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Episode 357: A Culinary Bone to Pick with Hannibal

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I'm hrm's executive director Katie Mossman wadler with a preview of this week's episode of meat and three Heritage Radio Networks weekly food news Roundup this week we're celebrating Black Culture through the complicated lens of Agriculture we speak to Carla Hall about her uncompromising soul food recipes culture we also hear from Gabriella Rodriguez at Harlem Browns Youth Farm Uptown addresses feeling like an outsider in the farming Community my two handsome number of people who appeared to be POC people of color and so I literally grew a little slips of paper and and and say hey if you don't want to send this to you so we can talk tune into this week's meeting 3 on Heritage Radio Network that's meet plus sign three available wherever you listen to podcast

you never gave me Tuesday for pretty dang close actually knew we were here took a while to start up a we were kind of here you know

joined as usual not by the guess we're eating pizza because yesterday nastase the hammer Lopez what happened they can't work the next day Brooklyn I love you Brooklyn right but you are the Portland of New York City so much work at a time only so much work at one time you know who is working we got mad in the booth how you doing I'm working I was allowed to come to the staff party I'm not a real staff for real

somebody is using a circular saw though he's fixing the crap they broke yesterday probably a million times and I'll say it again the people I have the most respect for in the world regarding this are no Maddie MP because they will have a party that last until the sun comes up where people in high heels are shredding there 8 billion dollar Bank hats and entire place is coated in filth and every single staff member

it has to be carted away and yet the next day they will be open for you know three michelin-star service without missing a beat and you know what that's all it takes balls right that is something to be to be a product but it's still the fact that they are willing to have fun and then do their freaking job not love YouTubers not say anything negative about the pizza place next door is open with nastase is going to call during the break and find out cuz if not if not we're drop

if not we're dropping the mic and getting out anyway you have a cooking issues have a great interest in me the first half instead of using what you get the second have no listen I thought I was going to give you this but I can't help myself everything about to say you should completely ignore because I have no what's the word expertise in in this at all but last week at last week Kraft Heinz Kraft Heinz what happened was Warren Buffett like you know they bought a bunch of that they merged and I think you're not forget how long ago was 2015 I think they merged the craft Corporation in the Heinz Corporation together so you know a couple of years ago that was running I think you know over $70 a share and on Thursday or Friday and dropped by does not like $34 a share because they had some bad reports and do you know they had to write down I think 14 billion dollars in when you would call Goodwill on their brands Oscar Mayer and

and all this until the stock went way to head down and I'm saying

how the heck low can Kraft Heinz get I've been researching I don't know how to do it how to buy I want to buy options I don't know how to do this because I'm not a not right now but eventually because all these people who are my age idiots my age are saying that these brands that somehow Kraft Heinz going to keep going down and down and down and ignore anything I'm saying I have no Financial knowledge at all but I like how far located as soon as I heard this news right first of all Warren Buffett who owns Berkshire Hathaway owns 1/4 of Kraft Heinz roughly is not is not getting rid of his chair she's not buying any bees not getting rid of it so I walk up to Dax right cuz he was in the other room killing people on fortnite which is what he normally does and I said cuz he was off from school I said I said

what's the only brand of ketchup he goes Heights it's America's favorite ketchup coating Wesley Willis right and I looked at their other brands just got there I hate Capri Sun I want Capri Sun to go out of business it's a freak I'm sure you do Kool-Aid Kool-Aid by the way Kool-Aid interesting ly I just research this recently do you know that drink the Kool-Aid not actually originally from the Jonestown Massacre and in fact in Jonestown they did have some Kool-Aid on site but primarily they drank grape flavored flavor Aid flavor Aid so they cheap they couldn't even go in for the real Kool-Aid that use grape flavor Aid although some people have said that in photos of unopened package there was actually also Kool-Aid there as well but they were drinking primarily flavor Aid and originally drink the Kool-Aid comes from the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test where these people it was a book by who I push down will find out who they were driving around in a bus and they would Spike Spike the Kool-Aid and then they said don't drink the Kool-Aid because

you know full of acid anyways what else they got their name a tater tot brand Matt all right all right all right I know about that I mean if you had a name a brand of process potatoes don't think I could though how old are you to see this is the thing right so what they said what that the idiots my age or sayings Millennials like the brand is not like long-term good because Millennials aren't buying these things are moving away from processed food into more toward more natural stuff maybe but like there's only so many of you out there Matt like like I'm raising two people in the generation under you and you know what they want science Velveeta Velveeta people Cool Whip coordinates coordinates

brands are driven by teenagers and Below right because they're the ones that are dragging on you like freaking you know like like kettlebells at a gym being like that either or I die by the Velveeta you know what I mean I thought the parents were in control but you're telling me no freaking nuts man peanuts they also in Lunchables which I hope he burns in Hell Lunchables is a crap product should never been invented and is is hurting food for kids at least I don't want to make out lunch and sliced meat

I hate Lunchables I hate Lunchables and Kraft mac and cheese obviously you're not in Philadelphia brand cream cheese I am pretty sure that that they even the store brand cream cheese that I buy is actually Philadelphia brand cream cheese under under different label now

because I bought Trader Joe's cream cheese and Booker was like don't ever buy that again and he's not necessarily brand-centric but he's like it does not taste as good as as the Philadelphia brand they own Grey Poupon how much I'm not a fan of cuz I don't like that kind of mustard very much and plasmon cookies those little baby munching cookies they like the little like you don't talk in plasma anyway I feel that this rain is not going to go anywhere so I'm going to wait for it to start creeping up a little bit and then going to figure out how to buy

I didn't figure out how to do anything except for I don't care enough about Finance to actually like do it have somebody else do it if it was cooking I would I would be you know they can stay in the tubes for a while they have like 30 is between 34 and 3475 right now and the SEC is the SEC is investigating them right now because they had some accounting like weirdness with that you know I feel that that that the things are being railed against them by the likes of Kramer on you know whatever his first name is it you who took my age basically whatever crap on him kinds is America's favorite freaking catch up there any stock Brokers were listening should call in and they can sell Dave the stock I don't want to stock

start going back up and then I buy I buy like three months in the future I I buy the right to sell

I'm traveling soccer stockbrokers calling now whatever also some of their brands are weak being but come on people Cracker Barrel do they own the Cracker Barrel is that related I don't know I don't know if they own Cracker Barrel layout me like I'm not a huge for a mass-market cheddar is sometimes the best cheddar you can get in a supermarket in the supermarket many supermarket has the best cheddar you can get they own Oscar Mayer people aren't like I wish I was a Kirkland wiener they were like arguing that like they're arguing that that like Kirkland's which is the Costco like home Branch already has more sales and crafts night which is true but also currently makes feminine napkins witchcraft items does not as far as I know never was there a more Diversified brand they make everything for Costco

is that what it what are they called what are they called

guess when I was born

tingling all right let me do some questions and then we'll get what we can have a show last week was I was I was in France which was nice but we can talk about it later I can answer some questions hello Dave anastacio this is from Alex in New York have two questions I bought a quarter litre easy way for now listen quarter litre people normally all the recipes I have our for half liter I also use a full leader we're talking about is the whip cream makers here which would be no use for nachos for whipped cream but for Rapid infusion or if you're a believer in that kind of late 90s early 2000 things

Spooner's Woodworks were right so gross espuma hello for those of you that don't have Spanish as your native language just use foam we that overwrite was the last time you saw someone

Oscar's now I didn't watch the Oscars because I don't care did you watch it but why was he on the Oscars in a movie know I heard that I did a good singing job the Lady Gaga yeah it was good seeing all of his stuff that they got all almost kissy who cares and his wife girlfriend was in the audience that doesn't matter matters less to me like that the relationship status of Bradley Cooper and his supermodel wife / girlfriend or whatever she is in relation to him performing on stage with Lady Gaga is I'm trying to imagine something less interesting to me Meghan Markle that's less interesting to me Megan whatever her relationship or not

either one Kate Middleton whether or not they are having some sort of like Tiff's

stop at Wayne Reed I shop at Rite Aid I see the magazines and like at least know who these people are like half the people I see on these magazines I'm like who is Chad what is this you know what I mean I like I have no idea what's going on you know random you know spiky hair dudes named you know appointment at least I know where they are so I can like remember that there's a story about them anyways

I bought a date with u v l e c whipper for quick infusions and would like to get your take on how to emulate the recipes and liquid intelligence I've been using the recipes with the same ratios in time but only one nitrous charger rather than to does that sound right to you the infusion seem to be turning out fine but I don't have the ability to compare to the original recipe this is a problem I also I don't have a quarterly Weber so I I can't compare it here's what I'm going to say the folks at the E C corporation right wrote they create the fill lines in their whippers to get relatively similar pressures with one charger in whipped cream which is what they think that you're going to use it for now in the book I only have the the pressure for 1 and 1/2 liter with 1 and 2 Chargers in them not for 1/4 liter but I'm going to assume that they get similar pressures

in quarter leader that they that they do in a half-liter I'm sure they designed it that way which means that I think they get the same pressure I would overfill the quarter litre whipper slightly our little bit but I don't know why I have to test it and what you hit on is actually one of the main issues I think with all of life in terms of cooking is you can't really emulate something you've never tasted before right which is Jeffrey steingarten that was his you know big that was his big saying right you know or is his big thing was you know these people they're writing about cooking the writing about eating a writing about restaurant and they haven't eaten hardly anything in their lives they haven't gone and travel and eating a bunch of things and so you know come on by and have some other we no longer use rap we no longer use the ECG containers for Rapid infusion we now use Kegs and the reason we use kegs as we have access to nitrous oxide like large tanks but the nice thing about kegs is

is we are putting a known pressure in instead of an own weight and so we can now have a recipe scale to any amount that we put into the cake it doesn't matter whether we put one liter in a keg to liters to gallons because we're just using the same pressure all the time which is X have to tell you extremely liberating if easy ever calls me again to do something however I will ask them for their pressure chart as done in 1/4 liter whipper and then I can do the math for you and figure it out I've been successfully lady container you know so clear eyes people by the way you know you got a freeze in One Direction so you have an insulated container you fill it with warm water you can dope it with some regular ice it'll melt out just don't turn it on to get me gas into it and then wanted at room temperature below you put it in the freezer and what'll happen if it'll freeze from the top down because the sides are insulated and as long as ice freezes in One Direction only in freezer

relatively slowly it will freeze relatively clearly there's no gas in it that's why you want to start with hot hot or warm water and then you know you can trust my son to melt it but you don't want to use water straight out of the tap God forbid Coldwater right at the top has a lot of gas in it you can get bubbles so you freeze it down you get that then you don't let it freeze all the way to the bottom you crack it out and you have clear ice so my solution to make ice in several batches within a week or so before hosting people I store the ice in Ziploc gallon bags they get a little freezer burned by usually to slice a Christian ice off and it's fine would you do things any differently any tips for storing clear I should be much appreciated so if you store stuff in a freezer and Eric and get to it at all what happens is ice crystals will sublimate off and you get like a little weirdness at the top also if there's any melt on it right when you open and shut the fridge freezer when it goes through its defrost Cycles you get recrystallization at the top and you'll get kind of nastiness you shouldn't pick up any flavors

if they're in a ziplock bag but here's what I would do with ice as soon as you pull the ice out do not put it in a ziplock like get it in the shape you want it put it back in the freezer and get it cold right now because what I'm about to tell you then once they are cold I either have no surface water on them you can stack cubes or blocks together right so the professionals when they ship them ship them with little pieces of what's that stuff called stop singing that little white foam that they ship between the ice sheets of white foam anything that they put in between so that the ice breaks apart nicely but if it's very dry and you're not going to ship it going to keep it in the freezer you don't need this packing Ziplocs and here's the trick get rid of all the air now as long as they are not you know shiny and slick when you pack them together but like very dry and very cold when you pull them out and temper them up they should come apart fairly easily the very least you'll have

most you have to do rather is put like a thin bladed knife and give a tap and the block should break right apart and that's how you store it and you really shouldn't be worried about any surface stuff because after it melts down a little bit and after tempered by the way so your tempering it typically before putting cocktails anyway just a quick rinse underwater will kind of get any of that stuff off the Japanese as I said on this also on the show before when I visit in Assassin I visited Japan by the way. Translate into Japanese we need to get invited back I Know Jack at the bar wants to get invited cuz he's working with some Japanese shochu but we should get invited because it did the book we should hang here publishing set something up or something I don't know if you know they don't care

I love you in Japan anyway so it nastassia I noticed we were out of bars there that they erase the ice off because they they think it's filthy

anyway to you which one that went upstairs where you ring the bell is cool she doesn't mean that anything was particularly good about the food she's like it's just cool because it was like in somebody's house it was like and dislike Wild West when the when the outside or steps into the saloon cuz you and I are just walking and Mark was really upset cuz you and I are alike will want to see ya three of us walk into this place which is clearly like a place for regulars and conversation stops dead

Andre and like we just looked at them and I think we just kind of shrugged and they pointed and we walked upstairs we had like we were in I think it was this person's house we were I think we walked into someone's house was having a dinner party and they took us upstairs and status in like this like inside outside kind of upstairs porch and then we would ring it and it would just bring a stuff to drink that is Nastassja is dream kind of experience because it doesn't involve any communication you're a little bit kind of off your Center and I mean we can never find out I don't even know where that was it was in Tokyo somewhere it was near where it was near the chicken place near the raw chicken place anyway so that's that question alessia's Sam who was asking about the Pharaohs which is a coffee grinder and asked me if I could modify the cad drawings smartly realize I was probably never going to get around to it

and said I use your old cat drawing to modify the pieces with a drill works great thanks am I will say this Sam there's also in that and it's sorry this is deep for those of you that don't know what the hell I'm talking about which is 100% of U acceptance and I also I think was able to take out some of the Cross brace pieces so that the beans can flow easier until you can adjust think better anyway that means no one else will this is in from Colin Gonzalez from Los Angeles who said please try and be on time so we can enjoy more full length episodes this didn't happen as much in the old episodes won't listen, I was always late does not nearly as late as I had been so I'm now on my original like four to five minute late kind of a kind of a situation mustachioed nastase here always I know if you know this people esta she always has something to say negative

that's not true who do you have to be to be on time we spend some time staging staging nice restaurants in New York for fun we were cooking up a steak and he was leading the charge since he's the guy with professional experience now we got a pan of 10 inch cast iron pan over a campfire pay so here's the important thing we're outside assuming you don't have a campfire inside although I've always kind of wanted you familiar going back to Japan you familiar with like the irori so it's like the old Japanese farmhouse style of cooking Ware instead of just having like a fireplace so I can only think about the European kind of fireplace you have a central Hearth where it's like built around and you build a fire like in this Central kind of Hearth and you kind of cook when I was always will be amazing when it like I had a central chimney essential aarthi cook around

and so then you can have course they have their fancy binchotan right but they are building the fire there today as I guess could have a campfire inside the earth is called the campfire with outside right campfire not fire dripping hot before so that you got two pennies cast iron pan over the campfire ripping hot before he dropped in a stick of butter with some Rosemary now you lost nastase right away Estancia used to work for cesare Casella and so after those either donated cesare Casella you know great restaurant restaurant or and now ham cure Premiere doesn't go anywhere without a giant like not like a piece of Rosemary describe the Rosemary than the average household needs for a year in his pocket at any one time

wow okay so you dropped in a stick of butter with some Rosemary but Rosemary does taste good on steak

melted it down and then added the steak to sear this was interesting to me because when I make steaks I generally put down enough neutral oil to cover the bottom of the pan or simply cook the steak in the oil I'll drop in a knob of butter for basting at the end

I like calling people a knob it's usually a dude right and usually it's breakfast with a thinks it's just like I guess it's kind of thing right but it's yeah it's it's a synonym it's a synonym for like kind of like like dick he's a dick you know what I mean but it implies Dumber like someone is a dick

is it necessarily stupid like a knob is kind of like

he's a dick but also kind of dumb in my mind what are you thinking that I mean that sounds pretty right onto me although I don't use the word often I should I'm going to bring it back into my lexicon Capri Corporation totally different door knob

no not the butters a thing though okay but you would say what would you say you'd say like Pat you know why because you're used to getting your butter as most of us are in Stick form at Nob people are used to kind of blocks of butter that you would take like like a chunk off of I would say chunks but it like I have certain things that I always say like I used trunk too often and I use bucket to mean anything that holds anything and my kids my kids are like why you call everything buckets that I was like you know what I'm talking about so just do it if someone knows what you're talkin about just do it just do it seemed like an excess pool of fat so much so that I was curious about whether it is even a Seer now listen

I'm going to finish I'm going to finish your question but I will say this

you can see her in a deep fry in fact like deep frying is some of the best crust per unit times I like to think of things in crushed per unit time right and deep frying in not new oil not new oil like slightly older oil in the reason is is that when you're when you're frying with very very new oil the oil is so hydrophobic that it can't actually make good contact with the outside of your of your product of your battery if it's better or your steak if it's take until you actually want the oil to break down a little bit so that it's said it has some kind of free fatty acids some polar compound in because it allows it to wall up your food even faster at those at those high temperatures so like deep frying makes a very good very fast sear now the problem with deep frying

is deep frying hits your meat from all directions and so it can't end over cook faster because it's driving temperature in from every direction where the normal searing situation the top side of your of your product is cooling off in the bottom side it is heating up and you kind of an alternate anyway so I was curious about whether that was even a Seer I also didn't like the result as much the crust was weak whenever we are here so it's a good thing in the world like this week also the other one is Glengarry Glen Ross right across this week you are weak so Alec Baldwin on the airplane back from

you don't listen we connected from Paris to Detroit Detroit back to LaGuardia it's it's it's snowing like a weasel

I wasn't paying for tickets so and I was flying first class free first class tickets to Paris I would have said no no I'm on the thing and I wasn't I wasn't on the flying over. Yeah so he got on the plane and Alec Baldwin is Nastassja is not-so-secret Crush know your mom wants you to marry him

he's not a crush I just like him as a person okay I like how angry he gets he sounded exactly like himself on the airplane

now you here to see to see if you have to get seltzer water instead of wine

Amazon Echo talk to me like if there's last thing that Alec Baldwin wants to do is here's a thing right right like when I'm at the bar if you're at work and someone approaches you that's part of the thing you and I mean

it's like if he's onset and you approach him I'm sure he would be okay about it maybe I don't know the guy but I'm not going to approach someone on an airplane when they're three and a half hours late to get home anyway anyway the crust was week is this a predictable result if so is it because of the water content of the butter it seems to me that all of that water as the enemy of the good cheer would have a negative effect on the result perhaps a smaller amount of butter would work but then you have to deal with the lower smoke point of the curd keep up the good work, Gonzales OKC was going to say about this

I think it takes a certain amount of energy first of all to evaporate the water typically one of the problems with cooking with large amounts of butter is that the the butter itself the solids the milk solids start to Scorch and burn before all of the water has boiled off and you have to take the water that you have in the butter and boil it off before the temperature of the whole mass of the butter Rises back up now that takes energy away from your cast iron pan so you're dropping the temperature of your pan a lot more than you would be if you just added oil now if you took your butter ahead of time melted it down and boiled off the water get the solids in because let's be honest you're searing a steak do you really care if the butter solids burn a little bit I stick my steak directly over flame and almost everybody likes a little bit of burning HR on the outside of a steak right almost every but not everybody but almost everybody

so I think what's happening here is that you might have gotten the cast iron pan ripping but you drop the temperature significantly probably didn't wait for all of the water to evaporate and then took a long time for the stuff to get back up to temperature now if you just took the butter and you heated it got rid of the water and then brought the butter slowly up to its smoke point and drop the steak in you'd be good to go right but in general The Ripping cast iron pan what you're trying to do is take advantage of the stored energy inside of the cast iron pan and to do that you really want just enough really hot oil rights like a lot of times what I'll do is I'll keep oil hot in a pan

then I'll rip my cast iron pour the hot oil and put the steak in the one thing you need is you need enough oil or whatever in the bottom of your pan such that every piece of the meat right touches the pants so like what you don't want to see is especially if you've done sous vide Aur preet you know pre cook the meat somehow you don't want to see those sallow blonde concave areas where the meat doesn't touch the pan and that's really what the oil is for is to make good contact unless you want to deep fry but if you want to deep fry you have to let the entire batch of oil get back up to the smoke point of the oil which is beyond the burning point of the solid but again you might not care cuz you're not going to reuse this stuff and let's say the whole pan catches on fire well you're outside Jen my wife is is is extremely afraid of oil fires maybe because I have caught on fire so many times in my life and I've caused fires you know about the

the famous birthday fire where I got a Hibachi so hot in the house at the Hibachis paint caught on fire and and yeah it was bad I mean it wasn't the steak was delicious worth it you never let my wife hear anyone say that that was worth it because she was like I asked you to do one thing and that was not fill the house with smoke and it was my birthday and of course I was like I'm going to optimize the steak not my relationship and so you know it's true

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I'm wondering if I still start to milk temperature I've never I've never tested that usually

so any shortening has it has a range of of melting and smelting kind of profile

and so you know different different parts of it will melt it doesn't have a single solid melt which is why for instance if you take something like lard you can and you low temp in lard you'll notice that certain of the of the fats will recrystallize even like overtime even well you know the the regular mass of it stays liquid said it is something that's done on an industrial scale to get a particular texture at a particular temperature right but like if you're trying to get a particular so is your trying to get a particular texture I would just choose a fat that has that texture that you want if you have a fat that has a particular flavor that's a olive oil right then I think adding enough of something that is solid to make it more solid is going to kind of drastically affect the flavor of the of the oil you know I mean like you

even see like if you make a one-to-one if you make a one-to-one like olive oil butter which people do all the time right it will resolidify ish but it never has kind of a nice spokesperson emotions is not a good not a good what's it called not a good

example but it's not it's not going to say that you see it works I mean I depends on what kind of result you're trying to achieve I've used the mono and diglycerides before I don't particularly like it cuz you have to add a lot of it to get it to stick in there is something else and for some reason it escapes me if someone on the chat room hopefully might know about it there's another compound that's relatively available probably for modernist Pantry that people use to thicken thicken oils up but in general I what what exactly you're trying to achieve a better boy you got to remember butter does a bunch of things in pastry right so

some of the things that that use butter for requires the fact that Butters and Emulsion and some of the things don't write so if you're using a substitute fast substitute in pastry you have to be sure that like for instance in puff pastry and you know in anything where the water content is important you want to make sure that you know you kind of mimic that I did something a little bit in Reverse similar with the spins all where I took a multicomponent fat and fractionated by melting point so that I could get a firmer for instance chicken fat so I could do it at chicken fat pie crust and so that I could do a non-hydrogenated lard pie crust you know with regular large which is kind of difficult because the law if you render lard from the proper

you can buy or make your not using the right kind of fat and so it has kind of a lower melting point because it has a lower melting points difficult to use in things like biscuits or in things like pie crusts which is why people buy hydrogenated lard hydrogenated lard is buying large garbage and some people don't like to use hydrogenated products and anyway so you can fraction it out but as for making butter into something you can use in pastry I have to find someone who I'm sure someone has thought about this I don't have any good ideas you can use mono-diglycerides but you going to have to use like percentages of it to get it fixed and it's still not going to be exactly like butter you can also X water into it when people

do this sort of thing but I don't think it's I've never seen something that I like as much as butter

I will pay for your delicious olive oil has double no input on that from the chapter the question from the chat to

few episodes ago you were talking pizza and Dave was talking about Neo not oh yeah and you're not I just made that what day is it I made that again on Sunday okay need direct me on where I can find it and what exactly it is where does this person live

we'll see if he answers is it's these tiny fish believe it's clobberin sees tiny tiny tiny tiny fish in like a spicy calabrian chili oil and stuff is amazing I love it and so we get it from a place called coluccio Brothers c o l k c o l i c o l u c c i h e o Bellagio newly-born n e n e o n e o NATA not as Dax closet neo-nazis which you do not want you not want me or not he's on your pizza so it's not neonatal and I was Just Dance 4 kind of newborn and I did that I made the pizza again and it was delicious so then you'll not a pizza for those of you that don't know

you make the dough no sauce just me or not there and then again because I am not you know I don't need the band to traditional Italian rules on anyting I put parmigiano cheese on it and then a little bit of mozzarella then you cook that sucker up and then you put fried eggs on top country ham over as well and eating the hell out of it and it was good now the reason that you don't typically fine I think I should have some beer before it is my opinion that you don't find a cheese on fish base things in many Italian recipes is simply because fish bass dishes were fast day dishes either not just lent but many fast days Fridays Christmas Eve whatever so a lot of fish recipes were designed to be eating on days when you wouldn't have meat dairy or eggs in in Italians but whatever

what was that question from Kyle he says damn yeah I'm stealing that and he is from Connecticut now in Savannah Georgia and he was asking you to explain why bromated flour is so bad and why were one of the few countries that have an outlet it to bleach the stuff out right now or I don't know I'll research it like I send it into sending it to Nastassja and I'll research all I have to say though that just because the European union says something is bad I'm looking at you GMOs doesn't necessarily mean that it is and just cuz we say something is good doesn't mean that it is right so don't in general I find that any regulatory body made up of political people and not sign like okay not a scientist should run the world that's not what I'm saying I'm not saying scientist should run the world but I'm saying that if you look at politicians they generally Bend to the two

will whatever will is the strongest in you know in The Ballot Box on the political makeup not necessarily in who has the strongest logical arguments right I mean I think you can see that so I in general whether something is a law or not I don't necessarily take to mean that you know if Basin reason for instance in New Zealand an abscess million times New Zealand and Australia you can use eugenol to anesthetize fish you're not allowed to do it here because the regulations don't allow you to and yet you're allowed to use it in cooking makes no damn sense right so does that mean that you can also unsafe to use an anesthetic of course not so I don't know but I'll research though the brominated stuff if someone reminds me someone has to remind me though the back of the pizza thing

I think people a lot of people have recommendations on Pizza steals which I hate you no have had interviews but the problem with all of these things is it my oven ion hot rod of my ovens those of you who listened to this show knows my having used to get up to you know 900 something degrees on hot rodded it so it is now kind of it's a commercial oven but it it operates in normal person range and it's hard to mod it's hard to make it do even what kind of a home oven can do because the way that the commercial gas ovens Opry which is too boring complicated to get into now about like the the holding level of the flame etcetera etcetera etcetera and so the the downside of it is as you can make one pizza well with a steel or a stone but it's hard if you're serving a lot of people the pump out pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza like I used to be able to not Little Caesars ranch pizza but pizza pizza pizza not he just has to we do at least for right and so here's my

work around that I do I have a crepe maker a gas-fired crepe maker which by the way if you can get an actual French Krampus gas-fired crepemaker they are ridiculously awesome it is one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment that I've ever bought it's like griddle it's such a hard core griddle and unlike most griddles like restaurant poodles they're smaller than a restaurant riddle but they're big enough to cook almost anything that are regular home person wants to cook but they're relatively compact you can make them fire off of propane because they're meant to be cooked outside their they're awesome I love it the only downside they have is that unlike an actual griddle where you can scrape the fat off of that you can't do that so it's not really cuz it it just falls off the crepe maker does not good for that kind of cooking but I love it anyway so what I did was as I would throw the stuff into the pee into my main oven let it cook right until it was set then I would throw it on top of my

what's the crepe maker used to do it right with the way they were the stuff and then I was sticking on there and then I would throw it into my into the broiler of my Breville and so I guess I would have three things going at once I would have to precook The Crepe maker and the broiler going all all at once and I can crank out pizza is almost as fast as I used to using using AAA triple a triple technology did another interesting thing with the pizza so as those of you that don't know I'm always researching equipment one of the things I've always wanted to own my whole life is a Japanese vegetable sheeter Japanese vegetable sheeter they make those vegetable sheets now real Japanese Cooks they use in the Shuba which I also know how to do this to take like a cucumber and turn a cucumber into a long sheet or a carrot into along sheet or daikon into a long sheet and then chop it up into strips so you can use it as a garnish for sushi bad that now makes the Japanese vegetable sheeter

I've always been very expensive but they can do one with KitchenAid now makes one so I got one the one thing the Japanese one can do that's awesome have you seen it it can do the fish netting so like as you're making the she has another set of knives that rotates and makes a puncture so you can make buy fishnet stockings out of out of your daikon I don't know how often that comes up how often do you need a fishing a stocking with daikon never so the one problem with the KitchenAid one is it is at the core is too big it doesn't like let you get close enough to the core what you're doing but I threw a potato on that mother and turned it down into like a potato like a long tato sheet and a maid probably the best potato pizza I've ever done cuz I tossed it with you know Rosemary sorry and garlic oil salt pepper and a little bit of chili and then like lay them on the pizza in between late with the layers of parmigiano they was ridiculous and now I'm going to do like not a lasagna but like almost like a

what time would like layers of the sheets like like kind of thicker than a regular, not as thick as a lasagna I'm all about the potato sheets now I'm all about all about the potato sheets of course I don't have time shoot I want to talk about slicers I had two people talk to me about pressure fryers which is which is awesome. In pressure fryers at all you should be do you like fried chicken so why are you not answering pressure wash my house I just don't I'm not really I went to a Polish store in Greenpoint like a couple weeks ago and bought something that I'm now obsessed with which one of those things where I love it so much and nobody else does you ready for it it is Mustard Pickles

not mustard pickled eggs which I love but literally pickled cucumbers where it did pickling liquid is some sort of like not quite creamy but almost creamy but mustard eBay's plus like a little bit of sweet and likes our amazing like the best hamburger pickle I've had in like a bomb like a million years or as long as it has a 47 years it's the best hamburger pickle I've had in 47 years but I can't get no one else in the in the family likes it and like it they like it on hamburger but they haven't they don't like it on its own so it could be just me ever had a habit is why you got to watch out and you got to let people taste a bunch of the stuff that you think that you're working on because a lot of time you'll think something is great but nobody else will that happens to me a lot a lot lot so back to France

on the way to France and back from France by the way on my iPad I loaded up Hannibal you seen that show

it is relevant have you seen it Matt so a number of years ago when it first came out people were riding into the show to ask me whether we had seen it because Hannibal you know his murderer and he eats people so this show has a lot of cooking references

he does love have a BSN Refugee Center fuses out blood and then uses just the the plasma but he does a lot of interesting cooking I have some culinary bones to pick with Hannibal right especially on like their description of America but the guy clearly has some chops in in the show and unfortunately I can't actually get into too many of the details of the cooking because they be spoilers but if you're interested, vacation did you have a good time you're like yeah I watch Tropic Thunder on the plane and it was like made my life and I'm like a vacation that's why I go to work a family vacay that was not a family vacation

yeah Tropic Thunder is a great movie

Tropic Thunder is a fantastic movie

what most recent really good memory have if you pass a shop it's a tree called beata beata you're like I'm going in and of course I had some delicious stuff they're so in non what I watched on the plane related


Nastassja so I didn't go to any restaurants only one that I don't have any restaurant recommendations I had all these people give me amazing restaurant recommendations so I can probably give you other people's recommendations but I did not go to restaurants because we were for adults 5 kids and then we met up with Miley and Wiley so and then we that was two more out of those two more kids so I wasn't about to try to go to a restaurant with even making Simple Plan's like let's go down the block which direction do you want to go in the block when you have that many people is complicated right so general what we did for dinner was is that we'd go traipsing around the city doing whatever we're going to do musee D'Orsay the loop-the-loop you say D'Orsay so much nicer as Museum in the Museum's long time ago did amazing Museum loo mean to have great stuff like from a food perspective I saw the Arkham boldo pictures where they know the Four Seasons where the faces are made of

fruit are there so many people crammed around all of the work that you're like a you don't even like like everyone who goes I know that Wily also everyone goes takes pictures of people looking at the Mona Lisa because a who really cares about the Mona Lisa but you have to drag your freaking kids do it you show up at this Museum in your leg okay kids we have to see the Mona Lisa about to see the Venus de Milo Murphy the winged victory we do they really care so they can say that they seen it where is it there's a is an amazing like Museum experience so we're going to do when they were side which is awesome oh my God we went to Versailles reading is picnic lunch

and the kids start feeding these ducks and my kids don't feed the freaking ducks and then a freaking Swan shows up and I'm like if you fierros with some little kids like if you feed that's one that's one will come over and rip your face off I was like that anyway so so first thing we did was we went to the catacombs and then I went to one of my favorite cheese shops kuttram and picked up for the very first night a big thing of mushroom on door which is one of my favorite cheeses love it it wasn't the best one I have to say but everyday all we did was go out and get cheese at the problem is is that parisians not that they're lazy but they don't seem to like to have their stores open on Sundays and Mondays it's like most of the finest cheese and meat shops are not open on Sundays and Mondays so of the four days I was there

2 days everything was shot and the last day we spent most of the day at Versailles but I did get to hit so amazing places I went to my on the last day of my favorite one of my favorite cheese shops in the world bartolome which is like right off of Route to Bach and stop in in Paris which is close we stayed in a fantastic place in the six right near the Luxembourg Garden made a lot of good food near food places around there so I walked in and had one of the best man doors they're apparently and spelled Bartholome would like a y in English but bartolome there suppose it's a little Jewel of the cheese shop where it's like all kind of old like wood and tile in like it's like cool and just like like a little almost like a shoebox this side of the wall and expensive freaking shoe box and they do they're like it like a phoenix downstairs and their famously kind of not very cool to people but we always like almost clothes we just gotten back from Versailles R train was delayed I run off the train with my cousin

can we run run over there I run in I'm like

I think it's that one ready for tonight and I'll do my basic night my you know my hacked up awful French at this lady and she's like yes yeah yeah it's like towards the end of the season but this is the best one in Paris right now like I take it I'm like that picked the wrong one is that cheese that you put on is you Rollin you turn into the flowers and bartolome one of the things they do what they do is they crazy roll it and then they make the flowers for you so you don't have to have is you Rollin They package it and they give it to you so I got one of those and I was talking to Nate turns out she speaks English in English about this year old and she's like so she started to take a shine to me you know even though the parents are not supposed to but baby cuz I was so aggressive about what Cheese's I wanted and they have an electric she roll she's like it's not so difficult for us to do this year old work because we have an electric girolle downstairs and she showed me her laugh and I space downstairs at your school and then recommended some hyper age I think she said three years three year old

play what you like the best contacts ever had and that same day we went to Shield Farrow which is the famous charcuterie place and again I was a little bit Agro which apparently work because they were extremely nice to me and a charcuterie place I was getting all sorts of Lionel Lionel intestine Bay sausage not be outside whole sausage made of intestine and Justin fantastic charcuterie they're also I found a cheese shop and I had never been to so I've been to Vin de bartolome before been to cut run before both run by women I went to another shop I've never been to before which I recommend if you're in Paris in near the Luxembourg Gardens where all they are is a Cooperative store selling products that are from the area around where Beaufort has made and they had a hydraulic

cheese Cleaver we like a laser line on it so they have these giant like hundred and change pound wheels of Beaufort Cheese 3 house several different kinds and then this Giant Knife will laser line on it and they would just turn this giant wheel in which is so much more impressive than that wire that people cut things with right cuz just like boom and they would sell it and they were mean to me on the first day I went there Romaine real mean the second day I went there and the third day I went there like hey whatsup and they were like so nice to me and I was like three times I brought you back some Beaufort from there my God it's like this old it's a sold before that you can't get in the US that summer it's summer but then aged over a year so it's like from not recent summer the summer before that it is ridiculous both for him also in there eventually once they're nice to you can be like our what else what else here what do I need to get and so she liked gave me

possibly the best wild blueberry jelly I've ever had in my life I'm not going to bring that back I'm not jumping on checked bags and then she hands me these walnuts and she's like these walnuts are the best Walnut I was like well don't tell the people from Grenoble that they're the best walnuts cuz they think they have the best and she goes these are from granola balls before cheese and I'll have to be for this week cooking issues

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