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Episode 365: Jackie Molecules' Jingles Jukebox w/ Lou Bank and Jay Schroeder

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no it was here but left because she thought I was going to be even later also joining us to deal with the now Jack the nail Schram head Bartender the existing conditions we are waiting on and this is because the airplane was late not because he himself was late James Schroeder from Chicago as a new book out on Mezcal so we can I talk to you about all this Mezcal stuff we have cats in the network here are you doing we got mad in the booth hello hello so when he gets back and when James finally shows up we're going to have a full full head back we will have more humans than microphones you have a caller that we could do around here restaurant show and what makes a good home-cooked first of all

people who are great chefs and Great Cooks and their minds are not right but being a good Chef like nowadays it also means being a personality right but I didn't used to be what it was it used to be and still is you have the ability to run a kitchen that makes money right so you have to be able to choose dishes that satisfy whatever Market is your Amy I'm most of us think of either high in Manchester people doing funky thing but like you choose something right that you want to do you hit that market you can get your food costs down and you can like crank out a consistent product day after day and you can convince your staff to show up not call out and like in general care about the food that they're making and you are a great you are a great shape that is what a gracious is a step one

good leader yeah you have to be a good leader now we used to be I mean there's some various you know what kind of you know do you lead through fear do you leave through love like a lot of it used to be very and Anna again this is not some what this is toxic but I used to just be a very kind of like animal pheromone based so like a chef would have to come in like an alpha ape like and then like you know a bit like walk up till like a line cook station and just outperformed them I just have to outperform them and that's how you prove you were a good Chef I don't think that works anymore what the hell we got also Jackie molecules in the studio every Union you know you can spend any amount of money you want you just have to make food that's delicious and part of being a home cook also depends on who you are there home cooks that like people

cook likes people enough to cook them food without poisoning them right but I mean what I mean is that like I'm one of those home cooks that I like being in the kitchen may be rather than being seated with everybody you know what I mean just because it means that I don't read I can just cook you know what I mean and that's how some people Express social social behavior that you come and go from the social engagement as you please because you got to be watching the food that's why that's why would you rather be behind the bar or the floor I would prefer to be behind the bar that's just enough social interaction I think that they're very very very very different problems and I think a lot of people who are excellent home Cooks right you know first of all Takis would not enjoy busting down that like 12 to chicken for the day like weird like you know like you're you're totally zoned out but also very zoned in just the the catharsis of just the same

an action over and over again most people who are professional chefs don't they don't cook that much at home because they're freaking sick of it by the time they get home but I invite a chef over to your house

right and then say something like just do something fun like this just have a bunch of carrots in your fridge has a bunch of extra carrots in your fridge and then tell the chef the chef going to like the pants on his chest sounds just like I ain't doing I ain't doing squat I'm not going to sit and drink wine crap on you and likes can I help you know what I mean I went and when they say can I help write what you want to do is say this in them yeah you could you could peel an end credits and how you want to hear it I don't know like Dice and then when you're going to going to walk away and then if you look back at them and every tear in your fridge has been converted into a dice you're dealing with a chef because there is going to be like the amount you need is the amount you got and we're going to do this we're going to use carrots all week so I'm texting them

this is my view in a long day in what do you mean at the Holiday party when we we cook the chicken and I'm not touching that thing and then like 30 minutes later you were over there I hate carving in public because I just don't like doing it you know why everybody has something to say about the way something is cut everybody has something to say about the way something is car and the wrongest voices are the loudest oh yeah yeah most of time if you have something to say you should not taking life so I'm going to save this by the way Nastassja nastase and I was asking now is a Connecticut from East Asia is now has achieved one of her life goals which is to be able to at we'll go to a place on the water

where is I'm losing my brain space someone made an offer on our Connecticut place which means I have a lot of fireworks to light off wheels you when we going up there the weather is perfect timing I promised Bobby or beverage manager beverage director that he can go so we need to figure out a time and then similar stories where I have a place in Connecticut is called Chester and there's a very good restaurant in Chester called Grano arso and Joel and ilani his wife wear in blisters on the show and you should go to that restaurant on the way over here I started mentally composing a jingle to it and we see my jingle jingle face

remember what the tune was though I just make it up just shout if through Chester you should go to grown up

it's very pissy real quick

Motown comes back on Chester you should jaunt

go go go go Saints and we'll add it to the Ditty if anyone comes up with some more jingle material to harmonize around my palm my phone I singing say my poem for a James Schroeder he's on his way

Dental Designs we're here at him like he's on his way here he wrote a book on Mezcal and he's anti and we can think about this pilot calling you or Mezcal questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 he hates people calling things Smokey for Mezcal at Pacific Palms in songs and I could type tastes real good Mezcal Mezcal needs no wood and if you say it taste like smoke Jen Schroeder thinks you're a jamoke

how you going to let this the fire in the pit to to roast a agave

does need to be aged yeah but most of the fermenting containers are made or increased in like you know animal skin question on the phone.

oh come on, and now I thought that she was back and stopped or means it's Full House almost hit with a bit of an attitude and I hope that you will forgive me if you want by just got back from a trip down to the Golden Isles off the coast of Georgia the Barrier Islands down there and on Cumberland Island I had the opportunity to visit a Carnegie Family Ice House which was pretty cool building where the Carnegie family that mansions on the island and they use the cart down ice from the great lakes and keep it there

at precisely yes and another interesting ice-related thing that I saw their on the island which I wasn't expecting is it in the basement of the plum Mansion which is another Carnegie family Mansion there on the property there was a really ancient ice machine that they had imported from a monastery in Europe I don't know what monitor it was it has the initials a s and that ice machine ended up destroying the need for the ice house so once they brought that ice machine back over from Europe that became no longer necessary for them to ask you no bring it down from the Great Lakes cuz Europe is like Europe is like the swamp like them like the malarial hellhole of ice machine and their water that on water that they serve you even if it's a viciously warm and without ice unless you ask for it

whatever I'm just saying like well apparently this was this was a Trappist monastery and they were using the ice to chill bottles of their beer so they're not consuming the ice just using it for her for killing at least that was a story I got okay but anyway while I was on display for champagne punch from the Pittsburgh club and it's a pretty standard champagne punch it starts out with some lemon ice and then some champagne that they fortified with Brandy and Benedictine but the recipe calls for a pint of White Rock and no one there knew at White Rock was near like if you know then it's probably White

sorry it's not even me. So like that's my guess because anything and rock is a neglected mean Rock of ice like like like Rock and Rye is Rock sugar and rice I'm guessing that's I'm guessing that's what you're looking at there by the way I just say this no fence Europe

and unless you're adding a boat ton it's not going to be sweet enough without some additional sugar so I'm going to go ahead and move that from a possibility to an absolute certainty thank you very much I'm going to let the caretaker now actually when he showed us the ice machine is like does anyone know what this is and I I guess that it was some sort of generator cuz there was a double hook up there and it kind of had that look about it because I know that that's the one that's going to sit alone slugworth it makes Everlasting Gobstoppers I knew that guy I like machines I'm sure I would have loved it very very

okay the previous caller called back just to say that you at one point compared your voice to Bobby Womack's but he says you sound more like Michael McDonald when you sing that's a freaking compliment him I wasn't channeling Womack for the what do I have different mental voices like that was more my I mean like I'm now I'm thinking of maybe we'll come back and we'll think of what Bobby Womack jingle would have sounded like and I wish I sounded like Bobby Womack I probably sound like he does now that he's dead

100 OK carbonated water with coffee a carbonated water related question last year we put a carbonated line at the ice cream shop so we can you show me an ice cream float what most of our soldiers having great coffee soda floats have been a Miss when you try to do unsweetened coffee soda float with vanilla ice cream something happened it just don't work we did a coffee concentrate which was fine so to water it was also great with the ice cream Howard when the three elements are combined something just was not write the mixed result was muted coffee flavor whenever I see just not right REM comes in my mind what the hell is going on with my brain today got to be Springtime music in the springtime

try not to forget the freak show up in New York when the weather is like this as surely as those weird desert fish pop out of the cracks in the freaking mud and not that they show up it's that they exit their winter their winter husky crawl out of themselves like locusts

I'm just passing through man I was driving through New York I look at my clock in its conditions time changed at this very moment if you're listening live have a dear friend of many of us here that needs some good vibe so if you have any extra Good Vibes send them out of person blowing stuff up on are okay so back to the coffee related question now you liked it you liked this soda water with the coffee and you like the soda water with the ice cream I'm thinking it's maybe just look at everyone knows that ice cream and coffee is everyone knows that ice cream nastase is like it's like a three-year-old she's reaching for my iPad

start the first question this is the very first question from last week that you told me to freaking do this. You never answer the old questions and then when I do when I literally start answer the first question and answer for last week she reaches from my iPad like a three-year-old that I have to like sit there and get what kind of hand is this yet you're the slicer yeah I just think that you I don't know you very well at all so I'm just saying that maybe you'd maybe you drink black coffee like I do and when you have coffee and milk together your life man I don't really like this very much also coffee kills Bubbles and ice cream kills bubble so maybe the double bubble trouble is causing you some issues but I get back home

Studios just filling up somebody was saying that tonic water is the answer to that lets better with coffee do you want to what do you want to hear

250cc is optimal chair and whether or not your stock is microphone people think of the reason she never talk is that her microphones like a speed bag it's like it like rattles around like a good like 15 in when you touch it and the invoice on the show to you know and didn't like the music and Ambien voice to sleep you can't you have to be antisocial towards somebody

in the tenement whenever all right questions The Sassy wants me to go to the first question from this week Mike from Brooklyn rights in Hay Day what do you think of this and then Mike sent me a link to a Canadian dude this is vice Munchies a Canadian dude who did some grave-robbing

and then after robbing the grave took the bones and boil them to make bone broth but wasn't caught because of the bone broth was caught because he was taste-testing the bone in the graveyard and someone saw him licking the bones right and he was doing it and then Vice Munchies did a tag 2 when they opened up this Egyptian sarcophagus last year there was a bunch of Swampy death water in the sarcophagus it smelled like Egyptians Authority said like sewage and then there's a guy in England 2-1 to make an energy drink out of state sewage and I want to say all you guys are stupid Jokers because for many hundreds of years Europeans have gone and consumed mummy powder this was a known medicine it was a mistranslation of an Arabic word that this place I can pitch it came out of the ground it was non mummy related but had a sound is very similar to Mummy it was used in medicine in both people's Arab speaking

is an outsider Vedic medicine that was then people picked up on that medicine Mamiya and thought they think he's definitely must be made for mommies answer then whenever they found all these mommies they would grind them up and they would do two things with these ground up mommy's one they would make paint so there is actually a paint color called Mommy and it is kind of money colored it's kind of like that kind of brownish I have a dead a long long time color and they would grind it into a mummy powder for consumption I don't know why I like everlasting life although it didn't seem to work for the people at the mummies you can buy the actual powder that was confused for ground-up Egyptian mummies it's called chocolate I believe although it's been many years

I used it in the very first mofad dinner that you start seeing eye through which massage is still says is the best event to tell they've been thrown in history of events

cuz we did it just the two of us is it is it delicious what is it taste like she hated it like she hates everything I drink it was it was it was the amuse-bouche

amuse-bouche you can say in a family show Full House

you're all that that's the sound of a thousand people in the studio

hey man, Mike and Lou is on the phone as well so we got we got a little what do you got for me

okay here's what I got for you I got a question so with all of this cooking right you're dealing with bacterial issues correct I mean yeah we don't have we we we cook things all the time that don't have bacterial problems like carrots but but you're familiar with bacterial issues I would describe Davis familiar with bacterial issues

so okay so given that let me ask you Dave do you want you wash your feet on a daily basis yes

everybody else in the studio wash their feet on a daily basis

hang on a second are you telling everybody you just a washcloth and washes their feet everyday yes it's the last thing I wash with a washcloth before I rinsed a washcloth and wring it out thoroughly every day so I don't need to rinse I like to rub its clean but I still be water on my feet is the beginning of the song I don't know what it is yet but so be water leaking at the country song I think very likely get Poppy for it

yes so yes I do wash my feet the house just really into cookie or is this just a foot issue talked about in the car all the time Lou I just play along. I just use like soap

I don't believe in coating everything in the house and bacterial Seidel tape

yeah man Irish remember that remember that commercial anymore and a person shows up with a knife and cut a little piece off of it it's green and white stripes and we still have about the same Irish Spring yeah does anyone else but here I have a visceral distaste for bar soap I use liquid soap I do not like this is a very lot of information but like I like the fact that like you have to like thoroughly rinse the soap or there might be a possibility of a hair on the stove if it stays there hard no soap are is a real issue but you can see it though it's not like you're going to mysteriously come across one

know who said anything about anybody else's hair sharing a box

Hotel I use the I use the bottle mini shampoos and if they have a bath you all use that one but if I do use that miniature rancid little bar of soap I will use it once and Pitch it right the heck out

and so just sitting there and it's it in its own like don't ever many people say don't the washing to self get it itself but I just don't like it it's a mental thing same way that I don't like somebody suggested to me that nobody uses washcloth anymore and I'm like I used to wash clothes every time I don't understand like super mega super mega water pressure right like some form of wiping device is like necessary to abrasively remove the film of Filth that gets on you from living in a real City you know what I mean in DC which is just a large dust cloud yawning mean when it's not being a swamp you know and you ever been to the mall in the summertime people it's like being a freak


no I don't I don't use bar so I guess you're right I could I guess you're right I hadn't thought of it that way but this is so much information whatever I just feel like I'm getting what I feel like the bathing issues of kids cooking somewhere you know that used to be many years ago I'm sure the science is a lot better but in the eighties they did a study of San Francisco Sourdough sourdough starters and found at one of the bacteria is mostly from Human gums

can you talk about what you're doing with us and Jay later this week I'll be doing on Friday evening it's 6:00 6:30 6:30 it's 6:30 is going to be tasting through 5 Agave Spirit heirloom Agave Spirits not certified as Mezcal just Agave Spirits as a fundraiser for Heritage Radio

let me get this so you are you are very much for disallowing things to be called just Agave spirits and crushing the small farmers that don't fit into the denominations right and just kidding with you know I do is lose big mess, only he is on a big mess he is and it's in the kind of like a rising tide lifts All Ships or do I think that's the meaning it's ridiculous that we have like isn't like something like by SIA just Mezcal from Jalisco I mean like really honestly isn't it well it depends on how you're defining mascara they're going to get me all political California

load of horse hockey I've ever heard in my entire life jacket because the category is a swoop down Farda name on his stuff that already exist in any way I'm like champagne which is a region find the place called like I am Mezcal and then like you know we can go to it but it's already spread all over the freaking map anyway and it was it was stolen by the Mexican Government from the people and it makes me nuts

so is is rasiya just Mezcal from Jalisco until the Mexican Government write this is the whole point is the Mexican Government stole that word and it's and it's cutting out it's cutting out people who really did build the reputation of what is considered must go catch by the way it's one of those that you're tasting the one that you sent me in the mail I've got a bottle of it sitting right outside the studio right now and I've got a related products something similar from a town couple Towns over in pecan but it's also kind of different you want to make that stuff magically appeared I can definitely make

until I can get the reaction to it

games Raven poem Mezcal Mezcal taste real good Mezcal Mezcal needs no would I ever for my phone and if you say it taste like smoke James Schroeder thinks you're a jamoke that I think all that very accurate

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so why do you dislike that as you can shut because it simplifies it too much I think I think there's no way to not simplify this stuff when we're looking at Agave Spirits in general you got this giant gradient of traditions and different names and different techniques and even have no clean waited by this at all even just the idea of agave dyslexic people doing weird stuff out there there's things that aren't made from Agave that fit within the family ever got me just look so tall his own thing but it works and functions very much the same way so there's no way to Debbie this stuff up and accept I like a micro micro level like the smaller you focus in you can make similarities there similarities between these two projects abroad because they're made couple Towns over by people usually similar techniques and it is almost everything in there is applicable for so it's all there some specific concerns with the plants that go into it they grow little different but yeah just try to make it a little tighter scope

if any of you folks out there are like wildcrafter only kind of folk you should call in and talk to James about his beliefs on the future of Coast cultivated quote-unquote while variety cuz it's kind of interesting it's going to be an interesting thing going forward I have this how this plays out but you have a very like wait-and-see but hopeful look about cultivating the same rather than just harvesting them out of existence right people think about the future planting and you know I think one of the things and travel around a lot in Mexico you just see an abundance of agave everywhere as much as I'm worried about the wild Ecology of It kind of plants in the ground that has grown wherever they grow I was with Lou in each got line my God there's something about us going around there so it's I think the ship over to cultivation is more like a smart economic move and kind of people planning for their own Futures a little bit but it's going to change how things taste but in a way that I won't be able to predict you know

list of 30 give us the 32nd plug on I know that you like your kind of like over people only talking about Agave varietal so you like pushing towards the end of the book but but give us a 30 seconds on the 30 seconds on the Agave Bridals to punch Modric we play with you start out with and then fermentation layer so much on top of that and such an ineffable wake of you don't even know what Critters are going on in the fermenter all spontaneous all wild fermentation across-the-board except for tequila kind of the name child take over and crush the world pretty is pretty darn successful but generally speaking the wild fermentation there

real-time two people stuff out of people happy about that. We tasting beer tasting not at all we've got this is the this is the guy that I brought out arts in outer Richmond internet's Jose Ines vieira's I can't read the can reserve a little little tiny town of about 30 people call the El agua con Tito super tiny little speck of a place this guy makes really good stuff pretty high elevation it's a little bit kind of lactic cheesy kind of funky thing going on underground permutation and would distilled in Copper Pot stills

my memory I first met you years ago when you were you know with the with the Rick Bayless Empire and and

I'm pretty sure I went to your house and you had to train cat you went to my house I had a trained cat you commented on an analytical chemical engineering book that I had text book and then we ate red hot Ranch shrimp and drink sotol on the patio red hot Ranch at 4 a.m. let's hear her say it

good the hell is that I see nastassia Lopez walk up to like what amounts to an alley cat with a wild pick it up shake it and we like and then like I've never seen anyone freak out a lot of cash and I have only the one toilet toilet supposed to do that doesn't really work where you put the plastic wrap over the toilet and someone poops on it in the poops on their butt

is maritime so is that to get your cat to do it you would plastic wrap your toilet seat and throw some kitty litter on the plastic to get it into the habit of jumping up and using the kitty litter that was on top of your toilet bowl and then eventually it will go be like a computer

seats where you just put the the larger seat with a smaller circle on your thing and then it starts because the disincentive to the cat if you bought the wrong twist braid bun

you're here to training school for sure right now what did you train this got to do this by the way she smells fantastic to Eagan wave on command he can hi-five I make him like way for his food every day he's very very food motivated only by 14 15 years old I think he does feel like basically like the light back on his back and we need a fifth of a soul Vine explain what's going on here by the way all of you people who are listening to this sorry Chumps you can't taste it because I'm pretty sure this does unavailable this is a mean thing to do to somebody we're chasing something we're tasting unobtainium how

For the Love of Mezcal is the unobtainium aspect an awful lot of it I think you have so many people even this like batch two batch we were texting through this guy stuff in this particular bass was super super dope and there was some other stuff and yet it was good but it's just different so you know even within one single producer we're just focusing on a moving Target you know

yeah he was proofing like / small container and he didn't that everything together so all the kind of like the Oddball like a different cuts and he's a little thing but they were all the same ATV so from different like little micro segments of the distillation and if you would just put some of the first one in this container and then prove it down with Tails okay that was good so nothing ever got batted together so it never consistent so each individual container was totally different than back then Dave you're wrong we can bring some of that to the tasting how do people get to this tasting have this happens to people we have like I think literally about 5 tickets left to go to Heritage Radio Network. Org / sacred and get them while they're going at El Cortez at the corner of Ingram and Bogart Street in Graham it's a building is on the corner it's just two blocks from Roberta's

weather is it like this

neighborhood why do people like live here this is a warehouse District if you're going to leave here at least have the good sense to have a giant space and be an artist needs to weld stuff all the time that's me I am well Dan everyday

you should be welding everyday welding is Mace okay so Jack what your thoughts on this product it's excellent like the thing that draws the thing that draws the wild fermentation aspect of it and the Hand of the maker aspect of it like it's not about the Rarity it's that like you can taste a person's hands and in it every time you just give me the gross face

Can I taste your feet no no no

controversial so what are you called for rabbit or Lyon thing I was curious about have you ever tried Jerusalem artichoke

just know I haven't it's also inulin beso needs to be cooked for a long time to weigh Agave does but I doubt it's going to taste even remotely similar I looked it up. As you know is a monocot so it looks like you no more closely related to grass and it is to let's say roses or a dandelion or some like this and Jerusalem artichokes are from The Astor family so they're like I couldn't be they couldn't be more separated as flowering plant Jerusalem artichoke as fibrous although nastassia gave so much that we say cyber to her friends in the form of undercooked Jerusalem artichoke knowing she would give them severe gastrointestinal distress. Call Alicia's they're delicious raw I'll take the damage you know who really really really likes undercooked Jerusalem artichoke is the bacteria in your

testing when they inflated up to the size of a balloon oh yeah

but you don't need to worry because someone's already put some in the actual toilet in the in the high tank there they are you we have a Mezcal question from the chat Lovett what do you got it might be a bit Blasphemous but it always seems to me that the process used for making tequila stainless steel cookers would be better able to let the characteristics of specific types of agave come through in the final product why aren't people making a distal it from different types of agave but using the tequila process

that's fair I think that's a fair assessment so my argument would be I think that this is all about the process you know the flavors to it is a really rich source material for making spirits then you got this crazy wild fermentation of the top that you're layering flavor on flavor and Flavour on top of the roast to slow caramelizing and almost kind of burning of the outside of the sugar on the Agave pankas like that's I think that's so Crocs of what metal is in general but that is that is the category Mezcal you're tasting this whole event that happened over the course of a week or so questions wouldn't be interesting to taste it

que se trata maybe not Mezcal that is just without those other things just to plant yes

call signal

text Lewis speaking about a large multinational owned distillery in Oaxaca in Mexico that was just one person but she's she's literally making an espadin distillate that is certified asthma in the same Industrial Way that you feel is that not what I mean still using I think it's bringing to the table

play a fair enough but you could certainly compare the blue Weber of tequila to the espadin of Mezcal it was made the exact same way

we are right

what happen if you like a completely different

I would taste it if you made it I will taste it for sure I was going to be good as it as an experiment as like a thought experiment is like a teaching tool but I don't want to drink it

all of your non smile talk you're like

the weight that are using ceniza in Durango Co all about that they own the way they do it and they talk about it straight up there they listen to Ministry may be amazing, Fair Jesus

so Jay-Z have a book out called understanding Mezcal and hear some things I learned in your book I didn't realize how a typical The Cutting process was in the distillation want to talk about cutting in Mezcal vs. another Spirits General is a distiller will take different selections of that that those things together and then use different proportions of those two things to try to adjust to end up getting the actual ABV that they're looking for the other heads no mistakes. That's a heads you're scared like this is the thing that's going to hurt me right it's got nothing all in a bunch of nasty because of some special tricky things with agave methanol generally comes off mostly Mateo so you're able to take that earlier cut and that's super Heidi be like 70% alcohol somewhere around there then you take a tail end of the distal it a couple of dust Goldust excuse me

and then use that 20 30% alcohol and they use those two things together generally to adjust some people don't have stuff with a tail suggested imagine that or like like not getting rid of the popsicle in that you know what I mean

anyway so like I was shocked I did not know that it was interesting fact and there's no true to form way of doing it is some people throw away a couple liters off the front some people don't throw away anything up there but they literally just run the steel straight through I was shocked to find that out how do they replace the water in the top of the traditional Play Still Still Still

Outlet on the side of it that runs into another hose that runs away somewhere I mean like you were talking about efficiency and steals inefficiency can mean many things to me efficiency means heat in cooling like how efficient is it at producing a liter of alcohol per like input of energy in form of heat and or the form cooler with water and people forget about distillation don't forget this people that everything you boil off yet that we can dance this is a mistake everyone always makes a shaft who sells on the condensing and of they're still out apparatus they don't provide enough cooling power is especially true in Rota that's cuz in regular stuff you to turn off the water flow and cuz you don't need very cold temperatures but I'm talking about you go to that priest out there I love you talking about efficiency and wrote of apps when part of our processes Booker and Dax was literally rubbing butter around the house whenever you saying rubbing butter you also have to say the Act

improve efficiency of these things is quite low because it has fairly small amount of coolant capacity for the size of things that you're working but when you talk efficiency you're talkin distillation efficiency in terms of ethanol per run ethanol percentage per run and you're saying that because of the you know kind of relative amount of product that re condenses inside of the steel and goes back down in the way that these kind of what you think of as relatively you know technologically advanced pills they actually produce a higher distillation efficiency and so don't need to be run through as much for a particular ethanol little better at separating things from other things you're you get more alcohol and less water early in the distillation and you get more water and less alcohol later the distillation then unless distillation efficient still right so it has more as I can as a like a European distiller might say kind of imaginary plates in it by plate

located also what about the copper now you're saying you're hating on copper not hating on it but you were saying that you think that the whole copper thing as a load of garbage I've distilled rum without copper and it tastes like have you tried to stealing any other distillates in a clay still without copper and see whether they're good is there something weird about Agave just to let that means you don't have to have the copper because I've tasted products that were distilled without copper and they were bad and they have a giant stainless steel column still have one single copper played in it and it's like I don't know like I'm not going to be able to go just been told to me is that the reason Stills were made out of copper is because it's easy to form an easy to solder right and it conducts heat rather well eccentric cetera

we get copper sheet Goods you know it's just makes your life a lot easier if you're going to go out and illegally make or even legally make Stills you can hammer it real or is just a really nice thing to work with in general except for the cost is expensive especially for things like condensers me can you become a cop but I mean but it's hard to Just Fishin see I guess silver but the story goes there is some reaction may or may not be understood to have to research it recently and then when they move to stainless Steels other steel materials there like this sucks and then some was like was the difference

maybe it's the copper ends they put some copper in and all of a sudden it was good again and they're like I don't even know why I just need to know

Ajax giving me the the fu face anyway so in a lot of configuration for the clay pot still you don't use any copper in any point is what you're saying and that's super fattening I don't know what another knock knock who are the candy made out of copper that can be made out of stainless steel sometimes I made out of like less Savory stuff like 10 Amarillo to use like reactive metal and it turns the Mezcal that comes out of it kind of like ready like Rusty color don't want that I don't think it's good for you but other than that for me how much am I going to drink speaking of poor up. Dave for myself before so someone explain to me someone first described for those who obviously the Spanish word but explain Copita and kind of like the cultural cultural social

effects of drinking mezcal

there's no uniform set of rules every place it's different in the north they drink out of cow horns often times gross it is it it's in a smell very needy it does definitely important stuff out of cow horns gross we've got Sunny call in college we have time to call the party horn and it was a moose call and it had a number sure glued in the bottom and it had a leather thong around the cow horn and you would wear this town. Kalhorn and then I shouldn't describe this is terrible and you put a bunch of you know a horn and you would drink it and then blow the moose call at the end and might surprise you to know that after one very long night I woke up without

the most call someone has stolen it was gone forever what is it with people stealing things that are special and important to us I don't know people in bed

also stolen our bathroom devil crazy screwed into the wall and then was torn free almost any information plugin for me is happening this Sunday at the Raines law room at the William Hotel what time I will find the time for you and it is our resident kind of cheeky Guru at the bar and he says stuff that makes me make kind of a vegan face but his taste is really good and so he has a lot more latitude than almost anyone that I work with on getting me like 8 billion ingredient cocktails true or false true

they tend to use that a little bit more often some of this Isabella fermented with this is okay as a fermentation starter we going to change that

camp okay garbage Camp okay is not worth your time I was like I had it I was like I do not like this but I'm not judging pulque based on this I think poke is a great work is a good word right yes well Jack fighting that the Stasi and I are considering doing a short web series where she sits there and makes fun of me while I review old kitchen equipment like weird old kitchen equipment I have one of them not going to say what it is but I have one but if any of you have a weird old kitchen equipment ideas for us to our gadgets that you think might be funny for us to test out now and just one that I have I just so you know I don't have to pull out a little science and have to pull out a multimeter there will be yelling this. You will make fun of me having recorded yet I got to know all of these things so if you have any ideas send that we come on over to cooking issues also I was looking up you know who still alive people

Ron Popeil still alive he's like 83 years old guys know who's Ron Popeil is it and forget it mystery yesterday like you know Ronco Rotisserie Oven yeah still alive we should try to get him on the show to talk about on how he came up with all this kitchen gadgets from one Gadget crew to another we should get a bunch of them before and try and cook a bunch of stuff in them we should I thought of this because I was looking up some Ronco products for the you know what to do now is like a random people he's dead right and not only did not dead he's from New York and he's like 83 so I believe so very interesting tipping of of Ron Popeil for while she's pulling that up Garrett's thing is

Sunday April 28th at the Raines law room at the William Hotel doors at 6 he goes pretty late I've gone after service in the past and continue to be served cocktails until around two years and dressed in black for this is he full taking out and it is a sight to behold it everytime worth it just for the outfit worth it just for the bolo to call he hasn't been actually collection of bolo ties a mating a sparkling kind of like Easter Island head below and like. But it also is a he's not merely interested in Tiki the drink like he is fully embedded in the culture and has been since high school somehow it's not cosplay that's just life Lee what's it what's cosplay cosplay is when you like on a person and then you also dress up as a character but he's not dressing up as a character

lifestyle yes alright that's fair you would do that at the bar where we do not have an all black dress code black on black Tiki if he's actually actively searching for it so any any last words by James on training cats on Mezcal on the tasting this coming up supercharger for the tasting better this is a this is delicious. In the first guy this guy fermented Giants of one giant for Mentor super-deep goes probably 10 ft underground about two-thirds emerged in the ground out of concrete so all right are you all right thanks for coming on

Alvin Schultz okay I just wanted to say that now is going to be so happy I saw him in Houston I forgot my Facebook San Instagram it seems like he's he's killing the world right now it's just like going to see him and he had to steal it for us. I guess Blended or infused tomato plant into a Mezcal and then rotovap it out and boomerang that to us at UB preserve a big shout-out to UB preserv we had a good time over there in general a lot of like our stuff and they did a really good job you don't even know it was good I enjoyed nastase did not enjoy it because the Stasi has just now learned that the liquid bread carbonator cap sarnow manufactured in such a way that they cross the red

mofo on soda bottles so the Stasi and I went and have a feel for it there's a very good thrift shops right near UB preserve shut out the pavement and when we went there like the sauce he was like walking to buy something to wear it at the thing I'm like you're only saying that because you don't have to be in front of the people you can do whatever you want but it's basketball I have to say I filled in a lot of comments on her outfit she sprayed it with free game cranberry juice she sprayed it with cranberry juice with dr. Crim

but still but that kind of money you spent not important just said it was worth more than what you paid I bought a pair of cowboy boots wizard skin that feels no you can say it say it in the Jackson and I didn't bring my hat I legitimately wear ugly people when I wear my hats there like a cowboy had them like you're an idiot not a freaking cowboy hat I wear plantar Style with telescope brim you stupid Joker you know what I mean but I don't know if you know this to me I am white I burn burn and I also know that I hate I hate sunscreen people the man suffered a terrible third degree burn on his entire back he needs clothing and hats

that's true even if I liked lotion which I hate right I don't know whether it's because of you know it puts the lotion on the skin left a scar on me or what now that going through person I became a lotion person and let me tell you if you got to hydrate especially with the only part of my body that's always exposed is the back of my hand was it the only reason I stopped getting crazy fingernail infections was because I started moisturizing as a bartender the most important thing you can do is take care of your hands will you say this is a management problem that I'm still here

this episode has become like a personal grooming episode 2019 so I don't get thrown out or use for other stuff so Jen my wife Jen had like it like out there have jewelry drawers

no she had a good old jewelry jewelry was all thrown in one of those little chain like wrapped itself around some costume jewelry in a way that deliver lyric wiring a stereo microscope at my house and then I realized I no longer have any tweezers tweezers stuff apart with how am I supposed to fix this delicate chain without squeezes and place your microgreens a microgreen micro everything you know how I feel thanks for coming in James cooking issues thanks for listening to Heritage Radio Network supported by you for a fresh content and to learn more about our 10-year anniversary celebration happening all year long subscribe to our newsletter enter your email at the bottom of our website Heritage Radio Network. Org connect with us on Instagram and Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can also find us at Heritage Radio Network Heritage Radio Network

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