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Episode 353: Hot Rod Flameout

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not join today when it starts with a hammer Lopez cuz she's got a fancy meeting with a buzzard fly a button isn't can't make it all but we do have a wacko Jacko crazy Jack head bartender of existing conditions are you doing Dave doing the intro is just as exciting in person as you imagined it would be

and not in the booth how you doing I'm doing intros like it's like staring at a blazing hot sun you just can't look away but it's not good for you I have a serious condition at this point taxes Dirtbag buddies are like can you can you do it and I'm like no we make you do the intro of Amy we do have been on the force that's why he knows about it. Occasionally they'll make me do like that or like he has one or two of my impressions of the same one voice I got to somehow he seemed to think that there are different versions of this and so they like do this one do that one of my texts are all this it's the same guy to trick them they haven't caught on to the to the gag yet yeah right there's something about Dax make your dad yell that's just so good

I had someone want to make me do it on the street and not not like you're someone I know not like it a random person like someone I know is like you know you're awake and you're doing any shooting like no no Vine in order to do it to episode 1 is it like was it a fully-formed idea and delivery right from the get-go I don't know another thing like 8 billion episode that's why it at that for those I don't know how this works when you're listening on the internet but like when we have the earphones on in here in the studio I call it I guess you call it then the container shipping container that we've been doing this out of since time immemorial they have a pre-roll on and you know two differences to know about Henry's wines and spirits middle name did you know that it's true I did not know that part I do not know Henry's Wine and Spirits where is that but it's also on the internet all right so listeners challenge for

we need you to go back through every episode of cooking issues and we need a Dave intro Power Rankings I want to know the at least the top 10 so at one point you know we were like well people are going to take us back to the pre roll there like 10 years and we're just getting started and I was like oh that's depressing yeah right said just getting started oh my God is in our best episodes are behind life is long. So at one point you know years and years ago I was like well maybe we should you know any interest in being taken more seriously maybe we should good do you know more of an NPR so I did a couple NPR Style

you know I imagine there's always a little more bounce in my voice when you get out of NPR so you know hello and welcome to cooking issues I'm Dave Arnold your host of cooking issues that makes me wildly uncomfortable go back

do the weird one hole when did you switch from the like the crazy punk rock song intro Chester Connecticut back when he used to live in The Haven that is new there you go and do you know every citizen a raid of my time do you know that I'm the New Haven of bosses

what what is that mean what the hell does that mean everybody hates working for me and then when they leave me there like he wasn't so bad and it's just like living in New Haven Haven wants to get out I thought I was because you were full of like high-tier but truly second-tier like B+ to your pizza might die but just for the record you know Jack is you know part of the you know new the current guard I should say not new but the current guard of kind of food New York food and drink inteligencia okay like and I went to NYU in food studies you know works at what I think is one of the better box and the you know General man about town spends a I would say

Rush stupid a large chunk of your income on food and beverage yes would rather be homeless as long as he can shower enough to be allowed into the restaurants in his choice exactly so always smells clean I will say this always smells clean at work so I am guessing he's not actually homeless in fact I know his roommate who also used to work at soccer and now we're supposed to come work with us and no man was like we don't want you to go there so so he's going to hide it in a great place to be like they have the ability to offer him so much that he wouldn't come work for us in terms of I guess responsibility I don't know

I don't know he's got a good thing going there he's happy so it's name is Joe Smith he's not related to any of the Joe Smith characters that you see in movies but I like him break I please remit to Liar though he where he comes from near where he comes from there is a he says carbonated spring out of the ground that is locally known take me on whatever high mountain town he's from Colorado River and heck his Colorado radio and he's like next time I go back I'll get you some and he did not liar

clearly liar Trump lie get on him about that I really wish she was here because some of you may know that both Booker and Dax My Two children have the same birthday and yesterday they both won turn 17 and 1/2 not twins now I feel the worst cuz I called you and I said say happy birthday to Booker let's finish I didn't say say happy birthday to Dax and it's only because I saw things on the on the social medias I'd like what the hell is that you're just going to blow up Booker Booker work for her but still well so they used to have their party on the same day so you should be what I would do is I would have a I would have a make your own pizza party and everyone make their own pizzas and you might have been used to get up till like it's a lot so I haven't talked to Beth on her I had to had to run hot rod my oven and it was it was freaking depressing for those of you out there with regular ovens I feel your pain now you know what lights can you feel me a very quickly on what you

I done oh had done what he did what I had did so like what had happened was I completely bypassed well first of all also known to some people who actually know listen to like the Deep backlogs of here the more on that installed my wife did not allow me to do the plumbing in my new place okay Newman like 5 years old right now a number of things really pissed me off and if any of you were going to get Plumbing done quarter turn valves this is what I'm going to say to you so yeah quarter turn valve now you don't have to have the ugly ones with the giant handles they make small angle stops with quarter turn valves but at some point in your life

unless you're a complete garbage person who never uses their equipment never uses faucets and at some point in your life you're going to have something break and I'm assuming that you're the kind of person that doesn't just have the stock thing out of the Home Depot that you can replace in 20 seconds that you have something decent that you have to wait a day or two to fix or maybe you don't have you know five hundred bucks to have someone show up and fix your Bosch dishwasher or you know 1200 bucks to get a new one brought the next day I'm just guessing what you're going to want to do is be able to turn your water off and on now

Val's the regular old twisty ones with the crappy with the crappy plastic shaft that you would have the oval shaped turn over and over again I have never met one that hasn't broken I have never met one that hasn't broken here's why they suck they were invented by a holes and perpetrated on us because the person who invented them hates people and knows this one fact they won't break your one or year two but that's not when your other stuff going to break its the long con it's a long time they know they're laughing there's a group of plumbers sitting down somewhere day drinking right now laughing at the fact that the thing that they installed in your house 10 years ago is currently shafting you right and this is why I had to because of this people quarter turn valves are on average ready for it $0.50 to $1 more a piece

$0.50 to $1 more apiece and how much an hour are you paying that plumber to put that in his side so I don't know how I got into this guy had not was not used to installing commercial for those he doesn't know I bought a wolf oven I shouldn't pry say this again be used against me someday to court of law but I bought I bought a wolf oven specifically because wolf ovens make both commercial and home ranges and if someone came in and saw my range I could plausibly shape is whooping a child home rage and I had no idea how long it's a home range I was like a plumber guy I'm not doing gas anymore too many people have bought this is after a couple buildings and just blown up and I said don't die

listen this is a commercial range not a residential range and what that means is and I handed him the regulator you must install this regulator between the gas line and the rain right preferably one for the oven one for the rain so that it regulates the pressure because commercial ovens need that right and

you didn't you just didn't do it and so what that meant was is that that I had the Flames coming out of my range were proposed purple Aster Preposterous like I used to by 8 I have a collection of like 9 toasting a dull so it's the screen Stone Bowls did had them for decades I loved them everyone should own if you don't own here's what you do go buy one just by if you like eating by yourself and your hermit by one otherwise by 2 by 2 by 4 be mine I know you like it you need a gas range work on induction we can work on it we'll figure out a way to do this it's not an electric eel make an electric Tulsa with hot box

good kind of a flame to heat them up to about six hundred degrees is what I do you pour a little bit of oil in the bottom rice smash sauce arrange the things in a circle crack eggs herbs over-the-top done you would not believe how many people can't understand that simple flow unlike this bowl is round you are going to put rice in Smash it as though it was mashed potatoes out sauce stuff around in piles so that it looks like a nice composed Sally kind of thing in middle what is there another way that you would arrange that bowl on the bottom absolute inverse surprise surprise of carbon on the bottom sad rice that's dry and not crispy at listen if the people involved were my family I would have Choice words to say it

point being that the Flames were so high in this damn range that it would heat up six six Stone bowls in like 5 minutes flat from from room temperature to 612 on the IR thermometer on the thing was like I like he would rip it rip so hard Jack so hard that that I used to trip The Thermals in my event in my hood vent that's how hard this sucker ripped you can stick your hand up in my kitchen and be like oh that's that's warm be like like and so what I what I did was is it not the problem with that by the way in the reason why it's not a good idea but is that because there wasn't a regulator on it it was putting out maximum.

so if you have something set to a certain level and you turn on another burner there's no more gas being supplied and so you'll get a drop or you'll get a flame out or it load think it wasn't able to be stable no no gas height was stable so when you install a regulator IT supplies at constant pressure of gas to the oven no matter what the demand is because unlike a residential stove I have a tiny pipe going to all the burgers I got a big old pipe going to all my burners right do you supposed to regulate the pressure into them such that the pressure is always the same so my range was no good for anything other than Tulsa

what I did was I was like these thermometer the thermostats in another you really shouldn't hack up the thermostat in the oven the way to deal with a thermostat in an oven just to just bypass entirely so what I did was is I but yes I'm about to use this term again 1/4 turn gas valve right is that how you control the temperature of your oven for over a decade my oven was incredibly in complicated complicated it was completely electronically controlled with three different with three different elements one gas to electric run off of a multi-point watlow PID controller like completely hardcore with a gas thermal a gas solenoid valve click click like it was like hard core in

every time people come over you're having so hard to use I don't understand your oven why can't you haven't we are the drawer and why not just have you help them set the oven to whatever yeah it's whatever they like I guess why I hate this casserole how do I do it you were havin I'm like sick of it and was like why would like to normal person oven so and then and then no one came around them like you know what fine fine fine here that's going to happen is going to be the thermostat I'm not going to bypass the that the gas safety razor gas safety in the bottom in case your pilot blows out it turns off the oven whatever leaving that as is it seems like a good one

good one right so that's what I'm going to do is I'm just going to put like a a shunt a bypass valve so you know like people that bypass their mufflers and I liked it so it's like that but for your gas if you are Will Ferrell's character from Old School person or I can be like oh yeah and then like 200 line with stones and light because there's so much gas dumping into that thing see if you have a small amount of gas in your in your oven and you put too much rocking T running it just doesn't have the ability to keep that kind of thermal Mass up to the temperature you want in a reasonable amount of time I did not have that problem but like

Viking Raiders of the Lost Ark when when the when the ark is on the Nazi ship and the swastika burns out because God like like you know wood burns inside of the crate that kind of started happening to the cabinets the oven so Jen was like now and we got in trouble in the gas got shut down so I run hot rodder to put it back on normal thermostat and I added the proper regulator to it so now it's a normal stock commercial oven so it does get up to like five hundred degrees north 5 degrees first of all what I'm used to is I cheat by the way I said it before when I get two pizzas I cheat so and and what do I mean by a cheap like I don't want to sit there and if you're a talented what do you call Melissa work keeps Pizzaiolo Pizza one of these weasels right you can you can make a pizza and like leave it there for a while then pick it up on a peel and put it into your oven right but I'm not that

why I don't do it that often so I used to have the problem I don't like us a boat ton of crap on the bottom of my pizza yeah right and I like to use a fairly wet dough and so I would always run into if I let a pizza stay there too long it's there there forever is getting it off the peel and you go should go into the oven and it just right show my treat my cheap I think I should have some here before is I buy the I buy the parchment paper and I just throw it right on the parchment paper with no release here's the secret though if you're using a high temperature oven ready for the secret

what she's got to do is he got a trim like within like like you donate to a quarter around the crust with sheer she looks just like cut off the paper if you leave the paper flapping in the breeze going to catch on fire if you don't live around the edges but it's not a big deal and if you're used to be what I would do is like you know 40 seconds into the cook I would I would just pull the feeling pulled a paper and everything's good okay and so you know I wasn't doing you know DLP style because frankly that's not the style I do I like it kind of more cooked all the way through little bit more crispy fish I mean not like you know so but I know a pizza shouldn't take more than 2 minutes you know 3 minutes to cook yeah we're taking forever Jack so much so that I so much

that I have a Breville oven Breville toaster oven so I would do the pre cook zip them out and then toss them into the toaster oven on toast to finish what I was throwing the next to him because who has that kind of time to wait who's going to wait 7 minutes for a pie no one at the next thing I'm going to have to do is and I have to start making a giant and get a big deal you're right now my peel is maybe only 14 inches across or something like this but I'm going to need to make pizza is the size of the house or the size of a full sheet tray if I if everyone's got to wait like 10 minutes ago tray style like cook it like a pan pizza I guess I could you could I mean valid style I guess they never eat I'm done with Billy don't make too much smoke this time like the smokies with the smoke is it is what it is in your home

pepperoni I hadn't once you need to reheat that sucker when it's getting dough in and that's why you just eat it standing outside in front of the shop Pizza should be a food that I think stays good over understand that certain things have a window right but certain things the window is so small that I think it impugns the entire variety of food temperature be like the be-all end-all of Frank know it's good but it has to be handed to you from the fryer and you need to eat it burn your mouth you hit it and then the hot juice in your mouth and your burnt your looks like you got to be like myself and I'm assuming you where you've never waited for food to cool for your entire life so you just have a layer of just horrifying mangled skin in your mouth so you just aren't affected by temperature I know but it is unpleasant

can still tolerate more than my mouth that's funny cuz I'm the opposite it's gotten so bad that my mouth that can tolerate more than my head because you've taken Ramen eating too seriously and you can consistently burn your mouth on Ramen it's not just wrong but it's actually mostly pizza because I get the full cheese glue to the roofs of worst the flapdoodle their second uvula of skin hanging down from the top of your back to Pizza I'll say this this is how we got into this as one of the you know older generation of pizza eaters back in the in the early 90s in the 80s early 90s New Haven pizza was better than anything else you could get in other words and what I mean by that it was New York style but better it was a better not like New York Dollar slice because nobody was doing it down here right what happened is is that the world grew around them and they did not still a very high-quality pie guy pies was great when we went

I hear that he hears that here's another thing I will say and I don't think I mentioned this last week but I have a line on the chi steamer that don't know Connecticut Connecticut is the land of the steamed cheese forget the steamed cheeseburger I have no use for it but steamed cheese makes halloumi look like a joke cheese like you like him only Jack that's good that you like halloumi halloumi good cheese right that's like in the model movie The Trees you like queso para freir yeah I like cheeses that are good yeah yeah but those are good fried but steam cheese see people like why don't you serve halloumi and I'm like well because I don't frankly trust the people I'm serving it to

right that I can eat it fast am I going to get it fast and when he'll only cools down I get real sad yeah I have a pile of rubber in front of me. Yeah that me or you know if you want to stay you know on this side of the water get yourself some queso para freir and these are you know salty cheeses that have the benefit that they get soft and have a great texture but they don't melt out complete know what I'm talking like fried mozzarella which melts and you're using a breading casing to keep it together we talked about the cheese itself can be grilled or pan-fried and it gets like a crispy Brown outside slightly sweet awesome like texture on the inside little oil on top not doing this year he needs it but I like a little salt load some stuff good good good love it great but but

when you cool it down I hate it now it gets squeaky but not in the good cheese curds squeak way you like man I wish I didn't miss when it was hot so if you are doing this and you can control how fast you eat because presumably you can then I'm all for it the people at the at the bar and I looked at the mouth like I do not trust our guests to eat halloumi and I don't trust him not to blame us this product isn't good it's like well you waited 10 minutes to take the first bite right but it's the same thing goes for like sending us from Abby anyways but the point being that the steam cheese that they make in Connecticut is made with a mild

Haiti's the word cheddar cuz not really mean whatever may be the card was shattered in a technical sense but you know what I mean cuz this is technical term for people who found it just turned back into cheese again it doesn't turn into an Abomination so Connecticut steamed cheese is I think sometimes dish and I have a line on the Chiefs team is there a restaurant in Connecticut that's doing the steam cheese but a griddled burger or do they only steam the burgers and the cheese people who live in South Central Connecticut because that's the answer that that you know what Jack you are 100% correct a steam the cheese and then a flat top Burger King G Lopes lopez-alt might have mentioned this once all I got in a huge riding with him yesterday regarding MSG but we're not personally was over Twitter nothing's real / Twitter

as you might have mentioned that once but that is the answer and cheese is the shiznit it's delicious fantastic so I used to do the pizza party to make your own pizza thing kids like making their own pizzas you can make a reasonable side table about good but Booker doesn't like homemade pizza because I would add stuff to the sauce like you know I always find anchovies or do you want something so you know I'm saying oh my God this is the best name of any product ever Neo. Which means newborn newborn fish paste but it's not a paste of large fish it's tiny fish in oil and red pepper chilies

Chili's and tiny small like smaller than white paint like tiny tiny fish I would say new newborn neonata is

there are condiments and then there's neonata right and we serve it at the bar but you can buy in Brooklyn by the case which I did so I bought a case for the bar at case for myself and a case for my stepfather for Christmas and we use it that you have to come by are you know our problem there. They're mad at you heard this yet know these idiots in Belgium has more on culturally idiots jerks so they made these potato Croquettes which is really what they are to get mashed potato and onion pie baked and fried so what is that delicious yeah but it has ridges in the in the tube shape right so they're little there little narrower than a tater tot and in long not long longer than a tater tot not that much longer than

now where you're looking at like a 2 inch tube like 3/8 of an inch wide dish so so

point is that there's ridges in the side of the tube so these belgians

he's Belgian to make it and by the way the reason we sell these is because we didn't want to invest of Labor to do the French fries and I couldn't find a frozen fry that I thought was acceptable and not only that but my partner done and I don't even agree on what a good french fry is so much so that like I had second thoughts about opening the bar with Don because it got bad by the French Fry Words If anyone out there is a potato farmer like the plan is this John believes that a thin french fry like almost a shoestring fry is what a good Friday is and I'm like at that point just by like Andy capp's sack of fake fries it's like shoestring fries out of right out of the fryer like dowsing some sort of like you know what Jack was your favorite agrodolce

is good when it cool off they kind of suck right and he accuses me there for cuz I think that those are not the good fry of wanting giant steak fries which I also think are bad yeah I mean I enjoy all fried potato products but to me the ultimate french fry is is between in between and including so greater than or equal to 3/8 of an inch and less than or equal to 1/2 of an inch in cross section

that is where I am and for those of you that do millimeters you know * * 25.4 point is that you know to me those french fries can exhibit a nice inner texture of cooked potato right and I appreciate right and can have a crispy exterior right and you get everything not just like crunch crunch I get a potato chip or the aforementioned Andy Capp fries which I eat them so we could not agree even on the style of fry so what we're going to do as I say we're going to do this we want to do this but you know if we get like a minute you know free you want to find a potato farmer

maybe in Idaho I don't know we want to buy this farmers entire field of potatoes right for the year or a field like we go to this person will I get you how about we buy like I don't know like for 4 Acres I don't I don't even know how many but I do know that with my French fry techniques the yield of french fry off of potatoes is roughly 50% because you got a lot of moisture loss on the process anyways so buy them and then we hire one of the two big firms to process it the way we want and then and I'll be doing two ways to style and a style and then we just see who's fry reign supreme for those you who you know where was the original original anyways she found us because he knows he's Belgian weasels that

did the potatoes for Joel Robuchon back when Joel Robuchon was alive and still doing his bondage S&M stuff great chef restaurants where he was working I need some people to work for him anyway this matter where do the right I don't honestly don't know anyway you should appreciate those are equal parts potatoes and butter the father of low temperature cooking as he calls it sous-vide he he used to work in one of the first projects he did with high end food was for you should live Hubble show for the sncf train anyway I digress as usual so this potato company out of Belgium made the made the potatoes for Joel Robuchon when he wasn't you know making them himself I guess and they make this potato

here is back is a long and around to do things I still talk with the pizza I made and secondly just so you know I keep in my head some what were talking about these potatoes they call them churros now

they are not sure has their that shape well kind of they are the shape of that in the sense that stuff that you put out of a Play-Doh fuzzy pumper Barber Beauty Shop are actual dreadlocks they're not they're small extrusions of things you know what I mean or like it's like they are not the right size for a churro and they are not made of dough they're not made of a flour-based go to fried item extruded from a star tip that's right

is it as icing fried it has some of the criteria that you're the only criteria it doesn't have is that there's actually more starch last night with a potato starch or cornstarch and I don't know you're right on the fry I can make a fried ice and get it then it's gyro

if you if there's some cinnamon yes or if if I pipe if I save a hot dog has ridges is it a churro

look at how many things can we turo John Day Oregon who has who is a true Aficionado let's just leave it as true aficionados anyway so we make a deal not back to the pizza we make an eel sauce to be served with these at the bar so you can taste me or not if you don't want to bother sourcing and cuz it's it's pretty hard to Source right now unless you go to this one store coluccio Brothers in in Brooklyn don't buy it all if you buy it or I can't buy it anymore I will ask him about it I will find you and kill you but this sauce I put like half of a jar on it on the pizza in lieu of sauce that is an intense amount of neonata

I mean not forget smokes but it's for a job and then I know I know I want to hear about it you know cheese and fish you know what I mean I grew up with Catholics I'm not Catholic and I don't believe in these lip gloss things so I put a little parmesan on top cooked it off and then Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday oh my God oh my God that was the money Pizza even Dax was like that but that's a month that's the money pizza that's the money pizza so I think we actually made it back to where we needed to discuss that I should get to some of the questions that were on the air and then for Booker though he doesn't like pizza as I said so I had to do is Sushi party for him and Nastassja came over to the party which is how you heard about it long and around and so I wanted to have her on today at by late last night you know that she did a vegan dinner at I saw that she's a vegan dinner at your house

tell you that I've always wondered what nastassia Lopez vegan face looks like she had to do a vegan dinner and she posted on her Instagram account a picture of her with what she calls is her vegan face and I have to say there is a sus on a vegan face in this in this picture however there is also a healthy dose of hate and disgust you don't see vegan face plus inner rage and hate at the same picture so do you want to see what that face when the Stasi Lopez looks like just check out her Instagram and I realize that you might have to know where a little while before you even understood like kind of like what was going on behind the literal.

she has like so what do we know how's the sushi she's like

cuz I made the rice right I know I was just like

not good I was like why too much vinegar taste like gyro jerk I was like so it did not taste like gyro people and maybe had more vinegar than she's used to but it wasn't like hardkernel Center like sucking on a sucking on a warhead and look at this. I got her Jew hatred is so strong loved it loved it but you know that she felt that like gyro and I both rushed her at that meal and you know Mark was having such gastrointestinal distress because of because he had just gotten back from getting food poisoned roof

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question in from Marcel read Jacques from Hudson Valley who by the way as a PS4 Nick and stassi like to keep track of this stuff lives with his girlfriend and Daya by and are A Gifted equal amounts of kitchen equipment so you're looking at kitchen equipment parody across a couple which I it's good to try appreciate and this person mistakenly says hope I can get myself a wine Santa soon

watch out what you ask Lauren

I didn't understand that the ramifications the implications yet I think it's more complicated to get into it I frequently struggle with getting the final temperature hot enough when doing it this way for instance tonight I see heard a thick sirloin steak after sous vide and chill for Steak au poivre with the shoes you saw us at the stake I never go up off but you should I got to go back at a place called Harold's there's no longer in business it was run by he was front of house is wife with back of house after the original shit they both run it in the original Chef that died or was a 80 something he quit

she took over back of house here in front of house fantastic service fantastic place he was I believe I've been both of them were Viennese and they used to get recent CIA gradses in Upstate New York and Stormville and then I guess he died and so they close the place down it's too bad or she died and they're both dead now but yeah I when I graduated college I went there when I got engaged I went there this was a guy that taught me this lesson about service so I try to tell people at the bar they don't really you're the problem if you work in service you don't take the time to understand what other people are feeling right so you have an interaction with a bunch of you know guess when they come in it's hard for you to put yourself in their position and realize that there in a major transition that they don't understand the way your system operates yeah they want to feel special here's this guy did to make me feel special I called him with an inappropriate request I called him because Valentine's Day in falling through and I got engaged on Valentine's Day PS

I wanted to take Jen to a nice place it fell through so I called him being like cuz I think it's Upstate New York and so I said you know is there anyway I can get in it was like a couple days hence and he was like no but you can say know what he said was he said there's nothing I would like more than for you to come to my restaurant on Valentine's Day but if you were my own brother I could not get you a table we are so full I'm so sorry sir then I was like what what can you say at that point nothing he wanted to go yeah and he impressed on me that he really wanted me to come but there was really nothing he could do about to Bacchus take apart by the time the sauce have been made in the pan to drizzle over the steak the steak was cold

Staples cold it was delicious but sadly cold how do you recommend sadly Co how do you recommend as like nastassia smaato she's happily cold around her are sadly

how do you recommend figuring out how to get that serving temperature right without overcooking and is there a recommendation serving temperature that can be measured with a thermometer amount of time thanks isn't interesting question the one of the main problems with low temp cooking in general is this not wanting to overshoot the getting the getting the temperature warm enough especially on a Seer especially on state that you don't want to overcook there's a number of ways you can accomplish it one you can wear this is what I normally do on a steak is you don't want to do low temperature on tooth in the state they just they just moved too quickly one way or the other day I get cold too fast they get warm too fast on your skirt just cook fast and hot is delicious down the fridge temp from the fridge and then treated like a raw skirt steak and then it's not chewy on the inside it's always at least cooked but you're not ever going to overcook it because you're cooking like a normal steak

child but on on a thicker steak also so that you don't overcook on the Seer it helps to pre sear your meat before you do the long cook because it means that you'll get a level of crust much faster on the second Seer than you would if you were going from no sir that is the reason there's also some flavor development during the cook but the middle one of the main reasons is is that your second Siri what you must do after you cook it is going to get a much crisper nicer crust much faster okay that's the thing people missed a lecture I see her before she I see her after both jerk but if you have to do one do it after but if you can do it before it is helpful now

if you have the time I get a sick enough steak I thinking of steak and I can post some point if I had the program's broken but I can I can try to find it again like how much of a temperature rise you get on a thick steak you get very much less temperature rise on a thick steak on a thin steak so in general I try to shoot thicker than an inch if you're sicker than an inch usually you can do is see her and get away with it what I do is is you can either take it directly from your this kind of pain in the ass when about to tell you but can you but you can either take it in the bag and actually put it into cold water for 2 minutes or so you're going to see her for 2 minutes if you put it in cold water for 2 minutes and forced chill the outside you then when you sear it you're not overcooking the center too much so you can take it from cooking temperature for Charlotte in cold water by cold cold water for 2 minutes and then sear 2 minutes on a side and you'll be even again but it takes some practice I wouldn't do this I wouldn't do this you know for a lot of pee

well it's also paid to do for a lot of people more of a two-person thing the other thing you can do is this Mike the way I cook steaks now especially rib ribeye what's my favorite States book is I'll wrap it up to 55 right I'll take it up to 55 I'll hold it at 55 for only like 40 minutes 45 minutes and then I'll drop it to 5250 but if you're asking me I drop at 2:52 and then I hold it for sale in 5252 for like 3 or 4 hours write the whole thing now is 52 it has gotten up to cooking for an hour and 40 minutes. Take us to the steak to get the middle of the steak up to 55 I don't actually like to let it ride at 55 anymore because I think it takes it to a different place in texture I wanted to touch 55 like

like touch 55 now I want to drop it down to 52 or so let it ride 52 and then drop it down to 50 250 F-250 it's a whole suckers at 50 and it's over an inch thick I didn't require think you're not going to overcook the center on the Seer so then just pulling it letting it rest for just a minute while you're getting ready then searing and doing the sausage works this is how I would get around to other thing you can do is this if you have a Breville toaster oven or something like this that can hold a constant like 140 it takes a long time for a thick steak to overcook when it's in a warming oven so what you can do is you can take it to the temperature you want to see her dad or even sear it and then throw it in like a 140-150 oven and the inside not going to cool off anymore but it's really not going over cook the amount of time quesadilla pan sauce low temperature related question

I have a question about this is from John I have a question about pressure canning if I were to get hold vacuum top round cook it with a circulator for 24 to 48 hours then cut it up pack it for pressure canning pack it pack it for pressure canning with this improve the texture of the beep after canning compared to just canning with a higher heat in the can or take away all the texture improvement from the Slow and Low cooking I love you, but I can't find the number the number is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 if you hit me back with the number I'm happy to call in PS I'm convinced to my eight-year-old daughter convince my eight year old daughter that the hammer is a female professional wrestler who just likes food and that's why she's on the show in my Dave always yells the hammer would you think that

she's correct this is accurate it is it is my opinion John is my opinion that low and slow before pressure canning will not do anything because the pressure canning is like so much more violent and it's going to like it when you're doing low and slow one of these things about low and slow is that the connective tissue doesn't render out and also when you're cooking for a long time especially Cuts like that like round some of them can tend to go Livery over Livery not like a Livery Cab like with the taste of liver is over long cooking. And so in general if I was you I would just pressure Kennett but I could be wrong because I haven't run the tests you always need to run the test I would do it but I would say that at first blush pressure canning is going to remove any perceived benefit you would get out of

out of the what's it called

low temperature

this I do not know the answer to I have a question from I think this question although it could be his from Johnny yet about milk wondering whether to be a man, a woman running our lives Upstate New York and is 8 wonders whether can pre condensed milk with reverse osmosis machine the way they do with maple syrup answer I don't know I wasn't able to find out quickly enough so hopefully I'll get nastassia to reroute that question to me next week and I'll do a little more I'll do a little more research I mean I don't have a lot of experience personally with reverse osmosis other than with water I don't have I don't have a Sugar Shack much as I would like to have one and if I did I did what I do are over I just do classic but me the reason one of the reasons to do our oh right is a pre-concentration save energy rights do I have to do as much boiling

back to it Jack thanks so much for taking the place of the hammer Matt we're good we're so good I'm just envisioning you know this Asia with somebody like in a full nelson yeah that's you don't have to think too hard right there anyway cooking issues

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