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Episode 354: Jiro Dreams of Subway Delays

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hi I'm hrm's executive director Katie moseman wadler for the preview of this week's episode of meat and three are weekly food news Roundup so every day of the shutdown continues to grow is another day that there will be a backlog this week we're looking at the unexpected ways the government shutdown has impacted our food system map to feed themselves and their families every single day there is a real impact on our friends and neighbors a lot of farmers rely on commodity loans at the end of the year since offices are open those loans aren't available to them

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Royal Network today like 12:30 abbreviated cooking issues

join as usual with Nastasia the hammer Lopez back from her fantastic important meeting last week how you doing his test tone Estancia we already talked about how you were like you tasted the rice at my house and you would like garbage gyro rice I know how high I taste if your gyro race but you know she's like

he's racist is not an I don't like is Rice write like an end in the thing is people people we have had other people sushi in Japan it's not just a case of dumb Americans go to Japan to try to tell the Japanese how to make their own products not like that right his rice in particular you know I take more exception with the Michelin guide reviewers going to name you like who gave him like the three stars in like a little muffin to this giant cutting impeccable cutting great gorgeous everything cooked was disgusting hammered right and the rice was not to my taste but it is I think the way that you're a wanted it

and you've mimicked it for some reason

disgusting jeera rice

so I hate how you doing I hope you're enjoying the subway and know so people live here and the weather's like this and it's awful and you have to walk everywhere and have everything on your back but then what else we never made it back like all your like Mitch McConnell like to skip every stop around and go super slow

sassy as a secret assassin I used to go to a secret hair salon and really that there's two reasons that we went to this place one

no one spoke any English at all so there's no possibility of communication between ourselves and the people so it's like only like 45 minutes of basically non-communicative silence like just like kind of self space you can get and still be with other people in the city of New York right and the other reason was just that the head shampoo is like out of this world and also nastase and I don't know if you noticed cheap very cheap so you know it was like it's like 16 bucks it's like 45 minutes include like half hour hair you know hair shampoo you know what I mean but nastase at now is found a new place you go there I switch I've been I've been to both you know recently we can tell you where they are because we don't want a bunch of English-speaking people showing up and making it so that I can understand what people are saying around me

if I can understand people are saying around me then my mind will tune into what they're saying if I have no comprehension of what's going on around me. It's great it's the best so that's when I started was this morning had enough time to get here and then apparently not so now we need to schedule like 8 hours to get here we need to leave the sleepover absolutely you can sleep in the Army can do you know what there is already a caller on the line and I'm sorry to say they do speak English down time we want to be completely without any form of human communication oh okay well I wanted this to be relaxing for you while I'm at work shoot me

Diamond color e on the air

hey y'all thinks taking my call and I my name is Devin Anastasio hope you get your mojo back I'm sending some good vibes your way Christian like I made fresh sausages and blood sausages as well as blood is the binder I can't just figure out how to get to texture that I want do you guys have any thoughts also what it what are you tried so far like so you want it to be super loose on the inside or you just want like the flavors like the green pepper and an all of the other things that are in in the gumbo is it going to be like you can do like a shrimp and sausage basic what are you what are you doing on the on the inside and sausage I should have specified I do want the combination of the gumbo in the rice so the texture I'm going for is almost like a Korean blood sausage where the blood is the binder but I just wanted to taste like gumbo and have the other you know station on Cumberland

cancel Apple music but it's not like you're not worried about like the exact like texture you're not like going for like a feeling you're not like worried about like a an internal sauce like like like we're not going to have like a feel a versus what kind of okra kind of a situation here right like it was just a flavors that you want you're looking to do like a like a like a binder and you're not doing any sort of your doing mainly sausage and soon it will be right there I'm just using a darker Roux sliceable like you would slice maybe the Korean blood sausage of the Polish time for a mercy or something like that

yeah let me I think it should mean to say you're looking for something that's not you're looking for something to bind the way blood would but it doesn't have a heavy blood taster the sucker tastes like gumbo rice in my gumbo and casing it it was to loosen to wet on the inside right what I wonder what would happen I wonder what would so like so typically in these sausages write the rice is expanding in absorbing too kind of solidify and you end up with a kind of like depending on how much liquid excetera excetera how loose it is but the when you put it in View Park cook your rice or put it in how do you do your rice when you do your blood sausage it's been so many years since I've made of a blood sausage do you do any par cooking to a dollar

yeah the rice is fully cooked fully cooked fully cooked does not going to be too much water so it's not like it's not like you do for like a like a haggis or anything like that you were you putting in fully cooked brats okay right so so you get to choose the kind of texture you want but you want it relatively lose so in other words you wouldn't want to do like an emulsified sausage or like a force meat or like like a moose and then like fold the rice into it and then stuff at that would that would stuff easy but you have kind of a denser you no more like you would for like like a seafood sausage or like an emulsified like like you know the most fights awesome but you're not looking to do that

right just from a technical perspective I have to figure out how to get the emotion right and then you just too many variables but I'm willing to explore if that's the way to get the result I mean I know if that would hold as long as you don't break it and get it you know it as long as long as it doesn't break like emulsified sausage is not as hard as people say it is as long as you keep all the stuff cool right and you had enough binder to it so it's not going to like not going to fly apart on you now most of the time I cheat and I'm doing like like I save seafood base and so I basically just make a standard Canal mixture and then put it into sausage casings and go I know that would work with rice but I don't know what would happen if you took it away from that kind of base and turned it more into a

two doing out to think about it but don't have too long to think about it. The chat room to a q u e n e l l e make your your spoons and go check check check check in any of you poach him off or you could take me to fundamentally the same mixture and pipe it into a casing because who doesn't like the snap of a casing right and then and then go but I know that would be easy to fold rice into but I don't know if that's going to be the kind of texture you want and I've never done it I've never done it with other than Seafood I have made Regular emulsified sausages before but I've never been folded anything into my emulsify so I just quit people do it all the time people you know fold cheese into their sausages all the time

I mean other things into their most five sausage all the time so

I mean that's going to be the easiest easiest way to go is to I think do like a moose like that to pipe it in and then and then poach it off but I don't know if that's going to be exactly what you want me to try to give it more thought

no problem I appreciate it I think I just got to do some more work then in exploring kind of the use of the emulsification then is that something I've been avoiding up till now but it is true that it is easy to f up a like like a standard like a hot dog emotion right for some reason those go granny pretty easily but then if you just look at like the standard like mu-space sausages that you know French people cheat with all the time they're pretty easy to get going you know what I mean like they very rarely died on you know what I'm saying so maybe he's explaining the different somehow is it is the way of the way to get it to to work but please hit me back like you to call in or tweet to a cooking issues and let me know where you're getting with I want to know your final solution so that in the future I will know what worked

that's it I'll take some pictures as well as things go well uh I got some experiments to do but I appreciate your help and have a good Super Bowl thank you to a Super Bowl party at the moment I got my mojo back cuz you've lost your complete moja what what what does Macho mean as used it more generically than that now although I to use when you listen to The Doors you're only thinking about about yeah that seems like the right and her parents thought about

I mean I saw she has like the Jim Morrison of cooking issues you steady the ship you make sure things happen freaking hates the doors I don't know who she hates more Ray manzarek or I do not the doors aren't overrated Barb and come on everyone hates them so how can they be overrated

everyone hates the doors that's not true though I supposed to hate them because instead of a bass player that had a keyboardist for a keyboardist yeah I think he is good I think Jim Morrison is overrated he supposed to be like a rock God I mean you know what I mean I should ask my stuff out of my stepfather saw them in concert at the at the Garden in Boston we have another caller on the line with a question about the doors

hey I emailed into questions last week what about the other day there's someone so clearly it can be done I looked it up and clearly people do this for a living but you were mostly interested in how to kind of Steel time from your buddies who make maple syrup right right but two things you might be interested in is someone I forget her name someone in Denmark wrote a story on the impact of reverse osmosis on milk quality and it was her findings that the equality of milk is not reduced in any way by is there some change in the amount amount of time it takes to curl if you're going to make cheese out of it

but but besides that like reverse osmosis is gentle as you would expect it would be on the countenance of of the milk all right so there's that but then here's what you want to look someone wrote here's why I didn't have time to go through it it's 350 pages long but if someone wrote their disorder their dissertation on exactly what you want to know and they were from the University of Canterbury New Zealand this is written in 2015 I forgot to write down the author's name but the name of it is following and cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes in the dairy industry so if anyone has the information for you it is the person who can't read because you know you know presumably they published it this person adequately defended their PHD so instead of saying instead of going to your Maple buddies and being like

hey some knucklehead in Bushwick says it's not going to hurt your guy will get phds he's or woman I don't know any of charts and dad said he's going to be all set one way or the other one of my questions with it

everything I read about so I'm doing it to pressure can is the commercially they're not boiling down that they're doing some as they called an evaporator but I can't figure out what the evaporator is and I know like with maple syrup when you put it through in our out the quality of the Jurassic lie down because the sugar is in the panelists I'm so you get along great a bus commercially to get a product similar to commercial tenant even be used to reverse osmosis so that the boiling times greatly reduced

okay so here's the issue right when you're when you're when you're boiling Maple when you're making maple syrup write the goal is to make something that has flavor right if you I mean you could take sap and you can completely without applying any heat to it with a high in a vacuum suck it down to 66 bricks right it would be a pain in the ass but you could do it now what you're telling me to run the experiment so I don't know but what you're telling me is that if it doesn't have that heat applied it doesn't have the flavor people like right because difference between the different grades so you get different year this year are producing was a really low because of the weather in the sap so all the sap of people that produce boiling without reverse osmosis

really really dark this year if you get this you're syrup from anywhere the Northeast has been through reverse osmosis because that's the only way to get the light color because the longer you're the longer you're boiling it the kind of more the more kind of breakdown you're going to get of whatever stuff is in there and it's not pure and they kind of dark roots going to get in also I might at all so I don't know this but presumably you know the sugar is there in a certain amount but also other stuff is there in a certain amount so if your sugar is low doesn't necessarily mean that your other adjuncts in it are at the same loan is soda concentrate to the same brakes on sugar you're probably going to get more of that other garbage so you are the mineral rights oh but but maybe not if you're telling me that if you just evaporated with our oh it's just as long as it used to be that saying that if you do just remove the water without heat then it's not

it's not Browning is myself I guess that means that there's an elderly couple that I help you there sugar in 250 tops and I run to Arc and it or is there starch and it's always dark start this year I've got some friends that have half a million tax that everything that runs through our oh and then it goes to some bourbon producer down south but there is there syrup is that the right brakes but it doesn't taste any Maple and also affect the way I think the good news for you is is that in general commercially that I think they do do it under vacuum because if you cook milk down it will naturally kind of Mayer Brown on you you know what I mean like it will Brown on you and so the I think

you don't obviously you can see that accelerate and in a pressure cooker it goes brown brown brown in like under an hour right so if you are going to boil concentrate something down there more concentrated concentrated the cats and the hotter it is the Browner is going to get and most people when their marketing these products don't want those brown flavors they wanted to kind of be as light and as far as little my yard reaction as is humanly possible and so for those people I wouldn't be you no surprise they make sure that the milk is not too basic when it goes and because basicity will obviously Jack my yard and they probably try to keep the temperature as low as they can and still applying a vacuum on it would be one way to do it but then also presumably applying ro2 it will be another way to do it right now or and then like you know the ultimate me the advantage of r o is its relatively low energy input for water

mooville compared to Boiling right and also like a no heat and no heat situation mean But the irony are the Maple people probably just do it because it energetically favorable favorable for them is that true mean I don't really know much is no way that you can take it to in the RO do you know how much percent are o

no so it's finished is finished in the in the arc but it's or the arch so I can get up and run is finished but once the closer swing into that thing and it's oil burns in the chimney gets red-hot I mean you get like three or four gallons of milk minutes out of it to get in at like 30 bricks are they putting in at like 40 bricks or like all the way up there in like 45 so it's pretty dang close or not getting rid of that much water in a huge flavor discrepancy between that and stuff that has been actually oil

when you so when you said this year cuz it's kind of interesting to me when you said this year was a low-sugar year like so what from what I gather you're looking at about a 40 to 1 reduction to take sap to syrup right roughly what was it this year like as much as 50 or like was it even worse than that it was it was worse than that so I have written down not you're at my house by the Sugar Shack I think for every I don't want to cut myself and play Roar on Sunday a gallon of syrup

30% Gees soda the same your run was the same like the number to like you if you got the same number of liters of Ross app and you just got 30% less hear about it or did you actually produce more leaders ASAP because they they kept coming in and out of hibernation so they show at the drive time was a lot like it was an extra months of collection so the sugar is instead of going super concentrated up I don't I don't know the science behind it but we had like an extra months of drawing sap this year and so that really dilutes down but because it was so warm the melt off from the snow like moisture is available in the ground first draw to push that cigarettes at Leeds want to know is is our strategic maple syrup

reserves okay this year or not

oh I think they're fine I mean I wouldn't I don't think there's a problem doesn't have an RO unit because the RO grade A Amber is going to suck this year because I think it sucks every year I grew up in Vermont having maple syrup that came from a small producer that was well. That's what I grew up with I didn't grow up with the RO stuff and when I go somewhere I was really like syrup I'm really disappointed where a lot of people that play psycho really like syrup really high quality inn and that's what they like super super

what what I just use corn syrup with fake Maple pancakes who is RO unit to your borrowing that you think their product is garbage by all your production Hugo okay and you squeeze every penny out of it I made it listens with me had a question about seeds but she decided that she wasn't going to eat her lunch because I had rice in it so while we're going to skip it

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stassi is a mean person

Ojai Dave Heist off Claire how you doing I'm good how are you guys

so I have a very important question that stopped my roommate and I would love your help in settling yes temporary roommate we will be living together for about two months when all is said and done

and by the way we will not on air ever and don't ask me discuss nastasi is roommate rules they are in the shower omigosh Family Show

never discusses on air

I mean

she is not with the Trap whatever I don't want to like that's the only bad when the others are only brush your teeth in the bathroom no suitcase explosions take the trash out of cops no cops left around her all of the rules are the plastic

Rent the Runway people here's a new problem they send you they send you two or three things in one bag but if you only want to send one thing back you don't have enough bags anymore so that's why you outside of the runway mule for you so it stops and I have something called the junk microwave which is where we basically store all the naughty snacks in the microwave okay but yes I would concur because the microwave is like hot

oh wait I feel like there's something I don't know it's just always late and she insists on keeping it on when I'm sleeping because I don't know why do you keep a heat lamp underneath the microwave do you also store if you like french fries I would think you were storing french fries light on a permanent basis but you hate French fries so yes it's nothing a sausage we're basically are we not creating a breeding ground for junk food bacteria invade microwaves

yeah it feels moist moist then get me like junk food is like nuts and food and when they use the term junk food I berate them endlessly because it like you're just creating a false desire for something cuz I glitch junk I want it I want can't have it I want to avoid you what you want. There's food that you can there's food that you should have sparingly and then there's food that you could eat as much as you want nuts are relatively dry clear I wouldn't worry about nuts that's okay what I'm worried about is like the pop chip bag that's open pockets are a dry food

yeah but I'm telling you that there's moist it feels damp and hot in the microwave more moist when they are warm strangely cuz things give all right but like pockets in particular well are they the sweet ones those are kind of garbage product right there that's how I

it isn't just a fake rice trip yes salt vinegar potato chips a pop shift because it is just expanded rice starch or isn't it right is it rice or is it corn until it's fundamentally styrofoam but it's made of rice starch so if it's moist at all it will lose its crunch so if there's any moisture in there it is also garbage you require our Patch Kids that grow bacteria that right there ain't they are individually wrapped Sour Patch child I think it's a family like I think there's four and activity

very very low water activity bacteria require several things they require a high water activity it can't have too high of a salt level and there can't be things in it actively kill bacteria so what what happens is is that your Popchips unless they're wet which they won't be and then they won't be Popchips any more they'll be gruel right there so yes they're safe the water activity in a Sour Patch Kid first of all is sour and Scott very very high amount of like sugar it's fundamentally a solid nothing can really grow inside of the Sour Patch Kid but if you have condensation like if you have like condensation or a Mist forming on the inside walls of your microwave now that can grow bacteria and then when you when your hand goes in a wife's across the biofilm of crap then when you put your hand into the pop chip bag which I don't recommend by the way I recommend you throw away the pain

listen to buy salt vinegar potato chips when you put your hand into the pub chip and and now you've contaminated with that disgusting vile film that's when you start having problems something else why don't you get get you what's called a bread box and old school Bread Box it's just meant to keep a large firm in outright like mice and whatnot it's got an air can move in and out of it because got like a little screen but not so much are the stuff dries out put your snack foods in there and reserve your microwave for microwave usage like what if you wanted but if you want to mail truck like everything I had to take everything out and put my oatmeal in I don't like oatmeal that people kind of they don't salt it people are discussing I don't stop lying because that's the way

no I'm doing the Fast Metabolism Diet add anything with the term the Great Oak Rush from the 90s or like like people are like there's a study later in like found to be uses where they were like a viber viber looking lower your cholesterol so then all the old companies meaning Quaker and like the two or three other old people on Earth would like

all right then all the sudden your cholesterol is going to drop so then everybody and their mother brother sister father cousin started pounding oats and then all of the big companies started pushing Oates on people and it was called the Great Oak rush so I feel that there is some sort of like Rush reboot that's going on here in what way is an oat supposed to boot your boost your metabolism eating gluten-free grains vegetables fruit and then on Wednesdays and Thursdays you only eat green vegetables and protein in on Friday Saturday Sunday you eat all of the above plus healthy fat help what that and what is what is this particular diet considered to be healthy fat

avocado and nuts you're in a cult you've joined a cult let me tell you something about cults and cult dieting many men look Dianetics is also a book but what I'm saying is it's out there but like what I'm saying is is that

you are in a cult not a good news about cult deities they can work because of most of the studies show that the most important thing with dieting is a that you get bored with that because if you're interested in eating your own delete more so most diets that work require that you become hateful of the food you're eating right because that way I don't want to consume that much of it and the second thing it's super important is no choice if people were removed your choice then you also tend to eat less you tend to eat in the more regimented Manner and that's really why most things kind of work by the way like I've been a yo-yo my whole life up down up down up down and if you just regiment yourself turns out you might hurt you like I've lost a lot of muscle mass in the past I'm certain diets I've liked made myself incredibly angry I just have a diet called lunch and brunch brunch brunch it took when you combine breakfast and lunch because you want to that's

brunch when you combine breakfast and lunch because you're only having one tiny meal to tide you over till dinner because you're on a stupid cold is regimented Diet that's called blunch and whenever I was on the bunch diet I was evil mean more evil more mean more vindictive bastard that I would be on a normal day and Jen would come home at night and I would like you by your head on this before we had kids to and she be like yubo lunch and I'm like yeah sorry sorry Dan I'm blunch I'm blushing heart is angers all coming from what the factor matter is is that he's kind of regimented cultish things were but choose one that isn't ridiculous and it doesn't require you to like like just just be like you know what all I'm going to have everyday to eggs and some sauerkraut and that'll work the same cuz you just choosing one random thing I'm going to have to itch and it said that looks good is it to eggs and sauerkraut then no you don't like or hey

if you could you could you go rock all the food you eat going to get blasted out your hand and into your toilet you're not going to you're not going to like you know get any of it you know what I mean I'm saying is just realized I hope it works for you but you're in a cult now we got to go so I had some questions I didn't get to including I have to go in another Pizza Ranch in person wrote in with some helpful stuff but I have to talk about next week about commercial ovens versus home ovens what's the difference you know how like pizza Steals and other things work versus Stones sauces pills making a lot of pizzas in a row excetera excetera I also someone who wrote in before is Johnny yet we answered one of his questions but he has a thing out there he wants to know people think about this for next week he wants to know he's a small egg producer and he won't he says he can produce an egg with a lot more yolk than white right like in order

versus a standard supermarket and he says he can go right in again but is this something out there that people would be willing to pay extra would you cooking issues listeners be willing to pay extra for a massively yolk egg cooking issues

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