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Episode 359: Your Funk Motor Does Not Break

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as usual with Nastasia the hammer Lopez and we got that back in the booth how you guys doing we having fun I was having fun I was eating everything I could find in Charleston shrimp and shad roe that you never have died right before where'd you grow up outside of massachusetts-boston okay well you know they have that up there like I don't want anyone on Earth to think they'd shadrow is it might be a Charleston thing but just so everyone knows that is also part of the entire East Coast Heritage from the bottom to the top I mean they can claim whatever their version of it was it was it wasn't parsley butter bacon or what I don't know it was like sliced and fried it had the consistency of liver it was in

boiled eggs it was very strange usually when you know the old way this is the old way as they say in Indiana Jones

make sure that the shad roe stays hole that is why I guess you don't do what restaurants could it be so expensive right and then you cook bacon and then with butter you just hit it justice to set set it all the way through parsley butter bacon done you eat it like you know the whole shadrow is is like a shape that has. See it's like a smile it's like a smile it's like an emoji smile and it's about you I don't know like 6 inches long

they are delicious but I sent it before on the program I hope I don't miss it this year I missed it last year Chad which is you know a fish that comes back in and comes back in in the springtime to you know what to do it's kind of reproductive business and on the way in it doesn't eat right and yet for some reason it will hit Allure right but it doesn't like an and I don't think anyone knows why the shattered is pissed off I guess I don't know why they cuz they're not eating why they would hit a lower but they're relatively easy to catch as they run back in the streams and when they run back into the street I think depends on the local temperature so the Shad runs our earlier down south and they are at North

and there's a there's a nice good Shad run that goes near you know where it where I go up on the on the Connecticut River Shad meet Chad meet which it used to be you wouldn't even ever get the shed meet you would just get the shedrow Chad meet I think is incredibly it's incredibly delicious I think I love it it's one of those kind of like it on the oily side but mild tasting so you can Grill it and it doesn't get all dry and just got they can hate when you get a dried a grilled fish and of itself by itself I love stripers but some people like like a kind of an overcooked striper but it gets because striper so medium chunky kind of gets weird I think when you overcook it I don't like do you like that know where is like some Willie fish like Bluefish can take a pounding on a grill and still be good as long as you put on the mayonnaise don't work don't forget the oil gets out the oil remember that man is never listen she never listen to No ever but I think Chad is incredibly delicious but also

extremely difficult to Bone because they have an extra set of Y bones to go out so there's very few people you can go on the Google on YouTube and you can see people who show the magic way of filleting a shed cuz a a filleted Shad is great I'm not a fan of that there's another way some people do it where they just packed the crap out of the bones the way that they do in Japan on those Pike eel things that garbage there is a way to like the amazing thing about a willful Aid shed is that when the Shadows is laying flat it looks like a filet and then when you pick it up it kind of like spreads open like like a jigsaw puzzle and you can see all of the slices that were made into it without cutting through the skin to get the bones out and they are site that there is site to have to go find it if you live anywhere near the East Coast go find yourself some fresh Shad that has been properly bone cook that sucker up on a grill tummy don't love it

Spanish everyone wants you to talk about what you did last night everybody meaning you but so what else do they been calling all morning saying ask Dave about we did last night

man you know it would I lie to you. Yes I got a bunch of messages from people saying please talk about what happened on the radio show. Oh my God a ton of barbecue I had had a rib that was Heavenly and I don't normally eat meat so that was interesting because you don't normally eat meat you're like damn I eat more meat is really good. I hear it on the air and had to eat raw vegan for a week the first piece of meat I head out to death

no because we were sitting there and having like a pile of all the meats and there was really the only one where I was like yeah okay is worth it so nastassia Lopez are you might be familiar with her as the Hammer by the way, your question to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 she I don't know how I don't know how this happens but she is on the somehow on the gala committee for the food and finance High School I don't even know how she's connected to the food and finance High School to be honest and so she's like hey Dave we're doing a cocktail I said okay so we make a cocktail then tell him what happens if that's when we show up we take the subway with a cocktail first of all for those of you that do events in New York City you'll know what I'm talking about Advanced the loading for an event is always

and I mean always during rush hour and so it in there always in locations where people want to go it's always like where is the event of course it's in the financial district or of course it didn't miss the train what's it called nightmare places to get in and out of on like normal things so you can't like the Uber first of all not only is it like surge pricing remember in New York City on like LA or a bunch of other places like Uber's are very expensive here compared to other places in the in the country that I've experienced because I guess cuz they can get it and be in order to drive an Uber here you still need to have what's called a TLC a livery license I mean I want you send it so it's not just like people who like you know what maybe I'll do this for a couple of hours to take people who are you know Liberty drivers the cost more here and so and then they serve price like a mother in

York City and you just going to be in that car for like 45 minutes stuck in traffic trying to go like not even that many blocks so I'm like still with Anastasia then we're going to go on the subway and she's like I don't want to go on the subway I don't like what the hell you talkin about I'm carrying all the crap anyway I've got a case of freaking tequila on my back I got a case of tequila in a bag around my arm plus all of the mixers and everything like that so I'm going up and down the stairs nastassia accidentally guides us to her doctor's office instead of to the event

I lost my mind as you can imagine to or lugging this stuff around and it is at the mess that thing is redesigned a cocktail so we didn't even need to take delivery of the tequila because we had made like an old-fashioned and all the work of is a cordial you know that spins all clarify that cordial you know the concept was it was flavors of a margarita in an old fashioned format so it's like they assured us they would be cold draft ice and that you know we would show up and we would do it tonight I'm loving all this crap which I didn't need to love because the the liquor could have gotten delivered directly to the to the event if they would take it to her doctor's office the doctor didn't want the stuff so that we had to walk over to where the event was I'm dying my back is breaking off my arms are like you know killing me

and we show up and what and they're like what are you guys doing here

and then by the way I love all these people I know I know all the people liking and it feel like we print it is sign and they're like if they finally found out that we were supposed to be there in a printer to sign with the recipe I was like it was on a table tent you know where those plastic table tents and I was like Christmas and I never spend any time getting our table all fantasy porch light by the way make Bennett super fancy table you know why cuz they're not smart. Carol just dumb anyway to like you know if you do Advanced just if you don't have the time if you were like you know nastase and like myself and you know everything's done at the last second get someone else to just bring some party favors for the table to make it look nice to me like three times every time they did it fell over on my know you can and then they're fine like oh yeah yeah

he said I was like they're like the bartender at all three bars have your drinks in the ready to Port I was like what was that stuff I carried on my back the whole way here why am I breathing why do I exist why do I keep sucking air in you know what I mean and then they determine they don't have it yet so then we had to go instead of making it right we had to go in the back and Patch it which it which is normal so like okay okay fine so I'm not going to get the pour it says you're not going to get to Port they're going to pour it turns out they were fine they did a good job but in general just asking are like why do we you know what's the point of showing up if we're not personally talking to people and pointing stuff so

data short us this is how it happened in life you have to be prepared Dave sure to sit there would be cold draft ice if someone tells you they're cold wrap ties in any event assume it will not happen right and so I was like I'd already been like okay I'm not going to insist on like a big cube is not going to do it we built it to drink to work with cold wrap and then in the guy poor guy the port bar manager he felt real bad about it he was like

we only have the hotel ice and I'm going to ride with pride I don't know I was like what the hell is honestly like once you realize that you know that it's going to be the way it is you just like okay no choice no problems

Questlove came and spun some music which is nice check out my Instagram actually put on your Instagram more followers give me a phone no no no images of me videos of I don't know how it was the LIE we actually think we use the one with quinine in it the lime cordial the acid corrected lime cordial that we use at the existing conditions it was 3/8 of that into an a-hole tequila with orange bitters and salt in the idea is that you know it flavors of Margarita in the in the in the style of an Old Fashioned

it was okay and for those who use it ever going to do bar events please don't be don't be like I was but you know it's for the first

oh I don't know 10 years if people ask us to do drinks out of ants right all the way back to the French Culinary Institute so at least 10 year for the first 10 years is like we're going to do something we're going to do something like they've never seen before we're going to we're going to carbonate like we're going to we're going to do shake and drinks we're going to do tonight remodeling we're going to we're going to you stupid I was like you know ya real real dumb so you do all this stuff right and then something always goes wrong it's never perfect anyway and and and it's just that you complete heartbreak and if someone always comes up was like do you have just a straight boobs and you're like

it's like you really want it like whatever anyway so you know recently I've realized you got a bulletproof stuff for vampires what we did was Lie to make up okay pump and dump pump and dump whatever the future remember the older you get the shorter your future is

wow and on that note we have a collar around here

hey Dave this is Devin calling again had a quick question for you can I get your thoughts on the different types of salts that the Enthusiast home-cooked should keep around tell him I like the form factors or like weird weird salts mixture of both cuz I got like the regular a diamond crystal kosher salt I had my turn salts was I just some meat curing but beyond that I really don't have anything in particular and it seems like they're just so many options available right now what are you aware of the internet hoaxes where they said Diamond crystals going to be discontinued I'm aware of that I looked into the Himalayan pink salt and Himalayan it sounds kind of romantic but it sounds like where it actually comes from really isn't so so I was just looking for some clarity on kind of stuff so my opinion which is you know as you probably know you know I'm kind of a

kind of a curmudgeon and so let you know that people should use salt if like specific salt if it makes him feel good you know what to do it but most of the time any of the strange salt unless you are going to experience the texture of it you know I don't see that much of a of a taste difference in till you're getting into situations where there's a large proportion of the of the other minerals present there's not going to be too in my opinion is not going to be too much of a taste difference so I choose my salt almost exclusively on its texture not hyper engineered salts right I don't even know if they're selling it I don't think they don't sell it to you know people like us but industrially they make these Halo salts and those house altering thing because they have the salt impact of large salt crystals but contain less salt because

your tongue registers your tongue registers that it has like this plan a big big salt thing it doesn't dissolve in right away so it provides that so if you're interested in lower your sodium that's interesting I'm not interested in lowering my sodium though so if I want the impact of salt I will add salt now diamond crystal what you have is of course all Cooks Choice when it comes to kosher because it doses well much better than than Morton's I think the average person doesn't cook doesn't understand that Morton's kosher spout like hard to Dos Morton's kosher salt is compared to Diamond and how much denser Morton's is Vision so this is why when people hate someone dressed being safe too salty they let you know they probably use the wrong salt and furthermore this is why I sought typically used to buy wait unless you're dozing and why most Cooks specifically right Diamond kosher now for many years you know someone gave me some fun salt I would use it and it's for sure true that you know certain things like shovels

he's drunk. It's gonna give it to you well I don't think I have any do you have a lot of truffle salt does it give you the actually Rome of truffles sea salts don't provide a like I say I mean if a truffle salt mean that it's got a lot of a Roman it's going to probably provide a Roma but I think Malden is worth a text Rohit that you get on it right if you cook with mold in either you're made of money or freak show her you ran out of regular salt because there's no point cooking with it the Fleur de SEL I enjoy Florida sell I enjoy having you have good pretzel salt around if you make pretzels or do big things cuz it stinks very nicely to things so you know I wouldn't use something like kosher salt for for pretzels so I would have pretzel salt I would have mauled in if you like Fleur de SEL I would have Fleur de SEL I would have Diamond kosher and then the rest of it like unless you can see it so like if you're let's say you're doing a bread service right

and you're going to put bread out along with you know depending on what kind of person you are oil or butter both and then you want to put out a dish of salt with by the way I think it's a good idea even if the butter is salted if definitely use unsalted butter put out a dish assault there you know some of the some of the interesting salts or are nice because they're visually appealing right and so you're getting a visually appealing thing to go with you or to go with your stuff and I think that's kind of worth it but even in sprinkling most of times you can't see the color of the salt pain unless you putting it over something it's snow white I've had some smoke salts that actually come through and use and you know they're interesting but most smoked salt I don't think our salt Smokey enough to really add to punch that I want versus other ways of getting smoke into things so I'm a I'm a pretty simple guy when it comes to Salt now when you're start talking about adding other salts right especially

things like liquid they do indeed change the flavor but that you know that the way that they do is you know very complicated and I've never I've never friends it's been like you know what I'm going to sprinkle over this meet some magnesium chloride it just never come up I've done it in waters but I've never used it for cooking I've used Saratoga Water they do not the stuff that you can buy in a blue bottle but you know that the stuff that we get out of the ground has a lot of crazy minerals in it and I've never used it for cooking but I could try I could try although then I have to go get a lot more of it

and I feel like I've been very helpful.

My name is Brandon Hawaii has a super duper awesome plates

the furnace is a very very very very proud sponsor of the Heritage Radio Network we're also super awesome thank you Heritage of listener his name is his Instagram name is Macklin sitting as far away from the microphone if she can get and still be in the room all right so who is this who is it from and it's not like this is the first time she's ever been on this program people how many years have you been doing this Nastasia

a million million years yeah yeah well

Nastassja Anastasia was going there's pretty stupid I mean what I did was stupid crazy nastassia pours concentrated lye based detergent and I like a paint spill it would help with a pink cleaning fluid and so I was like why would you think that would be good for that I just was frantic I don't know anyway on the sidewalk people and you don't even own a sidewalk yeah but you're pouring hot but whatever so she pours it on her and then she's like you know what something's burning rinser foot didn't winter foot

comes back to me a day later I look up on the internet for like what to do about caustic you know caustic chemical burns from cost at things and if you know there is not one Google head that you can find right that says what to do after you've left said caustic thing on your person for 24 hours because no one has done this before so here's what happened I was in the desert and I spilled some of my car broke down and I spilled something and I don't this detergent on me realize it was cost and then because I was in the desert of my car was broken down there was no water to rinse it off for 24 hours that's the only scenario

besides I already took my shower today so I guess I got off now I'll wait till tomorrow or when it's off

no Google hits on this

oh well that was pure lye first but I think back in just a few so like please don't use your concentrated detergent so you got to remember a lot of us in restaurants are using wood called low temperature low temperature for dishwasher right because they're more energy efficient and you know you don't have to have huge power booster for a commercial dishwasher to run at high temperature you need a date and intensely large supply of super hot water which takes very large kind of either boilers or elect electric Heating units to get to boost the temperature up to where you need to be for that right so there to take a lot of power a lot right and so most people least I know in New York that use chemical right so you can use one of a number you can use Ecolab you can use Auto Chlor you can whatever you do ecological use but the problem is is that Dunkin Donuts detergents right because they still need to break stuff down on a commercial level they typically use sings that

break down fats and proteins which hey bass does that you know not like the Bootsy Collins bass like bass like lie like alkaline base and so does concentrated things that come in the bottle you're really not supposed to crank those suckers open and dump them on you if you look there's a little peristaltic pump on your commercial dishwasher and when you put the detergent in your whole freaking load how long does it run to start a goes like a meanie weenie and that's it out of that little tube we weep and the stuff opens up a gallon how long is a gallon last you on top 10 running in a commercial environment and don't sit on your leg don't mess around with those detergent people seriously

seriously is quantities of water anyways so I had like going back to pretzels in the soon as you put in your mouth so first of all as I said before

label everything in your kitchen I'll say this again label everything in your kitchen especially given poisonous label everything in the kitchen and when I opened it I don't know what it is when I opened it I knew they was like something wrong because lie looks evil what do I mean looks evil like when we opened it it moves it moves like it like for some reason like it build up static on like salt like salt doesn't ever build up static right it was it was almost jumping out of the damp or container to try to get me so how could we were cleaning everything up I didn't think about it I was like but I don't know if I lick my finger stick it stick it on the thing which also you should do and directly on my tongue and instantly was like he acts like it just like complete overload go take care of my kids don't call jenya

I just start throwing water in my mouth like not swallowing everything is like basically my face under like rinsing it off you saw the whole it was a nice thought maybe even if maybe they kept that shot maybe they didn't know what it was and they kept that shot their like you know like whoever High jacket and turn it to a porn site will keep that one all the stuff about fish killing not so much but

okay with this later so the guy's name is Eminem score a underscore the underscore a underscore underscore I underscore in Japan you just remove the underscores and read and who the hell Maclin okay thank you and I just finished our first space on Apple Cider they call it Pal Gasol name for the Spanish Laker Spanish what lake or Laker Lake remaining basketball player anyway we used at Fair Hills Farm seconds more batch is coming I am starting a collaborative Natural Foods brand as a platform for projects like this at lovely. Bunch more Sidis more ferment and snacks coming soon and he dropped us off at the bar NE 116th St

hey how you doing I'm well I was wondering if you had any suggestions for best practices in cooking venison steaks well this is a wild world or raised yeah wild and then I was getting they didn't give me any information about the cut just for probably inch and a quarter inch and a half thick steaks main issue with the most venison is that if you overcook it it can go drive it can go drive fairly quickly so I would low temp it either but you don't know you said you didn't know what card it was right then we didn't look anything like any beef cut you know of like what's the size of it is it have marbling in it is it from a larger penis that look more like it came from like a loner rib area

it looks like it might be back strap

so but it's got a good amount of meat in it and feel like it's got a sweet tooth got a large fat cap but it's got like it's got like a good eye of meat on it and how many pieces you have

but you don't know how old it was when something gets at least when the Cinestar C&R AR test is that older meat tends to cook different I would love to know we're going to go low temp I would go low temp on it right and then do is see her the question is what temperature right and so it mean I'm not really depends on kind of what the cut is in general when I'm doing steaks like that I'll do them somewhere between somewhere in the range of 54 to 55 Celsius and then pull them out and then and then serum off you just don't want to you don't want to overcook them

Matt see if anyone on the what's it called on the message thing does a lot of work with Dennis and he can give me some stuff but I do know when I usually do and I'm doing it at those at those kind of lower lower temperatures yeah even do what I'm doing

I would do that end in ER do you need to be for people can you cook one eat it and then cook the other three more people we prematurely invited some friends for dinner let him ride through for it in the absence of any knowledge I would do it like I would do a ribeye and Anna and I would do a ribeye by hitting 55 for about 45 minutes and then dropping the temperature to like 50 to you know let it ride for a you know another couple of hours of to make sure that if you can tenderize that you'll tenderize it a little bit in A lot's going to depend on how old it is but if you keep it at 55 it'll toughen up and get a little more

let the muscles that you'll tenderize the collagen aspect of it but you'll tend to toughen them up muscle fibers more and he can you look at it can you look at it and see whether you have a large boundary of like what it is is the is the green fiber is it back up if you are looking at a piece of meat and you can see large kind of grain boundary right around the different like bundles of muscle fibers right then you're dealing with something that's kind of more more collagen rich and in those kind of environments a good pre-salt letting it sit around will break up the that kind of the bundles that collagen it lies around the bundles and will in fact tenderize the collagen aspect of them even though the muscle fibers and cells will be tougher because they'll take on more to cure texture okay so people to our cooking meats that are more collagen e and u

Mark into the kind of tougher cut will find that they get what seemed to be a more tender result with copious pre salting then getting the salt off and then cooking as normal if it is a fine or Firebird meet rights of the ultimate find Firebird meat is filet right like the Filipino or or even like the next close to me like a ribeye fine or textured Meats like this that don't have a lot of kind of bundles of the cotton Hope College in bundles where they at the different muscle fibers group together these ones the effect of salting is unhelpful and makes the meat protector standpoint and makes them feel firmer and therefore overcooked so if you look at the meat kind of on a dryer at look at it on an angle and if you're seeing kind of large grain boundaries you know you know in between that look kind of like bundles almost like you know like you would see in a cook pot roast if you can see that in the kind of the raw cross-section then that piece of meat will probably benefit from some copious pre salting for

no on the order of hours you know even a little bit longer better to break up that collagen and to get make it a little bit easier on the cut and then you can still low temp it or cook as normal but if it looks like I very fine gray then odds are the salt thing is not going to help you especially since you know what it is and then I would just mean if you're going to serve it within a couple of hours salt it and then do the cooking procedure like I like I outlined just making any sense. Definitely said please start next episode of sicko mode so Dave can talk about it for 10 minutes LMAO can I talk about sickle mode for 10 minutes on the last show of dancing do it well I mean sicko mode is a great song

I mean obviously said that much to do that I mean listen let me tell you something first of all and second of all there's no one particular age at which your blood becomes broken

getting over it. Mean I don't mean like I mean like that I mean like for pooping but I mean in terms of like it's your fault motor does not break simply because you get older now you might not be able to keep it going as long I saw James Brown perform a year before he died or two years before he died all right Booker was on my back and it is true that James Brown was not the James Brown of old when I saw him he was old but he was not the James Brown of old but I swear to God he could be the real James Brown for like 5 minutes at a crack so I mean like you know it's not like it's not like you know what I was when I was a kid I go out on the Dance Floor 2 3 4 out the last time I was on a dance floor for a long time no the last time was at my reunions and you know of a friend of mine who's there who's the doctor was like you must leave and rehydrate

I know you were dancing and you got home and Jen thought it was raining outside so so can you wouldn't take your jacket off

cuz I don't even need people like why I'm like I don't know like why does anyone have you know you're making for chrissakes how much worse is a sweaty shirt without a jacket and usually it only at the end of the night that my jacket soaks through ya want your jacket so screwed and you can only went dancing last night our group was the only one dancing going to come spend some stuff and by the way now Questlove does obviously he does a good job with DJ oh my God what about the stiff arm on some people are trying to go up and try to selfie them sell him into them so they would walk out where he was spinning and he obviously has both his hands on the turntables and they try to like walk up in front of the DJ table and then like make it look like to keep their doing a selfie with them

yeah it was great why is he not like it because he's very focused on the music and the next song and the toilets that whole thing but not so focused he doesn't notice it some idiots trying to take a selfie with him he just doesn't like people interrupting Is It Anyway so I was interested he played some Jackson 5 in in in the kidney at the beginning that anyways I saw that documentary I'm not going to get into it that's a whole nother thing but he played a wide range of appreciate all the way up to you know Travis Scott from last year sicko mode which is a fantastic song and is not difficult to dance to not not at all difficult it's designed

make well he played the what I guess technically the second part of it and that's the easiest one of the three sections to dance to the interesting thing about that album in fact I think if you really want to get me started Travis Scott I think some of it a lot of his earlier stuff somewhat somewhat derivative of other people that you might know not to read it but like in the same vein as like future of these other kind of you know I don't know anything by Future. You like future what you're not familiar with Percocet Molly Percocet Percocet Molly Percocet online about the song is really what about f up some commas you know that sounds like some of the stuff is like whatever but this album right after work AstroWorld album that has no second L album hey hey hey


guess what else nuclear suck it up anyway so coupon

anyway the songs are kind of broken up into Microsoft on so it's almost like these like the Cycles within cycle. I think it's kind of

I never would have said that

also I texted back seats also coupon coupon

you want some this Matt I'm coming in glass

well it's hard to tell whether it's unfiltered because this glass is up filtered

it's got some funk on it so what did give me the give me the information on these apples

he's like it's got some oxidation but it's not oxidize right so it's almost got a little bit and nutty hit on the end but it's not over. Actually it's not too acidic which I enjoy having a lot of people make their stuff too acidic do you get any acetic acid off of it Nastasia how do you like acidic cider really I prefer my ciders to not be a sitting wait his grandfather was my high school principal his grandfather was your high school principal who is his grandfather I don't know hope you guys get to try it currently working on another coat for matte photos with apples and rhubarb are you available what are you excited person

I'm not excited person I do feel like I don't know I feel like a little more I would prefer a little more acidity because at the end it just kind of Falls and Ned Moshe you like a more acidity in your in your cider I haven't had a ton of spiders but I'm just tasting this drink and responding to the average cider

made for American pallets name is Ed Hart yes the average

the average cider made for American pallet I think is kind of overly acidic cuz people wanted to drink like tart apples right so like the label things like Granny Smith or they will do things that have a high acid content or they'll kind of sometimes even kind of worst jacket jacket with sugar and jacket with malic acid to make it seem more apley so it has more of an apple hit other people will choose apples that taste good to eat and then when they are fermented out they get overly kind of acidic and they won't include enough kind of tannic apples I don't know what Apple's they're using here but it tastes like it's got a good bit of town in like kind of structure in the back lights on Apple's I told you that's not that's not an Apple at the style in DC May 2nd seconds is a good way to make this so what is it with seconds show leftover what's apples that are too kind of blemish to use for kind of for sale so I weather like a lot of times you'll get something that kind of bites are Burrows into an apple and we'll get a defect there

I bet it doesn't actually harm the Apple in terms of its juice so you know they're useful for for things like you know for things like this have a lower market value so they can be used insiders without you knowing current kind of a large economic penalty but I like it and so I think it sounds like drinkable what 12 a party with a large clear plastic bag full of slowly falling me that my neck band Philly thawing meat her friend's husband is an accomplished Hunter and when they are in season he and his buddies bag Canada geese by the Dozen I prefer by the bush you see the beginning of Patton ever 16 goose breast if I didn't the Ziploc bags in my fridge I hope they are Ziploc real name brands in my fridge

any money they're getting super cop now anyways waiting to be cooked they are very dark red in color and have it tender texture when raw I haven't tasted one yet another 10 you mean they're squidgy anyway I haven't tasted when you have a nice smell great I've already put a couple in the circulator different temperatures and times 53 and 55 both for 2 hours but I wonder if you might have some advice for how to proceed to take me out what time temp to cook them out and how to figure out some flavor pairings to go well with him well similar similar to your dishes to build a meal around so I can share the wealth I mean in general I don't know any that much about Goose as opposed to duck right but here's what I do know about cooking duck so I would just if it was me I don't have a lot of experience I would just go for the same stuff that goes well we'll talk which is pretty much everything you don't people like fruit people look in general people think fall for this kind of crap so they're probably thinking kind of like Fruity Campo di Khan a crap we write anastacio on things like

I guess I don't care nothin to say I guess I don't really care here's what I would say I say all those temperatures are rather low I would look at the fat on the on the assuming there's fat on it right you didn't say but I'm assuming he's got the skin in the fat it has a scan of the fattest s kind of how much getting fat there is there I would cook them when I cook I'll tell you what I do duck at I do duck at 57 for no longer than 45 minutes and they issue to do is if you're going to crisp the skin which course I recommend is to when you put it into a bag that you before you put it in the on the water put a flat skin side down and press it down press it down so that that's going is flat so that once it's cooked and you put it into a pan you'll be able to get that skin flat Rights was not bent up so we actually can get good rendering and do it that but I would do 57 no more than 45 minutes otherwise you can start pulling on some Livery taste I think 53 and 55 55 for 2 hours

I don't know maybe it'll be okay at that point but I would really recommend something like 56 57 for 45 that's why I took it to do for duck and shy rights and I love tofu skin but not available where I live I tried making it home using the traditional method of simmering soy milk and pulling the form skin with moderate success but this is time-consuming and the end product is not uniform could you suggest a method by which one to make a decent amount of UV with less effort no making tofu skin is very rewarding Yuba tofu skin is very rewarding but it's always kind of a pain in the butt every time I've made it I just use the whitest thing that I can get in like kind of simmered it low and what you say about not uniform is something I think a lot of people don't realize and here's a strange thing it's been many years like on the order of six or seven years since I last made it fresh from scratch but the concept is as you make a rather thick soy milk some people put it in a pan over a pan so that they don't score

you want to heat it up to about 90 dressed me know at the simmer if you actually get bubbles in it the bubbles will be in your skin in your toes kid and what you don't want you let ask inform you wait until it actually attaches to the side of your pan you cut around that you lift it up on Chopsticks you dry it or not you get it right away it's fantastic it's incredibly time-consuming and what you talked about not uniform but I'm assuming is it that the very first skin that forms is incredibly different from the last that forms in the reason this happened is because as the tofu as that the Yuba sets right you're bleeding the milk from the ingredients that you're taking out of it tip at typically in a non-uniform rates are the composition of the you bet the beginning is very different from the one at the end the ones the end if memory serves it's been many years kind of Darker redder and taste different but it's interesting all the ways I would never try to make you but at home for a quantity I would do it just as I do it every once in awhile to taste

the magic that is a fresh homemade you because nothing else is quite the same people wrote some stuff on Twitter I'll have to answer on Twitter in a shorter format speaking of wild geese you know who you are if you listen stop by our bar left me a note which I I think I lost your contact info but apparently you have a lot of pheasants in your in your freezer I love pheasant although if you want to turn your Twitter and email nastassia if you want me to talk about the most unpleasant pheasant experience I've ever had in Italy what I've had too unpleasant pheasant plucking experiences but the worst was actually where I didn't pluck it where they had me try to recreate an old Roman recipe I was with Johnny iuzzini doing a pilot many years ago it was not time machine chef

what's time is it

while since you have something to say about it when I get you

hey why'd you do that

if someone calls you

and says do you want to do this pilot you know pretty much

I wish I could get I was just a judge I was your judge I did not come out of the fridge they can test it came out of the fridge the fridge was a time machine reference like Bill and Ted's phone booth

but fridge address in the. Clothing I did not have no I did not know I just dressed like a person I was a a I was the judge who knew about the history and the technology of that was my that was my deal but this is not that this was we were recreating old Roman stuff and they have you recreate this recipe where you kept the birds you kept the feathers on the bird took the skin off and then put the skin that like the raw skin with the feathers on it back over the bird after you cooked it but it was even grosser was as we went out and we shot these pheasants in in the in the it allowed in Italy where in Italy was shoppies pheasants and then they were sitting around for like an hour a day or two and then we went to date they needed me to to take the skin off and to eviscerate it outside right and it was in Italy for any was Benin like Italy outfit was in lots of outside Rome

like those tiny Vespa wasps those blows the yellow jackets that they have in Italy and they meet by the way and so like I'm sitting there trying to explain how to take the skin off of the Pheasant and keep the skin in one piece and talked and how to eviscerate it and I don't like I don't like wasps okay and they're constantly just like I'm being swarmed like a freaking beard a freaking Yellow Jacket while I'm trying to rip the stinking guts out of a pheasant on a wood stump out I don't know why the hell we're doing I said I'm sure the Romans had an inside the time machine is a chef

anyway that was that was the most unpleasant pheasant cooking experience I've ever had the kind of the most Bosch was I went and bought a pheasant with the feathers on in France from you know a gba who sells video that belie anyways I got this pheasant and I'm mutilated that skin trying to pluck that stuff and I got and then that's the one right I ripped up the person's floor because they didn't have any wood so I ripped up and took extra Oak out of their floor and burnt it and cook the Pheasant over the oak that tasted lose anyway all right

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