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Episode 350: The Saga of Wine Santa

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I'm one of a trans intern need a Madman sky with a PD of the next episode of meat and three are weekly food news Roundup this week's topic the marriage of food and danger sometimes danger lurks in the food that we eat instead of saying what is poisonous I'd rather say what's not because it's literally just the Flesh and the fins are bodies but didn't dangers are environment as well the emissions of JBS combined with the other top 5 meat companies exceed the annual emissions of Exxon shell or BP for more tune into this week's meeting 3 on Heritage Radio network available wherever you listen to podcast

I work every Tuesday for I don't know what the hell time is it now don't get got mad the booth how you doing we're joined from the radio Mothership we got cat in the studio to talk about I don't know I don't know what we're here to talk about Drive okay first we talked about the gala so couple things about the Gaba

4 pills of you that listen to this podcast before there's a couple of things that Nastasia enjoys the suffering of others

it is me and maybe that the highest one right but just below that is just creation that she and Piper Lee used to work with us made years ago called the the wind Santa now for those who don't know

what the wind sand is it is a Santa Claus mannequin

an outfit with a tube running through its body out of its mouth and it continuously one might say spits if you're in a fountain mode when my save vomits up wine into a bowl and then it goes it rated just keep circulating so you're supposed to stick your cup underneath and Justino partake of Santa's you know

so you know one year anastacio had a friend of the show Phil Bravo with the with the deep voice you know saying all I should have had so many cookies come out this year Nastasia has decided that she's going to use one of these is like a very large version of those little flower pots where were you play music the plastic flower dance is so imagine that but on a Santa scale on a human Santa scale to Santa Cruz back and forth and she played in the whole time I didn't know that wine Santa dance until the night of the gala and it was a delightful surprise refused to help her until the last minute so she tried to make one by herself

you're so she makes this line say at the end instead of constructing when I looked at it first you think how should I do is none like you need to build a large enough base so that the bowl when the bowl is standout support the bowl because otherwise it's going to be a tipping Hazard she's like I don't care what happened so she gets to like super weak PVC this could not look more this could not look more like Little Rascals like you know that thing out of there and it was not secure so like red spray painted PVC ski poles down to its base which by the way note to everyone out there designing thing for structural like putting a pole to the base does not increase the size of the base like you cannot prevent something by from tipping by

not increasing the size of the base anyway so here Santa is not only is it is this giant Punchbowl cantilever way out of course also hasn't tested it prior to this unit you did not he would never plugged in the unit that we brought to the things I said you hadn't because none of the screws or anything fit well once you took out that little piece and it was flowing faster than it was when it was anyway so

how's it going to lose so many untested thing so it's at the Heritage Radio thing we're filling it with red wine is that the gala which was a fun event right we get it going I will have to she makes me go out to hardware store hours I have to think about this crap and like get a screw to screw the bowl into Santa's chest in the Santa sternum so the bull won't flip around and

one of the event organized I don't remember who I don't know whether they were on the Brooklyn Botanical Garden side or on our side anyway I'm walking behind her because I have to get napkins to continuously wipe up the dripping red wine all over the floor

and the giant splash of red wine which thank God did not get on the felt plant art that was all over the wall anyways it was it was this lady is walking and walking behind her and she goes that's horrifying I wanted 86 and then the guy from the Botanical Garden was like I don't know if we can do you know that I'm talking about I don't know if we could 86 if they brought it is from the people and she's like the wind. And they say you can't bring wine Santa back out until 9 p.m.

okay so at 8:30 to stassi's like it's 9 somewhere

ever saw their pictures of this wine Santa which looks all beat up like all like silicone glue and spray painted Nightmare and it's turned against the wall like it's being punished in elementary school she go she did pictures so she goes and she pulls it out this time Jack's ran from you no existing conditions he's like let's fill it with vodka instead for Jack's room well I mean horrifying in a different way a warm vodka spout is car gross you would had it in earlier hard nasty all the way around so they turn it on its I don't know some form of Kool & the Gang or something they're playing Santa's dancing

all of a sudden you see Santa's like tipping forward so Steven hopping from La penultima who came to the event he's standing next to Santa he's like I'm going to save this only sand had already crossed like the 30 to 40 degree tilt so he iron Palm Santa in the chest as he iron Palm Santa and the chess Santa's head flies were right or tumbling through the air flying across the hallway and then and then like just goes around Steve's hand and it hits the ground and then keeps on dancing in a pile of his own vomit and and vodka like you can't see on the radio cuz it's not a visual medium but just imagine your hands just slowly pumping back and forth while your face

Pie Face that doesn't have a face me more head fell off my chest down dying your own pool of vodka blood in vomit and that was the wine taster then the next day that sounds like so you going to help me build that again or 9.2 stassi says I have all of the victim public extra her you know she talks like you like I have all the things we need to build a pasta flyer supplier in which to build this tree plans on building a tower out of spaghetti she's like I have a hand in like a screwdriver listen that bartender for existing conditions and waste his free time

how to do this so I like looking at her and at Jack and I like you're both idiots

by the review a have the skills to do this night or do you have the tools so we went to do lab with a shop that Booker and Dax you know has that is a member of and we had to build it but then we ran out of materials so we stole something we can steal I'm labeled wood is community property but this guy had just brought it in there he was still there but he was working on something else I was like yeah literally how long it take me to turn that thing into pedestals table. The guy was like literally turns around and goes hey nice pedestals where's my work

show me how to buy a wooden anastacio wants me to make more because someone read to hear what she says Dave this is going to be big money on the first of all for one month a year if you make 3 this year it's cost like it's cost 8 years off my life in terms of the anger scale plus like my actual time money her time if she could have been spending I don't know selling freaking Sears Auto Center future stuff like this getting more than made instead we're doing this grand total did you make this year this year this is like the 4th this year has been the year of the Instagram for wine Santa before you talk about wine Santa you said that the sausages favorite thing was making people suffer about two weeks before the gala

existing conditions to chat with Dave and be like what cocktail are you going to make I brought the to keep the Mezcal for the cocktail just making sure everything's going well you had texted me and said I'm going to be late for the gala I have an event at the bar and I was like no please no I told you the day in March for this reason so you made me very babyish anyone has ever spent on a buyout at the bar like and they're like we doing this because we really like the cocktails and attitude you have towards drinks and I respect that but I really really needed you at the Gap so you mate you're making me nervous and I was like no it's fine you reassured me over like I know how to show up and make drinks somewhere and I was like that's all I need

I think they make Frozen corsairs for those are interested we should I preserve Lenin preserved lemon drinks you make partially clarify no don't make it really clear tape preserve completely the juice the lemons with the path and everything blend it spin it out but don't make it fully clear it's 1 and 1/2 tequila we used to get one and a half tequila half of that preserved lemon half of lion half a simple syrup some spice Shake It Up that's of course if we made a Frozen version but so much is going to be there with mine Santa I've been talking to her and her back about that and it's like you said you would be there at like 3 it's maybe 4 and I get a text from Nastasia I'm at the bar with Dave he wants to know what time did load in at the Garden tomorrow at the Garden I am waiting for you to all of you to arrive and new Jack was come

I'm with you so I texted her back and I was like sorry I was a little bit snippy nastassia but I was like this isn't make sense I had like all they like text messages all the emails I double-checked everything to make sure I never put the wrong date in I'm just like having flashbacks to like managing Momofuku Chefs of like what's gone wrong right and and you don't she doesn't respond do you like oh shit to go oh shit that's it and I can't say it right get it have that contact

dance really sure you got to be so today I call I'm trying to call Dave I'm trying to call my sassy side Rebecca and I'm like I talk to her that morning so I was like what has happened and I'm like Rebecca to like they know they're supposed to be here today right and she's like yeah I mean Saucy there at 4:30 and it's okay cool cuz I can you give me Jack Schram's number I called Jack Schram's no answer

and then I then I'm someone else calls me that trying to load in so I'm late had to table this crisis for a moment as I'm on the phone with someone else here they all come strolling in and I just I Look to You guys I just pointed to the table I was like I can't look at you right now

I loved it so I said I feel like I've been initiated into else already know and I of course I like Jack and it's been what like we're set up a new iCloud with done now what should we go out to get some sort of food and we find a 5 kilo bag of super fancy soba flower on the sidewalk in the middle of Brooklyn and we're like this has to be for the event no contacts that I'm like huh and then she's like is it doesn't belong to someone and I was like of course it does we have a sofa table which was awesome so thanks for picking so we just walked back in or like they're out looking for their flour without buckwheat flour

wait till you get to talk more about the stretch very quickly are we're doing our gal is over but we still have a little bit of time left in our end-of-year fundraising Drive we're trying to do it bigger and better this year trying to get many members because next year's our 10-year anniversary did you guys know that I do not know that 2019 HR ends turning 10 how long have you been doing this year I think you're at like eight years and you start an 11 I don't know I always know it is that very early on I came on Patrick Show and then he's like that's back when he would anyone that would want to show you would ask him to do is show you should do a show so yeah we're going to be celebrating like all year long doing lots of fun events so you can make up the number and be a part of all this by going to Heritage Radio Network. Org / donate do you guys have any thoughts on why people should become a member why they should support cooking issues

Pastor time

Musashi's like now I can't think of any

can't think of any

like that guy I like I'm just a bad person I don't know that supported support if you like it eventually we're going to be like bouquet no more pee so goodbye I want that so you should become a member yeah I mean well because we have 35 shows I don't like people maybe don't listen to other shows on network they should they should explore Heritage your network. Org but members directly support all 35 of our shows include cooking issues and they keep everything on the air like we couldn't do it without members oh speaking of Heritage Radio lead into this they talk about meeting 3 poisonous foods yeah and I can tell obviously because anytime someone says poisonous food was the first thing on people.

have to go but they remind me to start something in my head there was a video years ago I got from Japan and maybe this is where Miracle moisture management came from because the title of the video was the miracle of poison removal because if you take Fugu Rose Saks poisonous you ferment them for a long. Of time and bacteria consume the Tetra Toxin and make the the the egg the egg sacs edible

wait what does that have to do with membership other Heritage radio programs that you might listen to yeah you should listen to water and museums about with boys and so a lot of foods

the clan specifically little bit a lot of published up on this recently but a lot of the compounds that give herbs friend since they're like special pumpkin flavor like mint Frances the maintenance of it right there to prevent bugs from eating it right it's like poison against bugs and so we eat it in a smaller relative amount to our body weight so it seems okay so when we were doing our first exhibit for the Museum of food and drink at like the crew we were sitting around and we're trying to stimulate this for flavor we're talking about flavors or like what what is it like to be a bug on a mint plant and so we all took pure mint oil and we took hits of pure pure mint oil Emerald

that's what it's like to be a bug so you could do that test yourself do you really want to know what it's like to be a bug chewing on a you know a piece of spearmint where else could you learn things like this other than Heritage Radio Network and that's why you should support our programming

hey Dave it's Joshua Norfolk Virginia how you doing I'm well so I don't know if she is still doing the pole but for what it's worth on 28 married and my wife likes to drink to buy like whatever the family show I want it did you guys get to stop before it got up to Norfolk tunnel snow but we just got some like terrible me Lowe's centrifuge but in a Springs all when making like bananas and she knows or whatever is there a reliable way to calculate fruit on that with it being an open container in the hydrometer any give you some like terrible wacky stuff okay so no

now you can't because you're adding sugar like what what I have done is I've measure just straight evaporation amounts and so with when you're using for the open bucket centerpieces also we would also get evaporation especially people read non-refrigerated centrifuges if you have like the way to really reduce evaporation in a in a commercial centrifuges to put Lids on your on your pockets and refrigerator centrifuge right and that pants down on it almost entirely in the spins all you want to make sure that you have all of the gasket really firmly on the bottom that the intake top lid down on and I even put what's it called Saran Wrap over the over the output pipe and I make sure that the tube heaters on and when you do that you also got to make sure that your

your product is either at or just below ambient you can be colder but doesn't really help you know what I mean so you want to have it be at ambien or below because they the by Far and Away what the what the spins all wants to do is bring your product up to room temperature is quickly as possible it doesn't heat it in the same way that lets say spinning bucket rotor does because there's not nearly as much friction but it brings it up to temperature very very quickly so if your product is warm at all it'll evaporate a bunch so I've only done like evaporation test and having it without the two Peter live in it and all of that you can get very high evaporation rates like 10% and then if you do it right keep your spins as slowly as possible without all this you get your vaporation rates down to like you know under five so if that's the only way to test the other way you could do it is by using like

alcohol refractometer and just spinning playing Spirits right but once you add sugar to it right so you're talking about there's two losses of proof right there's a loss of proof theoretical you cuz you're adding liquid to it in the form of I don't know let's say bananas are dried fruits and then there's a loss of proof because of evaporation but you know the evaporation one is the only one you could really accurately test cuz you could do it when you don't have sugar in it anything else it's very hard to properly measure but I'll have you know that I'm trying to work I have to talk to the guys in China I'm trying to work on it

on a lid for who stinos that seals it entirely just around the shaft so if you're doing batch mode who stinos you'll get almost no evaporation and it should be easily what's the word I'm saying a retrofitted bowl too old and new because we're not changing the dimensions of the stuff on our second printing printing second run appreciable loss of proof you think into like the pop

give me the result to Hall in the park for sure but like you know there's also like it depends on what you're saying go give me an example strawberry

yeah so like the fact that matter is is that what I tend to do is I tend to assume I tend to be conservative because there's some of that operation right so what I'll do is I'll say okay I'll take the strawberries even though the strawberries are really only like 85% water or something like this 90% water I'll just take the entire base of the strawberry as water weight and I will assume my proof that evolution is basically you know strawberry you know plus liquor that's the new weight of product and the original amount of alcohol is there and distributed equally between Puck and liquid is usually how I just do my asking Nations and then that's conservative because obviously there's solids that are left behind those salads don't have alcohol in a bit strapped in the water and and liquid but there's also evaporation so I try to think that well you know maybe if you add those two things together they kind of wash themselves out of it

whenever you are Bob's Red Mill food fact of the week potato starch is a starch extracted from potatoes well that's a tautological freaking statement people face of a potato starch potato starch swells and Norma sleeve versus other starches and so it's got kind of unique properties you look at potato starch under microscope it looks very different from other starches and I really like dusting things in potato starch that are going to get fried has a very particular friable texture that I enjoy a lot of application also potato starch is what they call hygroscopic so if you include potato starch in recipes you can get effects similar to what you get in like Martin potato rolls look like this so you can make kind of that kind of like chewier denser water loving feeling that you get in like a potato roll or something like this so you can use it and bake

you can use it in frying as part of your coating mix or all typically use it as part of the Kodi mix but I really like using a potato starch in frying application thanks to Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues visit to shop there a huge range of products use cooking issues 25 for 25% off your order that's cooking issues 25 no spaces $25 number

I called her on the air

Michaela 26 out in Seattle Washington in South spear pole I am trans female siren if you had one of them yet but I had a question about I really want to replicate a campfire that my grandmother always made growing up but I'm now with a partner who can't eat eggs and I've tried like three different goes at it and getting something that isn't just like a monkey sludge out of it

earphone click per second what kind of pie was it pecan pie

bunch of questions are you a nuts on top with group below or are you a nuts all the way through pie

I mean that's all the way through all right yeah so what could you do to get rid of the chat room help us out on this I mean it's probably going to be see that's the thing is egg replacers I don't know a lot about custard based egg replacers but you'll have to look at like cuz they're fundamentally you want to make something that's relatively custard likely I know that pecan pie is more a little harder to jail in the most cuss words but most of those egg free custard things are some some starch-based you know what I mean some form of red Bob's Red Mill egg replacer it's potato starch based it was not a good goopy mess I've tried a different egg replacer that was pea protein based also not good I tried making it more like just like a cake like a really wet cake with flour in it instead not not a good choice

placer's are mostly trying to replace the functionality of egg protein in a leavening and finding sense not yet not in a in a custard they sent what you want is like like like probably like a Tapioca custard kind of a thing or something that is mimicking the more custody texture which requires the yolks is more of a soft set kind of a situation and I have done this before I start having at the at the tip of my tongue mean there are specific Stark spaces that are made specific you know they're made specifically to do this but it's standard egg replace or isn't going to tell people all the time there is no egg replacer that will replace

everything that an egg to do right and specifically the ones that you're mentioning r48 a different life completely different application off the top of my head something that will do it I dumped me there's plenty of there's plenty of like custard powder that don't have eggs in them and I would try I would just try one of those like even if something this is a test don't waste a whole pie on it like this are there eggs are there eggs in Mighty Fine someone look up mighty fine and see if their eggs at mighty fine and then of course you're going to want to go more brown sugar on it then they're kind of normal vanilla hit sorry I'm a little stuffed up I got was on the sound a little bit might be hard to understand how to say

I'll look it up and if it's anyone else in the chat room is anyone there is anyone alive mat

my wife will think about it and then hopefully I'll try to find some good stuff and maybe if you follow me on Twitter I'll try to Twitter it out to you or or shoot me something on Twitter and I'll see if I can find any good any good recipes and shoot it back at you

turn the chat on that where are you going to need you all right so we have a question in from Jane in Toronto I like Toronto Toronto to place nastase never been there right it's so close why you never been one time when you had dinner with the radio show fan

at at at the Joint there that 5:40 I had to remember they were doing a film festival of food film festival and they're like what movie do you want to talk about with your best friend and I was like I like but you can choose any movie you want as long as it's Soylent Green I was like Soylent Green I'll choose Soylent Green so I went to that Toronto Film Cube and he'll watch the movie then talked about it people get so the queen entirely Wrong by the way you should watch it I mean murdering people

to make that they are they married people that make it green instead it's oh my God we destroy the planet we're about to die so we have to trim up human beings and make them into food or we'll run out of food that's the story people it's not about the murdering people take you to see what the plan was like as they're dying like what it was before ya and I died

like to me like that shuts good recycling use but it's like a perpetual motion machine like you can't feed people from people doesn't it's not energetically favorable you know how many pounds of people it takes to grow a person with a lot like it's called feed conversion ratio people so right now chickens for Animals it it takes listen to how crazy this year chickens are grown in about six weeks it takes less than regular less than 2 lb of feed to make a pound of chicken think about that for a second chick think of how big we'd all be if it took less than 2 pounds of stuff to make a pound of us got to be so people incredibly inefficient food source not to mention ethical problems course

does pesky ethical problems yes but Toronto super close to New York so close that we've been maligning Canadian bacon for all of these years. Actually quite good anyway so this is where it has nothing to do with James question just happened to be James from their name is from yeah she likes to do if stassia is a sound person's worst nightmare because she loves to sit next to a microphone and rub squeegee think she's get a booth and she's wearing a freaking parka and going with this lady in China

and she doesn't put it off mute and she rattles pots and pans around there and we'll try to have these engineering conversation too by the way

very internet connection in China is so bad how bad is it that we can't ever understand it like half and they were like I can't understand what you're saying she's like let me just go g in my pocket let me do the let me do the wine stay at the dance in my pocket shoot shoot shoot like Russell brush

is it as bad as spores mold by the way so in the wake of the David zilber fermentation thing I went home and I accidentally bought like five times as many tomatoes as I needed it sounds like bad crap on it Elsa method remember that like years ago I made the fermented salsa really

am I guess really really back to Jane cooking issues gang I received an infrared thermometer for my birthday a couple of months back and want to get more use out of it cooking wise and just checking I water the correct temperature we're not making matcha I understand that read surface temperature and what are some practical applications for it in the kitchen I love the show and thanks as always gain from Toronto all right well I mean I use my infrared I use it what do I use it for I use it to shoot a lot of times like the inside of my ovens I use it to shoot when I make stone bowls but this is not normal applications like I'm trying to think of a normal person application for this and because I'm not thinking of a normal person application for this instead I will go through my usual diatribe of mistakes people make with infrared thermometer there are two main mistakes people make with infrared thermometers

one is not understanding would call the emissivity of your infrared thermometer thermometer is measuring its measuring the light coming off of an item it's looking for specific wavelength is correlating that with the temperature of the thing right and here's the problem water they're they're all calibrated so it like different objects right have what's called different emissivity and if you think about it it's you know how how how to explain it normally basically a high e vicinity means that's going to register a higher temperature it's going to get more of that a light coming off at at a particular temperature at a very low emissivity which usually corresponds to very reflective metal surfaces is going to be in that relatively little of the light you're measuring is coming off of it and so low emissivity things like aluminum metal very hard to measure an infrared thermometer so people try to read a dry pan a dry aluminum

dry stainless steel dry aluminum pan with infrared thermometer

getting wild wildly inaccurate readings right so the emissivity of something is called a perfect blackbody so flat black spray paint is 1 something that is completely you know the other direction like the shiniest shiniest metal is emissivity zero something like stainless steel aluminum hand is like 0.05 most of the food that we measure is 95.9 7 so most most infrared thermometers are calibrated to that emissivity and you can't change it what that means is is that different foods are going to give relatively different readings not our only other temperature but based on their emissivity luckily for you water with your measuring for matcha has a fairly because it's it's not clear at infrared temperatures has a fairy fairly close even 72 what it's measuring things like glass don't necessarily so you can't measure the side of a piece of glass

can get a good reading pants do not if you have a bear pan and you want to measure the temperature let's say you're going to fry an egg or me and when I fry an egg or if I would ever do the most assists the old school Raiders take a drop of water and throw it in the pan that everyone does or is it just me that's what I do I don't really care I'll measure it with infrared thermometer or sometimes measure the temperature of my large griddle with an infrared thermometer so cast iron black cast-iron good add some oil if you're going to measure app and even a little bit of oil like like five thousands of an inch of oil Ranger emissivity 4.05 all the way up to like 80% 8.8 right to any more than that you're bringing it up to where oil is where should I point I thought that's the first thing is like figuring out what your measuring also you can't measure through anything right so you're literally if you were to have if I was to sit here and try to measure the

forehead of this knucklehead wiping his I say at this table here waiting for his freaking Pizza to come I can't because the glad all is going to measure the glass right the second then people get wrong or don't think about it for a thermometer is What's called the aspect ratio of the field of view so someone will stand like 10 ft away from an object point the laser force is a cat's head and try to measure her but what's happening is if it's measuring a large cone and usually on the side and so it's an average of cat the wall everything else what you want to do is get as close as you can with him for a thermometer and what I usually do and I'm buying infrared thermometers make sure they have a very narrow field of view so that it's getting a very narrow spot contact thermometers are great but they can't replace the can't replace everything you need to know if a very very very high temperatures

you're trying to measure which by the way is another grape I have people like my boil has like five thousand degrees measure the temperature of like a like a combustion element and trying to relate that to how hot your food is is almost almost meaningless so because I have to worry about this with things like searzall some crap like this question about like a digital thermometer like shirts or order do you ever have to worry about that becoming an accurate way to calibrate your thermometer you can do the the boiling water where you're putting it in boiling water the only advantage of that is that it also you know sterilize a thermometer while you're working but never held your hand directly over a pot of boiling water for a long time. Sucks sucks real bad

but that is at the temperature of boiling water isn't actually uniform it's like the very bottom of it the top of it's usually cooler the bottoms get faster for a while unless it's rapidly boiling that's really hard to hold your hand over it sometimes a steam can mess with the thermometers it's like tonight are much easier is that ice technique so you get some I was like you have to use distilled water garbage garbage as long as you don't live as long as your water is not liking a saltwater don't use ocean water in a water and like crush up some ice and you won't like a lot of ice and water you stir it keep stirring it's like 5-10 minutes and should drop

and you can see how close you get to zero should be at 01032 above and we keep stirring you soon as you stop stirring the temperature and you can hold your hand above water forever so I always do ice and not

hey this is the last time from Washington State

1 clicks back request would you be willing to put the professor plums back if I have it spends all and to make it happen yeah so that's a 521-652-1521 I'll double post of pitted prunes get the best pitted prunes you can get like French or whatever a good high sugar tasty prune blend it with a pectinex Ultra sp-l right now we're using Elijah Craig bourbon reviews other things were using Elijah Craig and then spit it out that's it and you know that goes over a rock with a little bit of salt a lemon and an orange twist both both in the glass

thank you I emailed you a little while back about glycerin and Darby says that it can help to solubilize some ingredients using it for a bitter Cherry phosphate I believe but using as a zombie day so as not to expect too much cyanide weird to me and I didn't know if ya don't I remember that somehow she met and no I don't know I mean look he's a chemist so he probably probably knows what he's talking about but yeah I don't have any first of all it was still extracting it and then just adding glycerin into the mix right so the idea here is that you have people that you know what is it like in straight glycerin right so I still got the water in it so I don't really know I don't really know what the efficacy of that is or whether he studied it

or whether that's just telling people used to do back in the day that's what I use it for I mean there are some old guy who told me that spot someone once told me a story maybe apocryphal about who is it was at Trader Vic or someone like this this had a bet with cocktail he was making a high-proof cocktail and the cocktail you know he only allowed you to have to and this guy said he bet he could have three and Trader Vic dope one of his with a huge amount of Glycerin and they fear eBay that the glycerin was going to make the alcohol affect you more some like that or it's going to wipe you out but I don't I don't even think that's necessarily true but that is a story that goes around there are stories floating around of Glycerin having more of an effect then I use it for but we're using glycerin in very small amounts strictly for body and it is fantastic for that

it's like 0.1% by weight is that right

we don't ever use more than probably half percent so it's like anywhere between you start with that but you know we go sometimes up to a half a percent that's a lot okay

how do I also you can blind taste that we blind taste if they do taste different the different suppliers and they're all very sweet but you want to try one that's relatively neutral some of them are so good

sorry sorry for the barrage of carbonation questions I need to know what gas line I use he's looked at a Accu Flex k3150 5 yarn reinforced PVC no don't use PVC hose to put like liquids through if you're using it for gas fine just gas fine but if you are going to put liquids into it right so if you're going to have a liquid system for a carbonator only use bed Flex polyester reinforced polyester reinforced polyethylene beverage hose with a TV a jacket if you're putting liquid through it that's the only way you're not going to have terrible Aroma and taste unless you like really washed out for a long time some people may not notice it for me putting liquids through that PVC

he is a nightmare now I've heard that if the tubes been around in the factory for a long time it's gotten rid of all of its terrible Aroma and it's fine but crap on it so it but if you're really just gas the Accu flex PVC is fine but I only put gas through PVC and I always put liquids through polyethylene braid reinforced polyethylene next week or next week cooking issues

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