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Episode 352: A Little Sugar on the Shaft

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whatever I don't even know anymore

one of the new

did we met another man while happy New Year man how you been did you have any good food over the over they break

yes I've been cooking a lot actually. Yeah okay fine I'll keep it short I got this coconut curry chickpea sweet potato saying that I'm eating right now that I made myself at home coconut milk and did you what coconut milk do you use a boy some organic from the Park Slope food co-op allowed to go unless you work there that's right we don't let you in but I hear it's here it's fantastic if somewhat cultish so you're a member of the cult have a high tolerance for bureaucracy so yes I'm a member of the the Colts with all the paperwork so he knows either don't know about this Park Slope food co-op thing you are not allowed to shop there unless you work what is it like 4 hours a month or 5 hours a month what is it 2 hours 45 minutes every 4 weeks

I'm sure it's not that much but if you don't work you're not allowed to eat and and you are not allowed let's say you have a roommate I swear to God what I'm about to say is true there's a documentary on this place if you have a roommate your roommate is not allowed to eat your food yes yeah but that seems like it's taking it from like not exploiting someone else to being coercive like just because you happen to be my roommate what if I hate you like it's like it's not like you like roommate 100% of the time if you are Co-op member or not you're not really supposed to be stealing from you you also not supposed to regularly like cook for friends and parties and stuff like that right no one that is not

written down or said ever know

you're a member of the cult a delicious tasty called now really think of those parently the prices are very low in the quality is very high on the margins I think it's like 40% across from whatever it is it's everything everything is a margin but I've been told cuz my partner at the bar Don isn't member is that is that if they they want to find like high quality in the lowest price they can and if they can't they'll give you a quality and a price conscious choice true true nice Andy Ricker has always told me was true after many tests that you should go through the trouble of making your own coconut milk once or twice from his most of coconuts we get here in New York the garbage anyway but may go through making your own coconut milk once or twice just to see what the difference is and then do what we all do we just go by the canned stuff because your life solely so long you don't I mean

I said why is life so long why is why is it taking so long was that they said that to us I was amazing so nastase will enjoy this before we get into the cooking with a questions

guy in China said to you the other day which one Chris when you were talking about all the stuff that we needed to get done and then at the end of the conversation but he said he said go on for dear life speaking of which in the next week and a half they going to be making the second batch of spins Al's who should be back in stock in about a month and a half or something like this on Amazon is better Vape case you don't know who spends all synergies blah blah blah the new round is basically the same as the old one but the new lids we got rid of most of the silicone Parts at fall off and a new lids have a plug in it so that if you jerks out there who owned one put it together wet with a little bit of sugar on the shaft who shouldn't with Jesus that way and it freezes itself shut in the old in the old days you would have to like rattle the hell out of your lid and you know possibly break the bearing now you can just pull the plug and irrigate the bearing with water in

so it breaks itself free so if you break your old Linn new lids that ship that way which will having a month-and-a-half will ship with that just an FYI

so you don't miss tosten are holding on for dear life in terms of our business and you know we think every every we were like this you will make it more like in Lakewood close actually it's his next project goes through we're closed but you know when you're building something especially when you're building it overseas because you're not there beating on people every day and you have to rely on people things take exponentially geometrically longer than you think they would you know what I mean and so is taking forever until the end of this conversation where I'm realizing that I thought that spends all her going to be showing up this month in fact they're shipping at the end of this month right set another month down the toilet you know in like things are taking forever my you know my guy in China goes so why you want to talk about making wine Santa's

yes yes as a call from potential customers you know beforehand Dave trolde I'm pretty sure people for those who have seen BoJack Horseman except for the except for the being a TV star and a horse and a guy and living in Los Angeles I'm pretty sure Nastassja is BoJack Horseman

not for the people out there all day and then I said it's a Don I'm a guy need to date a guy that's a good joke so back to the Saints so we know nastase and I we talked about this before we have this kind of touch me moment thing or walking to the season so if you could shut your Yap

so who like we're here where I'm going to the subway in the subway shows you know like there's a lot of us here in a specially in Manhattan with cramping these tiny things Delancey Street near where I live and have to come to this radio program from is like it's like you can't get your bill for people by people that hate people like you can't just leave the platform and go out like into the world you have to go down and up and down and up and the train show up and everyone falls into this tiny staircase and like goes down and I'm trying to fight my way up now it's a long staircase so you can't see whether there still a train there or not you just know a bunch of people getting off as a chance they're going to make that train right and plus PS This is where we see whether people were raised properly write you got to leave a slot for people going in the other direction same way when the doors is Subway open up let me the Freak off the train before your muscle your way in so anyway this guy

why is taking up and and by the way this is America where we drive on the right hand side of the road so when you're walking up a staircase you walk up on the right right if you have a choice right strange fellows you that come to New York for the first time you walk up on the right so that it's like being driving on a road but paradoxically if you were going to stand on an escalator move to the right chest and now it's medium clear to you but that's equivalent of a slow lane on a multi-lane highway that's why when you're on an escalator there's no such thing as a single fire file escalator in New York you do not own your whole step of the escalator people you do not sit there and have a conversation with your towel like companions looking at each other chewing your cud on the freaking escalator up you moved to the right if you are standing and you allow humans who have better things to do to walk past you on the left this is how life Works anyway so I'm on the stairway

and I'm going up the right side and by the way besides you know me you know me I'm all about as much as I hate I'm all about they like you know the modicum of etiquette that requires to get by in the city right so the skin in the right hand side like in a filthy and myself against the spit and puke it's on the side of the of the stairway and I make it and squeezing up and I see Gigantor coming down in my slap this guy has a good like you know 6 in on me and is built like an upside-down pyramid right and is in his mid-twenties and so I don't like your buddy I get it you didn't know whether someone's going to come up the stairs and I'm going up by the way so I have infinite freaking right of way so anyway so yeah that done this many times I'm going down the stairs I try to go into the passing Lane

please not going to the passing Lane it was that the earphones in any way I could sit there and chant at them they wouldn't hear a damn thing I'm saying so I'm going up in the guy doesn't move when you do that what you do is you screwed back into your side temporarily and then you do it uses whatever that's what might I might not I just keep going and then she doesn't move because he's like I'm huge people have to get out of my way I'm a big man and then I just keep going through for people who don't know me I walk hard yonamine so like I go through this guy and then he goes back in about 30 sec I'm up on the platform I'm already like you know rereading the questions for today

he comes back up the platform to find you to find me and he looks at me and he's like hey whatsup but here's where I use what nastassia believes is my superpower I just I gave my smile this is why he believes I have not been killed I can say almost anything to you with a smile on my face I can talk about your mom I could do anything I want because I have a smile on my face and stassi believes that I can get away with it where is she says she's a nice to people but because she has such a sourpuss on people think she's being mean even when she's not intending to be which is all that she's always intended to be mean to guys like

because she wanted to fight fleas like you brushed by me pretty hard like really I don't know I was just going on my side and he's like he's like what but I was like I'm just sorry I didn't mean to well you know causing a problem that's going on my side of the stairs between was even coming cuz like I don't know man I just outside

and he's got to be careful you got to be careful

that he left but that is the superpower write 0 aggression you like absolutely like Walk Hard plaster through him know that he was in the wrong and then zero aggression when he comes to try to start a fight but confused look on this man's face as he walked back down the stairs because he was not able to hit me was something I will cherish forever

no in the 14th Street Station there was a homeless person running a blender base next to his ear typically have blenders

Carrera part of a blender took a picture of a homeless man in a wheelchair good falling off of his wheelchair on the subway and it look like it look like some sort of candid camera setup you just see the man had been run over by his own wheelchair and his feet were sticking out from underneath behind his wheelchair so I'm like oh my god what happened to stassi's like massages like first and then New York you don't ask now it isn't a New York or man on the subway last night wearing no pants down and have been run over by their own wheelchair you just do this one hey buddy you okay

hey hey buddy buddy all right and he goes like I don't know whether too much now drug interactions or whatever but I've gotten cops were people or lifted people so they wouldn't fall into it and I do love that during strollers and I do love that confirmed so I Nastassja like this when I'm cooking with a wood fire I cheat I said as many times I cheat I you make a large charcoal fire with a Chimney Starter and then I build my wood on top of that because who the hell has the time that

but inside Jen like to start a fire the old-fashioned way with like you no one little scrap of paper and like like new things and kindling so she's like make me some kindling Dave now for those are you there never met your own kindling the problem with making kindling is you need to temporarily hold the little stick cuz I'm making sticks that are like you know I don't like half border collie half inch on a side right Blue Stakes she got a hold of the stick by the way that would I have is real squirrelly you know what I mean it's not like straight I don't have like these like tall straight anyway so you have to take your your little actual Hatchet and go Bob and Planet into the Rd and small end stick right that can't stand on its own right really what you need is some sort of Tom and of course I'm an idiot I'm inside I'm not wearing my gloves so I go

Bob and I slip in the axe goes right in my hand I don't see it I know what so like what happened is unlike I get up and I immediately just put my hand against my shirt and later I look back in the laundry room which is why I was doing it like look like a crime scene and so Jen Jen is like we're going to go to the emergency room if it's not that why but it's real deep I'm like no emergency room so she so we have steri-strips Sochi steri-strips my my hand together and it's finally just it's so she did such a good job my mom looked at it later and she's like Jenny did it but it's called approximating the wound you know that's called approximating the wound Associates perfect my hand looks like looks like nothing ever happened it's amazing so I know it well she's going to learn how to do suturing I think so then if you could give the problem with the steri-strips is you have to be a little more careful of your body while at

feeling because the sutures will hold it together even while you're still working whereas when you're when if you like with a steri-strips if you if you if you hit like it'll pop up in anyways so I bought a new piece of equipment I'm super psyched to use call the kindling cracker so for those either need to make a lot of kindling take a look at the kindling cracker it is a very well-designed piece of equipment and now I will be able to make kindling all day long safely without having to wear my normal gloves I could have just one gloves but you know what can we practice I made some good Christmas cookies did you make any good Christmas cookies every year

my family joins up with the hard drive Verona family and we make Christmas cookies together and I make Christmas cookies from my family back. So we have a recipe that we've been making for I don't know how many generations like 5/8 the recipe is so old that it calls for clabbered milk because it's like three Refrigeration recipe for these like kind of chocolate bon-bons but then the burning heart rate family makes he's like amazing Southern Italian cookies that are based on hatred I love them it's like hard like a rock it's that it's you hate the first three that you have but then afterwards you crave them kind of like kind of like working with us just flour with barely enough honey to make the sucker stick together so they're making mostaccioli and Bonbon nobody cares about

the first one right well I already said Ronnie both from Rodney and Amsterdam and lover show been listening at a question on the preparation and use these words which I don't even know a real but for Nastasia sake pompous and liquid form products stassi does have the face on I want to drink my vegetables instead of eating them but I have two requirements I don't want to get rid of the pulp so juicing is not really an option with that goes selling a spinzall actually spends all his good for this in one set in one sense which I'll get to in a minute but I'm not not trying to sell you want to because frankly I don't own any of them right now

I'm pounding our incompetence dude we were trying to make this finzels we're like okay we need more and they're like yeah no cuz they couldn't see your smile when you asked if I would have had him right now oh my God I get so first off those you don't know me when I'm in a meeting 0 0 0 0 100 it's like I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine I'm not fine and nothing makes me like when you when you go to factory meetings

especially overseas everyone knows that you're only there for a fixed amount of time so one of the things that people like to do because they know that you can't come day after day after day after day is just put you in a room and stall you out for the entire time that you're there and this is a tactic that causes me to freaking explode so if you really want to see you think the Rance I go on here like get me into a windowless room in a factory is going to have the pleasure of sitting and said windowless room bring your recorder on recorder when you're sitting in a factory and someone tells you that they haven't ordered the product that you asked him to order a year ago or that they're not going to make this tiny change that they don't even understand that actually makes the product the whole lot better for your end user or that you have an approved something that you have 13 emails

all in a row that say you've approved it this is when you realize what the limits of your capability to retain your cooler and I don't know if for those you that younger

you're supposed to get more patient as you get older right it's not really true at least in my case in my case what has happened is when I was younger I worked on my own like in that in the Arts and I was in art school so all of my successes all my failures they were my fault you know what I mean

yeah I'll talk about later so we can actually wants a Tesla so we're sitting there and stassia love test by the casket picked out I'm not in it

I didn't forget I even forget what I said

that's why I let you know what I was going to Tesla recently in airplane crashed into it. It's true story an airplane a DEA airplane single engine Cessna on a training Mission attempted an emergency landing on a road in Georgia and smashed directly into someone's model X and they playing. F. The Tesla was fine and Elon Musk tweets the guy back is like all right

love love love him anyways so like I am less patient now because I'm always at a fine simmer it's like when I was younger my pot. Cool now my pops never cool right I'm always just at a simmer so when you turn up the heat and I use very high grade induction to heat myself so it's like the instantaneous know what I mean I got them LOL I got them LOL I can get you there in like a split second because really the only thing she enjoys in life besides the bachelor is seeing me get angry for no reason and I don't want to add liquid most vegetables already contain greater than 85% of that's a misnomer 80 whatever contains 85% water which should be plenty can I use pectinase with vegetables in a blender to get something

easily drinkable could you provide some general guidelines on what enzymes to use with different kinds of vegetables starch content age excetera I will try those and report back happy holidays stuff your faces with the food and drink Rodney from Amsterdam I did in fact you that I did stuff my face

Philip there's there's a several things in in veggies that you're going to need to break down starches to a lesser extent there's things like inulin and Jerusalem artichokes bus from here to do Smog Checks right so to break down amylose let's say you were a brewer or a more accurately a distiller write it used to be that they would do old school starch conversion but now they just do it all with enzymes but typically you go through a multi-step process so you you trim the stuff up you cook it with an enzyme that specifically meant to

liquefy it right so you want like a liquefaction enzyme they then add a would call Us near sacrificateur and enzymes slightly different enzymes that then breaks those gelatinize starches down into sugar so they can form at the best not what you want to do you just want to do some light liquefaction on the starch to it doesn't have the text but those enzymes I've tried using them cold they don't really work I can't really attacked attacked the starch granules and tell her some temperature on them so they're going to require some temperature if that's a problem or not the second thing you're going to want to break down is kind of the the pectin and Hemi cellulose structure right and for that pectinex Ultra sp-l or pectinex XXL which is there non-GMO sorry there GMO version of it which works better not really care whether or not what do you think you don't care

as long as I don't have to do a clarification no more I don't care what the hell you do so the pekon enzymes work at a lower PEC Nation signs I should say I work at a don't need cooking so that's kind of an advantage so you can do a combination of them if something has a high starch content then you know you might want to heat it with some sacrificateur as I was liquefaction enzymes would you can get from novozymes we don't use anymore if you could probably use some Brewing enzymes LOL I haven't tested them then hit it with a hit with some pectinex and Ingo fruits or veg that don't have a lot of starch in them you can just liquify quite well with initials like peppers tomatoes whatever you going to sit down with the with the pectinex and that will that will smooth them out quite nicely now that the thing you

can't really break down with any of this is lignin and cellulose so you can't get rid of like the strings in celery so those you have to chop finely before you put them into your into your blender so the day they blend properly or whatever kind of technique for using to it to get the juice out of it but if you do add a little more water

and you do have a centrifuge I know you don't want to do this you what you can do is on like a sweet potato or anything like that you can blend it real hard do this like cooked like sci-fi blend it real hard a little extra water the water if you're blaming stuff that's thick it's hard to get very fine particle size cuz you don't get a lot of churning and he kind of going to get lumps in it if you had a little more water and then spin that water out the resulting texture is pregame crazy and then you can re suspended in water if you want and just drink the water I don't know whatever but I made the world's best babe no one's best the world's best that I've tasted baby food using pectin X Ultra sp-l some starch enzymes starch amylase is and the spins all and then I drink extra water separately but I don't know she hates drinking vegetable true or false

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now we have a question in this is a two-year-old question people that's fine fine at work so I found this on the old way back in the voicemail she likes you know what it's a new year maybe I'll listen to my voicemail so technically no new messages came in while I was here Sean yeah let's hear you mention toaster switch got me really excited cuz I've been experimenting with doses without as much success as I'd like here's my problem I can't get them to be crispy like they are at the restaurant I tried store-bought batter plus I make my own batter from scratch and I have a cast iron table and the other kind of kava and I've tried different temperatures what's the secret I'll wait for the cookbook if I have to

potatoes got any toaster inside I love you hear them so I'm so happy I found a half of my predecessors sorry stuff

so I've got some good news and some bad news set the good news is I got some bad is basically if the question had come to me two years ago when I was doing kind of heavy research on Italy batter right I have a lot more knowledge there is a big difference between just have having made a bunch of stuff and having made a bunch of stuff a long time ago right so I apologize I'm a little bit Rusty on this and also there's been actually some research on this subject since I was investigating it and the other thing I'll have to practice with is saying I I was focused even though Italy even though Dosa batter and idli batter are often similar and people use the same batteries for for both I was doing tests almost exclusively with it leaves very little work with dosis now I'll just knock out secrets that other people have

lunch with us instead and I'm not going to make the okay so like you know one of the better doses that you can never been I never been to India any part of India definitely never been to the South but we are one of the better doses I've had in New York City Is At Ganesh temple out in Queens and I was chatting with their we call you call it doesn't make a reminder sound

a docent anyway so like their I was talking to their Dosa maker and he was telling me that you know their secret which is a lot of people's secret to Chris penis is adding chickpea Chana Dal Dosa it's like it's like a Indian crepe typically like a standard kind of style is you take Black Ram or I'd all right you get it scanned it doesn't have the black on it I've made batter with the skin still on it without and with the skin because it kind of a gray unappealing color and I don't really think it helps so by the ones that have the the don't buy splitter broken ones but whole ones that have the black skin taken off of them so it's kind of confusing you like I thought I was buying black Rama Naish white looking it's creamy could have took you outside of the second component is rice more on that in a minute and the third component typically is fenugreek

so classically you soak you could soak the fennec the fenugreek seeds by the way aside from providing flavor fenugreek also has like hydrocolloid like properties and can affect the fermentation right so you know you don't need it but it's kind of helpful if it's there for a reason she hates this conversation so much she's walking out the door so she has to use the restroom so you soak the doll and the rice separately and then you grind the rice separately you grind fenugreek with the with the dog you mix them together at you ferment them and there you go so now what are the things what are the different things the ratio of rice to 2 doll 2 or a doll is a big thing I typically and you know of the 4212 between 41 and 3 to 1 on rice to 2. All right secondly is a technique that you're going to make them

I use a blender or Moxxi or a wet grinder I'm fortunate enough to have a wet grinder and everyone and I agree with this grinds the rice and the adults separately because they really want to have different textures and they want to grind for different lengths of time to reach the right texture right third you make mixing together and there's a fermentation time permutation time is a lot of work on the fermentation time in the in the firmament a lot of things are happening one you're creating it's mainly a lacto lactobacillus a thing but there's other bacteria and yeast in there as well but aside from leavening you're breaking down starches therefore creating more free sugar that's going to increase Christmas their Lots going on so the texture and flavor your page is going down detection flavor of the Dosa requires a nice fermentation time now typically a lot of people who ferment in colder weather like you live near me so we'll kind of try

put their their product into a kind of south of India kind of temperature to get the fermentation time short a little salt which inhibits kind of bad bacteria but back to the important question we haven't chosen is the rice so if you had a little bit of chickpea grinding with the doll that's going to increase what some people call Chris penis but one person's crispy is another person's hard I've noticed recently if you do a bunch of frying testing which I have done a lot people have different concepts of what crispy means like we all think that if I say crispy and you say crispy baked crispy means the same thing and it really doesn't feel like some people think cornmeal batter is crispy I think cornmeal batter is hard you know I'm saying this Asia do you like Romeo better by Abba some people think it's kind of crispy same thing if you have too much chickpea I like chickpea flour for battering but too much chickpea flour takes it from being Chris to being kind of hard you know what I mean anyway

so I doubt if you want the person who wrote the dose article and serious eats didn't seem to think that the chick be held but again I wasn't there during testing so I don't know if I agree with the way they tested the rice is a big compliment if you really want to do it it's expensive and it's hard to Source but I would use and you don't have to because even in any of these May different kinds of rice I would try and Lee Rice so Italy rice is a parboiled like medium grain rice that specifically made for India flowers they're also works very well for doses the parboiling is going to affect the texture as is the variety of rice and exact amylose amylopectin breakdown has so give that a shot but

breaking down at the FCI and they were giving it to her and there was like a what was it or something and then the person onto her was like what is he what is he making and then the tour guide said what is like a baby

yeah that happened people who don't like don't cook a lot of meat like when you're cooking small mammals they look kind of like yeah that was maybe the worst right the raccoon tasted freaking terrible in the right bunch of exotic animals we won't buy from anymore because he found out he went to jail and he was like you know he was doing Rick really really terrible stuff anyway. I really want to talk about but I can't remember what it oh by the way here's a question for I want you guys to ponder cuz I got to take a selfie are pretty soon so

do you think that knowing how to fix things is a blessing or a curse

I think for me it's a curse it's a curse you know what if I just spent more time making money and less time fixing things or building things where would I be I who knows where I'd be I would definitely be cruising around in my in my p100x Tesla I have two kids two dogs they going to release the cheap SUV next year anyway when we bought the we moved into our new apartment we did the plunger we got the Bosch the fancy Bosch dishwasher gets real quiet and if it wasn't for those are the only have 20 year old dishwashers which is the way I live the majority of my life you have a dishwasher must be nice

they just asking I do that all the time getting off at 11 p.m. have gay must be nice so stupid like this culture that we have of working so much that you die and belittling people who don't work as much and so toxic anyway so my fancy Bosch dishwasher Springs a leak and is like water all over everywhere and I was like you know I know that if I paid someone to fix that that's like a $400 problem off of an $800 dishwasher not heard our dishwasher and I was like man if I was just rich I would just pay someone to come do it I would stay in a freaking Hotel till it's fixed who cares but I was like

2 years fix it I feel personally like if I didn't know how to fix things I would feel not like a whole human being

earlier freezer

couldn't get the car key cutting close the door and I was like what you going to do when you're going to happen and you like I'm going to burn it down and start fresh we were at the bar the other day I never see his through the bar the other day and

and someone they just showed up they haven't even started like really drinking at our bar yet right but they ordered a bunch of food pounded it got up we have two bathrooms the doors were closed cuz people are in them and we made me have the air there's no place for us to put a trash can outside of our bathroom right so this guy just starts Unholy puking are in our bathroom vestibule but not like okay I'm better not like and like and Jack was like Jack was like did the guy who eat a pot of clam chowder and so white what is it is a blah blah blah blah I was like I was so traumatized I had no idea I had no idea even what to do

he's like a don't sweat it to work at equinox I see this everyday

and I just stand there I'm giving you the the Superman pose I just stand there at the bouncer pose like standing in front of it and people come to the bathroom like no

is that a whole thing out and and I didn't realize till later that guy went in like a kitchen heard it happening ran out with a fish tub David got a fish tub and the guy was the guy had somehow had more stuff inside this this guy puked his body weight at my bar

wow many ways but having Jerry with you see that was a situation where I was at a very rarely am I like I don't know what to do I might just burn this whole place down and walk away and that's when you need someone with you who can just take care of business cookies

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