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Episode 342: Two Switches and a Knob

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Meat and three is Heritage Radio Networks weekly food news Roundup this week on Meat and three we're bringing you highlights from Feast Portland like our chat with the one and only Andrew Zimmern need to be here because for people who do what I do for a living we do tons of you know death side chats and podcasts and interviews and stuff like that and you Circle the handsome one's in a year where you get to talk with people that you're really excited about talking with so this is this is awesome including the current state of Portland's food scene personal identity and believe it or not the influence of great chefs grandmother's but I grew up in her garden and just really she taught me all good things come from scratch and women can be anyone they want to be so tan and for this week's extra special episode 6

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Brooklyn joined as usual with Nastasia the hammer Lopez but sad news for some cooking you shoes that are out there Dave in the booth is no longer in the booth has left Heritage Radio Network today we have Matt in the booth I just drop the microphone the minute you said my name dropped it in like a bruise like I was going to do you not cuz we just met him before

people get a little bit more of an insight into nastassia Lopez so the idea is you have these little Mike's that you carry around with you microphones and it's just like the phone you had and the base it's just got like a one-time-use button cell battery in it like the ones that greeting cards have right at tiny accelerometer use carry this in your inside jacket pocket and then when it come when you have a mic drop moment you pull it out and you'd be like as you pull it out you like engage it and then you just drop it when you drop it

just walk away from it what you think I'm never to return like you leave it there you done

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahs have it in your hand you have in your pocket all the time pull it out

New York City would just be littered with microphones drop the mic go to the bathroom and walk out leave them with the check crap on you got a mic drop moment you want to me every time I quit a job my job do you have now I mean like you know what it what am I going to look like a quick way to myself you know I mean it was always like I can't actually I can't say it on there it's not a related to the singer Mike Patterson right not to my knowledge.

question what are your food likes dislikes like what do you do cook What's your deal I need to know what your deal is for going to be working here by the way he has not agreed to work here they're having a discussion to Heritage Radio Network about who is going to handle us cuz apparently we are contractual discussions about this show nobody want to since you're forced to do this for at least a couple of weeks so what are your food likes and dislikes I do like cooking quite a bit however I will tell you that the only cooking have done recently as I just I washed some gooseberries yesterday and I just ate them right now that's about the closer come does that count as cooking watching something know yeah yep so other than that it's been a lot of Dollar Pizza and bagels where do you live I live in Sunset Park by have to that's horrible

happy to hear it just let me just get a discount here is what justifies the fact that I have to go through Manhattan to get from Brooklyn to Brooklyn from home to work see you use the West 4th Street. I was there the other day you know it and they tell you something people for those do they have never been to New York City everything here is expensive except for the dollar slice now it sounds like they're all the same but it's not the case there different quality levels of dollar slice no one has done like that no one has done the the Citywide tasting a dollar slices as far as I know now there's there's dollar slice which is traditional size slice and then there is ever had like huge slice like Uptown way uptown there's koronet pizza and their thing was huge slice right not a dollar but huge but the dollar slice I have to say for a $1 food item is not bad what do you think Matt I think it's great I think people sometimes unjustly lump it in with actual Pizza that cost more than $2 and that's not fair but otherwise

yeah. I'm I'm I'm very Pro dollar slice

can you use batteries and I'll tell you something else panhandling is effective on me is when I'm Walkin the daughter slices less than a block from the bar from existing conditions that particular dollar slice which I happen to think of the high-quality dollar slice so outside that so they can obtain a dollar slice well hell I buy a lot of sense I'll buy him a dollar slice we are brothers not going to give you a dollar but I'll buy you a dollar slice what about you the Cheapskate and then I said what and he said thank you. She's kind of person would take a bite out of the dollar slice before she got somebody but the thing is like I actually I shouldn't say this I sometimes we do second family like shift meal at the end of the night sometimes if it's been like a rough night people working real hard and sometimes I get him $2 so I said cuz you know

cheap as hell and people they know they appreciate the dollar slice at the end at the end of the workday especially cuz I know put a whole boat ton of crushed red pepper flakes by the way Miss Darcy and I not only do we put huge amounts of crushed red pepper flakes onto our pizza but if you don't we will judge you place the jack trimmer head bartender and I went to this little about a month ago he went to that I said to the guy yo how many slices of pizza do you sell a day and he said it was either five or six or six and seven hundred but somewhere in that range somewhere between five and seven hundred write a day so they're only pulling in cuz I hardly ever see anyone up cell only some some idiot will come and be like can I have pineapple on my pizza is like you're the wrong store my friend dude $2 he had you two slices that's the way this works anyway so

the point is is that you know they're not selling a lot of ancillary crap I hardly ever see people dipping into that drink case it is just a like a like a line of slices like going out that door and so to have two to three human beings working in a place where you're renting something and by the way providing an actual food item for people to eat totally have a revenue in the range of $600 a day and still like pay all those people don't understand how they do it to me for $216,000 a year you have to buy pizza items you have to pay for the electricity to run the pizza ovens cuz I don't think they're gas maybe they are and then you have to pay the people who were working there so then would like to wait so I'll say it's six or seven hundred right so Jack was like how many slices you so dig between six and seven hundred and then Jack was okay what's the most you've ever sold in one day he goes between 6 and 700

on his face like he always just stares about like three hundred yards away even though the walls only 3 ft from him just to hear 300 yards away provide pizza for people it's an interesting cross-section there too because you have people who actually like need dollar slice but then you have like a wide spectrum of other people like I have a song I want to write there never will called party dress dollar slice because you'll see me like you know people in their party dresses like pounding dollar slices in between whatever kind of you know party events are going to and you have like you know you know weasel school kids it's kind of cool you know I got to call her and tell her you're on the air

hey what's up babe hey ho hey you're you're breaking up a little bit

leaving now but we can hear you what's up

I have no problem right now might be making I try to make lemon my phone and they turn out and I was wondering because most of these recipes that you find online for the feeling for the macaroon they tell you to use lemon curd like they took blood meter for your right what I wanted to make something like that you'll nay like a big delay that was wondering if it was possible to make something but like lemon juice and then maybe at Halloween and bang adding ultratech or something that could taking it out without making it too cloudy what are you talking about breaking up if you're making macarons and you want to do a lemon filling but you don't want to use traditional lemon curd you want to make something

with lemon juice and then stick it up and you were saying maybe I could use ultra Texas on like this I would not use ultratex typically when we when we're doing stuff like this I mean you can use some ultratax but that's going to be kind of yeah I guess you could mean

I would probably make a fluid gel out of it so I would probably make a lemon a lemon fluid gel with either a gar or gel and cuz you can make that really sick and a pipes pretty well right so thicker than you would for something that's going to be a sauce I like a really pipeable kind of fluid jail because those tend to have a really nice mouth feel when they eat and they said really well but if you if you if it doesn't mean to wait a long time but does he have said a long time my favorite thing for mouth filled with with high acid stuff it's a little kind of out of the ordinary is if you do a fairly stiff lemon fluid gel with agar and then add that to cream and then put that through a whipper it's not a traditional like like super shelf-stable Mac macaron filling because we're cream isn't that stable but if forms like an acid moose and acid cream mousse which doesn't break for like at least an hour and that stuff is sick because it's got lemon and the cream soda

really cool mouth feel but in general if you just want more of the standard kind of jelly flavor and you because you're using something clarified like

add you going to clarify the lemon juice you wanted to have more of like a you know that kind of like a jelly-like feel I would do like a fluid gel teether agar gel in probably jumbo lemonade a mixture and then add some treatment fertilize I know you can do it like pretty high ratio actually I forgot cuz I haven't done in a while but you know I added more I see I had a more lemon to it then you take it what it does is that the the lemon fluid gel or you can do Cassis fluid gel or whatever like whatever like the fruit fluid gel you add to the cream just makes the cream texture unbelievably dense so it's just like this like super dense foam and it at least one I've done in the past takes a long time to break up at school

I like it

perfect and do you recommend when making this lost another question spend you when making the

a macaroon make sure it's off do you recommend 15 the flower and the powdered sugar hesitate to even give any advice on macaron making at all because it's like people have devoted like many many thousands of words many hours how many batches of this on the internet I would go to someone like bravetart and see what they say but in general for things that are light and Airy and aren't going to be beating the hell out of when you're when you're making them I almost always sick this stuff together just to get rid of lumps

perfect alright man alright let us know whether it works out so we've been gone for a while. See how long we've been gone about a labor it's because I want to say nice thing to you know it's not nice and I are in LA and we're doing Outreach to you know the other coast the coast we don't live on right and Nastassja has a steel with Tesla ever since ever since we ever since we've ever since we don't know she has some sort of I don't know how that the hell she knows because of people but she loves Tesla she's on the list to get one of the cars when it when you know they finally finished making them all like she has been a Tesla supporter since way back in the way back but used as a splitter so somehow Chickasaw

I don't know if you know this people huge risk taker rented from Tesla they were going to give her like the $40,000 Tesla $250,000 Tesla rental sure which means she smashed that car she's at a hundred fifty thousand dollars so anyway the reason she wanted this particular vehicle matter you a car person and I'll go she gets the one with ludicrous mode meaning like all the wheels are driven like a mother like hardcore 0 to 60 miles an hour in get this 2.5 seconds I did the math on that that is faster acceleration in free fall I eat it's going faster on the ground and if you dropped it off of a building now that is awesome except for

when she does it on a side street in La you're like

her mom burst into tears when she did Ludacris motorless that's in the shotgun seat or who used to call the death seat when I was a kid his punches ludicrous mode burst into tears the wrestlers in the wheels weren't aligned and I did and I had up swing it back at the end of the day did she need the insurance now she like also wake Nastasia and I don't have any of you ever Park in New York City but a lot of our parking lots here like it's not like in LA where valet means actually going to actually come get your car and take it and park it and like pretended they care about you as a human being like

here it's like you're not waiting for the valet you're waiting for the attendant and the attendant does not give a crap there's a long line of people waiting for the attendance online like a 45-minute line like just to park your car and you people are all getting Super Pretzel Superbad you know what I mean and we miss assing I've gone we've gone to be gone to talk to the soda people back when we thought we were going to be soda entrepreneur has which we are not alike by the way that's so the guy was a freaking lunatic more on that later if we ever have anyone wants to know about settling to take so we can talk about soda lunatics and we can talk about we will not talk about but if you find me at the bar we can talk about anastasi is families feeling about how

soda bottling plants work and and the you would never guess and the Stasi and I are going to make for her mom a special towel we can describe later on you know when buying on Etsy it talk about how the Lopez family thinks soda is bottled indirect and

I'll give you a hint it requires callusing 35-minute line and the Stasi just pulls around line into they get out of Zone she's coming into the oncoming traffic area cuz ain't no one leaving cuz of cars away in the park right and people are Hunkin Hunkin Hunkin Hunkin and a guy gets out of his car with no that's like eyebrow Straight Like That eyebrows like diving into his the bridge of his nose he's so angry like in your snot and spit find out his face is like this. She just looks at it goes. My car don't care and then walked away

I got a job satisfaction was through the roof at Minute

anyway back to hell with barbecue and Dave was right he was like I don't think this is a good idea because it's not going to be done correctly the cooking is not going to be done was just me and our PR person Rebecca and we had a bunch of stuff that we were going to make and that is the barbecue going to start at 6 p.m. Dave so I got in at 5:20 so we got there right at 6 and when you entered oh my God a lot of important people there was an awesome house under the Hollywood sign says house is crazy cuz it's like a lot of giant bedrooms with a lot of mirrors and a lot of Windows very little privacy right so it's like it's designed such there's no way you can take a shower without everyone seeing your taking a shower so much so that nastase was like you have to go downstairs and lie face down while I take a shower just to ensure that you don't accidentally go outside and you know

and you know you know your Mama Cass I guess they say introduced nashta Crosby there in the association live there and they're recording cherish and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yeah anyway they walked into this party and it's supposed to be with showcasing the spins all and that in the series of people that nastassia Lopez is a business partner in Booker and Dax LLC it has theoretically been using centrifuges and see results for years was just start with that right we're going to finish them off right

I went to see results and so I walk into stassi is a how do you want me to cook steaks like really don't know how to cook a steak at this point your license to 55 you will do 55 put them in a bag no salt because it can be cooked more than 4 hours one that later if we talked about I want you to do it you know an hour and a half to two hours at and she lied you said they were 2in thick there like an inch thick which is a different number anastacio two-in-one or different say cook it like 55 the thought of 2 inch steak for like 2 hours drop the temperature to 52 let it ride and drop for maximum 4 hours on the drop and minimum 1 hour Maxima 4 hours on the drop will finish mop be perfect I walk in

the beard and a dress that's true that is also true but you know it's not germane to the discussion hand this steaks are in a metal pot which for those you know I don't Advocate using a metal pipe because garbage way to do it uncovered right so things uncovered so it can't retain the heat it's being used as a doorstop

on the floor but the good news about not covering it and not retain the heat is that they had failed to turn the circulator on

for 4 hours yeah yeah yeah yeah you know that the circulator doesn't have a freaking cooling function

it's 88 degrees in his house which is still not enough to cook the damn steak

sell rookie I stick my hand in and decide she's like well we're still going to serve me

okay incubation Queen you been incubating bacteria in this mother for 4 hours while didn't follow my instructions to drop the temperature regardless of what's going on

screwed it up

show like and you know and also like the stuff hadn't been like clarified right because she told so Austin henna leaves at majordomo who knows how to use a centrifuge cuz we've been using a lot he was like should I use D1 and D2 with your wine fining agents in the centrifuge and stassi was like I don't bother why add steps so then the idea was as we're serving champagne while champagne champagne in the general sense of champagne it was, right Yeah Yeahs cocktails cuz it's easy and fun so we were doing California peaches which by the way was delicious and strawberries delicious we were making clarified me of stuff and then adding to clarify stuff to think so I was like so I was like I'm bringing a regulator I mean all the stuff I like and Donnelly my partner has his awesome regulator where it's like you just bring this tiny regulator tiny and you screwed onto a SodaStream you can carbonated on SodaStream


none of the product is cold so I can't carbonate anyway even if I theoretically had a SodaStream and worse than that because I showed up as the party was started they try call the cops

where to put the stuff into a tan and

only bought four bottles of, no there is a show Austin hennelly by the way former btx guy now it came up with what might be the greatest drink innovation in the world so I want to give credit to a later today I want to give credit to him now so we shall we say some extra strawberry after the cover ran out and Sasha I'm so what I typically do with strawberry is you clarify strawberry strawberry fresh strawberries or anywhere between the area of 8th and like 9 and 1/2 Brick 29 half percent sugar so very wide range of my God I know also she's like she's like can't you use powdered sugar I don't like Nastasia powdered sugar have cornstarch in it and you want me to stir it into a bank clarified thing and then put that into freaking, why don't you just take the cover shake it and spray it Locker room-style all over the damn deck Gees anyways so you take your strawberry

disc and brake test it or not and someday I'll give you guys the formula but it's super boring so I won't do it on how it like hot given what the bricks of something is how to figure out how much sugar to add to take the breaks up and take it to about 20 Bricks rights now you have a it's not simple syrup is still very much strawberry you got a little bit of sugar take it to 20 Bricks do the same thing with the peaches take about 20 Bricks add some salt to that and then here's the so we're supposed to pour that in the Kaaba but what Austin does is he he pops the current the Coronas were blessed week old so you pour a couple of ounces out of the top of the Corona and you top it with the strawberry until the whole thing turns red and he didn't do this but I wanted to just shove the lime and so I've been doing it at the bar with many a high life ponies the movie high life ponies have been making like strawberry high life because you know if it's meant if it's meant to be a champagne cocktail you should use the champagne of beers champagne of beers and I have to say you know it is a low-quality individual kind of a stitch but it is

straight up good I would drink a million things I swear to God in the one thing I asked Dave was not to yell at me in front of my parents and you did the one thing I asked what the one thing you ask Matt and you you heard the scenario I was involved in here yeah I heard it I heard so like which is exactly what I like that you right you know you should belong and every Silicon Valley meeting you need to move out there because that's how you know they think out there but but the point being that how am I supposed to I didn't specifically yell or say anything mean I was just like I was shocked and appalled you know how is a Pog in the end it was a great party how am I supposed to show look one of the

my favorite things about my wife is that when she is shocked and appalled you know it you know what I mean and it's the same thing with me like a like if I if I have to do something so if random person comes up to me and says something shocking appalling I generally just put a blank confused look on my face right that's in general that I have blank confused you know what I mean but I'm working with I can't hide that you don't even mean it was a great party we're going to do it again we are going to do it again so if you should hear somebody who owns a house near the Hollywood Sign who lets say randomly ends up dead

and all of a sudden you hear on this radio program that nastasi is moving to La you know what happened

I can't believe that it's the only problem with it is it's hard to know about the house you really like and the fact that the view is the same from oh well so like you know I'm not an L A guy but I was watching that show Bosch that that has I'm detective show Bosch and that guy's house

like the view from that house you see the Palouse something about the pollution in La makes the lights in La if you're up in the hills looking at La it's like super pretty you know what I mean it's like a paint it's always scintillating I love it like if I can have that view I might live there special because it would mean you know like the thing I love most about New York and hate most about New York is that you're constantly interacting with people and I feel that you never need to interact with anybody ever

should we answer some some questions or Watervliet Watervliet water everyone knows I can't read things and pronounced as one of my print out you know mr. pronounce anywhere

she writes in about an interesting sauce I've never heard of my household has been using the highly underrated BBQ sauce from upstate New York named Cornell sauce recipe below for over a decade now it's also what I grew up on as chicken barbecue and it's not that overly Sweet Tomato based stuff people know I'm not a huge fan of barbecue sauce is in general at the Basin thing but I am actually kind of pro the style of this which will read about it in a second. Now that I've tried it but theoretically like it did it's what I grew up with for chicken barbecue mainly functions cater by Brooks BBQ out of Oneonta instead of just using it as a basting sauce we've also been using it as a marinade which I always like to butcher as a matter now by the way if we do get time to talk about Harvard one of the things I talked about a Harvard was

the federal government's idiocy with liquid nitrogen which I talked about as nauseam here there's there's been more since I talked about if I don't have time to go down that rabbit-hole again but the other thing I talked about was I salting meat in in in process of working on my book re-evaluating salting meat beforehand and also re-eval you marinate marination but again probably causes a marinade in part because one batch makes enough to cook fat four to five whole chickens how many times do you sing The Blues Brothers nastassia what are you mad at me X using the booth Brothers he would have four whole Fried Chicken's I think was John Belushi orders success using it on boneless and skinless cuts of chicken and pork although you know you should not do that

boneless skinless chicken for your thoughts on boneless skinless boneless skinless Ziploc with the chicken and 140 Fahrenheit which is 60 Celsius Nastassja for those of you that can tell the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius

are we love the results but since there's a lot of extra tasty sauce in a bag with a shame not to do something with it we've been trying to reduce it as a pan sauce or some sort but there's been a couple of problems I hope you have some ideas on how to dress them it takes forever to reduce even in a wide shallow pan this means that the meat can cool off too much while I'm trying to reduce a liquid is a classic problem with pan sausage and bags not for this sauce but in general what I recommend doing if there is excess sauce in the bag and you know you're not going to use it right away is the temperature your using but foremost temperatures at using in the bag if you're doing a zippy pull the bag dump the sauce out do a quick refill on the bag drop it back into the bath and let it sit in the bathroom couple of minutes while you flush with the sauce almost all of the benefit of the sauce and all the marrying of the flavor between the meat and the sauce is already happened by that time

and you can keep it at Circ temperature while you're fussing with the sauce is it easy to do it's not even that messy it's totally fine so that's one thing I would do right there so that hopefully I saw a problem number one to the sauce Tazewell mixed in the bag while in the circulator but starts to split the moment I poured into a pan I can deal with a good deal of I can do a good deal with this work and bring it back with the moment I take it off the heater starts to split again and since there's so much oil in there I haven't give you guys a recipes yet I find myself trying to pour off a layer boil before I bring the bowl of sauce to the table and wanted at the table you know it breaks again is there any way to stabilize it thanks I'll try to call him but I'll give you the recipe Builder from Watervliet okay here's the recipe for Cornell chicken recipe 1 cup cooking oil smell like for some reason Cornell this is actually done by Cornell and it published all over the recipe but they don't give it in standard recipe format I appreciate standard recipe format of giving you the ingredients

in the order in which they are used because it means that when you're reading the shorthand of the recipe you have a some conception of how the sucker put together just by how they list ingredients do you like it when people do that instead of saying yes to this is not in in order one cup cooking oil 1 pint cider vinegar talk about an old recipe calling for a pint of anything right. How much is a pint me to freaking cups in 16 oz jerks 3 tbsp salt and then they put a little ass kicked because everyone has to be super health-conscious not alike if you can't have this all don't you this I'll put the salt in please one table spoon poultry seasoning some people on the web's don't know what poultry seasoning is in poultry seasoning is like God's gift to the 1970s it is the smell of Thanksgiving stuffing for me love that stuff it's a mixture of dried powdered herbs and tastes and smells like like old-school like American 70s stuff

poultry seasoning 1/2 teaspoon pepper and here is the key ingredient one egg one whole egg so I give you an idea what they're basically doing here is making a mayonnaise you're making mayonnaise but you're making a whole egg mayonnaise so they recipe states that you put the egg and you beat the hell out of the egg add the oil right and then yeah you add the actual say have a boil and then they mix the seasoning and all that all the water-based stuff with the with the cider vinegar and added at the end so a whole egg mayonnaise you don't need to add the liquid at the beginning because you have the egg yolk which is an emulsifier and then you have the egg white in the egg white contains enough liquid to form the initial emotion and also I think and I read this on the line although I've never made really whole egg mayonnaise before but the whole egg the whole egg the thickness of the white I think also AIDS in forming the emotion a man

this is a an oil-in-water Emulsion meaning the continuous phase that you know is if you put a fish into a tiny tiny tiny microscopic fish into mayonnaise it would be swimming through water around oil droplets right until the oil droplets are connected to each other the water is with call The Continuous phase not being formed by the egg white in the proteins and sticking in there probably help to what they called sterically inhibit or going to stabilize the emotion as it's being made to make the emotion formation a lot easier than if you just use egg yolk alone which is a standard man is this is my guess then afterwards so you have probably have a fairly thick man is there because it's one egg in a cup of cooking oil you then add a pint it might being two cups which is quite a lot of cider vinegar which in me or my guess is going to thin it out considerably right and make it tart now they acidity

the vinegar is what's going to cause it to be food-safe even if it's not really cooked right cuz the acidity is going to prevent any kind of salmonella problems you going to get from the eggs out of adiana's okay so that's how this this recipe works now the problem when you're cooking it in there a couple problems from cooking in the bag now when you're basing this on by the way listeners to the show will know that I am an old-time believer in in base-ten grilled stuffed with mayonnaise everyone knows that when I was a small child I learn to to bass fish in Cape Cod especially specifically blue fish with mayonnaise before I grill did and I'm a huge fan of a basic stuff with mayonnaise for number of reasons can help form a nice crust I also like mayonnaise and then then go over the man is but it can help from a nice crust the oil it gets a good way for oil to stick to your stuff and taste good I like I'm a big fan of mayonnaise in grilling application this is fundamentally mayonnaise and you brush it on thin and need to go thicker and thicker as you cook so I'm cool with it

put in the bag a couple of problems happen is one is the chicken is leaking out liquid so you're further diluting so when you're cooking normal chicken barbecue and you're basing it on your actually flashing off some of that moisture from the vinegar as you're cooking your reducing liquid hear you're adding liquid because the liquid coming out of the chicken and going into it into the sauce so one thing you could do right from the get-go is reduce the amount of vinegar that's in the sauce by a good chunk and doing that will help you just by having a lower total liquid level in the sauce to increase acidity you could use a higher acidity vinegar so classic American what do they use these cider vinegar something to do with a cider vinegar you could use like partially cider vinegar and partially the super strong Swedish stuff and still get a relatively that cider vinegar is what like 5% acidity somewhere that you can get in that kind of rain you can still do it by reducing the liquid level

part of it writes that stopped and need to reduce it so much because you wanted out of that much liquid at the get-go the other thing I would really recommend doing I think one part of your problem here with the break might have to do with the fact that you're using whole egg so what might be happening is it as you cook in the bag at 6

14260 I don't know what's going to happen to the egg white protein is in that in that regiment typically 60 shouldn't be enough to set the egg white maybe in the pan it is in your heating it in the pan my guess was as if there's something about the protein in the egg white that is you know kind of almost par gelling a little bit and then causing syneresis break and by doing that causing the emotion to break my guess is it something in the egg white so I would try doing a more direct mayonnaise IE one that doesn't contain egg white or you could try stabilizing this changes the flavor but you can try stabilizing this with a little bit of mustard you could also try freezing the egg yolks that'll make a thicker and more stable emotions salting the egg yolk little bit before freezing it but I really think it has something to do with the egg whites so I would reduce the quantity of overall liquids

doesn't send out as much and then I would try without egg white to see if that works and if you like the flavor of mustard out at a little bit of mustard because once a motion is form that should help it stay what do you think so great to take a break

Matt doesn't care

it's time for Bob's Red Mill moment where we put the stassi is cooking improvisational skills to the test this week secret ingredient is protein pancake mix to make pancakes for one for one do you ever cook for any other people in the morning I have actually used Bob's Red Mill protein pancake mix and he really make one suggestion to you if you're using Nest follow their instructions so I looked at their instructions and it looks like the pancake batter was too thin compared to my standard pancake batter but because of the mix it needs to look thinner that it would look for a standard pancake mix so like I know if you got there or anything like me and you like to improvise with things give the recipe as written on the package a shot before you go before you go change in right don't go change in right because like what I do when I was like I want to

going to suck her up because it looks too thin to me it got real tall and Cakey so try the recipe first because your what your eyeballs and your hands tell you is what they tell you for normal AP flour pancake mix if you're used to make anything and is it a different makes it Cooks up differently so try the recipe first before you go your own merry way thanks to Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues visit Bob's Red Mill. Com to shop there huge range of products use the code cookies use 25 or 25% off your order

and we're back is actually going to get the pizza right now that we normally have to work because you're so nice that it on the on the chat room there's people were saying talking blenders and should I get the question was what should I get a Blendtec or an omniblend or should I just get the Vitamix yeah I don't have any experience with omniblend I like that name because it sounds like it can like it's kind of omniscient can blame everything on me that is like all-knowing and also Omni blending which theoretically I like it but I can't speak to it because I've never used it I have used to blend text and Blendtec and although I enjoy their web series call will it blend I would highly recommend you get the Vitamix

the Blendtec as a couple of things when check is the only company that seems to believe that a plain bearing in the bottom of their blender pictures away to go there also the only people who believe that a blunt blade is the way to go also I'm a might have redesigned it in the past couple of years but the one that I used to use the picture leaked unbelievably now everybody that uses a Vitamix knows that like the one kind of problem with a Vitamix is that you still need to use that plunger to use that of that plunger but look I would just go with the Vitamix mean like it's just more

it just more sheffey you know what I mean it's just more you interact with it better write you know it's like then use some of the newer vital preps that didn't do some of the things that Blendtec does and I dislike them I like the old-style one here's what I want when I turn on the Vitamix I just want and I said it a million times I'll say it one more time and then I'll leave it alone I want to freaking flap switches and Anna knob for the speed that's it you know what I mean so my brother-in-law he's like register he was getting in the old one of the new Vitae press when he got married but years ago not to my sister and he was like should I register for the one with all that the preset settings like smoothie I was like no

two switches and a knob and he was like yeah but it has two switches in and it has all these other settings like no no settings two switches and knobs and I mean cuz like everything else gets in the way and then eventually I was like your time if if you don't want to hear what I'm saying don't ask me but like I think all that other garbage gets in your way you know what I mean it's like especially like they're all like Auto ramped up all these like stuff gets in your way it's like just give me control over the damn blender with all the fixin's My Brother come on listen to you away because usually when somebody adds what they call as my dad would say within quotation marks features to my dad's an engineer and whenever whenever they would break something like whenever something we get broken or something bad would have

do it that you know my dad would say what you need to do is remark at that as a feature right whatever crappy thing you've done me market is a future so whenever they add a feature or some like that typically they in crap in the core functionality right so it's very rare that someone will like added we just added a program and then what they're doing is they're putting some sort of logic in between the switches the knob and the blender motor and by putting logic in between it I guarantee that they've been crapping their experience of using the tune switches in the Nob Hill glad you use the word and crap and twice cuz I was going to say it's my early nomination for word of the Year anyway and nothing to say about the Omni but so we had a question in from Christopher who claims to be a Swedish low-quality individual which I like that like that people

all over the world realize that we are all individuals in low-quality the last few years have been a debate about additives in flour and baking in general getting some traction here and Sweden the most common item to attack is ascorbic acid in flour and Industrial flower in general it is look down on because in their opinion it kills the flower ridding it of all its nutritional value making it less natural discussion is Led mainly by Bakers touting their opinions as fact without backing them up with any academic research is ascorbic acid in flower evil is it is it the latest in a row of Mind Control drugs introduced into our died by the government mind control drugs imagine if I could put in mind control drugs in the food that and stuff that we serve National pasta flyer if you could put in mind control drugs in what would you have your guests I don't know I'm not sure

like something though right if you had some sort of Mind Control you do you start typing I don't know you need to organize at such that like the mind-control happened you need to organize a flow such that they went in one door and out a different door so you can mind control on the way out after they've already had the Mind Control drug anyway to be a subtle change they were just religiously tune in to cooking issues every week from that say nice I like that so or are these Baker simply elitists who disregard anything made in a factory thanks so the and then he even more Curious is the amount of crap Acres who maintain some claim to authenticity / tradition and who use organic flowers but regularly ascorbic acid to their bread all right sit here and there I think it's not just elitism first of all

it's kind of complicated right at this kind of thinking this kind of religious thinking about bread food stuff in general but in bread goes all the way back to the early 1800s at least in the United States anyway like you see the first glimmerings of this with Sylvester Graham still in the early part of the 1800s Sylvester Graham was very upset by the new grinding and Milling technologies that were being used to Mill flour and he thought that these Milling Technologies destroy the flower and also because they were using different weed not using the same weed that was grown in the in the East right there using this kind of new harder week that somehow that was also kind of destroying flowers but it wasn't with him it's really interesting because it was specifically the Milling technology and that and the removal of bread from being made by women at specifically mother

and wives right because this is a highly gendered and you know how they sexist environment he thought that there was something wrong with it and that a baker a professional Baker could not make a good loaf of bread because it didn't have that kind of love Factor it took on a religious tone and so Graham bread he was he hated any form of industrialization in bread including Baker's right what's funny about it is is it if you actually read Grahams treats this on bread making which I've read several times there is lunacy and most the time when people become religious about their foodstuffs it comes with a whole other host of crazy beliefs so is Sylvester Graham it was all so you know he was big on the you no no no masturbation don't touch yourself and dice X antibody anti enjoyment he was also told her that whole the whole the whole thing so he is religious ideas on bread came with a whole host of other you know weird

and demented beliefs that were complexed in the early 19th century America

and similarly people today not they don't have the same complex of Belize but usually when you have a religious feeling about how bread should be made or how many things should be made it comes along with other beliefs and if you read some of the websites about this you'll see a lot of these kind of a buzz words so if you see someone saying it is a website called sourdough there can be no claim to ascorbic acid being natural in quotes even though the latter term is devalued by modern marketing it has an inherent meaning which clearly excludes chemical refining like this is a religious notion so the idea that she told me I'm running out of time so like this is kind of a religious notion of what natural means and if you look I looked at the sustained website which is the campaign for beer bread which is I guess in English Outlet in the outfit and it for their it's like showing you is kind of having a natural failing falling back on artificial additive

excetera excetera it's seen as kind of a personal failing to me it is not evil by the way it's like if you want to use it use it if you don't don't there is an honor I think in someone saying I want to see what I can accomplish using only these ingredients writes the songs like I only want to use flour salt water yeast right or even people some people I don't want to use estim only going to use natural Levin's right and then they like I'm all about working very hard to manipulate those particular ingredients by my choice of weed by my choice of grinding technique by excetra to buy me how I need by my proofing by others and I'm interested in removing all other aspects because there is a richness in only interacting with these ingredients and by giving myself these constraints I become a better Baker & More in tune with my ingredients and I feel better as a professional as a person and I like the

Arabic better this is all reasonable because these aren't religious statements when you start saying that for other people that adding ascorbic acid is bad for X Y or Z reason because somehow it doesn't as I read on these website belong to the great lineage of bread like now you're talkin bread having like a lineage in that sense is like real weird now you're getting into kind of religious so there is nothing wrong with adding it on the other hand there's nothing wrong with saying I don't want to use anything but these four ingredients so that I can see what I can find out what it means to just play with these ingredients in a very deep and Rich way to answer a question about some question about the

having a drink next time next time next time we're back next week we're not going to miss any more week soon back next week and I'll hopefully Matt you back next week

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