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Episode 366: One Night in Bangkok

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you're listening to Heritage Radio Network remember supported podcast Network broadcasting over 35 weekly shows live from Bushwick Brooklyn this year we're celebrating 10 years of food radio for the past decade we've been taking you behind the scenes of farms restaurants breweries School cafeterias and more it's been 10 years and we're just getting started find us at Heritage Radio Network. Org future coming to look like compared to last week I feel like there's like nobody here it's like we have empty chairs and not purchase

anyway call in all of your cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and by the way next week we will not be here I will be in Chicago exist in conditions is participating in the Chicago style Chicago-style or Chicago Bar fight but I'll be in Chicago and existing conditions we actually don't even know who's running the bar because such a huge chunk of existing conditions is going to be hanging out in Chicago anyway Anchorman situation we exchanged blows with other bartenders unfortunately no I mean I would love to see

like me get the crap beat out of myself you would not you would be the one crazy person can get you there was a kid I remember in college I screwed up he was crazy like when you when someone goes crazy you just have to wait don't really want to fight them you know what I mean like I got but it's like what we pop told you that one time so we pop or you know we pop see Poppy pot or we pop some peapods pending on how you how he can track his name from Bangkok who is one of the original partners of nomiku and our internet French culinary once told me most of you if you look at your prom and you and you make like a little bit of a like a booty call to see if you bend a little bit so you can see the lines in your palm most of you going across your palm have a different line on the on the left and right that don't

each other I have a straight line all the way across my face means well so my mom always told me that either meant that I was suffering from some form of genetic or I was a monkey call the Simian crease you can go look it up and call the Simian crease so we pop our intern web leave now has nightclubs in Bangkok which is interesting so we let No One Night in Bangkok to different song that's from Marie hadn't you hate that song that song is not about anything that sounds about playing chess and let you know that right actually thrown I don't think so she owes me One Night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble somewhere between the spare and ecstasy

Bangkok just takes one look at it goes oh yeah in Thailand that means that the someday you're going to kill someone by accident a line in your hand mean it someday you're going to kill somebody by accident that's amazing to be me now you know I have a friend who's always been said he's going to kill me by accident maybe we pop got it backwards is a friend of mine from college she's going to kill me by accident Sunday anyway so call in all of your car on the air right now after they asked a question hang up on them because nobody has the balls to tell somebody to only ask one question do you like Green hell hole so I'm letting you know

no internet in this box where were working how is it that you're always searching your phone are you just looking at old crap is it is it so boring to you to have the radio program going I'm at my diarrhea looks at whatever's cast on her phone is that what the kids are doing their telephones

can I call you on the air. I'll follow anastassios Rule and be a r410a to mail but I have two comments and one question which hopefully qualify for a Masa grinder I've been using the Estrella which is similar to the Corona and the Victoria actually found that if you grind down the birds so they have three Flats on them almost like iron coffee grinder you can get full on tortilla ready Masa using OneDrive pass through my friend has a full-on machine shop at his home so one of the birds we were actually able to fix your and grind truflat almost let you know like you would on a Surface grinder right but then the other one there's no good way to hold it unless we were to make a special Jade or Axle just fixture it so we did that one just on a decently flat plate with some sandpaper but it looks like both of them can be done just with a plate and fan

paper in just a semi flat table because there is some play and how the berzaline so it's kind of levels out anyway once you for something in between them flat on the edges because from the factory every tooth you want to think about it that way has a high point to it comes to a peek so it actually cause when you tighten down and switch in between each tooth instead of being able to run on each other flat cat scene in in out I seen people hook up Coronas to Motors did you do that as well because it's still a paint won't even once you get a broken in or do what you did with his make it actually work it still it still is not the most fun to sit there grinding that thing

I agree with you on that I did your recipe I think it was 500 grams of dried corn and then they produced somewhere around the range of 800 once it was right under 8 minutes it was it was worth but it wasn't a dreadful time or anything like that when you make tortillas you next malize the corn and you know you're soaking it you'll Park cooking and soaking and calcium hydroxide do you like sick of calcium hydroxide solution a KCAL you cook it partial par cook it and then let it soak for whatever your amount I'm going to let it soak is then you rent rub ribs and then you you grind it and that whole process is the difference between cornmeal and you know it like a cornmeal style Thing versus a tortilla so it's completely different animal it's like one of the world's most miraculous cooking processes and I believe my post on it on

cooking issues is still available right now or is it still the problem is is grinding it so what we're talking about is his category of grinders for better lack of a better world, Corona what's the brand that you had just straight-up but it seems to be the same as Victoria right so because animate what's up to I'm starting to get into but there's sand casted right and you can see the same casting and I think over time like the wooden blanks that they that they make the sand casting from however they do it they really suck I mean they suck real bad and so you know the only the plates when you put the so the way this grinder works just got you know the plate is bolted onto the grinder itself and then there's the rotating plate that fits over it and that's what you would just forward and backwards with the with the auger to the kind of meat grinder to adjust the thing but

don't get anywhere close to matching each other and it's just they're just phenomenally bad such that I think it's intended that you sit there for like 2 years just sitting there and turning it and just grinding it down to nothing on itself because that's the only way that's going to get to work so this is a good it seems like a good job how much time you think you someone would invest could they could they do it cuz they do it just by flat rubbing on a on a table with with wet dry or you think it wouldn't be good enough I think it was Hunter 220 grit and it's just under half an hour for four one side so you know how to the user if their loan invest that our but in terms of breaking it in through actually grinding corn or even dried rice or something I noticed absolutely nowhere after about 10 batches before grinding and then the birds themselves I thought they would be soft but we put a file to them they're pretty hard

there must have been a quick cooling process for the casting right right so I mean I think it's just to have something running through while the birds are rubbing against each other and the other thing I think is it that it's probably a good idea to grind rice you know through something just to clean it out because he sings it comes pretty rough rough casting I think that's kind of part of it but I agree that you know me you can see the cast screen in this thing and they're a little dots and specks coming up off of the thing and then there's just a terrible job at finishing these things which I guess you'd expect for the price they are

anatomy test the Same by the way with cast iron pan which we should get back to cast iron pans

they all used to be. They all but like you know the higher end ones used to be sanded down to get rid of that casting green on them and they just make much better pants when they used to do that I have a set I have yo some old like hundred-year-old or maybe not maybe their 70-year old cast-iron that I used to get him at thrift shop Sandman there so much better than the current ones I know a bunch of people have taken disc Sanders to their cast-iron and Justino new cast iron and sand it down a little bit and just got into that kind of flat surface and it really makes a big difference

skip my next to the common just go right to the question in the food or cooking or even bark Siding World are there any remaining great mysteries on kind of a larger scale I know you mentioned that the elusive are dirty and caramel you know that this thing is that a lot of what is going on in cooking is it depends what you mean by mystery select from a scientific perspective right there's lots of stuff that we don't really know what's going on right in specially on the nutrition we don't know squat we don't know diddly-squat right so there is like you know there's there's a whole range of stuff on that on the science side that hasn't been explored just because there's no real

reason or economics behind exploring it in terms of like finding new things to cook I mean everybody at all times in history who had enough energy time and enough of a surplus of food even if they don't frankly have had I think a full range of culinary experience right so and people different cultures are wildly wildly different in terms of what they're eating so I you know I can't see there being any logical stopping point I mean obviously nowadays we know because of the internet because of globalization and because of the kind of interest in consuming all different kinds of things that you know especially in a higher-end hairand like more wealthy circles have had over the past you know several decades and even longer you know that there's been what seems to be kind of an explosion

of different cooking ideas different

different dishes and the past 20 years you have the explosion of kind of new technologies and cooking with the low temperature in sous vide which ain't I think it's super interesting and important and so he can seem like well is there anything else to to know and then in the fact that matter is that you know that's what people thought in you know during the age of well whatever you want to call Amy and I know politically-charged turn of the Age of Enlightenment I'm sure everyone has come up with the laws of physics and calculus so I guess we're all set you know what I mean so it's like I think you never can know what the future brings and I think there's always going to be there's always going to be a new Mysteries to uncover but you just don't know what they are until someone presents into you got another one on the are actually I call you on here what's up this is

Zenon the year old section on cooking sous-vide and that he recommends holding if you can holding out of protein for 124 couple of hours for Sun and Rising a bus before actually throwing it in something like a chuck roast that's a 55 56 / 48 hours or should I just get that one what's 120 in Celsius don't know you're saying there's a lot of research and let me tell you how this all worked back in the day everyone who had a science oriented mine while you're looking up 120 is like everyone had what 48 squarely in the danger zone the real Danger Zone by the way not there

when everyone would miss includes myhrvold this includes you know me and clues wyliepalooza test includes you know new Grande kits include everyone who's interested in this stuff we were reading all this sign papers who's going to be the rocas you know you know who wrote the first book on suvi cooking that I'm aware of the first real one real reading like that all of the literature on how meet works and so you know and we all read these books and studies that there were this enzyme categories that what they say autolyzed meet the broke it down that cause protein denaturation there for 10 reservation right and they're like pow pow pains in calpe some things right is what they what they are is B is the actual enzymes that are there and then you know the online literature would say these enzymes are most active

at block text temperature and so then you know the Assumption was well if you hold something in that zone long enough then you'll get a lot of extra tender ization out of out of that now does that actually make a difference in the end in your meat I got to say I don't know why I can't remember whether I ever ran those tests I might have you know I was at the time when I was doing most of my preliminary research when I look at it again in the process of writing the book but when I was doing most of my preliminary research I was doing work for

Schatz and teaching chefs how to use these techniques and there's no way on God's green earth I was going to tell a chef to hold a piece of meat for you know a couple of hours in something that is so clearly the danger zone and then wrap it up to a safe zone so that they could get the three ideas as if you're in to kill if you're in the Kill Zone within your 4 hour limit I guess is you know that the argument that you know you're going to be going to be okay but just so much can go wrong in a restaurant that there isn't there would be no way I would ever recommend doing that you know to someone who is doing this professionally no way I would ever recommended you know I've seen nastassia friends and people get the temperature is wrong and have things circulating it exactly the wrong temperature for many many many many many hours write in South Asia

yeah so and because oh my God that Nastassja put something in at Fahrenheit for Celsius so another words 55 Celsius and the circulator set at 55 fahrenheit and then and then used as a freaking door stop so like went literally used as a doorstop still like when it when I tell you that like when you're giving people instructions on stuff like this I very I almost always shy away from giving from giving instructions that aren't as bulletproof as possible from a safety standpoint taste and points you can kind of be a little more wiggle waggle you can give something somebody something it's not bulletproof as long as you warned him it's not bulletproof from a safety standpoint you have to kind of go Bulletproof on him because wants anything can go wrong it will we just got fish bowls

this the first time you've ever gotten fish bowls what did they do with their hand over their function those things have on collagen right so just because something breaks down the muscle fibers doesn't mean it breaks down the collagen and 99.9% of what you perceive as toughness in meat is not the muscle fibers it's the connective tissue and and I need people to understand this and this is what I'm going to be trying to figure out when I'm writing the book how to get people to understand this when you are doing low temperature cooking are we doing high temperature cooking there is a fundamental difference in what it means to tenderize IE breakdown the muscle fibers themselves broken down muscle fibers almost always present themselves as being mushy or fibrous so if you had something that's been you know cooked too long using low temperature and you choose

it's like it breaks up into fiber and forms like a fibrous like could pill in in your mouth right and so it almost kind of fibers ball and then as you if you keep chewing it right which you know I'm not one of these mastication free to choose like a hundred times obviously not how fast do I even start you so fat and forgive me for how fast a to Jiro Dreams of Sushi even know that was not my fault because I didn't eat whatever speed I want you people it's my mouth my right for willingly waiting back into this year but the point is is that if you sit there and choose something that's been where the muscle fibers have been broken down by

but however they're done it gets this kind of fiber is kind of mushy nature which I don't appreciate but if you then cook it yourself you then cook the collagen that provides a different kind of tender station and I don't know how well those enzymes work on breaking down college and I have to research it so a long way of saying your results May Vary but I don't know how much of a difference it would make if it made a giant difference I would guess that everybody would do it

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are you enjoying this podcast Heritage Radio network has plenty more my name is Terry came in and I'm Leah Kurtz and together we host food Without Borders here on HR immigrants make our food system vibrant diverse and delicious each week we invite a guest to talk about how food connects them to their past as we explore what it's like to be an immigrant in the u.s. today you can find food Without Borders wherever you listen to podcasts and on Heritage Radio Network. Org parade of collar so there's a there's yet another on the air if you were alright cavalcade what's up color

hey this is Monty from Jacksonville Oregon

I never been to Jacksonville Oregon how close is that to Corvallis

it's it's on the border of California actually they close to the Redwoods you close to Jedediah Smith Corridor in California is one of my favorite places anywhere I love that place absolutely beautiful so Majestic speaking of trees Douglas fir on my property in about how to use Douglas fir tips I know people make a tea out of them I was wondering if there's other things people do I know so interesting so Bobby Murphy our beverage director existing conditions we didn't get fur tips and Doug Fir tips we have we bought $600 worth in Spruce tips

and $600 worth of spruce tips can fit in my backpack which is disconcerting you would think $600 worth of spruce tips could not fit in my backpack but you'd be wrong I've never worked with I've never worked with Doug Fir so you know what this one the question was you know the Starsky and I have to steal for it for that party could have been a dog for her because Doug Firs are uses Christmas trees but I don't think we did a Doug Fir assassin I want years and years and years ago bought a Christmas tree and then distilled it the whole tree yeah it was MTV yeah we were like it like 12 and stupid this is like what I was like Dumber Dumb Dumb Dumber which if you can believe I was at once dumber than I am now I was like we're going to distill we're going to distill the

still we sat there had a how many like really look over a day nastase and I sat there distilling a Christmas tree first of all we had to walk into a French Culinary Institute like an idiot with Christmas trees on her back and everybody sitting there cracking wise cuz everyone when they pass you whatever you're doing something non-conventional anywhere everyone walk past you if you're in a public area and they think no one else has made a wisecrack about you and so then everyone takes their chance at doing a new wisecrack so nastassia of course

is less able to withstand this stuff without putting the the scowl on her face she is sitting there probably with her Christmas hat I don't know which by the way she located people what is it Anyway so then we're sitting there it with like angry face is shredding a Christmas tree and then stopping the needles into the rotovap and just running the rotovap constantly like for a day and a half and then get this live carbonating I built carbonation rigs for adapters for ECE units to let them one joke that everybody kept saying over and over was my God it's just like making fun of somebody's name they've had their name their whole life you can't make fun of their name in a way they haven't heard before the 30th person who like makes a wisecrack about you doing X

crazy with one of the other people's already made that wisecrack I mean that's why if you're going to watch crack someone only do it if you have the an actual something do they couldn't possibly have thought of before that's why a lot of time I say something completely off-the-wall because I'm least I've never heard that before but I was told by people with what we say I was told by our PR representative for Booker and Dax that we sometimes say things not by the way in it not in a meat or sexual way just completely inappropriate and kind of like right anyway so

at the bar we have a spruce tips and we're doing just like you said we're making a t so I've only other either made a water-based e or an alcoholic distillate from them now I don't know how well I mean I can imagine many things like Doug Fir ice cream would be obviously delicious do do I know whether or not they're going to be a problem with the milk no I mean that this is where the test if you have Doug Fir on your property also know how long the needles last on Doug Fir shoots like fresh fresh shoots

yeah I take the green you know when it's just bright green just letting out for those of you that deal with conifers like it when you're walking through the forest on and it's around the time that they're flushing fresh like just go ahead and do yourself a favor of pasting the old ones are relatively flavorless and a flavor they do have is very very harsh and you can tell by the color green and less unless you're a complete nincompoop you can tell by the color green when you're dealing with a fresh shoot and the fresh shoes are usually like much more fun much more interesting much brighter so like I would see whether or not they mess up milk me I need to probably a good chance they would mess up milk like a decent chance that they'll mess milk up but I can see like a delicious sorbet or I can really see a delicious ice cream out of it you know I don't know how much

meaning of point in burning that stuff just going to burn I don't know what's going to give anything good but I would try that we we've been doing Steeps we've we've tried regular Steve's we've tried rapid infusion Steeps wrapping a fuse I don't know how much of a difference it made in the in the needles that we've also tried pressure cooking to get like a like to get it out quick but at a higher temperature and they all healed different but interesting results the one thing I'll say is that when you're dealing with extracts from like a different conifers the one of the issues that you get is once you've been tasting it for a while you become a little town of inured to the flavor of it and so you tend to overdose so whatever you think is a good dose I would then wait a minute and try like literally half of that dos and see whether or not you like it better right because some people are repelled by overly resinous

things like Musashi don't really like super resume things right yeah some people are repelled by over resinous things and I find that sometimes less can be enough for people who are pine lovers or if you know kind of her lovers but at the same time you know can bring people who would otherwise be repelled into the fold of liking it by thinking ice cream and I think about that ice cream would be delicious one other thing is it North I wish I had a short walk with my phone

yeah they're huge there but not not close all the way for the ice cream would you actually steep it in the milk if it wouldn't break so like if you have a vacuum machine what I would do is I would I would throw the I would like like rough chop the Chutes and then I would throw them in the in a in a bag and suck as much of a vacuum as you can get the milk really cold put a small or cream or whatever put a small amount of it in the bag you might actually be better off adding some sugar first because the sugar sugar will help stabilize the milk against breaking so I like large amounts of sugar do a lot to stabilize milk against breaking which I discovered by accident that's the facts about milk syrup on the air before but yeah we can make a stable milk syrup that won't break even in a shake and acid drink by stabilizing with a lot of sugar before you add the acid so you might need some sugar if it's going to break but I would put it in a vacuum bag

you need to leave a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of space because nothing phones quite as well as milk does even when it's real cold so you know what you suck a little bit of a vacuum on it or even you know you put it is a non foaming thing with the shoes suck a hard vacuum on a to inject liquid in and then add the milk and milk and or cream and sugar and or eggs do you want to do all at once into the bag with it too cold Infuse I think cold infusion or even warm infusion might be the way to go I'm pretty sure I think you have a good chance that it will curl and break if you go like let's say if you're going to just make a glaze base with it and then spray it out later you know what you're you're cooking at 82 or 83 degrees Celsius for like 10-15 minutes me that'll Infuse it fast as a mother might break it again where the test cuz the egg egg yolks are also stabilizing it and and sugar stabilizing it so you might get a stable thing there but you didn't have a taste delicious does everyone think I would taste delicious dog for ice cream sounds good to me

absolutely cool yeah we have one more on the home phone

hi Davis Claire where are you we got this phone again what the hell is this my Claire am I wearing clothes are you wearing clothes why are people looking into the studio you're not wearing clothes you're calling in you're one of those people who like white Yelp reviews without putting her clothes on if you're going to write a Yelp review have the decency to put on pants before you sit down at the keyboard I don't think you have the right to criticize someone else if you if you can't even bother to get dressed before you write the criticism you don't think so

sure you answer my question

oh you're talking to stop anyone who listen I'm just saying like I love writing Yelp reviews by I am dressed when I write them good good cuz someone someone has worked real hard and they have to get dressed to go to the restaurant to make your food the least you can do when you're talkin about their hard work on your computer has had the decency to at least pretend like you're taking it seriously you know what I mean a bit of a wedding speech Aficionado and it just so happens that I'm officiating my first wedding this weekend in Santa Barbara

and I'm really struggling with my feet so I wanted to know if you had any advice I seen many I shall we say interesting wedding speech but since almost every wedding I've been to is been friends or family I'm not really at Liberty to talk over the radio of what they are never seemed like it was this p50v Sandy gave in that movie anyway but you're actually officiating so but I'm saying like you know pretty much people are there to get married right and I would I would are you some sort of like fake Reverend Church of the poison mind in the state of California Anytime a reverend Life of Pi the Universal Life Church what the heck is universal life

are the people who license a fake reference you don't know that like is there any belief

what first of all non denominational does that mean any denomination or non denominational is it Christian so it's not just what I'm saying is I don't even know what this means but what like why do we even do this why don't they just Why doesn't the city government or just say pay me fifty bucks and you can do the wedding like why are they need to have this fake Church stuff like you know what I'm saying like just you know Claire are you are you related in any sense of the word are you have any sort of religion to you

whatever. Like okay let me tell you something about real reverence so I was

I'm not religious but I was married by you know my wife's uncle who was a real honest-to-god not Southern but Baptist minister right at his church and let me tell you something about

Reverend's ministers priest Rabbi whomever here's what they have done that you haven't done a crap ton of weddings like a crap ton anyone that controls any sort of house of worship has done a boatload of weddings they are practiced I'll never forget what what my Uncle Ken said to me right before he got married cried they was so powerful like it is more powerful than you think it's going to be once you get to the baton mean like that's the whole thing right in front of all your friends and family you're like oh wow that's you know not what I expected but what he said to me before he was he's like he's like guys this is going to take 17 minutes he's like I don't care like how many vowels you have I don't care like what you're doing is like it's going to be 17 minutes

I'm 17 minutes you know why you know this because he's done at 8 but Jillian times right he knows you know it's like we're to stand you knows and during rehearsal by the way rehearsal for you going to be especially important right you know that you know like where to direct people everyone everyone who has not been married before has all these like weird knucklehead ideas of what they want to have happened at their wedding Nastasia this actually relates to cooking when you throw a party right when you throw a party and you have chef and you have all these different players each you have their own minds right and I call of the freaking bridesmaid and all of the freaking groomsman or whatever they call them nowadays like the flower people the ring bearers the gas efficient they all have their own ideas right and so you think in your mind I'm going to organize at exactly like I want to be and you can't and it's the same thing with a party you have to be the

you are the Iron Fists of this wedding and you during the during the rehearsal you better keep everyone in freaking line and make them do what they're supposed to do at the freaking event so that the bride doesn't look back later and be like there was a craft show what the hell was I speaking honey Clarion your fishing in my wedding no one can hear what I was saying the wine for flubbed it was be back on the microphone there was so much when did my parents are outside in my face that's going to freaking happen because you know why you haven't done a wedding before so do the research do the rehearsal and take the rehearsal seriously

what about time we got for the rings that says this is cool you're going to like this so the couple you might know them they will have people at the standing reception to make like line where people stand and then right before the Rings I'm going to stay at your feet please pick it up and then we're going to the wedding bands through the Rope up to the front starting at the bar this is going to be a nightmare to know what we're doing I'm not giving it I'm not spoiling anything but I think it's kind of funny that you're are you literally in Santa Barbara right now he's going to be so yeah okay Santa Barbara where they have the pier in the beach

no that's where it's at Santa Barbara is on the water right has appeared to be so there's a movie out now by peel you might be familiar with it called and I'm not giving anything away about the movie called us an interesting ly Hands Across its in Santa Barbara where it takes place and Hands Across America where everyone holding hand and and like creating lines form very large oenis so I hope that everyone enjoys everyone thinking about the movie us while they are at the wedding yeah yeah and I hope that doppelgangers dress and red with scissors show up

are really putting a dhampir really raining on My Parade when I send you my speech and you can give me your feedback listen to a joke as I said a million times for real I think people get trapped into getting married do you know this happens like with partnered with restaurants with dishes it's all the same thing as you go down the road and once you've gone down a road more than about 50 or a hundred hard to turn around like the ship of life is big and it's hard to turn it you know what I mean and so like we're all you people in the audience or like you know this is not going to last more than a year this is not one of those waiting for maybe it is I don't know

no it's not certain people who do weddings are known for as we say doing weddings that stick I think I'm going to be. I will see you at the church of the poison mind will revoke revoke your license to marry if you don't have a certain batting average good thing I will say is that like I mean he's a friend of yours so you know but like a good bit of like talking to him like before hand is also are you sure are you really really sure I thought I had friends who called it off the last oh yeah

oh my God is that there is no there is no more other than being pregnant right where you know that like if not permanent it's a stupid temporary status fiance is the only other such thing and it's either ends in marriage or it ends in not marriage to the same person everyone is in a time of life re-evaluation when they're when they're engaged the day with the right person to call book good luck with that

we have a lot of questions written in that we didn't get a chance to answer do we have any time to do any

you know I hate you

alright here's a question Jo Jo English Road in on polish cookie hey I remember while back you're talking about exploring Port Polish food and taking a deep dive into polish Cuisine I live in Greenpoint besides cooking in the blood sausage Apple at Market I'm still not that well versed in Polish food be on the very Basics do you have any interesting dishes are cookbooks I don't I mean I I like I like direct the you know fermented rice soup out and I like all the weird mushrooms that they have although I might be no one of my the museum friend of my friend Luca shoes polish from Poland like he's like all of these mushrooms are no good like Poland Poland is apparently the land of mushrooms but it's not the same unless you go there maybe sometime we can have Lucas or some other Polish food expert on cuz I'm interested in learning more about it answer Joe I don't know enough to give you information but I would like to

Richard McDonough Road in on road about who you know you might know him as a mood therapist in Vietnam we might go to we might go to Vietnam someday Nastasia wants to buy the way she probably doesn't want me to get into I was I was thinking I was going to sit down here and do a rant on building stuff in China

which one your business partner wish Donnelly it at the bar is Donnelly and we're thinking about going into business with this new guy called called his name his name is dong Lee and he's from Shenzhen and so like this. Do you think this is funny that we can have these two different businesses where you know your partner with someone with very similar names have a d the singer

you said so like then the other thing is though that like literally like nastase and I just had his heartbreaking like couple of days where this Factory in China wanted us to hand them I swear to God 92,000 US dollars with no guarantee of making us a product literally stopped and I were like we'll fly out there and make an agreement with you like nope we won't talk to you until you hand us $92,000 that's that's what that Tom Hanks Tom Hanks the real the real life pirate one pirate Pirates I think Iris

can you recommend can you expand more in condenser efficiency than required amount of coolant capacity advisable say - 10 - 25 sales people don't get me me meaning Richard I wanted to go below zero or even + 10 is a long answer we got to go say will get you next week and really got to go all right we'll get into it next week from a I think you pronounce the name freezer freeze when he wrote in about soap we had a discussion when I don't know where we got into it last week on so wanted to know the way you bathe I don't I'm not going to get back into it but I sent us Tom Friedman in 1995 did a sculpture of

short and curlies on a soap bar arranged in a spiral pattern and so they this was brought to our attention which is horrifying Erin Morgan who call about who wrote in about the milk said we're going to get a lot of milk for sale in Oklahoma fresh coward let us know if you did anything fun next week or not two weeks from now I'm going to get to the Dragon Fair question we had I had an interesting one oh nail polish matte matte the same as worried about nopales have a lot to say about nopales and slime but I guess we'll have to get to it in 2 weeks on cookie issues

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