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Episode 356: Banana Wants to Clarify w/ Joshua David Stein

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Roberto's Pizzeria Lopez how you doing we even though we actually had the opportunity to start at 12 on the on the button for once she's like I got to go pee I got to go pee and you're always late why can't I be late and sleep because I am researching your questions people that is why I am late in the morning she would but I don't have the questions until I'm already getting ready to go to bed because I'm here for you why don't you. Lee ER

boom boom. How you doing excellent so you go baby go bye-bye. Joshua Joshua Joshua so you used to be the restaurant critic at The Observer that's the pink one was not pink anymore it doesn't exist anymore well that would make it not pink but you resign before they stop existing right correct because you and let's go over them ground rules are family show no cursing so I noticed that I listen to your podcast with Jamie Oliver and man likes to curse

let me tell you something else I also nastase do I enjoy cursing nastassia also very much enjoys cursing I love cruising for the record how many like eight year olds are listening right now should not be in school so anyway no cursing cursing and we are in general a political occasionally are views will seep through the very rarely you're a political on the show right in the real life I'm not a political show Dave yes sure there's a political and PG other than other than the cursing anastacio to nastase is also mostly a political here and also doesn't curse so you're getting that I will say this though pretty much other than that we're pretty much the way we are okay so you know if you know Nastasia from before she is pretty much still nastassia just minus the cursing in the political views arms crossed legs crossed

pokefind her about the pig and I will say something to show on Heritage Radio the Joshua David Stein variety hour half hour when I was here those bathrooms were not nearly as nice I have never I have I used to go to the bathrooms here every once in a while after I have an aversion to public restroom I have it at my own bar I have to go in to them to make sure that they're not filthy disgusting but otherwise I mean that's why I have a home so that I can. Like if you said to me hey Dave about have a very nice bed but what you don't fear not usually not but if you said you could choose between the bathroom and the bed I be like asking straight up

if you had to solve for like the better room in an apartment or home there was two bedrooms one with a bathroom but it was like like garbage room it it was actually somehow I'm mentally uncomfortable to sleep there but it had its own bathroom that would be my room

reverse is the one where you had to share the bathroom with like whoever else is in your house I feel like I'm a bedroom kind of guy involved in my own phone when I'm using the toilette that like the out the outer external external environment doesn't affect me as much by Joshua is editor editor larger editor website called Fatherland podcast with the same name which deals with dad issues the song she hates fathers by the way I would read on text message to test fathers and I would like to dig into but she says we can't return as long as you keep it on that semi food side you'll notice that this is technically related food show I will get to it as a father I would think that you would appreciate having two doors between you and the world

in the bathroom first of all like my kids especially Booker my my older son from the show number of times former employee of Nastassja Lopez's didn't get fired people did not he did not get fired they're still on good terms so he doesn't quite understand the I'm in the bathroom don't speak to me in the bathroom I am the only meat I'm just meet I'm like the dogs aren't their kids aren't there no one's there me time I really hate being talked to on in the bathroom yeah but I feel like some people it's okay with my son while he said that he's not listening though he might live to the backlog he demands company while he's going to the bathroom it's his choice though yeah but it's his choice not mine in like it's not super I mean we talk it's like good quality time I was also thinking this morning how old are your kids are 17 and 14

reminder 5 and 7 and so they're just getting out of it for five little kid poop is like the most touching think is their faith they're trying so hard you don't like they're just really pushing it out and it's adorable trying too hard you got to soften up that stool let's talk about food and diet to turn here to stay so she's not going to get mad at me daily will she loves Italy

the place does not like Italians because they only talk about two things that's that's one of those two things

you're not even trying to show off Mike eating in pursuing the true it's about food or whether they digested sometimes you know that you may be Italy already had its cultural moment northern and southern or Northern

because this is publicly and I'm just going to push back on that a little bit shift just talked to a fair number of Italians about subject matter falling outside of that car to not forget about other things politics yeah but I mean I look this is not mine so you have to go to the Stasi on the said nothing to nothing to do with it okay to call her on the air with a question about a talent

hi Dave this is Kristen GP from the green zone drink on the menu and have some questions about dinos

pooping yes

the first of all I wanted to know I haven't spend all but I know that this solid the amount of solid the rotor can contain is around 300 grams right it can contain up to the full capacity of the rotor the issue is is that

the issue is is that the pup doesn't distribute evenly so once you get over about three hundred like odds are it'll start leaking out over one of the areas where it's build up more you know I'm saying yeah because I figured I could do it on a liter or two whatever you know what this time but if I wanted to do enough for let's say a week's worth of service at the bar remote for multiple of any way to do a volume without having multiple spindles and let a little bit leak out and then do a Polish Spin and so that you'll you increase your ability to do without touching it depends on who's Dino but like for bananas do you know you can't really do more than about to leave before you start getting some banana leaks but if you do like a bunch of leaders and only stop it once it starts getting violently pissed off location to get violently pissed off at you but once you start leaking stuff out of the

duration Cup right but if you're going to capture enough of your solid so that you can just get it all on a polishing run and takes a lot physically longer but it's no it's not attended time if that makes sense right. Make certain tone for the polishing what I could just take the heat out they can do the whole batch of continuous say apple juice or grapefruit juice or orange juice then you know I've never liked usually the limitation is just my patients substances like bananas are dates with other dried fruit but then on your Second Spin then you can polish the whole Second Spin without touching it once

Star Trek the Next Ultra sp-l for modernist Pantry agents and you can buy you can also buy them on Amazon but modernist pantry is the only one that sells the fugly base Titus and otherwise you'll be putting shrimp into people's stuff but I have to go to daylight so for the Forbidden Island Casino he said he was using those as well as he wants to clarify a banana wants to clarify dude is that true because I am an actual expert on clarification are you also actually next month going to be

I get it it will help it settle faster on the polishing run though so what I recommend is I would do the entire initial run just FPL clear out your salads and then if you want to flock that stuff harder you can hit it with the D1 D2 while you're waiting someone looked at us held their stomach and maybe I feel sick look they can look directly at us and gave us this Italian guy and he's like eyes look at these guys I want to eat but I need to poop I think the guy with the scarf the movements are a little loose in him sweep Italian food yes in the in the large centrifuge they are mostly used in high acid applications but in the spins all I tend to use them in any application because they increase

filling and compacting they really mean Presa compacting rate

now what was what was he talking about Italians and you didn't agree before you get into you actually have another caller on their yeah I know they promised they was the question was about aliens

or what what was that I don't what was he talking I did not understand any

oh I was just asking when I told you that we were a family show and be a political I should have also mentioned we're very nice Hindi show or can you just tell me like in one word what just what so they know we're talkin about clarifying juices & Liquors in centrifuges with separate out silence based on density your typical first I would have proved everything was off at you does it mean he was a bar in DC I know at this point I'm like anyone whose ears happen to be hitting this are like I don't know how many times I got to hear about the damn shift like rarely in my life

a solid block of 10 minutes right which I know is an English but I've absolutely no idea you're welcome to my life I really like the line but yeah that's a no no no no bananas seek clarification of the right so it happens to be the first thing I attempted to clarify was bananas and they happen to clarify very well so who knows where nastase and I would be in life if we had chosen something is more difficult to clarify ask you I know we have a collar but like are some things in the world they tend towards clarification and some things in the world tend towards a few station that's for sure liquidity just like also metaphorically well both probably huh yes clarification to be very clear about very obscure points

so I wrote a book I wrote a book literally it's about my new show try to make clear points about stuff that very few people care about it's pretty well actually but just Asia uses it famously only to keep hot and cold foods separate it's not too heavy and yet it is a piece of Styrofoam with to Masonite boards be lighter even then liquid intelligence

are you someone nastassia who tends towards clarification in your life or options station

telling you how she feels but everything else pretty much what do you think

every color you have a question about Italians out here

no I do not know I don't believe you

what is your question

called in a couple weeks ago about that gumbo sausage don't have nothing on that but had a question that sort of okay real quick I was thinking I have a chamber vacuum machine if I pull a full packing my bats

that won't be the first to equivalents that the experience if I were to put just a corny keg and it's not it's okay is a good question I'll go back to my old old Dave old cooking issues I'll put your talking about here is using shifting pressures to increase either marination or penetration of flavorful things into in this case meets now when you're using a vacuum what you're doing is you're removing all of the are so if there's zero are on the inside of a product you get there's like zero net effect on it then when you release the pressure when you release the vacuum that 15 psi comes in and it's like hitting it with a 15 psi kind of wave of pressure now what's the effect on the product well

when you putting something under high vacuum it tends to boil Parts here actually separate in the fibers so there is some effect of fiber separation do if you have a high enough vacuum there's some effect to five or separation due to the boiling out of the of the water as it as it turns to a vapor under the low pressure and then you'll get some injection into that space when they when the pressure we hits now there are in the professional World they use vacuum tumbling and it opens up the pores and interstitial places inside of the meeting and they tumble under a vacuum and those people and never run the tests claim if you suck too hard of a vacuum it actually hinders that sort of action because instead of just opening it up it'll open and then collapse that meat back together again is it true is it false I don't know what happened under pressure is you're taking something and forcing past atmosphere way past atmosphere so the most pressure you're ever going to get let's say you had a sponge the most pressure ever going to get in a vacuum scenario

15 psi overpressure to inject into something right in a pressure scenario you can easily do 60 PSI which is 4 times more pressure than you get out of a vacuum so pressure is always more effective at jamming something into something then is then his a vacuum that make sense

how long if I were to just get CO2

you know what effect that has on the meat

I don't it will have some effect it'll shift to p h also when you cook it the CO2 is going to vaporize back out of it I don't know what it's going to do for instance to the color of it if I don't we might have no effect on the on the redox state of the meat I don't know realize though that the CO2 will go into solution in the meat and when you release the pressure you'll get some bubbling of the Hill gets like some bubbling so if you fully carbonate them eat it will like I remember back when I was first doing forced carbonation people like everyone wanted to carbonate solids and I was like first of all I really like the taste of carbonated fruit because it tastes like a spoiled food critic back me up ice cream in carbonate the liquids that are not frozen in ice cream but it's hard to get and also I once blew up a Taylor ice cream machine the French culinary Sous and Mason ice cream Savant came over and we tried to hook a CO2 tank up to a tailor

ice cream machine RI blue all the seals that sprayed sprayed base every first of all if you're going to do it what kind of moron starts with with ice cream base instead of with like sorbet this idiot this idiot and I was never forgiven by the pastry department but the point is that carbon dating is a pain in the butt but I did eventually do wine jelly song I gelatin set so I would do is I would I would force carbonate warm gelatin at very high pressure very high pressure 100 PSI in soda bottles with carbonated wine and gelatin and then you would cut the bottle open to get out there the carbonated champagne Jell-O Jell-O and it was so much force on the inside of it that like the the jail would if you didn't make a hard gel it would self rupture it would sit there in like you know it would like a lien on you it would like

Mattox yeah Everyone likes

like a hyperbaric chamber for a Crosman CO2 freezing the base in there and what not there's no way to get a carbonated ice cream if you go with extremely high pressure right you will get some Sensation that the issue is the question you have to ask yourself is how cold is it right so if you're taking it at you know if your age so if you're taking it at draw temperature which is about what 22 Fahrenheit someone there you're going to have and that's what you would draw it out of the machine at it you know you're going to have X I have to look at the curb but you're going to have X liquid left in it not frozen that liquid can be carbonated the solids cannot so people like what they make carbonated yes there are ice crystals and there is liquid it is the liquid that is carbonated not the ice crystals there's no carbonated normal pressure regimes there is no carbonated Feist there is carbonated liquid mixed with ice crystals so slushies are Easy Ice Cream not

easy you can probably get some sensation of it if you use extremely high pressures but then had a hockey going to freeze it yada yada

judge very good decisions and stuff I appreciate it but you can use pop rocks you can fold Pop Rocks but they might melt so you probably coat the pop rocks and fold them in any way let us know how you're so we done with Italians you want to talk more about how you Italian Food Fest know that's going on on your phone because she doesn't pay attention to anything I say anyting to call her say she sits there used to be she shops for shoes never buys are real. Never buys them never buys them

Zappos Joshua this is the most on Mike Thai massages hadn't any show in like the last 6 months

no it participates sometimes but like four feet away from the microphone but today you sir got her to be

like the food so that it shows out on the Twitter Ono but now that lady will be happy so I hate I hated on beta males it turns out that it's not a it's not a betta fish that happens to email right it's like the opposite of an alpha male right which is everybody supposed to hate alpha males culturally and I was dating a beta male how many days how many days more

oh lawd he he knew what you didn't like he's like I have to I have to assert myself

we're done

I told him I was like I don't do you and he's like turns out I don't I mean he's my friend I mean you might have

you might have misread whether he's beta or Alpha my friend alpha male and Alpha and beta clothing 100% no beta male would say I am a beta male which is a clear concise force will statement right only an alpha male would say that I have to say I like this guy has written several books at what time do you prefer when you're riding with somebody what term do you prefer as your what's the term of art that you use because I mean it's something that we need to go she ate in the contract as well like if I'm not listed at all which hasn't been the case as far as my ego is way too big I would be a Ghostwriter but you know whether you're on the cover what is your name

is it West is it and all those things are subjected endless negotiation when your names on the need a copy of your book so I can read it we can talk about it but apparently you don't have a copy of your book I don't I'm not guy that will actually read your entire but I'll send to show up for the future. By the way this is a hundred percent sure if you had a restaurant in DC on high-concept restaurant in DC open another place right like like right now so we got the book deal two years ago the book is called notes from young black Chef it's out

how old is he he's 29 now I can't deal two years ago so he was 27 it's out by yeah so two years ago he was about to open this restaurant called the child issue which is a with a 16 seed super expensive the most expensive restaurant I think in DC part 4 mini bar we got the deal the restaurant opened shut virtually immediately three months just it was an unmitigated disaster lotteries until you there the whole time you know I live in New York so I was like making the the trip but I was the drive down there for opening night opening night when Tom sietsema the critic of the Washington Post Washington Post he was the second person through that kitchen

and it was just as it was

the partners weren't restaurant people that didn't understand restaurants Kwame was young and didn't have a lot of institutional support to run a restaurant I'd like the EMP level that he wanted it was just kind of impossible and because DC is the market that DC is because Kwame is not from DC he was met with extreme hostility I would say like $195 for a tasting menu from a young chef with no track record without a wine and service that's aggressive pricing and like I'm of two minds one I'm not up to much of one mind you charge that much money and you have to be on your A-game they're just there's no excuses you know it's not like you can have a like if you if you needed a. To get your feet under you charge less or do you like a one-year friends and family or something

so here's the question because he's actually if it's about this kind of stuff you're still reading or reading her Zappos she's on Amazon shopping for hurts my feelings a little bit if you like I should tell her that it's distracting come on whole thing in the book is so basically told the restaurant closes he kind of goes on this journey and opens another restaurant called kith and kin which is like vastly more affordable and kind of N and has been very successful to the InterContinental Hotel in The Wharf which is like a new development in DC yeah that's a big part of the book some of his child that you know you grew up in the Bronx Nigerian went to live in Nigeria for 2 years as a teenager cuz he's getting in trouble up in the Bronx came back hustled his way through culinary school worth it Kraftwerk the EMP were two per se

experienced a lot of

racism in fine dining kitchens it's talked about

names aren't often named you're not mentioning who it was that was evil yeah we do is give me horrible places I think everyone a lot of people who listen to this who work in kitchens know that a lot of people are trying to change the culture but it is not has not historically been yeah but I think the first step is as I'm sure a lot of people notice just being honest and open about about what's going on you know and not sugarcoating it or not feeling any sort of Shame and calling it out for what it is the journey the interesting part for me of writing the book what is a co-writer is

and where my head is a Critic inserted like a judgmental person in general is like I wanted for me to be apologetic and like hop to his Hubris in opening the shaw Bijou and he never fully does cuz he doesn't see it that way and as a writer as a co-writer I eventually came around to seeing why he thought the way he did and why he wasn't really willing to issue a Mia culpa and tell you I should have done that I should have been more humble I should have followed the rules and all these things cuz when you look at the path of his life you know he's like a poor kid from the Bronx he's a black poor black kid from the Bronx if he had followed the rules and done everything according to the system the system is not designed to reward him you know the sisters there's systemic and structural structural inequality said if he didn't hustle and if you didn't follow his own rules and go out and then break rules you probably wouldn't get to the place where he is

so it was like a learning experience for me to check my own gut instinct of what a failure what the proper response to a failure should be running like that are you trying to write it in his voice or are you riding so you so you have to get into his head have to understand his position cuz if you don't you can't write the book so it was a process I think it so I'm writing a Malco writing a bunch of other cookbooks as well

at one point I was trying to just do his spoken voice but that's not really it's a different voice it's different mediums who uses a different voice for writing and he needs to that written voice wasn't quite developed yet because he's not a writer you know so I think I feared a little too informal than I feared a little too formal to write early and then we kind of reach this good ground which it's it's his voice is so his Spirit but my words and like I'm not a chef it's not my story but I am a professional writer and so I can try to shape and tease out aspects of the story and make it flow I don't know if you know this most chefs don't actually want to be presented with what they sound like most everyone doesn't want to be protected with what they found you need to show

term likes it there are some writers who become the voice of particular people


like I'm doing a book now with Donna Leonard from ilbuco and it's great you should go when they first got hit and I didn't either working or I'm home I remember what date remember when the Board of Health for started new can people on on having vacuum machines in restaurants like a year after it you'll bucco got Nails very first people in the city there nailed for doing their own sugar and we were all at home and now this I'm sure they were also I tried to interview them about it because I was writing something for food Arts now-defunct food arching back the time back when the Great Michael batterberry still alive and yeah we were all like we were you know everyone has been waiting for that shoe to drop and then they were like oh my God is the pickle shoe going to drop is there so many shoes to drop in this

with a trade and it did the guy named the guy's name is Bernardo Flores she's the head of the swimming program he lost his entire program was just cleared out by the deal with the impetus for opening alimentari which has its own very by-the-book very like code driven salumi program was that rate I mean that was a huge blow I think for Donna for her and for a lot of other people that were looking to to them for you know what was going to I was going to happen I mean it sucked to be honest it sucked real hard but the I mean what sprung from that is a line of kind of much more educated

Chefs of the Next Generation who started knowing that they were going to get their behinds handed to them and so they start with Hassett plans and they you know it's I guess it's good I mean there are some people who I know in the early days

you know wanted to do a lot of kind of interesting a lot of interesting salumi projects it probably wouldn't get past approve so like slightly less acidic or slightly less than a pH drop off of their off of their sausages you know but whatever I mean it's not the job of a deal wage to allow you to do everything you want is a job of them to make you safe I mean it's bouncing innovation in public health so I'm doing the. Of work I'm doing at Wilson tangs book for No More by the weather in stassi is sponsoring the show you were in the bathroom when it happened but how the heck is the Museum of food and drink have money as fast as does that mean I'm sponsoring Mile and she asked me for money at the end of the year like do you do on the board of directors you got to give you money

so I can perfect my own show it's like it's it's perpetual motion machine people doesn't work any time you try to present a perpetual motion machine will you get sick a Ponzi schemes are you going to put money in my money back out now it doesn't work that way with the real winners are the listeners thought they have different different voices you know so I'm more interested that God has different voice and call me call me as a different voice of Wilson Wilson has different voice from Donna and something that I like as a writer is to be able to find their voices and work with them to craft that that to me right now seems more interesting than being long-term with one you know which one chef and his name from evil twin

yeah you said Mama poopy was in the research kitchen for a while there with Dan Felder and you know he was being it hold the road please in like I didn't know mine. I just fancy it's like all of the okay Corral places he's a super talented Chef to write you know again that was a book ride no idea about beer going into it I had written a review for The Observer about Taurus and I think I found something for the times to still open and now they're actually venturing back into the tasting menu Land

but I just got the message they don't know it was like a paring might like the it was a pairing menu but done only with beers but incredibly well-chosen beers and you know it's kind of a New Concept A New Concept if it open today would be a new country those meals are some of the best meals I've had I did I do feel like there's still a residual

prejudice against high and beer pairings even though more and more people are doing it the idea of it just didn't come here for them also they opened in a place that had more foot foot foot traffic they put her cuz like if you can tap into the 8 million people that are here you can be at your like we are nice by the way nastase so bored by our conversation and not able to use her phone if she's hit her forehead against her Mike what is going on with you right now it's later

l-citrulline Hannah's garbage I thought I like you radio station before is that we eat the pizza Museum so they can pay for my own show and then we get a pizza that was the master Vault Reflections from Nastasia from the attack is that and forget that I just shafted him and I went to the Amazon and I'm reminded at how much I hate most Amazon reviewers so some a hole this is like you're not allowed to you're not allowed

search out people's usernames find their homes and cut their cut cut them into tiny pieces but some reviewer wrote

summer you were bought this book thinking it was going to be about how they could at home pair like Budweiser with like what kind of buffalo wing sauce. Not what I wear face I'm like an idiot Road way off base all the other ones like talking about the book about like the program about this all right I got to eat there this book encapsulated my meal amazing bottle of this one guy

we are peace out like a lazy and some of them

play the four stars just like a little bit disappointing what do you mean it's like I used to get that to the thing is like the longer that spawned no no no no no no no no no I are reviewing things if we read what your writing try to be a human because it hurts us has her Niche right like so

in 5 reviews it only takes one a whole to like totally bumpy down like two three stars because I had one guy

book book arrived damaged from Amazon

and if and I actually now do go they had they no longer have something not helpful they just have a report but I now make it a habit like I did now of going through and being like this review is not helpful this is garbage review reviews occasionally I used to only do what do something I would read it and I'll go I will go banana lama ding dong xanh on people but the thing is is that you know now that you know anyone anyone in there you know can doesn't have to put on a you know you know pants or whatever to you know write a review right back with a little bit more cooking issues

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that was my money paid for that my money totally break in Rose is a coffee grinder Sam wants to know if I can modify the cad drawing Sam I would love to the problem is it that the Pharos lives in Connecticut and my CAD program lives in New York and I would need it I literally took my old drawing and used a drill and a knife and made it my my old print out use a drill in nice and made it work but I will try it's going to take me awhile but I will try to get an updated 3-D drawing available for that

somewhat interested Chris is interested in making a white vermouth like dolin Blanc or similar like to avoid oxidized in the wind too much in the process of adding the additional alcohol sugar herbs and spices would be reasonable to use ascorbic acid for this purpose and then seal it and topped off bottles tightly I would guess he has to alcohol and sugar with bouncy digital Miner City the score be casted my goal is to avoid Shari other oxidized off times you don't never use ascorbic acid to stop oxygen oxidation in wine I just use oxygen exclusion so if you can you know just put them in a bottle like put them even in a in a try to get the British soda bottles they have a higher Vapor Barrier than American ones do I think if they're using the good ones and then squeezed out all of the air and or exclude are with solid until there's almost zero are and you'll get very little oxidation I'm assuming assuming I'm assuming your arms are already dried so they're probably not going to oxidize that much you can try adding score

gassett I don't think it's going to hurt you but I don't know how much it's going to help just ask you whether you want to listen to Brett can you talk about your method for knowledge acquisition when you have to learn about a new domain you seem especially good at knowing where to go and how to appraise the relative quality and it was information you find maybe an example of how you go about learning wrestling you don't currently know to give a sense of how you work through Atwell

Nastasia hates that I do this it actually takes a like a good chunk of my life first of all what I am my hobby is to learn things like that's my heart that's what I enjoy doing so

I just go into deep holes and stassi gets real mad she's like oh my God my wife also met Jens like Dave are you going into first fall cuz when I go into a hole on something that usually involves buying something so that I can test out about the weatherman know what the weatherman for this new the show

halex select the issue is what I first do I stolen if it's the scientific thing I've stolen access to a I won't say which university but to their online library system and I will go look at Trump Universe search and if once in a new subject on the scientific side once you read 20 or 30 articles in something you can kind of get a feeling for where the scholarship is trending and you can also get a feel if you look at the bibliographies kind of they're not called big are the sites the references you can kind of get an idea if 3 people are all sore for 5 people are all siding the same study and then you can make a judgment as to whether or not that study is garbage on the non-science side usually I try to link in I have a very keen bs-22

and so as soon as I have a certain group of things where if I hear people start saying those things I instantly discount a lot of what they say in general so certain Health claims people make certain Health claims instantly I'll kind of throw away a lot of what they're saying other than just opinion I'll throw away a lot of the fact based information if they have or if they if someone is making serious scientific mistakes or mistakes of fact because honestly most of the stuff that I'm reading

that information doesn't need to be in there so someone's adding information that they don't need into their writing and that information is incorrect usually in my mind that means I'm not trusting this person they're not writing from something that they actually know deep what they're doing is gathering information if they have only tangential kind of knowledge about enter injecting it into their writing to try to make it more real right you start she doesn't care that's why she's on her phone

okay she's playing with her anyway so there's that and then off and there are one or two people that you trust you see what they think and then you go read their stuff and then you go down and then you just blew me go why I feel like I'm trying to think back on what is to learn things cuz I would say my hobbies to create things a little bit different I wish I was more like you but I feel like I have the urge to create sometimes before I know enough to actually create the thing that I want but the way that I gather information like right now I'm thinking about I've been on a Buddhist Journey for some years now but it's like I start reading one text and then I see all the texts mostly books but all the texts they reference or one teacher than he was their teacher than like what with that lineage and kind of trace it back that way or if I'm reading about them literary scene you know I I I tried to catch all the

no references that whatever the author is making contemporaneously and then going wide in that way just to get an understanding of like what was the year that they found themselves in and try to get as many viewpoints into that room as possible and I'm sure then also like in Buddhism sure you also seek out people so that you can bounce what you found off of them right before with the with riders you talk to other writers and you try to say your domain is with in food have to go eat right and so there are whole styles of and its image to hear what you say about writing on this cuz their whole styles of food in the United States where my main gripe is that the person is so like hamburgers and pizza specifically are to American American style hamburgers be there is no other South hamburger pizza

have you tried the canned hamburger by the way you heard about this the Germans making you with the Germans don't know how to make

hamburgers they know how to make them and a hamburger is an American singer and in Germany they they put meatloaf in a bun anyways Richard could be a great meatloaf sandwich I think that's hard right that's called like

like a gun it's like I you don't want to you have it

you having anxiety is causing anxiety of influence right and I think Harold Bloom was a literary critic who talked about it where you don't want to learn about what came before cuz you do have to take xiety that you don't want to repeat it now as a writer and I'm sure it's the same and I think this is what you're pushing up against it takes a certain level of like maturity and Security in yourself to be to be able to expose yourself to other

you could look at them as competitors and I think that that's why it where I fall short and I think that's where a lot of other people fall short too but so you try to isolate yourself so what you're doing is so original because you feel insecure that if you go eat something else you might be influenced by Don dually or you won't you'll fall short and someone you know I have I think by the way I think not smartly put myself in this like in a creative mode where you know I'm trying to not do what everyone else is as been doing right you so I got caught up in that kind of wave of innovation and Technology you know in the early 2000s and I'm still riding it and I'm kind of food and Cocktails and I don't think it's healthy honestly but having done it long enough it is nice

it is nice to be in a position where I am never worried and I liked it like Innovation is great but also just having absorbing enough of other what other people are doing such that you don't feel like anyone's going to come out of left field and throw you for a loop or if someone says to you something on your like that I don't know I don't know about that you're not going to feel embarrassed because you like I know I know enough about this that like I feel like Rock Solid I feel like I can speak you know any without having to worry about having to take it back you know it's a fine line there I think it like

I just think like from a restaurant standpoint Princeton the tendency from a journalistic lens is to make comparisons like there's Awards and then there's 10 pieces and there's all these things and it's almost like I can tell from a respiratory respiratory perspective there is an in baked sense of competition and when you're really struggling I think it's hard to see other respiratory sometimes as your cohort and your colleagues of itsfunneh right like in the bar business and your back you know before this chefs most of the time it's only becomes very successful other people will carp on them that's just the way it is but on the other hand I'm going to support them in public cuz you have to support them you genuinely want other people to do well but there's always a sense there's a real there's always a sense of competition but I think it can be healthy as long as it's not as long as it's not

kind of pernicious as long as it doesn't stop you from being friends cuz I think he has a lot of these people actually like they are friends I mean but that doesn't mean that you can't be like us to do a better job yeah well it's like what you do with that competition they can spare you to do better A lot in her mind going on and not having to do with anything any of you care about and I will have a little time left on talk about this

food meals do you like them or just like them Joshua Mills signals I like them because they always jam up and let me say this I don't like cleaning I don't like using too cuz I have to go backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards and forth I hate JJ basil friend of mine shaft he went to his mom's house and I would have told the story on our way to his mom's house was making I think mashed potatoes Sheehan some of food meal he opened up the door of her house and just threw it as hard as he could into the street and shut the door looks like now you want to worry about that I was like you know what age a little aggressive but I'm with you I will have to say I recently moved and I don't have any kitchen equipment like I'm starting from scratch and it's been amazing what I'm separated It's been a

but it's been amazing how many recipes that I don't need to use any equipment like just weather and I do a lot of baking and I don't need anything but my hands and it's liberating cuz I used to be such a slave to you know if the recipe called for a food mill if it called for a while I guess whatever specialty equipment I would go get it if the recipe calls for a female get get get you a different messages that you don't need any of that kind of Technology

yeah where the stuff they can fall off the plane and you still land safely anyway but I hate food meals for a number of reasons but I mean I guess if I had to get rid of one I'll get rid of puppy mills we can talk about a little bit because no one likes a boy that we talked about this person waiting on that so the

so anyway I bought a a potato ricer attachment cuz I'm testing it for testing purposes and a half amazing no one in the US has one of these it's like it's like a stick attachment potato ricer and I was like this is garbage who does all my god well I'm writing something it's not a potato but like I don't want to use a potato ricer not the hand when I have hand ones their nightmare because you have to load him in here's the thing in a food mill your little potato a potato ricer on the end of the stick can't do right it can't do it a food mill can do which is kind of trap seeds and skins so something that all of us who live with high-powered blenders would like to take the tomato

and if you can't see the Seas anymore you can't see the skin so I no longer need to peel or seed my tomatoes and I'm booster by the fact that has some Blumenthal prove that there's more Umami in the jelly around tomato seed that the reason the rest of the Tomato all true but the seeds themselves have no flavor and the Skins are intensely bitter so you should peel those suckers and you should get rid of the seeds and just keep the jelly it's around the Seas which is actually good for a strainer or in a pinch I could use a Tammy anymore now that we've lost the benefits of Tammy's and food meals anyway I want to know if anyone out there has used a potato ricer or I can come up with a different use for potato ricer because I am interested in potato ricers now because I think I thought was going to be garbage was in fact was infected

ISO massage type because we are not a political and we are humans we're talkin about the Virginia and if you should happen to live in a hole under the ground every apparently politician in Virginia has either been in practice

living in Virginia Virginia has become a real life would you rather know what I mean like like we'd rather have like your feet for hands or hands for feet like things are horrible you have to choose between them so now it's what year rather have you know someone running your state who dresses in black please or would you rather have someone was at least the sexual assault there at least

feed mills are puppy mills man

I'm not a Defender Fairfax I'm just saying that he's not being a he's being accused of sexual assault or sexual assault yes possible rape because that's what we're dealing with right now I think that's the choice of Virginia deserve better and they don't deserve to make that choice whatsoever no puppy mills and no food

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