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Episode 363: Stizneak on the Surface of the Sun w/ Jack Schramm

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this week on Meat and three we're bringing you four stories about lost and found culinary Treasures we are searching for what will be lost and we're trying to rejuvenate it trying to do is collect the sourdough that contribute to the biodiversity of sourdough in order to store them to document them and be able to preserve them for the future it's bringing back the history and just being part of that time. Just it's

there's nothing like it has nothing like it when Fame comes late I'm sure it's just as sweet as when it comes over 80 plus sign three available wherever you listen to podcast

I don't want to go because I hate Paradise I would like to go there I'm sure they have delicious fruit and seafood me me me I know you're going to listen to this I didn't get a chance to tell Dave to say where you were specifically told me to stay where I am it's it's I can't use the word that she used but it doesn't matter that's a good question I want to text anybody. On vacation doesn't want to talk about it is that I know she's on airplane she will be back next week when we have as our special guest Seth Godin talking about his books his blog everything else

yeah he actually used Nastasia and I a m e n a

he wanted his post because I very a very flattering that's very cool I used to read him a lot really parently and he was talking about you

that was he hasn't he hasn't said kind of several books on in theory of like tries and he says that you cooking issues crew we together form like I tried looking for of a cult I hope not oh my God oh my God by the way we're discussing something and remember it is not the Colts don't actually drink Kool-Aid they drink flavor Aid flavor Aid we've had this discussion on the air before but its flavor Aid the Kool-Aid is you know from the on the bus with the acid the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test the cult drinking the Kool-Aid in a cult way like how is it the Madden boots how you doing we haven't killed a paper it was deliberate

how cheap are those guys at Jonestown cuz like it's not like you're going to need money after this

what's a good punch you I was told last week when he came on that I did he's the head bartender of existing conditions and we should have a hammer you should maybe what school would you be some sort of can I please know that makes me the nail

right like that and I don't know why she's here but I we are also the host of which you're like what do you like what is everything you do for the Eritrean Network everything I do I am the communications director that's what I spend most of my time doing I also Sarah Huckabee Sanders say that about me hell boy how do you spell that with an A or with an E with an NA meeting 3 as in the Southern Meat and three sides meal that you would get at like a country restaurant in that the format of the show we have one meat store it's like longer than Teresa mobile or something crazy like this in the other side of Alabama near Georgia

what you guys should come Beyond sometime it's on Thursdays at 5 p.m. and opening a bar right then I got an idea why don't you record at once from existing conditions and will serve you drinks we would love to do that that's what I wanted to talk to you about later sounds great love it. He's coming over going to do summer Fridays happy hour perfectly timed we have a person on the air

sorry the attention but with patchy question about fermenting sausages and she answered because I have my own experiences to record on that has it been definitively answer so in general right I mean I'd love to talk about I'm always kind of lost it talk about things that are relative to relative to safety but assuming that you have when you're trying to get a pH drop relatively quickly so it should work in a sous vide things at the question of whether or not it's possible to have a crap growing it in the meantime right which presumably why you have salt and nitrites there as well let's go where were you going to say

yeah so I've done it a number of times now with what I'm about to be successful results in terms of flavor and and not getting sick that's just something I wanted to record out safepro FLC culture right and that I once they were chased up in their fibrous casings in the VAC bags and then put in a sous vide bath I use 90 degrees for about 30 to 36 hours there's no ill effects to report it seems like an alternative that work but I would do that changed because the reason I pick him is because you know I know he went through a whole Kickstarter thing on getting his Hassett stuff done so he might have some more to weigh in on this on the technical side but I mean look at the let's let's say you're doing the standard let's say let's say your standard person like you know like any of us right you're you're packing a sausage

gaze into into casings they can be relatively large right and then you're doing it traditionally you're hanging it in a hot moist box you know you know for however long it takes to get the pH drop you need with the culture you have right mean that's what we're doing so in reality in the real life right the interior of that sausage is heal pretty quickly goes into an anaerobic condition and therefore should be growing up Oculus right I mean if it was going to grow it all it should be growing right I mean that's too serious that's why botulism is called botulism after the Latin word for whatever it is you're a food history guy Jack sausage right botulism look it up the Latin for sausage anyways point being that the only difference here is that you're immediately putting the entire thing in an anaerobic environment including the outside but it's not like the air it's not like the air is getting to the inside of that freaking sausage during the time

the pH is going down so in general if the interior the sausage is going to be safe I would say the exterior the safe sausages probably safe inside of a a bag with the caveat that I wouldn't put it in a hardback youm for me the Latin is Farsi part of my Jack listen don't blame me blame Google Play man why you that's who at the educated and there was no my even hint of any bad smell at least to me an ideal environment right because you're not letting other stuff go on it and you can control the temperature extremely accurately and you're not getting any dry down at all you don't have to worry about the relative humidity or any of that to me

mentally it's ideal it's just I hesitate to say without having someone done that the hassock work on it to say that your tote a hundred safe on it you know what I mean

yeah but mentally it's great idea I mean look at it this way also is you know when we make sauerkraut right we solved it we sought the I do anyway cuz I like salt salt bejesus out of the product and you put it in a vac bag and it starts going with its lactic acid you know McGillicuddy there and it just turns into Lisha stuff and I never worry about it even even once not even wants you know what I mean so yeah cuz I got to be honest and this is just proved what kind of a jerk I am I literally just I should measure it someday I literally just tossing taste really bad because I have kind of a because I am a salty man and I have a selfie palette I'm never ever end

danger of under salting if you know what I mean I know a lot of people are trying to push the edge I've heard like a 2% by weight and I like the idea of adding brine I think that's a mistake people make they don't kind of add in a little bit of Brian it's always good and it lets let's say you let's say you never made sauerkraut before right I think it's a good idea is to buy some commercially made unpasteurized untreated sauerkraut by the way if anyone is anyone I doubt anyone is but if anyone is listening to this who has never had a real unpasteurized like still alive fermented sauerkraut

wow you shouldn't do anything else other than go get that stuff right now it's so good if you just had the sterilize pasteurized sauerkraut that you get in the average Supermarket that comes in a polyethylene bag and you're like I don't like sauerkraut well hot dog sauerkraut is fine on a hot dog is a great condiment it's not have you ever eaten by itself have you ever just sat down and tried to take down a whole bowl of Sabrett pasteurized sauerkraut have you ever eaten a bowl of yellow mustard yes

I'm talking to the wrong person don't forget to take bets food bet one of which was I've taken down I've taken down dining hall size things of yellow mustard I've taken down there not that fancy yellow just yell at them snobs I like you, I'm just saying I do not hate to say this cuz you're maybe I don't know they're never going to have any money anyway it doesn't matter but I do not like the standard mass-produced Dijon mustard phrn if any Dijon mustard brands want to give us money we love you we love him

and I didn't think was and this is one of Jack's favorite word acrid like I just don't like especially the one that's got the Grey Poupon it I don't I don't like it so good I don't like it I love it commercial I love the I love the rolls-royce's you know I like poking fun at Rich folk but you know I just know it's not my thing.

I think it's looked it sitting there it is a product let's say let's go back to my 1970s Roots if you're going to buy an incredibly substandard standard and I hate to even use this word here Brie right right right take Brie cheese however

it doesn't taste bad no. Get a good texter and it's kind of a neutral substrate yeah it's like a ballpark sauerkraut know it's not because sauerkraut taste flawed because of the preservatives in it is flawed it tastes flawed regular garbage Bree is like the closest thing to a neutral unit of cheese you can get like more neutral then like it's like on the Colby level of neutral it's like the brick cream cheese on the brick in the Le bernadin kitchen it actually is good to put on it is too crude and a big that sucker would like and that that

cat is the application for honey mustard is it 70s baked brie love it and see if we have a different caller who's been waiting for like 5 months

say what's up Dave everybody. I'm being the first one on time today are you going to try to go there but I had today for New York strip steak and I was wondering how long to cook them for and the temperature and then the second question would be

how to sear them in a pan with a mayonnaise


CIO I'm at you know what that probably be good I like giving me a look putting mayonnaise on everything before you sear it I meant I have a thing of Dukes in my in my I've never had you since I have a container of it in my house that is as yet on open because it's very good because fifo because 5 answer your question I asked you a question but you say on stage I'm going to give you your time I got a Tangy zip

America is not exist in like on the Spectrum in between your classic Hellman's and QP it's not you. You're saying they put sugar in it

QP is good because they put sugar in it let's just be honest let's call it Utopia qb2qb is good on a count of the sugar also I love to buy pre flavored mayonnaise is hear some free flavored mayonnaise is I like I like Sriracha mayonnaise you purchase that you know why I got such a hate down on this from Wylie and Dave Chang I like Wasabi mayonnaise I'm going to go ahead and say it tastes good on French fries

hey look now back to the question it taste good but just Dave Chang almost punched me in the face when I told him this

I like and you ready for this and anyone who's like anyone who's like Jack age and younger will not care about this but anyone like my age within within 6 years of my age hates this idea on a number on a number of fronts but Donna tastes Wasabi mashed potatoes taste good

was that did that have like a cultural moment I literally almost the good old days anyway I remember back in the day Wiley and Dave Chang we used to get in like a knock-down-drag-out fights because they never knocked me down and dragged me out the room but they wanted to on Tom's because both of them were very anti tongue

. I thought we could talk about this later to talk about steaks now so too in strip steaks to in is a good call because you're not going to overcook the inside now I like script script is problematic on this note if you pre-salt strip it gets kind of real it gets real firm if you're going to do is cook chill I'm currently running I'm currently running the test on whether or not on whether or not it's the chilling insult it makes it the after you cook it the chilling and salt that makes it firm up where is if you just never chill it and you add the salt it's going to firm up but I know if you cook it then chill it with salt over a long. Of time it's going to firm up if you're going to serve the steak within I'd say 4 hours or so of the minute you throw it into the bath for 5 hours when you go to the bathroom then you can go ahead and salt it beforehand because if not going to have time to cure through I would take your steak and you can pre sear it or not that the issue on on pre searing is it does help

how about a faster crust after you do it not strictly speaking necessary it does add another step in my test as long as you don't overcook it after afterwards I pre searing is a good right for the way that other people do it who don't appreciate her is it just Spirit longer after work so all the people who say I'm looking at all you idiots you know who you are who like free Syrian beforehand gay and doesn't make any difference because because you're not paying freaking attention it takes longer to see or something afterwards if you haven't free-spirited and if you sear it for a long time afterward you in danger of ruining all the good work you've done with low temperature going to do it just makes it more likely anyways so that's it I don't always pretty sure because I am and we all know this intensely lazy okay so you have a 2in thick steak which again is a good a good call what I would do

is I put it in the bag with oil and you know I don't really worry anymore about the oil I'm using unless I'm going to take CID liquid and make it into garlic bread later in which case I exclusively use butter but if you are you know but I don't think that the butter necessarily makes us take that much better but the butter becomes good you know what I'm saying if you're going to put the put the butter on bread anyways so then you get it in there with enough oils that you can do or butter or whatever so you can do the ziplock I also always I know Ferran Adria is like you know everyone needs salt and pepper spicier idiots don't put pepper on the table well with steak steak and pepper may be friends delicious let you know what I do if it's dry aged I would cut off the outer layer of fat and the bone if if you want the entire thing to taste kind of stinky stinky stinky like on the bone dry aged like my man Jack hair does

then leave it in otherwise dry flavor tends to permeate dry-aged flavor temp to permeate the rest of the of the stairs make while you're cooking so I would I would trim away some of the more dry agparts if you got some squeamish e people in the in in the since it's right here with me and make sure that all of your states are only one layer thick right still like if if you're putting things in bags and then the bags are stacked on top of each other and water can't get through them they might as well be one piece of meat right so you and it will take forever cuz remember as you increase the thickness of your product by a factor of 2 you increase the cooking time by a factor of 4 right so you go by The Ting goes by the square it goes by the square of the distance so already at 2 inches are in a relatively think so now I know it's taking me a long time to put the steak

into your bath right you'll make sure the sucker seal you don't want water to get in because then you're going to be crying bitter tears but I would do it at somewhere between 55 Celsius and 55.2 or 3 Celsius in that range right and I would I would put I would leave it there for I would leave it there for at least an hour and a half or right at least an hour and a half right now here's where you going to skirt the line now I would drop it I would drop the bath two depending on how much pending on how much you like to skirt the the the laws of bacteria right between 52 and 53 degrees Celsius to 52 rights and then literally cried for like the pic again depends on how squeamish you are but like you could do up to 4 hours

but like a little bit and that's going to that's your tenderization face if you keep that steak at 55 255 is a nice number for that state but if you keep a 55 for a long long long time is your ears that thing that the meat will start to firm up more so it won't happen over it won't happen instantly but gradually it's going to get firmer and firmer at 55 right so what you really want to do in the real life and it's the same way with eggs when you cook an egg right you get it up to the temperature you want and then you pull it back by a degree or two so that it doesn't keep traveling up a little bit so like 50 if you keep it at 55 and you run it for 6 hours it's going to feel it's going to feel texture wise closer to a 56 or 57 so what you want to do is bring her up to 55 drop her back to 50 52 53 and then you can ride it for

long time to get the texture where you want it depending on the particular texture in the grade of the state that you have right side for 5 hours nice right then then before I sear it now 52 might be fine for where you are but even like a couple of minutes a little bit at 50 or pulling it out a little bit and letting it rest a little bit so it when you Spirit you're not taking the inside safely since you have a 2 inch steak if not going to travel that much up in the interior specially if you had a good long soak it like 5253 you're going to have a little bit of a wiggle room on a 2 inch steak to sear it up and I would do a slider that sucker put it on the hottest thing you won't what's the hottest thing you won't do you own like do you want the sun cuz you on the sun you can put it on the surface of the Sun get a nice Chris surface on it and you're better off doing a you're better off doing like a series of too intensely hot Sears than you like like

I like that to get to steer that you want on it because that's going to produce a better across then sitting there with a punier a puny or heat source and having it take a lot longer this and I'll do a cast-iron Sodus brought to you by Paris Gourmet a leading specialty food importer and distributor servicing the New York tri-state area and Beyond from coast to coast I'm Jordan Werner very the host of modernist bread crumbs Ian hrn when it comes to Freshly Baked artisan bread it's key to parrot with butter that's made with the same amount of care and attention and you don't have to go all the way to France to find truly amazing butter Vermont 83% is an American butter made using traditional French methods is produced by a Dairy Cooperative in New England another Vermont native I love that this.

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by the way I forgot who was sent it to me but I we said this on the air couple of times that I feel that what's going to happen in the future is we're going to be a lot more worried about indoor air quality I think it was the New York Times published someone like this published an article recently someone did I think maybe my wife Jenn maybe she sent me the like the article but they're doing now a bunch of research on indoor volatile oils in Western Standard kitchens cooking things like Thanksgiving and guess what folks pink pretty pink pretty like but that said who knows what the who-knows-what like you know they haven't analyzed or particle size analyzer so they're analyzing the size of like the smoke fume grease and other particles that were making in the kitchen and then they're liking it to other small particles that they think are harmful like the crap a comes out of your exhaust pipe

or like if you was a smoke and they're trying to like figure it out but no one I think his is how the heck are you going to do I don't think anyone's asked people with lung cancer so you use cook a lot how many steaks you cook per week for in your kitchen professional kitchens by and large when you go into a professional kitchen there more neutral smelling than they should be considering how much is because we have good foods like there's no one that says you have to have good ventilation there's laws that say that you have to have a certain amount of liquid pool light right for your window can back up on somebody else but everyone's got a window every rooms got a minimum size you know you have to have a certain number of exits so that you don't burn up you know that you need to have your smoke detectors but nobody cares and maybe it's because nobody Cooks anymore maybe it's cuz nobody Cooks anymore and

like you know that's that thing with the greats is where you keep your plates you know what I mean that's the other people is so crappy it's so crappy and I know for a fact it's going to be when they're building buildings no one's thinking I wonder how I'm going to extract all of this just your kitchen smell back in the old days like when you know Rich folk lived in big apartments and other people cook for them the kitchens were far away because no one wanted to be exposed to the smell we all want to be exposed to snow now because it smells good smoke smell good but on the other hand like how many of you out there cook on the regular and noticed it all the surfaces of your kitchen are coded in filthy up and you know it like I did anyone out there knows like a good D feel thinner because I don't want to get up on the ceiling with a scrubby and get the polymerization you know grease off of that see it's hard enough to get the

grease off my pants with a hang on the ceiling because I feel if a pan is in a Cupboard underneath another pan I'm just going to leave like like like if you can't reach for it if you can't pick it up without on doing if it takes you 5 minutes to get your pan you're not going to use it on the regular right I said I want you guys to listen because people still make this mistake please listen if you wrap a piece of food in aluminum foil

unless you're cooking it right now in aluminum foil throw it away as soon as a piece of food is wrapped in aluminum foil and put back in the fridge it's garbage in my house anyway because I can't see you anymore I don't know what the hell it is right away you know what I mean like just throw it away you know and if you put something in a package in the freezer and it's not clearly labeled please save yourself the trouble throwing away this way when someone shows up with an ice cream cake you won't have to then rummage through your freezer find all the stuff that you like I don't know what this is and then throw it away give it away now just admit to yourself to throw it away I hate the things wrapped in aluminum foil in my fridge right and I'm not saying the plastic I'm not saying we should all use polyethylene in any know until we've you know suck the last like liquefied dinosaur out of the ground

write like there is an advantage to be able to see the crap in your fridge I just want to exist in your Universe where people just show up with ice cream cakes not listed list I wish all my God oh my God Tom Carvel I love you so much I mean maybe was a bad man I don't know like I'm kind of glad we don't know a lot about some of our childhood heroes are there was no social media for all I know Tom Tom Carvel but it's those either don't live in in northeastern grow up here Tom Carvel was the owner and person who came up with Carvel Ice Cream Carvel Ice Cream is fantastic if you don't like Carvel Ice Cream you're wrong like it's just delicious and I can say that because I grew up eating it like is it the is it the highest quality is it like you know if my man morganstein who is there who's here for no no no it's not. But delicious delicious and people also make the error error mistake of believing that just because something is soft serve

that it is a high overrun product people get straight the difference between the textural effects of temperature and a textual effects of a pumping a crap ton of air into your ice cream because they are different you can tell when you hold now they might have changed it since I was a kid's been a long time since I've had Carvel but he used to be with someone handed you a cup of Carvel ice cream or if you picked up fudgie the whale or a Carvel ice cream cake you like dang that's hesi that is happy there ever run a soft serve machine have you and you guys are so here's a little secret for years so what happens is is it in the average soft serve machine there's a cylinder and there's a pump and that there's a little like a little kind of plastic popping bumps that do you want a ice cream base pre-chilled ice cream base into the freezing cylinder right now the manufacturer has an orifice on that

it's with this orifice that they choose how much are they pump into the cylinder at the same time they're pumping the base in and so unscrupulous ice cream truck owners or soft serve machine owners can swap out the orifice to increase the overrun overrun by be overrun is the technical term for how much are you're putting into an ice cream base so 100% overrun doesn't mean that a hundred percent free ice cream is are it means that if you had a hundred grams of ice cream base you will add a hundred milliliters of ice cream base you will add a hundred milliliters of air to that ice cream base year doubling the volume 100% over run is double the volume of its base so they can do like 15 bucks 20 so like some of these unscrupulous unscrupulous operators will put in an orthocenter soft serve machine to Jack the air into the cylinder and if you walk up to one of these people and you get an ice cream cone and it feels like you're holding a helium balloon in your hands than ice cream

watch walk over and I'm not advocating violence to punch them in the face

but what am I going to get to this from where we talkin about we're talkin about steaks like you can't have ice cream and then immediately go eat a steak that you're okay with that why would I would I don't like to do but I don't like to do is eat a bunch of ice cream and then found a liter and a half of Seltzer what you should do what you should do if you should drink the shelter first and then the ice cream when you were a child cat were you very upset by this drink soda growing up I did not go down that I like to I like sweet remember the first time Jack Matt remember the first time you realize that you're this is the first time

realize that my mouth was not a perfect predictor right that like what went into my face was conditioned by what had just gone into my face I remember eating a bunch of ice cream has a small child and then counting the soda and not not just because my stomach was inflating but not being refreshed cuz the soda tasted warm relative to what soda was supposed to taste like cuz my mouth and then she'll by the ice cream and I remember in and disappointment like intense disappointment and I was like I was like Mom what the hell you know what I mean and she was like well if you eat something is really cold then the cold but still relatively warm

liquid that you're pouring in your mouth won't be as refreshing and I was just I was just and it's not appoint I I don't drink after I don't drink liquids after I like ice cream for like a couple minutes it's such a disappointment to not be refreshed well so Jack and I were going to make a drink at the bar let's not talk about it until it's ready okay but then of course I hate every flavor combination has been come come up with by someone at some point right with the exception of like I don't know what I want you to do but like so Jack and I are going to do this thing at the bar and then Bobby's like it's already a thing that he said it was Alabama liquid snake or something you need people like that around you at all times because

you don't want it you what you don't want if you don't want to guess to come in and be like fish or a heartache on your want to be caught unawares you want to know the end this is the problem this is why when you're in this business you shouldn't fall behind too much because if you fall behind then people can come in and if if you don't have if you don't have a like a bird back in their face when they give you the Poop Shoot argument that I think you're a jamoke

Stampy why are you in our studio today what are you promoting I just wanted to hang out but we are going to have this event coming up on April 26th I just want to hang out you're going to give me the time it's for doing an Agave we're having a rare Agave taste on April 26th at the spirits it's called so you think you know Mezcal I just I don't know how I'll give you the right name name the Agave variety most popular from sure there's more than from five banana most popular right now in the bar world

got a variety that grows where the Pina grows on a stock on a stock Stall Mountain I don't care. It's not the one that you're thinking of

I'm sorry mother equation the mother of the kawish mother of the couch that we have a drink with Marcus on it at the existing conditions what was that Bridal and it's got the funniest name of any mess. It's really expensive real delicious Oreo really fantastic producer of Mezcal incredible product drink it brings them back their there once you can't really get Stateside he's going to have five different ones so come check out that they will not and he brings a little bit of everything and we didn't really know what he's bringing he was just got back from Oaxaca last week so I could our Facebook page for tickets

start down the street from the studio what day of the week is Friday

can you move that I know but I just for me but do you do you want to come by the bar and hang out with you guys and I'll set that up with two weeks and maybe Lou will come too cuz they're going to be here at the same time they went to Oaxaca together what's the guy's name who stands in the back and says get over here Scorpion Mortal Kombat can be fighting if they are on a team so yeah okay what's the name of the person who says I love that you don't know

I have no idea about Scorpion or the net that's pretty good

Matt what's your favorite fighting game and why is it Street Fighter house of the dead now you're creeping me out you're not willing to go and punch someone in the face you have to shoot him far away correct we can even throw a fireball and then I only with garlic tops basically they look like she was a kid and I used to run around and rip up the tall grass that smells like onions and I would chew on that stuff

that's cuz I'm stupid but it's not green enough or strong enough in flavor I'm worried I lost waiver when I blanch them what is the best way to make it and I only with them that will be very garlicky and green with emulsifying the chives into the air I guess I'd like to try the lights into the early prevent oxidation on total right or do I need to blanch a plan.

Most of these kind of green garlicky things they're going to stay green what do you blanch them or not I would not blame him if you blanch them you are nuking the look when you're when you're taking an allium right and you are and you they don't develop any flavor in till they's cut right they develop no flavor until they is cut into Matic reaction right which is why anyone who takes an actual kind of chive and it gives you long like sticks of it like they're freaking toothpicks not only are they committing a crime against your teeth and text her but they're also not producing enough flavor out of a child this is why God wants you to take the chive and cut them into very thin tiny little disks you're supposed to do a good job of it not have a wet knife not have a wet freaking bored and not make a pasty freaking mess of your child's this is what this is this is the reason that chives evolved for you to do that to them

stop commenting tooth crime it's the cutting into the tiny distance actually making the flavor that we associate with those. So bye-bye blanching manhole you are not allowing that flavor to develop now there is some research that if you blanch them Glen them and then add raw allium to it that contains its own enzyme let's say I don't know why don't you write that the enzymes that are in the white onion will Bloom the precursor flavors that are in The Blanche chive and bring it back so one solution if you're actually having it not be it if it's actually turning on you color-wise would be to blanch them and then blend them with raw white onion and then that should bring like Bloom SF out maybe not to 100% where would be before but it's still going to bloom and out the other thing is I would just try Rod how long is trying to keep this stuff like you trying to keep

the rest of your natural life trying to keep it for a day or two in my experience like the Green in that stuff not going to go bad as fast as let's say mint Oreo mints the worst I mean it tastes great big men is one of those things that like that it's one of those things that just sits there in the corner and talk to you the same way that line does you know I mean trying to keep lying trying to keep mint I'm saying do you use meth existing condition right now or in life in life like would you so Jack and I for years Jack and I have been making as a one-off the world's greatest grasshopper. So good and then we'll know we've said this on the air right now that you know what is his father jack point is point is an and Bobby Bobby Murphy

has brought in what's the name of that do vodka that tastes like chocolate mousse made from raw it's the it's a single malt vodka from whatever whole thing is just so a point being that like we have the technology

not just a technology the skill and the pallet to make like honestly like I would actually drinking out to get me to drink a bunch of creamy drinks like you have to give me some drugs or something like I just don't order that I like this not this I'll drink that I order when I'm going to take this grasshopper is vanilla so good but I why we never put it on the menu is it just cuz we are bad people the combination of nitro model and cream is applied to it yet as soon as we have it we will you also have to Source high quality grading chocolate that doesn't exist at the bar right now so we are using fresh mint to garnish or is it a garnish

please like Romano children on the regular hopefully slap yourself

am I allowed to say that just to get barbecue question last week there's there's another caller on the air Thomas Asia that I need to answer it same goes with Isabel and Vancouver with the Canadian Italian cocktails and then I'm at going to rip us off the air with you

hey how you doing all right quick question last week got you and Jackie both on and limoncello came up and you guys got guys kind of made a face I have questions where are you can you see through sound

I hear you it just seemed like you had two particular beef and on that note for your celebrity alcohol tasting Danny DeVito has his own brand of Limoncello do you like limoncello I have had examples that are fine limoncello doesn't have acid like detergent to me like very very sweet that's her now it's not flawed it tastes exactly like it's supposed to taste it's just in general that's not the case I want now I I did a for painting limoncello I did a test tales of the cocktail seminar that drink was delicious salty preserve lemon and made one of the best beverages

who is is that if I want that lemony flavor see the people who make Limoncello here's what they wake up with I have this neutral grain spirit

what am I going to do I don't have this issue right I'm going to pay someone who's got a surfeit of lemons to make it a very sweet thing where is if I want to lemon flavor at the bar I own lemon peels I will use them I own lemon juice I can use it I have lemon cordial I can use it I have all kind of alcohol the best limoncello I ever had my mom has a Meyer lemon tree in our backyard and too many lemons made limoncello delicious we need those lemons a flavor profile of that was in the limoncello land would you get them and tell her where you just like make it out of the stuff that we don't already know Danny DeVito by the way Matilda great movie love that move anything else but

what about Miss honey she have anything else what about the Trunchbull Denny these people ever act anything again other than Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito

is there a movie theater movies that are as good as Matilda but is there a movie that's like better than Matilda arguably no I'm at the grave movie I love that movie we talk Girl doll best children's author of all time I hear he was kind of an individual may be constantly constantly in the House movie was Bruce Bruce I respected as having a cultural history it's just it's I never mix with it at the bar side of style but it's damned if he was going to come on

you know I hear you I hear you thanks for your take Dave like it's quick it's like reflexive so it really probably wasn't unpopular opinion is the sandwich a hot brown

it's what are related r a v open faced sandwich but I like the word toast point any of you out there ever want to feel like see me go yeah yeah yeah

did you ever hear that anymore anyway like that a lot more than toast Soldier people out there what is your what the soldier the point you've just given yourself up cat as a dainty dp90 Dipper because all other errands but is anyone here against the flip dip

now that's just good technique it's not a double dip its flipped it alright it's the other side everyone here is okay with flipped the host that you're at the party or at they bike as they will because they're bad people a crappy tortilla chip it's too freaking some people like their mom right by the fusions all you can buy and you go to dip it in a sucker cracks off into the what's the etiquette I like to try to retrieve it with another fresh get that is exact response you're never allowed to go after it with your with your jersey pincers no offense Jersey I lived there for many years get it easily you have to excavate no matter what their you go really yes

I guess I'm going to differ and I'm very rude at parties this is why if you buy low-quality chance I'm looking at you everyone it's also good I know nobody look someone is going to sit there and eat those freaking carrots carrots are because they make fantastic excavation tools like Hillary even better be like the amount of times I'll walk up to like like a dipping situation see that polar care to be like you know what I'm going to eat one of them cared that happens a lot I walk up and there's like a thing of celery I'm like hey you got blue cheese no good by maybe just put a spoon in the dip with small spoon hey do you know anyone that peels the back of their celery before they put it on their plate no hello who likes to look at someone talking with that string sticking out of their freaking mouth

but I haven't had to have a date in in like 20 whatever 5 year 26 years whatever it since 1990 like one right but like I mean how unsexy is that we talkin to someone to have a celery string sticking out of your freaking face

listen if you first dates you could go to just go for it with food because if I can't eat like a whole mackerel or like you know some weird dry-aged meat or some some strange Rye animal out of the ocean then it's never going to work

call in sick if you don't want it if you're not interested in going to K-Town and eating lots of small fermented. Little bites of things then you know really yeah it's just like saying beforehand like we're going to go on this date but I'm going to take you here for this reason and if you have a problem with that let's not even go on this dinner date because what the hell I still enjoy conversation really with someone who's not eating the food across from you

I know. I don't like that I don't like we could Booker decide he's not going to eat like pork and freaking beef anymore but Dax

so yesterday I'm like Dax man like I'm going to do is going to be the same as Burgers but I'm going to do like I'm going to do I didn't fry cuz I don't have the freaking time sauteed chicken thighs you know a good sandwich and I he he cursed a Blue Streak in my ear about how unfair it was a chicken sandwich is delicious but I want a burger I want a burger on it and I was like that what the hell man you did just say out loud it's the same as burgers

have you say chicken sandwiches are for dinner what I meant was I'm going to older than the Patty I'm going to give you all the same fixing so for Dax he will still have bacon there will be cheese there will be tomatoes and lettuce and buns so all I'm doing is and then had the freaking Stones get this people

he said he takes after his father said to me Dad

I don't know how the hell this got into my freezer but he said that there are turkey burgers in the freezer and Booker can have one of those and I'll have a hamburger and I was like I will not cook a turkey burger in my house right now they are the biggest enemies of quality perhaps in the world's second only to pre-made freaking salmon burgers I will not cook a salmon burger in my house now


because they are terrible attempt at turkey burger and then sear it off maybe you can make a good turkey burger but turkey is too low in fat anyway especially the garbage breast meat stuff that they grind up with no fat in it and nobody wants a peek inside and they're freaking turkey burger so they all hockey puck those stalkers and they're the worst driest crappiest textured nightmares of a freaking sandwich on the earth I will not allowed in my house I don't know who bought it or why it's in my freezer didn't want seven and seven has even worse property that if some other idiot makes it for you they grounded a billion years ago and it is oxidized until the end of the Earth is comes to your eating an over cooked dry probably improperly spice crappy

Oculus Rift. Dry salmon burger now if you're going to chop your own salmon will fresh make it into a Patty not put some and also bind it with a god-awful about the break room and exits

Seafood sausage good seafood sausage with moose canals do you want to make a like a salmon Cannell post that mother off and put it on a bun you just won the salmon burger Olympics but how do you feel about a crab cake on a bun don't get mad at me I know that I don't care how good you are at making crab cakes you put some freaking filler in the scratches we're going to have to go can you give us an update on the turkey burgers next week well I'm going to go home and throw them out the update is there is the trash and I'm sure that someone at my house at some point we'll cook them but it makes me cry that that is in my house that that's set my my family's money has gone to support the idea that turkey burgers are a valid a valid thing

to do when by the way you can just buy chicken or turkey thighs and make a delicious sandwich with them and nobody feels with it with it with a with a whole five piece right you can cook it and still maintain a nice texture but it's just a true fact that everyone will force you to overcook any sort of ground poultry it's just got troops they're going to make you do it and then they will sit there and they will spray an entire bottle of what Heinz ketchup on it right to try to make it be okay and they will say it's they will say but it's good I like it and then you have the problem of not only knowing that the person across from you is eating something terrible that you cooked so you cook something you know is bad in there eating it but then they smack you in the face by saying that the product of you your genetic lineage has such a low understanding of food that they think

what they're eating is good so you get smacked in the face two times biggest mistake people make thinking something is good because they like it true if someone says I like this but it's garbage I'm like you know what fair is a wonderful opinion this is trash I like it like like my man Jack he likes sweet and once again. He's going to punch you in the face add to her anyway this is been the extended version of cooking issues

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