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Episode 336: Never Touch Another Man's Knives

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I'm hrm's communications director cat Johnson with a preview of the next episode of meat and three are weekly food news Roundup we're fresh off our trip to slow food nations in Denver a festival that brought together Advocates to discuss the future of food and this week we're bringing you a special episode inspired by the new Equity inclusion and Justice Manifesto released by slow food USA the right to good health will food but we have to do that in a way that kind of insulation system from the vagaries of the market because when you're at a table with somebody you recognize our Humanity cooks for you and serve food in a way they're saying they care about your Survival how can we put things into our own hands and have the people of Puerto Rico Gain real access to healthy Local Foods listen to meeting 3 this week for our highlights from slow food Nations available on Apple podcast Stitcher Spotify or ever you get your podcast

Pizzeria in Bushwick

joined as usual with nastase the hammer Lopez I doing stuff got Dave in the booth 72128 getting old like a I mean like you know

Dino age ranges in number I was on bike today I was biking across the bridge on bike biking across the brake is hot and nasty outside I'm wearing of course all black because I'm going to the bar after the center uniform is all black

I'm going over this Williamsburg Bridge the wind blowing in my face and I said to myself you know what I could use an extra gear on my bike

you're getting old I only have the one gear on my bike and I was like you know who needs who needs more kids what's wrong with you that you can't make it over the bridge with your puny legs and I'll let you know what I don't have anything to prove I could use another gear on this day doing something else doing something like dropping it off at a shop

yeah last time I ate every time I have somebody do something for me how does it end up not the way you want it right wrong I'm okay with like

okay I'm not turn out okay I'm really cheap as a stuffy nose but like if I spend money and like the stuff came back to me like better than I could do it I'll be like well you know what that was worth it is so rare. Tell me about like when you spend money on other things for your business for pasta flyer how often are you like that was money well spent that person did an excellent job it's not the money it's giving it to somebody to an employee to do and then you're like oh my God I got to do it over again yeah that's the thing so so distancia by the way existing conditions the bar has now been existing before others are third week of existence I took a couple hours off on Sunday I don't deserve that I did not do that for a while

you never left I saw you leave the business you were here when the business was open but I didn't take time off I was only here

okay so I saw my son for 2 hours on Sunday and I don't feel bad about it only hours a week okay okay let's about me making fun of you with more about me so everyone knows that nastassia is hate people

yeah and is mean to people write Dave from what I can say is that her only joy in life is to extract pain from others well that's usually you so that's not really the full picture what you mean you're only around you two together so many where she is intensely

let's listen where she said does not care but like actively does not care about the welfare of the people at the event write actively doesn't give a crap whether you enjoy what she's doing or not really Beyond could care less about whether you like the cocktail or food or whatever into I would say you know bordering on smoldering catering we're going to happen do something at the top of Rockefeller Center

yeah I know it's not going to happen anyway so point being that I was like Musashi has terrible service because in general she is right all so terrible it being a judge whether she's going to be good at something but nastassia after going to friends and family was like there's no way they're going to pull out of this in two days because this is so true through such a poop pause already and it pains me to say this came in and did two shifts on the floor and he did a good job a great job she did a good job I was happy to have her there just described how did she do it first of all she shows up to a 100 things I mean it look good if we're going to beat you want me to be negative because clearly you do

closed wine at our restaurant you're definitely not you're not a wine store and I am definitely not like on seamless you can put your beer if you sell it and you open it and they buy it and they want to take it home and then it's in a closed container allowed to show an unopened bottle of wine to somebody

you you can sell you if you if they open the bottle and they want to take the rest home and they cork it and take it home I think that's fine but you're you're definitely not a way that seems backwards in here with your order you can we put a big No-No how seamless does like the illegal crap that they do like but the like think about it this way are you a wine store can you have like just like a shelf of wines and someone walks in and says hey I would like to buy wine from you and you say okay here is some wine to take to a party know you're not allowed to do that that is what are illegal in the state of New York you know what I mean you can't do it

anyway I mean I would love to do that there's nothing I would love more than to sell cocktails to people so that they could go drink them on other people's property but I can't do it I'm not allowed to say it was hilarious so she shows up baby I appreciate this she shows up in the you know requisite black uniform dress dresses not the uniform though just black Best Buy wore a black dress or black dress but that's not the it whatever anyway there's like I need a notepad

she's like I need a notepad we're like fine okay no patches like I'm going to want both hands-free I'm going back to get a fanny pack

hey Black Betty by literally goes out shows up wears a fanny pack how does the fanny pack substitute for the notebook and if she can put the notebook cuz you wearing a dressy no pockets okay I got you also noticed that you do a good job on the things you care about in a restaurant and then the other stuff Falls by the wayside on a true of everything then yeah but I wish you could have danced all the time it's like the things that like impact on on the guest experience you just don't think about cuz you don't really think about them like to this day three weeks later they're still no signs on our bathroom saying what the bathroom is and so like 30 times a day unlike the bathrooms down there and listen to this is exactly what I use both of those doors are bathrooms

the one that is straight ahead is intensely loud and we don't know how to fix it I think about that how many times have I said to guess hey those two things that are unlabeled which we could easily label our bathrooms and the farthest one has a speaker which is so loud as to be unpleasant I could just I could just I can just take a spike and run straight through that freaking speaker and be done with it you know what I mean like just obliterated is white that speaker out the face of the planet

but yet I don't because if I have 35 seconds I'm going to make more strawberry juice during mean it's like it's weird they liked it the other one that one that I do care about is like and look at it there's a table here in front of a ship Roberta's for top that has an intense wobble to it it's like super wobbly like the table in front of us every time this lady with her elbow the table moves like an inch and it makes me so angry to have tables wobble and yet the floor in our restaurant and a bar is so uneven that every table wobbles and then when you fix it if they move it like half of an inch it while I was again and do you know how it hurts me inside to see people with wobbly table so I tried to move to as many tripods as possible because everybody knows God invented the tripod so they couldn't wobble tripod Cantwell but what's the problem the tripod

I don't know what a tripod is a tripod is your departed foot tripod 3 ft 3 supports on the ground okay they're inherently stable okay like a tripod cuz you can't make a three-legged thing wobble on the side that has the one leg sticking out if you lean on the corner hard you'll flip the table right so it is stable but unstable on that side so here's my idea ready for it you ready ready okay so

you got a tripod table and then off of that so that the two the two sides of the of the bottom of the triangle or towards to corners and then you have the centerpiece going off towards one side right now you have a big tipping moment there on those two corners there on that one side no status and he's here I'm going fast okay now off of that tripod you have Outriggers they come out but don't touch the floor they hover like an inch above the floor normally supper won't tip at all but then it sounds like you just move like like a half of an inch until that out later hits the floor and their tables like I got you drunk teabag didn't have tripod we don't have many many tripod tables because we're worried about some drunk person flipping the flipping the table

what you think or someone out there they make these things and stassi called Auto levelers garbage garbage whoever invented that thing and sold it to people should be taken like out behind the Woodshed and it's like they just don't work yesterday I was on the beach and I was enjoying myself and then Booker calls me from work my son book heard from work from work and you know there's a fire managers are needed me and us as Roz from Monsters Inc a I got you a papist Mike was ASCII so hard to be angry when he says so he calls me and he said a man just said you're irritating me kid a customer and he said it made me really sad and I was like it's okay old men are mean sometimes

all the time but what about my I mean she hasn't seen me in the past month so maybe she would listen to it to remember that she has a husband but but other than that I just mean in general work story is this one Nastasia tells me that first of all started to troll me makes Booker need to get to work at 8 a.m. to sell ice cream sandwiches on the street even though it guarantees I'll never see anyone in my house anyway so like

so she hasn't out there selling ice cream sandwiches and Gothamist wrote him I put a picture of them on the on the internet's which I thought was very nice and then nastase standing next to texting on her phone as she does like for instance I don't know on this radio show but he goes hey get away from me you're hurting my business yeah all right. A boy here we go on the bottom line cuz I'm a bartender on my way back from tails are we sitting in the restaurant right now at the guy in the orange shirt

he has no no he's on that they're listening live I imagine it's an experience I would very much value is what I want be here in here or out there

I don't know anyway my point being that they brought me some very nice toffee he remembers that I like taught you like toffee thousand like English Toffee the hard stuff you don't have enough money made some delicious candy why don't we sell that stuff here

I don't know because we have the Werther's Originals there's not the same where there's original is like not even close to a real English toffee people any British style folk out there why don't we have just like oodles and oodles of traditional British Top If you don't talk about Dave

nope, God do you like caramels Kraft caramels do you like them imagine if they tasted better and we're much harder would you like that answer

you guys are the worst seriously for real okay The Meatball Shop in college in the late sixties and early seventies there are two barber shops across the street from each other not far from college each charge a buck and a quarter for a haircut for no reason one put up a sign saying haircuts 115 shortly the other side haircut at 1:10 down down down down to $0.60 and the other side other side put up back to I-25 and said we repair $0.60 haircuts like that I tell you it financed story real quick okay. Don't know this I used to be fascinated with the history of robber barons in New York Financial robber barons in New York in the 1800's real wild west I'm here when it was even easier than it is today to pay off politicians

Bank the money before I wish I could just look up that you said you sent me those questions and you didn't I don't have the old questions on this I don't have my attacks you look at the old questions and we'll deal with those in a second but to finish there's a guy named Jade Gold and Diamond Jim Fisk who bought the Erie Railroad in the 1800's and it was a competitor to Commodore Vanderbilt railroad, Vanderbilt railroad eventually became the railroad that comes in and out of Grand Central Station that we use today is Metro-North among other things so they were shipping cattle

up the line in boxcars and so they started to have a price for their like hey, no vegetables like I'm going to run these sons of you know Sons of Guns out of business I'm dropping the price of taking a you know a load of cattle from what I don't know what it was like 10 bucks to like eight bucks Jay Gould comes back you know seven bucks six bucks finally goes down Vanderbilt psych I'm shipping any channel any channel on my railroad for a dollar a dollar a box card instantly Jay Gould and Jim Fisk put their price back up to what it used to be and Vanderbilts like these sandwiches are going to be out of business in a week and I'll take over the railroad this is how monopolies are supposed to work is it before monopolies illegal turns out Jay Gould had bought every head of cattle on one end of the line and shipped it for free and made a fortune off of commodore Vanderbilt railroad boom boom boom

and that my friends is how the robber barons you can do business. Course they also Crush little people not joking related never paid taxes in his life kind of had jobs was kind of a strange kind of your old school like a Italian ladies man jewelry guy so he used to do all of his work off the books because of course she didn't have a Social Security number and never paid taxes in this life so we always lived on the fringes of American society in Boston and he never had a bank account because in order to have a bank account you needed to have a Social Security number right so he goes to

is my step father's Uncle he goes to leonce his one with his sister and her to her cousin's the East 3 on never married anyone be called in to 3/8 you know I made homemade on stay live together until they died until they all died and they were classic old-school like Italian unmarried like you know these to cook me like a pound of bacon and then fry it like a dozen eggs in that pound of bacon and eat it all by old school good stuff and they go they go up there like that like he's like hey auntie I can't get a bank account

take my money and put in the bank account so I can save it up and take a trip to Florida right so he's like giving the money money money money all this money all this money put in the bank account Naviance also never had a job so they would constantly steal from Uncle diamonds safe deposit box constantly steal from a steel steel steel until there's like nothing left and he doesn't know because it's not in his go get the money so one day he thinks he has like thousands of dollars in here he's going to go have some sort of like you know Torrid Affair in Florida is like hey Annette I'm going to need to go to Florida can you go get me my money oh my God oh my God there's no more money left in the bag all Jesus Oh my God in the Medford Savings Bank right

God God was looking on the odds that day and right after Uncle Diamond requested his money that they had diligently stolen right

there was for the first time in history a bank robbery of the safe deposit boxes in the Medford Savings Bank and it was one of the biggest safe-deposit price of all times now here's the kicker here's the kicker the way that the thieves did it is they is they broke into the vault in the safe-deposit vault and they started taking the safe deposit boxes from the top pulling them out dumping the content and dropping them on the floor so everyone on the top half of the safe deposit boxes had everything taken and everything on the bottom half of the safe deposit boxes on the floor right all of the deposit boxes were safe because they were covered by the empty safe deposit boxes may need to get out of there right so here's the funny part

guess what I'll go Diamond safe deposit box was on the bottom on the bottom but he didn't know cuz you never visited so the answer like

it's all gone so that's how the odds were saved by the people that robbed the Medford Savings Bank

it's good times like you only get that lucky once in your life you know what I mean

wondering if you could break down recommendations on Japanese knives I'm in Japan right now and I'm overwhelmed by choices what sort of style shapes do you use a higher carbon steel are higher carbon Steels worth the trouble thanks Russ so when you're dealing with the everything depends on what you mean by Japanese knife right show in general there mean I haven't been trying to get a long time but in general there are by Billy Joel. Gargano stop by his wife at the at the three main styles that you want to contend with I guess there are Japanese a manufacturer to make traditional western style knives but I'm just going to talk in general so you got their western style knives which is your Germans your French style knives which are both do each other anyway then you have your Japanese westernize which I find actually like they're nice. Very thin blades

I find him a little bit irritating because they're they don't have an even bevel on the bottom like typically maybe they've changed some of the makers now but typically if you look at a German or French knife both sides of the knife are beveled equally right so you have the angle that the the main blade makes going down which is very very very steep angle a very steep cuz there is no something since then at the very edge of the blade where you cut it is a much shallower angle and that's the actual angle of The Cutting Edge now if you were to cut the knife down the center and look at it right on in a German or a French knife both of those bevels on both sides are going to be the same it the angle is the same I find these to be easy to sharpen because you only ever have to remember and find one angle and your hand can easily just find that angle and do it time and time again because eventually it will sharpen to the end

that you choose and depending on the quality of the steel right you can sharpen a tasty Pura steeper angle and therefore have a sharper Sharper Edge that the danger of sharpening to steep obviously is that the The Edge becomes so thin and brittle that breaks very quickly and then you can get large ships in your blade and it becomes very problematic okay better feels better and better steals make things better and better so you can get thinner and thinner edges in addition old school Japanese knives write more on this and second have different kinds of Steel so you can have a very you can have one kind of still making the the inside of the knife which gives it kind of toughness and you can have a harder Steel in the outside which retains its edge better but whatever so you have two different typically you have two different Devil's right and that's because there a hybrid between a Japanese knife and a western I find the two different levels to be in

Ansley irritating and without any help because it just means I have to remember like what why would I want like 15% 15 of 15% of the bevel on one side and 85 on the other suspect incredibly an incredibly irritating way so you have in a German or French knife you just specify the sharpening angle write in a Japanese westernize you specify the ratio between the two and you almost never specified so that you'll be able to 85% on one side and you very rarely specify what that angle is right now 15 17 18 degrees whatever your Sharpie do anyway so traditional Japanese and by the way Japanese Western Knives very kind of varying quality but can be intensely awesome and most people I know rock Japanese westernize they love them I am the outlier in this and you can also sharpen a Japanese Western knife in the western style you can make it into an equal bevel so if

she's so cute because in general the knife blanks are symmetric Japanese Western Knives are also typically can be a hybrid between a French shape and more traditional Japanese shape or you can get ones that are more traditionally shaped like a French knife with the year the belly or are German knife with the billionaire traditional Japanese knives are much thicker so the back of the knife is much much much much thicker they're heavier and they come down in a straight heavy line and then abruptly cut in at an angle like a chisel and are sharpened

basically 100% on one side of the night so they sharpen like a chisel I find that they are extremely sharp when they're done well and they are extremely easy to sharpen they are much easier to sharpen than a Japanese Western knife and I find them much easier to touch up then a German or French down my I love them now that said those kinds of knives require almost daily touch-ups so like if you're using it a traditional Japanese knife I touch it up before I use it every time I use it now do I touch up my German to my French every time I use it no I touch up my German to my French knives maybe every third or fourth time that I use it and it's true that it doesn't take me that long to touch up a German or French knife but the Japanese knives traditional Japanese knife because of the single bevel it's very easy to tell that you're at the correct angle and that you're touching it up

properly and it sharpens very quickly so you just take and you make the edge on the bevel and then you turn around and just knock the burrow off and the suckers like like razor sharp I love them now

I have only ever owned the the regular kind of carbon steel easy to stain knives of the traditional Japanese and I still like them because I think with a knife like this that your intended to touch up every time you use it they're not meant to be low maintenance Nuys so to get one that's staying with us and to pretend that you're going to get good cutting quality out of it if you're just going to put it in a drawer and leave it and abused it and like not touch it up is not getting the most out of that kind of a knife so it never bothered me that I didn't have any of the stainless or any of that stuff I just got a very from corn actually Dave going back to our sponsor like they're like kind of entry level high quality setting meet all the bells and whistles are like the nicest you know the nicest hand or anything like that or the nice of SIA cover I got their lowest level of high-quality Japanese traditional knives and I would go for getting yunagi because you will regret not having

Yanagi which is the long slicer get along one like like why the hell would you want a short slicer because the entire point of a Japanese slicing Ivy and Nagi is that you take your cut in a single draw one draw one anyone anyone sits there staring at fish should be punished I don't know what kind of punishment you would give to see saw marks in your stuff right distancia Believe It or Not although she hates many things does not hate sushi is a kind of sort of sushi joints here in the city goes out to Sushi joints I think it's the only thing she and Mark like to do together yeah I mean to spare right so like if someone sat there if you saw like the sushi chef like go back on their stroke with the united with me and you just get up and leave right you're like what the hell is wrong with this person know anyways so long right then I like a deba I like it a lot

so that's the shorter one that it has like a like a kind of like a big belly it's like a fish butchering knife I use it for a lot of stuff I like it a lot of get one of those and if you have the extra money it's nice to have in a tsuba the vegetable knife which looks like a Cleaver but it's not that's the thing it's some jack weed at the French Culinary Institute took mine out of my kid out of our office which was in a garbage room or the garbage room took mine out of it use it as a cleaver

put the entire Edge out of it so it was like look like it look like the moon like like half moon taken out of my Edge then put it back in my kitten wet so they was rusted and ruined and if I ever find you

I will in bed that nice in your forehead is don't why would anyone pick up somebody's knife especially nice they don't know how to use you and I mean you just walk out to the street and be like oh baby this is a Zipcar I'll take it somewhere you don't why would you pick up somebody's knife out of the kit it's not like I left it on the counter and was like oh this person doesn't care this is every kitchen listen people who have kitchens every kitchen should have an assortment assortment of beaters right and like by the way when I say beater I mean b turn eyes everyone should have some beat or not is lying around and if you don't have a knife with you if you're not like a crook was brought their own eyes whatever then you got to use the beaters right and the cutting qualities would have cut equality is it's a beater knife nobody cares about it that's why it's called a beer right but don't pick up anyone's real freaking knife right at part of it is on you people if you don't have beaters in your kitchen somebody's going to sneak in your kit and take your night but don't ever break into somebody's kid

so evil bastard anyways we come back

Heritage nonprofit and we sell the studio time for a lot of money. How much money talks

waitressing some sort of ACDC song Love Me For The Money skip song

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how you doing

what makes the flat leaf or a crowd that show the flat leaf is we made the flat leaf I can't remember where that I use acid OJ in that or whether I use actual sour orange juice in that we had a visitor the book says you are lime juice or classified okay so you definitely with the parsley want OJ so you can either do acid OJ or you can get sour oranges at Booker and Dax we put a variant of that on the menu called The Parsley situation which was with actual like Seville oranges and which are sour and delicious and not that bitter and

because the bartender's made me do it they put a little bit of a green Tabasco in it I think it was what they put into her some sort of Green Bay's hot sauce just FYI parsley is a relatively stable herb so it will last with blender modeling the problem with parsley as opposed to other herbs and I've noticed this is by the way there's a huge difference between noticing recently on between modeling curly and flat leaf so all of my original recipes are made with flat leaf which even though people some people have always said that curly parsley taste more than has more flavor than flat leaf but in our experience of muddling night remodeling week if you need to add more green but you don't want more parsley flavor add curly cuz it has less of that kind of like that bitter back that parsley has versus the flat leaf so all of my old recipes are written with flat leaf parsley in mind

the one problem with flat leaf parsley even though it's a relatively robust herb and doesn't Brown out or oxidized that quickly so can be blender model defectively the problem with it is that it also settles out of solution much faster than let's say Thai Basil does or suspend it so I have never done a test on whether the second time around it settles faster but mixed herbs and I don't know why parsley settle so much faster maybe it's because the leaves are so much heavier I also don't know whether curly Leaf settles less quickly than a flat leaf does these are all things that bear experimentation but the current drink we have on the menu at existing conditions Nitro model drink is with celery leaves and parsley and it does not settle out that fast but it does brown radical

I think of celery leaves must Brown rather quickly because that sucker Brown's I tried to keep one for an hour because we were making so many of them that it was becoming problematic for a bartender's and I wasn't able to successfully keep it for two hours I can probably keep it for like you know half hour or something like this but parsley itself should be robust have you noticed whether we like shaking it does it make it better or no

I will only need a couple hours just like doing a little bit of a test batch so I may I only made two and I saw I didn't really a b it again put them in a bottle let it sit an hour and then shake it and see whether if you shake the bottle before you pour it and Shake It On Ice if it comes back you know what I mean when I get back to where it is or whether it's like kind of Perma settled out and it the reason it could promise that allowed is there could be something there could be something with parsley that I don't know about doubt it but there could be something I don't know about where the leaves not only settle but we are glomerate right so if they because Thai Basil or the other Basil's don't settle as much

they don't ever touch each other is hard maybe they don't agglomerate but if maybe if they were to settle on the bottom they would turn into a puck it's harder to resuspend I don't know but yeah I mean I it's shocking straight parsley it's shocking how fast it settles out like 10 minutes you don't even take that long to drink a drink so I can't remember whether or not I added any auxiliary herbs but it helps to add

auxiliary words I've also never added any sort of stabilizer to it to try to see whether or not I could stabilize parsley in general you know I've kind of shied away from putting stabilizers and drinks I did some tests years and years ago with making Santan syrups the idea being to try to like not a lot of Santa and a little bit of Santa in right now so that tastes naughty just add a little more of a texturizing since they would hold are longer and try to prolong the life of a shake and drink and I was shall we say unsuccessful because what happens is is the effect isn't very noticeable on the front end but the last couple sips of the drink are clearly not as pleasant as they would have been had you not added the xanthan to it

but it might help parsley settling I don't know how he's wrong. Parsley and then spit out with at work

well the color as you probably remember the color of it after it settles is not the greatest you know what I mean and I don't remember how much of the flavor is present after the settling has a very light green as a very very light green I can't remember how Brown it is after it settles once it's sitting in the bottle me look everything is worth trying I have tried night Remodeling and spitting out herbs before and I have never had a fantastic result but I've never tried it with let's say excess herbs right and I have I think tried it with ascorbic acid and it hasn't helped out much like trying to like prevent the Browning overtime but that's a lot with like most of my experiments fair experiments most my experiments with very fragile herbs like mint which I just as never can get meant to last there's nothing I can do that makes mint last

freshman I know the other people do it I just I just can't do it I was never made something off like

okay I will I will try something so now I'll let you know if you let me know these little ding easy Sandra okay hello thank you for creating such an important program so I can have a couple questions for you guys and stassi I have you had

Jesus teach you it's like since you had to deal with a lot of sex is BS in your culinary Ventures and if so what do you think about it or what do you do about it to for any and all of you I've been cooking for myself since I was went vegetarian over 16 years ago at the rebellious age of 12 this past winter I took a personal chef Greg and loved it I'd like to expand his personal chef career and I want to know if color a school would absolutely require eating tasting me oh yeah. Yes it's really fond of their staff the c-word a bunch of time I've had been told and asked you are you as cold in bed as you are in person I've been propositioned by

people we know

yeah it sucks I've been treated differently when like they're the same question asked by a guy that I'll ask her

but what do I do about it I hold it all in so I can blackmail them some day you're not even doing it to it like it is but I do see a difference between

just being excluded the blatant like I am saying something horrible to you versus just being like excluded from the places that you should be granted entry to another two terms are like the seat at the table the being treated as an equal excetera excetera like is there a difference between those two and what's worse not being seat at the table I can take the lake word abuse names here but people that we all know people that everyone listening to this nose right like I said

extraordinary inappropriate things to Nastassja that she is told me about that I owe 100% belief and the funny thing and I funny but the thing about it is that yet you know that that kind of stuff's not going to work on the Stasi I just cuz the kind of person she is cuz she's like the fact that matter is is like people shouldn't have to be like you to not have that not be affected by that stuff yeah yeah let people shouldn't have to be anastacio Lopez to not false way to like the ridiculous proposition but I think the way I am like you're always like you're so mean you're so it like it's the buildup of callus and like you know

the from all this crap better be like this then you say to me what are super sweet when

you like exactly 10 years ago before I started working no more like 12 years ago we were in that anti-semitic band together I was pretty normal that's how we met together in fact because we bonded over being trapped in a van in the dark with a rabid anti-semite sounds like a Seinfeld episode in the dark man and she was there and like helping me load in and she clearly did not want to help me load in like cesare Casella had invited us that used to work for invited us to do

event at his farm the farm he where he know he is Special Needs great place Thanksgiving farm at the Center for Discovery up in Hurleyville great non-profit work for you know people with multiple disabilities including autism great place and so he invites me up there and he's like yeah so she comes in and she's I got to help this freaking jamoke Dave whose head is not screwed on why don't know never met load in so I'm there were loading all the garbage in and we get stuck in his van together and my sense is my second most people my Santa is this lady does not want to talk to me at all she wants is 0 do to me with me she's doing this as a favor for her ex boss cesare and then I will never speak to this person again in my life and then and then all of a sudden this guy this driver talks about how is the next

Gonzales other stuff and he busts out of those people out of those people on on Jews and I just turn around, and then we spent the next like like 8 hours at the event being like a crazy person to bring people together and here we are 10 years later 10 years later

nastase just told you she's going to buy me champagne I'll buy him champagne with dinner and dancing

anyway it's alright was that the last question I was looking it up one more thing women should I think you should try to Blackmail as much as you can and get this because I'm looking for illegal to Blackmail people that's not good yeah you can be charged with blackmail I think so like you know putting up with sex do you guys know about the sign of the cross we talk about that on there and we talked about the sign of the cross on their my stepfather's father the butcher's wife talked about on are passed last year and pass Meade's guide and

he used to say used to be like once he was done with someone wants someone shafted him to the extent that he's like he's like never want to speak to them again never want anything to do with them he would say that's it Center cross can you take a piece of paper and he would draw a cross on a piece of paper fold up the paper put in his wallet and that's it you're dead to him so I told you this and that's like her favorite thing but she's not as hardcore as George dad like she will eventually sometimes forgive and or lose a piece of paper to prove something similar like freezing somebody out you write their name on a piece of paper and then like put it in water put it in the freezer and like make an ice cube and nice

I had terrible things happen to them so it works the other one do you have to use a lot of cross there's a lot of cross things in the family other one is whenever someone's bothering you you have to say Christy and you hold your arms out because you like stop crucifying me really long it's about what backyard cooking equipment should they get if they buy a house if you buy a house you should here's the thing I should have many many times before hand or by the way Chris Young said we have to still have that question on pickles that we having freaking answered yet and Chris said just schedule it and I'll call in and guess what I didn't do so maybe next week we'll schedule at Applewood Meats vending machine man

can I like either like or go to town on the idea of sending this to me is it is it going to bring the meat vending machine no I think it's as much crap as you can possibly get right so I don't actually use my Pandora as much as I used to but it completely changed the way I cook so having had at and has made me I think a different and better cook for large parties and I'll write about in the book If I Ever Write the book doesn't shake her head as but I'm having a Tandoor I think it's great practice for the things I love having the Tandoor I just as physically like you want it depends are you going to cook for large groups are going to look for small groups an outdoor fryer just completely is amazing like having an outdoor fryer is just the best because everybody likes fried food not everybody eats fried food but everybody like

fried foods do trust on it as my five foot since I saw no cuz they're stupid right there bad anyway outdoor fryer Wiley likes he has the Cajun fryer he likes it my one gripe with the Cajun fryer is it does not have a thermostat on it I don't know if you could retrofit it's dangerous to retrofit gas things but that said I have done it many times and having a you might want to have a relatively small Grill to work with if you're only cooking for one or two people but having a very large Grill like cowboy style Grill I have a cheap one would get beat up very easily but I got it at the Home Depot for like less than I got up like a hundred and thirty $140 and I've cooked food for 25 people on it like you know all at the same time by using the off on off on method I'm a big fan of Tandoor taught me I do almost all of my grilling now with the off on off on method whether or not I do a precooked or not off on off on off on and it just makes my

King so much faster and more consistent so I like it but that's what I do for outdoor cooking will come back we'll try to get Chris Young will have some meat vending machines next week on cooking issues

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