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Episode 362: An Odd-Sized Egg w/ Jack Schramm

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Now that's meat plus sign th R ee available Wherever you listen to podcasts , cookies uses state of our own . Your host of cooking is just coming to you live on the Heritage Radio network , you know , Tuesday you know , whenever from p three in Bushwick , A land joined his usual witnessed Ozzy at the hammer . Lopez Man , the booth is nothing , e . I said the hammer . And we got Jack Schramm , head bartender at existing conditions . Hello . Good afternoon with us has our special guest calling that news . What ? You're Why did the energy gets sucked out of the room when you talk about Jack , um , finger at existing conditions on West Street in New York City . Hello ? Better , uh , call and all of your questions to 71849721 to 8 . That's 71849721 to 8 . So when they announced this dossier I know you probably weren't listening , but now that now you are theoretically this thing she got one year phone on . We're being sponsored today by forever Cheese thing forever Keys . Don't you have the Rod Stewart forever ? Young song in your head now But with the word cheese . And isn't I'm not gonna sing for jackal . Sing forever cheese for ever . Cheese forever Cheese forever Cheese , Right . Four . The cheese . You know , I think they should . They should pay Rod Stewart . He seems like a friendly sort friendly sort of fellow and like allow themselves to do a forever cheese parody of Forever . Young made a winning , winning , winning . Also , Matt had some comments to make on the meat and three topics for this week , but I forget what they are , so I can't . I am eagerly awaiting them . What ? There's a There's a caller . There is a caller , right caller , you're on the air . What's up ? A couple questions about smoking , Okay , and then also the eggs with the big joke . Eggs with big yolks go . I don't know eggs with big jokes . I've got chicken . I can make eggs with really big yolks . And do you think there's a market for it ? Let me ask you this . Are you willing to say what it is that you do ? Or is this like a like some sort of technique that you have that you wanna have be a competitive advantage ? I know I like a big joke because there's something I don't like as much the whites , unless I am making an age fruitcake , which PS and food cakes are delicious , not because they're fat free , because that would make them seem like they're garbage But in fact they taste good . They taste good . Ah , but ah , I would always prefer in a post egg scenario , I would prefer you're eating an egg . You want more ? You You want more yoke ? You definitely want more yoke . Yeah , so But are you are you willing to say how you accomplishes ? There's nothing proprietary . I'd be happy if it if it caught on it . And like higher quality , my mind would be a positive . So how do you do it ? So if you imagine , like , foie gras ? Yes , except the goose . What ? Go willingly and eat as much food as they can . And that's kind of what chickens are you a Spanish liar ? What , are you , a Spanish liar ? No . Okay , because , well , that's what the Spanish say . There's this guy in Spain who says , who's it once he wants . But you have to know , Not even using a Spanish like you have to tell theory is he goes . If you look at the goose , it won't eat everything to get a foie gras . So if you look at it , it's not gonna make a foie gras . But if you don't look at it , I didn't force feed it . That's that Spanish guy that Dan Barber profiled where he says that he has these geese adjust . They love it , They love it , You know what I mean ? And yet , and yet I know a lot . I don't know if you know this . I know people in the food industry . I don't know anyone . Not one human who has tasted this foie gras . It is miraculous . Foie gras that requires no force feeding . All right , go ahead . But you're saying you have chickens , you got chicken feed . That is just so freaking good that these chickens just jam it all in . It's how you tell me . So it's more of a and I'm hoping this works out . Just try and get going as a product to market . But so if you imagine , chickens have such like a n'importe in the way that their system works with their crop , Um , constantly digesting all day so I can go out and I make , like , a large or a tallow , depending on what I have rendering all down mixed in a little bit of feed into that , and then put it in the freezer and chop it up . And so I can go out 345 times a day , and I can feed these chickens and throw down . And no matter how much they be it because I'm showing up in his new they continue to eat Now . I know , I know . Chickens are not hear chickens or not vegetarian . Everyone should get this out of their head . Chickens eat worms and bugs all sorts of stuff . But people give you crap about feeding . Be fat , two chickens . Or do they not ? I just don't know what the current I don't I haven't really shared it that much , but I'm doing it . But it anyone will give me crafting if they did . I mean , let's do bad . Okay . Okay . Go ahead . I mean , maybe meet . I had , like , two questions e I fell on that by getting bigger jokes in the winter when I was speeding more tallow on . You know , you remind here when it's negative . 25 giving more fight the process of the next day . The yolks would be just humongous like so it's just a high labor process , meaning you can't be like an automatic system . So you have to go out and like , appear and spread the chickens , chickens around free , ranging and then I mean , they just they just they see me coming and they just scram . Chop shock all that back . And , uh And then you also get really nice fricassee chicken with Mr Stop laying low because it on such a high fat content when they're they're done laying older hands like dynamite . Here's something moustache he doesn't . I'm sure does not like the word of spent layer hands . Uh , so s so What you're saying is , if you're alive or dead the taste of the taste of a spent hen , right ? Obviously good from an old school chicken soup kind of a situation . But some people I know some people are put off by the texture of old birds . I don't mind the chewiness because I know that they're going to taste delicious . Does it ? Does the feed ratio with the high fat actually like affect the texture too , or just increases their flavor ? Profile increases flavor profile . It's almost like it . It just makes a really you end up getting like a really big fat pad fight the bird that I just leave it and cook and just don't eat them . Um , but it flavor profile , I think , is a lot better . Okay , so now I've also never researched . I've never researched the fat content of poultry , the fatty acid profile of poultry based on the fatty acid components of the food that they eat . I have researched it in pork and in cows . So I'm curious you're feeding , you know , hydrogenated fats to the the well , no hydrogen . That's no what I mean to say solid , solid fats . That's what I've been saturated is the word I meant to use . Sorry , correction . So you're feeding them saturated fats . Does that affect the fatty acid profile of the yolk ? Is the yolk have a different kind of action to it ? Aside from size , I would say deeper and color , and it's definitely fattier . But have you tried feeding them some sort of more liquidy fat if that's possible to see whether you get a different texture of the egg yolk ? No , because up up where I am , you know , everyone in their neighbor does , raises their own meat . Yet farm fresh meat everywhere at grocery store prices and , uh , the tallow in the large . Your average homeowner doesn't go to use . So I go . I know . And they'll have , like , a whole chest freezer . Your homeowner's insurance . Why don't they use it ? True . Why don't they use it anyway ? I'm glad you didn't . Yeah , and so I get it for a song . You know , Um , so if it takes a pound of feed to make X number of eggs normally , forget the labor from it takes a pound of feed to make X number of eggs . How much more typically what ? Third of a pound of feed . Okay , so how much in this new technology does it take to get a neg ? You know , I haven't done the math because I just kind of go out and throw when they eat with the I'm trying to figure out how much more they're gonna have to cost . Oh , good question . So what I'm doing The fat feet production goes down , but they're foraging . Production they're forging goes up . So when I'm doing what I'm into heavy into the fact they eat next to no grain and but they eat a ton more grass . The competency , I think for the high fat content . Okay , So you're saying naturally . So you're saying that the feed is not necessarily the issue in price , right ? The labor , I think . Like , in order to do this , I'm gonna be on location . It's the labor that goes into a you've got to be attentive to him to get a really , really , really big joke . Okay , so give me a baseline for , like , farmer style eggs where you are , and then what you want to use to sell for . Oh , these are probably end up whole feeling for probably 55 56 bucks a dozen . Once I factor in the labor , right . You know , 150 birds are gonna give me roughly , um , you know , 10 dozen eggs a day , and so you're you're being attentive to these birds . 10 doesn't make the day . So you're telling me that I for under 50 cents an egg because you're not going to use this for baking or cooking ? You're only going to use this for showing off the egg , right ? It's not so bad , Right ? So the target market is actually like , uh , you know , mom and pop country store that goes breakfast sandwiches in the morning , and they just want to up their game and give Ah , really solid product . So , like I don't know what I don't know what it doesn't So obviously there's there's garbage eggs , which are , you know , I don't know what they what they go for , like a dollar dozen . Yeah , I hear most people . There's a company called Maple Meadows . That kind of a medium sized egg producer that's local . Here . People pay about 2 50,000 for him . Um , but they're they're commercial , the commercial ones . You're a little a little commercial pack . I can't think of the world right now , but anyways , what they buy in bulk are usually the odd sized X , and then they have the regular eggs going into the two hour effect . You know the perfect two ounce eggs going into their retail packs , and you'll get a mixture of big and small eggs in the wholesale . So it's this I'm hoping to push the all uniformed jumbos , as the whole cell product for is probably gonna end up being twice the cost people . And we're talking about a dozen eggs . I would pay for that for like competitive . I would like to see one of these eggs . I'm interested in the technology and odd size egg was my nickname in high school . All right , all right . The only hiccup that I've had in this when the first get really scared , there's an increased rate of heart attack . Well , because because because Because it Yeah . All right , all right . All right . Well , we gotta talk . And , you know , they say the hawk will dive . Bombing the head of imperfections will scare the crap out of him . And I've had a couple drop that from beside that . Sorry , last , healthy bird . And they're gonna force beating you . You lost Anastasia until scared to death by a hawk . And then she was like , Okay , okay , well , you know , happened by a regular regular . Yeah , well , you know , it's a known fact that with , uh , um , like , things like pigs when they have , like , doubled muscles like double like , like , very lean . And actually , it's a reverse their lean . But they're doubled muscles , they get frightened , and they keel over and die . Any time you force something beyond its normal kind of parameters , it's like living on the edge and then , like , you know , could keel over dead . All right , this is gonna be oh , so like , we have to do If you have a smoking question , has to be within 10 seconds . I bailed Answer with intense and some hot cocoa . Huh ? Look , cold smoke when you're cooking a movie before After Suki , Uhm , what's the best picnic ? Uh , mean they hot smoking , cold smoked taste obviously very different . When you're cold smoking , you have to worry about , um , you have to worry about food safety with hot smoking . You don't need to worry about food safety because you're increasing the safety as you go . So if you're throwing a light smoke on it , you're gonna cook the hell out of anyway . It's relatively big piece . I would just hot smoke it for for less time , pull it out before it gets overcooked , and then cook it through on the on the su veed . If you're doing it for a crust development , obviously anything you put in a bag is going to get wet and soppy is gonna need to be crusted up afterwards . And I'm saying , yeah , so can I safely d'oh movie and then do a cold smoke after No not mean any words like if you if you do , if you do a cold smoke . You're putting it in a situation because you haven't wiped out any of the anaerobic stuff that is going to be on it , right ? You out . You've wiped out the vegetative cells , but you haven't wiped out anything . So if you put it in any sort of situation where that is a possibility of spores turning back into vegetative cells and producing toxin , then Sue V is not gonna help it unless there's a surface treatment that precludes botulism growing or or or other thing . So no , you aren't . I mean , obviously , you're killing vegetative cells . They're enhancing safety . But you're not making cold smoking on its own safe . That makes sense . Yes . So the other part of that is when we harvest our meat bird . I've got I just got a cabinet . Palate smoker , 12 birds , little time , 12 big birds at the time , things monstrous . And can I do a cold smoke on them and then and not worry about growth and do a deep freeze like negative 14 to kill the bacteria ? No . And then pull them out . Smoke ? No , no . Deep , deep freeze will not kill bacteria . Deep freeze will just mean it might kill some . But freezing is only considered a kill step for worms and parasites , not for bacteria . So it stops him from multiplying but doesn't stop them from existing or being there . So the only way , if you're gonna coal , smoke it if you can actually keep it cold , I eat at 40 degrees . Right then it's just like storing it , you know , 40 degrees or blow in Fahrenheit land , then you know . Okay , now you can smoke it as though it was in a vacuum bag prior to cook . So you have it for as long as you would have in a vacuum bag prior to cooking to smoke it . Then you can low temp it . But if you if you're cold , smoking it for hours and hours and hours at temperature in the quote unquote which I don't believe , but the quote unquote danger zone , then , um , you're in for a world of hurt unless you actively stop the bacteria from growing But looking after so jumping back to the cooking looking after Sylvie won't swap out the texture . Ah , smoking , no , me . It depends if you're cold smoking it and you're keeping it cold smoking . Oh yeah , Yeah . Yeah , it depends . It depends on how big it is , how long you're going to smoke it , right ? So I mean , again , everything depends , But like a big working piece of meat , if you're gonna smoke it for , like , 20 minutes at a hot temperature , then you're not gonna overdo it . You know what I mean ? Like probably if it's a small piece of meat , you could overcook it easily in 20 minutes . I mean , if you if you can look , if you're gonna do it industrially two chickens on semi industrially , then I would just invest in keeping them . Um , you know , actual refrigerator temperature and make sure they're salted properly . I might even nitrate him a little bit so that no one gets pissed off at you and then do it for a couple of hours at refrigerator temperature and then survey that you should be fine . My so no night face . My wife like shape . D'oh ! My life sucks , but I have to cook for Yeah . Sorry about the whole night . Same thing . Nitrous air . Delicious . Yes . Yeah , absolutely . I called in . I was talking about Able Sugar . So I've got , like , three or four farmers that are interested in in a couple of people with sugar houses that were waiting till after season . I think we're gonna run someone , see what happens . I cost us now . This'll episode is presented by Forever Cheese , a passion for great taste Forever cheese sources . The highest quality and most unique cheeses and other products from Italy , Spain , Portugal and Croatia and imports them to the United States , many under the Metical brand . If it's Me Atika , it's got to be incredible . Learn more at forever . Cheese dot com Are you enjoying this podcast ? Heritage Radio Network has plenty more . My name is Michael Harlan Turkel , and I'm the host of the food scene here on HRN . This show explores the intersection of food art design by talking to people who , inspired by these ideas , show features food photographers , food stylist , interior designers and so much more All the players that make the world so visually delicious . You can find the food scene wherever you listen to podcasts , not heritage . Radio network dot org's eh , Dave , I actually email be dizzy . A little question , too , but not just calling . Um , so my sister is getting married in August and then be like 50 people there , and she wants me to cater her wedding , which sounds like fun . Um , it's going to be outdoors . Will have an oven stove of barbecue . Um , emergence circulators know deep fryer , and we'll have plenty of other equipment as we need . Um , any general suggestions would be welcome . But also , uh , we're gonna be doing it like a first course before the wedding , which we hope to be kind of prepping our mean during that time during when people are cycling in so that we can actually participate and be at the wedding . And so something that is , um , full prep ahead of time . It doesn't need to be monitored in terms . Attempt is not going to weep out , Uh , and just kind of easy to have . Ah , we can do other things . Go . People are munching of it . You have any thoughts ? Uh , well , you live in the Pacific Northwest , so if you're not worried about poisoning people and you do have to get temperature but gets crushed ice . But everybody loves a rob . Are you got all that kind of crazy ? Good . Rob our stuff up there . I would love a robber My sister doesn't like oysters . Senior your question . You said there were no dietary restrictions . There are no dietary restrictions . I should have said My sister does not like oysters . However , have you considered getting a new sister ? I She's pretty good otherwise . Okay . All right . I know I would . A robber would be so good . You could do like or you could like , you know , you live in , like , gooey duck . Bill , can you get some gooey ducks ? You know , Rip rip that everyone who's not seen videos of removing the skins off the gooey ducks is one of the more suggestive cooking procedures . I like that stuff , like , right now , because I read the question . I was like , You should do a rob . Why they're leaving you . Yeah , I should have mentioned that you have a good cold , right ? Shark . You're like depends . Also , here's what you didn't say in your question , right ? How fancy are the people ? Right ? Because it's like there's a question of , like , you know , the weddings , that moustache he goes to There's Yellowtail on the table . You know what I mean ? She is making fun of making fun of her friends , not making fun of the Stasi , the stash just attending the weddings and enjoying the Yellowtail . No , she was hanging in the that side . Joke is , is that whenever people come over to the Stasi , his house , she's like , Yeah , I cook you a meal anyway . And so , like the point being , I don't know how fancy your friends are because , you know , there's lots of things that are incredibly simple that can sit out forever , But they ain't exactly fancy , you know what I mean ? So it's like , What level is that ? I think the 1st 1 was super fancy to the rest of It's going to be We're gonna I mean , it's it's me . Several times there's going to be great permits . And so we're kind of like the first of the maze is going to be like our short Q dairy cheese , fruit , tomato . What remains is gonna be the security that's about to go short . Yuri , I jerk , jerk , self jerk without give me the first man in the main main , which is all I have is gonna be like salmon and like prime rib , because you know what else is really good as as ah ah an appetizer is cold . Ah , cold , whole filet of salmon with the dips . Like , Fantastic . Yeah . We might just go , like fancy popcorn . Like I don't know . Uh , hey , listen , anyone on the chat room has an ideas or tweeted like like so , like by all schools , stuff that used to , like , sit out forever and was fine is you get a table with obviously any any dips , any dips , its do like a Mets . A better . And he just like Baba , Huh , miss ? Yeah , like vegetable . And I'm actually gonna say something the Stasi enjoys here . Like artichokes . You like prepped artichokes ? Artichokes are delicious , delicious , And they can sit out forever . Like if you're doing salmon for your main , because blah , blah , blah . Pacific Northwest like chicken cold chicken roulade like that . You then slice up and you can , like late , like , fan out . And you can have with , like , a little toasts and things like this is Oh , my God . Any sort of really know what ? You know what I like ? I like I like a three a three meet . Choose your yet where you got the duck , or yet you got the poor create and then rabbit you could do rabbit , which I enjoy , Rabbit . Um , so you know , But the problem is , is that you don't want this to Paris . If you're gonna do a charcuterie thing , you don't want this to Paris . It ties your Parisa ties . You are your security . Here's another thing I'm gonna mention to you . Uh , your sister is gonna be freaking busy getting married , so she ain't gonna eat the first appetizer anyhow . You're gonna be lucky if she gets one fork full of food interface the whole freaking day . You're gonna have to actually force her to eat if she's getting married . So it we know you have some oysters . Is rob are out there for the people ? For the normal people ? A cz . Long as there's other stuff the tree can eat , You know what I mean ? And then you could have a nice meeting . You have a nice cocktail sauce . What are you doing ? Thanks for this wedding . Also like a shrimp cocktail . Everyone loves Chicago . Well , most people D'oh , I was Who is it ? It doesn't like shrimp , is it Nastase that doesn't like show ? No . No , it's not . You are not me . Somebody I know doesn't make sure I don't like that person . Yeah , shrimp though shrimp is like whenever you eat a shrimp , you're like , Imagine if this was crab . That's true for most crustaceans . Way have way . Have a ton of dungeon that ? Yes , I'm familiar with the crabs on your part of the world . But the problem with them is there a you huge pain in the behind a pic God , are they good ? So unless you're gonna pay someone else to pick him for you like or you want to spend the entire morning picking the meat out of Dungeness crabs , it's kind of a free night in there , you know what I mean ? Yeah , I've done it many times , many , many times . I once ruined a Valentine's Day dinner by saying it was gonna be done in a reasonable amount of time and then deciding to make Dungeness crabs like my my wife doesn't enjoy , like cracking apart tech a pod , crustaceans and ripping the meat out of them . So I had the craft . I did crack and pick it all . She's like e going to eat now . This is not a sexy Valentine's Day . Look waiting for your husband who has a crab pieces sprayed all over his face to pick out that aroma , too . It's a sweet , sweet aroma , and the aroma is a repellent if you hadn't had to do it . So if you're if you get to eat the crab , that's good . But then you have to go to sleep with the person who's been holding crabbing crab juice , who's like hands have literally been tattooed with crab stink , based on the like shells going through his fingers as he was picking the crab . Not a good look . Fantasy , too , just for the record . Vengeance Crab Right now , right here is 5 £99 in my opinion , to get periods of lobster . Yeah , yeah , that's just 3% . Yeah , lobsters . Here's the good thing about lobster people like I happen to like lobster . But in the pantheon of things , crab is way up high , much more delicious . Way up high than underneath . Crabs are most shrimp forms , like the larger Prodi ones heirloom . Then comes lobster . Yeah , and like carbon arrows up there . But like a lot of the nice thing about lobster , is is it's just big , and it's easy to get . It's easy to get to like a lobster is the fastest . Like , like get full as long as see I actually eat all the little parts of lobster . Yeah , squeeze all the meat out of it . So it takes me a while to do it . But the average jerk dirt dirt who just eats the tail and throws the rest away like I can have the tail out of a lobster before I can tell you I'm getting the tail out of the lobster . You know what I mean ? Like crawfish . By the way below lobster . Yeah , but good . No good . Yeah , They're good crawfish . That's why the things people mistake about crawfish use it . It's all about the soak after the cook . It's cooking . Soak because the meat itself is flavorless because they live in freshwater . Most freshwater things . It is . Actually the failure of many shrimp is that they're grown in to fresh water , right , because they're farmed . And so , like things that live in freshwater mean any exception in certain fish . I mean , like , I like a trout . Is trout really flavorful ? Or trout could smoke . Do you smoke it ? Yeah . So , like I said , the point being that . You know , uh , lobster is good , but it ain't no crab . Yeah . Oh , yeah . All right . Well , if you have any other thoughts or amount , but thank you for the help . All right , Now , that's not how it works out . Ah , Alex wrote in with a follow up . Asked us about cooking the Canadian geese . As everybody knows , gifts are the devil , and they should all be shot either turned into coats or comforters or food . But we've never I've never eaten a Canadian goose , eh ? So this was the follow up . Ah , okay . Alex says we were correct to call the meat squidgy rather than tender after 45 minutes of 57 degrees Celsius , which is , by the way , about 100 35 degrees Fahrenheit , which is a good number for duck breast . It was extremely tough and chewy after about three hours into tenderize somewhat , and after four hours , it was reasonably tender . Although I have to say long cooking something like this to make it reasonably tender usually just makes it so . Your teeth can break it up , but it makes it fibrous , fibrous . What do you think about that weirdness ? Does your mind fibers . It doesn't have anything she's like . I'm done thinking about this . I know this is my job to think about that . I don't really . Cats don't care . You disgust me so much gave that it can't even think about what you're saying for 10 seconds . But it was becoming increasingly sour with a pronounced dog food aroma . That dog food aroma is probably some sort of protein breakdown product or some sort of . Maybe it's what I call Liv Ary . It's that Lavery note that things get , which is , uh , let's just say unpleasant in a goose breast . These attempts all ended up in the compost , since the higher temperatures seem to help . I also tried 60 See after , which is 140 degrees Fahrenheit for you people who are keeping track to this After four hours , the results were comparable to 57 c tender enough for dinner . I should note that these breast came with no skin and fat . The meat was extremely lean , presumably because they lead an active life in the wild . Are these those typical of wild meets ? I mean , usually they're leaner , except for if you get like the official , the official bird official wild birds . You eat them when they're in there gorging like So , like I've never had an ortolan like super fat eating a lot or Baba links , which is the rice Burned the EOE super lot Get fatty fat , Fat , fatty , fat , fat . Remember that time would I sprayed the guts all over your face ? Looked on The snazziest face is maybe the best look I've ever had . Uh , while sitting across from someone at dinner . The look was complete discussion , a disgust and revulsion . It was like it was like , Was that after the pair thing ? Yes . We went to Hicks . Yes , it was . Uh , um , Daniel from Cleveland from Cleveland , Ohio , writes in about soda . I have a question about making sodas at home . I have a carbonation . Reagan , a box of bag in box , diet coke syrup , strong diet coke . Move . By the way , people like some Diet Coke . Uh , who else likes Diet Coke ? My partner Done ? Yeah . Yeah . Don drinks it . The stuff you diet soda hater . I don't like that . I don't like that . Do you like soda , though ? Being on a diet . I got it . Not a diet person , Matt . Oh , he's busy talking to someone . I like diet soda . I find that if you were by , think I've said this on the air before . If you are not diet soda drinker , right . And you're buying diet soda for a gathering or party ? No , this diet soda drinkers drink about five times as much soda as you do as a sugar full soda drinker . So if you think that 1/5 of the people are going to drink diet versus regular , then you should get the same amount of diet as regular because they will drink five times as much . Okay , just let you know this because people who drink diet soda consume it as hydration . Not as a sweet snack . We drink it as hydration . Just a little word to the wise . Um So I've been carbonated water to about 50 p . S , I . But when mixed with the syrup at a 1 to 5 delusion , which is s o most like simple syrup , 50 bricks , simple syrup that we like we would use at the box like that usually to get a soda e kind of thing runs usually in about 1 to 4 , right ? Ah , but that adds too much syrup . Mixed nuys carbonated . So most syrups have a higher of bricks and they're running . Which is another reason why they like to use corn syrup . Because it's thinner at those bricks is , uh , they're running higher , so you could do a 1 to 5 just f y I Ah , the end result is still pretty flat tasting , since so much of the fizzy water has been replaced by flat syrup . Not just flat , not just flat . Daniel . Warm , warm , are you ? Are you chilling your freaking syrup ? Because there's two problems . You have one . It is flat . Who ? It is probably warm . And the warmness is killing you almost as much as the flatness is . Would you agree , Jack ? Oh , yeah . Yeah . Um , I was thinking about mixing The syrup is still water and carbon dating the whole shebang . But I'm worried I'll run into problems there too . You will not . Yeah . I can't feasibly think of a problem you had run into there . You will not run into a problem . Mix it . Chill it , carbonated . Yes . Now , if you're doing it a keg , the problem you're gonna have is a 99 9% of the people don't know how to carbonate , make a properly . They do a wretched job and they suck . They should be punished for what they have done . It's about getting the air out , and then you can't possibly agitate enough unless you put a very small amount of water in the K and shake it real hard . Even I read one of the instructions because we ordered one of the bar for one of these recirculating carbonate er's And the instructions in it are wrong because they don't have you purging out the the air that's in there and the air in a system , unless it's Persia properly , is never going to go away because it doesn't dissolve . So it's where is it going to go , Jack , where's it gonna go ? They're just gonna freaking stay there and then that makes you a joke . Or as our last caller said , they are jerk . Okay , Paris wrote in about this last week . We mentioned it even though the Stasi said I didn't mention any of the calls . She's a liar . As usual , my name is Paris . I have a couple of questions about the use of food grade lie I'm currently testing out a deep fried pretzel . Remember , we talked about this . Oh , now you remember eso Paris was doing a bake venal I then a , uh then the fry that's gonna sopon a fire oil . Somewhat reverse it . See what happens . Also , have you seen ? I know everyone's been talking about it , but this freaking bagel thing on the on the Internets , where these idiots have been slicing the bagel in the wrong way and everyone's mad about it . Oh , yeah , You know why that happened ? No , it's because it was in First of all , you know why ? It's ST Louis style . Why they said it was ST Louis style . For those you don't know . Just look up ST Louis bagel slicing . It's because that's what Pinera's is called in ST Louis , because that's where they're from , and they're doing it to Pinera's bagels . And so the thing is , they're like , it should go away . A sample . A bagel ? No , it's not a good way to sample a bagel because because it's like it's like the equivalent , not knowing what direction to cut at hand . The difference between the it's a different texture . It's like you can't get the chewiness proper of a bagel by slicing it vertically , you can't be done . And the issue is Panera , you're just not making your crust chewy . Enoughto have it be inaccurate Bagel . And this is why you think it's acceptable to cut it the wrong way . In my opinion , Remmy writes it all on . Wait , we've got a question from the chat that specifically for you and Jack . So while Jack's here , I feel like we should maybe do that one . Okay , Yeah . Are you fans of incorporating smoke into cocktails ? I ask this because there's an ancient Arabian technique of bringing Mastic to its smoking point , capturing it in a vessel , pouring water into the vessel and then sealing it when refrigerated . The result is a clean pines . Last cedar tasting water 15 to 30 minutes later . You are a clean pine , cedar flavored water . That's rude , Dave . I like I like Mastic . There's also Are you familiar with the Thai funeral candles ? No . No . Yeah . So you take it you like you like this can't be scented candles . And then you put him in a thing with , like , custard . You put a closure over it , and the thing gets scented with the with the smoke from the stinking candle from Thailand . I'm paraphrasing the type person can tell me what an a hole I am , but that's roughly what happens . So look , anything is traditional . I mean , I think it's cool trying it . The question is , does it Does it taste good ? I mean , I think find that most things most times I don't want smoke on my thing if it's clean tasting , great . Most smoked cocktail things that I've had arm or on the acrid side almost exclusively accurate . I've never had a smoke cocktail that I enjoyed it more than just the cocktail without the smoke . It's just gonna affect the balance in a negative direction . Jack , You like frankincense in a cocktail ? Anastasia hates it . I am on the fence . I can't say that I missed . Ozzy doesn't . Do you like the smell of frankincense ? Do you like the smell of church ? No . Is that why you don't like it ? I think I could make a nostalgic cocktail that I would enjoy most on the aroma of church . Only people who have specifically frankincense , aroma , church as , like a , uh , gold reference . I'm saying I feel like I'm just gonna end up being musty . No , it's like , weird . It's like floral and weird and weird . It's weird . Taste smells like frankincense . So you're again it ? What about Mastic ? I like the smell of Mastic actually . Like to I like Mustika . Anything , but I've never heard of burning it . Anyway , I'm I'll try anything because I'm just saying that I don't often have things that are quick smoked that don't taste accurate . Now we all not actually not all the stations . I just like , not everyone likes Pete , But like , we like smoky flavors when it comes from things like Pete . But they tend to be moderated because there's a lot of steps that it goes through after the smoke has been applied . The secondary item , Pete . Then you get that burning . Then that gets into the mall . Then the malt gets fermented . Then the sucker gets to still blah , blah , blah about steps to mellow it out . If I'm gonna had smoke to a drink , I'm going to use a Pete . It's Scotch or a mess . Cow that like a smoke . Your mess , Cal . No . One of the more vegetal ones . And I'm gonna add , You know , I can add a very controlled amount . Is that your high school angst movie ? The veg ones , The vegetable ones ? Oh yeah , the vegetable ones , Uh , Ready writes in . Some friends and I are hosting a fund raising dinner , and one of our cooks would really like to work with liquid nitrogen at the dinner , both for desserts and cocktails were home enthusiasts with little to no professional experience but who have played around with modernist techniques for years as a long time cooking issues . Listen , I'm familiar with some of the health and safety issues regarding liquid nitrogen , but I'm looking for a detailed guide to safely using in a home setting . We found a place that we can rent a do er , and I'm familiar with basics like never sealed container with liquid nitrogen , never having even the possibility of serving cry jeans to a guest and not keeping in an enclosed space . What else do I need to be on the lookout for ? Thanks , Remmy . Well , go assuming that's not a German porn site anymore . Go on cooking issues dot com and look for the liquid nitrogen primer . I go through a lot of the safety things there and most of that stuff is still , you know , still good when you're the main thing I'm worried about you is when you're transporting it is like making sure that when you're transporting it , that your car isn't sealed up or that you know the best is toe have in the back of a pickup truck . Ah , that's the the ideal . Uh , and Jack , you want to tell him the liquid nitrogen safety song ? Uh , all right , whether you want it or not , you want to . It doesn't . It doesn't make sense without the dance , so we can save that for another time . But there are 10 things to consider when handling liquid nitrogen . Protecting your hands , not wearing baggy or loose fitting clothing . Keeping a safe distance while someone else is pouring using a firm grip while you are pouring the nitrogen . Ah , don't wear jewelry because it can freeze and burn you terribly . Ah , protect your eyes while you're pouring at least like don't allow it to splatter and your eyes like we never wear eye protection at the bar . But just be , Be careful . Be a person . Don't put yourself in a situation where splashes could happen Yeah . Have a clear path to the exit being a well ventilated area . Uh , don't use it alone . Make sure someone knows that you're using liquid nitrogen and don't leave it unattended . Remember that time I accidentally spilled the Nigerian allover Anastasia at that event ? Wasn't really spills through it directly , face . I didn't throw it in your eye . It was fortunate . Hit the side of your face . Okay , so Scott writes in about jungle birds . I need Jack for this one . There's two questions I need Jack Force we got My name is Scott . I'm a bartender out here in l . A . I'm struggling with the jungle bird . Give me this . Give me a jungle bird spec right now , Jack . Well , I can tell him right now the thing he's struggling with is that cruise ends Black strap is no longer . Yeah , yeah , I know that's what this is about , but give the speck s so it's like two ounces of rum blend , which is , you know , generally at least announce a black strap and then I like it with , at least , you know , 3/4 of announced Jamaican rum , maybe something else going on there , too . Usually all aged , and then so Appleton's . Yeah . No , no , no , no , no . You know , I'm more of a smith and cross in a jungle bird . Okay , So you want some mega Hogan ? You want some hobo funk ? Okay . Hobo funk , black strap . Uh , you know , human recipe is like announce a pineapple juice , three quarter ounce lime . Have Campari half simple . Okay , there you go . Enough . That's the standard . Yeah , Okay . I'm struggling with the jungle burn . A lot of really good jungle birds out there that I've had are based around black strap rum with heavy molasses based to balance out the bitterness . But I don't wanna have to rely on that because you can't . Yeah , but you could buy black strap molasses every experiment I've done to try to balance out the drink without black strap breaks apart . Because the moment you had Citrus to bidder a para TiVo like Campari , the bitterness shoots up exponentially . On the other end of the spectrum , without the Citrus is sweetness is super high , like a negroni . I work in a bar with more than 90 amaro and tried 10 plus at Pere . TiVo's to Steven makes a difference , But all of them are the same . Do you know why ? Citrus and completely have this reaction come . Party gets more bitter over time when stored with acids like Citrus . I remember 100 episodes . You mentioned this blah , blah , blah . Is any research out there to figure out why this happens ? Or some sort of acid you can add that doesn't have this reaction . No eso You have a side note ? By the way , eucalyptus oil is considered to be toxic , but eucalyptus itself is on the General Guard a safe list as someone who does more research . How is this possible ? Because of concentration . The same reason why Yuzhin all you can't like usual is not safe . But clothes is because just concentrated now . Jack , your solution to this problem is you're not adding enough sugar . What are you saying ? The drinks saying at last by black strap molasses and add it to a rum and then taste it like that . But it sounds like the reason that it's two bidders because you're not adding sugar . It sounds like you're just doing pineapple juice , lime , Campari rum . Let's assume they're not . But you're saying add some black strap . I think you ran tests on you Literally ran tests on this . And how was it ? It becomes delicious . Okay , What you need to do is make sure that the drink is balanced , Idiot . But the point is , is that you can just buy black strap molasses , brown shoes . What's the yellow someone with that ? You don't want to God dang e . I would never use that stuff on its own . Yeah , all right . We have to see Isabel from Vancouver , B C . Canada writes . And thanks for taking my question . The staff . See , if you're still interested in keeping track of my 30 year old woman married to a 31 year old man and I buy all the appliances and kitchen stuff I desire a lot more than he does . In fact , I'm not a financial place to buy . Spends all yet , But trust me , I will eventually get it every year . So , my friend , who has an amazing kitchen but doesn't cook so sad . What is so said ? It's so sad . Point is , the point of having you know what ? I have a really nice bathroom . I don't poop anyway . Uh , host a party for some of our closest friends . and my husband . I cook a meal for everyone . Usually they are themed . Last year we did Mexican food . This year will be doing Italian or is Anastasia says Italian . We have , ah , the menu sorted out , but the cocktails are a work in progress . I'd like to offer up Negroni's That's good limoncello . Ah , and something with grappa . I have to say I'm not a huge fan of grappa on its own . By the way , it's hard to say you're not a fan of grap on its own because they are widely variance urges . Get some Ramana Levy and tell me you're not a fan of Grandpa . I like the Northen Nardi anyone . This is Huck Evita . That extractable polling makes him good grappa . Anyway , uh , so there are very different grapples out there . Not all grappa is crap . But the essay See , I'd like to make it amazing . I'm not a huge fan of gravel , but I'd love to create amazing cocktail with it . And I'm open to pretty much anything that isn't too sweet . My father , Of course , if it's Tuesday like you just hit a trigger , just not too sweet . Just hit a trigger object because Of course , it's not gonna be too sweet cause it's gonna be There you go . Uh , what you mean is you wanted on the less sweet side . That is a valid thing to say . Yes , um , isn't too sweet . My father in law brings us grappa and grappa . Me l , which is like from Uruguay , which is Uruguay , grapple with honey in it , which I've never had . Your head . That jet . No , I'd like to try it . Uh , has mentioned above . We don't have a spins all yet , so that's the only tool I can't really use . The party will be in about four months to ensure we can use the best in season tomatoes . Any ideas ? Thanks in advance . Give me some grappa . Cocktails , drink . Just drink grappa . Just you're being unhelpful . I know I am , but it's Ah , it's a category of spirit that I don't have a ton of experience making cocktails with . Because of a price point issue , there's one drop on the market that's reasonably inexpensive . It's called gray . It's fine . Ah , it's good in martini style cocktails as sort of a split based situation , you can make a sour with it easily that tastes like a sour They There isn't really a great way to highlight the character of grappa . Some practice some droppers . A really rough Yeah , some grandpa's arm or stem Ian CD , and some are more great . So , like , if you're getting a great P one , then you could just do a fiend green . You guys just do this hour , but yeah , but like so the feeding green is Bobby Murphy's drink , and it's It's Armagnac , right ? Which is un aged . Armin , you're on a jar of blanche Armagnac . So on the grape your side . Right . Well , obviously you're doing it , Lemon . Yeah , sharp cruise , a little bit sharp shoes and then tarragon . A little bit of parsley and terrible . That's delicious . Sadistic . You could nitro model that . That would be delicious . Did they have access to liquid nitrogen in their home ? Uh , I don't know . You could You could blender model it . I also I also once data grab a grappa and pumpernickel actually go well together and grapefruit so you could do like grappa . Pumpernickel , soak the drop acid adjusted grapefruit . Yeah , I'm sure would be delicious . That's why . So I did . I did . I did . I forget what the forget What ? But I did like an acid . An acid grapefruit , grandpa Copter grappa with I had soaked the drop in pumpernickel bread and then squeezed it out . It was good . All right , here's here's a spec for you that I'm certain will be delicious . So the acid just grateful we're talking about is 40 grams of citric per leader of fresh grapefruit juice . So one ounce of that one ounce of the drop of your choice 3/4 turn our 3/4 Aperol . Oh , so and then . Okay . So , Jeremy , you have a question about liquid intelligence . I will get to that next week , cause it just take it Takes longer to read it . Then they will allow me to continue to speak here on the on the air . Also said , uh , how do you put out how do you pronounce stores ? Hammer meal near . Okay . Hey , uh , so said says Miss Anastasia , say it again . Meal near Lopez and the engineering crew . He said , hello . But I'll deal with your big green egg question , actually . Know what ? I'll be with it . I'll deal with real quick . So in short , you want to use a big green egg now bear in mind that I am not a big green , a kind of a person , because big green aides are all about maintaining a temperature over a long period of time . And I'm all about S O . I use like a cowboy grill and heated up to eight billion degrees or a tandoor and heated up to eight million degrees . I'm not so much with maintaining not about maintaining , but the big green egg is all about maintained . So it's a different style of cooking and you want to use Ah , an also ran and also ran a big green egg . I would do this . Here's something . It is my last piece of advice , and I could talk more about it next week said . But the point is that , um , I found out something new recently familiar with fake spot . What is fake spot ? If it didn't stop , you know fakes . But so go to fake spot dot com . Go to Amazon , get the U R . L . From Amazon and then go to fake spot and then fake spot does an analysis . Now it's not 100 percent . Kitt's computer based analysis doesn't analysis of the reviews of that product to try to figure out whether they're real or whether they are B s , and it analyzes the language of all of them . It analyzes the language and everything and then gives a letter grade based on based on , like how , you know , accurate . They think the reviews are in terms of whether a human who knows what they're saying has left it and the product that you linked to got a D on fake spot now it doesn't mean that they that that's true . But when I went and looked at the negative reviews , one of the negative reviews with someone who said It's fine if you already know how to use a big green egg or other expensive commodity grill . But it doesn't keep temperature as well , so you have to be very skilled in using it and a couple other people , said the cast iron grating . It tends to be too brittle and shatter with use , and another person said that the bolts melted off . Now they might have just been trying to use it like I would as a jet engine right on , and then I wouldn't blame them . Blame that , but just read about it and and look and check out fake spot for all of your reviewing . And Jack , thank you for your coming on . Always happy to be here , Matt . See you guys next week or listen to you whatever , Whatever we do . 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