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Episode 340: Timing Issues

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today's program was brought to you by emmi cheese specialty cheese from Switzerland made with heart and passion since the early 1900s Emmy has been a passionate supporter of farmers cheese makers and family tradition they believe in sustainable agriculture and respect for the people land and animals that make their business possible remaining dedicated to tradition they strive to lead the industry and Innovation ensuring they bring you only the highest-quality best tasting cheese from Switzerland and he is best known for importing more than 80% of the Swiss gruyere into the United States but that's not to overshadow there other specialty cheeses including called Bach cave aged cheeses their sharp MX appenzeller Tech21 and traditional emmentaler for more information is it any

hardy har har har hardy har har har Adar sponsor but I will say this text and Juan which apparently they sell is a delicious cheese however the most people who buy it in the US don't serve it the way you're supposed to want is one of those stinky cow's milk cheese is it comes in a round format your supposed to get this thing called as you roll

now she roll is like you know if you go to work in a restaurant you know you noticed a sea of this spikes that you stick your tickets on when you're done so it's basically like a it's like a combination cutting board and like menu Spike and you go and you stick them on right on the top if you cut the very top piece of the cross I think you put it down right and then on top of that on the spike you stick a flat scraping knife with a handle on it and you rotate it and it makes these thin flower shaped shavings of Captain Juan would you serve and if you purchased at the one in you know a cheese shop that knows how to serve Tech21 properly and by the way you have been out of her probably they don't do it this way it will put it this way if you buy a cheese shop that's that can push a lot of tension ones they can serve it this way because doesn't last long once cut that way they will praise you roll it for you packing a nice little thing and serve it to you like in a container where to buy

Crunchyroll but ain't nobody I've never seen it serve that way in the United States I don't know if anyone out there has a cheese shop that serves tekton Juan and whether she roll please please let me know because that cheese is delicious speaking of delicious nastassia Lopez just got off an airplane yesterday from Barcelona do you have any delicious ham I had a lot of Gambia hate a lot of places specific ham that you like to try the one I told you to try I didn't have a lot of time I had two days of actual I know I just ate but I didn't remember the bad thing was that every restaurant we went to we to order the whole Tapas all the pages right I want to eat everything okay and everybody has a terrible leader was like are you sure that's a lot of food do you like every single place which is different from the Italians because they're like

you know please eat more please eat more please more please drink more please drink more than is like are you sure are you sure I know how you say that in catalonian who is this what about like people saying Bundy instead of good I just drank wine just whatever everything over whenever they give me all the food and plus keep pouring pouring a date how was your week I started listening to last week and now that they're breaking up


the band Big Ups that I used to like be in the booth yeah yeah yeah so I started listening to this song over and over because they have are there screaming about look into the crystal ho my God they got to check it out anyway stand for

pounds of waste in Spain by 20 ton hydraulic press I usually yesterday for the first time so I went to the harbor freight Corporation you know purveyors of cut-rate tools and you know cheap quality stuff you know but what you do is you look on their website you're normally like when I buy hand tools I buy what nothing there's a waiter literally there is a server here his pants are a diaper

the diaper I don't get like a diaper with bright green shorts and glitter all over his face what are your thoughts on Alexa when I'm looking at it he's like what and you're like you're wearing a diaper you know this is an actual conversation he's offended that I'm judging you know you're making that up you have no idea what's going on in his head that's his head actually and we're not sure if it's a he okay you said he I know but I just realized okay but my point is is that you have no idea what's going on in that person's head as usual you are imputing on to them some sort of negative feeling on to you so that you can get more incensed when in fact you have not had

reaction with this person and sinner action rather you not had an interaction with this person and so you actually eat you have nothing on which to base this like theoretical offense anyways I had a question in from Derek gungoll in Windsor Ontario name is Dawson Dave in the booth I only found out about your show last March try to say I've torn to every episode oh my God what is with these sickos who you know

you know why you know why it's going to take us out and you got a bedroom in a USB microphone how about it that's why people you can be rest assured when you hear this show I have pants on

like that guy look at it it's a radio Podcast they can't see the diapers on the on the on the internet okay I do have it moved from the question that I do have a small problem I was hoping you can help me solve there's a local farm that has some of the best corn on the cob I've ever had and I'd like to free some still on the cob to enjoy over winter and you know winter in Ontario there's going to get real cold you don't I mean like real cold then nice they're nice weather but once it gets cold there right in the middle there so it's cold anyway so 1 scoring in the wintertime everything I've tried so far so far has left the Colonel's mushy I've tried blanching them for approximately 3 minutes. People

I know people like zone out when I give me number to remember that number 3 minutes driveway antonym for approximately 3 minutes and immediately plunging them into an ice bath then use the FoodSaver vacuum vac seal them and immediately for result mushy kernels I repeated the same procedure then allowed they allow the corn to air dry after an ice bath result mushy kernels I've even tried just back suing The Rock off after removing the husk and yet again

mushy kernels is there something I'm not doing or something I'm doing wrong can I enjoy corn on the cob in the winter or am I completely F in the a thanks for countless hours entertainment and keep up the great work well thankfully for you not countless cuz you finish the whole back hug near you but the point is this I looked up for you an article and you can look up this because it is what's it called on the internet so it's not it's not behind a paywall and check-out Branch time and cultivar effects on quality of Frozen and stored corn and broccoli by D M Barrett e l Garcia GF Russell at all from the Journal of Food Science Now interesting me know when you freeze you check that out I'm going to give you the results of this in a second but when they are freezing when they're blanching and freezing vegetables you're looking to do a couple of things

you're looking to kill off any enzymes so in enzymes it's enzymes that might convert my convert you know sugar into something else or you know XYZ might produce a quality of the corn otherwise you know cause off around as well as he wanted to kill those things later on cause problems but the key thing is when you're blanching corn not only are you doing those things you are also gelatinize in some of the start increasing firmness of the colonel up to a point so in their studies raw corn was the least firm right and then as they went up in in blanching time Korn got more and more firm and more and more of the enzymes were deactivated right up until 6 minutes so if you take a corn on the cob

and you blanch it in the high-intensity steamer or in water for 6 minutes right are they did it in high intensity steamer you probably don't have one but six minutes I will go a little longer with a regular home steamer but after 6 minutes that was the peak firmness and it started to go back down again so on your 3 minutes you're not going to have as Firma Colonel and on 8 minutes you're not going to have his former Colonel 6 minutes didn't wipe out a lot of the enzymes of people used to test but if you actually take the time to read this article I just told you about it shows that a more accurate enzyme assay for something more important corn 6 minutes has actually sufficient for the enzyme activity as well not that your primary concern here is what so that's the ottoman blanching time for firmness as far as these folks are concerned but that is not that is not the hard part that is not worth messing you up first while once you blanch it you should as you said put it in ice water in a bag or not to cool it off a little weed quickly to stop the cooking from continuing

your problem simply put is this your fries rate is too slow okay so what you're going to want to do is take the corn in the cob put it in ice water to chill it let it get down close to freezer Close to You nosey roll it over there and then after it gets to that point you want to freeze it as rapidly as possible I pretty much guarantee that was happening to you is you're getting freeze damage okay so what I would do is put the corn instead of just wrapping it and put it in the fridge or whatever else you're doing I wouldn't necessarily put it in a hard back in the VAC seal because you know the vacuum itself if you if you suck air out of the out of the Corn and then back it you're liable to cause some degradation of the texture just in the in the vacuum process so I wouldn't vac it too hard while it's not frozen you can do like a very light vacuum or just use water exclusion more on that later if I have time which I want but so then what I would do is I would use the old super salt and ice technique so you take and

salt the hell out of ice and you can't you can't over-salt the ice right up to about a quarter of the weight of the you take water and ice crush it up in the you add salt a lot like if you're making ice cream a lot because your goal is to get the temperature is far below zero as possible and have it be a liquid slushy slurry put it in a bag in as if it were and put it in the salt ice bath and that will freeze it fast as super fast is the fastest way anyone at home has to freeze it when they're commercially doing this they blast reason the stassi is not allowed to talk about it when they are freezing her pasta they also freeze it very very quickly the faster you freeze something the less texture damage you're doing too and I guarantee you all your texts or damages on the fries so I would just try to freeze it as rapidly as possible and fastest way because you probably don't want a blast chiller if your normal human being is to do a very highly salted ice slurry put them in bags and you can do a whole bunch because that's all that ice slurry

probably enough to freeze up a bunch before it starts warming up

Assassin's like and once again I don't care you can also read the web extension has information on corn but I think they tell you to over Blanche it because I think they're worried about a different set of a enzymes but you can read it read read their stuff anyway are you familiar with milord Chicago's bitter liqueur are there any non Frank uses especially cocktails if you're unfamiliar I had happy to send a bottle I do know about that and know there are no good uses for it's not a prank it's a punishment you know it's a punishment shot either you're punishing yourself or trying to prove that by the way those are you don't know I don't own a bottle of malort I own the Swedish like old-school Swedish equivalent baskets robar which is like it's like so bitter that you like that

every time you tasted it has supposed to aid in digestion by the way you can't get all cramped up while you can from Liquor on the Lord but there's not through Joan in milord so you're not going to get any kind of green dragon effects if you're thinking you're going to get a bunch of wormwood based kind of hallucinations and cocktail other than just punishment it's going to ride over the top everything make everything intensely better even in small amounts if you want to serve it's no answer to his shot and just say I don't think you can handle it and then you give it to him you know what I mean I would have left days from Nick and Toronto regarding rotary evaporator

you know how I feel they are the work liquid intelligence is required reading for our bar staff and it spins all Seas almost 20 hours of use per week sometimes graduations on existing conditions that sell ball next time in New York I'm going to come okay okay we took the Run hours is Morgan

what is the weather

how do you say you know what date if you wonder why there's never going to be a show again is because I have to make up for all the hundred-dollar weeks are doing an existing conditions and instead of going to see my family other than doing this show next week I only got to get to see a part of my family cuz of course Booker refuses took the road of that punch after finding a decent two-liter unit on Toto Vibes. Net is that a thing may be meant to say rotovap Tan in silk Lily that grows the girls all over our city our Chiller continues to crash that's an issue we're sorting out with manufacture our main issue was when you address in your primer which is still on the internet. Lee we're losing a ton of flavor without the peristaltic pump to remove the condensate we have a tool and die maker pal friend blah blah blah how to do it

so what we're talking about is it when your distilling something hopefully your dissolving the or getting a romance into alcohol somehow first write any water-based distillation unless you're just dealing with liquid nitrogen Nicole finger good luck that right now good luck but assuming you have a chiller that can go low like -20 you want to keep the flower alcohol mixture low in temperature like in like 40 degrees celsius right and then you're going to take and you're going to buy a severe joint so the way to rid of that works is is you have a flask circulates is heated very gently you put the whole thing under vacuum it goes up into a condenser the condenser chills it it dripped down into receiver flask the problem is that receiver flask isn't Shield properly and so you tend to revitalize a stuff and you lose all the aroma the answer is to put a severe joint over it would you can just buy it and then a tube and into its call the peristaltic pump peristaltic pump can pump the time it's not the problem is if the peristaltic pump tends to fail because it's not meant to take that kind of vacuum pressure

can you get back siphoning so I'll go over my notes and see exactly which tube is the best they don't last very long and the one recommendation I would make that I didn't used to do is I would put a check valve on the outside of the peristaltic pump to see whether or not that can stop back siphoning of air through the peristaltic pump cuz it will eventually fail and that's about all I have time to talk about that yet. She said next week I will be in California I hope to go to Death Valley in the middle of the summer and see what the hottest place on Earth is like during the summer because I am stupid and I now have been working together for how long can years crazy so stupid such a bad day

I've given ourselves 2.5 more years to be happy with our business and a half more years 50 lb 50 and you'll be like yeah yeah but mentally a combination of the average of 2 and that right so you're going to be like the average of like you're either either you're mentally very old or very young what are you like 10 anyway see you in a little bit to your juice

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