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Episode 355: If a Milk Steams in the Forest...

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is there a relay to gamer really freaking late again

22 below Perez and Matt in the booth how you guys doing today I don't even know people care about my excuse anymore but today the sassy and I went on a wild chi-x and goose chase cuz we have to do a demo after this was Titus and because we're getting ready to gear up for another push of a spinzall Mania are our is our next shipment as benzos on the water or no no not yet they should be here by let's say March that freaking long I'm just going to say that because if I say end of February we're going to get all if they don't then they supposed to get through Amazon so they may make it to the us at the end of February but the Amazon Capone it is

can you believe people that takes payday tell if we open a bar in Queens where we going to do an Amazon opens your idea where you were going to do so for those of you that you know listen to the show you know that like Nastasia has I hate hate relationship with the Amazon Corporation now every every nickel that nastase and I make is derived from selling our products on Amazon you know we saw a couple things on my dress pants pretty much be our revenue is Amazon to ride

and their favorite thing to do is to not pay us that their favorite thing to do

yeah they receive that she like we hand them like I say we I mean Hong Kong Chris hands them a whole bunch of Sears Al's in in China which is this is our contract they put them on their own boat and then ship them to the United States and then an Amazon boat and amma's well Amazon contract together we made it on the boat I don't know maybe it's a bizos boat I have no idea so this is what happens is invariably they want from the stassia who by the way lives here in New York and you know we are Booker and Dax anyway distancia proof that they have arrived in the warehouse in the United States and where

well hello Amazon your boat your boat your factory your people you are Seaver you you know what I mean like we hated you crap in China and that's the that's it that's all there is to it so instead he wants to do is sell so Amazon is moving a big you know one of their headquarters to Long Island City Queens esta she wants to open a bar there just so what she can do is sell gift cards to Amazon workers for Anastasia by the way is going to quit every other job she has just to be the host which is a rancid job for those are there a host out there God bless you God bless a good host you know what I'm saying ratchet job so so she's all she's going to do is be the hose and when they come in with their gift cards she's going to be like

why don't know can you can you prove you can you prove you bought that person yet find the person who sold you the gift but I bought it over the internet I don't know man I don't know if she's going to do that so they never get their drinks and just so you know this is exactly the kind of vindictive person in the stassi is like she would figure out something anyway so let's hit some questions Hero by the way I don't know if you know this people the telephone number for this radio station is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 before I get last night we did a Bobby Burns and Industry Grey Goose so strangely Doug Grey Goose is like half Scots and so he's like we're going to do Grey Goose was going to pay for to a vodka company a French vodka company paid for a Bobby Burns night with haggis yesterday at existing conditions

freaking delicious have you had haggis haggis either you're vegetarian

or you just have some sort of mental thing about it if I just told you like Boats Plus like good stuff you would eat it anyway they made me read first we had a bagpiper, they hire this amazing a bagpiper Al Gonzales used to play in the in the NYPD pipe and so we brought pipes we had a haggis and but it was an American-made haggis oh no lungs unfortunately he apparently next year and try to smuggle in a haggis with lumps in it cuz a real height is his lungs but as you know lungs are illegal to sell the United States so we get this Piper and like the whole from the bars like what day starts playing in the front of the bar like I talk to him going to get back on the bagpipes again I have to write the sous vide people I have like two I have a couple of hobbies in my life that I pick up and drop pick up and drop pick up and drop one of them

to be book that's not a hobby I'm being paid to do that so I need to do that but the other one eight I can't believe it's called a freaking sous-vide book it's not really sous-vide book first of all I lost that battle about calling sous vide so long ago but it still pisses me off to no end that everyone calls it sous-vide even though very few techniques in the in the book of going to require a vacuum machine too long to get in here in math

decisive things still thinks there's an outside chance that I'd become a civil war re-enactor if I haven't I haven't gone in the Civil War holes people so what happened in the Stasi oh, she's like what what do you what are you doing did you did you do the drawings for the for the next me know blah blah I can't talk about it but blah blah blah and I'm like I just read 600 pages of Shelby Foote Civil War of course you know but she when she wants her Bachelor time we she wants her Bachelor time that was back in the day when I had time you watch that crap I know you are I have no idea what's going on did you see the Upper East Side rap

your favorite line is they say that time that I forget where I come from no I actually remember where I came from Leslie Jones's if Hannah pasta flyer menu she didn't trust you at first she didn't trust anyone that would draw a picture of her and like and she was like I don't trust it and then she was like right now in Frederick later podcast and I enjoyed I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on a based ice cream I'm trying to find a way to streamline the process to making the base and cooking the eggs without having to temper and then heat them again to 160 270 and then allowing them to cool my thoughts are just shoot me the entire thing's beeping ingredients and all and then just drain coolant freeze Ln that's like a Mexican people

Brahmin having is I want to make 12 batches of the base of the time and having to cook eggs step the flavoring and having it cook the eggs and stupid flavor ingredients with this large batch even be possible this manner would you have any suggestions there I mean 12 quarts of base is Union in Union Union Union in like about six times the amount that we used to make but we make you can make all that in the circulator I'd put like probably do you know the way that we used to do it if you're going to do sous-vide on a on a bass like that is to put them all in a vacuum bag about you know two quarts per bag suck the vacuum make sure they don't leak and then throw them in for a 82 to 83 degrees Celsius for you know between 15 and 20 minutes pull them out and then throw them on the counter slap slap slap slap slap slap them otherwise a textured weird and then they're they're good they're pasteurized and you know that they stay good for a long time I saw some very fast cooling down that way cuz you can just throw them

the ice bucket but it is kind of a lot to do with me read the rest of your that's how I would do it if you were going to do it in the bag you get very good flavor now while I normally tell everyone that you can do almost everything in a ziplock bag that you can do in a vacuum bag and that's mostly true one of the advantages of putting things in a vacuum bag with with ice cream base is you can blend the eggs with the baseball it literally with a blender blend the eggs with the base I do it with the knot with the cream with the milk so usually I'll blend the eggs with the milk then add the cream stirring so I'm not over whipping cream but it Blends up the closet so you don't really need to strain that much it's kind of nice that way the disadvantage of bagging is yet to be very Vigilant when you're using a vacuum machine with with with a bit with a face with eggs in it think about eggs and milk to the biggest phone capturing things that you can get and so you know what happens if the base

make some real Run for the border so you need like relatively big bags and you a lot of air space so that you have time to hit the stop Button as the bass flies towards the seal Barn wants to shoot out the milk / cream and suvi only the wait wait out liquid yolk and then blending the to warm ingredients together which would eliminate the extra step of tempering the eggs in cooking the whole base together again a couple of things one when you're in at the I think I should have some beer before but when you're making it a custard base for an ice cream you know well known you know delicious ice cream makers like Sam Mason for instance don't like that tastes so much of cook eggs so he actually does super low temperature pasteurization of the eggs but doesn't Cook Out the custard base right so the two things you're doing you're doing well three things one year at your heating the milk to steep tea flavors in right so that's one milk and or cream 1/2

you are you know you need to add some point pasteurize your egg yolks and 3 in by the way one easy way to do this this whole tempering nonsense is toomics D is too only steep in a part of your base rights to heat steep part of your base makes rest of the base back in with cold stuff into your eggs and then put that makes directly into the hot and it won't curl but whatever I digressed especially if there sugar in the especially the sugar goes in with the egg yolks and some of the liquid mix the sugar will also protect against Coeur d'Alene so if you have if you have some of the liquid blood sugar with the with the egg yolk mix you shouldn't need to do that much tempering to get it back into your sleeping liquid but again I digress

but he doesn't like the taste of a cooked egg so you pasteurize egg yolks and put them into into his milk milk cream whatever it whatever flavor based the other but that the thing that you get from the standard cooking of bring it bring it up and making like a you know Standard Time on Glazier custard base is that the whole mix gets thicker and when it gets thicker it affect the texture of the ice cream one as it melts but to what its melting properties are so you know my experience is that sticker bases have a you know a different kind of meltdown now if you get a Super Hyper stabilized like a gelato you know some of those gelatos and this is why they don't them so hard with flavor because when you add geez Louise Hay I was not face towards anything I did the real sneeze don't know give me some people need to sneeze Nastasia

mini when you have when you add as much stabilizers and thickeners as they do in Italian gelato you need to really add a lot of trees need a lot of a flavoring and that's I think also why they got in the habit of adding so much freaking color this is why gelato is so freaking detectors great right but very heavily stabilized so when you when you're sickening you can get that sickness from doing it on glazed base and egg custard egg the cook eggs thickening does obscure flavors somewhat this is why some people like the eggless flavor of let's say of Philadelphia style ice cream which is just kind of a a cream milk base without a lot and by the way that stuff is good but only good the instant you make it like for any of those and we said this before who lived in the New York metropolitan area

you know in the 80's 90's Breyers ice cream used to be a straight Philly Philly ice cream have the words had didn't have eggs didn't have any stabilizers and it sucked right if you lived at the factory and you got it right when it came out of machine and you ate it then it was great which is like all that Philly style stuff but then you know if you put it in your freezer be kind of blows anyway especially Breyers used to sell it and a half gallon get what do you never got that out west right and Sasha you know I'm talking about whether or not I'm going to buy a product you know what I mean like it doesn't make any sense

what if it's an ingredient that is very, but it's in another language in the kid can't pronounce it like what if I'm eating fat-free what if I'm eating gooseneck Barnacles and the kids like you needed more for me you know what I mean like I hated that advertisement put the even worse thing about it is now Breyers was like a you know what this stuff sucks and they added a whole bunch of stabilizer to it's now they can't even say that no offense Philadelphia people who grew up near the factory and it was good when you were going to whatever anyway. So point is is that

I'm cooking egg also gives texture for meltdown you can add that texture back with thickeners but be aware that like when you're doing Italian gelato if you add stabilizers you're going to be masking flavor and if you match flavor you need to add a lot extra even the fat in in like cream masks flavors which is why some people and I actually one of these people really enjoy chocolate sorbet do you like chocolate sorbet nastassia I love it because it's like as chocolatey it's as chocolatey as you can get right not as smooth and creamy but it says chocolate as you can get in a frozen confection in my opinion

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Elliott half an hour road and haven't heard from him in a while and I I don't know there's two questions on this I'm going to find the other one will do me the same time any tips on making infusion with dry herbs in grain alcohol eating people called herbs

Musashi's like don't care I'm going to kill you and then here we're back into also we have another question in on the similar thing on infusions from Todd so I will be them together Elliott we will take all the same time I'm running from Park Slope of the question I'm making a Morrow using isi whipper I forget today ever land on EC or is it is I hear I can't remember because it was one of the us and one in Europe and they decided on one and I can't remember don't be like don't know.

five minutes against the questions I have 7 minutes and whatever to make some nice and fusion Sanam re thanks for sharing your methods and have had good success making merry with 80-proof vodka and Rapid infusion to get good extractions in my Sprite flavors in a Roma that said the common wisdom on the internet seems to be that you need 151 or Everclear to get good extractions I think the easy technique probably offset some of the need for high-proof Spirits my thought is that high proof in the Whipper and diluting after extraction might give the best quality is this a good idea what I end up with great extractions will it be too aggressive and dryer bad flavors they get left behind with a lower proof is there any way to know what ingredients would likely give a good or bad result in higher proof so I can avoid a lot of trial-and-error on my typical recipes are better with gentian around 1% and blend dry spices baba baba bean and would you ship the ratios for higher proof extraction okay and then a follow-up

they want to know about lab grade ethanol as a better than Everclear is it a hundred percent safe okay good luck we'd look under that was that was that I was looking a sexy space so regarding your questions one if you change the proof you will get faster extraction I have done easy stuff with extremely high proof you know almost a hundred lab grade ethanol and done very very Pure Barre extreme tinctures it's going to taste different so if you like the flavor you're getting now

right if you increase the extraction rate with this and you know I don't know how. To be honest I don't know how it's going to shift my guess is it's probably going to be a little bit harsh or lock washer for the same amount of time generally the high pressure high for trapping techniques 10 to extract high notes earlier than than basenotes so you're using kind of Francis let's take a picture ingredient like you know gentian whatever you're going to use probably email you the thing about gentians weirdest like you want bitterness let's move something else like saffron we use this at the bar right so saffron's got a range of flavors in it so you have the kind of more vegetable basenotes you know what kind of more bitter like kind of cooked flour notes and then you have the more the kind of Flowery top notes and Rapid does a good job of Shifting towards those high notes right now it might mean you need to use more of the saffron than you would use using it for a shorter. Of time in you

extracting Jessie's high notes if you increase that alcohol level you're increasing the rate of extraction for most of the most of the thing that some things are very soluble in water and so you can't really tell you're going to ship One Direction either you're going to get a higher extraction in the higher ethanol for sure whether it's better or worse I don't know most high proof ethanol is pretty bad it's easier to get kind of lower proof decent quality neutral alcohol's you have obviously more wiggle room if you're using a higher proof Spirit if you're going to add sugar and stuff like that to end up I don't know what you want your end result to be lab grade ethanol can be good right the problem is is you have to make sure that it doesn't have Benzene in it cuz most lab grade ethanol has residual Benzene in it and you don't want that you want to make sure it says USP you know where food grade and you know even those aren't really necessarily meant to consume as a beverage their kind of mint

drug thing so I don't even know whether or not they're cool as a as a drinking liquid that said I have used it for that there are relatively expensive high grade pure ethanol available like Tech Reserve here in New York but the standard 151 is Everclear he's a pretty gnarly business now what you can do what and I have done I have done this is get yourself a Brita filter and before you do your stuff with your 151 you got to seal it because it's going to go to evaporate very quickly in the vapors are obviously exposing his put it through a Brita like five six seven times and you can take that nasty Everclear and the charcoal get rid of some of the some of the nass nass nasties and so that's what I would do and those are the kind of similar to the tips I will give you for dry herbs in grain alcohol

okay Megan Road and Megan Lauren any tips on best coffee making practices for camping and drinking coffee competition where I will only have fire a pot of water and a hand grinder and my choice of non-electric coffee making device so Megan question I don't know how unreasonable of a person you are right or what style of coffee you're going to make so let's say you were an extremely extremely unreasonable person you could go get a gas-fired you can even Woodfire and convert it like old La marzocco lever press machine and a Pharaoh's to hand grinder and you can be pumping out you know extremely high-quality espresso shots using no electricity like none and by the way if you did that I think I mean I hope that you're very very strong cuz even a backpack I would have a truck Tub Time carrying that sucker around because I think that they only make him in like 2

three groups like a 1 group espresso machine is heavy enough and I've never seen a gas fire one grouper but let me just say the quality out of those machines is impeccable and although it's not in the spirit of camping it would be pretty damn sick most people I know that do good coffee in a in a camp and our travel scenario are all are oppressed people I've never done a lot of testing on the optimum grind for Aeropress and unless your Forever person obviously you can do that fantastically the problem is most of my grinding is kind of skewed towards the espresso side of the grind and you should go look at her know what grind are you using but they're very few Grinders that are good at kind of very fine grinding and very coarse grinding there's a lot of reasons for it and stassi is giving me that I don't have time to get it right now to get back to me with kind of more what the Like rules what style of coffee you want to make and and we can get into it

on a follow-up Sam Road in and said so pharaohs there's these guys in in Idaho who make this orphan espresso it's just I think they're husband-wife team that make these Grinders they make the Lido and the Pharaohs and their thing is they put professional quality birds like big ones like like I think the one that I have in the fairest from the Mazda rubber big big burst into there and you'll high-quality into their Grinders so that you can have his hand grinder that's New York's not electric but also instead of five you know $3,000 you're going to pay like $300 to $100 so I had one of the original ones I made a lot of modifications to it because there's a lot of things I hate about it like you couldn't just pour beans into it you had to like do this like ridiculous kind of like Shuffle to like get the beans into the hopper 8 also had this horrible horrible way of capturing grounds in the bottom of it so that the grounds are

cards I had to build like a fake those are almost it was kind of a nightmare it was great quality coffee but kind of a nightmare to use Pharros updated their grinder to it mean sorry orphan espresso updated their grinder the Pharaohs and they solved most all of the problems right most all of them exception is that they don't have a hopper to throw the beans in and the question I put one on in my Dropbox and made it available to the universe for Pharos won the question is will that one work directly on the Pharaohs to answer no is modifiable with a knife out and didn't reprint it when I did a conversion they all said they sell a conversion kit for LS1 on her so I went and I bought the conversion kit I converted it and I was able to modify it with a knife and a grinder to make my old Hopper work on the new one but I've if you want or if anyone's interested I will go back find my files and do the Doolittle 3D CAD food to them to make them directly printable because it really is a cat make

did modification for the fairest

she's like why you should update we got to go do stuff anyway more what what's next week I might not be here next week

which Cuomo Andrew Andrew air or Chris Cuomo I do not think the governor of New York is Siri stock

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