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Episode 36: Eat Canadian Geese!

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you got my head straight to the Heritage Radio Network on 3rd Generation CareMaster from s Wallace Edwards & Sons in Surry Virginia we support the Heritage Radio Network because we believe in the cause of what they doing they're supporting family raised livestock small Family Farms certified Humane pasture-raised antibiotic-free basically we take the products from Heritage Foods USA and make them into Serrano style hands prosciutto style hands bacon sausage like my grandfather did he can find us at Surrey or Virginia

images of Dave Arnold roaster cooking issues here with spikes in the Rain Sound thoroughly soaked negating any morning shower that I took are you doing this Tasha I'm getting all of our junk crafts from the French Culinary Institute to the new company headquarters in Brooklyn complete my Ikea Brooklyn guy and I still live in Manhattan are new houses are in Williamsburg in the in The Milk Bar commissary in the back they have a little extra storage space it was moved up from a trash room at the French culinary which is our former lab reverted back to drive from several weeks ago back of the warehouse space right

anyway we haven't set up yet in the pile in the middle of the middle of the space waiting for a couple of weeks sad to see whether I'll see what I can do to build it out so we can actually have a sink and start cooking but should we plan on making kitchen equipment for professionals and for home people and we're going to keep our hand in the cookie is Ryan so any names would be appreciated for the company we've had only terrible ideas not even like many of them like not even able to mentioned on the are the ideas right horrible horrible horrible offense offense of stuff calling all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 to hear the next 40 minutes or so so please call me with all of your questions cooking later or not related

musically I break music I didn't think of anything good morning gents reitzel Rick a sterling I recently become very interested in high-pressure molding without binders no egg excetera of certain starch made me different potatoes tubers I guess you gotta Malanga excetra I was wondering if any of you had any experience in this and if not where to look within the food manufacturing business for such a request okay to make some assumptions I encourage you to write in with more details by exactly what you're trying to do but I'm assuming if you're going to high pressure mold starch without in a binder such as a bit you're talking about tablet formation compressing into tablet form their other things obviously that you can do under high pressure you can mold start using the Plastics but I'm just going to throw up

images of this discussion assuming you mean tablet so I am extremely interested in I need to buy a tablet maker is it so it's on my list of things to do because we want to make our own tablets and man sometimes I almost got to a Consulting gig a while ago we would have had to make a bunch of pills but anyway so the deal is the different types of by Cee boss boss entitled native starch and tablet formations properties on compaction and it's a good first if you know told it's a good first starting for compression of a of starches specifically starches and Native star just because a lot of times when they're going to make a tablet they don't use made of starches they use starch as it could have been preached the latinized or they use starch

that have been modified in some way acid modified and different modification to alter the properties of the Finish tablet to make them harder to make him break up either easier or or or or harder things like that but I will say this the actual type of starch that you use makes a huge difference in how the tablet is form so it's habit of storms usually mix up to start with a in the in the business is it called an excipient it's basically the non active ingredient so you would be adding in whatever the active ingredient is flavor or no aspirin or whatever is a Celsius to the castle as I can remember mix it in put it into a metal guy that shape however you want and you compress it now the compression is quite severe I don't know exactly but it's on the order of like 18,000 PSI and psii so it's easier for you to use much smaller guys so you don't need as much physical tons of pressure pushing down to make up

make a tablet typically also add other things to it like lubricant so that it doesn't heat up and so that it flows while in the die when it's compressing friend so you think that you're not adding any binders in fact moisture the amount of moisture is in the starch is very important so it turns out that you want about 10% moisture total moisture in the starch which is kind of normal in a relatively humid environment out in in the world so even though you're not adding things like water there are things like water present also aside from the type of starts being very important the the way to starch is Milt right whether it's in fine granules or larger pieces makes a big difference on how the on how to finish tablets can be such a very complicated subject when I'm very interested in but unfortunately don't know a lot about but hopefully I've given you a good place to start

the irradiation of corn to make different genetic mutations turns out it turns out we got right in from trying to find out who sent us the who said this to post here is JR Nelson sent us some interesting stuff this morning on mutation breeding so that's the technical term for radiating mutates forms new stuff but where the University of california-riverside which is the people who handle a lot of the Citrus for for a country to germplasm for citrus they basically I think I think they run the United States is our federal Citrus program at UC Davis called the canal was actually a very old

venerated Mandarin deliciousness option I had it when we visited visited Gene Lester Citrus Ranch out in in watlow it's great problem is you know has a whole boatload of seeds so what they did is they just moved the whole bunch of I guess budwood of a kennel they just nuked it and then you know probably get it and they got a t know that had that had a lower seek out now they don't necessary I actually have to use a radiation Davis most the time do they can use other source of chemical things mutagens teratogen sings like this he sent that and then there's a picture of this new freaking ols4 for low seat or less seeds so go take a look at another fine example new clear oranges of bitter fruit through radiation fear of things that they brought us the

turn any more rights against me with her MRI to fix your body what actually that's a phenomenal NMR nuclear magnetic resonance and in fact they change the name from NMR nuclear magnetic resonance to MRI magnetic resonance imaging because patients were literally afraid to get in the machine with the word nuclear attached to it crazy right foodstuffs for preservation right now there's several reasons to be against the radiated food stamps because we're so basically you can take food fruit whenever expose them to very high levels of gamma radiation right X-rays and such and kill all the bacteria in them make them pretty much steroids as a preservation technique and you don't have to heat it right with his grave and you can do it when it's already packaged without heat

there's some reasons to be against this to be against radiating food one is it can destroy the text of the food right the mass valid that are not valid reasons people think that somehow they are going to get cancer from eating irradiated food or somehow the food itself becomes radioactive this is not a fair characterization of what happens but it's another situation we're adding the word radiation in nuclear make something all of a sudden horrible in people's eyes so hopefully they don't get that feeling with the with our nuclear corn in our nuclear and non-nuclear mandarins although apparently not going to advertise that fact

or they just ordering pizza pizza

we got to color all right, are you around there

are there any studies with a proven the GM foods are bad I can recognize this voice from through the radio this is Patrick Martin the person was working with us on the Museum of food and drink fundraiser is founder of this radio network and the founder slow Foods USA and Heritage Foods how are you doing today Patrick is on GMOs saying that they're actually bad from Bill Gates that says I hate that all these sustainable food groups keep saying that our work is bad you know through the Gates Foundation and they keep falsely accusing you know GM foods being bad so course I'm but I'm like well there's got to be a study somewhere but I haven't ever found one and I've asked people and no one can think of a study that proves that it's bad

let me hear the problem I think a lot of people you know way back in the day in the in the 80s right you know if you're familiar with Jeremy Rifkin write me he would come out against any of these things and basically in in his mind off things Trace to some some form of awful Armageddon at the hands of people that are doing genetic genetic modifications now they're there are arguments I don't really I don't really know them well enough to to give them to you in any sort of form that doesn't seem derogatory to them is that where I am there arguments that there are things that can possibly go wrong so with one of the problems with GMO when the problems with GMO crops right is it a good one that you can eat your Monsanto let's say or someone else and you own a GMO crop you have a patent on that crop right you own it so then one of your seeing some of your genetics can get a float over

you know into somebody else's field right and contaminate their field with your genetics and then you know you're selling your product because you're a normal farmer and Monsanto comes in sues you for stealing their genetics and all you've done is savior seeds year after year and some of Monsanto seeds have gotten mixed in. Because you've bought or stole it because they're seen two Fallen onto your property right and so there are some legal ramifications of GMO there put some farmers in some pretty tough spots as a result of that kind of transfer rights mean there's also the possibility that someone could release a some sort of a gene into the environment that turns out to be harmful 10-15 years down the road but the same could be said of breeding a plant you know normally or any sort of normally there's always the possibility with new with New Breed so that the real question is aside from patent infringement

any on the legal issues that are involved in their the question is how is genetically how are genetically modified products fundamentally different from the breeding it's been going on for hundreds of years in fact is a spouse by the same people as being great as it did that hate the GMO write the same people love the fact that we have thousands of both of ours have been bred over hundreds of years are being preserved generation after Generation X considered an absolute goodbye almost every one of the field everyone including the people who were doing GMOs because it gives them a base of Gene plasma to work from it and to end to add what you know two things with but most of my criticism of it you just come to the fact the GMO stuff is usually shooting at stuff that I don't care about if the other problem is is that it can add to Mana culture problems if they come up with something that basically fireblight out their lips and they come up with a product that is resistant to fire blight and it becomes the only product out there well then when the next disease comes he'll get wiped out right so there's there's all of these kind of arguments and how it can be bad but I don't know

fundamental reason why there why they're bad that make sense for your time cuz I want to find something that you know maybe that at least to say the jury is not out yet but as to whether or not a lifetime of GMO consumption is bad and you know but right now you know other than that it's true you know it's to say like if we don't own our seeds then you know is that bad but it relates to the patent infringement time I mean would you go so far as to say the jury is not out time to whether or not it's healthy or not I'm always willing to be proved wrong on anything I'll say that I haven't heard any argument that that shows that it stays detrimental to us from a health standpoint and you know what you don't know then you can't have plenty of things like that in the world where we weighed the risks and and we do it you know

sure I'm willing to be a Milling be proven wrong but I think it's like everything else in this field the GMO is a tulle tutu and it's and it's been used incorrectly by a lot of people to do a lot of awful stuff you know and I think that what we need to do is not focus our energy on the tool don't don't look at the at the Hammer as big as the bad thing look at their Carpenter swing the Hammer as the bad thing you know it's so it's like look at the way these tools are used and get angry about that and not about the tool itself I agree argue with the expert and Patrick and mustache and I are going to be working very soon if anyone out there listening we're going to be doing a search very soon for an administrative fundraiser for the Museum of food and drink right Patrick and and then in about waiting to stash is six months time six months time we're going to be doing a fundraiser much like the one we did here in New York at Del posto server

weeks ago we're going to be doing one in the Bay Area my right we have the location Hammer Down Patrick would like to do at them and you know we've expressed interest from Chez Panisse although they're dealing with their 40th anniversary so I want to participate so it's going to be a slow for those of you lunatics who missed out you weren't thinking about this if we had just told people on the air that you know you're going to have like one of the greatest meals ever it cost $250 and it and it didn't have anything to do with fundraising itching it would have been sold sold out right it's like it's like we don't even basically you need to tell him it's going for a good cause because the meals is that good in my right Patrick there are was really one of her car and I mean everyone was saying that no one has ever had to me like that especially with all that Talent right so we do it on the West Coast you fools better not miss it, right you're right I'm going to go to 718-497-2128

72128 cooking issues

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welcome back to cooking issues calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so Richard wrote in a comment on an ongoing discussion on the Aeropress coffee maker here and it's got to be the most embarrassing thing for me in the world that it's like a $30 item that the we've discussed multiple times on this dang show and we've had multiple questions about it it's so easy to get I can literally go on Amazon when would show up at my doorstep tomorrow morning and I can know from first-hand experience a dang thing is working and instead through laziness and inertia we have not done it so let's make a pact that today if it will even offered a given one by some of our listeners and we're just too lazy and stupid to take him up on it so when the show's over one of the first things I do before I order a delicious pizza from Roberta's and salad before but we always get us our post-show amelior Amazon and Amazon Prime order us

Aeropress coffee yes Richard my coffee needs any switch from the French press and the comments that we had on the show about the about the air Presto's filter flat taste in his Sperrys accurate a couple of months ago you had some guests for breakfast and whipped out the 51 Oz up French press and they are pressing the difference of flavor profile was noticeable The French Press tasted brighter than the Aeropress with the same beans at one of our listeners also mention of eating the filter is to blame because the paper is basically absorbing the coffee oils right and absorbing some of the flavor and Richard uses the filter several times and I guess that's rated with flavors that doesn't suck anymore out but he thinks that's the reason that the taste is flat and So He suggests that all the listeners out there and we'll get one of these two maybe is the co avidus c o a v a metal adapter filter discs for the Aeropress coffee so go check that one out and check out the forms on coffee which it is and I think probably one of the best websites for

copy that there is a I used to go to it all the time so it could could you look at that brings us to coffee last week what what day was Anastasia Tuesday the coffee thing we did Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday night along with a couple of people they know who's been buried under a rock for the last few know for years or so latte art is where you draw pretty pictures in a in a latte and there's two different with milk and there's two different ways of doing it there would called freepor where are basically you just take a cup of espresso in it and you're pouring it up pour the milk into the milk has to be found in a very specific way FaceTime call the microphone that doesn't have any big bubbles in it right in the coffee has to be perfect with a nice Crema and you do what's called a free pour where you pour and you can make swans and in Rosetta's and two lips and hearts and all this and you know we judge out of various criteria like

how did the contrast was between the darks and lights House of metric they were how much of a cup is being used these guys are pretty good they can save me like I can't do it I can't do it but what's really interesting is is I was talking and one of the judges is was the three-time Brazil all-time Champion Barista at her name is 1 out of my head but I'll look it up and she was she was telling me we're talking about coffee and I haven't really been involved with hardcore Coffee espresso research in a long time and one of the things that happened in the past 4 years is closed you don't drink espresso start drinking espresso but you know what used to be a shot of espresso was a little under an ounce per shot right and so if you're going to use like you would use like a 13 or 14 grams of coffee ground coffee to make like an ounce and a half an ounce in 3/4 double right that used to be kind of standard now people of update it's like crap and now it's gone up to like 6

grams of coffee and they're pulling like an ounce out of it or less and so that's no respeto that was photos of gotten over the past couple of years like you just get these tiny like little west of coffee on the bottom of your cup and they're delicious right they can be delicious but I'm just interested if any of our listeners they want to chime in what they think about this creep towards hyper ristrettos and what that dude is definitely making his plow through a whole boatload of coffee and start playing with it home and I kind of I kind of like this like like super straight up there I'm trying to find a good man musing okay Roy from Chicago and I'm supposed to talk about this at the top of the program Roy from Chicago Road and what happened to the blog are you still doing post a couple of things that happened to the blonde Roy

once we were hacked about a week ago and our site periodically keeps going down because of the hacking so I know and I apologize to our all our listeners out there that sometimes it's difficult to get into the site and we're looking at it we're trying to hire a contract killer to go find out who it was a mess with our blog and execute a minute in a slow and painful fashion second thing is is that is that there has been let's just say a dearth of post recently I am working to remedy that I have a post up right now that is still in draft phase about how about the museum and I have at least 5 6 7 Post in the wings waiting to be posted part of the reason that we have been posting and these are just lame excuses because we're working we were working before very hard on the museum fundraiser

and into the past two weeks we've been working very very hard on on trying to figure out our new company and how we're actually going to make a living and not you know leave our are homeless become homeless like that's kind of the main thing right now so yes we will be we will be wrapping up as I said before I will be contractually obliged to do for a month we are going to stick to that starting next week I'm making my pledge I'm also going to try to start doing a lot of shorter post I've kind of been slammed into these like to 3000-4000 word post and makes it very hard especially cuz I like trying to get them is accurate as possible and so it's a difficult these are just all stupid excuses so Roy my apologies to you and we will be up and running hopefully hacker free and also more regular in the near future the Sacha comments

alright long time listener and actually person who went to our a fundraiser Colin Road in and he says Dear flavor Dave a flavor like that Davis late I always have to read his things relatively word for word so you get a feeling for his question although sometimes I have to exercise curses from the golden orbs of goodness I want to end up with sheets of duck egg yolk pick me handled and drape over goose breast for chicken eggs I saw Alex and Ani that. Snacky of ideas in food friends of ours recommend 63.8 degrees Celsius in my chart says more like 66c I haven't tried either with chicken eggs by touching with duck eggs and found at 63.8 didn't seem fair enough I took them to 65 instead of 66 to do is preset into his old analog circulator that Yoko still a bit gooey I thought but don't have any examples to compare to other than the photos a duck egg yolks seems a bit failure to me which might explain why I didn't seem sperm freezing after rolling out the

did helped make it possible to cut and handle for about 10 seconds but the whole sheet quickly got soft and Goofy again strong enough to hold its shape and raped but still sauce your consistency is expected here are my question that wasn't the question I was pretty I seen a Script Hall in an egg yolks remover she trolling with egg yolks cooked the same consistency as separated with Rob put in a ziplock and circulated to the desired temperature this is what I did since I had other plans for the whites that I throw off the PS4 have I don't know I've never had a satisfactory answer for this, but I'll tell you this egg yolks cooked separately from egg whites do not have the same texture as ones that are cooked in the whole egg and then the whites used with some of the profits that removed after cooking I don't know why this is Wylie Dufresne asked me this I don't know maybe five years ago and I didn't know why then four years ago maybe I don't know why now I've asked Harold we don't know why but when I'm doing a lot of these things I will cook the we will cook the yolks in the egg and then remove them and use the whites as like as a cook twice as me

there are dishes that I've done with egg yolks ride mix egg yolks of Transport ominous and salt and then put them into his hip and then and then cook them to create a sauce but I've never done it for Sheets you can if you want to go to separate you can from them up a bit by adding transmute amylase activity little firm it up if he's special we cook it to that higher temperatures but if you add salt that's going to make them hold less so you don't not going to want to add salt before you cook them you can add salt after you cook them because it does make him look will make him look like icing and you had the salt okay second question is it and see if they're broken mix together first I've tried a holding them whole vs. split them I haven't seen that much of a difference but I think it might make a difference so if you're going to try and do it in the bag out hold them whole three what procedure do you use when you make your sheets what I do is I cook them to about 66 degrees or thereabouts for an hour children break out the yolks smash EOS together roll them

20 sheets of plastic wrap and then and then and then come to my house and a q 63.8 is too low that's going to be just barely set and not really good for shooting unless you kind of freeze it out first and fourthly last wish on the eggs what a difference between duck egg yolk and chicken egg yolk and how may this be affecting the texture I'm saying I don't know they are slightly different we've been keep cooking in the same temperature at the school but I haven't done enough textures test with duck egg yolk to know for certain I say with Quail I do know that the proteins are slightly different which is why it's easier to make transparent eggs with lie with duck eggs in with chicken but come back to us when you get this marks. To see whether you agree call her I'm going to call her and call her you are on the air

by the time this is Brian how are you guys how you doing but I'm interested in doing some hacks at home or in my oven or in Indore someone to do a DIY smoker setup basically you want like as far as as inexpensive as is humanly possible right right okay

hot smoking is relatively easy so with that you can probably modify the Weber just by putting like a hot plate that you get at you know the CVS or the Rite Aid whatever cheapest like find one on the street whatever modify a hot plate to use as your heat generator and you can generate smoke that way in and it probably work in a Weber you know they used to sell sure they still do basically just cylinders which were Reno modified drums like 30 gallon drums and they and they had a little just a crappy electric heating element in the bottom of them that you could have just the temperature of so that your feet wouldn't go either too low or too high so the chips and put them in not in aluminum foil or something to put it on it on the heating element and go right and so then near the next level on that is if you wanted temperature control that in the hot smokes right then you could do stuff like

add a PID controller that instead of adjusting the smoking temperature with a dress probably the draft events right and like turn on a fan and extract smoke out to adjust the temperature something like that right that is relatively cheap and easy now the question is do you want to do legitimate cold smoke but you have to do is separate the smoke generator from the from the actual cabinet where you're where you're smoking so typically what people will do is build a box fireproof preferably that you can use almost anything and put the days long as not going no and then put the the heat generator in the Smoke generator rather than that and then just take pipe like cheap cheap you know galvanized duct pipe that you could get at you know Home Depot or any one of these places and then connect the duct pipe from the smoke generator to whatever you're going to smoke in and again that what you're going to smoke in can be anything that is kind of food grade it's going to take the Heat

people use refrigerators people use whatever you know what as long as it contains the as long as it contains the the smoke then then basically if the smokes not cold enough either extend the length of the pipe or I know some people have like put water over the piper packed ice around to try and get the temperature down so now you can get a really nice cold cold smoke but then if you want to actually then increase the heat in the smoking cabinet you have to put in a separate element to provide heat to the cabinet that make sense

what you mean by discovered element could use a cold smoke then if you actually want to cook at the same time with the smoke yeah she have to keep the cabinet or you could just reduce the length of the pipe to the thing I guess to Jack the heat up or ventless it eventually will accumulate will accumulate this stuff there's a whole bunch of one since literally it since I was in high school with the last time I feel which isn't in a long long time ago I built one for my mom but it's been a long time since I built one just because I've been in the city this whole time and I don't even have a balcony which is pathetic you know on the cheap side for a smoker if you want to get buy one that's a hot smoker that works fairly well and I know Riley used it but it doesn't have anywhere near good temperature control is the Little Chief is the name of the smoker and it's basically a box with a heating element the bottom and that thing works great and I know people have customized that one because Little Chief and might be a big chief ID customize that one

to get to get lower temperature than toenails did some work with that and then I can say while he's been using that for a long time so that's a good entry-level If Ya by that one and you can start with hot smoking and it works great and is small and is like relatively friendly like sits out and plugs are is not huge it's like you know can fit on a table top and not like I said that's one that widely used for a long time and then we got one of the school in Mills used it and then and then you can start hacking with that to try and get the temperature down by adding adding different controls or venting it more for trying to remove the smoke generator from the cabinet meeting about this Japanese charcoal to binchotan charcoal and what's the what's the deal with that is it seems like it's kind of smokeless that last a long time

really cool is extremely expensive stuff you know I'm so that what they do is like a cook with it inside me like Japanese they're cooking inside with charcoal and have for a long time I guess they're not as culturally worried about the carbon monoxide poisoning as we are like if you look at any bag of charcoal and produced in the US it has warnings all over it never ever even think of lighting it indoors right all right and so those guys Adventure Time guys think they they cook inside all the time with it in fact it did it download the school couple years back they had a really awesome that they built a sand pit that the binchotan was cooked and they built a fire with the binchotan charcoal in the sand pit and then we're cooking over that

and I got to play with the charcoal with the Pentatonix and and look at it and indeed it does have very low smoke output this I could not discern the difference between binchotan and high-quality american-produced hardwood charcoal right so if you go and you look at the bag of charcoal that you bought and it looks like chunks of wood that are black right you were going to be able to get the same results this is my opinion talking here this is not that I've done a side-by-side but I having little whole bunch of Good Ole Fashioned like hardwood charcoal like it does to my mind the same kind of job at the binchotan does it's just not nearly as expensive right the one that's not going to work the same way as the Adventure Time of the compressed briquettes right those are going to have been treated with something right so they operate

play differently than these ones that look like chunks of wood now that the other reason why the Japanese system is theoretically smokeless right is because the way that they cook in it is so stick their food on the end of a skewer in bed to skewer in the sand not over the binchotan but next to the bench at on right so that they think the heat from the from the Bandit on charcoal is radiating out and cooking it so that the fat from the meat is not dripping onto the debenture time as soon as fat and liquid start dripping onto the charcoal I don't care what you're using your going to get smoke right rentbureau did the good news for flare ups and I said this forever and Nathan myhrvold and Chris Young have basically now or else. They say it in their books I feel like Vindicated is that that's what the flavor comes from is a flare ups you know what I mean like that like at least part of the flavor that I really like comes from this combustion happens during the flare ups and so if you don't have things dripping on the charcoal

I might get some swords smoking this and if you did that would kind of negate any sort of theory they have is absolutely smoke was because you got some sort of Flavor of the fact that you've combusted something right but but in fact I like a little bit less that smoking and combustion and all that stuff because I think that's where a lot of the good flavor comes from but if you want to experiment with interest and I think you could build a like a sand thing and use high quality American hardwood charcoal it's not maybe as long as the bench of time because they're very careful about the shape in the way it looks because a lot of that is pathetic and nature right I mean a lot of the Pentatonix to do with Aesthetics write the Japanese like that the people who are Advocates Adventure Time have done a lot of experiments with the American product I think they just see the charcoal briquettes say you know Americans Don't Know Jack diddly about charcoal and therefore it like this one has to be the best not saying hey here's an American Pie

microphone the same way that's just not usually how those demonstrations in discussions happen to know what I mean because this is actually smokeless it doesn't seem to really it's not quite the same time the barbecue is what you're saying. Just say yes that's the case but you know from for me I think that if you're not generating a lot of smoke and probably not getting a lot of extra flavor except for the fact that the way that he is being delivered as different right so assuming you can get a lot higher heat radiation out of coal and you can out of your Broiler especially your average Broiler then yes maybe it's going to give a better product but insofar as it's smokeless I don't think you're getting an extra added flavor you know

great thanks that's really helpful thank you one last question from Colin does it do we have any suggestions for how to prepare wild Canada Goose she wants to jug in the form of jug Heritage jugging it is a technique where you cook meat usually in a in a container with that you know if a scab raises in a closed container and Drug hair and save it to things like that and I said make a specific meaning blood sauce with hair as a classic thing do we have any suggestions he tested his liver and 60° Celsius for 45 minutes and he didn't like it and he tried 7 hours and 58 degrees and was also to top a couple things on this I've never cooked Canadian geese so it's hard for me to say exactly how to cook it I will say there's anything that kills those vicious bastard the Canadian geese are is a good thing to eegee's are the most vicious evil creatures if you ever had them like land in your area and attack you as you're walking towards a pond or lake you know how

evil AR plus they poop all over everything so I encourage the legal bagging and cooking of Canada geese so we have to come up with a recipe Canadian geese that we have to come up with the recipe I like that you like them they're so pretty here from the West Coast right now and that's why that's why I was attacked by one of the kids evil vicious vicious creatures as opposed to Ducks which are nice and yet we eat them all the time are evil people say I was Jack by the way our Intrepid Intrepid engineer so you're going to have breast meat doesn't have a lot of connective tissues are cooking it for a long time isn't going to tenderize it very much in my in my is my opinion I haven't tried it I would try doing around sixty-three depends how dark the meeting I would try doing anywhere between 57 and 63 for 45 minutes sounds about right 58 is going to be too low I'm assuming it's going to cook more like a chicken you going to want to jack it up I don't think

he tried it for 7 hours and 58 I don't think that's going to work I'm going to I'm going to have to call and get back to you on this one and I do some more research on Old tough game needs I think it's an incredibly important thing for all of us to not to pay attention to because I'm trying to encourage every hunter in the world to buy a circulator to cook their game he's right every if you are a hunter and you are listening to this and you did not on the circulator you are doing your meet a disservice so we got to figure out how to cook this Colin and so so give us a call give us a right and let's figure this out together this is Babe cooking issues are coming back next week on Tuesday

Trish's fish fry

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