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hello and welcome to cooking issues on Dave Arnold your host of cooking issues here with Miss Tosha to hammer Lopez in our studio in Bushwick Brooklyn behind Roberto's Pizzeria coming to you live today as we should be doing every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 calling all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Today Show is brought to you by the first Ranch Chris ranches in agents of the nation's largest single Source supply of free-range all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef since 1865 the Hearst Family is raise cattle on the rich the stainable native grasslands of the central California coast results of FIFA extraordinary flavor that is memorable and natural as a surrounding landscape for more information go to that's we had there be frightened Sasha we enjoy it

later on I'm going to give a shout out to some of our other sponsors on previous shows because they were also sponsors of the amazing event for the Museum of food and drink that we just finished on Sunday mustache and I are still recovering but we'll we'll get to that probably a little later in the show will take some questions first came in on the email okay question when I'm making breads Pizza doughs excetra I sometimes like to replace about half the white flour with whole wheat flour but the dough tends to be dry is there a standard ratio of extra fat or liquid that need to be used when using whole wheat flour thanks for the help crispier okay and is it a problem I think that we all run into a lot and we're using whole grain items that there's actually several problems It Happened One

added Oat Bread stand up to be dryer that's true same with the things like pancakes in muffin sings time to be dryer the second problem is you tend to have reduced volume so they're they're dancer so they're dancer and dryer and also more crumbly these are three things that we in general don't enjoy in our bread and pizza dough is correct correct the problem is in whole wheat flour at you get the brand and also the germ actually in holy flower Now The Germ actually helps out a bit and some ways because it provides oil the reason a lot of oil is added to whole wheat recipes Boylston fat is because it tends to soften a fat in general 10 to soften the texture of breads so they feel softer they don't feel as dry just by adding oil so you can add that stuff at your discretion but the other really good thing you can do to make up for two things you can do to make up for lack of volume and also for dryness is to take the whole week

because he's going to take about half and half whole wheat and white bunny a white flower is to take the whole wheat flour and hydrated and all the liquid first and let it sit there for a long time that happens is it even though the a good chunk of the brand of the fiber in bran is not soluble I ate a what it's not going to dissolve in water is a bunch of stuff in there that is soluble in water will hydrate but need some time to do it and the more other stuff you have the more like the rest of the white flowers there when the liquid is present the less water is going to be available to soak into the whole wheat portion so we should always do with whole wheat products and and I do this with pancakes friends at my pancakes at home or well over half non non white flower I eat I throw in wheat germ I throw in a good bit of like a oatmeal and I throw in a bunch of cornmeal bunch of other things like this and hold call whole grain and

I add all of the buttermilk at the very outset along with the eggs cuz they're liquid ingredients and I let them soak 4 minutes at a time and it was very high liquid environment and this helps hydrate them and prevent it from being dry and also improve your it should improve got the knot on the volume some what the other thing is is that you can attend one add a little bit more liquid when you have a high fiber product because the door is going to probably take on more liquids One Source I read which is the wheat flour and they high-fiber ingredient handbooks from the Eagan press series and I highly recommend that you can press serious to all of that people out there it's a very very easy to read very short not so expensive books on technical issues such as hydrocolloid starches high-fiber ingredients wheat flour emulsifiers very good stuff me and you can skip the coloring book because most of us aren't adding a lot of food coloring to things least I don't but you can you can either buy these books for like 68 bucks or something a pie

or a used to be and I'm sure they're probably still is to go to the American Association of cereal chemists website you can sniff around there and takes a while because they bury it you can buy a subscription to get online versions of all of these books which you can download and back when I did it was 99 bus is probably more you get a year subscription to their website and I downloaded all of their books I own them all on PDF and they're they're chilling happily on my iPad where I can prove them at my leisure favorite sources I went to so you should I pre-soak add a little more water and if you're dealing with a bread and and you've gotten rid of the dryness Problem by the pre soaking out a little more water adding oil at your discretion you can further increase the volume of it which is going to decrease your perception of it being crumbly and will not by adding a little bit of vital wheat gluten got a little bit of that it will counteract some of the problems you had there's two things that go on when you add high-fiber bran Laden things to Fred's one gluten one there's less overall gluten because

the flower that you've added instead of adding flour that has whatever percentage Bluetooth as you've added a bunch of branches 0% gluten second thing that happens is that the brand and it and the fibers actually inhibit the formation of the gluten Network so what gluten is there is actually weekend so you end up with a with a very low are holding capacity compared to white flour and one of the ways to counteract that is to probably have to develop it longer that means makes it more by and you're probably also going to have to add a little bit of wheat gluten if you wanted Jack that that loaf back up to where it where it used to be all right how's that was that that okay alright see back on track after last week's non-life last week we did the we did Nathan myhrvold you know Nathan myhrvold amazing you know 8 million page book that weighs 35000 lb in cost like six hundred bucks if you get on Amazon for $450 he's doing his like on Tuesday

three basically did we did was add Prosecco and the clarified grapefruit juice is carbonated we chilled glass is liquid nitrogen so that's why we couldn't be here last week on Tuesday so unfortunately even though we had like our heavy-hitting guess Harold McGee online it was on Monday so I'm not a lot of you I think I could call in so I'm I'm sad about that but anyway so we're back on our normal time today thank goodness I got a question in saying I saw this at a massage in Davis. I saw this pigs a stuffed pig Trotter on ideas in food blog it looks incredible and I will read the description that idea some food by the way they're there are friends Alex Talbot Nike Covert ideas in food and they're probably the best-known blog on kind of modern techniques and high-tech cooking right when you say so I saw him last week and then also another one is Nathan myhrvold events at Jean-Georges Restaurant and that it was funny ideas in food also has a cookbook out now I think it's doing doing fairly well

funny part was that standing it retails for like twenty bucks and it's on Amazon for like 14 bucks right so I see Alex but he said yeah if you go to buy the modernist cuisine cookbook the $450 cookbook they they give you his book for like five bucks if you buy it together it's like five bucks extra to get Alex now this book so here's a word out to you guys anyone out there buying the modernist cuisine please do Alex tell that a favor and cook in the extra five bucks to get his book along with the mirror of old and I had a good long laugh about this and that Alex and I were joking that we're just going to take a sharpie to his entire stock of books and write 7 as like the seventh volume of the five bucks extra you know it's really a drop in the bucket that's like pissing in the ocean to raise the tide at you an extra five bucks anyways go out and buy Alex's book

picture here is the rear Trotter from the pig the force meat is flavored with Ross Island in an exotic Mariah Spice when we had meat from the shoulder Knuckles and ankles and just for that extra special something a few foie gras pieces we had a touch of blue frog in an igloo people out there as insurance to bind everything together unfortunately are finished. It was too large for a vacuum bags we divided into two pieces this a lot of seconds OK stuffed pig Trotter write the most famous sorry and the question about this was he saw it and he wants to know how long to cook it and it what temperature if he's going to do it low temperature and he says somewhere in the area of 60 to 65 degrees Celsius for 48 to 72 hours and do I have any advice I think your numbers are good I don't think you're going to 6265 so I think we're good I would do something between 60 and 63 Celsius myself 6263 I don't think you're going to need to cook it for 48 to 72 hours and here's why I think a lot depends on

side pieces of meat you put into it the classic Pig's Trotter that know I grew up knowing about is a delicacy a New Year's Eve New Year's Eve delicacy from Modena Italy called simponi and simponi what they do is say they take a a pig Trotter and you bone it completely out take out all the meat and and the take off the toe nails and you do it five slowly turning the skin of the pig's foot inside out and removing the the the bones meet and in all of the connective tissue stuff as you go so that you basically have the pig's foot as a glove almost you then take that simpan date that the pig's foot that's in your bin to totally denuded right to that raw by the way otherwise it takes kids going to be two frazzles going to break apart on you and take that raw and then stuff it with a mix that that the sausage is called cut the key know if you just have that the meat by itself without the pink sweats called cut the Kina and then that's typically cooked boiled and then serve with lentils on New Year's lentils for luck cuz it represents

so the problem with doing this in the u.s. is that the pigs Trotters are slit typically when they when they get the pigs the pig Trotters are slit and so they don't hold the filling as well but if you have meat glue you can kind of fix all these problems and if you look in a Chinese butcher shop you can get pigs feet to haven't been slit like the regular American style and you can make a good simponi as long as the meat is finely divided you don't need to cook it that long though like I'm cooking time really is to gelatinize the starch in the in the pig's foot and so you can do it by feeling how long is taking the gelatin the collagen in the pig's foot to break down because the meat on the inside is finely chop is not going to be that much of a problem so I don't think it should take as long as 72 hours but you know you can give it a try I would just as a test before you went through the whole thing just a little piece of pigskin into a bag and test how long it takes her to get to the texture you want and that's going to give you a a good idea but go research Zen ponies cook for a long time I could borrow for like like

2 to 4 hours so I'm at at simmering temperatures so give it a shot and I think we'll be delicious in a bag cuz you wouldn't be leaching flavortown to the brought here we have a caller caller you are on the are how do I have a question for you about caramelization in a pressure cooker already so I got to look at the book yet but she gave turn a partial recipe for making a caramelized root vegetable soup in the pressure cooker where you don't have any water at all right eye pressure for 30 minutes and I come out very smooth caramelize right now

as interesting as I saw him speak a couple times I had to Dish and we're at The Shores At which event where you at right now that's an interesting question cuz I like you I wouldn't consider I've done some experiments with caramelization in pressure cookers but most of them were done in very high concentration sugar syrups fruits into high concentration sugar syrups and then pressure cook those and got definite caramel like caramel flavors like right and end this is it in there I did this because I did some experiments with durian removing kind of the stench from Darien and one time a bunch of the juices went to the bottom of the of the pressure cooker and we're at the exact proper temperature to form a caramel without burning and then would never never ever able to reproduce it unfortunately but then I started doing like caramelized bananas

I don't know why you would get caramelized flavor and then non-unique as we both know you need a high enough temperature for to SMS Cara station happens at lower temperatures Under Pressure which is possible so I was wondering if Justin Parris so that could be a possibility he had acid to the recipe which case you would get in Persian I have the clear caramelize flavor that I put the website you know what the various things and people are concerned about the safety and I didn't have any problems at all in my electric cooker it but that's temperature regulated and I got a little concerned well if I tell somebody to do this on a stovetop pressure cooker without any liquid at is there is there any risk

well you know what that's also maybe get localized much higher temperatures yeah right you won't I asked him I was in one of the dinners in Seattle I personally asked him about this I said will this work in a gas-fired pressure cooker on the stove and he said yes I looked around at the pressure cookers that he uses he has an American canner one of the big ones although I doubt he uses for that recipe because it takes so long for the long supposed to get the pressure I think he has a flying around I'm sure he's got some clean Recons because they're awesome and he can afford it you know I don't think it's going to be a safety issue because she's going to happen is you're going to Scorch the heck out of you are out of your vegetables right night and cuz what'll happen is that the only danger really in a pressure cooker is that you're going to build up pressure and pressure relief valve

continue to work no matter what and there's three different over pressures on that thing for the gasket some shelves are good up to about five hundred and so degrees until the plastic will be melting off of the unit for the gaskets go on you and even if the gasket we're going to melt like they're not made out of viton or something that's going to decompose into a toxic deadly gas so if we if any one of those things weren't true like if for some reason someone decided to move to viton seals you know I don't know if they had an excess of money in the lack of good sense like there might be a safety issue but I think you could basically just melt the pot down on the stove without too much of a safety issue you've now I don't know why I wasn't observing enough to ask that question at the time I myself don't own a copy of the book there is one of the school so I can go go look at it unfortunately right now as I'm sure if you heard speakers a dearth of the books in the country you know they're he likes to say they're literally like they're literally on a boat you know on a slope

from China like my order Amazon waiting for the end of my day keeps moving out so he and I he's like but you know I'll donate it but you're not going to have it there live because they just don't they don't exist you know it's kind of like it's unbelievable I think he's actually going to make money off this thing stuck in front of 25000 the first paper was Japanese Ryan they were not able to reach the company on the phone after the tsunami and so they're only one with a Chinese paper the second time around again soon so I guess I should go to my first commercial break this is cooking issues calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

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welcome back to cooking issues calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128. And there's a midget Standing Tall and a giant beside him about to fall I have not heard that song in a long time but that is 1 hard Corps butt-kicking to know it's kind of a in my head there's a race between at their funkiest kind of who is the funkiest human of all times sometimes I think it's the Family Stone sometimes I think it's James Brown and sometimes I think it's Stevie Wonder and then every once in a while when I'm in a special weird mood I'll crank up the housequake and think Prince might be one of the funkiest human beings of all time on forgetting Promenade my brain my brain is all messed up today anyway I appreciate the Sly and the Family Stone before I leave the pig's Trotter entirely I didn't completely answer the question that there's more more stuff any other things to keep in mind you think I need transport a man a sore will the try to hold together well enough on its own thank you and we rock apparently Stasi which I did not know which I'm glad

here and you was also taking the Hall and Oates but Natasha decide to go to switch it up so we had two weeks of Hall and Oates and now we're going to we're going to Sly and the Family Stone this week I don't think you're going to need to transport a mayonnaise if you use a ground meat that's been bound by mixing it with salt like you would have traditional sausage unless there's a lot of damage to the actual skin of the pig's Trotter itself if using large chunks of meat as they did in the ideas in food picture. I think a little Activa meat glue would help bind the thing together I think just the fact that you're going to put it into a vacuum bag or if you want to have a vacuum bag roll it in plastic is going to also help keep it together while it's poaching and so I don't think you're going to have too much of a problem but hate it couldn't hurt especially if you're going to do any sort of post searing to it you know they did to crisp up the outside skin which I don't think is actually traditional is it you don't know I don't know where they traditionally would I do accept only ever done it in my house I've never had it out you don't even have only ever made it myself anyway so

I almost forgot to finish asking a question okay now we have another question and I probably shouldn't say this one for for last because it seems like it's got some gross stuff in it so me my answer has a gross stuff in it I work for a French chef who says you cannot digest tomato skins he claims they pass undigested through your digestive tract can you please look into this Mike PS you may is referring to the block now PS you may as well remove the forms that have been taken over by spambots and you ignore the posted questions okay I'm freaking answer that the PS on that Mike we are aware of the problem of the spam Bots and I am personally wear my non-responsiveness problem we're basically trying to get to position where we can have our webmaster give control of the forums to a few of our trusted members are bars away and what not and I want them to clean it up I want the forms to stay alive it's hard for me to

check are all that stuff it's recently because most have been working on hard enough for me to time in a timely fashion answer all the block questions which I am pledged to do I will eventually answer every single question posted on the block with the forms getting tough to me I hope to keep them useful and eradicate the spam Bots into that and we are going to give control of those forms to some of the soil form folks we're just waiting for our webmaster to get back from his vacation with his vacation from work plus he's got a new baby and we're on it and we apologize for the second question I think I might have a call and somebody answer the second part of the question later that true Jack do we have a call

so I will answer that question it is true that tomato skins can pass undigested to your digestive tract there's two main kinds of fiber that we have right there's insoluble fiber and soluble fiber soluble fiber things like pectin they go through they go through you know that a lot of your digestive tract undigested but then get digested by bacteria because they're water soluble in your in your large intestine and that sings like pectin right then there's a insoluble fiber that's basically not water-soluble it all doesn't get damaged by bacteria and basically passed through urine testing an indigestible say right and there's a lot of insoluble fiber in tomatoes I can so some things that are inside of a fiber or Hemi cellulose and lignin so Tomatoes games have a lot of that and I was just checking basically

let me have a call and I'll come back and finish this question cuz it's going to take awhile call or you're on the air about the bacterial action that loves it or something but it made me think about another question how come there's such a difference between like soda bread chemical 11 Breads and yeast breads Lake Eastbrook there more gluten formation from the Easter Bunny a yeast a yeast won the volume is is provided by the the aeration of the yeast that happens inside of an already formed network with gluten right quick bread is not gluten dependents not relying on on gluten for

for it's a structure that helps obviously Ryan but yeah they're fundamentally different to finish out your finish out your question there I was just I was just musing in my head is just less gluten formation with the chemically leavened or not that

right I don't know but I mean look it's certainly possible to do yeast till friend since it's not the used itself so when you take out there's there's a bunch of stuff going on if it's only East you're not going to probably get that much of a pH change if you if your yeast plus bacteria or you're going to get a radical pH shift which is going to also affect the gluten make its lack of that sourdough we kind of texture right so if you ever made you ever made overnight use pancakes and then in the morning you also usually out of secondary levonor and you make it and it's got that gray Tuesday taste but still basically has the texture of a pancake but it is more like a crumpet at that point I just got that weird kind of bubbly everything in it

don't mean they're fundamentally different in that a quick yeast leavened bread right relies on either a gluten formation gluten Network or some sort of other air trapping Network like Penta Santana rye bread something like that right it's were lying on a structure to hold the air because the air is being produced. The are the CO2 really is being produced over a long. Of time free baking whereas chemical 11 Breds are relying on it on a quick source of variation and happens at or close to the time of baking either either through an acid-base reaction or through the heat decomposition of the product into into you know salts and CO2 so you could probably add a chemical leavener to a to a glutton race I mean to add to a high-gluten thing to see what happened but I think it's just fundamentally a difference in dough structure

okay that makes sense if I'm not right so it will be all in and I've never made a salt salt Rising bread in it without the kind of crumbly like you know soda bread stuffing idea I just I mean I saw it at this Festival when I got a loaf and I tried it and I thought that you're sinking I Wikipedia and that's about it and I wish McGee I'm sure his try that a bunch of times and I will try to look into if my memory serves me which is doing less and less these days I will confess happy birthday thanks thanks so yeah so next time I speak

and if I'm not actually get a lot of a lot of our interesting ideas come out of questions like this so we're definitely been to it thanks thanks so much for the call back to Tomato skin so I forget where I left off so there might be some overlap so there's a lot of a Hemi cellulose things like that Hemi cellulose and lignin being two of the primary insoluble fibers and they pass through your system relatively unscathed especially if they're not masticated I eat chewed or Blended right so yes you can see tomato skins in in your poop but they are not in any way or not anyway harmful I looked up unfortunately by the person whose internet access to all of the good scientific journals that I've been stealing four years their password change I have been able to get the new password yet so I'm I'm I'm kind of in the dark as regards my usual ability to research things on the Internet it's kind of pathetic I'm 40 years old and I'm stealing somebody's password to

too scholarly articles it's kind of like the equivalent of living in my mom's basement so I had no offense anyone's living in their mouth by Natasha says offense I don't anyway so but one of the articles I was able to find was change in the bio ability bioavailability of the proteins in tomato processing waste 1996 that point to the fact that the tomato tomato pulp and tomato skin and see the route to the indigestible and relatively new one by in came out in 2010 by Garcia Herrera that where they measure did they said there's a relatively high percentage of insoluble fibers in a tomato tomato skin and so yeah it's going to pass through now here's the problem there's a bunch of people out there and this is what you if you search tomato skin you going to come up on this website called curezone and what a good chunk of the people on here and I don't know anything about the curezone people so if a if you guys are curezone people you want to call and tell me what it's all about

it seems like a bunch of people that I saw who are obsessed with their poop so what they do is I'll take some sort of like colon blow you know cleanse situation and then examine their poop in detail to see what kind of went through it and a lot of these guys are petrified of this parasite called achiness stoma Riccar vacuum which apparently looks it's a it's a fluke worm and it looks a whole hell of a lot like a tomato skin everyone thinks that they have this and in their backed up by a lot of research among the same people but not a whole lot of medical doctors calling in right so it's like people like nastasha here who lives what are you self diagnose yourself with recently everything right

don't remember remember because it's like everyday she comes and she's like my nose is going to fall off in the next week I'm sure I did anyway to be a whole lot of self-diagnosis of this akina still in my flute and but most of the people I think we're saying it like don't live anywhere near a place where you would get it for isn't in certain places in Asia and things like that so I would assume that if you're looking at your poop's it's tomato skins and hot and not worms because there's a whole lot of things that can pass through your system under Jessica especially if you're taking something like colon blow which which decreases Transit time that says a polite way of saying all this stuff if you decrease Transit time by the way there's an incredibly cute little girl who's like putting her face into the window as well as we were speaking hear anything you can do to decrease a Transit time me to go to digest this stuff even last night's going to come out looking more and more whole gross gross

1849 72128 that 718-497-2128 sorry gross you out cooking issues

oh yeah welcome back to cooking issues boom Laka Laka Laka Boom laka laka laka that is a good song One take at least two listeners could have seen Dave bouncing on the chair and Nastassja standing still there you go back to to go back here yes yes that's true but I'll pick up and down but it goes back to the gross stuff we were talking about just before the break that song is not like that song so much besides from that the severe butt kicking that it gives everyone is the bass trombone in that thing which just really feels at the bottom on end of that song and like I know that kind of sauce can you play it loud enough it's like it's a butt rumbling think it fits with the with the same inside of one of the greatest lines of all time hits landfall as up to these days I hear is a producer now he's in prison for a while

Musashi just haven't seen Elton John in concert with atomic weapons and also the permutations and trunk and corn so a friend actually of massages from childhood name Dev Rodan and said that he hopes his all is well which it is he just last week and he's a biochemistry nerd and he thinks he has a partial answer for my corner question about using radiation to get sweet corn radiation treatment is a common way to do a mutagenic screen and this is one of the message that Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock was able to discover used to discover mobile genetic elements transposons yeast transposons why corn kernels have such heterogeneous genius Colonel code colorings not as far as whether it was used for trunk into which is the gay gene that helps super sweet corn be super sweet in particular I don't know it is possible that strange things we've been around since the forties think late late 40s early 50s

Factory research my stuff but it may have been existing strain I was just first described in the literature that way the biochemistry of that street is pretty interesting to but I can tell you about that later which I hope you do he doesn't question for us not so much a question but add are you done Inhibitors of sweetness and sour turning into sweet that's miraculin and the sweetness Inhibitors gymnemic acid which you can actually buy it turns out in are very shocked if you don't need to go to apply for online herb shops you can go into kalustyans are the Duelist by specialty shop here in New York and buy gymnema sylvestre and I'll take it and obliterate your sweetness you can look it up and you should do bitter Inhibitors bitter blockers I know these are out of this is some medicine to make him go down better give it a try any hope to hear from as well we actually have tried it but we tried it as part of someone else's experiment Francis Lam on with right that they was on on

slam of his we like him a lot good writer on and he was doing a better blocker test adenosine monophosphate and he brought it in and we tested it with a bunch of different products for better to see how they affected it and they were all affected to they were affected to greater or lesser degrees nothing part of the problem with bitter blockers is that I'm like sour and sweet where we have basically you know one or a few receptors right there like over fifty kinds of receptors for bitterness and so I doubt that there's necessarily going to be a Broadband bitter blocker that's good knock everything down the way that you can literally obliterate your sense of sweetness with anemic acid we were not able to completely obliterated obliterate the bitterness of things like coffee what are sweet as chocolate although beer while we were able to affect them it also the better block of the we use the adenosine monophosphate seem to be much more dose and time dependent and also seem to increase

you took more and more of it than that we took much more than the recommended daily allowance of that stuff, but she much more dependent on those kind of factors than gymnemic acid which just it's like boneheads simple you take it everything's gone or miraculum definitely has an effect on matter what the sour thing is that you're adding has an effect so we have experimented with it but I didn't feel this right to write about it since it was Francis is staying and his article is far more hilarious than anything I could have said about it and I'm not smart enough to make this into a question I'm sure you are going to be home later but and this came in yeah right came in yesterday but too late for Harold night to get ahold of you have any suggestions for improving beef and home is there a way to uncork be if it's gone flabby and purple my friend is a

should be farmer get away Farm in Nova Scotia and why the beef is quite good I often think it would be best if grain finished but he says it's really hard on the cow stomachs and removes most of the healthiness of grass-fed beef and she or he is a she. But there's no question that it does fatten them up quickly which tenderizes them as for the healthiness I'm not sure I'm not sure I'm a Believer in any health claim on beef either Pro or anti I eat beef because I really like it a lot grain-fed beef tends not to need as much aging to get it to be tender because usually it's more inherently tender after the shift and fattened up with rain

if it's gone flabby and purple I'm assuming that it's being aged in a in a cryo bag and you should be able to wet aged if it's going purple in which case you should be able to get it back in Fairly good shape just like getting it out of the bag and letting it dry out cuz as two different processes the purple this is probably coming from a lack of oxygen from being inside of the bag right that's what comes from usually the flatness could be because the moisture has been staying in there too long he has too much moisture in the air so dry aging does two things one it tenderize the meat buy a having enzyme continue to act on the meat and thereby breakdown the proteins right and to attend to dry out the meat slightly which increases the flavor because what's being removed as water which is relatively flavorless so in general I think grass-fed beef in order to be really delicious should be aged dry aged preferably and then it did challenge becomes with dry aging grass-fed beef that it's

really doesn't have a large fat cap on the outside because it hasn't been finished with Grant and if you ate something it doesn't have a large fat cap on the outside it tends to lose moisture to quickly and you lose a lot of the meat on the outside which there is a is a problem with cost and also a problem with the only problem caused because the fat keep some moisture in and allows the enzymes to work for a long time without a radical amount of moisture lost that's it you know whether you want grass-fed or you want grain-fed is largely a matter of taste I know some people who really just love the taste of grain-fed beef and they're not too concerned about what's going to do to the couch stomach since they're about to take a captive bolt gun and shoot in the head anyway is that callous what that's the truth I hope that at least somewhat answers the question I think we taken care of all the mailing questions which means we can use the last portion of this show to unless there's a call her at someone

49701 to 871-849-7128 and less than we can spend the rest of time talking about are awesome fundraiser that we had on Sunday right to say that on the air but yes we did Cam go to timeout New York the phone why not put anything up on the Block yet anyway Heritage Foods right our parent here was one of the sponsors as with Pernod Ricard gave us all the booze and there's a part of the house which is one of our you know that Define people behind the wine booza what you should I go by they gave us a bunch of good wine Pat lafrieda gave us the meat we was at Del posto the French culinary you go to our website soon and see all of the all of the sponsors and like a complete rundown of what we did but basically I'm going to give you the rundown on what the what the food and drink was I'm not going to talk about the mummy

because I already talked about the mummy powder last week and then go to the blog for more but cesare came in with a whole passel of awesome cured meats so manly prosciutto parmesan know and I'm really really good salumi I didn't even ask her name I was too busy shoveling at my face too kind of acid name for it we then had coming in after that we had Neils did I gave him fad diets and he can get something called the real South Beach Diet which was a cabbage soup in a Cuban sandwich cuz South Beach Diet has cabbage soup and he says in South Beach with a really eating is Cuban sandwiches so is like the flavors of Cuban sandwich in a shot of like a pureed cabbage soup that was was delicious and then the next day when both he came out with the Martel and orange basically like an old-fashioned kind of thing which was freaking delicious add a bunch of that and we survived that was was a Carlo mirarchi came out with his lamb and mint which was like a like a like with mint jelly and yogurt this is based on New York circle like 70

ladies and I got a little piece of lamb that breast that was like Sharon Alside great stuff right then after that came out with his catch a coddled drink Hebrew is on corn I don't know where the hell he grows on corn when he grew his own corn and made sort of the Corn like horchata thing and put a little bit of licorice tea in it by using apps and then with vodka to use it up because I haven't can't do anything without losing it up so he served that as a foil to Dave Chang's dish which was called it's a shame we know more about dinosaurs and by about what Native Americans and he called up a guy he wanted to be actually Hudson like what the 8th here in Manhattan and hissing he spent like ours now is researching you called every Native American tribe leader from here to here to hell and called up like you know anthropologists and archaeologists and everything turns out that we know Jack squat about how the stuff was prepared and eaten to be just know what they ate and so he called that we all we know that the equation

bigger because we had a Showman's mittens to be called up a friend of his who is an oyster a producer in up in Long Island like the old school Blue Point oysters and he's like keep some growing for a lot longer and so could be told him early what he's going to do and these are some big was the biggest oysters from this Coast I've ever seen ever and he cooked with acorns and berries would like to see some like a Greenery on top and now it's very interesting he took it like like he was a most kind of literal interpretation I think as well what was going on in a fascinating fascinating stuff after that we had an auction where we auctioned off like a Nathan myhrvold Christian book polyscience circulator I lost my voice during the auction so my crazy family law circulator hope not let to find it but we auction off a signed check jacket for nine hundred bucks which is awesome I would ended caveman food and Thomas Law Firm Depakote

compared to a champagne and lindeman's peche Lambic beer that is like fermented

delicious delicious they came out with like a crazy play caveman like eating bones she made a fake bone marrow out of out of the butt like a butt fake bone out of potato which you know you said basically they used to birth didn't use potatoes that since we don't know what to say eight and might as well be a potato and then it looked just like the outside of a bone and then he filled it with with a bone marrow mix so he made and then he had like instead of like blood from the animal he had like a beat. Because they would have had something they would have ate as well be mushrooms and dehydrated and look like Twigs like they were lying around on the ground and look freaking amazing and they had some sort of like edible grass on top of that sort it look pretty damn cool right yeah yeah then came in ancient Rome and I Audrey Saunders came on board with her Madeira Martinez which was like it was basically Madeira and

bay leaf infused gin that was some delicious delicious business and then Mark came out from the home Chef I swear to God a whole ostrich ostrich and another one cook and serve spicy Ramen Style on bread like almost like on trenchers like I said I didn't know that but kind of like Treasures in medieval times that was that was amazing the dishes called Big Bird and then after that can the deserts and the first thing that went out with an espresso Martini the kind of reinvigorate everyone that came to go to put out those all so delicious it was a espresso martini with with cynar China I'd rather try not to which is an artichoke liqueur it was absolutely great and that was paired with us with Brooks Headley who did basically sweet dessert made of fried artichokes because his was Hebrew food in Italy so he's taking that's basically it's like

control biology. Which is a Jewish like a recipe and then sweetened it with a Mott's and made a matzah matzah ricotta ice cream and apparently was delicious but since no one save me any I didn't get to try thanks-thanks-thanks then I served a Martell cognac Martell Cordon Bleu with mono that's from Heaven you can find it on our block of some real business you know it's like dried-up Neil got a plant sap that God sent to say the Israelites if you believe in that sort of thing and tozi sent out space food which was she didn't let her take on astronaut ice cream Neapolitan ice cream and everything was delicious everything was amazing and a big big snakes we had actually some people from the listeners from the radio show who came kannenberg came from and Gore came we thank you very much Ariel from UC Davis came thank you so much we hope to do it again and sick

march on the west coast for anyone that listens on on the west coast listeners Kansas City but I'm crying in the booth

didn't get to go he was

because he didn't eat that so he didn't get to go even though he was obviously we wanted him to come so he missed out on what turned out to be one of the most epic lunches of all times and I to Roberta's pizza

thanks for listening to this program on the Heritage Radio Network you can find all of our archive programs on Heritage Radio Network. Com as well as a schedule of upcoming live shows you can also podcast all of our programs on iTunes by searching Heritage Radio Network in the iTunes Store you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter up to date news and information thanks for listening

I just can't get it straight

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