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Episode 345: One Petrus and a Million Beta Males

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I'm a children's communications director cat Johnson with a preview of this week's episode of meat and three I think we should realize that the more or less have a broken Hood system when 800 million go to bed hungry as 600 million are obese they will be waste 30% of our food then something is going to mentally wrong will introduce you to one food waste solution happening in Asia system where residents were issued electronic ID card that would open an automated been in an able to have to weigh the food waste being dropped off and then they would be charged a certain amount of money the weight of that food and we'll take a look at some of the real struggles happening closer to home how is it possible that a meal that was perfectly fine to consume at 10:59 p.m. then becomes waste at 11 p.m. listen to podcast

how long to cook

join as usual with Nastasia Hammer Lopez and Matt in the booth he doing that has erased farm at the Center for Discovery on I had to bring David toothbrush yes what day of the week was that I've had so much coffee on the way up I'm like I'm on this train and maybe get on this train way early bring me a toothbrush

you accidentally bring the wrong toothpaste was not the wrong two faces not to be so when I travel I try to like I try to let you know bring the the what's it called travel size stuff with me and so you know like travel-size toothpaste isn't in our normal medicine cabinet where the toothpaste is cuz why would it be there I'm not traveling out of my medicine cabinet so we had this like bucket full of stuff and it's like you know it's always like you know zero

whatever whatever happened to be Lana Cecilia horrible and I get some horrible thing and it ends up like it if I go there is the travel toothpaste and you either throw it in and you take it with you and you never noticed until like that night you know or whatever and you can you put on a toothbrush you like that does not look like

toothpaste is very a couple of times I have almost gotten it I've actually had a situation where that like whatever product it is has actually reached my lips and my my mind only at the split last-second processes that didn't look right and I can't be the only person

that just happened it has not happened to me since you already have someone with a question for you on the air

hi this is Jeff from Los Angeles

I'm good how about yourself do well

for you I have the older Champion centrifuge whatever it is 03 what ya got you got you and wanted to know if I could use that centrifuge Q-tip basically jet yeast for beer right I've never done it but the champion actually is probably pretty good for that because it's a Peloton fuse and so I would guess that you know you'd get like the large amount of I've never done it but me and my guess is that you would just take the stuff spin it they take the solids re-suspended in some flu

let it like live for a while then spin out the Deads again and then if you should have an active think this is the thing that's knowable though I just don't happen to know it off the top of my head I researched it once but for this you definitely want a Peloton fuge like me the spins all would work for it if for larger quantities but if you're only looking to get small quantities I would say that the champion probably does a good job and the question is are you spinning out the live stuff and the dead stuff that's why I would I would tell it it and then get that pellet a couple times in like build it a couple of times and eventually the pellets should be more healthy I think what you want is the pellet because I don't believe the East is going to be it's going to be in solution I think it'll pull it out thank you shouldn't be a problem anyway just provides nutrients for the living you so

show me that you're harvesting from an exhausting system right you got to let a lot of dads a lot of a lot of Auto you know autolyzed yeast stuff in there which again not terrible in in smaller quantities but like not a lot of nutrients left if you want mainly healthy stuff I would take the pellet and then I mean you could probably if let's say you're in a cloudy environment I'd throw away the stuff at the bottom because that's almost all dead stuff right then I would spin out the the Cloudy liquid and then boom that pellet has still has a lot of dead stuff in it I grow it once more and spin it and then you have Dad's plus a lot of lies I bet if you want it healthy right away if you going to rebuild it it doesn't really matter you know what I mean


make sense, I'm sure someone on the chat room has has something to say about this which by the way Matt is a question somebody had the question they had was this is from Kieran can I get a link to the cooking issues chat room I Google it every once in awhile but only the dead links from the blog up here my Google kung fu is pretty strong but I'm not even sure if this is a cooking issues thing Heritage Radio thing or some of the third party so where do they get to this yes so I have told keeran but I will tell everyone what I told him so it's actually a mixlr thing mixlr mixlr is what we used to live stream and so you would go on there and follow Heritage Radio Network and that is how you got to the shower so you can't searching for this the via the Google's would be very difficult to let people chat and therefore get new

formation and or search old information including very obvious links to this at various plate like on the website for The Show by defining it I don't know I haven't tried it only has

I've had a number of people ask how the hell they get to it though it seems like we're hiding this information for some strange reason as though we are trying to prevent people from getting to it which is not the case far as I know we like it to be a secret Club

how do you spell experiences

tell ya son starts and I did an event at the Center for Discovery Farm which was good that was by the way people are 10 year anniversary for those you'd listen to show you know that nastase and I fear fear bonded out of having to share a ride where we were being driven around by a rabid anti-semite for those of you that listen to show you remember that and so like that kind of song when I was in my room but I kind of said that anastassios like over there but we also heard a good comeback to tell this joke is not safe for work but it was the best comeback to a joke I've heard in a specially like it wasn't like out of the shower so that was just like a live come back and it's not the kind of think she'll like you know you know how like I mean I don't know you because you're you probably have

stored up somewhere like a list of like 20 or 30 comebacks like ready to come back and somebody you know know you are had to have been like it could not have been pre-constructed which made it even better yeah death the day after that we had a party that nastassia did not do I did with the bar where he served waffle turkey but it was not wild turkey with a sponsor so we did it with Buffalo Trace which means it was it was Waffle oh and then that went fine to Starships is going on I haven't been yet but for those of you that want to go up to the Starships go check out the Starships where is anastasija Greenpoint Greenpoint call the Brooklyn what Expo Center and then I feel like I have another event you did the thing yesterday last night

another day that we did Don Lazar Joy mango drink their existing conditions bar and then I have an event also tomorrow during a museum of food and drink I believe it's a closed fundraiser I don't believe we just were selling tickets to it why can't I go for you if you're doing whatever will duct it was a joke that was very quick to deliver and they come back it wasn't like this guy was like oh I could she just punched out and come cuz I know Tamir I'd say my name is general that discovered your work through Kenji lopez-alt and recently benefited greatly from the very thorough and detailed information you posted on cast iron pans and seasoning

I don't know if you take questions by email

those who don't know the difference between like most modern there are some Modern people are doing it but like the most standard cast-iron pan you by now from Lodge right is not able to call polished and so it's not polish in a sense of mirror polish what it means is when you when you make a a pan like I'm pretty sure this is still how they do it back in the day you were just saying no now so what you do is do you have like a wooden mold that save the pan it's all like Wax and pretty mold in the pan and you make an impression in green called Green it's not really green the color green sand it's like like dampish sand it takes the impression of the pan right then you lift up the mole you lift up their thing you take out your your your your your wouldn't you know model of it you put it back together and then you pour them that the molten metal into that so like anyone is taken like casting or shop in high school has liked on this typically with aluminum soda

fantastic now and you can always recognize something it's been in it they can make giant Parts with sand casting this is the way you know giant things used to be made back in the day you can always recognize a sand casting because

it's bumpy so famous as you seen castings there like a little bit bumpy right that I dilute my pee that's the actual you're seeing the actual life and you're saying like that the impression of the stuff in the mole so this is a cast iron pan to make it or were made I think it's two minutes away so what a lot of old-time companies did was they would take an abrasive and they just you know smooth out that bumping is on the bottom of the pan or to call the Polish pan now it so happens that those pants season a lot better and become a lot Slicker and smoother eventually a modern on polished and we'll get a nice nonstick surface but it's always a little bit bumpy and I prefer the old polish pants and I have some old Griswolds that are polished anyway so if I happen to mention that I went to a horse make sure nothing whatever stachey's like they hate you hate you for 10 years 10 years with you with you first

best rated buying champagne for a theoretical 10-year anniversary of working together like a month ago when in fact it was just now there was 10 years now that it's always in the fault it's all that's why there's always the email I don't know I don't know I don't know if you know this Nastasia is an inveterate liar that's not true rainbow room has this weird thing where they have they have certain Champagnes and sparkling wines that don't pour into a cocktail but they will not serve you a bottle of that because they're like any a hole that's going to buy a bottle here is going to spend more money

true or false

Weave Shop for cocktail list and we can see what they're pouring into their sparkling hot oh yeah they had a crap here that a crap you're more like we don't deserve the one that spending a lot of money can't you just give us a bottle of the crappy one near like nah

I have three Griswold vintage Griswold pans but one of them is baffling me a little bit the seasoning seems to be very dark in some areas and light or more less missing and others I've used it around 40 times and season it after each use by heating on the stove top with canola oil until the surface temperature is close to 500 degrees Fahrenheit is very uniform but this one is not gotten there yet I have attached an image of the perplexing pan does this look like I should take it down to the middle of steel wool or just continue to season and hopefully it gets more uniformly seasoned over the entire surface so I'm looking at John's pan here and for those of you that don't know I'm sure that you've seen this before on your pants

I'm on the bottom of it it's black which is good and then there are areas that have a little bit of a light kind of almost reddish like almost like you think it's for us but it does not look like rust so this could be a number of things right this could be that there are some spots that are only getting partial approach polymerized oils on them it could be some marginal sticking of the stuff I would not bother like going through the full seasoning overtime but the main question is this is the pan sticking if you're having sticking problems with the pan then I'd start worrying about it if it's not sticking right then what it looks to me like if you have high spots and those high spots are getting hit by your spatula or whatever else you're using and creating those marks by like scraping partially polymerized oil on top if that's the case I just give it a hit underwater with a scrubby like normal your normal like Scotch-Brite scrubby after each use and see where they're at

it's better if you just don't worry about it so much if it's sticking you might have to do something more aggressive but it's hard to tell from the picture I would guess that it's not sticking too badly and that when you're using it it's just going to kind of get better and better as those spots get worn away don't be afraid of using metal implements don't be afraid of using like a Scotch-Brite pad on it I ain't no just don't leave it wet that's the one thing I never do I never leave my cast iron wet I scrub it and then I throw it back on the stove for like 10 to 15 seconds just to heat it up long enough to blast the water off of it yeah. He's like don't care alright Serena rights in Serena first and foremost thanks for doing your show I'm a food process engineering your podcast is made me remarkably better at my job and help me maintain my interest in my line of work here

see if you can answer me it's freaking internet cheese from where I'm at how many do Sea Monsters Inc though how many my son for those are Sea Monsters Inc my son calls nastassia rise and Rise is the character who ends up turd I try to spoil it for them

I'm going to spoil anyway there's a Twist at the end about rise well I won't spoil it anyway do you have your paperwork Wazowski and so like she's like the boss like that administrative boss your paperwork but all the time in the trash Booker anyway

oh no it was about the fundraiser tomorrow you said don't talk about it and then you bring it up anyway I know why because you know that we can invite people to anyone rubbing their noses fundraiser for it that we had talked about before Museum yeah okay just remind me later okay alright cuz I like it

well it's a long drawn-out thing you talking about like dinner yeah yeah people think it would be something that people would pay for IRS you put it into the meat and potatoes of her question I'm getting married in a week congratulations we going to have still congratulations that's very close friend zone she sent the question she might have married months ago because we haven't been on in 2 weeks

I hope they I mean if you had been married I hope that you're doing well

Madison on October 15th so

a timer for 25 week end as a wedding favor for 15 guests okay what can I do to other process or what can I do either processor formula lies to make it fridge stable for a hella long time must be like a West Coast Northwest hella long time or even shelf-stable thanks in advance. Sincerely Serena and today she uses a recipe of the caramel sauce from the sticky toffee cake that Rachael Ray does recipe in a minute I'll give it to you and then she adds a PostScript my mom keeps it in the pantry whenever I make it for her but she lives by Filipino mom food safety rules I keep it on the counter until it looks weird I don't want to accidentally made my whole wedding party sick so I'm seeking your advice first of all I see how you are different from the stassia and that there is nothing to stassi would like more than to make her entire wedding party sick as long as you

turn on the joke let's not forget that the Stasi is the person who serves sunchokes to people in massive quantities to give them GI upset while she was like and that an angry yeah yeah true true story but we're not here to talk about anyone so here's the recipe let's take a look at it Serena

in a small heavy saucepan bring 1 cup granulated sugar and three tablespoons of cold water to a boil without disturbing boil until the mixture begins to turn Amber about 5 minutes I can hear obviously used to prevent scorching the three tablespoons of cold water is just to get everything liquid before it scorches on the bottom and you're turning it Amber and what that means is the vast majority of those three tablespoons of water is gone since a cup of sugar weighs out remember hear a cup of granulated sugar weigh is within 10 to 15% depending on the exact grinder using within 10 to 15% the same as the exact measurement of water okay so just keep that in mind we got one cup of sugar you had a 3 tablespoons of water almost all of that stuff's gone cuz you boil it until it was Amber right so you have a very high sugar substance here swirl the pot and when the color and the reason they say without disturbing as they don't want to get a crystallization on the side so if you overly disturb something

you can get some a flex on the side of your pant will recrystallize that recrystallize stuff will crystallize the whole batch if you get crystals in Christmas is ruined excetera excetera you don't have to worry I don't think about master crystallization afterwards because it was about to happen

throw the pot and when the color is deep Amber removed from the heat store in the remaining two tablespoons of butter right so it's kind of liquid in the store in 2/3 of a cup of cream and stir over low heat till smooth star in the remaining quarter teaspoon salt so what do we have here we have two thirds of a cup of cream 1/3 of which is a third of which is fat roughly a third of which and the other two-thirds of that are you know fundamentally milk with / liquid so you're looking at one cup of sugar to about give or take half cup of water plus you know the balance of that 2/3 of a cup in fat Plus in 2 tablespoons of butter so you're looking at 2 to one simple syrup or something it's very close in sugar to maple syrup now if you do it right you shouldn't have too much risk of massive amounts of crystallization because it's not

much higher than 66 bricks if it's higher than 66 breaks at all but it's also probably not that much less than that so the only real microbiological problems are going to have with this now if a product stays good I eat if it does not if it does not crystallize like you're not getting weird lactose crystals coming out of it or it's not forming weird little chunks of milk solid things whatever you get out of his long as it's structurally stable right and by the way it could separate a little bit so like I make a cream syrup much the same way as this with no heat we make a cream syrup and it separates right but then you can put it back together it doesn't get granular the texture of it doesn't go bad the main danger you have to this product is yeast right so I don't you're not going to get any kind of pathogens growing and something with that high of a sugar content so what I would do is I would put them into jars and then I would put the jars in a water bath

and I would bring that water bath in any are not like canning to kill bacteria you're just pasteurizing it to kill the yeast like yeast is your main enemy here and maybe there's something that grows in there but I highly doubt it I never heard prisons like if you have maple syrup and you open maple syrup and then you put your maple syrup on your shelf right then you have the chance of getting a disgusting mold on the top of your maple syrup they're having us as I know it's gross like mold / used disgusting disgusting

so you're not going to use your maple syrup very often it's a good idea to if you buy large quantities maple syrup which is always cost-effective remember that it's already been heated products so you're not hurting anything by heating it you can put them into smaller mason jars close them and then kind of a boil boil the water around them and as long as it gets up to the temperature that's going to kill all of the kind of yeast mold in it then you're good and that's not going to go bad forever fundamentally and so I would say the same kind of rule happens here I would say a very light you know ceiling in a in a mason jar or even like pour it hot in to Mason jar and then seal it and then immerse it in in you know simmering water for a little while cuz I have to look up the temperature to kill yeast and mold but it ain't that high and remember you're starting with something that was no kind of on the warm side anyway so I would not worry about damaging your guess because of the incredibly high sugar content of that product that make sense

and good luck with that with a marriage. Good luck like good luck with that but I mean like it'll have fun my experience we getting married I've only done it once and it only hope that we do it once what is more emotional than you thought it would be cried so she's just a terrible person my experience is that you're in a good journey I can't possibly bring your mumbles up to a audible volume have like kind loving relationships and people with children or who like their children

beta males better males or females with someone in a relationship who cares about their children doormat and bye doormat she mean someone who doesn't say if you are not taking care of those kids that I spawned

true true Nastasia turns out hates women

read that from this banana now that's a show title

Breaktime what's the female equivalent of an alpha versus beta you don't like alpha males whenever you see someone that I would consider an alpha male where you say douche douche douche douche douche douche douche. She likes a guy that's kind of a douche

it does doesn't like douchebags

which is how I Define alpha male


look forward to more explanation explorations of this topic

I really don't know what I mean alright Caesar rights in shoes

when I bring you are Bob's Red Mill food back to the week cornstarch is a dense Powder made from the endosperm portion of the Corn kernel first of all I would bet that nastassia hates the word endosperm starch is it really dense I think of it as kind of a slippery feel powder I like it what do I use cornstarch for mainly let's say you have AP flour and you want to knock down the protein level in AP flour let's say you're making cookies you're worried that he's going to be tough we're making pancakes or where the pancakes are going to be tucked anything where you're using a flower and you don't have a very low protein flour to use a Dilo cornstarch up to about 10% of the weight of the flower in cornstarch and you'll soften the flower up not the same as having a completely soft flour like you would have cake flour we goes a long way toward reducing the tendency of those flowers to get tough Inn in baiting thanks to Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues visit Bob's Red Mill. Com to shop there huge range of products use cooking issue

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we are back home but you do not hate women cat I don't I don't want that basically some sort of like crypto anti-woman what is a what is a band that has to be a balance in a relationship where like if somebody Cooks somebody cleans right and then we have a lot of beta males who are like I don't cook and I'll not buy the equipment that I want and I'll wash the dishes in Lawton okay we won't have sex tonight at like so you're saying that

block add-on was just business just every time that's anti beta male what I don't understand what this has to feel bad for the women you're saying is is that if she when I just heard you say was if she doesn't want to do it tonight and he's like okay and I do it tonight that somehow is Santa that's good like that means bad for him to be like you don't feel like doing anything tonight that's a bad time saying he's done doing all this stuff but for what like cooking and cleaning and he wants like a lot of our guys are like she won't let me have anything oh gosh average love ask spin-off podcast

wow that's just yeah I don't know where don't know where to start with that one we talk about something else you were here to talk about their Heritage a radio fundraiser we going to do this on Monday December 3rd we're hosting our second annual winter in the garden part 2 why do I want to spend winter in a garden in New York City I mean this is not my well because we're going to be in the Palm House at Brooklyn botanic garden it's inside glass house like over by all of the conservatory that's right word so they keep it like don't worry you're the best thing about how many of you out there a show of hands where I can see you how have you been in the dead of winter to a Botanica Garden know what the most you're the most fun is having your heavy winter coat on and then walking into where they're growing palm trees in a jungle sweatbox

you been to the the Bonsai room at the Brooklyn botanic garden probably I do like bonsais and I have been to the Brooklyn botanic garden so I don't specifically remember it but yes it's pretty cool fingers crossed for you to be able to do something in there on top of a lot of fun so I had I was one of those kids in the I guess it's his mid-eighties who bonsais were like being started becoming a big thing in sometime in the 80s that was like a bonsai push and that's why everyone started selling it was always those junipers it was always those little junipers because they can look older and the leaves are so tiny that knows out so people would sell unscrupulous Bonsai sales people would sell these things and then what happen is if they'd all be infested with spider mites and you have them for a couple of years and then we'll be an explosion of red spider mites

High Desert indoor plants as far as you're concerned, the bonds I should wear the freak of the spider mites coming from so it had to show up from his mom wants sent a mighty batch a mighty batch of tomato plants wrapped in newspaper that somehow made the Transcontinental Crossing to Nastassja via UPS and she planted them in her Garden in those in a community garden New York City yeah and those those those like Hale and Hearty outdoorsy type California Mike's just freaking wife. Everybody knows that she's plants find California I can take this and like all the New York City plants

spell yeah yeah yeah so like I was awarded a a kind of like what shied away from bonsais after the traumatic red spider mite explosion that happened in my house when I was a kid I used to Growing Up associate bonsai trees with the beach because growing up in Alabama we would drive down to Panama City Beach Florida and there was on the way back a Bonsai Tree store in Florida and I was like bonsai trees are flirty and right way to piss off a bonsai person is to walk up to the person to be like yo how old is that bonds I feel like it's not about how old a bonsai is it's the shape it's the shape and how it's been trained

that's great how old is it any Tom Dick or beta male can go ahead and eat any definition they so choose a bit of male would never do that and you know it

hey it's an unremarkable careful man who avoids risk and confrontation beta males lack the physical presence Charisma and confidence of the alpha male doing is trying to reinforce what I think are toxic masculine stereotypes Rich reinforcing toxic toxic masculine stereotypes is anti-woman now I think you're taking it too far I'm just taking in less than one logical step

I realize you guys had this kind of deep conversation because I never even said about the thing go go go Garden Palm House and yellow Magnolia Cafe tickets are on sale now go to our Facebook page they're $135 for general admission and 225 for VIP are there what are VIP so I like general admission people from out of town making all different kinds of food we're going to have Dave's going to have a distinct conditions team there we're going to have some other TJ mobility doing cocktails we're going to have fear cider wine

text Barry magic spray last year we love those guys so that crazy major Mazer with a me dude from Enlightenment who thought about me so we're going to do some fast food some stations will have a silent auction last year one of the biggest hits of the event was our wine ring toss we had a bunch of bottles of wine on the floor and you if you you got paid a small amount to like the toss a ring and if you bring up a bottle of wine you got to keep it was like one pictures of a billion yellowtails weather

is that the case of Yellow Tail or I got to stop nausea has like a bookcase constructed out of Yellowtail bottle stack then her friends bring a few friends yes I'll go get tickets to stick around because you want to talk about something else but I got to answer this question before they represent the air Caesar rights and if you're still keeping records I'm 29 male and single trying to make all of my kitchen gadget purchases as intelligently impossible don't have need for a spends all yet. So you got to sell this you got to sell Caesar on spins off that's your next job if you don't buy a shoes though it's been so you must be a beta male know he needs to buy it now before he gets married right no because who says maybe his

whatever sassy are disrespecting

you know how many beta males have called in to complain about you zero

all right I was hoping you can talk about coffee roasting specifically what coffee roaster do you use considerations when moving up to multi kilo units The Roasting cycle flavor development smoking like me and flavor infusing if you're feeling generous I'm just getting into coffee roasting I'm looking for a deep dive into the subject that done some walk roasting with mixed results and just purchased a genie cafe coffee roaster and it seems to be the only one on the market that is intelligent intelligently designed for the size I wouldn't want to move up to in approximately 2 kilogram unit the next five years if I end up loving it love the show Caesar as in Julius all right so my my experience with coffee was never memory coffee is coffee as a subject that has been and I said it's a million times I've been moving so radically over the past 10 12 years that any knowledge that you have of something like coffee is like you could be completely up to date 5 years ago and then if you stop paying

attention you are you are you now know nothing like that's how fast something it doesn't seem like maybe to an outsider like there's that much to know that's how fast and smooth and coffee and so I'm going to say that my roasting knowledge is way out of date and so I can't give you the great news about it is is it there if there are a lot of there are a lot of websites that are completely devoted to this and can give you kind of an emotional time you have to be the way that I approach anything like that so let's say I was going to get back I still roast coffee but less I was going to get back into being a real bad ass like how do you do it right so what you do is you have to pick up the fundamental skill of weeding out that the chaff from the good information on a website I'll give you a non coffee table so like I just responded to a text today and I text an Instagram comment that was sent to you know Cincinnati

your turn straight before you ask me anyway where they said it was a yet another person worried about when they're doing low temperature cooking whether they should see or something before or after the or is he important part here because they're like I always thought you had to do it afterwards the correct answer is it there is no one choice you can see her meet both before and after the economy is false so you have to get kind of good at reading forums and experiments in finding there's typically one or two or three really good people in a scene who also I don't know where the hell they get the time but they have the time to post a lot of information about it and you can kind of weed through that and see what is people just kind of harping on my new things that don't really make a difference in water important but I will share kind of be my old school like where I have been in coffee roasting so I started doing air popcorn popper stuff which was the first imitation of a civet style roast if you're into that kind of like clean air

taste right I then moved onto I think they were called Harvest roast which were TaylorMade air popcorn popper specifically for coffee and they were fine temper their Extremely Loud and two of them broke on me I had two of them break on me in less than 2 years so I kind of got off of that went back to the air popper for a while and then started reading a lot of them from a lot of stuff on drum roasting vs. air popping and I got into the Whirley Pop so then I started doing Whirley Pop roast and I roasted Whirley Pop for number of years and I got tired of twisting the Whirley Pop so I am by the way like everyone like most of your measurements most of all of that measurement stuff is like the most helpful at the beginning like unless you're doing live in this is why I'm hopelessly behind coffee roasting is that now people are following very kind of prescribed roast profiles beginning middle end of roast and how they're ramping

cramping down and forgot you always need good temperature but when you're just starting I think it's kind of very useful to like try to hit certain benchmarks but then also to educate your senses your ears your eyes your nose to what's going on and then go back to the hypercontrol so you can kind of see what you're doing so I control the Whirley Pop by automated a Whirley Pop with a motor and I finally threw away the Whirley Pop and I built my version of a kind of stove top burn sample roaster which works great but it can really only do about a kilo I have no experience. Larger than a kilo except for if I was going to go anyting over what I have now you need very very good extraction unless you're going to do it outside what I have noticed is that I think I forget what units do it but some units now have the the catalytic burner so that because you would never roasted coffee before it makes an unbelievable amount of acrid smoke okay now that a quick smoke can be controlled

by taking a if you have the time and inclination you can stand next to the mouth of the roaster with a blowtorch and just shoot a blowtorch across the mouth of the roaster and that high heat will consume the acrid smoke and you'll get very little smoke coming out as long as you maintain that flame there are people that put a like a catalytic burner on the out on the on the outflow of gases is on their Roasters and burn off all that accurate kind of bluish smoke as it comes out and so that is the real impediment I think two doing larger roast not just the power right because I can clearly do a lot more on my stove or if you build a propane burner or something like that but I'm sure someone in the chat room has more information on this night and encourage them to read time to go what is let me see what I didn't answer in the answer Elliot Road in about the still spirits Turbo Air still said is there a if there's a show today

can Dave talk about this piece of Stihl equipment is cheap I want to make absinthe at home with dried and fresh ingredients thanks okay so what the turbo still is is

it fundamentally is it takes a long time it does distillation instead of using a worm with a water right to chill it off it's just using a fan and forced air which is a relatively inefficient way to cool off can condensing papers which is why this thing to still is at a relatively low rate I'm sure it you can distill something if your distilling nrt distilled product and you just trying to get flavors and Aromas out then I'm sure it's going to work fine if you're trying to do actual distillation which they encourage you to do where you're taking like a like a fermented thing and trying to get a full thing off they don't mention anything about removing heads and tails kind of crazy there instruction they just say well you distill it then you mix it with water then you put into a charcoal filter then you had flavoring now this is not sound to me like a recipe for great spirits now and the structure of every still write because

call I'm still so you're not doing like hyper purification right you're just you're taking stuff off as it as it comes it doesn't have I can't tell I don't think but I can't doesn't have like a lot of plates it's not doing a lot of purification Rite Aid's acting like like the cheapest of all Stills so you're going to have to do like a lot of cuts and you're probably going to have to distill it a couple of times to get kind of Separation that you want if you were to still eat something that has impurities in it if you are not distilling something that has impurities in it then you can act more like I act with the rotary evaporator where we're trying to get total recapture and if you're trying to get total recapture but you're not going to do with Miracles just whatever I'm not going to get it at the point is if you're trying to get total recapture you're not worried about heads and tails and four shots and all that kind of stuff then sure. It'll probably work one note is I don't know what kind of safety mechanisms they have in in it to prevent explosions right so alcohol vapor is one invisible and 2x

so this is why everyone seals up their Stills and make sure that the fire never comes in contact with the alcohol they but now you don't have a fire but it's electrical but like I don't know maybe you do this next to your stove I don't know maybe you smoke I don't know I don't know what you do I do not know your life so just be careful and I didn't see any real safety warnings about explosion hazards in in their instruction manual so just be careful out there cooking issues

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