgie the whale was the genius creation at Tom Carvel ice cream store to use the leftover soft serve in the machine and his Chef I forgot her name that she created fudgie the whale as a result which is one of the one of the great things for the whale Carvel merry dance logo overrun so the dentist stuff that you can get is out of a frozen custard machine Ross stoelting is the one that used to make the make a frozen custard and that is the machine that you can spy on right now I know of it makes the lowest overrun and they overrun even in a machine like that is 15 to 20% so that is about as low as you can

no I didn't have it be dead and still have the texture be okay because if you made it was 0% error would that would mean is that it was 100% solid and it was 100% solid it would be the equivalent of freezing you know ice cream base into a solid block and that's no good right like obviously you need some sort of turning and and Aaron Corporation so you should question how much so on that Frozen Custard side with the ross machine it's a continuous freezer and in a continuous freezer you can dial the over run very much down because there's not a lot of post education in a batch freezer when it what you're doing is is that if you look at a batch freezer there are there scraper blades that are scraping the stuff off the outside of the cylinder and then those are attached to the central shaft and then that shaft has Dashers on it and that agitates it right so you're simultaneously scraping the

Christmas off and then whipping are into it with the Dasher so you can adjust the speed of the Dashers to adjust overrun some what you can also if you draw if you freeze very quickly and draw early you get lower overrun versus if you if you let it Harden and then keep turning it as you keep turning it when it's still get the stiff your whipping more air into it because if it's different can hold more air in your Beating more into it so you can adjust the overrun somewhat based on the operation for Anderson machine IU the temperature and how and how long you turn it off. After I get to a particular stiffness but also you can adjust the overrun with the mix itself or by getting something like a continuous freezer like at the end by the way the Ross the Ross now stoelting Ross Frozen Custard machine is really cool not just because it has amazingly low overrun but also because it's really the only thing you can buy that is a continuous freezer that's Opera

on a small basis so you can make the texture of ice cream that you know a kind of a bigger firm with a real continuous freezer would make but on a much smaller scale the actual Transit time from the beginning of putting the ice cream base into a frozen custard machine and getting it out the front is like a minute or two so you're talkin about dash time so that the longer a batch time is the kind of bigger the ice crystals are and also the more opportunity you have after it's frozen to whip air into it so when you have a batch time that's down in the range of like one or two minutes you're talkin about some really the ability you can get more into it if you want but the ability to get her very very dance very fine Crystal products so if you've never had ice cream out of a frozen custard machine think you're missing something but the reason why people don't do it it's just really expensive you know are super cheap some people are super cheap women more time I was just about to get to the Bloody Mary pickle question all right well next week we'll get to the

Mary pickle question away from LA or not so next week Nastasia has been furiously carving her apple headed now listen I need you guys

according to Jack is very mean and I were in a meeting once and they were trying to tell us that we couldn't do any outside businesses together that nastase and I could not have any outside business ventures other than the one that we were doing with them and literally in the staff and I would like what if we want to start an applehead business you going to stop us from starting an applehead business what am I what the hell is an applehead it is true that nastase and I appreciate appleheads more than the average folk if you don't like them if you're going to have a cocktail which you will if you come to Harvard and Stone next what day is Tuesday if you come to Harborstone next Tuesday and you're one of the first lucky people that show up you will have an apple egg garnish my question is if that's okay

you're not Google me well they're technically not googly cuz they are static they don't Google yeah but one the sausage using googly eyes but the googly eyes

oh my goodness they look like googly eyes they are a big like egg white looking thing with a black people in them like a googly eye but they're just static because of

I think we should use it to you

I think we should use traditional just like pieces of clove not pieces glued cloves as the eyes because a their creepier and D that's like legit like using clothes in apple as I put apple head is legit cake decorating I know but there is there garish compared to a clove

so we will have both live in America now you're So Pro America when it comes to putting googly eyes on the apple head but that's not even the big deal nastassia wants to put wait for it fake hair on like on a polyester fake hair on the appleheads and I was like know if it's a garnish for a drink it should all be edible Shelby food-based right and don't please Aaron Stanley said you are right so I agree me you called me an a-hole but if Karen says whatever but anyway but we don't have that in but I don't suggest hair that melts do not suggest cotton candy I do not do not suggest cotton candy

flowers like

are the edible flowers are poisonous which no I don't have to taste good but they have to be non poisonous are you mean like ale like like to bro

hey Matt what do you think hey is not edible for humans or is it going to be gross like real hair no so it's got to be something like that real hair wig check this out - walking down the street the other day dog has had to see what people think about this dog

byton then Dax who's never been bitten before right like it bruised the hell out of it may be marginally broke his leg what kind of dog Beagle dog bit his leg

he doesn't know oh you have to get a picture of the dogs tag or get the dogs tag to make sure that it's got its shots because I know if you know this people if you get rabies like that's it like even modern technology whatever you're going to die so if a dog bites you need to make sure it has the tags on it and if it doesn't have the tags you have to assess what the risk is because you can get a vaccine but if you don't have the vaccine and you become symptomatic for rabies that's it your toast so even today so anyways formation so we detectives find out who it is we go locate the guy and instead of being like first of all and adults dog bites a kid is very complicated cuz in my coop they don't like dogs I have two dogs rights I don't want anything bad to happen to dogs and I want to start a fuss right but

if your dog bites a kid in your an adult get the telephone number of the parents and call them know what I mean like the first of all be sorry you just like okay okay by Sound of Music well you know your son your son had a skateboard in the dogs afraid of him lately you are in New York City sir dog and like you know in like to check the back of the skateboard and pop the front and do your dog's face my son was had already stopped his skateboard kicked it up grab the scape where was waiting at the light because I've taught him not to skateboard across the street he's walking across the street and the dog walks up and bite them and this is what the man says to me he is lucky this man is lucky cuz I just wanted to avoid in my God is I got the tag my son's not going to get rabies it's all great but can you imagine what if you had gotten a hold of him and hold him and he had blamed acts for having a skateboard on the I get fit people

people who live outside of New York City I'm talking to you Mom my mom right you have dogs and you don't socialize and because they don't walk next to people in this dog used to be a California Suburban dog and just moved into New York after the California wildfires I found out later from another person on the street who said that these dogs are known on friendly dogs you must please socialize your dog because if they ever end up in an environment where you're walking down the street on a leash right and your dog bites now luckily I mean like I told you no Dax and I were both like I don't want to be we don't want to be the cause of some dog getting put to sleep cuz it's not on the dog is on the owner I don't want that to be on us if you know what I mean like I'm not against you like I would hate that because things happen sometimes but people socialize your dogs cooking issues

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