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Episode 360: Tears of the Road Crew

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the app to the L because you know the day is always going to be messed up I don't I didn't do it look when you get

MTA people in fact we know an empty a person like just put a sign on like right before you go down the stairway saying you are shafted you always are should I know know they've gone back to being in a normal schedule how many times has Dave been late because of the MTA that no in fact but I ain't going back to the normal schedule I hadn't like assume that they were going to reshaft it and not stop at flushing anymore and just like Denver to Middle track and sit there I just think you are you think so huh have you cuz I take the a c e to the hell yeah because you live you live in Hell's Kitchen I live three blocks from something that goes directly to hear when is running properly

which is never know it was running properly again it was running in both directions do you check the map or the MTA know I'm stupid and assume running on tracks plastic no I'm serious Booker my son checks it every day

dumb and also I had to research a bud so like what happens if I try to push it till the last second so I can get the train that will get me here on time normally because I am I don't get the information that you guys sent until I'm already basically passed out the night before whatever you say that you say that often but yet unless I actually get the questions when I'm still in a mood to work

sure and then we can add additional questions that I can look at it beforehand but instead I have to do all of the research in the morning on the minute I get up until I get on that train so if I'm not on that train it's cuz I'm researching question so I can get in here late and not have time to answer them

is it possible for you

job so I can send it Sunday at 3 is this and then we'll send the MTA schedule every morning this is me being aggressive aggressive

you're such a jerk you know what like I have to sit here and now gay people go into the chat room or by the way someone ask is this mixer thing is that the chat room yes alright you hear that the mixer thing is in fact the chat room C weather nastase is actually being helpful or not okay. Room link is now in every episode description to I like that did you do anything interesting to Matt this past week from a Food Perspectives real boy know sassy went to the opening party of the Hudson yards in one of the best parties ever what is a party need to be to be one of the best parties ever in your estimation carry unlimited caviar and a great DJ tunes and

keep the champagne coming some caviar keep it tomorrow too and she's super psyched about it you are so weird about French fries made up the old SPL french fries Supremacy techniques and so after this nastassia super nothing to stop us more I'm staring there with her vegan face on watching me blanch potatoes strip I will take some videos and hopefully those are there will be a round from Dave and then

like she doesn't like french fries anyway so I can't even she can't even pretend to give a crap even though this is literally our job to do this stuff like we're going to go have people video tape us and like you know

again have to stay

Can you

Glenn McGee you're not going to be in the same hell did you know what the thing is people is there anything in the world that you hate more than being in a shoot you know why she hates it back because she's like who these people think they are Francis Ford Coppola just get the shot already

yeah he does not appreciate people caring about their job because you don't know how far to charitable no anastacio Lopez has no respect for what they do for a living and therefore do not think it is worth trying to be good at all radio cramp over and over and over for an unknown and I don't know who's filming it's supposed to be good unless you try to do a good job is it like can you do the thing that you did again because they didn't get it right the first time that was so off-the-cuff monthly don't respect any you don't respect any aspect of your respect the people who are doing it and you don't respect what they are doing you like who cares

going to be one person's going to watch it it's going to get tossed it's getting it's like it's it's the visual equivalent of toilet paper that's what your mind

Western specific Connecticut I was wrong it was good morning Southern Connecticut Sunday

Nastasia you totally missed by the way by the way when I bring it I bring it I killed that segment I do it if everything in the world that makes sense

you're wrong they read that they practice in a billion times which is the same thing as doing at 8 they just have to use the last one because their lives they sit there and do the same crap over and over how to do that music three times to use you if you had to do that you do like what are we talkin about this they sit there like all night like discussing like a single joke and you're like what do you what do you what do Rembrandt with your jokes what she was right before all the waiting and I can't see why it's just why you also can't get nastassia to take a picture of something for you that's important or a video she likes to sit there like to get something else something outside the windows interested we might start video taping the thing it's outside the window you like hello like the purpose of a video is to take information

and put it into people's heads using a visual medium so you need to care about what the picture is I think we have a will call around there was a question about cinematography hi how's it going long time listener first-time caller sorry to interrupt that rant I was pretty fun maybe you can continue after my question no doubt. Yeah I just have a question about freezing enzyme okay so I'm planning to make a gallon from some small fish that I've got frozen in my freezer and I know that kind of depends on the quality of that got enzymes they're going to get that going so would freezing have a negative impact on being able to use the

kind of endogenous enzymes I'm thinking about it many enzymes Princeton's SPL the one that we use for most of our work at the bar is free star stable and I would bet many enzymes are free Star Stable friends dance when you know you freeze a when you freeze a a piece of like an avocado for infants and its thaws it still the polyphenol oxidase enzymes in the still credit you know what I mean so many many many enzymes are free sauce table are all I don't know but the good news is unless you are freezing something to extremely low temperatures there still a lot of water unfrozen left inside of your face you're not getting it down below the you know what some people call even though it has many different meanings of eutectic point where all of the liquid is frozen solid and so

you know it's a known fact that certain into matically you know what's the word catalyze things because of the radical concentration increase increase as the liquid phase gets less and less can actually go up even when it's in super cold storage in freezer storage which seems kind of paradoxical so the answer is I would say you're probably fine okay my second related question what is chiz I've got some tech news and I wanted to freeze it but I can find any information on if it was free Star Stable I will tell you what happened in conditions Donley we need to reorder pectinex right now by the way this is something people might not know out there for years we've been using pectin X Ultra sp-l right and it turns out gusmer that place that we buy from was telling us to use that one in the most people are using that in the literature especially in European papers why because it is not GMO but we now get

pectinex Ultra XXL which sounds like you know like a rap album and XXL is a GMO has like the organism the I guess it's NASCAR Gillis whatever it is it that you know produces it is it GMO organism right and it is get ready for people half the cost

at least as effective if not more half the cost so I'm switching to XXL and then when we reorder this pale right of Echoes you have to buy we buy it in 25 kilopascal rice. 25 kilos by the 25 kilopascal they wanted to know if we wanted a special kind of packing around it to prevent it from freezing and Donna was like why does it matter if it freezes and they said I don't know I'll check and they checked in there like nope it does not matter if it freezes or not so there you have it straight from straight from customers mouth is actually not goes Monte Morris jtec Industries now I think J Tech don't call gusmer they no longer carry that I think it's jtech which is a notice on distributor of the SPL they switched about 2 years ago Bay Way comes out

I got you the rent I don't know I'm not necessarily feeling the level of angry anymore so we'll talk about it now get off this on the food related stuff I got a note this is nastase related nastassia for those of you that don't know is the Tesla Whisperer Love by morning Jazz about the model lie because it's less crazy than I thought it would be about other people who aren't the kind of smart about it was like well it shouldn't be crazy it's the model why my son tax obviously wants the X but here's where it where it gets in Anastasia can for any reason at any time somehow managed to wangle a Tesla I don't know how she she can pick hers up at any time because she was one of the early early adopters of the model 3 when they when they did their equivalent of pre-ordering right there quick Kickstart equivalent

time it so Subaru uses Which ion is Subaru because you know Eastern you know Connecticut all this is so Subaru used to use Tanaka air bags and it's going to take a second but you got that in your head. You okay

well you know what pretend you haven't heard it radio season will she can't just like she can't don't think she can't even for 20 seconds get off her phone where she's searching for whatever she's going to buy anyway so you told me that in the first take I'm outside right right this is what I have to deal with people so they put the wrong kind of material in the detonators for the airbags and sometimes now minor accident the airbag will inflate and shatter the housing will shatter and will send shrapnel through people's face and kill them in the passenger seat okay so I called up Subaru cuz they sent me a letter in the mail saying hey you should not drive your car you should get it fixed I was like okay I'll get it fixed immediately so I call the Subaru dealer and Subaru dealer is like hell yeah we can change that out for you in July and then another one I called there like we can do it in late April I got one would do it in early April and I was like what the hell am I supposed to do

for April if I need to drive the car would like with my whole family like the two kids to two dogs and my wife nothing's happened so far so why don't you just keep on driving and I was like are you on crack I like look the airbag has never gone off because I've never been in an accident before you're expecting me to wait for the airbag to go off to send shrapnel through my wife's head as she sits in the passenger seat you freak you don't even wear a hockey mask or something I was like she was like she can sit in the back seat in the back seat with a dog in the back so then I realized and is why I'm bringing up on the air

send it to me to bring it up on the air Nastassja like I have a gift card which I don't know if it's still valid for a one-night but I mean you it says one on the thing I need you to extend it I need you to use your skills and I'm not good at it you need that you need it for you okay okay people


I want the last fireplace like 7 years ago

but you are I'm not going to know what you know what people lack of gratitude

I'm not going to bring up personal crap on the air lack of freaking gratitude Cersei actually know I know what you did you want to know now people want to know I want wine Santa many things with all kinds of garbage trust his hearing stories is not garbage though you haven't heard the stories people anyway

they basically knows everything when it goes down I'm going to get that I'm going to be the first double tap to the head when she needs to bury all of the information Pop-Pop this episode is presented by the Brooklyn Kitchen or recreational cooking school on a mission to change the world by teaching people how to cook like grown-ups the Brooklyn Kitchen began in 2006 when to creative home chefs Taylor Orkin in and Harry Rosenblum recognize an opportunity to create a community space with approachable Hands-On cooking classes and inventive culinary experiences Taylor and Harry believe that cooking is a daily practice in Creative problem-solving they bring this ethos to the Brooklyn kitchen cooking school that Fosters community and redefined home cooking for everyone now located at Sunset Park industry City the Brooklyn Kitchen hosts the range of public and private cooking classes corporate team parties

pop-up dinners and tasting events for Cooks of all levels learn more at the Brooklyn kitchen. Com are you enjoying this podcast has radio network is plenty more I'm David Bowie and together we host the Speakeasy a show where we discussed cocktail Spirits wine beer tea coffee and all things and liquid Universe Our Guest Ranch from bartenders and Brewers Alchemist and ambassadors Roasters and regular hippies and homebrewers and every expert Enthusiast in between adjusting entries rights and I have a question for Dave and cooking issues I'm unsure how to get the salt levels correct for braised Meats I struggle to get enough salt in the meat without over salting the cooking liquid I typically want to eat both the meat and the Lakewood off in reducing the liquid into a South I'm interested for both traditional brazing and low temp bagnet message what do you recommend thanks David stassia

stassi because she doesn't care about your question I won't answer it got fired but the fact of the matter is is that if you look at old recipes for let's say stocks in master sauces at the French that the French folk use they hesitate from putting any salt at all into something which I think is a mistake but they had to pay for putting any salt at all into things like stop that they know that they're going to reduce and they know they're going to use for a bunch of different preparations so you're running into kind of a similar situation here we're using a stock at 1 concentration or a sauce rather at 1 concentration and then you're going to reduce it to another so it isn't necessarily possible to get all of the you know all the salt you want in your meat let's say and then also you know get the correct level in the in the sauce because if you're going to reduce it after you braise it by a lot then well that's going to get real salty if they had the correct salt amount

into the meat so in general you know you want to figure it you can't really do this I'm so what I'm saying to you is like it's just in theory only but in general what you want to have happen if you want to have a general idea of what your total content is going to be towards the end and then hit a total salt content for that so if you know you're going to end up with let's say you know two cups Cups one of my freaking sugar to cup of sauce and then X pounds of yeah I'm going back into my American Roots 2 lb of meat then you can kind of calculate how much salt that whole thing would require but you're still going to run into problems if you're doing if you're doing a cooking in a thin liquid and then a massive amount of work afterwards to thicken if so I would recommend trying to get your sauces as close to the consistency that you're going to want beforehand then salting it so that it tastes kind of right as you're going in the pot during the Braves UK

I had salt probably in 3 or 4 Chumps out I know I'm going to add some with the beginning I had some of the beginning then as the Braves progresses toward the end I'll see kind of how much reduction there needs to be maybe I'll taste it all out a little more then I'll pull the meat out if I'm going to pull the meat out and then I do any reduction right there and then add the meat back in right but also if you're doing something in the bag you must over reduce your sauce beforehand so it's actually kind of easier that the mistake people make in the bag is they don't realize kind of how much liquid is going to come out of the meat so your braising sauce becomes much or your beer sauce whatever you going to call it becomes much more liquidy and therefore you have much less flavor than you're used to because when you're used to kind of open container cooking used to evaporation happening and evaporation happens in the bag so the secret of sauce in the bag if you're going to use it you want to get the salt levels correct from the get-go is 2 / reduce your sauce I mean over

reduce your sauce the meatball shoot its liquid out into the into the sauce little water it down and hopefully everything even out from up masol perspective

anyway I hope that's helpful to help. She's like it's help with me because you stop squeaking

Andy in Chicagoland calls about I wrote about Manhattan you know Manhattan / bunker Bait fish ever do any fishing and Matt hey I will then again hey Miss Darcy and Starr she doesn't carry ND Dave I care about you Matt and the crew Matt is the crew thank you I never get named in this question really are you do you do you like the group Motorhead sure what is your favorite Motorhead song I'm a huge fan I like he seems like a good dude recipes anyway you on this and anyone is in audio engineering I recommend you listen to my favorite track from the Ace of Spades album we are the road crew I will most certainly rock out to it in a minute

before it was that he wrote this song I want to start you tell them every time yeah then she would maybe be quiet about saying that stuff so anyway so Lemme rice this song I think on a bus and then performs it lives first time anyone hears it and some of the road he's literally started crying they were so touched by him writing the song We Are the road crew and so whenever I hear that song I have this image of this like hard living like drunk out of their mind Stone tell it to the edge of existence like grizzled road crew you know motorhead's Roadies were like some serious Roadies you know what I mean yeah and like just having an image of this guy standing on the sidelines with a dude here going down his cheek is like the most priceless image to me I love it I think about it constantly anyway

what's the ABV of that tear you can get drunk off that man's tears

we are the road crew recent trip to Charleston made me remember a question I had about pickling small schooling ocean fish small schooling ocean fish and I'd love to know where Matt got those pickled fishing shad roe my wife doesn't love Seafood like I do but I'm going to eat all the seafood I can we will actually been chatting about this so I've given him recommendations in the chat you help out the people who are not in the area so I shall bow is my highest recommendation is a really amazing spot down there and then Callie's hot little biscuit for more of the food that you would expect to get down there Citrus Club for good cocktails on a rooftop and graft for a wine Mayo they had it but my main question is about pickling fish my family goes to the Alabama Gulf Coast every couple of years to fish remember the Bluefish you could you may test for a while back that was me I do remember that

what are the bait fish of choice for fishing off the Gulf State Park pier is either the golf Manhattan pilchard Sol golf Manhattan is like a Manhattan which is filtered is let you know certain sizes of pilchard are kind of what you would think alike as a sardine to return my oily stuff or most likely to scaled sardine honestly I can't tell which is which and neither can anyone else with the right bait catching rig I can catch a bucket full of them I went to fish with a big fish aren't biting like any sensible human I've often wondered about eating the bait I should just try it next time but in the meantime do you know if these types of small Bait fish can be pickled like a herring or shed I've tried Googling but there's not much info out there especially about the gulf species thanks and in Chicagoland so about Manhattan I looked it up and of course it was Dan Barber someone did it like took a bunch of Manhattan to Dan Barber and because it turns out in Manhattan is one of the most widely landed fish in the entire country if not in the world and it's used mainly for like fish me

cat food dog food fish meal for feeding to animals like omega-3 fatty or oils that you taken your vitamin supplements and all this other kind of stuff as well as for bait and most people don't want to try it because it's an oily fish and they don't keep it well which means that if it's not kept all the kind of stinks to high heaven but the main reason I think why I never caught on is that like a shadow if we were talking about last week it's incredibly Boney so I read this kind of the travails of this guy along with the people at Blue Blue Hill Stone barns we're trying to put Manhattan on the menu and the main problem they were having his is that no one can get all of the crazy little bones out of it now you've hit upon their two ways you can get rid of Bones

well there's two ways you can mitigate three ways you can actually do the job of filling the thing before you can not care about the bones but most of us do they don't like having those little bones stuck in the back of your throat do you like having those little bumps like you hate that are you freaked out about it you know my wife is petrified of that right probably said that on are my wife's greatest fear is that someone can I choked on a fishbone so anyway so you can to write she's not as worried about chicken but she doesn't like eating off the bone but like whenever there's fish and one of the kids get the boat he was all worried about it I don't know why she just because I eat so quickly people I eat so quickly nastase how quickly do I eat

what what she's referring to is that both nastassia Lopez and Mark Ladner blame me for their sub part-time at gyro because they felt somehow that they had to keep up with me. She has never before in her life felt like she needed to pay attention to what I do at all so I don't know why I had to keep up with you and you were like

I never know I don't use that language anyway that was hard so yeah I had to keep up with you then went to that event and you didn't know where it was and it was at like with cirque and we showed up all sweaty what does this have to do with anything I kept up with you that's walking I'm saying $3 for sushi a piece

for like that short of a meal cuz you're happy and you know it as soon as he could not wait to start cutting it's his fault and then he stood by the door when we were like trying to just stay like a minute longer than I like get the f is this my problem or nastassia problem for worrying about when gyro wants her to get out because I eat at the rate I eat no matter where I eat when you're in a Japanese country with like a master of a craft and he's giving you the stink-eye like hurry up again and Mark and Mark had to get up every 25 seconds till you know set himself on spray anyway because he had been poisoned at his last trip right so we had plenty of excuses for not eating your you know

she at the rate that I did but sorry if I don't enjoy eating slowly and I'm not going to sit there like a moron and stare at my food just so that you don't feel guilty like you eaten how fast do you want literally I was Ike Turner at a time I was like eat at whatever Pace you want he's not going to put crap on your on your plate until you're done with what you're done with that he'll look at you like hurry okay so this is again between your head and Gyro and has nothing to do with me nothing has nothing to do with me as you to find out that no one in the chat as willing to wager on my team nastassia versus Team Dave Garba you guys in 5 minutes that my wife is always afraid that I'm going to be right so you can do with the fish bones

you can attempt to Bowman which is apparently almost impossible this or you can do a semi filet and then neither can them as I said I think they weren't they were commercially can in the forties in Florida I only have been able to find a document from the 1940s it was probably like wartime shortages which is why they did it in the first place and then they just stopped doing it because people didn't pick up on it but the flesh is apparently delicious so as long as it's fresh and treated nicely I'll see you can try cuz if it's fundamentally in the same family as herrings it really is fundamentally the same family as Harry the hearing now it's true many different hearings have lots of different flavor profiles like I went to Cape Cod want him caught a bunch with a call Alewife which is a bait fish that they use it would have been hearing your hair in style Bait fish that they used to pick up on Cape and I cook them up and I will say they were okay where they weren't the best Herring I've ever had but they were definitely edible anyway so you have these bones

pickling will actually if I would change the vinegar out once or twice will actually soften the bones because the vinegar will remove the calcium and make the bones a lot more edible so do a pre Flay to get the big bones out then leave the little bones are in there and let the vinegar melt them out but I would change it because if you've ever tasted the water of the vinegar rather after you've dropped an egg shell into vinegar to make it soft it's nasty all the calcium stuff goes in the water in the water tastes pretty nasty so I might switch it out once unless you get most of the bones out and then you should be okay then you can do is if you can it in a pressure canning scenario the bones will soften to the point that you can eat them again if you leave larger bones in their relatively unpleasant so if you've ever eaten can salmon and if you guys ever eaten can salmon and you have that they leave the backbone certain kinds of canned salmon Dave's Chalmette into steaks packing into a can and then leave the kind of the backbone in and you get these weird nasty kind of calcium nuggets around it which are

nasty but then the rest of the bones melt out of that stuff should work but I don't have time to get into the derivation of the word Manhattan was kind of interesting by the way he likes to dance moves what you posted on the internet was trying to get Travis Scott to come to the bar I don't think is going to happen I like making cocktails & Free clean run out of lemons and limes but I pretty much always have clementines around sitting beside the questionable ethics of stealing my kids cuties to make drinks how should I go about doping Clementine juice with powdered acids and what are some drink preparations you would recommend the problem with clementines is it that you know what we call clementines are kind of a wide variety of different mixes usually like Tangers witch or a mixture of a orange and a mandarin and they do have a relatively wide range of acids most people consider them to be lower acid in let's say an orange although I did some research I looked up a piece of looked up a thing called role of cultivar

choosing Clementine fruit with a high level of health-promoting compound by Luigi molella and 2011 and I looked at their titratable acidity is for like 15 different color 10 different cultivars that they had and the range of its titratable acidity and it was between 1.6 and 3% to a wide range so that is not low acid that's higher than most oranges I would just treat it like orange juice and then if it's too acidic scale of a Kind by the way to the bricks of it is also similar to orange juice to Bricks of the ones that they tested we're in the range of a bad about about 11 to about 12 so and just use it wherever you would use if you use a ratio of citric to Malik the same way for it in the book you can look up the recipe on Amazon by going to look inside

for orange juice it's very leader of orange juice is 32 grams of citric acid and 432 grams of citric acid in 20 grams of malic acid trip back a little bit see whether that's too acidic or you can use it in any place you use lime if you want a little bit of orange Shades good in margaritas I like it and I think it's good I don't know I don't know you going to live tweet this freaking french fry nonsense I'm going to live film it and hopefully there will be some cuz I actually people haven't seen this in years it'll be interesting if you haven't seen one like the technique and it's supposedly a New York your revamping the recipe with the issue of of the recipe is the issue of the recipe and for those of you listen to any of this know it's all about the miracle of moisture management and so the technique that you use to get the ideal Fry's going to the pain but very much on the size of the French fry that use in the

should we ran at the French Culinary Institute we were using a 3/8 inch fry it when we move the Soundbar and we were thinking of putting the fries on the menu at Soundbar we moved to a half in which is why they weren't as crunchy because we need to use more of a we need to get more moisture out of it to get the crunch level at the level we wanted I think the secret here is going to be in the blanching technique which unchanging when I move to a par blanch and steam technique I think so let us know if you like seeing behind the scenes videos or not because people enjoy the face that you made when the spins Oz came back into stock vs that's what it spends all her back in stock people the new spinz are slightly different here's what we change the lid you no longer need any of those black little like squeaky rubber Parts Stoney the fans obviously all them parts for the new one hit the old one so if you need Replacements don't worry we can replace all the stuff

if you had to say what it is if you say you didn't have to talk about this is like this is why you have no boundaries you can't tell them see what you're supposed to talk about on a microphone or not because you're so then the other change we made was there's a hole now in the lid with a rubber stopper in it I think we have I haven't seen one yet so that those of you that have had your lid freeze on because you didn't clean the freaking thing properly and you let it dry with sugar on the bearing and they were not able to get the lid off of the spins off it's now easier to fix that problem by pulling the plug out putting a little bit of hot water and unfreezing it stassi night yesterday made a video about how to fix this on an older generation spins off also any of you that have Frozen the interlock shut with because you let fruit juice get into your Interlock system starting I have a video now that you can get from Matthew to tell you how to fix that problem and any of you that have let that tried to run it without the gasket on the bottom of it and let fruit juice leak into the motor so that the motor

Shopkins been anymore I also have a video on how to fix that problem so today we are your spinzall selling fixing people cooking issues

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