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Episode 341: Alexa, Pay Me!

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your network from liking a like 12 like you know whatever but whatever to like you know almost won last year the hammer Lopez and Dave in the booth how you doing day later if you want speaking of that we can't get enough internet service in this box for me to open today

anyways no I mean I have nothing negative to say about Amazon except for the OS a lot of money and it means we can't pay our suppliers back can they said I was too mean to their accounting department at 718-497-2128 was like in rare form cuz she sends me some of their emails you should hear what she titles the invoices as I mean kisses that you send Amazon so that they pay you so you can reference then later they every every invoice has to have a unique

identifier title and her titles are not safe for work I mean they're like yeah yeah yeah and involves multiple body parts

so imagine if you will that I'll leave all the names out so the patina protect everyone but imagine that you pay to have a factory make a whole bunch of stuff now factories being not stupid won't make you the stuff in and hand it to you until you pay them for it right most of it like you have to paid for I think two-thirds of it they deliver it and then you pay the last third right and then you know what they have you for in the last third is that they assume you're going to order it again and so that they're not going to make you any more until you

paid until you guys so someone coming over your maiden name nameless but who's you know let's just call him ramazan right Rim is on the go she ate it to deal with us whereby they purchase are Sears hours from us purchase them you do that unfortunately at this point hopefully what's tossing I can changes we don't currently the Stasi and I currently do not own any Sears all's they take directly delivery from us in China like we never even touch them right

and yet they want they take delivery and yet they want us to prove that they got delivered in the United States at the warehouse at their warehouse even though they were the shipper and the receiver in the receiver and the entire thing was predicated on they pay us from the date they take delivery in China so let me put this in perspective let's say I mean it. It's ridiculous it's like let's say I took an airplane to France and I bought a bunch of cheese on credit and then I I I took the cheese I took the cheese on the airplane and then I get on the airplane and then somehow my bag the state's legal cheese gets misplaced or whatever I don't know where I put my bag because I'm a schmuck right then I pull up the cheese company

a friend and say hey I'm canceling my credit card and they're like well why are you cancelling your credit card but they going to say it in French and I say to them well I can't find my car

why don't you prove to me that my bad got to me here in New York City

you know what I mean it's like that and that's how you make a trillion dollar company

literally Nastasia and I don't know where we talked about it before but literally just as he sent an email directly to Amazon because honestly they are preventing us from paying our suppliers it's funny but it's putting on a company in actual severe Jeopardy because they have all of our money tied up in Sears all the inventory and the factory is like we're not going to make any more and then Place another order for a bunch of there like get them here and I'm like pay us literally the day that Nastasia has I don't know maybe fifty or sixty or eighty contacts in her email that are different people we speak to an Amazon

all but one I'm sure quit because they were emailed more than five minutes ago remember if you have called someone an Amazon and you call back in 5 minutes that person has already quit just remember that that's your birthday and they blame whatever the last person said on that person and not on the company no one ever takes so literally the day Jeff Bezos became the richest you know human on earth or whatever it was mr. Ed Oliver contacts a blast email be like hey congratulations I heard be so she's the richest man on earth I hope he's enjoying that searzall money answers all money

awesome alright so let me talk about talk about my trip later if we have time but you're not going to Isle of Death Valley Death Valley was great day ever been to Death Valley. Why didn't you like it but there's a billion different desert I don't like feeling landlocked is this why you like left Southern California has a water Southern California the part of Southern California that's on the water is on the water and the rest of it isn't when you go in that far as feels super lamp by the way people that far means like 45 minutes if you don't live on the water you're closer to the desert into the water in Covina you're on the you're on the outside of La not on the inside of a lane on the beach side of La you have to go through a highway

to get by the way Theory super fantastic better than New York right for like this nothing Cuisine and this may be true but I think you know I think people are misreading New York when they say that what they mean is is that all of La which is a huge sprawling fundamentally feels like a suburb like when you're in like parts of LA that are legitimately La that could be Jersey City right it could be like deep clean it could could be like the feel of it that the density feels much more like you know close suburb then it does

Urban like downtown Manhattan so I think people need to adjust themselves when they say that the quote-unquote ethnic Cuisine is better in La this might be true and they have lots of fantastic would I had lots of really good food when I was going to let you know I was only there for a couple of nights I mean the fact that matters what they mean is better food than Manhattan I mean including queens or Staten Island I was joking when Estancia last night I was like I hear there's great Sri Lankan food in Staten Island great but I'm probably more likely to go to Sri Lanka and to go to Staten Island your because I know what I mean like I'm more likely to say you know what Sri Lanka sounds like a nice place to visit I hear that they know I hear that they're the turmoil settle down and they have free food you know maybe I'll go to JFK and I'll get on that plane you want me to spend all day I got to get on subway

way to take a ferry to than what walk when I go to take that Staten Island railroad schedule to Brownie and that's how New Yorkers are that's how we are we're the most provincial people in the world like so you go to like you go to like it's like the average New Yorker thinks

that you know that they're like the worldly in Cosmopolitan which in some ways is true but the average one of us travel's wet like five miles maybe radius maybe you want to see if I have to tell you that you have to cross the river to do something like when he's here is a yo-yo but then like there's an event we should go to she's got really okay where is it and what I am like Brooklyn she's like she's back home where is NLEA you're like Hey we're going to go get some food it's only an hour away only an hour anyway I think it's just unfair and Dave and I are going to be out there

we should do some kind of give away to do something get away with their on the 15th 16th we have to do you pay Heritage $10,000 you can come to our students all barbecue container secret location in dollars

get to talk Dave's ear off and I don't know all the questions

hey yo anastacio it's time for Bob's Red Mill moment where we put your cooking improvisation skills to the test this week secret ingredient is farro tell us what your next us I would make a Farro Salad with tomatoes cheddar cheese and cucumbers to make it I would cook the Faro in a pot and then I added cooking I cut up my tomatoes and my cucumbers and Cube my cheddar cheese and then I would mix it all together you going to let it cool down before you toss the other stuff with it now you going to put new oil on the freaking borrow know what no no El Chapo have you ever made something like this before I have no oil no oil service Honda Civic hold it would be nice if it was cold but it's going to be hot

cuz it's usually like cuz you're having dinner at Ya time for dinner I don't even know what to say about this is improvisational skills and put me so off my course that I find it difficult to properly thanked Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues you should still visit to shop there a huge range of products and buy their delicious farro but you should definitely not overcook and then mixed with chopped up freaking cold tomatoes to make a tepid soupy monstrosity you should have we not do that with their Faro but you should use the code cooking issues 25 for 25% off your order

wow Long Island to Saskatoon this one is one station from Long Island where they still like hyperlocal they're like Billy got caught stealing credit cards again Billy and I love that radio station notified by someone on Twitter

FDA advises consumers to avoid eating drinking or handling food products prepared with liquid nitrogen at the point-of-sale let's go through this again the FDA this is on this is not this is FDA. Govt FDA advises consumers to avoid eating drink drinking or handling food eating drinking or handling food products prepared with liquid nitrogen at the point-of-sale now I will save you one thing that does make sense that they that they wrote in their finding in general other Foods treated with liquid nitrogen prior to the point of sale and before consumption for example some frozen Confections are treated in such a way that results in the complete evaporation in a liquid nitrogen before reaching the consumer and are no longer and an extremely low temperature and therefore do not pose a significant risk of injury I use liquid nitrogen at the point-of-sale and yet I also have techniques

guarantee that the thing is a not too cold and B does not contain any residual liquid nitrogen right okay first of all believe it or not and Sassy look at at the same damn picture the FDA use the same way damn lazy lazy lazy even our government goes on and like steals freaking clipart images or whatever from other things to put up in there like I'll get them nice and I'll get dragon's breath cereal I use that one in the government so they say hear liquid nitrogen toxic can cause severe damage to skin and internal organs if mishandled her accidentally ingested due to the extremely low temperatures it can maintain it is cold

Brite liquid nitrogen stress coat can maintain people be accurate with your freaking writing you a name why didn't you all those extra words can maintain everyone is such a crappy writer why does everyone suck so much you know what I mean and I'm paying this person all of all of us are paying this person to do this writing there are plenty of people out there with the skills to write

pay there any way it can maintain inhaling The Vapor released by a food or drink prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before consumption may also cause breathing difficulty May does not does not but may in the same way that it may be true that the moon is made of Roquefort cheese

it may be true like you know from some sort of quantum mechanical aspects that if that if that I might accidentally fall through the Earth because all of my items might miss all the other atoms is not true right remember that claim of causing breathing difficulties right is due to someone who had their their grandson I believe Johnny Johnny Johnny was headed home in the car 40 minutes after having dragon's breath in Jacksonville Florida where it's humid as the devil and he had an asthma attack 40 minutes after the grandmas like must have been that saying that I'm not used to it must have been that thing that I'm not used to this is how like witches get back to me and they're like you know that lady was kind of crazy and we saw her and then my niece gave birth and that the kid had a crazy hair

that lady is a witch you know what I mean that's the same exact thing is is that I think everywhere in general that's like you know you know you go to like being old-school European like meat on my is my step father's family and I've only known him I talk to me like you're going to get all these things everywhere everywhere everyone is superstitious about stuff and does post hoc Ergo propter hoc in like you know is willing to make in a wide-ranging conclusions based on zero data points

but we just don't know any expects that their own crew is going to do that you know what I mean no one expects everyone is like well here in America we are you know we are we all make the same dumb mistakes and then predictably are you know our government makes the same dumb mistake and called it out as though it is true as though it is true food and drinks prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before consumption may be sold in malls food court kiosk state or local fairs and other food retail location for retail locations for dominantly it's at these places these include get those people more good writing these products may include liquid nitrogen infused colorful cereal or cheese puffs

infused and fused okay I know that I get to magically angry and same with my partner Donley you know embarking on the bar gets mad with like you know technical terms like that washing you're not using the freaking you're chilling the damn stuff anyway similarly alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks repair with liquid nitrogen in MIT at fog surveys 8 like something it's actively forming over with vodka somebody to stupidest is bad the FDA had become aware of severe and in some cases life-threatening injuries such as damaged skin internal organs cause buy liquid nitrogen still present in the food or drink that the FDA has become aware that people burn themselves all the time on things like deep fry oil or like you know if I plant my face into a fondue pot to get an oil fondue an old-school oil fondue right and I'm like this looks fun I think that this is something to wash my hands and I think this is the hand wash Bowl

and then you stick your hand into the bubbling like oil concoction it's bubbling because there's water the bottom I realize it was self is not bubbling but we can put the food in his water whatever

good night with your steak the steak Knife looks like a toothpick I'm going to shove it in my gums you know what I mean it's like to be sensible people what you should do is tell people as they do at the end they they say the only smart things I'm here at the end of this paragraph there is a call to all lunatics consumers who have experienced an injury because of handling or eating product repair with liquid nitrogen at the point-of-sale immediately before consumption should consult their Healthcare professional they should also consider reporting their injuries to medwatch so at the Nerdist call to all lunatics for years before I got in the business I'm in now I was a database designer for lawyers and those lawyers did asbestos-related law and I personally know new many dozens of people who had legitimate asbestos-related cancers who died as a result of their exposure to asbestos so I

I hate I mean I hate them still to this day asbestos companies they got away literally with murder right I'm just saying I from someone who doesn't not telling you that certain things aren't bad but on the other hand if you tell everyone that you know that they're going to get a disease based on something then they do because for every legitimate asbestos-related disease and I saw many many many sad cases of asbestos-related disease be no backup when I was doing that you get this one hello and they say I am like I'm calling about you know what what you said Mike what what what what do we say and I like I've got the asbestos remodeling my house and I took down some plasterboard and now I have a cough I think I've got the asbestos asbestos in like sure what you're talking about is asbestosis and you need a lot of his best to get asbestosis

give me a call later in 20 years ago by something blue takes will show up and if the FDA is already in a position where they're saying that they that they believe like Johnny's grandma on the fact that Johnny's as McCormick what was caused by inhaling what amounts do people as the air that little Johnny is already breathing because that's what our air is made out of you know what I mean nitrogen

we're in for a world of hurt on that same know we got a question in from see if I can call it because I forgot to put my phone on auto stay open because I am stupid okay we got a question in from John not Johnny from Jacksonville Florida but John from Manila and it says greetings again from Manila Philippines Dave what are your comments about this news and here is the news was that there's a professor who holds a dual citizenship with the call I could do to a professorship she's a professor at the University of fribourg to his talk was given in German so I wasn't able to find in the short amount of time I had the full like there's a translation somewhere in the English and my German is not good enough to read her original German not good enough anymore you know why German which I took in college I was very good

German one of those languages it's so rule-based that you can like learn it be pretty good at it and then completely forget it because it's like like forgetting a bunch of rules it's not like riding a bicycle where it's all about feel your like you put the bar about to end this is how you do it anyway so

what is what is Professor did was she came out and she said that coconut oil is a pure poison right so apparently she said a lot of stuff which I would have liked to have read about how anti superfood in general and then she went ballistic on coconut oil and it's the same old sad story about you know it's saturated fat and so she said it's poison out for those of you that haven't gone to a supermarket in the past 5 years maybe you just started going to party let's say that you just started going to the supermarket last month and you were born like 3 months ago then you know you think that there's always been a huge section in your Supermarket with bunch of different brands of coconut oil sold in glass jars right for coconut that's not the case at 6 years ago you go to my local supermarket and you would find exactly zero containers of coconut oil coconut milk coconut cream vs coconut oil

interesting League coconut oil not sold in the same area as coconut milk and coconut cream and coconut milk is in the isn't even vaguely ethnic section not sure maybe maybe you're some sort of Hispanic person maybe you're some sort of Asian person that's where we think that maybe you like the party aisle you know what I mean and then the coconut oil from the same plant coconut oil is indeed I do yoga aisle at which is the same as the I do that right point being relatively new thing because people come out and try to think so anyway what are my thoughts and says I find this hard to believe but if you agree with this is there another way to get to get a spirit to the to get the spirit of flavor the coconut feel free feel free to think I'm

coconut nut if you're from the Philippines and you don't use coconut oil you might as well might as well call it a freaking day. I mean like it's like super traditional different kinds of Cromwell more specifically like cooked palm oil in the red, which is an African cuisine everywhere it's traditional my point is this so she was out again coconut milk because she was like doing that old saw about a saturated fat being bad and Justice predictably you know some I didn't bother looking his credentials but apparently he's a world-renowned cardiologist came out and slammed right into Mason fake news is she's a professor at Harvard as well right so Harvard School of you know of this kind of thought you know run by will it and all those guys is one of the world-renowned think so far comes out and says coconut oil pure poison with a guy

and then the cardiologist has really good for you and of course you can't just leave it at that for so long he shouldn't even say coconut oil is food eat it if you like you know what I mean by but instead of that not only is it good the real enemy is sugar because everyone has to have a freaking enemy it's all about not it's all it's none of it is hey just mellow the hell out and eat some food it's like no this is your friend V like boat tons of that your real enemy is his other thing so the only thing I think that hasn't been demonized recently is protein right out and said you should stay away from you should give it a protein

all I know is that whatever I mean you ever ever eaten one of those even for a short amount of time those super high protein diets for a couple days as a test once I didn't find a pleasant and unpleasant about that diet that Jordan Peterson's daughter promotes you only eat beef salt and water what the hell what type should Google this it's I don't know she claims it like fixed all these health issues that she was having which may be for her for some freakish reason they did in the short-term but like this is obviously not sustainable work for everyone

the reason why I write so like let's say like you're like know what I'm going to do I'm going to only eat

Cheez-Its and raw meat and I'm going to get all of my water from Rami don't do that right if you believe that that's good for you and your regiment that about it and you're also doing a bunch of other stuff maybe you'll end up in better shape I doubt it you don't need me but you know your mind if you think you're doing something good for yourself your mind can make yourself you know feel better some way that's why I like I think when I had to die and I was such a or that juice of the master cleanse I had to go on for a week cuz I lost a bet I don't remember maple syrup and lemon juice I had to do it for like a week and I think people who believe it's good for them like associate the physical discomfort and kind of the butt spray that they're set on when they do this right they they conflate that kind of nastiness happen with your body with good things happen to your body this is weird conflation right so they feel great because they think they're doing something good for your body where is I who believe this is all horse hockey

feel terrible because I got myself I could be having real food anyways so I think the whole thing is a nightmare I think the whole entire superfood thing is a freaking nightmare I think all the arguments on all sides are complete nightmares I think people should get you know I think it hears everything right so like no one's ever I don't have time today we can talk about it but like that I was we were viewing that from a couple of months ago and recently reported the Lancet article on alcohol consumption and I'll read you the title the article so you guys can go look at it maybe we can discuss next week and I want to call in 4 minutes but it's called alcohol use and burden for 195 countries and territories 1919 and 1990 to 2016 in it and it talks about this is the one where they said even a single glass of day a day of liquor increases your risk of death and by the way

how do you to keep track of this they used a fun thing called the disability-adjusted life-years or hay daily for all that mysterious I've never been in Minnesota if I have time to try to try to go through it by 3 minutes

I will go to talk about that later as you might guess I have issues with that as with all studies at all stages but many studies full disclosure I sell alcohol this is from a Dream from Toronto add a? Making Applejack my boyfriend and I live near Toronto Canada but are afraid that it won't get cold enough this winter to properly freeze distill it's been pretty hit-and-miss the past couple years global warming you know freezer space is a bit of an issue but can we work around if necessary wonder if using dry ice will be worth it / practical or if you'll be better going a different route or planning on making apple cider ourselves as opposed to buying pre-made product I don't think you should use dry ice because dry ice is going to probably nucleate very quickly and I am pretty sure that what you want for fries concentration is the flaky plate light crystals that you get from slower quiescent freezing of alcohol and those plate like crystals will drain better than super fine crystals that you made from freezing something very

quickly so what I would do if you really want to do this cuz you're making your own apple cider anyway so you're investing a lot of time and energy into making apple cider and then freeze concentrated first of all realize that many people are anti-freeze concentration because it also concentrates congeners just have to let you know that I don't really think you're going to kill yourself or have so much methanol that you go blind but I might have to say it I would just invest in like a $75 a $75 small chest freezer like go to your local you know huge Mart and get one of those little square like 20 22 like you know counter height like flip open top freezers it will hold a relatively large thing of apple cider and let it go why isn't lead freeze and do it like it's going to get easier and easier as the alcohol content goes up and up because you'll be able to harvest crystals more solid do it that way although you

I have to insulate the bottom of it today you might want to freeze from the top down but that's what I would experiment you know global warming and all that cooking issues

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