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Episode 346: The Return of Red Hot Pokers

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I'm hrm's communications director cat Johnson with a preview of this week's episode of meat and three are weekly food news Roundup fall is finally here so it's time to get funky and devote an episode to some of our favorite spunky microbes punch I just provide this beautiful Whimsical lens on how the world Works they have so many rolls their this strange magical semen group of organism but they've got it all figured out should you eat the cheese rind can you eat the rind be like the biggest questions will answer all of your questions about mysterious mushrooms and crazy cards plus will give you a sneak listen to the newest season of modernist bread crumb so tune in to this week's meeting 3 on Heritage Radio network available wherever you listen to podcasts

turn on time not my fault I was truly thrown Matt man the booth I was here on time correct the hammer Lopez man the booth 72128 that 718-497-2128

how you been doing over the past week. I just asked if I have a lot of crap a lot of crap

no just feel like we did a gram

no way to the farm we talked about that last night I had so many events last week I did not guess what I did do this weekend he went to connect again when I posted on the insta jerk that I was going to that was making the red hot pokers everyone was like can I make one can I make when I was like well you can but they're super Patriots how many times how many times did I have massive problems before I finally figured it out instead of Tia mini it turns out that in pre-civil war America

you know one of the good things that was happening in pre-civil war America was when you went into a Tavern in the winter time and you ordered a hot drink they would go into the fireplace and they take with call the dog or an andiron should have a hunk of metal out of the fireplace and they shove it into your Tankard of garbage you're taking garbage might be you know beer plus brandy or cider plus some other kind of Brandy and maybe some sugar in it and bubble bath heated up with the red hot poker and that's how they keep the Drake because you know they had fireplaces and they had poker so the red hot poker so in the early 2000s a lot of when a lot of bartenders were worried about recreating a lot of old drinks one of the ones that kind of know when was re-creating because who the hell had a fireplace in the New York City Bar was this kind of old school was called flip with a flip dog with a with a red hot poker also called loggerheads The Genesis of the term to be at loggerheads and started her the story 8000 * x y

kissing in the background like your job here in the stassia isn't to sit around and have fun I know you think I'm just an excuse me mad is not heard it might have new fan yeah yeah yeah okay so anyways so at the start of a sort of drinks started fading out of the picture as taverns with fireplace working fireplaces started fading out and that drink kind of figured out but turns out that super high heat creates kind of cool flavors so then I don't know like 10 more than 10 years ago or thereabouts I started playing around with trying to figure out how to do this and eventually so that the main problem is you know originally we were literally heating to slugs of metal up on you know our commercial stoves again not very good for a bar so I tried to make

one that could heat itself and a lot of hilarity ensued as I blowed the United may want it exploded and all these other things you see him explode right nasty nasty you don't want to see one explode or they just burn themselves out so I finally found a you know years ago I finally found an exact heater at an exact wattage that it is hot enough to keep the drink in fact to ignite it on a pretty regular basis not so hot that it will explode and they last for about a month during service of every year I build a set of these red hot pokers and we use them at the bar and we're going to try them at existing conditions although

you know with the number of seats we have I think I'm going to have to raise the price you just so that people don't order too many of them because if they order you know if you have like you know 80 people in there and you know 15 in the mortar red hot pokers the same time you do shut the bar now you know what I mean yeah so we got a price it at that level where it's not going to like Ruben service anyways

you're welcome you're welcome distancia weirdest part one of the weirdest part about owning a business just looking out at your new and I have a business together we don't get to see a restaurant business is like looking out and seeing the people who are at your place and mean like those are might even like who I is people where did it come from I hope you're having a good time I'm going out on a date let's get some pasta it's packed Cards into our date know what your average person like single person eating quickly on the run now

I regret I don't know what percentage of the people not at your status will say you look out I look at what percentage of the people

are enjoying what they're doing at any given minute do you think about that when they're not when they're at any sort of business or are they having an okay time to have a good time right that's why you looking at me like he's that person having a good time is that person having a good time this is what I spend most of my time thinking about when I'm at the bar looking out and I can have that confused look on my face that confuse looking looking at you and wondering are you having a good time Charlie bird sitting on the sidewalk with Robert Bohr and Mark a couple weeks ago and that's a mark Ladner and Robert are they have a lot of like sidewalk area and there's these rats at want to like run up to the restaurant people like little rat traps and Robert's favorite thing to do is to go chase after the rat on the sidewalk that's coming toward his restaurant and kick it and I saw him

pick one to death so first of all first of all I don't really know Robert spoken to him but he must be a quick dude yeah I didn't picture him as being a fast fast fast he kicked it straight into a tree first of all personal personal personal what kind of shoes does he wear but they were nice they look like sneakers or boots because he seems like a fancier person than I am kind of a dude or like a tree and ran back toward him and he kicked it straight back in the tree and was it the last thread

not crap on you crazy I was laughing so hard I'm sure most people would be horrified over lake is he with you

more importantly the place that you're about to you know patronize is his place and yes you order this place kicks rat to death for fun I want you to know this dude is this guy here he likes fancy wine

he likes kicking rats at that it says someone is freaking profile

I fall it kind of what's your favorite kind of wine is a wine fishing like an old-school like wine light lighter or is he like all this new like natural stuff I like first growth Bordeaux house and kick your ass to death


I'm trying to come up with that guy eHarmony profile for an

I have your amazing okay some questions we have some questions I told you. She is so funny like for some things she's on me like a freaking like a hawk right why do they call on you like a like tracking my strength in that I'm the mouse feel like Robert Bohr is going to fly out of the sky and take me with a shiny leather boot if you do a tree and should I have the temerity to come back at him you will you will take me to death

amazing things now

people also I just want you to know having no nastassia for too many years many many years

this is probably not his favorite thing to do Musashi probably


nastassia has a way of getting clothes out of people that are let's say let's say not what they would ordinarily say if they weren't with nastassia Peter Kim director of the Museum of food and drink and this shows favorite punching bag father read I said to me on many occasions that he does not like to have meetings with the two of us together because we make each other much much worse he said he cannot have a constructive meeting at the two of us are there says that you feed off of me and then he can't get stuff done I believe that whatever they make thousand people at 1 yeah which is why you should never tell nastassia anything better than you do what I have named a secret a secret

I've never I've never reveal the secret

I've never reveals ever revealed things that people haven't told me your secrets

but I've never reveal the secret because it just doesn't interest me to do so

what's a secret revealed

a secret that you said not to say aww that's now of majordomo Los Angeles used to doesn't enjoy doing it hate even more admitting that she likes a place especially if she's done business with one of the owners and she likes it it's it's a grudging like true or false true real neighborhood makes Bushwick look like a residential neighborhood you know

this part of Bushwick there is residential Bushwick but this is not residential Bushwick by the way pretty view who listen to this who are New Yorkers I still don't understand Matt went what neighborhood you live in the park do understand why anyone lives in this neighborhood

yeah is this even a neighborhood like who lives here I mean yes people do I think I gather but no I have no idea I mean let's say you were driving down the highway in anywhere USA and you just saw a bunch of industrial buildings with Roll-Ups and like garbage trucks parked outside of them and like the occasional trash on the side of the street you've been to this neighborhood many many dozens of city blocks that is a real neighborhood where real people live right it's just not in this neighborhood that we call Bushwick on the air I know it's real I know it's real I don't know

this is from Austin who is in the Roberta style Bush wake of La at majordomo a fine restaurant I want to add texture to a carbonated highball style drink and thought that if at wash with coconut oil would do the trick without adding much extra flavor I know that tone of palomino did it carbo peanut butter fat wash at wd-50 back in the day so I know it's possible can you walk me through the best practices for this technique actually also I know someone was having trouble with a peanut butter fat while she came into the bar the other day the way you aren't like up on it fat washing is where you transfer a fat-soluble flavor in a fat to alcohol because the flavors that are fat-soluble are also in General weekly alcohol soluble so you can add a fact which won't dissolve in the

in the alcohol but some of those flavors will be pulled all out of the fat into the alcohol you can then freeze or or separate otherwise separate through filtration nothing like a separatory funnel or some like this you can separate the fat out and you get a fat free but fat like flavored from fat alcohol in case of peanut butter you have to be careful because in peanut butter there are a lot of soluble things in it right so if you just mix peanut butter and and

what's work like alcohol write you then have to use some pretty serious like centrifuging or other forms of stuff to get it to settle out and become clear again because you're suspending stuff in the peanuts other than just the fat right but you are doing fat washing and because there's very little moisture in peanut butter if you're lucky if you're a little moisture you're not like extracting a lot of liquids from the peanuts so it is a fat wash but it's easy to get it you know kind of like murky to the way Tony used to do it which is I am not the most efficient way but it is in the works as he used to spread the peanut butter very very very very thin on sheet trays and then pour a spike a thin layer of alcohol over the peanut butter to get maximum surface and area and then he'd like to move it back and forth and he'd do it that way just maximizing the surface area of the solid peanut butter rather than mixing it makes me get together and that's how he was able to carbonate his peanut butter fat wash and get it you know now

nice and clear now if you going to do coconut oil I mean I think the issue is is you're going to want it you know you can't have

if the coconut oil in the in the liquor cuz coconut oil specifically coconut oil gets very hard and clumpy when it gets cold which is why if you buy coconut cream which contains a lot of you know the fat from coconut it's super highly stabilized if you read the back of a of a can of Nastassja Coco Lopez it says like you know it has like a million things and it's got like Gwar in LBG huge crap spray of stabilizers in it because if you speak to any hydrocolloid expert to tell you coconut fat is a difficult fat to stabilize in a beverage system because the temperature drops and you're deluding so it kind of comes out so you're going to want me to leave the flavor but I don't know if coconut meat have you ever had a coconut oil Nastassja that

was like oh my God this tastes so much like coconuts but I want to die and then me neither I mean like I think like if you were to take there's some very high-quality flaked coconut now or you could just great coconut and remove some of the excess moisture so you're not like sucking a lot of that cloudy like you know stuff into it and then do a soak and then what my favorite thing to do my favorite thing to do nowadays is throw everything in the hydraulic press that's why I'm going to rewrite a lot of my orders are recipes for the bar where I'm going to and how often do you get to say this on a family show I'm going to throw my nutsack into a press

and Crush my nutsack under 20 tons of pressure to squeeze every last little bit of juice out of my nut sacks how often do you get to say that on a family show anastacio my nutsack in a press 20-ton press yes or did I say I did to Granger and you got this thing where you get it from I made it all from Parts I scrounged

nastassia Lopez well-known jerk I made a like a new lab where I have that near this what's it called I'm a member some idiot threw away like $1,000 worth of food grade Delran and so I just mailed all the Dell ran into I used it like would like a non-absorbent wood and I built an old-school cider press solid Delran and then to now like we have this Delran cider press that we we can use for all of our waffle popcorn and soon nuts at crushing needs what do you what do you what do you want to put in my nutsack impressionist Asia

you're not going there many many thing is so coconut flakes let's say

and not squeeze them out me the issue I guess if you had a very highly flavored coconut oil you might be able to get some transfer but it would need to be highly flavored in the advantage of that is you have extremely low loss cuz once you froze a coconut oil illegality tops you know you have to find a very highly flavored coconut oil let's just go through with it you find a very highly flavored coconut oil then you would melt said coconut oil and mix it into the alcohol keep it liquid and I would say Stir It occasionally to get maximum surface area contact rights I would stir it keep the convection going what what not keep it for like you know 8 hours 10 hours overnight then throw the whole soccer in the freezer coconut oil will turn solid like a rock and nothing will change it when you poke a hole in the in the solid coconut oil on a top and you poured out the coconut booze and should work right we have to find a highly flavored coconut or the effect will be shall we say

cuz once you use coconut flakes even desiccated coconut flakes if you're going to get to yield up you're going to need to squish them and if you squish them you're going to get the Cloudy stuff out you know what I mean I mean when you have to separate it I happen to know Austin has a Spinners also we can probably do some good Separation on it but I haven't done a lot of Separation work with squeezed out coconut sack so I don't know whether would work so I can second question I'm working on a gardenia syrup for a pearl diver so gardenia syrup by the way is syrup a tiki drink syrup that does not in fact contained gardenia can you eat gardenias I know I thought there poisonous are they poisonous and Lucas up with its poisonous after the radio program we went to the star chefs and we met this guy I'm not going to blow up his spot but he had all of these edible flowers

so the Stars scene are going and nastassia put on her like she put on her you could live you could die I don't care face which is kind of her standard face it's her standard you know like if

if a meteor was coming down and she knew was going to hit you on the head maybe she'd move you horses that can cause vomiting diarrhea and hives and animals but not people do you believe all the stories are people say things are toxic for like me how different am I from a dog or cat I know chocolate I know chocolate I've heard aliens but name could be true. No no it's nothing it's not really poisonous at least not that poisoned poinsettias in Mortal fear of poinsettias you look at the Poinsett around you will die

did not grow a Christmas guy are you up Christian extraction but you don't even have poinsettias

I remember once I was in church I don't know but not like at your house who brings that poison into their house had a Christmas tree that's what I got ya are you are you a real Christmas tree guy or you want to say Christmas tree guy we were real I used as you have one I have a completely silver one next to my real one because as nice as a real tree is it's not very reflective that's for later although pretty soon it's going to be time to bust out Christmas hat Christmas music Rudolph all the stuff they must a seen I love the only thing that starts and I both actually like

we like champagne new yes also good to have at the Holiday Time by the way so we had this argument with Jack my head bartender and so Jack is like Jax when he's classic kind of wine snob kind of the guys who he's like only wants to drink stuff that you've never heard of if you heard of it is not want to drink that there's a problem so he got a very good reasonably priced the names when out of my head champagne actual champagne to have it are bar right and the problem is is that if you want people to come into a bar and buy a champagne you have to give them a champagne if they've heard of if the idea of having a champagne on the menu is to extract money from people who wish to spend a load of a lot of money you have to appeal to the person who has a lot of money and in general that person is going to go for the one they heard of not the one they haven't heard of do you serve champagne at your restaurant you don't want to have a couple of fancy

jobs around for fancy folk oh no no no you have to understand where I'm at the bar with Nastasia talking about a very exciting business development that I can't tell you and by the way speaking of the other thing like someone came out to the bar and asked me what it is your mom thinks happens to all the soda cans and I told him it's good I can't tell you people bar you can act limit of these are all things that are fair game at the bar but are not fair game on the radio program Nastasia

went to UPS on Saturday right now yeah and by the way it was what we were sending we were sending us spends all so it's big and Cocktails as a demonstration of what the spins all can do so now I'm just Asia who by the way like if you had to list her top 10 things that she does not like to do right getting hit in the face with a hammer or shipping things equal in the forehead with a hammer or you'll never have to ship and you'll never have to ship anything again to be like let me see the hammer so she goes to the UPS with his giant box

and drop something interesting shut that she paid an ungodly amount of money for overnight weekend shipping ungodly was still sitting in the place yesterday he said Estancia had let snobbish a a choice words Choice words for them that with the two boxes took him to a different cuz I was just like I'm not dealing with you people so what did the faces of the regular guests horrified

but the embarrassing part is that I have the two boxes in the door opened in Juno and I couldn't under the album know if I use all my strength and I fingered a private or open it was like you didn't use your Drew Barrymore Firestarter anger I was surprised and so funny I mean let's just say let's just say the sea suck where it came out

quite a bit right I mean I would have loved to see like when she spends most of her time just kind of internalizing anger and getting other people to be angry in her stead or to have miserable time so that she can kind of keep yourself under control from the rare occasions when the Stasi loses her mind it is a rare tree I'm working on a gardenia syrup for a pearl diver with ideally I would like to be able to store the syrup in a squeeze bottle and keep it in the lowboy at all times rather than having to keep it at room temperature and service back in overnight and back out again

do you have any advice for proportions of sugar to butter and possibly alcohol that would keep it squeezable at fridge camper possibly some additive they would keep it from going solid on me and so he asks I'll give you the pearl diver recipe that is on the internet to forget who's this is I probably look up somebody I like but probably maybe not I don't know if it's probably in Vibe I don't know I don't know three quarter ounce of lime juice 1 oz of orange juice 3/4 ounce of the gardenia mix which is that you know makes were about to talk about 3/4 ounce of a Demerara rum Hamilton 86 proof for El Dorado 8-year half ounces of gold Puerto Rican rum half ounce of Ga'Hoole Jamaican rum since like a shotgun and stuff one teaspoon of 1 teaspoons are in 1 teaspoon

beef recipes preferably latitude 29 formula and 6 oz of crushed ice combine all the ingredients in a blender starting with a gardenia mix and finishing with the ice Blended high-speed 15 second string through a medium mesh wire Sivan to a pearl diver glass pressing gently on the solids to express all the liquid add crushed ice to fill the glass garnish with a geranium leaf lettuce recipe 1 cup of unsalted butter 1 cup Orange Blossom honey you know that's going to be real subtle I went to a honey store in Saratoga Michelle Haley is an Italian program she's one of the owners there and they have this funny that we're going to use that tell you about this from Italian Black Forest they have a black forest Natalie I don't know anyway the honey is not extracted from pollen but from honeydew which is the

shop of plant process through 8th and bodies pretty good when are you going to drink anyway Orange Blossom honey 1 oz cinnamon syrup half ounce of allspice liqueur and a half ounce of vanilla syrup and you combine all ingredients in a saucepan and whisk until melted and smooth and so you have a butter syrup you only answer to the first of all it's always going to go solid on you what you need to do is you need to stabilize a sucker with ticaloid so take a little late is a mixture of gum are typically to 10 or 2 or 3:10 and I are mixtures of gum arabic and xanthan if you can't find that you can just substitute a a very finely powdered Gum arabic and a kind of wrap it either agglomerated orbital high quality strong xanthan gum I forget the exact ratio that I used beatitude liquid intelligence I think it's like

421 Arabic does antanas mockus I have the I keep saying I have this I'll look it up if you want to stabilize it with xanthan and Arabic and that the ratios not really super important you can add them separately the Arabic is there and stare in higher quantities on the order of like you know 2% of something like this the Arabic is there an actual emulsifier to multiply the fat into the into the liquid and you're better off actually adding sugar later adding the Arabic to the straight water before you add the sugar in your cinnamon / getting you a ginger thing whatever you're doing their allspice whatever it is I can remember you're better off adding they Arabic in Santa and into that and then adding the butter to emulsified in and then adding the sugar but you can do it either way so the Arabic is there on the order of a couple of percent to actually emulsify the butter in so that it makes a stable of motion when you're making the drink the the other part that

the the xanthan gum is there at a much smaller percent you're talkin like below a half a percent probably closer to a quarter of a percent and that is there to just make a light gel when sitting still just so that it doesn't want to separate because it's fundamentally a solid when it's standing still that's what the two things are doing there now I would not use a squeezy for this serum first

having made butter served for many many years they do go rather solid in the fridge they can still be squeeze squeeze Ed but if you're if you're going to want to do that you probably going to have to add more liquid reduce it down more to get to squeeze more because it does kind of solidify or get kind of real thick at at lower temperatures but squeeze bottles not the answer and I'll tell you why unless you're going to free pour which you probably not with a squeeze bottle because it near the viscosity is going to change a lot you're you're going to go into a jigger and Miss Sarah was going to be real hard to get out of a jigger so what we do at existing conditions what are cream syrup which is also not very palpable is we put it into a Dost pump so we have pumps that put out exactly an ounce into the drink that we use this pump for has exactly an ounce of this syrup in it and every time you push down you get exactly now that we've tested it it's accurate much more

you're the kind of drink Jigger something that thick and the pumps that we get are like syrup pumps like for a Torani syrup and they fit on Gatorade bottles the ones we have hit on Gatorade bottles so we have Gatorade bottles with the syrup pumps on it and we push down on me to get a very accurate dose again and again and again if you wanted a smaller dose they make smaller pumps or you can just put a ring around the pump so that you can't push it all the way down and you get your dose that way by saying they make very expensive volumetric concert this is the super cheap way to do it and we've been using them for a long time without any trouble now long time meaning for months but you can pop it from the fridge you know it's just a lot sicker in the fridge the one thing I say is that the only reason I can see wanting to keep this not you're not had it out it's cuz you're worried about Department of Health because ain't nothing going to go wrong with that syrup sitting out I know this because I've

like it doesn't go bad sitting out going in and out of the fridge and as long as the main problem with using these kinds of serves on the regular and a higher volume bar is really the is really just the jiggering is it is a is a complete and utter nightmare also cleaning creamy Tim's out is a little bit of a nightmare which is why eventually were going to do a you know a special menu called creamy pins that is only creamy drinks about three meetings Nastasia you want to describe that so so so here's what years what happens people like so I like to call people get mad at me because anything that I'm involved with or people around me are involved with I make fun of right right and you know I like to be little

what I do or anything anyone I know does right and it kind of friendly loving way so I had to do this event and I started describing this event as a complete boondoggle and so Rebecca who does PR for Booker and Dax I was like Nastasia what the hell were freaking boondoggle and thunder stassia because she loves nothing more than people feeling bad Tell Rebecca that I have described this this series of events as a boondoggle and then Rebecca gets real depressed about it and so just as he starts laughing about it to me so then we start calling her the boondoggler and that's her that's her like bat villain named Avengers name is the boondoggler so like when he's a good guy what she does is it she takes the villains and she sends them off on this wild-goose Chase doing all this stuff instead of killing people and then I could have been killing people and you had me at this damn event

oh by the way we do not know we know Bob's Red Mill is our sponsor today but we don't know what ad that we're going to theoretically play once this thing goes on you know on the whatever the hell it's on on the internet so intuitive that you just nailed it all right well so then we will take a break you can listen to some Bob's Red Mill stuff I will have you know that I am experimenting now if you guys have any ideas in the chat room Bob's Red Mill sent me to mess with to amaranth flour and some sweet sorghum flour so sorghum

very interesting very interesting grain you know in the greater class I guess people is not actually Millet the people call it kind of grape Millet Millet is one of those like Polly you know he has no real meaning it's at the whole bunch of small grains in aren't really related roll in the grass family rabbit or not you know I guess they're real games are there in the grass family so sore gums are super interesting because they can be used to make sugar they were there native and were domesticated in in Africa they are there so there's regular sore gums like baking sore gums are sweet sorghum to Bob's Red Mill save me some sweet sorghum flour and some amaranth I got to play around with it a try and find it interesting application to talk to you about in the next couple of weeks so if any of you in the chat room have some recommendations for sorghum flour that aren't just substitute dish in your newest gluten free recipe because you know how interesting is that I want a recipe that just is screaming for sorghum not you know a recipe

you go you saw them or you could use this other thing instead so give me some suggestions cuz I'm playing around with it over the next week and with that let's go to break

we're not bring you are Bob's Red Mill food fact of the week xanthan gum is a thickener and a stabilizer so is xanthan is produced by fermentation and it has incredible thickening ability but it doesn't just Kickin It actually forms a week gel that but then can move around and that's why it's so great and gluten-free and also an egg replacing because it can hold batters and Dough's is everything is great to have around you going to want to use it typically in lower percentages if you're using it in sauces below about 1/4 of 1% and also after you add xanthan gum give it a couple minutes to hydrate before you add more because it's going to keep getting sicker over the next 5-10 minutes so don't add some and then add more thanks to Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues visit Bob's Red Mill. Com to shop there a huge range of products use cooking issues 25 for 25% off your order that's cooking issues

5 no spaces $25 number

classic me right so like

I'm going up I'm driving up I go to Connecticut and I'm like okay I do what I always do I buy chicken thighs cuz I'm like I know how it is like you know it's a kind of thing where you know it's 2 a.m. for 5 a.m. you punch me in the side I wake up and you're like it's one of those things that like you know you can do it if you were to take if you were to remove my entire cerebral cortex and leave my brain stem my body could still cook chicken thighs you know what I mean in this particular way that I always make them and some like okay

Mount Yale Jen's like I don't want you to have to think shouldn't talk like that too late I don't want you to have to think make chicken thighs so I get the chicken thighs and I'm making him and then I realized that and this is the first time this has ever happened it was raining like cats and dogs sound like I'm not going to use my cowboy grill I'm going to use that and or because my tan doors partially covered right by my okay so I go to get the coal no coal and no more charcoal that sounds like what the hell am I going to do and then I realized that I have been remiss in that I have not set up any of my fireplaces for cooking so if you haven't hear something that is true fact if you have a small relatively small fireplace and and you have a fire in it damn the radiant heat coming off that thing burned the hell out of your hands when you're trying to hold we are trying to hold skewers and meat if you don't have a meat skewer holder and you are holding in there the whole time a turn.

forearm shoulders get pretty tired holding chicken thighs in front of a fire for a long time and be

reflective heat is pretty no joke

Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi it's just fake so if anyone out there has a cool like regular residential fireplace cooking conversion kit I'd like to see it cuz it's fun cooking in your fireplace it's just a real pain in the butt if you're not set up to do it you know what I mean Nanny poo poo so the person who like you know we don't have a fireplace at my timeshare in the Hamptons that I go to all summer and I got to go once a week but I did I did do a demented saying I tried to do so you know how I put mayonnaise mayonnaise on everything that I grow non chicken actually but I put mayonnaise on so I did the I did the par steamed whole whole heads of broccoli on a skewer and it said they're poorly for me right so I was like I want to put this broccoli on a skewer

I want to like not going to skewer Bunch piece of broccoli is it going to fall off so I'm going to parse team the whole head and stick it on the skewer I thought I was being real smart so I was like I'm putting the skewer backwards so the who is in the broccoli to the hook is locking the broccoli so that I can rotate it right so I'm manipulating the sharp side of the stick right and I put mayonnaise I parsed salt pepper little bit of sugar in mayonnaise short answer it was delicious grilled broccoli with the mayonnaise coating on the outside because the mayonnaise was like dripping off into the into the fire but enough stayed on that it was like delicious anyway you never been good call except for this ice I ran my hand to go get it and I shove it into the skewer and I tend or skewered my hand and it started bleeding all over the floor at the house and I was like of course I didn't of course this is of course you know I mean and what did Booker do

call you his idiot father sorry I started laughing uncontrollably cuz I was bleeding all over the floor and me tell you something having your son laugh at you while you're bleeding all over the floor and burning your other hand trying to keep chicken Aloft in a fireplace makes for fun times fun times I've been enjoying your podcast. Information Antics and wonderfully Meandering conversations for several years now I know I have a question I could use your inside on I recently had a gas stove installed in my house and it is a considerable upgrade for my previous electric Contraption I'm assuming if it's a huge upgrade that what you had before was either a ceramic top with your garbage or resistance heater style top also garbage I hate all of them Mandarin hit them even the courts once I hate my life conduction induction is good however my current ventilation situation leaves much to be desired honestly

I'm not sure the current Hood does anything at all and it certainly doesn't look like it vents outside I've heard they've heard they've mentioned in passing the proper ventilation is often overlooked and undervalued so I wanted to solicit your thoughts here how important is proper ventilation is why I have two young children a five-year-old in a two-year-old and so I have no desire to be careless with what they inhale while I cook that said I am unsure where the line is between cautious and alarmist your Insight would be greatly appreciated on a separate note

the beta male conversation has been amusing if an alpha male is the leader of the pack then let's consider how many of our previous presidents the most visible and arguably most powerful leaders in our country have exhibited stereotypic stereotypically alpha male Tendencies EG chest-beating and assertions of dominance interesting ly the current president exhibits those characteristics in Spades so what do you think about it is that what you want you want that you know I just want confidence and swagger like I don't want a doormat and then turn on says it can be difficult to give respect to someone who acts like a doormat yet the fact that people don't demand respect doesn't indicate that they don't deserve respect

this is just about like what I want I I have like I'm run businesses I don't want to come home to a doormat to be assertive confident have Swagger be really nice

that's it like that's like one Nastasia wants what she needs whatever happened makes you happy set you free

but I think that like look we beat you down pretty hard last night with the beta male thing I honestly this is this is never happened three women you get remind me to my old man and the beta male says yeah I'm a female and I have nothing against beta males I like them some of my friends I had a beta male as a drummer once


I had a drummer once that used to troll around the studio picking butts up off the ground see where you can get high off of them write an honest question

I had a bunch of drummers who thought they drunk while when they were drinking cooking style right so Harold McGee at the Harvard talked about to new research that is coming out showing that oil particles like you know when you're frying with microscopic oil particles stay in the air for a long time so when you're volatilize and oil which happens in a lot of high temperature heat exist of the staying in the air for a long long time you know ask to it and I think new new studies are coming out all the time kind of relating relating this to do problems that are happening in the kitchen that said we've been cooking this way for a long long long time so is it harmful probably should you have good good ventilation yes I think the jury is

out as too kind of what the long-term problems will be but that's not to say that there aren't kind of long-term problems and it hurts it's probably the oil fumes are probably as bad as everyone freaks out when there's smoke in the kitchen right which is still I just do not understand people who smoke people who smoke cigarettes get like freaky when like your kitchen fills with smoke and I am I in in my mind I'm always like why don't you shut up because the smokes going to be gone in a minute and then you can eat this delicious food that I can't really make without generating the smoke and everyone freaks out everyone freaks out about the smoke and if because they perceive smoke is harmful it's probably the oil Vapors are probably more harmful like that the the microscopic oil Vapors are probably more harmful to you then the little bit of smoke you're getting from you no cook

your stake they're not as accurate and they probably don't hurt your eyes as much but they're probably just as dangerous but you know how to speak to Magee the next time I speak to him and he look I'm not going to stop cooking kind of traditional high temperature cooking cuz that's the way that I like to do it until somebody tells me that it's as bad as you know being a regular cigarette smoker but on the other hand I would always go air on the side of trying to get good ventilation because it is going to be better for your lungs and there were some studies back in the day especially on people who cook over high heat all the time they're classic studies about 10 years ago or so and more we're on women in China cooking over walks having certain forms of cancer at a higher rates than other people do but made good ventilation I think is going to become more and more important as he sings become more and more

it's going to be realize how important they are more and more as people kind of realize how damaging a lot of these kind of suspended Vapors are and how prevalent they are you ever wonder why I like all of your pots and pans get a coating of grease on them and in your in your in your house or your apartment or why the ceiling gets a coating of grease on it even had a relative distance from your oven that pulley merized Greece right is in the particles that are being generated while you're cooking so all that stuff that settling on her stealing over the course of you know hours and hours it's not just while you're cooking hours and hours that stuff is kind of settling in your lungs and you know settling in your system what effect is going to have overtime I think is just now being researched you know

who knows I would say go for good ventilation if you can I think that it's one of the main things that hasn't been caught caught up with you know like we need to get good ventilation in in our kitchens and as more and more people who care about their health become you know Cooks maybe people will worry about it more maybe buildings will be built with good ventilation but if you have a hood that does not vent you that is just a recirculating Hood you must if you want the quality air quality to be good first of all get a serious when they make serious ones they make ones that you can fry indoors with but you need real hard-core filters and real hardcore fans to make those things work and you need to change the activated charcoal consistently and often which people don't do either people are usually change it rarely and let you know and almost never some cases and then they become functionally useless you might as well have nothing better to just take the extra time and energy and punch a hole

the side of your building or to your roof put a big ol Hawking fan on the outside going to be a lot quieter is there any more irritating than a then one of those home fans are over here your neighbor's shower

especially your neighbors showering the way that what they do in the shower is unconscionable but you know what I'm talkin about Nastassja has unpleasant whatever I want to get into it that noise at high pitch noise of a of the company they're one used to get his Broan Broan they're cheap but that listen to so that the pitch the pitch that a motor makes is directly related to its speed right so most AC Motors are a certain certain multiple of 60 Cycles right and the smaller of fan is to move a large amount of are the faster it needs to spin and so it has this high pitch noise because he has to spin so fast to push the year right this is why you're always better all and if they have to make the fan small because they're fitting it into something that's ticking over your oven or we arranged to the real answer is you want to put that fan outside

the fan could be much bigger and if the fans much bigger it can rotate much slower if it rotates much lower it has a much lower pitch and softer pitch and any day of the week I will chain I will trade

cooking issues

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