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Episode 343: Aquafabah Humbug

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I'm hrm's communications director cat Johnson with a preview of this week's episode of meat and three are weekly food news Roundup we decided it's high time we do an episode about Mary Jane marijuana things are happening that's right this episode is about pot we're exploring the rhetoric surrounding legalization in New York's recent gubernatorial primaries and a cheesemonger turn cannabis consultant shares the tricks of the trade call Dandy floating and we find out how one exemplary South Carolina farmer is trying his hand at a new crop is learning how to plant grows out response and then familiarizing myself and my senses with this plan plus Boardman I taste test the hottest new cocktail and gray

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Tuesday from I don't know like you know you just call it like noonish supposed to be like I want to

Droid as usual with the Stars get a hammer Lopez who's she has a mic malfunction here

remember back when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction yeah and you know who's responsible for that me and TV news and the day before I put up an article that said there's like going to be something crazy happening on the what was it Super Bowl be amazed I can't remember Super Bowl at the end and then that happened the next day and then I took down that article cuz they told me to cuz it looks like we knew about it and then everyone is like oh my God I just want to go and then I had to put it back up it was important things to know that they were dealing with one of the world's great conspiracy theorist astacio lopez-garcia could cause half of the harm she mentally and flakes on people who are the good I'd have magical when do you think good thoughts about people

I think your thoughts Bella was the last good for example the accepted the driver and I will have you know cooking issues michener's

Dave formerly Dave in the booth saw him at existing conditions in deed does not hate us just got a different job hater so that's good I like to think he's just in a different booth now that is true and I hope you enjoy the drinks he had at at the bar so yeah Matt how was so good about itself when was the last time you wish something good for a human that was not yourself it didn't benefit you directly never ever

I didn't get the people Nastasia and the pasta flyer crew including my son Booker Arnold pasta flyer employee did the Michael J fox good and we discussed Michael me every call the d-bag a d bag and get it by hook me up with some roundabout way of calling somebody a d-bag he was affiliated with the event right and as supporter and I Michael supporter of the fund and I like an hour into the party I was like the D battery here is strong huh and he was like I don't understand why you talking about was real do she there by calling him a douche yeah and he was like then you must think that I'm a douchebag you were like no comment yes

you like if the vinegar and water fits I do feel bad about that I feel bad about it when we discussed Mojo Nixon Michael before I think so on are probably not discuss it with you a million times and you brought it up before anyone out there knows the musician Mojo Nixon formerly of Mojo Nixon and skid Roper their sect first or second most famous song was Elvis is everywhere the fiery the song Elvis is still the king Elvis lives inside of you and me lyrics go and the theory of is it at every one of us everything has Elvis in it with the exception of the one evil anti Elvis the anti Elvis has no Elvis in him and Anna

Michael has no Elvis in on all these years later everything like when he was playing with his name on it was a show when he was the

how many times was it back in those days I want to know if at long last Mojo Nixon believes that there is Elvis inside of Michael what do you think do you think there's any of us could be a listening now actively listening to weird alternative music in like 1990 has any idea what the hell I'm talking about right now and I don't think I don't think Mojo Nixon ever made it Beyond like hyper Niche I own several times what about Reverend Horton Heat mat you know that stuff of Reverend Horton Heat but no not really

so any other good food and or drink stories Nastassja do we ever talk about now we didn't really talk about the demos and the majordomo is everything in order to talk about majordomo is really really good that's the outfit out of out of Los Angeles are you ever going to talk about what we did I don't even remember about the party and the lots of stuff but I can't remember what the hell we talked about you know what I mean like we talked about that talk about my lecture at the harbor and I didn't talk about meet Salt and enzymes I did a little bit let's go to your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and I'm interested weather

remember last week Mildred from Watervliet yeah I'm interested what's going on with this like I'm

running a bar now so other than other than I take like one and a half days off so I don't have as much time for cooking anymore and I don't have time even really to cook at the bar although we have some cool new stuff coming our turkey sandwich got written up in the in the magazine the other day see that we have a good turkey sandwich special because I'm actually starting your the people I'm actually starting nastase doesn't believe it October 2nd I'm actually starting I'm actually starting to really read the book

and I'm about to order you know how I work and stassi I'm about to order a bunch of crap so that I can I saw it but I have it I have a bunch of secrets that I wish I could tell you about because all you guys would love it you guys would really love it I have for those you didn't know me for years what if I always want to have at the bar Nastasia I don't know what's the mean I've never been able to really do it always want to do so I figured out I think people I think I have figured out a set to the narrow what's the problem with pinatas in the bar

dangerous why your mic isn't working I don't know you got not one but two cars online



we're waiting for the call to come on by the way to the color is what because because of that and if you're going to have they weren't drunk right it's not a good idea to swing a bat around inside especially because that are bars we are known to have bats around because all of our employee signed about anyway right so that there's a problem you can't let someone swing anything inside the second of all a drunk person swinging something inside so what's the solution

Your solution I own the solution eye on nine-tenths of the parts for a solution by next week this time how much you going to charge for it that's a good question so like it's an amazing first of all I have not to Donnelly my partner is going to hate this freaking idea no of course she doesn't know I have to finish it and demonstrated because he's going to say no out of here if I just tell him I'm going to do that you're going to tell me what candy or with little alcohol bottles you can't have any first of all you can't give alcohol away like that have people running around alcohol suddenly you can't you know you don't want little like objects like little bottles flying around you can't get plastic mini for plastic minis can still break and classic knees hurt when they hit you ever been hit by a plastic mini may I know you hit people with plastic minutes before nastassia well-known fact about 8 years ago through a beer can

what's a bar at someone and hit him you know that point in the back where when like someone's running has zombies running away from you in a video game and you hit them and the oranges fly out like in in Jesus pose in the latest like follower flat like a border with purple down the stuff you did that with a big old tall boy in there again say that a bar about eight years ago and I was like wow you are one crazy person is. I see you are just Looney Boone's great hope you're doing great if I have a chemistry question

there's a prize for most Innovative I'd like to make Krystal chili clear chili a chemical way to remove the color from a bra so it becomes like totally clear like Crystal Pepsi like

so what happened so far pretty good by straining it and then Kelly that

into a gar meat cubes

I don't know about Agra beaches like nothing solid is gain further than the strain was just like delete juice you're saying there's chunky like a Chili correct part of it and making it bleed all of the color out of a meet with a strong basic solution like the way they do for lutefisk and you can fundamentally you make it transparent I think it'll probably taste even after you leave the bleach bad the outside base is a bleach I meant bass I like music like a basic solution like sodium hydroxide I think they use potassium hydroxide though but you can use as a base to wipe out the proteins leash out all of the color you want to look at a procedure called clearing and staining which is fairly similar like I say to the technique used for

curing lead Fisk but the problem is is that tastes like garbage person out there saying lutefisk chili sounds good

problem is that some flavors are just Associated inherently with colors any volatile Volatile shoes right aromaz can be separated from their colors right so because you can distill it so you can feed erratically do a Access Equipment you have it you could be right if we do a distillation and get a lot of the Aromas of a chili and then form those back into a consomme and if you did it all in a sealed system you might be able to kind of seal the flavor a little bit because I promised him to be very fugitive in it you would make a fluid gel like probably I got you make a gel and fluid gel and then you would you know do a distillation recapture into the jail and fluid gel suspended do it you have to add back acidity which doesn't distill you have to add bag of sugar which doesn't distill you have to add back salt which doesn't Bastille

and they're probably very is non-volatile things that are in there I think you're going to have a tough time getting rid of all of the color because you could Frances charcoal filter some of the color but the problem is is that those that will also strip a lot of the bottles right so you use charcoal filtration activated charcoal by the way not all charcoal the same day you can go down like a like a many many many many many hours days weeks long Rabbit Hole in different styles of activated charcoal and how they work and pore size and excetera excetera but any one of those Technologies isn't just going to strip color although by the way it will strip color it will strip Roma's and Bottles as well

you could go for a

what kind of think you're you like a distillation would be a way to go the flavors are always going to be an inherently lighter but they would definitely be there you know like those brown characteristics just aren't going to let me like you can get a very light straw color to rent if you do it if you do a meat stock and you don't Brown the meat before hand right then you're going to get a AAA almost clear kind of consomme and then you can add your you know whatever your cumin your coriander your capsaicin all that stuff can be added with little to no color no human is actually a true humans going to make it go brown but the outlet of the brown this is it important to the flavor of the of the human so you could almost like you can do you can make it Acumen tincture like a very strong human tincture and you can probably strip out a lot of the color from that with charcoal and still get a fairly heavy cumin note

back back slap that into your consomme to get your human without getting a lot of the of the color

onion you can clearly get in without a lot of color garlic you can get in without a lot of color obviously capsaicin you can get in with a lot of color so you're left with the meat I would do a very blond I'm doing very blond

stock and you'll you could probably get a good straw color and if you had enough of it you can probably get a heavy meat taste but still never going to have that brown at brown brown brown taste I wonder I mean

my are those brown colors are again I don't know how much work he willing to go through those brown colors are fairly

water cycle are very water soluble like all those my our products are are that I'm extremely water-soluble I don't know but the thing is I think they I think probably the Aromas and everything is going to leak out at the same rate how about this what if you did a like a nun flourish like a fat was so you did you got like like 83 million pounds of meat and then you did like a thing is I don't know if that stuff tight while she's a lot of water soluble and then the fat wash and get the and get the wrong way back off into like an alcohol dope that back in to a blonde stock to try to get your meat plus your pleasure cook but I just I mean having had fat it's been a crunch roll I can swear I should soap be used to do they would take like things are fragile let's like you know rose petals or whatnot you didn't bed that into fat in very very

surface area Leola large surface area so that the thin layer and then the the aromaz that were kind of lipophilic with trans would transfer over to the fat you throw away the the pedals now you have only those kind of lipophilic flavors in there then you you can wash High proof ethanol over that that Alicia flavors back out of the fat without losing the fat out and you have now you know a perfume with rose or what not but I don't think it's going to work here because we think about it like most of these flavors are that you're looking for here and there are about that bass flavors but a lot of these flavors are kind of water-soluble flavors this is why I like if you take and you you even if you have let's say a sphere or a rillette you know the flat the fat is flavorful that you render back off of that but it's not like you can substitute that for meet you know what I'm saying

we obviously flavor house is know how to do this crap but typically when they're doing this stuff they also go back in like literally caramel color because 99 9 people want Brown you know what I mean I mean I think the best you're going to be able to do unless you have access to distillation or if you have access to distillation rig this problem is is relatively solved but if you don't have access to a distillation ragab who's got a tomato to what we going to do with the tomato paste I have to still tomato

we got some tomato water yeah that's not clear tomato water is tomato what about me but you also if you want tomato water to taste more like tomato paste you have to really boil it down to like me I don't know usually when I'm doing I know how you do your chili like I'm usually like the the like a small amount of stock and paste together you know what I mean take but I like a steak chili but

between a water still so if you're welcome with the color tomato water I would say just try to do a relatively blonde stock you don't have saying and then reduce your like reduce the hell out of your tomato water to boost your mommy cuz you're going to need it and then if you want to try if your cumin is getting too Brown you know did you know anastacio Lopez makes chili without cumin so is it going to enter a chili cook-off is that chili or is that a tomato beef stew

you know I'm not going to put myself after the chili experty her I'm trying to create this Abomination I don't have any like to Sandra listen don't you believe that the human because then you're like you know even lower quality individual anastacio Lopez and by the way that's very difficult to do

so nowhere to go but up but up being boiling Bean water and I know it's chickpeas not being but like this other person wasn't like have you ever used have you ever used to be in water to make cocktails and we say aquafaba because it sounds so much better than being water do you have never use aquafaba I know I don't get mad I remember back like 2 years ago to stop seeing everyone was asking is how we work with aquafaba I mean that yeah and I'm so lazy that you had the time I had the time for some reason I was resistant to the aquafaba I'm still somewhat resistant to the aquafaba what about you and Stasi or something

we we are both how many cans of chickpeas have open my life a billion million a million billion billion stream culture is sort of like overlapped and its interest with you and you've decided like a screw that I don't want anything to do with it this is like the closest people are getting to being as nerdy about food as you are normally and you were just like I'm not interested look here's an inciting to me I can be interested in almost anything for a short. Of time it's one of my actually greatest downfall cuz I'll go into a hole on the internet and stassi seen me do it she's actually Newby shouldn't you be making and by the way should we should not be reading my book when you guys hear about the next Food Pride than working on at the bar and not just a pinata The Next Food Pride and working on oh my God people going to lose their minds true or false is Asia right if I ever get it done

inside out

verse fried know Jesus that that's not safe for work now I'm talking about the reverse sear no no that's not safe I can't talk about that by the way I told I told last week a story on the air here about what the stassi is mom thought happened in should just said someone asked me at the bar at the bar and I will do thank you very much

we bring you are Bob's Red Mill food fact of the week baking soda is primarily used in cooking as a leavening agent but also its basic so what that means is that a reacts with acids and then forms gas for leavening but beyond its technical use just as a leavening agent if you mix baking soda in recipes that contain a lot of acid you'll notice it as they cook this is pancakes especially like buttermilk for biscuits if air contained buttermilk it doesn't have buttermilk if he just has milk if it's only a six eyed the cross is going to be very blond because having a slight basicity to your to your dough whatever you're cooking off is going to cause it to Brown on a lot faster so adding baking soda is 11mm Rite Aid in conjunction with acid but not neutralize me asking these recipes is going to lead to a kind of sallow looking not as pleasant

trust so if you find that your pancakes aren't Browning properly or that you didn't look right you add a little bit of baking soda. He had too much baking soda it takes on that soapy taste it. She hates that he hates the Soapy Taste of baking soda but anyway they use cooking issues 25 for 25% off your order that's cooking issues 25 no spaces $25 number

hey, Riley are hey Dave Baltimore all right

my question is I'm getting married next August and I kind of thought a wedding registry

I have an emergency regulator 26 I like you spending a lot of money on kitchen equipment has given her a new it face to get the exact Master but that didn't fly even three weeks will send it back to you I'll test it and let people know I've never used it back Master but go ahead and ask her how much is a oil pump chamber

yeah it's like $40 more than the Piston whichever now just so she realizes how difficult it is this is not a good way to start your marriage by the star tarot mean I don't appreciate you punishing your fiance for you know her forcing you into a substandard choice of vacuum Technologies are we going to get more resentful of things over time you know what I mean like the stop playback yeah yeah yeah yeah

so like I said I have an immersion circulator right now we do a lot of low temp cooking we have an electric range because we live in an apartment presently and it has no heat output whatsoever so searing is an issue in the old style resistance one with the coil, don't you wish you could take whoever invented that thing out behind the Woodshed just beat them senseless any good things to say at you know why it's nice to clean to you never use it possible to use you know what I mean by that we might my Anova container goes on top of it and then I usually share in the boiler

alright okay so the broiler on the electric electric ovens can be good for baking in the broilers decent

I know it's usable and ventilation in your kitchen. Every time let me ask you a separate question how long do you plan on living in this place I think we're settling out of place and I don't know how power in apartments in Baltimore is in New York old apartment building Powers very sparse so but if you're in a place with electric Princeton Samantha depends how long you going to be there electric stove place is typically have 220 in them

so you can throw and you know if you had that money like let's say you were going to say you were going to take a place that was $400 or $300 cheaper a month right well within 4-5 months you could have bought yourself a really nice induction range and induction is nice especially you know when it's like hot in the summertime having like an induction range is nice does require but you're getting married so it does require having Panzer induction friendly but I even during the summer time A lot of times mean I have arranged that I know I could like Fire To The Moon with my range and you know cuz it puts out so much heat but still in the summer time I'll use my induction from time to time I have like a super high-quality you know what are the polyscience Breville induction things but I also have cheaper ones

and you know I'll use a couple from time to time so I mean I'm a big fan of induction in new bill. But I said go ahead registry sort of $50 Chinese induction burners as well as the the control freak It Is by Breville replacement for you know my electric cooktop there I was wondering I guess if the difference is dramatic between the two there and I was wondering if the like sort of $50 ones were any good or I should look to go at the high end

so I have at the bar we just received one called a Heston I haven't played a lot with it yet I don't know the price point on that one but it seems it's another one of those controllable ones but it talks to the pot and I haven't used a pot that it talks to you I just been using it as a as a hob I use the British term their hob doesn't make any sense to me I have the control freak is is is is great I love it every one who has one that I know of Love's it I've never heard of one crapping out I need to clean mine a little bit this answer it's a little bit off now and I'm running it off of the off of the day you know the push button sensor on the top the I mean the really nice thing about it is you can do so like when I'm expensive one on that control freak I you know when I'm reheating I'm never worried about scorching

like you're like I'll take I can take anything as long as I have enough time I can throw it in there and I can have it reheat at you know at a temperature is going to get it through fast enough and never scored so you're never going to how many times in your life if you had like a layer of burnt like the color before let's say you're doing chili how many times have you had some scorched chili on the bottom a lot you know I told the story many times on the air that in my stepfather's family the worst offense that you could commit it's not murder not adultery it is burning the burning the gravy's they call it was just spaghetti sauce and in in in in Boston parlance so it's like you know if you burn if you if you cheat on your spouse that's like a 10-year problem you know of getting up getting past it if you use you burn the gravy well mean we're still talking about it like 30-40 years later and family you know what I mean and so if you've ever burn anything like that that won't happen on the on the control freak ever which is true

Miracle when you think about it you know what I mean or just for like hot holding stuff and not having to worry about it pressure cooking I use it for you know what's even if you know pretty decent at the higher temperatures on on frying so I love it I've also used the cheap ones and you know they are just as powerful as the control freak because there's a maximum amount of energy you can suck out of the wall some of the cheaper ones the problem with the cheaper induction burners it's not like the control freak is dead silent but if you've never used a lot of an induction burners before induction burners work is is that they create an alternating alternating field that then called you a current flow inside of your of your pan now that there's there's two there's two things that are happening right you can see erratically if you have enough power with an induction unit you can heat up something it's non-magnetic like aluminum you're doing so much, I swear our loss is the actual resistance of the pan

how your heating things induction on stove you're using What's called the hysteresis loss of of putting the current through something that is ferromagnetic which is why typically your only heating things that you don't have steel or something in them that is you know that works well with induction which is why you need induction friendly pan commercial and Industrial e you can melt any any conductive staying including aluminum with a with induction furnaces but it's not the same kind of style so in order to get the right frequency to make the pan heat up actively that you can hear it hunt so it's like you hear this

I hate that sound

yeah I also hurt my throat so when I said is accurate then but

but you know what I'm saying I don't I think that the cheaper ones do more of a of a of a hunt and so they sound worse I don't know whether it's just that that that the electronics are worse than them and so that they you know they they have more kind of overtones that you can hear I hate a squealing induction unit hate it you know what I mean and sometimes the sometimes the

they control freak will squeal but not nearly as much as the I've never used a $30 Ikea one but for $30 I mean if you use it what the hell you know what I mean I have a a relatively recent hundred and $20 one Burton I think that seems to work pretty well I've had bad luck with the Circuit 6 years ago $80 once so you used to be

for catering events like you know what remember we got the lab the statue got some of those cheap catering ones and the cheap catering ones were woefully the circuitry in the was like was like the heat sinks when I'm good and so like halfway through a cook they be like I'm not going to cook anymore and then we'll just shut off and then you're like but I wasn't done cooking and they're like oh yes you are and I just wouldn't come back on again but I've not had that happen with any of the more modern ones because the sad fact is that once one Factory in you know wherever they're made I'm going to say Shanks a lot of that stuff May there was one Factory figures out the electronics if they don't break any more than everybody knows how to do it you know what I mean so there's that I've never had any much experience with the mid-range ones like the to $300 range but I've used $150 ones and they're fine for what they are and I've used the $1,500 ones and they're great for what they are

that's not very helpful

are you are you ready for a blender or do you already own it $400 he sounds like your fiance is fairly forgiving if you already have that the Vitamix a time I registered with that problem it hey honey it's my job I have to do it I don't know how this is

why do you clean the kitchen afterwards

Oru I clean as I go you are my perfect day to mail wow Nastasia has a new theory of the beta male culinary school is just an unforgiving person so rough all right all the follow up with the burner would suggest getting just like a skillet pan and not buying the whole set but should I put a whole set of like

let me put it this way have you ever been like holy crap I need another pot because I'm cooking two sauces at once

if you're cooking for one and you're doing like dump meals or like you know Rachael Ray 30 second you know dinner parties whatever the hell they're called great but you know if you've ever been like I wish I had more burners because 6 isn't enough for what I'm doing then guess what you need at least a vessel for every burner

okay so like you know how many times you've been like I'm going to sweat down the onions in this one stock pot then it because I'm going to make something there I have another one boiling because I'm cooking I'm parboiling veg or I'm you know I'm cooking potatoes off or something else I have another one that I'm doing a sauteed for a third thing and I'm also busting out the apps the same time this stuff is going well do you have enough for that also there is a hey guess what sauce pots come in different sizes sometimes I'm making a small quantity of sauce and putting it into a big one's going to cost too much freaking evaporation and I'm a moron if I don't have both sizes or what I'm doing like I'm doing two containers of Brussel sprouts so am I going to take my big stock pot out to boil water for my two lousy containers of Brussel sprouts not going to crowd it into my tiny saucepan or am I going to suck it up and do my midsize saucepan put a not exactly enough water in for the two things of Brussel sprouts bang it out and be done with it

so I mean like for me if you're going to be a serious individual sure start with wherever you want you need a decent midsize fry pan you need a big ass one for when you're doing something like a like a larger Braves on stove pot and you want to bring lost at the ones have it going or forgot you know God forbid you want to do something like apple pie or some crap right are you going to do a beans and escarole thing in a stockpot know that's dumb you never do it to stop. Can you do it in small frypan no step is not big enough to put the escarole in before it wilts what are you free at all if we can stop pot and then put it back in the know you want like a big enough pan to put it in and then cover it Let It Whip down and sure it's going to melt down right you need at least two saucepans right you need a decent tall heavy bottom stock pot that can Brown things right and then you need a cheap o stock podcast for boiling water but bare minimum

you know the name of your kitchen gadget that you would put on their dishwasher that comes with the apartment dishwasher

I mean what do I use all the time

I just I guess you're asking for something I use that is not standard should I use my food processor all the time I'm just looking at my kitchen I use my blender all the reason I rather like $120 food processor I've loaned out my next Ematic to the museum and my wet grinder I like them not Essentials right right I have to I've two varieties of scales for weighing two different sizes of thing a decent set of airtight vessels for holding things like flour and rice got to go are types of the bugs don't get into him a a bunch of pick three to four sizes of stacking stacking stacking stainless steel bowls and do not stack the same size different size

on top of each other ever a whole I use more quart container I have quart containers in Pint containers in huge Stacks that use them constantly as though I was in a regular kitchen at home commercial size of plastic like Ambrose and a Chinese restaurant Commercial size of plastic wrap

and then yeah an iced mocha latte and espresso maker I love it I showed my fiance the price of the machine even though she loves it she was not about that are you handy

used to be you could buy an old commercial machine at auction or on eBay and let me tell you something about espresso machines is there I just fix my espresso machine

stassi hates me. But like I had one I bought for it's a like a $7,000 machine I bought it for two or three hundred dollars on eBay it was broke I disassembled it reassembled it it just broke after 15 years of daily use it broke couple weeks ago and you know again I took it apart and the heating element has finally gone bad on me so I replace the heating element for $135 so hopefully I'm going to be good for another you know 15 years on it new espresso machines like I love him like I had to grab one of those partially broken now I need to get it fixed new new machines are like new cars when you open them up there there been designed on a computer everything is routed very tightly it's hard to get to everything there real pain in the butt to work on the old school espresso machines are a lot like old cars right the panels bolt on in a way they could be unbolted and rebuilt it back on you can see all the parts so I can remember

once I was given a 1967 Plymouth Valiant and remember opening the hood of it and being like Oh my God are in gas in you know exhaust out and power I was like I can understand everything on this car and that's pretty much the way old school commercial espresso machines work you can fix anything on them now if a couple of things are broken you know the cost can go up so if you know your heating element broken you're out you know a hundred bucks or so and if your solenoid start breaking on you but you can pretty much fix them and you can get a lot of the parts so if you like tinkering and you don't mind dealing with someone who hasn't taken care of it and you have to like completely disassembled descale and boil all your parts you can totally fix an old commercial espresso machine and I'm the one groups are are 120 typically there 20 20 amp dedicated 120s so they can fit into normal kitchen you do need to plumb it

which is another thing you need to kind of be careful about so typically you keep them close to the sink because they need to be plumbed and you're going to keep your pump underneath the sink right by your water filter and then you have to drill a hole in your counter or out in some way behind it so that you have no quarter inch pressure hose coming up to the machine but not that big a deal

but maybe I get long term without a two months two months they're too much thank you. Good luck with that the marriage. You're so mean for no reason so many we help somebody with his wedding registry all right so I still haven't gotten to Austin's so I'm going to Austin's questions on the Pro Diver will do that next week I'm cooking issues

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