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Episode 344: Throwback to Robo-sacs

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Pizzeria in Bushwick

what does kind of sound like an ocean and then goes into a garage there were people here for our people staring at us like why are you ruining my salad see that but the house salad eating says that we're going to have anyways we have as usual with this Nastassja Hammer Lopez how you doing but yeah we got the mat in the booth hello questions to Dave the hammer and Matt in the booth I love gay but it is useful to have two different names you know I'm saying that's why he had to go

so just like for those of you that work in restaurants or you know have a restaurant or bar whatever isn't it nice when you can't be there a hundred percent of the time the only person who is in their restaurant 100% of the time was Andre soltner and his wife ran the operation here and the back of house and when they weren't there at the restaurant closed right now I think that they had like one day a week when they weren't open the test which was you know as your idea good idea by having a restaurant you know what I mean and that you know you are entitled to a day off a week

and you know you know that there be some constancy with your crew and I mean it would be more like your house and less like a place of work right anastacio Solaris nastassia always tells me I was your nap cuz people like she's there a lot at the pasta flyer do you want to go pester her I encourage you to do so even though she does not occur because he's there all the time you feel there the day's most the time right yeah yeah so if you go by she's always PS she's always hiding in the back so she does this to me so I feel like I can do this is hiding in the back so you walk up to anyone and anybody who are you sure she's here right away there like about it is as if there's like a small I want to say small like could fit in my normal size pocket of people that Nastasia actually wants to see and what's hilarious is it

when they show up at her restaurant when she's not there ain't nobody tell her the good ones and my employees are the yes she's not here instead of being like she stepped out wait I know she cares about you like Momofuku like as soon as someone showed up in the door like that you know was like a friend of the house or something like it went on full blast like high alert like you don't even know who should have for you that you weren't there

people let's say you're friends with someone involved in the restaurant business right and you show up at their restaurant or bar whatever right you show up at their place of work and you don't let them know their friend of yours like a legit friend not like there's plenty of people where it's like you know like we say hello to each other when will you know the industry party so I have a friend who has a friend who has their number so I'll text him and maybe I can get a good table even though I didn't bother to get reservations right there's that level right and then there's people that are actually your friends and if you don't tell them that you are showing up at your place they will get mad at you you are not troubling them to tell them that you were going to their place you are troubling them if they find out you weren't there and they're nervous that your experience wasn't what they wanted it to be now this may sound contradictory because everybody knows when you show up by way to stop a billion freaking degrees

they were they show up at your restaurant and you want every guest experience to be great right like so and Siri like there's no there's no such thing it if you're doing your job right there's no real such thing as a VIP VIP everybody special know it was we got told that the other table had to make different must because they were VIPs which is a huge No-No that server no longer works here but I was like not because of me I didn't do it but

really who what's that and that's where I'm so sorry Oro I will get you that because we actually have 8 bootloader that crap back in the kitchen their VIPs and I was like or like you know maybe some day you too will be a VIP Roberta's false his promise maybe I thought we were a cat and supposed to be a Cash 3 system up in this piece you know what I mean but it's like Sunny who so it's true that we want everyone to feel special and we want to make every guess what when an actual friend of your shows up you just want to make sure that nothing bad happened because you have to live with that like a person you don't know has a Bad Axe

. you don't ever want that to happen and you stay up awake at night like thinking about it but it's like once they're gone they're out the door and maybe they'll help you maybe they'll say something negative about you but in general you don't have to deal with them ever again most likely so it's not the same as when your friend shows up right size or like a family member so please do them the courtesy of telling them that you were there is a friend of mine shows up Migos I catch up Abby leaving cuz I'm in the office doing I'm doing some work on the computer I show up as he's leaving like well you know I don't expect it I need to be no giving you a tour of my buildings when you know you show up at a building a design on my brother when I show up at your building I want to go in the special like awesome people only elevator I want to get taken right to the top I want a freaking tour I want special treatment so I expect you to text me the next time you show up at the restaurant anyway

what do you think I mean where there anyway that's what people don't realize either chances are probably there so if you're like you don't have like actual work to do in the sense that like like there's a problem if I'm clearing the tables it means someone didn't show up to work there there's a problem if I'm taking your order it means someone hasn't shown up or if God forbid I'm pouring your drinks like unless it's like a special thing right there and if you see me it's either because I'm wandering around Lincoln or I'm like working on research for something or I'm checking the floor to make sure everything's going smoothly but a lot of times I am like behind a curtain doing something intensely boring on a computer right in Saskatoon

so yeah what you know where there anyway just let us know and then if we're not there then if our crew is operating properly they will text us and be like yo Deuce dispersion showed up with Shane o u do they know you because of how many people show up and say they know you but they don't really know you do not call out somebody's name in a restaurant unless they will instantly recognize your name and be happy that they have heard it when I mean restaurant it's a little bit different but at a bar people think that they're doing me a favor by finishing a drink that they don't like or by sitting there with a drink that they don't like or an item they don't like we would rather throw away that money to give you something you like sit at you come back again I don't know we have a new thing on the vodka cranberry so we put it on specifically you know for the kind of vodka cranberry crab the problem is we don't have enough of the vodka cranberry crowd and then last night at like lyrics

20 minutes before closing 20-25 minutes before closing and 8 top showed up and they were let's just put it this way the people we designed this drink for and they ordered in 20 minutes $400 worth of vodka cranberries and we actually drink because we're doing a vodka cranberry who's Dino and then carbonate in the vodka cranberry you see now it's it's actually quite delicious so it's like you put on Instagram that she went to the Goodwill yesterday cuz I'm wearing right now is from Goodwill because when you have to wear all black everyday who can afford I guess I can go to Uniqlo just be like

there is a black in my size I'll take it home but you know I don't have the time to go to Uniqlo in the last time I was going to Uniqlo store I almost had like a seizure from all the bright colors and everything like this I was like okay

I was like forget it I'll just go to the Goodwill and anytime I have something black in my size I'll buy it so I was doing that I was buying like every black t-shirt in my size there and then on the way out bacon costume one-size-fits-most so you know one of our crew Damon Harge logo wearing a bacon outfit and then another one of our crew will Pasternak took a video of Damon after ship sitting behind another one of our bartenders can be eating eating meat in a bacon costume as though nothing was going on if she's not noticing anything she's like firmly and better than taking me out the numbers at the end of the night you have not one but two colors for this week's episode of fashion issues to talk about getting out of ours when they close


that you're a liar how are you where all the are yellow whenever you guys show up on the phone just start talking and I'll stop talking that's how she's going to work

when a bar closes or a restaurant closes

it is a good idea to leave because you might not know this but like the people that are there have a whole nother hour of work to do and it's considered gauche usually unless you're a close friend unless they feel comfortable breaking down the whole Barra restaurant while you're sitting there talking to them like rolling up all the mats washing everything down and getting everything clean if they don't feel comfortable doing that in front of you you are literally making them wait there longer and longer and longer before they can clean up get out have their own after dinner drink or Nosh and go to bed by 7 anyway luno II

now you got this call they only hear what no

it should be on there and every month or so I'll end up with a lot of sample bottles of wine right that I can't consume and they're like a reasonable time today to give to your your turn of unknown quality so you can't just bring them to parties and give them to your friends like maybe a case of open bottles and I just can't find something to give away or something makeup make the vinegar or something maybe

question Who on Earth consumes more vinegar than Wine

if you can't drink the wine let me see the

okay well actually my question was so I used to work in a restaurant that used to make this like red wine sauce that uses like a ton of that like leaders later the red wine the downlight like way way down I was wondering if there's something like that maybe I could do at home or something like that cooking anything with beef in it you know red wine by that by the boatload in there right size and yeah I mean in general like you're cooking off most of the ride by the way I heard there's actually I noticed a she hates babies but there's a pretty cute kid like staring in our window who's so young that they can't even keep their head up know that age where they can't even keep their head in the air falling asleep in like a newborn basically

Reddit head-bobbing about but you know I'm sure there's nothing going through that head but you know but it looks like the baby's thinking I think it's a boy I don't know girl maybe I appreciate the neutral color to imprison colored clothing in a prison colored onesie like you not like how you know that kind of like grayish prison outfit with no Stripes babies wearing that so I can't tell like what sex of Correctional Facility it came from but that's a wine

yeah I mean you can you could do one thing else says I mean have you ever use fluoride wine in cooking it's ratchet the flaws stay so that it's incorrect to say that you can use overtly flawed wine in cooking it's also incorrect to say You must have something that's terrific to cook with that's also false mean

yeah I guess I'm looking for something like that I can like maybe make and then keep for a while so you can make you can make like an awesome like red wine beef sauce and then just reduced the hell out of it and then freeze that sucker down and it's going to last you know forever fundamentally stock reducer I would you take a stock then you sweat your you sweat your veg and whatever else in then add the wine as the first liquid then reduce that down to blast off the alcohol and to get the reduction going then add the base liquid like whatever stock you're going to use get to the flavor you desire add thickener of choice if any you might choose not to thicken it you might choose to leave it as a liquid after using who quality stop course it's going to have a lot

body anyway because of the gelatin so it might be thick enough without any Penny thickener then actually a real baller move if you do that and you and you really know you have a very gelatinous stop and you can set it it sets real hard and then you can freeze it and you can cut it and freeze it and Trunks the old school technique that what's-her-name used to do was Julia Child used to do where she would freeze or somebody used to free stock in ice cube trays the problem with that is is that I don't find that an ice cube size is it useful size of stock to own it's like it's like not a useful thing for me but you know you can freeze it slightly bigger chance I wouldn't freeze a huge chunk because then they take forever to thaw another note is that if you thaw they don't follow nicely they thought I left up so you have to reheat them to kind of RI functionalize the gelatin because the gelatin structure of it will break and it won't kind of Simply warm

to a nice story of thought into it I think again it'll thought into like a gelatin draft and a clear liquid so you can eat it and bring it back together and it should come back together but that should be great and should last where I didn't hear what you said you were from where you from I'm from Little Rock Arkansas hey I have a lot of wine party but I would show up to that someone say yo Dave I have like eight boatloads of wine from the wine store and it's a crap shoot some of that stuff's good and some of that stuff's bad I'd be like okay when you show up to that is what your friends your friends with your friends would bring yellowtail to that and then like you know drink all your good stuff her friends know what the good stuff is and so they would drink the good stuff and bring bad stuff to replace it because that's a level of friend anastacio has

true or false the thing are you recommend freezing in like a ziplock bag so it's like flat and thaws fast hard to get out I'm a huge believer in flat ceiling issue is Ziplocs is if you look at a ziplock if you if you and if you freeze it and they get punctured it's a pain when I saw that if you use enough gelatin is not going to be that much of a pain in the butt and I wouldn't you know they the flat flat freezing is the way to to do everything because I remember both Heating and defrosting like your ability to get heat into the middle of the thing goes as the square of its thickness so something that is twice as thick will take four times the amount of time to thaw

and sawing is actually even more difficult than freezing because I'm not more difficult takes probably take longer to freeze but like if you think about it ice is a better conductor of heat than water is in terms of the time it takes the temperature to get but but on the other hand I use doesn't have his much thermal Mass so can't deliver I don't know I have to do some math teacher just do the experiment what I'm saying is takes a long time to say stop and the sticker it is that every time you double the thickness you multiply the thought I'm by 4

yeah cool yeah that's that's that he answered my question thank you so mean to me Nastassja done with it

a color color your auntie are you are on hey how you doing this is Johnny funny from the London nice

Saigon house London doing these days I mean it's about 18 degrees C nice question

I have you following what I got the chocolate head coach James Hoffman who has done a few videos with chefsteps so you might know a bunch of clear coffee products and I was thinking how viable is it to spindle on coffee and what kind of results you get at Philz Coffee is Ione able to 2% of the beverage would have coffee solids in it with espresso are you getting up so I can let me to send but I was thinking actually that can't be that much to get rid of that would maintain color or anything like that so I was wondering if you had any thoughts okay

you're saying spinning what style of coffee like spinning like an espresso or a or a drip has more dissolved solids in it but then I felt his last offense to you brew filter in a much bigger. I mean King out sick late is MedExpress are you if you're looking at 40 male clear I'm assuming you mean seethe like not without color I'm assuming you mean if you can do trans transparent or translucent that was amazing but yes that you own this is not going to happen so

okay so terminology when you're measuring something with a refractometer let's say like the crowds up Nique and you're doing and you're looking at total dissolved solids the key word there is dissolved right and if the if the solids are dissolved

then you cannot remove them by a centrifugation because they are dissolved it's possible to to stratify them like the concentrate but you're not going to separate them out like an you can do that with like a like a very heavy sugar stick syrup in a very high gravitational field like in a strong centrifuge you can maintain a gradient a concentration gradient but you're not going to spin something out of solution if it's actually dissolved so if you look at it so let's take a side hot brewed Beverages and espresso let's look at Cold Brew cold brew is in fact clear because it contains Lisa cold brew that I make or that even though they like it or the cold brew the other people make most of that or some of it at least if you look at it if you pour it a sin amount in the on the bottom of a beaker you can read new Sprint through it's clear you don't even

depending on how much extraction you have but it is crystal clear the problem with

you know the problem with espresso let's say is that it doesn't just contain dissolved solids it contains a lot of suspended solids and emulsified oils right now it might be possible to spin out a suspended solids suspended solids and emulsified oil but like spinzall I don't think is going to be powerful enough to spin out a colloid right and so I think a lot of the particles in coffee are of colloidal size meaning they out of suspension very easily the oils maybe you could get two separate over time now you also might be able to break the suspension using a might be able to break the suspension using some form of kind of ionic ship that's also going to mess with the with the taste and Alternate technique is to use kind of absorbed of technology and I never tried it but you know

you know that the most extreme version that we would normally use is something like an activated charcoal or some kind of Bentonite but the problem with both activated charcoal and Bentonite vs. defining agents that you know we use which typically like type do I disable you saw is they are extremely high Flavour stripping as well because they're rather against a blunt instruments right so they will strip color they will strip any sort of kind of charge solids and they do have the ability through adhesion to remove Colonial side suspended solids for sure you and I mean they are going to strip also very very much so strip the flavor now if you're starting with something it's extremely high highly flavored like an espresso you might like the end result right I'm just warning you they will be super flavor script at that point so the other alternative is to

is the switch to some sort of cold brew technology now I've been experimenting with very at the problem is it's hard for me to do valet experimenting because I just don't like the product like I like espresso and then after espresso I like a pour-over and then everything else is like you know a distant 95th to those you know what I mean so it's like it's hard for me also remember those guys that were on was the name of their coffee extract they did that freeze dry coffee that stuff was dead clear cuz it didn't have any of the oils in it I bet you could do it. Like maybe a gelatin free stuff on you might hold it might come out clear have you tried it the other problem is that coffee like that the interesting thing about cold brew is is it doesn't appear to to degrade as quickly as as drip and espresso probably because there's not much there to begin with but it's like

I was talking it's got to be like 10 10 years ago to Andrea Ely for some reason he took a meeting with me Etsy thought he was talking to like a normal like a reporter style dude and so I just started peppering him with questions and I don't even remember his accent some sort of Northern Italian thing that stops you can probably find it for me starts you know stuff starts you know Auto hide that you know Auto auto hydrolysis wherever he said Auto you know auto-destruct thing as soon as it's as soon as it comes out so it really can't be preserved and so I guess that's the reason why people like cold brew so much is because it's so freaking stable so but by the other hand like it maybe it's true that that like that the fact that coffee gets so crappy when it's been sitting around for a long time maybe that stuff is also stripped out through like a free stuff so you can try it I've never tried it might be worth trying at the bar and I don't know you never know

what's going to happen you hit me what they said so not really but they had some other person who is running their coffee stuff at the time and she at forget her name is it back when Ali was putting a lot of money into into having like galleries around where they would do you know try to mix art and coffee which I don't really care about I like art I like coffee I don't really need them together but she said that there's a huge difference and letting let's say you're going to do like a shakerato where you're going to a railroad people call it nowadays where you take a shot of espresso and just shake it on ice with or without milk right and everybody knows that's delicious because the espresso has enough body especially if you had nobody without milk if phone is quite a bit you know what I mean to say you got a real nice picture out of it and she was saying there's a drastic difference in flavor and I've never run the test because I'm lazy and stupid and because I don't like the beverage right between letting the espresso cool down to

no near body temperature so like you know I don't know 35-40 whatever it is in Celsius before you shake it versus doing it hot and putting it directly on the ice and my memory serves all of this is like 8 9 10 year old memory I think she said it's better if you let it cool before you shake it but I can't remember is not weird

that is weird cuz all I can think about is very strange I mean the perception of flavor would change definitely cuz I was just cool down the hell of a lot but yeah maybe I mean like could be the chick that it could be just that when she pours it in hot she's getting that in a little bit more of dilutions if she likes it less I don't know how she was a coffee person not like a science person like you know it you know sometimes when someone's not a science person it's hard to judge whether they're telling me something based on some simple mechanical fact like dilution or whether it's a more complicated like the coffee is changing as it cools and somehow that's better for chilled coffee so who the hell knows you know please

yep no worries children take a break map

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tomotley back

can you can you please find on the archives I don't I missed when I heard that Hearst Ranch grass-fed beef was going to be the sponsor this morning and I didn't know until I showed up I was like thank God I get to hear the Hearst Ranch grass-fed beef song

and yet there was no there's no where is it so wait that used to be like we had an advertisement yeah like the song yeah I don't know and then you had like you had them talking about there about 12 which I love to charge Hurst Ranch yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure from the chap room sure we go Dave the hammer Matt and listeners any experience making pay showed style bitters I'm thinking a nice and Wild Cherry Bark but would love to learn what other herbs and flavors to add and if it's worth trying to make this style or if I should just be happy with the existing pay shows creole style

Bar 82 okay Pelham bar I don't know if you're from Pelham Pelham Pelham Bay the Bronx but

or perhaps you were trolling me because anyone that has worked with me knows I hate peychaud's bitters so I have never it is useful for the Sazerac right but in general I detest it so my classic substitution for peychaud's bitters you ready for it cost syrup like cherry flavored Robitussin to me is a dead ringer for peychaud's Bitters and in fact we used to make Robitussin Sazerac so we would call what we call him we call them Robo sack and then we would we would make them and then we actually did a Robitussin flaming Sazerac and called it the Flaming Moe's Iraq and honor of Moe szyslak from as his name right from The Simpsons the bar and the bartender from The Simpsons so yeah I'm glad you asked I've never researched it because I in fact hate it but I would look at whatever they

ingredients they have in cherry flavored cough syrup bar and I will go with that and if you make a Sazerac with a tiny bit of cough syrup you don't have to have patience bitters it is almost a Dead Ringer I would say yeah yeah yeah some questions that people send in because otherwise people right side up this is from Joe could you and Dave I guess they didn't care so she won't elaborate but please provide some insight on the development process for the turkey club in existing conditions with awesome by the way I had a great meal of pasta flyer about two weeks ago really enjoy it will definitely be bad nice your praise means nothing to me so mean thank you that was genuine

Country Club on the menu at existing conditions in the concept behind it was what's wrong with a turkey club and it's the turkey is what's wrong with a turkey club usually it's either it's like some sort of like when you make turkey breast commercial you have to cook it to an extremely high temperature and also in order to keep it moist they injected with Preposterous amount of phosphates and water just to keep it moist its own General that's the bad part of it and if you just cook a turkey traditionally and rip it up it's good but odds are it's going to be on the dry side so the other problem is is that the you know the turkey isn't the shape of the bread and so it's it can be kind of problematic so what we did was we take turkey we glue it into a bread loaf shape using a Transit time they saw him I say we I mean shorty like you know I hadn't put out that we want to make a turkey club we will because it's you know one of the one of the great sandwiches on Earth I'm not going to get into any discussions over what is what is not a sandwich but like almost

top 10 list of sandwiches if you think about it turkey club going to be on that list even nastassia likes a turkey club sandwich so we took the meat turkey meat glued it into a loaf pan so it was the shape of bread low tempted to think we do 66 so it's me or not pink at all and then slice it in two tranches and then slice it into slices and then that's lice fits over the whole piece of bread so every piece has turkey and a turkey is moist and we hope delicious and so that's the best amazing otherwise we didn't mess with it and in fact on the description I hate it when people mess with something that I that I love which sounds weird but unless someone specifically says yo-yo we mess with this Please be aware that it's called a turkey club but really it's soup you what I mean like you don't you hate when people do that like hey turkey club sounds great it comes it's a soup that like we didn't read carefully enough I shouldn't have to read carefully if you say it's a turkey club it's a freaking turkey club now if you say

what is really a jacket to Weebly toreba Leto where the bread becomes a Bread soup Italian style that we have turkey chokes in it and like a crumbled bacon garnish and like no no no no no then just say like we believe Noel a turkey club or some crap like crap like this don't write turkey club

anyway so my point is is that I wanted to write and down and I want to write turkey club and then in the description we wanted to write turkey club sandwich because really it's just a classic turkey and everybody knows what that is you got your three slices of bread you got your mayonnaise your latest your Tomatoes your bacon your turkey your pepper yourself you're done right nothing else is allowed to be in that anyway so that was that was that was a whole development some day will next time. Is coming on what have a will have our commissioner we have a listener pulled we do that Matt

we can do anything to have I say that not knowing how we would do that but yeah I'm interested to hear what other people's top 10 sandwiches are but I don't want to be trolled like a someone says do we have the ability to do you have the ability to permanently ban people who say hot dog

is there any sort of

yeah or like we could publicly shame them or something

that's well within our power we all want to go like real sandwiches people like Cuban like Cuban sandwich turkey club Mexican

we can have you record a public shaming message and I'll just load it up so that it plays 24/7 on there or do you have some people might want that though so they can see she's inviting trolling greetings from the baby I've attached nautical you might find interesting as you know we scientists have used control water bass in the lab for decades last 10 years or sent that technology seen that technology become affordable for the home cook my was there for that the attached article Journal of chemistry education details they use an economical home circular equipment for analytical lab use perhaps a bit of the dog wagging the tail tail wagging the cheers Christian not read that I read the article it was interesting so it is basically this the one of the ACs is American Chemical Society I think journals they they reviewed or innocence they took a home circulator and then ran it through a bunch of tests using nist certified calibration equipment to determine how well calibrated they were away

they could be used in a lab environment and the answer is Ben 10 so I was interested in it I read it as usual they mischaracterized

they mischaracterized the cooking or some day it's not late it's not even that it's that interesting Irish mule cuz I really good for people going to like historical things over like this person came up with this and this came up with this gets I can't get myself to care about it too much yawning mean I care more about like how things work but yet I could go through that article which is a good article and point out how they get the historical Advent of the inexpensive circulator and a sous vide and circulators and cooking in general wrong as everybody does but I won't bother I won't bother when is your thinking I did gather out of it is you know how we tell people to they they do insulated and uninsulated I'm not sure I can't remember where they do covered or uncovered but I've always said and I hate when I see people using circulator bass when they're not covered I hate it you know what I mean like you do it uncovered oh my God I forgot. Please Jesus don't remind me that party oh my God oh my God

you set you set Fahrenheit or Celsius out Jesus

oh my God she's trying to kill me I just even bring that up just Jesus the steak I put my hand in the room temperature damn water with no top in a metal pot used as a doorstop when we were supposed to be serving

oh my God memories terrible memories point being that, and it's Dave operate more and I always figured there was a temperature difference between a top in the bottom of them because it stops evaporating in this lot of evaporative cooling as soon as you cover the bath you eliminate evaporative cooling because you're not getting a lot of evaporation off in the head space above the cover equilibrates rather quickly so if you know it's the same like covering a pot

so I really hate it when the only time I'll allow people to have uncovered bats is a reheat bath so rethermalization baths are typically like five degrees or more below below the cooking temperature so if something is cooked at 60 degrees Celsius the bath is going to be at 55 let's say and so for there a degree up or down doesn't make that much difference in that range and when you're doing something for service you want to be able to go in and out quickly so it's convenient to have no lid and that's the only time that I allow kind of uncovered bass otherwise I hate them all so I hate it when people don't separate the product out and so that they can agglomerate together and then I could properly but that's a whole separate show I can scream and yell about that but the point is is that they measured it and there was I believe I can't remember I think like a 1.6 degree temperature difference between the top and the bottom so that was interesting oh

given a right and he goes I heard you whimper I do the dishes to the person who called in I heard you remember I do when Dave asked who does the dishes incredible good work that's all just given regarding the beta male garbage ideas about gender roles why is a bunch of garbage you like alpha male to do not like anybody know Matt thank you I am a bar under Andrew Nichols head in Amsterdam I was hoping you could maybe help me a better have some tips I've entered a competition for which I want to make Granny Smith vodka I've managed to do so without ending up with apple juice and some vodka by dehydrating rehydrating with vodka not a brighten the color and Clara

I want to do by the way when you dehydrate and rehydrate it's never going to be as bright you can you have to score back the hell out of the Apple before you dehydrated squash it's only since using agar will keep the juice color since only using agar will keep the apple juice color their eyes art based cocktail so it color does matter and I would like to see the color of Granny Smith green or light bride you that I read the chapter on liquid Intelligence on milk wash by find it hard to find a proper milk to Apple ratio without losing the Chris Pratt fresh Apple flavor do you have some advice since Google wasn't able to give me any also more experienced bartenders here in Amsterdam were able to help me any further most didn't even know what milk washing is kindest regards I think it's in a job from beefsteak Club in Amsterdam and PS whenever you're NASA damn please come to the bar so

milk washing I don't think he's going to do what you want here because any sort of wash like that is going to strip color so you're going to get a very stripped-down very scriptown color on it now obviously if you want Granny Smith green you need to keep the skins on and you're going to need to make a juice with the Granny Smith here's what I would recommend that I don't think milk while she was going to get you where you want Frozen when you milk wash by the way the ratio is always about the same as 250 ml of milk to add to a liter of product isn't going to get rid of cloudiness it will strip out tannins and polyphenols and wood and other things and color but no quashing is not going to remove it's not going to clarify stuff I would look in liquid intelligence is there if you have a copy of it in the Apple section I believe it's in the Apple section I believe it's there for a auto who stinos and look up Auto Houston

here's what I would do I would choose Granny Smith apples make sure you leave the skins on make sure you leave the skins on if you want it hyper green you can even just like you know cut out The Corrs so you have a higher skin ratio and get the skin in there get it really green ascorbic acid the hell out of it okay now get yourself some very very strong vodka so stronger than a hundred 50 stronger than a hundred and fifty proof right so you know very high proof vodka and then add that add the juice directly to that vodka so that the end result is about a hundred proof by 50% liquor if you do that

the Hyatt the Hyatt quantity of ethanol in that will destabilize the pectin in the Apple all of the solids will Clump together and drop out of solution and you can rack the Vodka right off the top of it and it'll happen in a day and the color will be pure and awesome and as long as you have enough ascorbic acid in it so that the green doesn't oxidize because Granny Smith takes a good with ascorbic acid like like 2-3 weeks to start oxidizing if you include enough ascorbic acid me you'll be able to get a bright green Granny Smith baking are the only problem you're going to have here is if you have to use a particular company's brand of vodka if you have to use a particular company's brand of vodka hit me back and I'll give you some more ideas because using a technique I just told you you will be as we say en Francais Sol and that has been cooking issues thanks for listening to Heritage

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