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Episode 337: Third Steak in the Back

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Tuesday for my I don't know like 12 12:10 to like you know like one like one of those 1ish Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick

not join as usual in East Asia to hammer Lopez she's in and investor meeting but not in the business that we have together for other business was apparently more important than you folks out there so there's that we got Dave in the booth to go to the bank ya hear me talking about it like a dog that's true but we do have today in in in the studio and interesting guests we have a Joshua applestone well.hello the founder and owner of a applestone meat and fleischer's is in one who cuts up Fletcher's in a butcher because you in fact are a butcher yes we also have in the studio with us the chief of Chief creative officer that was him

creative director. Rector socio-emotional operating officer right what the hell does that mean

but like so I've always been curious is all these like sees when there's some hoes and stuff like I understand what a CFO does that's the money person not that they have the money they move the money around rights CEO basically I guess that's whatever they want to go to see CEO Co oh and I like do all institutions have a c o o I mean I know we don't have a see anything of all we have just like you know Booker and Dax we've got rippity do. You don't even see it myself but

he gave us an employee feedback review and he said that Josh was kind of like a wild animal like energy in the world and that I was the prism the channeled all of his wild ideas into reality so in our case anyway the Cielo is the person who just like makes the crazy ideas happen and then overseed everybody else who's also really making it happen that way by the way people when you're starting a business you know you should find people who have the skills you don't just have made this mistake before we can hire all over with the same idea you need a weld vs. staff and then also in the booth we have our Rebecca who have work work with the years passed it at the Rebecca so what's your what's your what's your official story right now officially not involved with

the mama photo anymore you are I left my fugoo in May although they will always be family I can never tell what official and what's not because what happens is people for so I can't even keep my own Main Street or like you know birthdays in my family so people as soon as someone says don't say anything for me that's like forever has me like you know don't say anything cuz I'm going to do something all my own maybe and some for me that's a forever don't say that forever forever Dave you're breaking the code for 97212 8th at 718-497-2128 because if you didn't know it the one of the really cool things about Apple Stone meets meets meets meets is that I didn't know it was me to meet company needs to meet company we have leaks right but his applestone Meat Company

and you know I'm actually pretty curious to talk to you about what that you can put his for it and kind of what the positives and negatives are the idea here is that you have this you have his desire to sell a very high-quality well-raised will butchered Meats right and then you have a group of people that wants to buy that but they might want to buy that at a time in which you don't feel it convenient to sell it to them

we the idea of a brick-and-mortar bean open on a traditional nine-to-five doesn't fit in with everyone's schedule and to play with the hours of availability is almost not fair so we are 24 7 and 7 days a week because I haven't said it yet these guys put their meat in vending machines now for those who I know this is a this is a podcast so you can't see what I'm talkin about so I'm going to help you picture what kind of vending machine we're not talking about like a soda vending machine where you just see a picture of the soda we're talking about and no one's going to remember this because I don't know because no one out there is old enough but they used to have these vending machines for sandwiches in like 1970s and early 80s like a really yes cuz that's some shameful use currently I didn't know they still made them when we serve this years ago we couldn't find those machines that

the credit cards because those have machines are only using institutional use that worked off of debit accounts so we had to not only take what we needed with existing technology we had to turn into what we needed to do to see if it would work because you know we've been doing it for years we started with the idea of how this will be great if we could do this to how can we how can we do this and to now we're going to design and planning around machines because what's available now still is not what we need is not readily available now in the marketplace yeah I mean it's it's it's a faceless turns out of the we have someone there the hours are 11 to 6 I believe 7 days a week so you can always talk to someone who questions or any issues in my popup there's always someone there to talk to a decent window of time everyday but to have a face a transaction to have a transaction that you become a brand that's trusted because you know no matter what you get out of the machine York

Good2Go has been a process in the study and for my previous company working that for 10 years and be in the food industry forever seeing what we're doing now it doesn't seem like such a big deal is really been amazing because where we started at where people don't know it was very kind of company basically two people think we're crazy to start it when we started in people give me to look like and how could that be in buying some papers that you said by some out of the vending machine we're going towards the idea of not concentrated up by nav a vending machine but having a sales experience or a retail seller Springs now he's quick and efficient but it was on their schedule which is that really crazy tell you I diabetes you saved my life because I get out of the gym at 9 p.m. I need to go home there's nothing open up State and now I can get fresh meat from you or somebody gets Frozen where it is and she's good to go she has exactly the balanced meal she

when she needs it and we have fired men fire people we have people commuting it's just people don't know where the same hours you should only be open 9 to 5 or under in anyone out there and Retail understands the cost involved with running a brick-and-mortar to cut to have a sales in the certain window it is a phone like everyone in the country especially especially everyone you know who's not living In Living Color in the suburbs has become accustomed to 24/7 major big Grocery and so basic what happens if they want food outside of what you're saying like that nine-to-five our range they are there by Supermarket product people will be seen with Amazon and other more convenient platform for selling to direct consumer sales people in a way will sacrifice quality for convenia

and it's almost a punishment there if you knew you want to be able to get this anytime you're only going to have this many prosthetic from its it's a common problem we're even people to have a selection they don't have enough choice and things are getting more and more expensive how do you get more for your dollar without losing money or how can you give a consumer more more more convenient for quality for the same amount of money that I had to cut prices and to us it was about the time that people have access to it right I think also there's obviously a much a fast growing segment of the population with enough money to buy decent quality products but not so much money that they're completely price insensitive and no one is priced believe that I'd like to be able to you know not have to deal with like the loss in the problems and distributing to I'd say a local supermarkets open 24/7 that group

people liking I'm one of those people we also like thinking that the person that we're buying from you even if we don't get to see you in person somehow gets to lead a decent life you know what I mean if he goes beyond that where I think it's it's not only do you want your butcher your convenience person to have a normal life you want to see them at ball games you want to see them out in the weekend not behind a counter but people really want to believe that they're supporting a local ecosystem even if if you had a soup if you had a small mom-and-pop a bigger than anything local people still believe in the are disappointed local economy do you know the products don't come from New York City or Brooklyn or wherever it is that there is different ideas of local there's different ideas of Locale that supporting of small business is literally doing that a local economy and it's important that the 24/7 with such a gift and a way to Consumers that we didn't realize because

it was one of the final things final hurdles people had that the buy meat out of machine is a big deal but really do be able to buy it anytime you want at high quality we was just talkin about where I was at the store in these guys are talking when does weightlifting the other ones are some big anime start talking to have a constant go to replace your late at night they workouts need your thing and you realize that the people need clean food ever I need a safe Zone everywhere that we have a food deserts with your about to shopping too expensive or just not when you're not trying to call you three hard to please everyone but when you start picking and choosing your battles real carefully and focusing the store on that it seemed to work on your right now we just do meet we're trying to stay with that to do other groceries to me kind of takes away from the purpose of what we're doing but they're still item it's like milk you will we live where we have our first door which is Stoneridge up the Hudson Valley in really well place closed down at 10 p.m. you know you have to feed

play tonight you have you need milk for the morning there's just something really convenient about a model like this that doesn't tax you between but the quality and the price thing about meat though is that

I mean almost anybody meat is still even with the Absurd relative treatments of meet these days and supermarkets meat is still seen as kind of like the big by of the day you know what I mean we go to Vegas every year to go because we're always looking for new account technology which is why we're doing our machines cuz it's just nothing out there that we were at 1 last year and this guy said like $3,000 computers like yeah we can sell this make computers no problem today it's no big deal at all but don't go buy a $6 pack of ground meat you got really think about that we realized that we are really on to something because just with my background in my he's with this type of product I know it better than anything that it's easy for me to sell this and it's it's not easy for me to sell a faceless but it's just short of a gap for me to make that four people get people understand because people used to buy computers are so used to these things and it's I think the reason hasn't been done is because there has not been a name out there that's so trusted with such a particular type of safe Zone

and that's why you know it sounds so stupid but it is what we realize that like the money but there's like a little steam hear you realize it Go everyone's working tons of hours no one has any time tell me about it I know will you do with our staff we work 5 days a week we work Monday to Friday and we start 70 off by 3 and when the things that they do people come to mirror employees because you realize that it satisfies the front of the house because we have the convenience we have a product and we have a locations that we were working on the people are very willing to try it out and in the back and with our employees that we can pay them a little bit more we can give them more time off and it's like I said it's like it's all of a sudden you realize that it brings more of a human factor to everything when we came up with this originally my whole thing but talk another

was that you can now close your slowest day and just have this machine packed and you don't have any more about being open you're only going to do a certain amount anyway you know that you sell these things in his regulars and also I'm having a day off in a real day off if that's that's a big deal when you know what I had to say like you have to Google you have to Google it and look at the look at the the vending machine and you can see right away that I am one of those people that I must see the thing I'm buying this is why I know I'm a complete luddites Rangeley because I'm known for what kind of technical cooking stuff but I don't use delivery services for my groceries because I like to see the food that I'm going to buy even if I go to my local Fine Fare you know garbage Supermarket I like to pick out my produce I like to pick out the parts I'm going to use specific specific pieces I want that piece

because I'm going to cook it a particular way and this the vending machine is like a stack of Carousel so you have like a column with carousels on it it Rose and you can see I don't know how many how many in each segment's in each of the pocket that you would be enough. You're not like pushing a button and like you know you don't like a vending machine because it's what I was thinking you're buying like those Ritz crackers even though they have salmonella now the Ritz sandwich crackers and there's that screw thing and the one that's in the front is mangled but the one that's in the back as nice near cracker but I don't want them exactly which one you want right you get to choose your piece of meat like you can choose which I would call him you want no this is this is yes

but it's a whole long conversation them shirts and give me to look don't get in having a convenient shopping experience with a as guarantees you can perfect product there are compromises in the new machines were developing that the thing that you just said where's my pictures machines now that we use currently flat past two-and-a-half years is because you can rotate them to see different steaks will be different prices but when you really do you haven't been there when you look at it you can't really see them though you can see them but you can't seem to wait what you just said that you're the type of person you walk through a bunch of shopping and take that tray out I want I want to see that one third in the back I said that's fine that type of customer with the new machines might not be as satisfied now but I'm betting that it works out anyway and we do this on purpose because

the way vending machines are built today you can't make it as display belaz you wouldn't have butcher shop

with the Safety Fair for food safety reasons or

it's not food safety reasons its packaging reasons its Integrity of the product reasons it's the setting up of the machine reasons and for you for one to have to literally mimic a butcher shop 100% it can be done it most likely would make the same amount of profit margins that are modern butcher shop does which is small and however you do have someone there and one of the things that I like about the store is say you do want to see exactly what you want to pick out they can go pull and you can look at a variety of pieces which they do say so because I'm a butcher and because my entire background is in I want to see that third steak in the Back That Azz the way I live

I know exactly when you walk into a butcher shop you expect certain sounds feet smells feeling of the are the reason that you feel so empowered the sand with the third in the back is because this is a routine that you've been trained to accept and know that you know your limitations live in this where it is to help the situation of something walking into a shop like ours with new machines and saying I want to feed three people I want to do three bone-in steaks the machine will show them a series of steaks to pick from just like you want so provides Guidance the new Guidance the sizes the price of each one the whole mishegoss how thick will be with a ruler next to it

what's not yet know that's right now you can see them but it sounds like the way the way the future is going the way I can see it the way I can see pricing stain lower accessibility getting better and better and quality staying there without being taxed on price that we have to be retrained how we look at things in the same way when we when you said give Company by a machine there so far on this done my next Generation machines I hope people not think about buying out of machine rather than saying that was a cool stuff to make friends I've ever had I just bought this stuff and by the way everything I thought there was amazing but every time I go there if I owe you I want the same I want the same size flattering to get every time I want the same ground beef to taste the same as the same mouth feel and that's what people are really looking for the looking for a consistent steady Prada let me know what's good for them it's not going to kill me in the pocket isn't that always when you're dealing with kind of like

the market in here in New York like it if they'd so very well because of supplies on is consistent really not that one's better or worse it's just that I know that would I have done throughout time I know what I who I work with it's just what I do so might my job is sourcing and execution and we're just talking about a song about these guys what time do you say about the idea of how being a bunch of such an art because there really is like a muscle or different you have to trim a certain way and I'm going back to the idea of the phases transaction is really important for us to have consistency it's really important for us to have knowing the song to buy something out of machine over there someone there you can always keep it with you can you buy something you don't like it and turn around return it and watch it it's you were customer service were there to help but there's there's there's an hours for that and the rest just come freely and do what you want to do what he can you still get to have beat me like you miss or do you still

get I guess that kind of customer back when I had a back when I was a real human being like I used to like every question it was like you know like 16 17 years ago and I was a real human and I had a butcher his name is Michael and I would visit Michael and we would spend like a half hour together and you know he would be like I can get you the illegal lungs day and then let you know what I mean and then we talked about his family and he get married and I buy him a bottle of wine for his marriage and your any stuff like this happens when we have ship reports to to ship reports a day where including the ship reports that sounds like to set up that we have communications with customers and special things that happen a bad things and we still have the same feeling that we've always had I would order company I'm doing we still we were really big on community were looking at Community cookbooks we're constantly talking to our customers leave the social interaction with people is still there is two

really blows our mind is how many people do not want to talk to anyone and they come there late at night and it's not just people commiting up it's literally just people like like I just want to get in and out and be done one of my favorite stories like 2 a.m. so I was in there trying to use the machines and there's not working this one of the perch when does another person is some dude there and the guy looked over to his right and the guy said he looks like James Bond angle person out there needs to shop when they do and when they want to end the idea that this is hitting anywhere from a fireman to someone famous to the teacher says that we're on the right path you know what the biggest question I had from people we started was like to know who who actually shops there and it was one of those days right walking in my my eight-year-old son the time was talking to some people

70s on how to use the machine and you'll lose one's clicking MomoCon wow there's really no method to the madness just that everyone out there needs clean food how do we get it to them and how we make it as easy as possible we don't think we're going to get everyone but what's really funny is that even the person want the pic with her it's taken aback is going to use that place at least once a week because it's convenient you know it's $30 bonus take me to pack of ground beef are we going to take but then when I get back I want to know what kind of meat can you call her number on the air

Village of Kevin forecast Mesa because he said it on the air before in the realm of sinx and foot pedals use foot pedals 4 pedals on sinks yeah go ahead what's up y'all so we walked over the country waffles soaking something about remind me that I have at home a quart container of strawberry juice that I couldn't get the to clarify in the spends all and I wondered if I warmed it up too much in the vital prep if you've ever had a problem with that where I don't know if there's some kind of like metal esterase potato situation where it's like setting the pectins too hard with them they can't they can't break down to the enzyme I have never had that happen with strawberries what

Annapolis strawberries is if they don't if you don't get the solids to Clump hard enough to understand you're saying that you think you're functional eyes in the packed in such as they don't drop out or don't get killed by the enzyme I just wondered if you a little redose of enzyme again like maybe the strawberries or a little tartar than they were before and right around the PH range of strawberries the you need to up the enzyme load on the SPL to get it to clarify properly or no

I did all of it you can also write so if you're doing like kieselsol akad 1 and then a saint and then kieselsol again if it doesn't flock hard enough you can just hit it again with whatever the opposite of the last one you hit is so if you did. You can go back to a little bit I've never done it more than like one more like edition of D1 D2 and there's a little extra enzyme that should drop out but a good idea as I still sits in the fridge overnight

should Club harder and you should see like some cloudy stuff at the bottom of your juice and that's Tuff wheel spin spin right out and so now it's been in there for a long time so I'm wondering if I should just turn it into strawberry drink and wet what you would actually do for that process anywhere between 8 and 9 and change depending unless you have some sweet strawberries out there and it's very tart so I used to use this product when I was teaching call Jimmy make acid that would erase people sense of sweet and if you remove the sugar from a strawberry it is a freaking acid bomb it's just rude so I wouldn't do you can ferment it dry and then hit it with sugar to break to bring it back but I would say you're going to want to add some sugar anyway to take it up I would take it up till like like fifteen sixteen bricks to fermented dry

and that's going to be really acidic so you think I want to cut it with something or yeah I guess you could do no turn it to an off try to do it but the acidity level those strawberries is going to be typically quite high and got in Strawberry on its own without sugar do I ferment stuff in general prefer to drink dry fermented things like and soul a bunch of wild honey and some friends wild Grayson these days is that they you know don't take into account how acidic Things become when they're fermented dry and because they always kill the process when they're still sweet but let us know how it works out

I wish I could quit breaking tennis a co-sign for Bob's Red Mill moment where we put your cookie improvisational skills to the test this week's secret ingredient is lentil nastassia tell us what you'd make I would make lentils with Coach Keno or what was the other one like they do in Italy for New Year's in Arab cuz they cook super quick no lentils New Year's because lentils is the equivalent of money they shaped like little coins and they cook fairly quickly because they're so then you need to soak them very much they cook very quickly it's easy to cook lentils in a very fast Manor yeah

things to Bob's Red Mill for supporting cooking issues visit to shop there a huge range of products use the code cooking 25 for 25% off your order that's cooking no space the number to the number 5 we are back Joshua from applestone meat Corporation Apple what is it really a camper Stone Meat Company applestone Meat Company in my own company it's crazy Amalgamated conglomerate admits

Monterey Tides like it like right up there with congealed is a bad thing when you talk about meets the meats is congealed no one wants to ride it yeah yeah so here is the question so you said you're moving a new machine is it because one of the things because you want to increase like the density of product you can store in the in the machines is it that you can't get enough pot in your current machines that's one of the reasons yeah me like cuz you're limited by by the way I don't know if you know this we had that we have a at my bar we have some old Coca-Cola vending machines on Spotify problems because it's illegal for me to do that I don't have that proper license to do that it's interesting yeah we can listen to the radio show

we have a license to sell on premise we are specifically not allowed to sell a printer so we in our vending machines people are like are you allowed to do that I'm like I couldn't hear you I couldn't hear what you said didn't hear the question like we're very very careful careful like we make sure that everybody who takes one opens it right by the Jersey how you can bite you yeah so it's like as long as we know that it's opened like it's it's kosher right and the other thing is that because it's on-premise and it's illegal to over-served we only sell token by token to people not like hey can I buy a sack of tokens and relax and you're like no machines the same way up to buy tokens what if someone comes in every day and they buy one token and they don't use an amiibo

I think you started at tonight's the night. But like obviously DC from a business standpoint if someone wants to make it a token as a son wants to buy a token as a Keepsake man that's a win a $0.50 total certificates but the thing is also is that like there are vending machines are completely monitor like there's always a host within 10 ft of that and then the bartender at the point of the bar can look over and see what's going on So Into You are not allowed to pull a Drink Machine after our license is up right so like technically if like on a Monday we close at you know our liquor license is till midnight so as long as they pull that back

allow the machine before midnight we're not we probably won't sell him a token after like 11:50 but if they want to pull the bottle out like if it gets past midnight I'll just for fun in their money you know that goes like if they want to take the told me where the Mazel Tov but if they're like I want to like you know what here's your money back you know what might you know my blessings come and come again in a bar right when you think about a bar is like a bar I guess like a butcher is it you know people go there for a different reason some people they want to sit at a table be left alone and just have the drinks some people they want to sit at the bar they want to have an interaction with a bartender and the same customer could feel you know like different on different dates one day I might want to be at the bar one day I might want to be left alone I don't know you going to be

do you like a walk past us 9 out of 10 times and then one at ten times I just want to chat. We have a super narrative Focus Shift report to Charter staff to really talk about like people patterns and things about people in there should report so that everybody who's working has an idea of the actual human element rather than just like the logistics of it so like when I know certain people by name who I've never even met before work cuz I'm not working retail but I know that like art always buys this on this day like to report so I know it's going to come they literally say that that would be like we have a regular shop you have people regular something but you know we're not there that's cool vending machine was a way we could do it be when we last bar had a bottled cocktail program which is amazing thank you they're so good and then she

change machines that were cocktail mixing machines now that sounds cool like actually from back in the day just travel and I can't remember what the hell I was it could have been Denver but it's not in operation way but they just use it as a come and take a look me with Shaker bottles upside down and gin martini Apple to Jen thing then put the martini it's like an old computer where it was that you punch out certain holes in a car and you feed the car detail univac work that same way

it sounds like it could have been because if I did for us was is at the real bartender barback sand prep people who are making the cocktails for you in real life are making the cocktails are in the vending machine so our hands are still there you know what I mean it's the same thing with us sometimes people just want to get in split and it was one of those until just when I was thinking about it when I started the company to come aboard and just she and I I'm in the back cutting she's handling her friend trying to figure out how we want structure company what we're doing and you know I'm consoling being stop what I'm doing come to front talk to someone sell nothing and it just it was one of those moments right while we're never get anything done and we

machine and it was it was crazy when we started versus where we are now that the acceptance factor is just worlds away that you know how how could anyone want to do that to people are at the matter they really love to see it and every single town there end that there's a lot of areas that need clean good safe zones that don't have anything and it's just interesting about trying to keep up with your first meeting with market and egg after you really wage and USDA it's the vending machine is like there's their previous models for this that they understand there's even know they just want to know temperature and times and monitoring that's what they're concerned with me cuz I know in the restaurant

like we have this new machine that makes ice that where that someone else is making for us and he's made me made one where we have one of the first protozin huh and they are Code Compliance and came in and says I don't understand this just makes me nervous nervous is that it doesn't need to show how cold is 24 hours a day

well and ice machines ice machines as you know ice machines have biofilm problems so when people are when people think it's an ice machine they think there's all these internals it can't be clean and so they're deadly you worried about biofilms and stuff building up an ice machine yes so I told the developer that guy is making it I was like you're not selling an ice machine you're selling a chest freezer and ice cube trays and he's like what I'm like trust me you're not selling ice machine because if you sell an ice machine that's going to trigger a bunch of bells in this person's head if it's just a freezer

at a different set of bells you're triggering you don't even they're not hurts with violins anyone yeah but we don't know yet where did the Deelishis like random inspector that's the thing the rent like a random inspector comes and you look like you need to hire someone who specializes in House of plans or something that they can create a I can do it poster shows he was writing all the hassle plans for all that shitt by the way people I want you to know this I'm extremely angered the city of New York has started cracking down on people for using the ziplock techniques Zippy technique in their restaurant because they're like well you're excluding the oxygen plastic wrap on your parade

no matter what you do you're just trying to make good stuff and people will try to get you it's already or okay you're already doing ROP will give you a brief rundown brief brief rundown of a sous vide and reduced oxygen packaging in New York city so somewhere in the range of I can't remember any more like 26 something like this Dave Chang opens Momofuku Noodle Bar I didn't know when they got hit right so I was I just started a French Culinary Institute 2005 I'm working on the curriculum for teaching low temperature sous vide cooking and oatmeal to the country that was number to got Nails what happened is that I was I was there so I don't like that's how I met Dave Chang was when he got hit so the health department comes in freaks out and says what the hell are you doing cut soap make

can cut open all of his bags and pour bleach on his food and throw it away and he calls me is like what the hell is going on in like everyone's freaking out over it and so immediately because no one at that time Christina Tosi I believe wrote the first Hassett plan that was used in New York for WD 50 cuz WD WD 50 country Noodle Bar afterwards David bouley had a summit if you will that I went to where they invited Shores Pro lose famous guy sous vide I bruise so came with his crew are back along Bruno Baytown all the guys from Cuisine Solutions came and a range of a square using the technique came and the health department came and then they hid all the places that they were there they all got hit and no one understands that the Shakedown was that everyone had to have a hassock plan and we were fighting very hard for a look look you don't want to like you don't understand what you're asking for when you're asking for a real

Casablanca the real hassle plans item-by-item I was like you need procedure based has a plan and you know like we are going to cook a meat here is how we do it with the laws and everything which is eventually kind of the way it went but in the meantime I was like well LOL lets everyone figure out ways that we can do things without the vacuum machine so that we can still get all the benefits of low temperature cooking without the hassle of having to deal with it has to happen without freaking out the that the health department this is why I told Philip this is why I got mad sous vide Supreme the home thing came out that like water bath that came out years ago and I was like I wish they hadn't called it sous-vide Supreme because now like it's going to give me more of a headache because people keep attaching sous vide the vacuum the stuff at the Health Department's mad at with the cooking technique which is all about temperature controls different than Philip Preston polyscience came out with his you know you know $800 immersion circulator and called it sous-vide professionals like I lost this battle and everything

call the sous-vide whatever but we were working very hard on trying to use techniques that we're not sous vide to cook things like protein so we were doing oil Bosch circular coil bass we were doing you know brats and circulated beer baba Baba Baba and one of our main things to get around this was using Ziplocs and then plastic wrap rolled in tubes right so now people rapping meets in in wraps since you know Trevor Noah gets mad and we were leaving those boneless chickens little chickens yeah does the Cannonball technique so like when you're using plastic wrap there's like two there's several but the two basic techniques are the Cannonball technique as seen in wd-50 chicken thing where you put the chicken into a thing in the plastic wrap Ugo twist twist twist twist twist your tie off the thing and you have a cannonball basically that you while your little one's going to chicken all the way you can you rap the dark meat with white meat and then you make into a really tight ball what happens when he poaches it you slice it looks like a breath saver where it's like this perfect little brown Center and look to white nails

such a beautiful woman and then the other way as you do it too so you would lay everything out flat your transcript MSU meat glue that sucker you roll it up and you don't have to have them a clue because meet will self set but the meat glue makes it a nice when you slice it and so then or Coke consultant said and he blamed literally he said it's the hipsters in Brooklyn what done it because the health department saw a bunch of restaurants using the Zippy technique Ziploc technique where you can you put the meat along with some oil in a ziplock bag you put it in water it pushes away most of the extra are you do it and smells like oil evenly distributes the heat is that what takes up the slack in the bag so you know like if you if you just do meat in a bag and you put under water the water doesn't have enough pressure to force itself around the meat everywhere so if you have a little bit of oil you know it's it's liquid so it can form to the bag and you can get a lot like almost no extra air in it

anyway I got real mad at the coke is all what you're stupid because I'm paying him you know what I mean but I was like I just couldn't believe it but yet another nice thing was taken away from me so now that the thing is is that when the health inspector comes in you have to rip open all year Ziplocs cuz then it's cool literally I had an inspector tell me years ago that was like you're telling me that I can put food in a freaking bag keep it for X number of hours because they were allowing on Hassett for certain things they're only allowing you 24 hours right this is way back in the day it's got a lot better I think you're literally telling me that I can take this food

that it couldn't open re-exposure to the atmosphere baguette again and you will say it's okay she's a mean I just I know the you know the health department in Ag & markets in USA Leathers I do whatever the hell they want us they want us to do right you know if we have to prove the science and it's an education goes a long way with the machines themselves yeah because you have to be USDA that's not going out of state can't you just do state but you do u.s. is it better better than the other one you say to me and gives me more of a secure feeling that if and when we want to try to cross state lines without an issue with it

unplanned USA in the very honest they both work under the same hours they both work under the same paperwork in the same everything up because they require because we require it the same person blessing it or is it different people but different people blessing I love the idea that coming blessing thing you mentioned something that you love being taken away from you one thing is coming back and that is just awesome was on her way to stassi is almost here just in time for this day to be over so do you do any cooking you guys do any cooking we don't right now cuz we're building a turnover. Eunuchs have a cottage in a question them to the ground before you like so many times this from trafton hey crew I'm planning to grill a whole 40 lb lamb in a few weeks and wanted to get your thoughts on the best way to cook it so 40 pound lamb is what about 3 ft long

yeah it's length of Bones and stuff like that sure is what most give me to 1010 really being a babe like the Easter baby wants more like a smaller and then there's a difference between goat and lamb these days for babies Sam Sam Sam what do you like better I love goat yeah I love goats baby goat fainting goats a pasta dish wanting to use pasta use the intestines of the Baby Goku so milk-fed and the intestines themselves autonomous I was like eating ricotta cheese is in a pasta dish like the estimated conception for positive I like that Greek style intestine spelling test

a chance okay so I can hear thoughts on the best way to cook it open pit I look into a few techniques and settled she's already settled on this so either we have to recommend based on what he said alone doing I remember once. Used to be super cheap and I used to buy for my put remember Michael I told you about black Michael he used to eat cuz he would sell goat checked up till like you know Jamaican restaurant Batavia I'll cut the racks off of you and sell you the racks of goat at a good price and this back when you used it was giving me lamb belly for free before it became a thing and free for free at the Emmys agrax of goat and we would low temp of and then flash fry those fuck the suckers and they were man with a good wrap it goes People wrap up goat

techniques and settled on using a kacina the game plan is to marinated overnight and then cook it in the box which is Kai Tina is like a box and you put the meat into it and then you cook it from above but it's sealed around with Kohl's in the thing

add the game plan for marinated overnight and cook it in the Box for about 3 to 4 hours the main downside is that you really can't adjust to heat that is a downside of the remember when you're cooking at high temperatures like you know really really the meat is going to go up to like Max temperature like fairly quickly once it gets going somewhere to overcook the lines in the back Lakes you will break down cook those parts separately and then cook the rest in the box but I'm open to other ideas and it generally curious about how you approach it thanks and congrats on the bar opening trapped in well as you will definitely over cook those those parts of it that's why people have to see if you can do a little fire the whole time we can write that in the connective tissue melting out to make the mouth feeling that kind of meat anyway right me you're going to inherently when you're doing those kind of long Cooks you're inherently going to overcook any like normal dry muscle muscle fibers right I mean small

cook faster small animals have less fat small animals are more delicate to cook but if they're done correctly there quote unquote ACR because you're softer less connective tissue let's see if you would surprises Shannon juegos I would suggest having a set of Cosmos I'd get something going yo check in an hour to this many cheap probes you don't even know so I have to stick in late the lamb you leave her ambient temperature but I would keep the temperature on 375 and just expect me to go a little longer the reason I called chance or so well in my idea is that they just cook pig so freaking fast that you can get 60 80 lb Pig done in less than 3 hours skinned there's a landline film on the fat all the way around the skin itself is not like pork skin doesn't puffs up his there's no skin to it they can kill them

the whole point of the Kardashian is a crispy freaking skin when you do pigs drinking issues if you don't have to say before you are fatter than pigs would I seen and the lanolin renders a certain way when you cook and stuff like I just make sure you have flare-ups cuz there's more flare-ups with Landon Pigg remember they separate the clothes when I think it's using the radiant heat from above and then there were two then they be careful good luck and let us know how it works I got answers to your questions next week and quit want to know how hot the tubes can get in it and spends all real hot all the way almost boiling anyway I could be issues

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