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Episode 358: Induction Cookers, Country Ham, Vita Prep and more

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and got totally different crew in the in the house today. Lopez may be calling in later she is in California discussing pasta with very fancy folks very fancy pasta folks and eating some low-quality white bread which we can talk about it later but in the stassi is place we have Robert Patrick

AKA Bobby Bobby Donuts how you doing I'm doing really well in the show Bobby is the beverage director of existing conditions bar you might be aware of that. I'm involved with on West 8th Street in Manhattan New York City and we do not have Matt in the boot today we have GG how you doing I'm good man are you doing all right now you've never done this before I should I wear for this is the first time we work together so we're going to have to go through some stuff here so what what is your give me some food information about you say I have some sort of feeling about who you are I like what I like to eat or like what I what I think about food sure okay I

I guess I like to eat home-cooked food more than a go out and eat I just recently started to cook over the last two to three years was not much into food before that but after interning at Heritage Radio Network and getting into the engineering side I really started to be fascinated by it so you're coming at it you came to this like strictly as on a sound when you say how many people live at where you live it's just me and my two roommates two roommates in so you could for them they cook for you oh no not at all I cook for myself really interesting level of thing do you cook for your I think the world but like to eat when you talk to people that cook right so I can I love to cook right and I hope people know that I love to cook but I never cook for myself when I'm when I'm eating just at all so I don't like dining alone so like I said I don't I don't mind

occasion for me to eat outside never that guy who's like getting blown out like so low in a in a data play put away not a sexual term I just means being treated well actually like verify this so I'm not the only guy saying it when maybe not as much at a bar but even at a bar but at a restaurant by the way for those of you that don't know Bobby isn't just just me just a bark I'm not insulting bar guys but light comes from a fine dining background was at next in Chicago for a long time correct only from Iowa City Iowa by the way I'll give the phone number to call in 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 for any bar / Chicago Cubs that's where he was working for many years / Iowa / cooking for yourself questions call Lynn when you show up at a restaurant specifically a fine dining restaurant solo you get VIP to instantly

I don't know why but it's just it's like it's the culture that if someone shows up alone you give them I guess because the assumption is is if they don't have someone to talk to that yeah you spend a lot of time with them but people like Jay Pasquale that has for reservations when they took like three fine dining restaurant sometimes as you can talk. You did really well I mean you tend to spend a lot of time with them he's going to tend to like talk to them a lot more I guessed another tables but I be not necessarily like it's all depend on the person some people are there in like they dine alone in there like super strategic kabali taking notes in like 1/2 be left alone you're like doing documentation play a some people like that you do that give that experience you now since there's no one else around when I'm alone when I'm alone I just eat as fast as humanly possible and new GTFO

loves you for that well-known story I wasn't not eating alone I almost got kicked out of a michelin-starred restaurant in Madrid for eating too fast before they could explain was going on because they were taking so long with their dang explanations of what the hell they were serving me bad back to her going so when I eat when I'm cooking for myself I either make something that my family does not like to eat right like I now my kids are kind of better with it but like I love poached eggs on toast so it for years that used to be if I was alone poached eggs on toast and then if I had a country ham in the fridge which PS is always I would like throw a couple slices of rock country ham on top of the post eggs toast done you know but yeah or like you no lunch break cuz I'm never cooking for myself I would have leftovers or whatever else I did to me it's it's it's interesting

that and I'm sorry but yet you like cooking for yourself it's a girlfriend of course she loves my girlfriend come over to eat at least once a week maybe twice oh yeah they have to be okay with it in any apartment situation there's one person who kind of rules the roost are you the ruler of the roost is this your apartment and other people climbing on or is he considering that I'm doing with the master bedroom I would think so he is in a situation where he would not feel comfortable going forwards your mouth Bobby bringing people over and doing a big to do because you don't feel like it's your place right there's just not enough space like it's just not an apartment conducive for entertaining even if it's not like you always say it like I feel like you know I mean invite some people not not for dinner by the way did we have a Ryan from California and he had a

watching about induction cooking for home cooking

you should be on right now what's going on

Hay Day how are you doing well so my question was I'm looking for a commercial induction cooktop but for home use my problem is I've ran into is but one I'm specifically looking in the stock get closer and anybody hundred twenty volt sense and I looked at the home models and all them have the touch screen but I'll let John and since I'm blind I can't really use that right so I'm I know you have the control freak which is great but that's a little out of my budget so I said I'd like to hear from Jason search know anything interesting

question I'm trying to think about all the units I've used so that the control freak has what the control freak has besides being out of your budget the control-freak Bobby you used to be so busy that don't know control freak is the collab between Preston from polyscience and Breville they came out with a an induction burner that was kind of meant for caterers in Pro people but still plugged into a 120 it is pricey right but one of the advantages it does have is that most inexpensive or home induction units have a

they're all kind of membrane switches right so you're not playing a kind of a tactile feedback and I have to say that well the well the the control-freak does have a big old knob on it for those of you that if you've ever used it the knob isn't what I call a hard knob it's a it's a rotary encoder so you know you can sit there and you know keep turning and turning and turning it so doesn't actually provide a down up reference that make sense you know what I mean like it's the only you obviously you could tell I am moving up I am moving down but you can't say for instance you can't be like I'm at half that you can't talk for me like a lot of times if I'm looking for tactile response I'll just Auto go all the way to off and then I know we're halfway is right or I can take or I can tell

why you know if I've use a piece of equipment for a long time I know the Orient I know the orientation of the of the whatever you call the polo you know that the the thing you hold onto you know that that that part of the na the actual thing that you're hungry I know the position of that relative to the you know to the input that I want to provide and a control freak won't do that it does have a it does have some audible some audible feedback right in terms of you know I am on or you know I have been turned off I believe it also provides audible feedback on what it went that you've hit the temperature can do about it because the other thing is that it is somewhat programmable and I would bet having spoken to the people at Breville right that it could be made with

small amounts of intervention it might be a project they want to take on I don't know I mean I haven't spoken to them in a long time but I know a lot of people who do a lot of work with them and like like for instance like you could make it such that it provided as there's no way to change it from a rotary encoder to a hard knob but like maybe it could provide a different a different tone for what temperature or you know whatever power it has turned to right now now to go back to all the other non expensive induction units that I've ever used the only induction units I've ever use that have a hard knob on them are cooked X and the cook check units made in Chicago by the way one of the only ones in value the problem with the control freak is yes it's expensive but like sounds Garland says well who have the knobs is one by made by Max burden but there is also another membrane controls

how much did the garlic makes a 120

yeah it does they have a induction cooktop that stuff portable it's 120 Carson to 20280 my goes up to 1800 block that's actually a lot of power like so for those if you haven't used them a lot before you know it. 1800 watts at they're probably lying is probably closer to that is much more powerful than the average person's gas burner you know what I mean not more powerful than mine but enough for most for most things so what were they charge for that though

if I 765 kind of expensive are very Robo the cooktek side views are like heavy duty but I've never used a 120 cooktek and they are very expensive they are like more than the control-freak they are but the last a really long time and they never really good policy on returns and repair guy who owns them now they're all their own by one of the large conglomerates now I can't remember which one but for if it's something does cost six hundred bucks Garland's willing to stand behind it are you know I'd say that sounds like a good deal for something with a hard knob because the only hard knob induction unit I've ever used cost

tours and at least you know what I'm saying and use a portable in this immediate portable but it's not portable in the sense that you need a 220 outlet for it I will say this in general Garland's gone through a bunch of Cycles like Garland was once a an extremely well love brand then Garland went into the hole for a number of years for for a long. Of time people stop using Garland Garland then. I believe either bought or of the brain got renovated and then Garland's quality started kind of going up Garland but as I said Garland's part of a much larger group so just because I had the Garland name on it doesn't mean that it's being built by them they're probably having someone else in their group cuz you know I don't know that they specifically like Engineers who actually go to like a building with the word Garland on it everyday like have that kind of thing Sporty's they're probably there probably Outsourcing it by the way

not research that she's just like you know off the top of my head so a lot of times when you have units to different teams will be entirely different in terms of Bill quality if they're willing to put the Garland name on it my hope would be that since the last time I checked Garland was on an upswing in terms of its kind of quality that they would only put their name on something that they're proud of and that they would stand behind it which sounds good it's a little suspicious that anyone would sell a commercial burner for only $600 you know what I mean because in general anytime you you put the word commercial on it if the assumption is that I'm going to beat the ever-loving snot out of it and that they're going to have to fix it because I am going to use it for instance this pencils I'm having now or like I'm getting feedback from people that get into later if anyone cares about the kind of different kinds of abuse that they're going through that we now have to figure out how to tell people how to fix and I can go to that and you know it like some

I'd say give it a shot what do you think Bobby I'm here if you need the hard knob I would say you don't have a lot of other choices with you if you want I will say drastically though like I don't know if you own your home like there is a lot of like a larger companies that you can buy in unit countertop things now that a lot more affordable with lot more hotter than power those are awesome membrane out like gagging out is not hard knobs I don't think I mean if you look at my brother-in-law I forget which one he just bought he just bought I think he bought an induction you get an induction isn't quite there for home yet it's not quite there like like you can buy like the ranges like you can buy the ranges but for instance like Range Rover oven combos or Range Rover oven combos are they don't have a lot of 36 in unit so they don't go for like the prosumer people that go for like a 30 inch wide units and honestly like all the and having dealt with Engineers on the engineering side of this

everyone and then I hate to say this even on the the spins all because people keep breaking the knobs off of them right we might have to move to an hour on a spinzall is not so bad because there's not a lot of it but you know what you be having this conversation with you if I ever did have to move to a membrane I would definitely think about adding some sort of feedback to it so that you knew where you were some sort of audible feedback to make sure you knew where you were because it had honestly hadn't registered in my head it would be a problem that I think everyone regardless appreciates in a piece of equipment but just because of the breaking we're getting on it we might have to move to it to membranes are you definitely not capacity but that's a problem everyone now is moving to touch screens and capacitive things and not only do they really suck for people when their hands are wet but they are very very it's not off

they have any sort of haptics are feedback mechanisms in the hotel what's going on and it is an interesting problem and the next time I do talk to that it controls PS3 people I will I will definitely mention to them if I talk to him also look at we do have a hestan cue at the bar I mean obviously it's not top talent top situation but for the price I feel like I use that thing three to four times a week and it does the job I just depending on iPad iPod interface with around click wheel

I do yeah that would work I've thought about getting a wolf home unit and then glaedelig with some tactile. And I think they make them audio feedback but do you know it doesn't look too expensive to anything is going to be in investment would be perfectly happy with it yeah it's it's meant to have a bunch of other interactive stuff with your phone which we've never done one last thing I have used a Garland induction unit before but a real Robo so Garland makes some induction walks there one of the manufacturers that that that sells induction walks when I can say they produce it like someone in the larger group produces it probably but they have into they have two different levels of induction walk at the Museum we have the screamer it's like get this it's like it's something stupid it's like 6 kilowatts or something like that

somewhere between 5/6 kilowatts to kilowatt all of us is actually the reason it only works on things that are you know magnetic is that it's not just the principle of induction that they're using their using what's called a hysteresis loss which is hysteresis loss and that's why they have to find a particular frequency so they get the maximum loss and there and they're generating a lot of energy that way so and actual furnace its melting aluminum can melt aluminum with induction that's how you do it typically but it takes scabs more current than you would use to heat an induction pot and that's why they only really work on things are my guy right but so you can't keep anything up above What's called the Curie temperature on an induction range which is you know right as it starts

Cherry up on you but we drop some walks into his thing and it went like right up the Cherry almost instantly it was like we had a bunch of professional chefs to from Chinese restaurants come in high-end Chinese restaurants come in and like University beforehand if they never use an induction Wok you like

it's not gas and then we drop it in and I'll hike

try not to Garland so that they can kick some serious behind so if the same team put their and Promoter on this that put the Ramada on that walk then you're in luck but you never never know please if you do try it please call us back and let us know how it worked out at absolutely and if you need any help with making a more intuitive design with the screws are some people are Champion Shoes on Twitter so that we can keep in touch about it it's movie time. Before that I forget cookie were talking about cooking at home for yourself yep country ham country I remember this is from a Twitter thinks I have a different thing on him coming up in a second West how you doing

good yeah just follow up so my wife and I got two young kids will not meeting huge quantity since we want to make the purchase account love the 300 haven't really had much else from other us and buyers I used to steal ham from Spain and and smuggle it in my baggage back in the day but I don't have the opportunity to do that don't have the opportunity because your global entry and so you're worried about getting caught or because you don't go abroad travel with little kids

if you happen to be independently wealthy they do have some very good like a berico bio-defense Iberico that's coming into the country now but it's expensive it's worth it right it's worth it where you need to put your money for sure I mean like that stuff is like that that the correct number of jazz got to get the correct number of Jays and that thing with that stuff is ridiculous and some guy come by with a 3j don't take it so like she's like it like that to me like that is of commercially available like Spanish hams like that is the the gold standard I'm not saying it's the best it's the one you rate others against you a name and the only reason that I'm not saying it's the best is because I haven't tried everyone

like to see us when I've tried now I Peter Kaminsky who wrote a book on ham or pork and you know it was involved in the original taste test we did for American country hands back in like 03 or 04 right he wants said to a collective group of people which included like Jeffrey steingarten a bunch of other you know you got food true that intelligence at the time that Spanish ham at its best is the Beatles and everything else is the Dave Clark Five that's what he said and I was like you know Pete I didn't call and pizza I don't really know him that well but I was like my mind I was like you know Pete that's not really fair that they're different products right and you know

I'll eat American country ham and you know for sure on its own right because I enjoy it but it's a different experience both in terms of your pocketbook and in terms of kind of what you would use it for then a beata Fed Iberico I would go ahead and say that anyone that does anything with the with like the Bay of the stuff other than just eat it straight is it a whole you know what I mean like you're throwing away all I can do using like the scraps or anything else fine whatever you wanted me to let you know or like in Spain that use that and you know it in Catalonia that the fat for different things and I love how you lied to yourself near like two pieces in the pain come to mount your life now just by thinking it's immediately like just open mouth it's a waste Now American hands on the other hand although like I don't really believe they should be there fine cook traditionally but like I think they stand on their on their own merits and their different so you shouldn't think about it as

better or worse just different and worth different amounts of money because of the different kind of procedures that go into them now I have had not fed long cured merican hams Edwards used to make one because he used to buy some like really strong pork from Patrick Martin's at Heritage meats and cure it I think that entire stock was lost cesare Casella makes an American ham morning Italian style using that same pork which is delicious and I advise you to kind of get ahold of it

but in traditional American stuff Sam Edwards makes a very good product Nancy Mahaffey at Colonel newsom's I haven't had her product in a long time I used to love and I think I said this on Twitter response like I used to love I used to love those those hands cuz they have this kind of distinct blue cheese no just realized if you buy from her like you know I've had on more than one occasion there be some paint along the phone by the way if you buy an American ham and you get some paint along the phone just cut away to tank and you're good to go yeah yeah I mean I like her stuff I have a Broadband in my fridge right now that Broadband seating really well at the at the at the bar by the way you know just don't want to get you in out there but we had a

a gravity-fed kind of modern Berkel and in transporter some out somebody dropped something on the gauge plate which is the thing that moves up and down to give you the thickness and so it wobbles and unfortunately on the unit that we had it's not easy to get into it's not like you're just adjusting a you know a shimmer a guide play to get the gauge play to be rigid again and you cannot slice things properly unless you gauge plate is Rock Solid and so I was yelling at the at the at the folks in the kitchen I was like

Subway or Blimpie to slice a freaking piece of meat what's wrong with you inspected the slicer and so this is one of the reasons why I took it to date we haven't had any Ham on the menu at x's and conditions but today we are getting delivered and some another loaner of a vertical slicer Berkel slicer how you slice his hand by the way west

I actually have like a $100 home meat slicer and a sharp knives that your lawn in the other Home unit which rotary

yeah and similar to the Rival but it's made by Chef's Choice

Alyssa is that

most home units. What they lack other than sharpness and size of the blade which is a big thing is and so I'm assuming you're cutting the hand down into smaller pieces so you don't have to try to take such a big slice of it right yeah I might be both a big hunk buy some on cuz I like the presentation but I don't know sharp enough so you don't have to press too hard on it to get it to slice I'm sure they can do they can do an okay job but whenever you have a gravity-fed slicer what ends up happening is you're getting tear off at the bottom and that's why you get that raggedy bottom on the bottom of your products and why they always you have to if you have around product that's why you see people rotating around Park as you go because it's it's it's as you push down in

it's cutting more off of one side than the other and so they end up dangling out on you but we're getting a vertical freezer slices will be perfect Mountain Broadband at the bar which is where I started into this we have a two-year-old Benton's so I would say and Rams slice into it yet because I didn't want to meet later on the arm broken slicer I think a lot depends on what most of these people if you're sticking with someone that's you know well known for it like a sentence or finchville or or or newsom's ore Ann Edwards or any of these Kiowa Porsche I know you're from Iowa but I just don't like what the guy does two hands he trims off all the fat claims if that's the way that they're done in in Italy and then gives you this like I think overly dried overly small I'm not on the porch of that you liked it just cuz you're my Lord I like their Spectra lot

what is entry level to the market price

I would take a product from Sam Edwards any day of the week or or Nancy you know or or Broadband sore finchville or Benton's or any one of those Ethan Broadband Broadband for the for the for the mothership here but like a Patrick Martin's has Pacific relationships with ham curing people who are using good quality pork because he's never gotten Patrick like going on something he's like I don't like them to use the cheapest the cheapest me the cheapest Meats until like he liked tracks and people using the good hands and they will often buy them back and distribute them so he's like working with chezaray and so you know he he is very as I've said many times in the past almost all of the American Producers have you know 102 huh

Gears of ham curing in their Collective you know Consciousness so it's they're not like kind of you know Jane come late leads to this whole kind of a situation it's just it that you know for many years Americans have been using kind of commodity pork and that's one of the things that's holding the back and nothing holding them back as they're being pushed too kind of quick cure things to get you know to the minimum you to the maximum speed they can do it's a minimum amount of time of Aging so you're looking at for 5 months hams and even at the same level of dryness of for 5 month am isn't going to slice the way a 1 year to your hands going so I would say call call where we're interested in and say do you have anything that's 12 months are better and then if they do by that and then you're probably going to be happy with it now I can't remember the name of it there was an outfit I forget what they what the hell my God I can't believe I can't remember what it was there's an outfit out of the South that was doing only Mast fed

stop saving sourcing from a bunch of different Farmers match that means they were eating acorns and whatever else they're doing and they're used years ago there was one called Peaceful Pastures it was doing Tamworth Hogs are all mass fed all made on that person's farm and they were amazing in terms of the fat had that kind of foil equality that you get off to a year ago I can't remember what the name of this place was what is an outfit that was only doing Mass fed hog in America you should we should Google it I'll also Google it the price was phenomenally high but if my memory serves me the product was also very good they were not an old hand producer they were a newer and producer maybe even a co-op but just like stressing the importance of the feet of the hog before it before it was killed which I believe is obviously something that we could probably coming out soon

I want to do a hazelnut spread

I believe so but yeah like their stuff burned down in 2017 so they had to start over yeah so probably be a little while before the steps on the market

did you try stuff before it burned down or do they never get any products in the market

they never I mean they there they were selling sugar drinks. The day it was bad timing their prosciutto never made it to Market before it burned down doing but I never asked very sad very sad anyway I like the stories when Sam Edwards Place burned down of dogs eating the meat you know in the ruins is like yeah there's like such big stories about that like when the mad cow disease hit like Japan like there's the pictures of Japanese Farmers like burying their wagyu cows and like praying over them like how sad they were like raise those do the whole process and also as a what's the name of that company again

cuz I believe we should support people who are trying to do this something absolutely no fun if the product matches it because I support the project right cool anyway so we see here I got some I got something on stomach similar so here's here's what it is this is in from Kim yardi Ferrer which by the way thank you for helping me on the pronunciation because I would not have gotten it otherwise hello Hammer you're being Hammer today Bobby not yet and the rest GT-R the rest how do you feel about that as always

my first time female writer the Restaurant Group where I work as creative Chef just got a gift of a whole leg of pureblood wagyu beef so we want to turn it into a rock here at Hansen. Obviously not hand but you want to rock your you want to cure it and serve it raw I want a soft texture with a strong here flavor something about Brian for 3 weeks using Brian posehn's all-purpose brine recipe of 1 gallon of water 225 grams of sea salt hundred 25 grams of sugar in 42 grams of cure number one that it's impossible to find Care number 2 in Mexico City right to your neck to the city then hang it for 18 months you're going to want you want the one with nitrate not the one with nitrate you need a longer-acting stuff so just order for modernist Pantry or whomever will ship it what Amazon usually has to do

even in a brine situation that needs to make it in before it gets converted to get that kind of the kind of cure is 21 days enough Brian time considering the beef leg is 3 times and thickness of pork leg but ten times more weight what should I do should I brine instead of dry salting I would say no I would not for this kind of this kind of an application because none of the great dry-cured products in the world are Brian and that none of them so well I've never done a side-by-side like like the fact that I don't know of anyone that does it that way is a kind of tells you something I also don't know of anyone that does the whole leg as a as a piece right so I looked up on my old recommendations on curing hams right and typically so in a ham and American ham when your measuring a ham you measure the depth from where the

face of the meat on top is all the way to where the fat is on the other side and they call that the depth of cushion

any talk about curing 7 days per inch of cushion because on a ham there's all that fat on the once I don't know how your leg is Tramadol that fat on one side and they are cured does not penetrate through the fat nearly nearly nearly as much as it does through the leaner part of it now so they recommend I would if I were you and I also don't know how much they are intramuscular marbling on a wagyu is going to affect the penetration rate because all that fat is going to stop at penetration rate so I would look at as your reference I would look at I know that if you're in Mexico now I know you're Mexico that you know for you to Cena is something different but I would look at that cecina de Leon the Spanish kind of version of it and if you look at the pieces even the biggest pieces they have which are cut off the leg that's all made from leg right there's kind of squashed flat right so it's not the weight isn't the important thing you're dealing with here it's the thickness

what I would I would if you really need to do it with the bone in I guess but I would I would take the pieces off and kind of push him flattered right and then an insult them I'd have to have like maybe someone online hear a Johnny Hunter can weigh in at some point I can text him on whether he's ever assaulted something that big I know that I've had hands made before from 350 lb Hogs where the ham alone was like 35 lb you know what I mean it was big American style not squashed flat and they were able to carry but it it took a lot longer but the issue is this and in traditional dry curing the one advantage of Brian has is that the Brian concentration is the brine concentration typically the way that you work for a larger thing like a ham is you saw the outside U Pull It Out the inside still isn't salted right you do that Refrigeration temperature so it's not going to spoil the inside's not salted you brush the salt off the outside

can you go into What's called the equalization phase where the salt level equalizes and that's another couple of weeks after the initial salting right so if you keep applying salt entire time until you're cured through the entire thing is incredibly over-salted and so I don't have a lot of physical expertise cuz I don't do it on kind of how to get that right on anything of that size so I would try to put it into the same confirmation that you're going to deal with it and that other people have already dealt with and then use their numbers because you don't want to spoil something that is kind of you know of this magnitude I would say when I was when I was a butcher in New Mexico and I did like dry aging and made a couple hands on the way there to

dry is way more forgiving than Brian Brian like is just like so it can be so quick and like what you're doing something you don't know about like you just don't know the formation really done something with beef and that rate since you with the fat content like how do you look at the fat inside of that you plug it or like how do you like

I mean to typically your the plug is going to be done later to see how the curious and you already salted at that point so what he thinks but I would go dry and I was squish it's our turn to if you look at the at the if you look at the larger pieces of the cecina from Lyon you'll see that all of them have been confirmed down such that there's no one chunk that's as big around whether whether they dip it in the middle or was it a squishy flat they're all doing it or go back to expect you can roll the whole thing out flat and then cure a relatively quickly but I think I'm getting the impression that's not the presentation you want but you know it's just going to be difficult the fact that Nobody Does it that I know of

whole like that for for for a beef like says something you and I mean right Bobby when you say I mean it could be this is just not cost-effective nor probably the best technique for it but hit me back up again and I'm interested in your problem the urban pirate Road in and said please go if you need sign the papers I know there's a lot of people who listen to this who don't have access to Scientific papers but would like them and we mention something like this before but it's changed you ready for this website people to get any scientific paper for free HTTP colon forward forward slash slash slash slash that's s c i h u b t w i don't know what country TW is butt. TW you going to send you a message to get any paper there if if that site is

play moving around just Google hub for a mirror to that site and that came from the urban pirate thank you Urban pirate and by the way it's just if anyone is part of a large institution can get this and like I've always said like one of the great things about living in New York as we have a public library where anyone can get access to great stuff at the promise are public libraries and what do you mean they're closing in Manhattan Branch I feel that like I feel you should be able to access this stuff anyway and they sent me a hilarious idea which is anonymous email or Natomas Anonymous email you see this Anonymous email. Me. Any and you can send an anonymous email to anyone so I can start just trolling people I hate with Anonymous email. Me I saw a really good being the other day that was like libraries a place that you can go get information for free relaxing a comfy chair and now

have to purchase anything

don't tell Millennials this episode is brought to you with support from Fairplay a taste of Ireland in New York taking place Saturday March 9th at the ragtrader at Fairplay it you can Sip & Savor Irish whiskey cheese grass-fed beef and more tickets and information at f a r e p l a t Schroeder from Chicago he's coming out with a book I think tomorrow I came out yesterday actually really called understanding Mezcal now it's it's in our bar he was gracious they sent me a copy but Jack and Bobby wanted me to leave it at the bar so I haven't read it yet cuz they want to read it I did not say anything about leaving at the bar

delicious Mezcal but I was not able to find any information on it yeah it fermented Inwood underground stolen copper and wood it's a it's a cupreata chino from Michoacan but that's all I can get out of it cuz I couldn't find the maker the maker is Jose and is the era and apparently we are a family is a big family of you know Mescalero is down there but I don't remember that he said is it had all those Fruit and Berry hits in the in the back end so maybe if he wants he can come on and talk about his his new book at some point what are the bar team back on Willow talk about the book you saying if you want to send me your book it was something with some delicious Mezcal or something we appreciate it

Buy on a cocktail thing Caesar from Seattle rights and greetings and body like this recently A friend of myself we're discussing how a dirty martini should be made or should not describe their preferred Martini as tasting like the Pacific Ocean which considering they live on the Gulf Coast got me thinking what would a Gulf of Mexico drink tastes like oil spills and all we debated and somewhat agreed that it should be a tropical drink with a layer of Jagermeister on top to simulate an oil slick what do you think would accomplish this name thanks Ceasar from Seattle to layer of olive oil on top if you want to stay in the martini thing I don't understand the question what is the equivalent of a dirty Marshall if a dirty martini tasting of the Pacific is supposed to make you think of like human Racers right and so on the Gulf of Mexico a dirty martini shouldn't be a martini at all it should be more of a tropical Tiki drink with an oil slick on top oil slick all you got to do is take

nicoise olives dehydrating Powder Room in fees when your vodka in the black vodka there's your ass like a misnomer oil gasoline and refined oil floats by crude oil sinks which is actually the reason why you know the spill in the Gulf one of the reasons to spill in the Gulf or Y Newtown Creek here in in in New York City is such a nightmare because the heavier stuff sink straight to the bottom and kills out things forever but the people don't realize you eat Easter services all the way up in in the Maryland and there still oil slicks in the shells you still see little deposits everything we have at the urban pirate on the line

well I mean the barrel that was the pirate has me in a barrel

yes we got you okay well I can't hear you but I'll just see my question so I'm trying to decide between to buy to prep and I buy the product of 3 and I can't figure out if the added horsepower is actually necessary

all right so does he want to dip Nails in liquid nitrogen and then powder them look I mean here's what is

I don't know how much more if I depressed 3 cost than a standard vinyl prep you're not pulling 3 horsepower out of a wall socket like I feel so everybody kind of lies about their about the power that their products provide now that said there is a website on the internet I forgot the name of it or the name of the person who ran it where they actually did a bunch of real world test on how much energy was actually being put there using temperature rises and higher friction lower friction items like simple syrup to figure out how much wattage they could actually pull and I think they might have been some amateur test right but strictly Point apps out doesn't necessarily is not the same as how much power you're putting on to your house because the motors on 100% efficient obviously

and they're what they said was that the original Vitae prep actually gets fairly close to their ratings in other words the original vital preps aren't heavily overrated in terms of what the power that they can develop is when they're blending now if your blending water doesn't matter how much power you have your blades can't put that much energy into the water anyway it's more the thing where a regular vital prep is going to bog down is purees Pesto's not stings like this thing's where the blades can actually generate a lot of power against them now that said I don't know what a what a 3 horsepower quote-unquote vital prep can do that a regular one can't because a regular vital prep can suck almost you can't get that much power on the wall is he said I don't really know but I will say this like if divided prep 3 is going to not cut out when it heats up as much

then that's going to be a better deal because if you're using a commercial environment if you're doing abusive things to your vital prep like not sure yeah you're not going to put it on the counter. You're not going to blow if you have cabinets I would get the one that fits under your cabinets Smokes on the sidewall II affect the efficiency of the because I only have the tall one

I built my shelves so that the standard Vita prep would fit under it that gives you an idea like cuz I use his I use the standard Vita prep the solution is you can just store the the the picture next to the Vita prep it's the one problem that might a prep has the other gripe I have with a lot of the new Vitae preps Vitamix rather cuz they don't call anymore is there now all electronic and and you don't really have the old interphase is divided prep used to have and their their knobs aren't as sturdy as they used to be why why are my brother-in-law registered and he was like they sell Vitamix they sell the Vitamix it has the program should I buy it I said no and he's like but they also have the nas I'm like no he's like but don't I also want the programs no

get the one that's the most analog as possible but I believe at this is again I'm talking out of my out of my rear end here because I haven't studied them recently but I believe as of recently I think they're all electronic under the hood and that they just now have the appearance of being analog but I can't say I can't say with certainty that that's the truth commercial right maybe always cost more and had a shorter warranty because it's at the only difference used to be between the home version rating of 10 10-12 years ago the only difference between the home version and the not home version was that the commercial version

Ashmore and had a worse warranty have the same motor have the same or different colors research I should go back to the stores and kind of look at it also you know though they might have changed her thing I saw on Amazon someone was selling one of the byproducts now for like under $200 and I think they say they go on sale more now than they used to be a refurbished General Mike versus the other ones I say in a heavy duty commercial environment yaddo for everything with that thing is going to be the tip speed of the blades at the at the thing that you're using it at so for Soups and stuff to guess the same tip speed you're going to be

Bok yes if I'd a Vitamix regular one will bog down and in certain scenarios and for that you're going to maybe want that the higher-end one but but as a personal quality just don't overload the picture that's all you have to do a fact that they don't necessarily tell you but they should invite at the Vitamix runs most efficiently at high speed so what you should do is it when you're wrapping it up you should wrap it up as quickly as possible and then put it in high it's much more efficient in high then it is when it's in any of its intermediate modes so if your Vitamix is overheating you like it's because you are not putting it in high counterintuitive me

thank you I have a quick follow-up on him storage at this time of the weather is it still isn't one of those black cloth bags under their eyes are the window is the Windsor right now it has a bone in trying to be concerned about storage you don't need to be concerned about storage what will happen is it won't age normally it will still it will still age and against the vacuum packing you will have to trim off the areas that are adjacent directly adjacent to the vacuum packing just cuz they know vacuum packing is absolute and they will probably be somewhat oxidized and so you'll have to just trim a little around where the packaging is there might even be still pending on how it was done some hit me know if they didn't do it properly there might be some mold in the area but I've never had a problem

weather at Camp hams for a long long time

one less color we have Jake from New Jersey asking about the bar and the whip creamer or the cream Whipper


maybe he's not on anyone actually my wife just got me the what is the core made with just the regular and I've been interested in doing like a Nitro cold brew coffee I stupidly thought that the regular nitrous Chargers were where the right thing and they they clearly weren't since the nitrous holder is supposed to actually G. Nitrous but just nitrogen N2



so what are you trying to do an increase or decrease the pressure not with a Nitro with that they sell actual end to Chargers and you're supposed to only use them in the nitro with Whipper

are you familiar with that at all no I only use I only use nitrous oxide look back up there two things you can be doing here right so if you're doing for instance if you're doing the the you're trying to get that creepy head I have used it someone came by the bar with an idea wasn't in the night weapon are there any coffee so the idea with nitrous the idea with nitrogen right is that nitrogen is not very soluble in liquids

so you are having you create lots of micro-bubbles but not any sort of effervescent I don't want to call the carbonation because nitrous doesn't taste like CO2 okay but you're getting this kind of micro bubble nucleation kind of micro texture the equivalent that you would get out of like really frothy shaking or that you might get out of like an espresso machine when the when it's pulling a shot right answer this is why in a beer which also has CO2 they have they put nitrogen into it so you get this kind of micro nucleation said that you got this like dance creamy head coming out as though you were as though you were going to pull it out of a cask right and so that's why beer and beer gas wants that high-pressure they want to hire pressure but not over carbonated they want to create lot lots of little bubbles so they want like a lot of immediately kind of like pressure to release right they'll use beer gas which is a mixture of nitrogen and

I use nitrous oxide specifically because it is soluble and I'm getting massive amounts of continuous and continual gas Evolution rather than just a first juice to you using nitrogen as soon as you release the pressure it's like pop and that's it and the texture ization you get is the tax rate is nation that you get along with the whipping effect of coming out of something that is whipping it high Under Pressure right but you're not getting any lingering effervescence out of it that makes sense. And you're not getting as much expansion in the product as you would if you had a soluble gas that was coming out of it at a kind of a high rate so it's a different thing now

well I don't remember what was the name of the company that use that the Nitro was it called nitro with those you see me they made it so that they cartridges aren't cross-compatible right this freaking austrians with their safety minded stuff they say not to use it but I don't know if that's really true I don't know they came by and demonstrated but they didn't leave the unit in the bar no

that said you know what is your front like I would just be like what is your function like what what is it that why are you doing it and I like them for the first three steps and then when the gas is gone on like this is just the regular coffee again if the beverage has an underlying texture or structure and you just want to texturize it for the serve right like people with Guinness want that head on the Guinness then you don't need constant production and then something like nitrogen's going to work because it's going to produce the effect of that if the beverage needs constant Evolution to maintain its texture and nitrous is a better choice.

I don't know I don't know I don't have enough experience what do you think is it is it safe enough to try it if I if I get the the into charger and it fits I don't believe it since I think I think I asked them and they said it doesn't I can't say for certain there's multiple safeties in in a real you know in the real easy things so I doubt it knowing that knowing that the easy folks the way I do if they actually thought it was a safety concern then they would guarantee that they were not interchangeable somehow like they would change the size of the cartridge such that you could not do it and because that's just the kind of thing they would do you know what I mean

my keys are they are extremely conscientious about that sort of thing

alright cool thanks and then one one other unrelated question I'm real interested in in your bar existing conditions so I have a white threatening allergy to nuts and I know that you guys use some Liquors and some things like that that have nuts in them how much of a cross contamination risk using Thursday if I didn't have those things so you know and so that the tens if you told someone they would I guess double wash the tins I could even go for glasses at least you know 9 on the dot on a daily basis

is capped with an open Speed poor but it's not and that's not a drink of people that are commonly we don't currently have any or Jesus on the menu and our kitchen is not free

awesome thanks for now we might make an order on the future but for now come by soon come by soon and R&R waffle press has never had an existing conditions we have a chef series coming up so we can talk more later about what the equivalent of a dirty martini for the Gulf of Mexico is if you actually want to be a martini olive oil on the top and you can black I said look up Michelle bra black olive oil old technique that doesn't get enough credit really beautiful that's your answer on your percent body you can find it on her Instagram page on her Facebook page and where X our first one is Brian Fisher

our second one is Brian Fisher he's actually coming out to do a dinner at the James your house with no Sandoval I'll just in Carlisle and himself and he's going to increase her presents this coming Sunday with a 5-course tasting menu 5 days from now our team it's going to be really awesome he's running currently a restaurant in Chicago called Aunt Aunt formerly of a restaurant called schwa really great guy is still there Travelodge Chicago see what the deal is with people Far Cry 5 courses courses for how much is $100 plus tax and gratuity and then we all be told

I don't think we should sell it without the battery drains too much of a hassle to worry about whether the people got the beverage pairing or not I agree but I feel like for New York style to see many this is going to be one of the better values you'll see like look up his food bowls do people get stuff for not that much money don't miss out they're going to do that the James Beard house on this Friday and Saturday it's Friday Friday and then on Sunday they're going to come in for one night only and they were going to do a whole series of these who else we have coming up well so it's this coming Friday this coming Sunday Brian will be here for dinner on Friday I think it's Friday yeah and then Sunday Monday Justin Carlisle one of the other chefs is doing a dinner with him he has a restaurant in Milwaukee call Darden and it used to be a thing where he called into quite a bit for a long time

he would you around pop up on Friday and Saturday nights and they called it red light Ramen so basically what they would turn the red light on the window people would know that the ramen bar was open so it would be no change in more from this fine dining restaurant into a ramen bar they became so successful that they burbled by the brick-and-mortar next door turn into an actual ramen bar Heath in a couple years ago got married to spice room I believe it's Guadalajara their mother joined them up to Milwaukee and they've since I opened the Laughing Taco Taqueria I think they're already at four locations now in like 10 years in Monday we're doing tacos way to wait when is that one so that is not this Sunday but the following Sunday Monday cuz they're fun and unfortunately for me they're also good value Justin Justin Carlisle's the ramen in the taco night will be Alucard we're doing some features on some of our own food

we're making some stuff I'll have some drink specials featuring Bobby wants to do a New Mexico knife from when he lived in New Mexico will happen at some point we'll be doing drinks for those nights in a bed restraint for Brian but the Olive Garden lights will be contributing some food you know showcasing some of our beverages that we like in our bar showcasing some nice mess valves will be specials it's just supposed to be a really fun night and I'll get people that are in the industry to come for Sunday Monday see the bar will on Alucard nights at you know obviously have like the full bar available to you so come come get some drinks are also launching to new drinks is coming week we have a lot of stuff coming on the menu so see you next week

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