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Episode 351: Bojack Lopez goes Baba Deep

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number to Pizzeria in Bushwick and we got like next Tuesday is Christmas now don't know something like it Christmas similar

Christmas is family Christmas adjacent grumbling bright like throw a brick through the window and show up the same day like almost independently got brain damaged by concrete

nastassia more later tonight so she's walking down that don't know when we're walking around the streets of New York before in a bad mood which is I would say often at the very least often so so just asking I have this like years-long ongoing thing where what we say is that you're in the urine the touch me mode and what the Touch remote is is you're waiting for someone to touch you so these so you can just go off on it and it comes from I was walking down the street do you ever tell the story of us walking down the street one day and there was this giant guy and it became apparent after listening to the screaming conversation what had happened was this giant fellow this giant fellow had somehow he he he no head Umbridge that's this so much shrimp or your fellow had done something to piss him off on

Street furthermore this giant fellow that was you know what had just recently gotten out of prison and was on probation and if he started any sort of fight he would end up back in prison right but he really really really really wanted to crumple up this tiny guy into a ball into a bloody little ball and like you know dancing around the street a little bit so he was towering over this guy

Daughtry go ahead. Just touch me please

he liked it so he can like beat the ever-loving snot out of this guy and I've never seen a guy look so scared and so careful not to touch this dude you know what I mean so from then on I was years ago laluna touch me moments so like everything we have is just asking I have

we staying where we have this cuz you know we never in business for a long time and yet somehow we're almost climbing out of the whole two years on her

we have to in 2 years and 3 months or whatever the hell this terrible veneer is here today have a speed and I kind of a stable good position business-wise and we pretend that being in a stable good business situation will make us happy in other respects Quest probably not but anyway so that the other thing we have is that whenever we like slip on something or like something hits his hearing damage like we imagine that if someone were watching the videotape on the security cameras as we were about to get like like intensely in permanently mutilated

on that somebody else's property that you'd see this giant smile go across our face and we're like

I don't like sleeping in the air about to get crumpled anyway so just Asia had a moment like that where a concrete masonry unit was like to hear New York what to do when they're building they do demo demolition they install a shoot on the outside of a window and then they put a dumpster down below and then they cordoned off the whole area so they can just hurl crap out the window and it slides down into into the into the dumpster what the hell out of there and it lands like you know inches like like less than a foot on the side of Nastassja was like Nastassja was like instead of saying I could have been kills like why couldn't it just him raised me

you know what I mean like putting them just hit me a little bit big money and like you know and with the anger she could have had a righteous anger like nastassia is main goal in life again if you come into your can you go on the trains that is if you go on the trains here especially on the L train which is the train that runs between Brooklyn and in between Williamsburg Brooklyn and you know 14th Street Manhattan right it's like hipster Central and also a lot of bartenders to when they work that's where they go anyway you're in this tunnel for a long time when you're going under the river and that's when the guys cannot get showtime and then they get they do their little parkour moves on all the all the you know the banister and stuff spinning around like almost hitting people in the head and Nastassja every time is like going to kick you in the face cuz her goal is a to get me kicked in the face

and be to see my reaction

when we lit let me work down in Eldridge Street her goal in life was to get hit in the face with a loogie so that she can lose her mind inside until I got killed by a concrete masonry unit I for some unknown reason strapped on my bike helmet early by the way and then and I was doing a bunch too and I whipped around as hard and as fast as I can for those who don't know me I walk hard and fast that's why almost that's why I had to go to the hospital I was in Spain walking into a glass wall because when I'm walking its with purple writing assassin

British my head into his concrete wall and I was like I know I'm that kind of guy anyway and we talked about the legend of Baba deep Singh on the radio so

Baba deep Singh the Sikh hero is like a character that I freaking love right setting of The Sikhs are well-known ferocious Warriors and they have these like giant huge very heavy sword and one of these one of these Heroes his name was Bob deep right and he was so angry he was like his old I think it was like in his seventies in the Legends right in this group of people comes to you know I take over some territory and pay it or whatever I can't remember specifics so bothered if so I got really and then he like you like you leaving the Army he goes in with his giant super heavy sword and one of the enemy dudes hits him in the neck and cuts his head almost some people say almost all the way off and some people just say like all the way through the Holding On by a string

so instead of Baba deep this is worse than the Stasi part comes in by the deep is so angry

that someone has a chop his head off yet he hasn't killed them all yet that he uses the one hand I'm assuming is left handed Tsum he's right-handed uses which no suction he takes his left hand and holds his head onto his on to it that the next stump takes the sword in the other hand and kills everyone and then after he kills the last one of the of the enemies that he drops his head and eyes and that's the kind of anger nastase would have so if you ever kind of drop if you ever drop something on astacio and intend to kill her just make sure you're far enough away that she can't hold her head on with her up with her bad hand while she's running after he was some sort of weapon in her right now him

call all of your Christmas holiday cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 or waiting last week we had someone call in about a eggless pecan pie and I did a little I didn't bake one cuz I don't have any time you don't even answer me. I wish I had the time it'll maybe in a couple years when we're happy and I'll have the time to cook as much as I used to be on the regular instead now I'm like a quick cycle cooking is very hard for me to do research long cycle cooking at this point my life but

besides you giving me the air quotes the laughing and then the the universal

the you're wasting your life self-pleasuring sign at The Sassy likes to you

dead eyes and then you're like yeah whatever and then you give the sign I looked him up and I was in conversation to some people over the Twitter some people gave him some ideas some dairy-based ideas and I couldn't remember whether the caller weather was just an egg allergy or whether they wanted it and yes but I can't remember whether they wanted weather is like the couple wanted vegan or just a tree where there's a vegan thing anyway a discussion was that you know using an egg replacement for baking isn't going to going to help because what you're using here is your using the egg proteins actually not just a whole kind of bubble to hold are in 11 you're actually need to set something in it in a jail for Matt and I looked at a bunch of because it's not common to have kind of egg free non-vegan stuff I looked up a bunch of being a pecan pies and lo and behold yes tipica

what they do is they use in some combination cornstarch most of some of the more complicated ones are more in a Savvy ones or using kind of higher and starches like everything's but they're using cornstarch in a cooking it with a fat so you can use butter in a liquid these guys are using coconut milk you can just use milk if you're not going to go vegan and using enough cornstarch so that when you heat it and then bring it back it cools and set back into a custard wanted sex now the thing about this is and it should be stable so you can heat it a little bit of Gannon and stay stable if you think about it when you're doing these custard based things with straight starch without egg is you need you can't just set it in the oven you need to boil off your starch beforehand before you bake you need to boil your starch off to get it going because you're not going to get guaranteed to get a good custard otherwise also you need to have enough fat in it ended to texture of it cuz it the fat is going to provide

turn of the texture as a cool fact and third you might want to grind up some nuts or other things to put into it like fine I'll most people feel like a nut butter and that all should also modify the texture to make it a little more like a classic kind of pecan pie filling so for the ratios you look at any one of these things on the web just realized that cook precook step the boy lost a step in the starch is important to get it to function properly now makes tofu in you know you can do it or you cannot do it silken tofu data L'Amour body I wouldn't because I don't think it's going to have what I want added flax meal and what flat flax meal is snot like hydrated flax meal is fundamentally snot so I saw one recipe that didn't use cornstarch that just use snot it out flax meal and then mix it with cracker crumbs like not graham cracker crumbs but like bread ready

ready ready ready red cracker buddy buddy buddy but you know used to watch Buck Rogers we were cavemen you've heard of it there's a character named Tweaky who's this little robot and he always walks around the DVD DVD just walk around this guy Tweaky so is Buck Rogers who is the guy that you know the hot lady pilot whose name I forget and then and then the other thing about Tweaky was he carried a doctor in the form of like you have Flavor Flav had that giant clock around him so squeaky this tiny silver robot pad Flavor Flav style this giant round almost clock face robot who is the smart one so I don't know why I feel so freaking smart he couldn't build his own body he had to be carried around on this moron Tweaky so never likes I say something like bread or Brady

crushed up the cracker crust mix it with you no first hydrated the flax I forget when she use coconut milk or something like this you can do whatever you want that turns the flax meal into snot you mix us not with the crackers that makes kind of a gooey snot and then you mix that gooey snot base into the into the bottom of the pie and that's how she got to cuss her so here's those are the various kind of technique some people doping tofu I would really go that way other people are making a straight basically corn steglitz cornstarch custard and so they're using fat I like a milk a milk or milk substitute and butter butter substitute is the fat with cornstarch and then making sure that you let it cool until it is cold before you cut it because you need that starts to set up properly and pre boil or this flax he's not or some combination but I like the idea of mixing something in like crackers snack of crackers brekkie no breadcrumbs or or

like like nut nut paper nut King of Prussia nuts into that goop to get it to work because I remember Quest was for a layer of goop not nuts all the way through otherwise I said before I'm a fan of both kinds of pecan pie nuts all the way through or group anastacio is one of those people who doesn't like pecan pie which is absurd Matt you also were on the no pecan pie thing or nuts or there's a healthy dose of goop in there by like a layer of group only with the nuts floating on top and somewhat made it the best pecan pie I don't know I don't know what made it the best cousin ever made one myself it was just it was just delicious I have I got nothing I got nothing man

well first of all there wasn't an option who the hell says pecan pie without there was some fancy ice cream ice cream ice cream is Semi Valley substitute for whipped cream on a pecan pie nastase you like pumpkin pie so when someone has like Thanksgiving what are the pies they bring out of the end of your Thanksgiving just pumpkin just pumpkin we usually have a fruity fruit pie apple or apple similar pecan pie and pumpkin pie and then it was like I want sex of apple I want to check the pumpkin the correct answer is course all three I want a slice of all three and then just like generous guys with cream across all of them that's what I like by love, I love pecan and for those of you that don't remember the years that we were working with hickory nut and we never got a good supplier

yeah if you've never had I would love to make a hickory nut pie if you've never had Hickory nuts you are missing out like if you love pecans which amoeba conjure one of the great nuts I love for the Hickory nuts are even better just hard to get Shagbark Hickory nuts because they're so hard to show remember we broke all of those scheller's we were trying to sell it in and then there was that guy in the nursing home we used to shell them and then there's a guy in a nursing home who I forgot the guy's name but he lives somewhere like Ohio or something like this when they have a lot of the Shagbark hickory trees and the guy his only hobby was showing Hickory nuts can you imagine like watching Wheel of Fortune and end and shelling Hickory nuts all day cuz I got to show another one and another one he can get like the nice big pieces cuz we just hit with hammers and try to sleep away the the shells right and yeah this guy he would do it and then his like daughter whatever would pick up these nuts and then sell the nuts and then she would bring him nuts to show and then you like that how many you shall today

yeah he must be gone now but that's an amazing deal like you know I'm giving some old guy a hobby and I get in the Hickory nuts you know I'm making some extra money for them anyway. I would love that but the solution that Piper and and I came to was the old Native Americans a solution which is they didn't like they didn't like showing you sick or not either

we'll talk about this in one second and stops here but what they would do is they would pound the nuts with the shells together and make hickory nut milk which is very nutritious straighten it out and get rid of the shells that way because the shells don't add too much tanning to the hickory nut milk so you can extract a nice rich they Cakery nut milk without having the shells without having to show them because you don't get to eat nuts on a few years nut milks

Tim Paine tell speaking of what was going on back then where they have I've just a just finished listening to this book I've been meaning to read for years and years and years called 1491 you're his book now

why you bang your head against the microphone

the in-depth look at pre-columbian America right all of the Americas yeah yeah so you know and for a number of years to go down this research whole I'm going to dive into this well of research going to be a Civil War distancia havasu's I read a book about Civil War reenactors by the way to call the Confederate in the Attic which is an interesting read

think about this people throw shoes that are Americans like why are there so many more people who want to re-enact Confederate side than the northern side it's weird Confederate the attic is like the book on that and liking it whatever you like so so the thing is is known for a long time or a researcher for a long time the kind of false idea that the forest when when Europeans arrived in your the forests were relatively open and pray for hunting and all this other stuff and so the theory is that not there but the fact is that the Native Americans were here at the time use controlled burning and did a lot of work to create a very particular kind of force they wouldn't exist in nature right and so one of the thesis of this book 1491 is that in fact the entire America's there was no such thing as Wilderness so like a lot of the things that we are so

she ate with Wilderness like giant giant giant giant buffalo herds or like giant passenger pigeon migrations where and you know up until 1914 when they became extinct Americans European Americans would eat tons and tons and tons of passenger pigeons every year cuz they're delicious or Mast fed things like like like the way things used to feed on mass and mass is things like Hickory nuts Beechnut and I was that all of this was somehow Bountiful nature the fact that there was all these Chestnut trees like this is nature even in the Amazon that the reason so many fruit trees at the high-density fruit trees in the Amazon was seen as a natural thing and that we need to preserve this Wilderness and one of the tenants in this book which is quite interesting is that no in fact these are all human mediated environments and they only look like they are natural because when Europeans came to diseases were so bad that they caused a population crash crash that is an unprecedented in

you know kind of new world population and so it appeared while because all the sudden now no more people were tending them and still to this day certain places I can the Amazon still have the imprints of the human manipulation of a thousand interesting concept and especially related to how can we get good food out of these quote-unquote wild areas in the same way that in Spain you're the argument why is Spanish ham so good well it isn't just because they have the access to the Hazel which is protected but yet human maintained environment of oak trees and grazing land so I'm probably going to next year go into some sort of Deep Well of research and not come up for a while just as he's going to berate me for it because there's nothing to stassi hates more than me learning about things

so many things that you haven't finished your book that's true is all going in the book also right about that but I enjoy doing the only thing I enjoy doing is learning about things yeah that's it that's my hobby that's all I enjoy doing like or foraging for food

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today is Bob's Red Mill moment we're going to talk about sorghum and sorghum flour so sore gum is one of the kind of what you'd say Millet switch aren't really a real group of a thing because they're not all related to each other but sore gum is a millet that is native to Africa and stack is one of the most important Staples in the world we just tend not to use it that much for a human feed here in the US you can also make from sorghum stocks you can make a sugar so it's an interesting sort of sugar and flour that is high in protein sorghum flour is but it has no gluten so I can be used in gluten free recipes if that's interesting to you sort of also has a very kind of cool taste I really like it so if you're substituting a portion of it into regular quick Breads and her pancakes it works very well but I think I'm more interesting application used to do a traditional sorghum only recipe I've attended to make

sorghum only biscuits and I'm not quite there yet but I did do an interesting egg recipe which I can talk to you about later maybe in future sorghum biscuit kind of egg cocotte that I thought was interesting but some of that you can go look up online I had to make right now aren't you are rotis and you are rotis are a traditional Indian Roti made only with sorghum flour and what you do is you have to use hot hot water so that hot water is going to get it to have the texture that you need to know to make a road if you don't use the hot water if it doesn't kind of swell in presia Latin as a little bit the starch inside of the Sorghum you're not going to be able to get a good dough that you can form into a proper Realty but then after you make the rotis it's just salt sorghum and water and these are the kind of applications that I really enjoy for kind of a different flower like this because it really gives you the opportunity to use something to its best advantage and not just as a substitute for wheat so look up a recipe online for July Roti and remember that Bob's Red Mill Carey sweet white sorghum flour

all of your baking needs go to Bob's Red Mill. Calm and use the code cooking issues 25 that's one word all caps cooking issues 25 or 25% off your order is speaking of learning about things and doing things the one we've posted on Heritage stories it's a day and a Tuesday in the life of David I was last Tuesday's life she only tells me this after she's already recorded a bunch of compromising sang she's like oh yeah by the way they look at it right I want everyone to know this I haven't looked at it and won't for small I lived it why do I need to go back and it's like people like you don't watch Food TV I'm like no one and then like and then the other thing is is that she's like

my buttons and then get me to flip out and they only hit record it is everybody loves and if you want a large format drink at Dave's Bar coming out of the mouth of the YMCA enter email me how do we charge for it they get a certain amount of this large format drink how do I answer that cuz cable how do I monitor consumption

well there's like marks on the on the camera if there's eight people at a table while doing it so they could still get it and then everyone else is like I'd rather have something else you had in one guy drinks a whole thing if you want to only drink from the why I can't let you know someone you know do the full Jabba and just put their face underneath the thing alcohol is locked out your sales right there it's going to be great

bus if you tell the story about that if I was going to do it I would have engineered it so differently stassi is like

a guy Hong Kong so listen listen to look at our stories Nastasia first of all his like I don't really care it doesn't care about the things I care about I do I wish you would just do it and then I don't care about the things Nastasia cares about wine Santa the first of all Santa's beard is made out of like polyester and so like wine gets in Santa's beard what's a Santa with his beard tucked into his coat

maybe I should be Mass producing one Santa it could be your next really big thing. He's like news. Big Money Dave I like first of all I don't know how much we making off the wine Center this year he's in his quiet phase I'm going to stab everyone everyone distancia knows more than anyone else that you're not supposed to use the word quiet with getting people excited because I won't actually do the design work on it

the time with wine Santa Fe nausea to care about equipment is this nastase has purchased a pump that is not the best pumpkin rate and so the amount of the distance that want that Santa cubes out the wind it's up to 6 is related in 60 is the head no bump terminology that's that's the head it can push anyway like that the amount of force that the said is right now related to how much liquid is in the unit so you need to separate the liquid level from the pump velocity because you need to keep the amount of total liquid Secret

there are no secret you haven't solved this problem by problem future secrets to me if you want to see why in Santa work well and have Dave make it I say you love Christmas une Belle Jenny belgians out there any bad words in it all day and you just started talking and we have a caller do you think that's coincidence I don't know I'd rather have a mannequin piss

you know if your mannequin head mannequin piss on the dynamite

I would love to see a wine Santa at every table at the bar sadly I'm an idiot and I live in California I'm in Costa Mesa this is just given

I haven't seen reason seasons of Lopez is Bojack Horseman - a TV show she's the female version of BoJack Horseman that makes me tired I guess there's something I recently learned in my botany classes that I thought I'd be interested in so with in in the ground tissue of plants are three types of cells generally and collenchyma cells the best example of those would be the stringy parts of celery salt gets stronger and more rigid if the stem is exposed to a lot of strong winds or being shaken so they they continue to grow string year basically that's what my hypothesis is that if you

grow celery in a more contained environment without any strong wind no shaking no do so you could possibly grow celery with smaller less rigid less bothersome strings so something may be to try out what about that like what about the approaching like actually mounting it as you go it would also probably Blanchett what do you think that would work

I think it's possible Yeah the more that you can protect it from needing that extra structure even even giving it support as it grows the cell direction we're probably going to have less reason to strengthen those pink massage station why aren't they growing celery on that sentiment how long does celery take to grow


maybe like 6 weeks see this is something I like I like out if my tax dollars are going towards the International Space Station was around last week does crabby roads in California was one small benefit, you can also grow celery without strings there is apparently a British celery variant that is they call stringless but I'm kind of highly doubt in your eye. That I've used cellulaze to try to break down those cells and the it must be like slightly lignified or something the strings must be more than just cellulose must have is are they is there any lignin

Nike run app for now that's the best possible it's just those specific collenchyma touch so you don't find them a lot of it there is mostly parenchyma cells or the fleshy part and sclerenchyma are like that type what he sows so there's just a very specific type of kind of strong cellular wall cell but it popped into your section of the old because those are interior parts of that is it is that a stem or modified Leaf those things

this time we think in those words especially sclerenchyma yeah if I can remember let me see so the first trick is going are you going to want to make an orange syrup so you know, look up I can't remember off the top of my head to look up the bricks or measure the bricks you know if you if you have if you doing fruit work you'll have a refractometer there so measure the brakes of your orange juice make sure that you get a non-bearing orange juice obviously and take the orange juice up to 50 Briggs we use a naval cultivar and non bittering we just just pleaded cultivars that get shipped to us of navels are non bittering I know there are bittering navels but ours are not a must a buzzer and so

50 so like up to syrup and so then it is

what was it what do we use we used to I used to infer that I think I use Jim sounds the celery leaves and then a little bit of parsley to kind of balance it out right cuz the the The Parsley adds some a different kind of green hit to it and just it's only celery it's a little rough and Merrick you want to use the American style or I call the American style celery the Chinese celery will work but it is it is it is a more bitter and has these kind of kind of volatile notes that are like a little more kind of aggressive zodiac Maritime sailor a little bit of parsley and if you do have to use the Chinese celery then I would use more parsley and then 2 oz of the gym I was Tanqueray I think I use and then

equal parts of lime juice and the and the orange syrup and some salt so I did you know you nitrile blender model that I've tested it is not as good show in the ratio is depending on how you do it somewhere between 1/2 and 1/2 and 3/4 in 3/4 for the two ounces depending on how much time of stuff I think it's Shades closer to 3/4 than 2/2 but I can't remember to wear the respected as 3/4 3/4 keep them short or whether respected as half half keep them. But it's really in the middle

I know spinning just just Blended and strained a muscle and strength unite remodel it per drink shake it and then put it through a fine strainer on service if you blender model at you and just leaves remember not stock and if you are you you blend you blend near the full drink together and then strain it before you shake it

let's not where I think they're having it at your house where you don't have like legal alcohol serving responsible or too much of the legal alcohol serving responsibilities and they all have to be drinking from it and that's wrong

cuz you don't care about like the law or weather like someone gets over served a bottle of wine bottle of wine we turn them off after they've drank a bottle of how you going to monitor that there's marks on the camera so you need a staff person to sit there and stare at the there I will because it's going to get like two highly oxygenated where you can actually put in vodka

Steven Shield people

people not even chilled besides he has not done the basic research and how to get it right

so it's not going to make a lot of money when you start helping me it's going to be awesome

socat wanted us to review some product that we will get to buy how much does it cost it's not a wait what do you mean the Lee press-on nail cheese graters that's not real tapes fingernails that are cheese graters that sounds real gross you know why because it looks like if you look like you're grading stuff with your fingernail you think then thinking of the cheese as like the crap you scrape off on your fingernails and no one wants to even think about fingernails when they're eating do you want to think about the crap it's like even slightly right I haven't seen any of this and every word you've said has been horrifying to me and I told you the story about when I was a kid and the chefs just joked that he made a hamburger patties using his armpit and I wouldn't eat what if we did a worm

glog and we can put the circulator in the like we did the first time we made wine zombie sure I didn't send you a photo shoes 29 married and mail for the hammer census I have ordered a 77.5 pound piece of bone in T-Bone that is heavy on the porterhouse side I will be dry aged for 35 days when I pick it up 30 when I pick it up 36 hours before I plan to play it for Christmas Day dinner I'm wondering if you could tell me the best way to cook it and or prep it my instincts say the Sears all the outside pictures all plug and put it in a bag I have a little oil and circulated till it's medium rare throughout drop it down the temperature a bit at the end take it out of the bag dried off season it and finish it with a searzall again but is there something I'm missing my family likes theirs

it's done all sorts of ways but I figure with this method I can cut steak supposed supposed to cook that suit everyone's needs and if someone isn't happy because it's under done in quotes I could simply fry it up in the pan de Cristo it's a bit thanks also by your see results because Amazon says that they have enough for the year but they're like we're not going to order any more till March many ways to make my searzall now but I will say this we're out now spends all right but you can come too but we have a couple in stock I made a case we made a case we have a we have a small detail shop inside of existing conditions from Tyler and I hope you're well can't wait to visit III love the Moon


so 7.5 piece of beef I'm trying to figure out how thick that is if that's like that even if someone finds it as big as a big pieces like probably what like four inches to my lap 5 inches some of that so what I would do is you can't just drop it a bit if you see her beforehand that's good right but you can't just drop the temperature a little bit and then hope that you're not going to overcook it on the on the Finish because depending on whether you do it if you do it Sears all the probably just doing a searzall in this case if your family likes all kinds of doneness and if they want it and kind of kind of that rosti high heat way you're going to want to get some time there's no way to trade you can make the outside brown but if you if you searzall before and after you're not going to get very much of an overdone ring around the outside and the fat part of its not going to render almost into that roast style like Prime

rib roast style crackling fire with a lot of people like

you could just cook the thing for hours and hours and hours I would say cook it a long time like 8 hours or something like this I would cook it at like I would do 5555 for like like

I would maybe do it at 55 you have to hit it with a thermometer and see when you get up until like 54 in the middle and then immediately drop it and let it ride so it's cooking for like you know 8 hours at like at like

stays above 50 below 55 for like five hours there and then pull it and almost cool it almost all the way down like to room temperature do it the day before and then just throw it in the oven and roasted bejesus out of it so you get some Krista crispy on the outside and a lot of people kind of like it I think a lot of people like it that way you could also prewarm it back in the bag up to kind of a middle temperature so you know it's not going to be cold on the inside and then roast the hell out of it on the outside but as I've said many times if you if all you do is drop the temperature a little bit on something that thick you could also by the way cut into steaks miss cooking like a normal steak unless you want a present and whole if you guys could cook it and then cut into no mistakes then you can do it as normal but if you have a giant piece of me that you slice through this just super fast years old beginning of the outside you get the outside to look nice but the inside going to be to uniform throughout so I just be aware of that dance is?


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