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Episode 339: My Name Is Prince

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put in that work well really freaking late today and stassi the hammer Lopez with your the grand vizier of online cooking Baron not online the whole thing the science editor

and online

and online TV also if there is content and there are science involved you are the editor of this is the guy at the one and only I know you have that print print song going through my head but he wasn't Prince of the time he was that squiggle shape when that song came out my name is where she said money was Prince but was not on the album where his name in fact with my plans for the name of symbol the artist formerly known as I believe that that was I believe that was the first album where that happened babe are you trying to say you just outsmarted Prince I would never ever say that I used to sing that song to myself in German

how did it go and remember to you well then let's go

yeah they're on tonight where he says hurt me I don't know I've made it up a little

Kaiser Penn State Line so I can see my friend is in Berlin this weekend she's staying at pensione Funk that Communications right now with me whether I can't tell whether I'm supposed to use a me who the mirror anymore I know I know it's been like so long do German back in the day Paul is it it's fundamentally completely rule-based so for a rule-based person such as myself it's incredibly easy to learn also incredibly easy to forget your oldest person I mean isn't I'm a rule

time is not on my side no it is not know what happened to me today was I was going to be my normal amount late and the subway was like hey you know what why don't we just not stop at flushing which is a stop I get off your phone on the subway

it is it's all my fault it's all my fault but I was like you know what miscalculations I made at the end of the day it's all my fault interesting fact Paul

nastassia I'm sure does not care and I don't know David are you okay you got to tell me but when I was a kid I am one of the last generation that grew up with red pistachio nuts do either of you guys remember red pistachio nuts no pee okay so like they were facing out you know Paul clearly remembers and Dave is not so in the seventies and mid-80s right when you bought pistachio nuts they were red I'm not talking like like Rosie I mean completely soaked dyed red with red food coloring

like so much so that and I used to put me pistachios let's face it pistachios are the best nut to eat like in terms of like flavored pistachios are good me and like we have an argument that you see they have a good taste they taste like pistachios which is a win then I mean but conversely a bad pistachio one that's been trivial or moldy or has it sweet aflatoxin on it is like one of the worst things you put in your mouth like it one of those shriveled pistachios when you get one in your mouth is like a horror show right so it's like shriveled nuts in your mouth never good to read so this. I also was not very high quality. I call if you remember it was like it would come off on your hands I look forward to stay I mean my hands were my hands and face were perpetually stained red because also I'm too lazy to pick him apart with

and so I grabbed it with my hand place it on my tooth rip it open spit the other show out sucked and not go as well as the time we got fndc blue number whatever it was died and I told her not to touch it and I came back from lunch and her entire face was blue like she was freaking Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka it was amazing but it's not like I used to wish I'd taken that was my favorite part of the modernist cuisine the original book was the story they talk about the submarine ever that is so what happens is is there accounting a story of that Naval doctor did where they got everyone on the submarine to come in for a checkup

sensibly of their posterior portions right I don't know what they were like what they lied and said they were testing for really all they were doing is swabbing the sailors but with phosphorescent. I didn't waited like a day or two and then went around their buttholes yeah with phosphorus and I then went around the sub with with a light with a black light and we're looking at the phosphor has the entire inside of the submarine like lit up like a three-way with a black light and everyone assumes old no germs are okay it's everyone else's germs that are no good and everyone thinks that's a prisoner's dilemma the germs and so the entire inside of the submarine is completely coated with with poop class first which is an amazing man clearly the

clearly that's the only take away from all of modernist cuisine that you started I had was a submarine that she owes were always dyed red and here's what happened I read about it so pistachios that we used to get we're from Iran that's where the majority of pistachios are grown they were imported into the United States and the traditional harvesting method to get pistachio nuts in any run left blemishes on like staying literal stains on the outside shelves in the nuts and so because Americans in the 70s I guess before or maybe even terranean consumers I don't know didn't want to buy nuts that look stained probably with human fingerprints or something else equally horrible to go back to the Pooh story but they stay in the bright red because the bright red apparently covered up all the stains and it was all good so enter when the revolution happened in Iran they took the hostages there's an embargo on Iranian

nuts and for a while Californians were dying than likely rainy instead however the methods of harvesting used in California do not cause stains on the Nets and so everyone's like we don't need the deities nuts no more and that's why pistachio nuts aren't read any longer understand where I put your cookie improvisational skills to the test this week secret ingredient is all-purpose flour meaning it has all purpose has any purpose you want to clean your car all purpose flour Nastasia tell us what you'd make I would make chicken piccata what that's what you call out AP flour for I wouldn't have no other user AP flour on my house other than putting it on chicken you wait let me get this straight you literally have no

reason a flower in your house other than are you not going to bake with it right but but the only thing that you ever put a coating on before you fry up is chicken yes and not even like like fake saltimbocca like and I love a chicken you ever met Cafe chicken saltimbocca you know saltimbocca Alla Romana write the veal cutlet with the prosciutto and then and the sage it's called self iboga because you remember Italian because what something in the mail

things to Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues visit Bob's Red Mill. Com to shop there a huge range of products use the code cooking 25 for 25% off your order that's cooking no space the number to the number 5 some more on this some more on this Nastasia and I when were yelling at each other but I mean been if I didn't the ad would be longer than the show especially with your arrival times

I'm well now you shut up early I meant like to stay over the course of forever anyway my point is that we literally have to travel over a river to make it here over the river and through the freaking Woods anyway point being at anastacio one of the things nastase I don't think you play the sad yet but one of these days. He was supposed to do for Bob's Red Mill was the pharaoh to bother Nastasia even though I know it's pronounce farro just just to take her out cuz I keep hearing both like it when you use it for an ingredient that's not really fully like Americanized yet you use the original pronunciation until proven otherwise

anyways then all these recipes I got supposed to she comes in and her pretend recipe was the worst 410 recipe on Earth snow she made a different one so she takes place in photo we can prove that she can't read it out that what she made with farro she chooses my two least favorite things trunks huge chunks of there's a hacked up a plant which I love eggplant okay alright that's more of a win and summer freaking squash like just chunks of Summer freaking squash and farro and I guarantee you in fridge cheese and his brothers fridge cheese

French for a month in as let's say it went in as let's say Camembert and then just becomes freeze cheese

turns out you should spend some time thinking about what you cook whole go figure who brought this to set the timer found it you found it and took it from the studio bar specifically but I've been investigating dihydromyricetin

get me to basically inspired by Dave opening his exciting new bar I went there and there's an interesting cocktail menu and I wanted to try all of it but beverage alcohol has an intoxicating effect which prevents you from having as many cocktails as you would otherwise want this dih like two hydros like Maurice the slang that Maurice spelled like spell like Maurice spelled like mersin the m y r

my named after the plant family

I can't spell on the air for some reason hey where do they get this crappy the internet where did the internet get it from where are the Amazon Amazon the jungle on Amazon the bezel the icon Ali Khan Beezus I don't care how we supposed to be pronounced ampelopsis grossa something planned or hovenia dulcis it's from traditional Chinese medicine as a hangover cure but recently the West has started investigating the active ingredient which is called dihydromyricetin medicine legit old school TCM thing and treat the kids are calling it what dhm dhm is it is it g r a s to throw another acronym into it or no

Jenna regarded as safe by the US pharmacopeia

wait so that were allowed to play they were allowed to rip on Mary Poppins like don't worry about it

I was suggesting that you should have surreptitious touts coming up to customers giving it to them so they can order more drinks should deny as a theoretically responsible person I cannot serve it to a gas because it is not on the list of ingredients is Jenna regarded as safe by the United States of America to go ahead so your test what has happened so I decided to try this stuff for the first time and I had a couple of capsules of it and I went to how far in advance okay and I had like eight cocktails

who is your bartender I have to talk to him about this I don't remember anything and I was like the more drunk other people get as long as they get more selling and Silent the better they appear to her so like there's nothing in Saucier loves more than a silent selling drunk because she can just sit there an accident without interacting and those slowly sag into themselves like a persimmon slowly slowly bleeding and dehydrating into its own flesh and that is her favorite dinner date true or false what was the what was your cocktails without dihydromyricetin

cocktail social sparkling rose of you that are wondering this is not some sort of we don't serve miniature cocktails at existing conditions we it says we say engine will you get too full to announce pool right we have some low alcohol drinks and we have a lot of magnificant cocktails your first test is you say is Success a mixed success ethanol has sort of a complicated way of intoxicating you involving various different neurotransmitters and it felt like some of that was inhibited by the diagram where is it true that some of it was not how is the morning inhibited

the morning was fine but my mornings are unpredictable

there's no reliable link between drinking and feeling hungover for me sometimes I really do and sometimes I really don't so we need to find someone anyone out there I mean I can't suggest that you do this test because he and I haven't done the research Paul has he can suggest you do it but and what happened to the rat

property called l o r r which is the lack of righting reflex or you get the rat drunk and you turn it upside down and you see if it can turn itself up right again and if so I drunk right now that's a technical term for effing with a rat has the lack of righting reflex in a wrapped and what we need here is we need someone

yeah yeah someone who is someone who doesn't have some type of altar do you normally get hangovers day do I get them oh my God I can't provide you with the drink for free your Dave in the booth will house spot you your cocktails together but when you go to existing conditions

beyond the amazing and highly intoxicating cocktails there's also Dave Arnold Milling around and if you have any questions he's right there and he will tell you the answers all your questions and this is

sort of profit opportunity that needs to be exploited so I think Dave should set up a little consultation booth in the back mean like Lucy's lemon minutes with Dave dollars you get a free cocktail to drink during your 15 minutes with Dave and you can write it off if he's helping you with your food and drink business so I will only quote Lucy there in the entire time you have pedophobia I will always comfortable Chuck no matter what their name is yes we spend our lives giving people information for free so I know is the time to ask me some questions

better like podcast ramifications that happened there was a couple in New York City yesterday last night I'm on the phone I'm with Nastasia nastase and I are having one of our many many intensely unpleasant conversations with our contacts are contacts over in Shenzhen in China with the with our Factory stuff and

someone literally hears me yell on the phone you know that's the most ridiculous thing on the phone as they're walking past had no idea where existing conditions was and says I know that voice is like I said we're at the way I know that you're a siren Call quickly I should say I'm trying to teach my kids proper greetings cooking issues crew from my stuff in condo in New Westminster British Columbia Canada near Vancouver I'm a long time listener first-time email or just finished fully catching up on all three hundred and some episodes oh my God

other day and it is like night and day you just open like so and PR like Loki professional and like it's just it it sounds like a completely different Dave

I'm like two or three years ago we said should we do a more welcome to cooking issues no no no that's a hard no not sure what I'm going to listen to while I get my house cleaning done toying with going back and starting over meme episode 1 know so that's all time find new things life is too short find new things anyways my friends and I travel to the Oregon coast every year and we traditionally make a cheese fondue raise nastassia to find out you like cheese fondue I will say this also the person who called me with the code you question we don't have an answer yet another alarm for 1 p.m. to pick up your shoes are literally going to go and I need fuel for fondue nastase you're the fondue lady Jesus

so much for not taking calls on the XO Paul you'll have to stand in for Nastasia you do your best meme I love you like Swiss things I hate biscuits love Swiss things we also do this during the Super Bowl so I guess it to twice per year event such as long as you get my question by the end of January in good shape when we're making fondue this time I realized that we didn't have any corn starch which is what most / all the online recipes call for so I stepped in flower know the recipes I found even the serious eats one explain why cornstarch is generally use instead of flour I did a cursory search online to found a lot of conflicting opinions and people listing the properties of each they can without really applying to the scenario cheese fondue melting shredded cheese that starts with starch into a high acidity added wind situation you wouldn't also purple

distance he was quite sick just unusual usually have to use more flowers because it's got less thickener it cuz got all that extra garbage In and Out protein or is quite taken the cheese wasn't blending nicely with the reduce wine eventually gods of the consistency we're dipping was possible but didn't have the same velvety texture it had in the past and seen perpetually on the verge of breaking I did cook the wind down and out of the cheese graduate over 20 30 minutes I'll know he is slightly more flower that was called for in the cornstarch there you go that's proper maybe I had too much probably not any thoughts on why cornstarch is the first or share or is or is it started to use thanks for popping out entertain show my house will be dirty or without your podcast also if you guys are still keeping tabs on the demographic stats I'm a 32 year-old female who hides all kitchen take purchases from my disapproving hugging all right that's on talking about this from Dana Dana not dinner anyway

okay so the short answer is flour should work I don't know the main differences between flowers prisons wheat starch is a fun purified flowers of the main difference between regular flour and appear starch is simply the fact that starts with p r starch and flour has other things in it like protein Ash things like that so any certain starches will perform differently cornstarch has a lot of things going for it cornstarch is extremely neutral in flavor cornstarch is extremely cheap cornstarch doesn't Clump as badly as some other starches so it's easy to toss the shredded cheese or the cheese cubes and cornstarch keep them separated while they're melting then as they melt out the cornstarch will function lies rather quickly and you get a nice fondue also cornstarch because it doesn't have a lot of other stuff in it

is relatively clear so it's not going to cast a haze over your over your new phone do that you might get a picture using flour because flower as much more of an opacifying effect because it doesn't it doesn't fully you know once it starts to latinize is there still stuff is not dissolve it's in AP flour now other starches are great and can be used even smaller quantities for instant arrowroot starch or no starch worthwhile in fondue I haven't tested lot of other starters I be worried about some starches things like potatoes swell tremendously so maybe it'll make it too thick I don't know I've never use potato starch in fondue I think a lot of the flower like this are the arguments about flour go all the way back to escoffier so escoffier wrote in his famous Swiss Coffee Road that in the future we will not have to use flour for thickening because we're going to have all of these kind of purified starches

I said he was very prescient in that way and his theory was is that when you're adding flour to something it's going to be cooked so you either want to cook it for a half an hour to get rid of the raw flour Taste of making her quotes in my hand here this is his his words not mine or you want to add it at the very last minute in the form of a bring money which is where you mold butter and flour together into like lumps and he throw those wants him to provide a quick thickening right as it comes up to the boil but escoffier was very much opposed to any kind of cooking between just bring it to the boil and cooking it for like half hour 45 minutes to cook out the flower if you redrew recipes for people are making rude which is not the same as fondue but if you or Bechamel recipe things like this all of the old school recipes would buys relatively long slow cook times of the flower presumably to get rid of that flower taste that they say I have not necessarily fully experience what they mean by this flower taste but it's also possible that the non dissolve non-starch

I was giving you some textual issues in your van do any thoughts on this

that makes a lot of sense dates

Musashi I like cheese fondue ant-like do you make it ever or do you just like it you prefer other Swiss people to make it for you but you don't make it but you don't ever make it there used to be a bunch but like the modern way too much like obviously when you're making a van do you want to get the right consistency you also I mean the traditional fondue is about using a cheese that melts quite well so like you know a lot of fun do distribution you're using some form of gruyere like comte like thing right you need the right balance of aged and fat and everything together so that they melt together properly the wine is there because you need it like a certain amount of acetic get to it you know to multiply proper

but the key thing if you want the no fail and you don't mind using new technology the older I get the more I am not interested in riding the edge of failure on a constant basis ride so it's like already the stuff that I do like I'm on the edge of failure all the time so why would I want to leave myself to the vagaries of how the cheese happens to be today or how my burner happens to be today about whether or not I'm going to end up with a glue in mass or not right or what is the exact acid amount that's in my wine because too much acids bad to little ask that why you need to get the right pH everything is be right so I would highly recommend that you cheat and you just add to your fondue what the chef says people in the modernist cuisine people do they add what they called melting salt sodium citrate sodium hexametaphosphate this is going to give you a big insurance policy to prevent against graininess in your van do likewise you know if you're going to make the fondue of the Americas which

is queso right what you're making queso queso typically doesn't require you to use more cheese doesn't require a thickener if you don't add too much milk or cream cheese or queso it doesn't require any thick in her at all but no matter what cheese you're using you should use you know some sort of American style government style cheese add some Velveeta to it because it comes with enough emulsifying salt inability to emulsify a tractor trailer of queso so like you can do several pounds of you know regular government cheese or American cheese and a little bit of Velveeta which is much more expensive and Rotel and get yourself me and asked if I knew that I make on the regular especially for Super Bowl everybody everybody likes So Yesterday row correctly we would let me just say that I got to give a quick shout-out to Ann Robertson who is the person who put me on to the first episode of cooking issues and also contributed to the station so thank you

show up on the way out tickets yesterday. So you have your food handler's license you should go get it just in case you don't want to because I don't do the Last Frontier and I don't want that to be like I do everything else anyway I went up to take the test yesterday and you know you take the classes online and then you have to go in person to take the test so first of all the time about how wrong how incredibly so I'm up there and it takes forever to take this freaking test right so like the text itself 10 minutes maybe 15 write 50 questions multiple choice diamond diamond EXO if you're good at standardized tests you're in you're out and you know that's what I am good at in life is standardized test you know so I show up and I sit in the in the back of the room and unfortunately you have to register bairos I'm waiting 45 minutes where you're not allowed to use your cell phone or do anything just to get the test in my hot sweaty hands

it's raining so I have my raincoat my hat whatever nightmare so I finally I get the test I rip through it and run up they go to Great it and she's like wrong wrong wrong wrong lalalalala I was like you must have a line the answer key while she's like nope I'm like listen this is you not me I look at it and I'm like you're using the wrong answer key so she was like she was using the wrong answer key she goes pretty confident huh I'm like this is what I do like there's nothing else like here I am like oh my God I have to go on there tomorrow and tell everyone that I've sailed food school and become an admin person to derail you like that

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