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Episode 367: Long Fat Snotty Shaped Strands

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coming this may from Heritage Radio Network the surprising stories of how artist activist and entrepreneurs Collide and one special Brooklyn Community is changing Faster by the day I am 28 years old I live in Bushwick Brooklyn when I move to Bushwick when I moved to Brooklyn nachos Bushwick randomly Brooklyn Bushwick is Bushwick podcast series it takes you behind the scenes and how people in kitchens shops and countless other community spaces create New York City's most each week we stopping at the Journey's that Define Bushwick and break down the forces competing to shape its Future these are local stories like you've never heard before you wanted this may wherever you get your podcast

Android is usually get a hammer Lopez age is Bushwick show you were pushing up before I show Matt like a hyperlocal podcast about the neighborhood like sad like definitely definitely someone getting over some sort of terrible traumatic loss and I'll listen to some sort of like not I can't quite be upbeat upbeat yet kind of music is that for the vibe you're getting off the music that was about getting off the music is that the vibe of this neighborhood

that that that tooting noise is nastassia Lopez messing with her Mike I'm not going to talk about I'm not going to take it.

And where they're at the fields on the podcast I guess that's what he's doing the music to the feel of Bushwick is somehow like sad but hoping it will be better in the future maybe you should consult on the music with him in my email that you might have I don't know

yeah I could be a misfire

just like you know usually if you're trying to get someone to tune in either it's like you know the ripping guitar solo that comes later and that was my bad what's your favorite theme song There's a rap song that samples Knight Rider by forget what it is and hip-hop song that samples Knight Rider. I want to hear ya my classic Sanford and Son excellent excellent Rockford Files excellent excellent you would like to see no words in them for me to talk about the story

Mike gives me chills to this day I think it's cuz the content of the shown up a song like a piece of music that plays early on in a television program so I'll see it's sort of like marks that the program that you want has started

I got to think on it

are you going to have a call around so I can see that there for you they're going to ask one question now you hear that call anastacio is going to actually try to be the hammer today here's how it works by the way like I tell her to be the hammer and then whenever she is a hammer I feel bad about it she we should not end call Ariane the air know their connection was real bad I haven't called back hold on RNA the quarterly boondoggle right now yeah yeah yeah a serious one like so I don't know if you can still buy tickets to this I won't mention names but we had to do this event next week where I said in advance the Stasi what did I say in advance going to be a corbel you Coral you is is is a you know Booker speak for cluster app and and lo and behold

it is going to be in this going to be a real like Rebecca's text

then order us anything it's absolutely critical because by her car she means the Zipcar but listen like she accidentally she left the trunk open but it already locked the keys in the car that happened that year that climbed into the trunk rip the backseat off went back into the car what happens to those of you that actually like you no work for a living like make food or drink when someone asks you to be an event add an event if they say to you they're going to give us going to happen you're trying to work right cuz that's what you do for a living work and then they're like we have an event we know it's like four months you know we need them


So you might figure out like you to stop what you're doing you stop the fact everything's on fire service is a nightmare like 5 people just quit but you drop all of that right I like to say you have the baby in your hand and you drop it into that burning trash can to take care of their stupid problem that's four months in the theater menu they need the ingredients one you know they're going to order the wrong stuff you know they're going to order the wrong stuff but they won't let you order your own stuff and then just reimburse you for it as soon as they won't let you do that people walk away walk away because here's what happens when they ask you for months in advance I guarantee you that little footballs being handed off to at least 12 different people and one of them one of them is going to drop it we went through all this nightmare trying to figure out our freaking list of stuff we're going to make this event

three-day event for figuring out all this stuff right 3 days 3 Day event don't even get me started don't even get me started so we're making his stuff and I'm like oh my gosh I waste all of this time that I could have been doing anything else beating my head against the wall shelving like slivers of bamboo underneath my fingernails anything would've been more pleasurable than dealing with him at that moment and then what do they say to Sasa Sasa what you're doing what are the products they ordered nothing they were nothing nothing and I was like okay that's right

steam machine so like I'm like I need to poop I need you to also happen you're asking me to show up and demonstrate a piece of equipment that makes food do you have access to running water bathroom and like I'm not walking into a bathroom and rinsing out spinzall rotors while people are watching the poop off their hand that's a note that is not going to happen right and 4 months ago they were so adamant that they had to order everything right so turn into such a nightmare that was like listen listen to me great content for your Instagram

is anyone going to search I might have some sort of full body cavity search when I'm entering and leaving the venue there like I'm like will what it what it right stuff just magically appears that I've made that my real honest-to-god bar where we know how to work for a living right and then I just take the raw product that you haven't yet ordered is not going to be right and bring it back to the bar my backpack you like a nightmare color car from Canada or when you look into any difference for roasting cocoa nibs vs. the whole beans

online is about roasting a whole beans even if you don't want to leave him but getting an even profile throughout I don't know anyone that roast the nibs and 99.9% aren't they already are you buying raw I thought they already roasted and cracked him into nibs I mean I don't want to offend anyone but 99.9 I will just order the I will go to like I forget the name of the place it's like chocolate Alchemy something like this you can find it that way they will sell whole raw cacao beans I would do that 99.9% of nibs are in no sense chocolate people straight garbage like garbage like the stuff that they're not willing to put into their chocolate is like what they're selling isn't 99% and it's true maybe I've only tasted

like you know 15 different brands of nibs but with the exception of valrhona which cells a high-quality bib I'm not going to say it's is as good as the stuff that they put into the Fantastic chocolate I like it I think for a larger truck manufacturer I think I'll run it does an excellent job if you disagree come fight me but like the but there are nibs are good enough for me to use at least with the infusions where most of them are just kind of like wretched like burnt bitter tasting think now I would go it's been years like on the order of five or six years since I've dealt with it but I believe it's called chocolate chocolate Alchemy and there's a couple other websites now where they'll Supply whole beans and the good thing about that is that they I think they have a tighter control over the quality then if you're just buying unspecified nibs from both nibs supplier. Net

but no I don't know anything about roasting the neighbors if they if they come Raw

Neal Road in from Los Angeles we're by the way nastase and I are going to Los Angeles when what you tell them what they want to face into the mic instead of doing your Zappos she has been very on Mike today so far is literally sitting there while I'm talking asking her questions looking if she's the rudest rudest rudest co-host in the world like 45 minutes you need to focus on what we're doing she can't do it she would do it if you could be interesting for 45 minutes.

we're going to lie I told him that what are we doing in LA to the 27th through the 31st and what are we doing while we are there nastassia oh my God that house that's a lot of referee okay this is how this works you listen to what we're doing and you tell them what we're we're going to Harvard and Stone when making apple heads and we're making cocktails one of which will include personally Handmade by nastassia Apple Head doll garnishes as featured on her Instagram stories a couple weeks ago was it also featured on my stomach and if you're very nice nastassia if you say something nice about the Apple Head she might take her dead to me look off of her face for five things and then what are we doing is also going we're going to throw a party at the IMAX allowed to say where is going to be another we're not going to throw that party and then I don't know we're doing we're going to do a cooking issues from Los Angeles and it didn't get to see it live

stay tuned K24 that also at the end of the show. You didn't see the first I'm hearing of it the last time the last time I did a house in the Hollywood Hills so when she rented this house in the in the Hollywood Hills like literally the last house before the Hollywood Sign has a tent where I can throw a baseball and maybe I'm not that strong but I can throw a baseball is hit the Hollywood Sign from it and this is the one where she set an immersion circulator on 55 fahrenheit through a bunch of steak in it for like 6 hours and use it as a freaking door stop and never bothered to stick her finger into the water like any normal human listen

it doesn't take Sherlock freaking Holmes you know what I mean or you know Angela Lansbury to look over

no you didn't know you had any heat been generated that would have been really well right but no Vapor coming off of it at all never bothers to touch see what's going on she sends someone who shall remain nameless for nicknames the boondoggler send someone over to increase it to decrease the temperature of the bad 555 Fahrenheit below room temperature bad by the way by house is somehow touch the equipment and not realize that this thing has been sitting in room temp water I mean yeah yeah yeah I know she was like she was like listen I know this I know this meet started out cold and Eubacteria was having a tough time growing so let me just as fast as possible me run a bunch of room temp

water over it by the temperature in La so not like you know room temperature in like the Arctic tundra like room temperature in LA right let me just get it out to that temperature to see whether I can really do you ferment is Mother for a while I show up I ask one thing of you do not yell at me in front of my parents and then and then but she's like don't need to be nice in front of my parent and then I see that I'm supposed to be putting our name Booker and Dax this stuff right I'm putting your name on this the stuff you Lopez who sits in his freaking chair next to me and has for under $8,000 and it's hurting me talk about low temperature cooking I don't know 8 billion times right writing a book on the freaking subject can't even set up the simplest circulator in the world and she expect me to sit there and be like

how to stop your great job setting up the party when her parents happen to walking behind me when I'm trying to figure out what the hell has happened in this kitchen this is unreasonable expectation I know you're on fire the one thing you can't do is stop drop and roll no I'm sorry I have to stop drop and roll I think I spoke to your dad about I think she was horrified at what a terrible job you did without immersion circulator is what you was horrified at I know I would be oh my God it's like I tell Dax everyday to will come home we do say that to each other as a joke but obviously I don't mean it's okay Neal Road in from Los Angeles

hey Dave Nastasia and you're now Booth boy Matt how you like that boy oh boy oh boy I don't know maybe it's like as like you're at like a hype man okay I'll bring my get my giant watch from her clock from home for around my neck have a Flavor Flav necklace I will once I get on Amazon they still sell those of course they do I mean troubled individual right how about issues great height man Flavor Flav

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Madison new information everyone I talk to this is Neil said everyone heals spoke to says they need a carb Stone and I played around carbonating water with a carb Stone and it works just fine as long as you don't mind taking a 5 gallon keg like a jerk is the carb no necessary PS had a good time at existing conditions okay I have just recently used to carve Stone I attempted to do a and people might find this interesting a keg cocktail everyone knows that I'm anti kegged carbonated cocktails because they come out rather under carbonated because of the immense amount of foaming you get at the top no matter what kind of how good a job you did know I was using a carbonating stone I was testing carbonation levels and I was able using that what I did was I circulated

carbonation stone that you use with that one of the nice things you have a pump the pump circulates the liquid Through The Keg through the car being Stone and and carbonates it that way I had a good a good result carbonating and what I did was his I circulated the product with the pump through a cold plate so that the product was continuously kept cold while I was doing it and it's done very quickly the temperature drop down to pretty close to 20 and I would say 5 to 10 minutes I also before I hooked up the car Mater Stone I Put the patch into the keg apply the CO2 to it to the two sides of it so that I was pushing from the bottom and vented all the air out but I also tried to keep it circulating because my fiery one of my theories was one of the reasons to get a lot of foaming especially at the beginning when you're using water is that static stuff in the line has air bubbles in it when you depress it those bubbles foam up so trying to keep it circulating and cold and

dispense it that way constantly circulating from a really nice tap still didn't work I still had under carbonated cocktail so I still do not recommend it but you know your results May Vary and by that your standards may vary

sounds like you don't care I don't care if she doesn't care therapist from Vietnam ask do I need to suggest that you buy another veggetti know someone Academy of the jetty when I was in Chicago oh by the way I was in Chicago last week

Claire speech went well where I was giving advice to someone doing a wedding officiant speech it went well but I heard that the staff had to take care of a lot of. Any eyes and crossing the t's to make sure that the wedding happy for instance your favorite officiant showed up 45 minutes late to the rehearsal

no first elf

who the hell by Brian for themselves what so she's like buying Capri Suns of wine so that she can like just like a beer hat with two wind seems like sucking down dearly dearly beloved wine as he's like what for themselves

buy wine at this ranch we're going to the store so I can get it for cheap

what did she buy

geez Louise Angie's dad's nastassia Lopez tells me that it's too deep to get into this conversation because only three of you will really care about the cooling power of condensers at chillers for condensers at various distillation rates so sassy assures me that nobody care so just reach out to me individually and I'll answer it tweeted it's beyond Twitter whatever you can be at me we will deal with it he's supposed to go to Vietnam and hang out

it's not like I answer my phone anyway so what we talked about before that Chicago Chicago so if anyone is out there is listening from Chicagoland once again Frontera Grill Des way way right and we had to get a Rick Bayless and you're turned Alison got us a whole bunch of one of my favorite herb to work with o has Santa which is a very big if it's related to black pepper actress in the same genus different species and also related to you no pain leaves which are used for Beetle leaves which are used for chewing quiz of a beetle nut you know over vast areas of Southeast Asia but it's a really I think good spies I don't know I'd rather I don't know why why do you think people don't use it in the US scratching because it's so big I don't like it why do you not like the flavor what do you not like about describe the flavor flavors

is it it doesn't taste anything like the donut and the leaf that you chew with it is at least it has no relation to Sichuan pepper he doesn't have it does not have any tingling at all it is not a tingling herb it has no tingle at all there's no is absolutely zero Szechuan button flavor I think you don't have an accurate memory of all the Santa are you thinking of paragon know what it look like

antic Leaf the one that is the one that is from India has it tastes like burning Transformers that one people the Mexican one does not they are different species I am not wrong I have studied this quite thoroughly and I am not wrong anyway it's a great fresh herb if you can find it recommended that Rick Bayless was as usual super kind able to get us cuz it's a little early in the season he grows his I didn't see him you know they were closed the night we did the events I didn't get that didn't get to see him anyway thanks shout out to them

see we have a question from Matt regarding dragon's beard so how many years ago did I do that dragonspear video 9 the dragon's beard is like you heard a hand-pulled noodles while dragon's beard is like hand-pulled cotton candy and so what you you take sugar and you cook it sugar and you know I think you did it officially so I use maltose sugar and I think they had the most racist picture of himself with it

and he made a picture of a cell phone said here is the best racist picture you will ever have remember now now do you remember how it works anyways do you have any recommendations for how to make dragons beard candy at home what cook temp pool temp excetra I tried yesterday to recreate it as best as I understood and just ended up with long fat snotty shaped strand any recommendations suggestions in our tutorials references would be appreciated this is not format this is from Serena p s s a c i missed a chance to go to Pasta flyer I'm kicking myself for it awaiting your next adventure so Cerita I have a video on this

I don't I didn't get a chance to look at it again but I have all of the information on the on the video like all of the like to cook temperatures and all that other stuff the main thing is if you pulled too early you're definitely going to get that kind of r o p r o p thing you should wait for it to be dead cold then if it's too hard you can just nuke it for a second in the microwave but the whole trick about it is getting the cook time very similar to the cook time that I used in the in the recipe that's why you really shouldn't change the amount the amount of the quantity of the recipe that I have any amount of vinegar I have problem with it when you're cooking sugar as you're trying to get a as you cook sugar a lot of complex things happen to it so cooking to a temperature is not doesn't really mean the same thing as cooking to a particular temperature at a particular in a particular amount of time with a particular amount of acid so

grabbing some acid to the sugar vinegar in the case of the recipe I used your adding some ass into it and what's that going to do with Envy in some of the sugar split some of the sucrose into into glucose and fructose and that is going to drastically affect the texture of the finished product so the amount of time that you're boiling something in the present of acid is going to affect the amount of a temperature is amount of sugar in version that you get so for a given temperature and Harold McGee has proven this by putting sugar in a very very very very long time that very kind of temperatures and you can see them kind of break down and change color is Mitch new pictures of it so in general for a recipe where you're cooking sugar you want to get the that use the same batch size they do sell the stuff sit evaporating at roughly the same rate and you want to hit roughly the same amount of time so if you go back and look at that recipe that I did just try to hit those numbers exactly one to cool

down you should get the texture pretty much exactly like I did if it's too hard you can eat it but just know that we're talkin like 5 seconds in the microwave if you don't even want like sensible what I was sensible he didn't you wanted to kind of you wanted to just be good enough to make that donut by pushing your finger through the puck you basically make a puck of sugar and then you put your finger through it form into a donut make the donut relatively you know wide around this you want to do very accurately if you have lots of really thin spots in the donut that you're pulling on that's when you know they're going to only get worse and worse then you put it into your cornstarch and or cornstarch and flavor mixture and then you start pulling make sure that you're always feel figure rating putting together and pulley make sure that you're always dredging it in between cornstarch and hopefully you'll have a better result if it's like I say too hot it just doesn't work and if the texture is too stiff when it's cold it will snap so it's kind of hard to get it just right but once you get the texture right

you will it will work a hundred percent of the time and you will know based on touching it whether it is right or wrong anyway Matthew Sanders wrote in about Nastassja Lopez it's sitting here reading emails and hitting the table with her foot isn't my microphone keeps tangling up and down like I'm on a horse and buggy

why she's doing this I don't know and I'm probably looking her give her the Snap beer this

that's me trying to get her to stop bouncing the table with her feet now I bounce my feet so I'm not saying you can't bounce your feet I mean both nastase and I are inveterate fidgeters right table nastassia member when Nick one came on the show in and say anything so what are you looking at on the internet right now check someone's baby I know you hate seeing people baby so I doubt it's that you tell me that every day they find them annoying did you guys get this question about existing conditions name

no okay give you this one I'll redo the whole message just wondering how you guys came up with the name for your bar I work in architecture and interior design and we use the term quite a bit did your wife being an architect have something to do with the name talking to us about the existing conditions at various places that we were looking to take over and we done and I you know we're told you need a name you need a concept then we're like I thought the concept was we were going to make drinks you know what I mean and but apparently these days that's not enough if you don't have some sort of like you know high-concept it doesn't work and so she just kept talking about the existing conditions

and Don and I are at the same time like hey that's a great that's a great name and also to kind of abuse the architectural concept a little bit we were like well we're going to focus on using the existing conditions at the space doing is little kind of intervention as possible and have that be that the gold because the goal is to is to focus on the staff and the drinks and the hospitality and not so much on trying to impose our will on a bunch of art existing conditions in the space because that is really pricey people people spend you know people you could you could drop $1000000 on a space and you would hardly even know that you did it you know it's only crazy where the money goes and Sassy especially if you do things legally I mean I'm not saying that they do things he legally here at Roberto's Matt but but he needs to look they have a green zone they will not have Greens on our pizzas

by the book cost 30 times as much as anything that you don't you buy the book but nastassia Lopez and I for how many years have you been doing this

so many have been asking for Greens on our way and we will pay if you know how cheap nastase and I are we would pay out of my own pocket to have Greens on our pizza and their I'm looking out at this dude and he has Greens on Aspen out in his defense I'm sure he asked for was that a real good I can't see

BJ's in like three leaves means turn the tables on a tap on the window so you can get their attention now in the garden

crazy know this is a container wear under a garden completely unrelated tempering machine per se but I would like to temper couverture chocolate by hand and keep it at the proper temperature in the melter do you have any recommendation on a particular brand or any features I should consider I'm base basically for hobby work something in the 3kg range work at that French culinary I used to know all the name brands of the melters that use of the French culinary but you know I don't especially if you don't want one that tempers

I mean I would see whatever JJ JB princess has now they usually carry stuff that works pretty well but yeah I don't have any I don't off the top of my head I could take a look but I don't off top my head have any good recommendations for it okay Matthew Sanders rights in about nopales is this another one of those things that you don't like nastassia really you grew up in Southern California

no no no okay I'm a sucker for the flavor of nopales paddles Which are they friend who has a large and have a friend who has a large Squad of cacti in his Alleyway I effectively have an unlimited Supply to experiment with the only publish cocktails I've seen with nopales are in two families are the first track I seen if uses the flavor into a simple syrup fresh nopales have a nice green pepper Citrus 5 going on and after you simmer them they just move into green bean asparagus peas territory not terrible but and then.... Not what you're looking for the next track is blending it into a god-awful Slurpee from hell it's so thick and viscous and snotty there's not even worth it it even though that tastes pretty good

straining his stuff is incredibly difficult and a sludge does not want to separate what should I be doing to these a little friends for Maxima clean flavor extraction while combating the puffy slime poke poke slime and for the ongoing cooking issue sentence I'm 36 male married and my wife is down for whatever kitchen stuff I want as long as we have room for it she's a fantastic home Baker and it's plenty of her own kitchen gadgets desperately trying to carve a space for a spindle it might get relegated to the garage so why not all of our stuff end up getting relegated to the garage right Nastasia trailer hitch technology so so nopales are like there's a bunch of different you get a bunch of stuff from from nopales nopales

are the paddles right and they come from a large large relatively large group of cactus or cacti called a opuntia right so the fruits of the same Cactus it gives you the paddles different different species of them we can get the paddles you also get prickly pear cactus now prickly pear fruit in America in most places in America if you buy prickly pear in the supermarket they suck real hard they're almost flavor list you can get various varieties of them so I could the one that you know that Rick Bayless again got us shovelnose way we don't even buy stuff starts XO but it's pronounced reckon those way I know how you pronounce but that's the way he pronounces it or that's the way he had me for now it has a lot more acidity so if you don't like pick prickly pear fruit or plenty of fruits now please do not judge them until you tried a wide variety because the flavor is extremely different from species to species and plant to plant in whenever I'm

within whether I am in the area and I see them like on roadsides I try them and they are incredibly different from different places different plants different species of tetra and when you dry them you get to the dry prickly pear which is more of a texture thing with flavor thing but that is called tuna I guess anyway the leaves the pedals have a like a hardcore mucus in them that in and I forgot the Spanish word for it's like barbusa or something like this but it's very very snotty so even when you're just cooking with it people have a lot of ways they try to ameliorate the Slime and the Slime is a is a hydrocolloid I think I looked it up and has I think both proteins and hydrocolloid in it they caused it to kind of snot up on you but

various ways it that people do it is they will cut it solved it by might be careful of the prickers so I take a knife and shave the the prickers off before I use it some people then also claimed it to get rid of some of the pictures but if you if you slice it salt it right the salt will cause water to come out as the water comes out the mucus will come out with it you rinse off the mucus in the store. It's leftovers last mucusy that's one thing people do another thing as you say people do is they will slice it boil it and skim the scum off of the top that gets rid of some of the mucus to but it caused it to be cooked the only way that I have ever seen a cactus used in a cocktail that wasn't snotty was if you blend directly into liquor

the if the liquor content is high enough and we had a cactus a cocktail that Felipe you know used at R&R bar at Booker and Dax if you blend the cactus leaves directly into liquor the the hydrocolloid can't stay in solution in the liquor and it will drop out and you can have a mucus free uncooked cocktail Cactus and infusion but you have to do it into this race. I was not able even with pectin X Ultra sp-l to knock out the mucus once the mucus is allowed to stay solubilized in a stirrup so anyway

what for that question

I didn't get the Bob stuff on wine fining in Bentonite a couple of things I need to get to but I guess we'll get to Oak I know one thing before we go because I just looked at the clock and we have two minutes but it sounds like you're going to stop me from reading my email tomorrow so she literally people I wish you could see this Mac you take a picture she pushes the mic away from her face put your feet up on the table bounce is a table and sit through emails during the show Friends strongly signal that she's done with you all the time done with you

how my supposed to work in this she gives me crap for being late while I'm literally busting my butt trying to find the answer to your question people and enduring the show she isn't actually here who she is late the entire time because she's never in the show she's always doing something else my horoscope says today you may realize that you'll have better chances for a raise or promotion if you inventory are, how much rent and demonstrate your value oh yeah demonstrating your hard core value right now you're reading your horoscope during the show

I think it's horoscope with what I had to deal with on a regular basis since like

yeah I haven't heard no one's tweeted me or anyting way if you want to tweet and he is the same as the show titled at cooking issues on the Twitter and I have a I forget whether it's for 5 inch across chicken cannon that I built a while ago and I'm going to Tweet out soon like a clip of how powerful is chicken cannon is let's just say that I pointed it at like a 3/8 inch piece of lexan and evaporated The Lex and originally the chicken gun was used to test windshields for bird impact strikes and that's how my can talk about this later but my my grandpa when he used to build Radars for Westinghouse he built the Pearl

radar he used to watch them shoot the birds at the windshield and to me was stuck in my head was that he said the janitor you could take the birds home and cook them so I've always wondered what that does so I built this chicken gone and every time I fired it I was not able to properly recover the chicken so we're going to take the chicken gun and I noticed a few says I'm the fancy one distancia is the one with a beach house now I'm going to take the chicken gun to her beach house we're going to fire some chickens into the Long Island Sound into a brick wall with a tarp the ones that you could not Court her properly recover that evaporated the lexan it just went through the Lex and ended up all coated with dirt so I don't know I couldn't like get all the dirt off and then I fired another one into the woods and I hit a tree but by the time I got to hit my dog had been chewing on it had leaves and stuff so what we need to do is

that's just kind of a distant shot what we need to do is fire the chickens in

yeah but it won't have it I want to see the tenderization effect of it hitting the wall and then recovery we will see a big enough tarp so that it's not hitting dirt right and then and then so we're going to take we're going to shoot the chicken into a into a stone wall and that's going to stand in for the windshield then we're going to pick up the parts and Grill them and have like you know a chicken grilled chicken fast with chicken gun chicken and we're going to video this as part of a were also going to be cooking things with resistance cooking you can look up resistance cooking we're literally it's like the electric chair of cooking techniques where you just you know put two electrodes into something and cook it by running electricity through it using the food itself as a resistor we're going to do that they were looking for ideas like this you wanted to test and some people did send us some of those but if you have anything that you want to shoot out of a chicken gun that weighs that can fit into a tube about was I-55 in Lacrosse

five or six inches across and weighs whatever chicken way is which is like what's 4 lb in that range then we can fired out of a gun and cook it up but only stuff that you want cooked because this is a cooking show

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