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Episode 335: Asymptotic Openings

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turn on never giving Tuesday from roughly 12 so I can turn on at 12:45 and only one we got Dave in the booth Dave how you doing and America's favorite punching bag father

oh God damn I'm like I feel like this time not guy in WWF when they comes out like everybody just booze for the middle chair which wrestling character are you let's see who is the who is the most hated one when I was a kid it was the Sheikh was pretty hated an older that's later though I'm dating is a Randy Savage Hulk Hogan era Jake the Snake Roberts yeah yeah

what are the point of weeks ago Hulk Hogan's been on both sides right so he can put Hollywood Hulk are you good enough everything properly do I have to put snaps up the side of my pants to get that door I like the image of Hollywood Hogan before each match like meticulously like sniffing out little pre pre proof in his sir exactly the right places so Peter your day if you'll enjoy this story about anastacio Lopez that she doesn't even know I'm going to tell you is that so like there is a business was a business called the name of the business first of all as listeners in the show will know somehow if you ended up at this podcast and don't know what's going on like

I'm sorry for you here apologist Nastasia and Mark Ladner opened a quick-service pasta restaurant called pasta flyer where my son happened to be working at this very moment I propose a story tell the story we tell the story about when he had to peel the garlic he started crying and like in like your jabbering in Spanish about how he hated feeling the garlic and he thought they'd like the whole restaurant was only going to do one quart of garlic so then as soon as you finish that Court seems like Shaboom give the next four days like that apparently to the merriment of everyone around him anyways

so I walked by it's like I'm literally the same block with another startup Italian quikserve Concepts called meatball Obsession PS meatball Obsession it says home of Meatball in a cup I didn't realize first of all there's a phenomenon that it could be a home of but let's just say right meatball and cup and unfortunately for them that they closed but nastassia low quality individual that she is that later I'm walking on my way up there they think it was funny as is at people on the street might think this is genuine Only You true listeners are cooking issues will notice comes from

there's a pasta flyer notice plastered like like like a like like a band is coming to play at Webster Hall there's a freaking plasterers of pasta flyer notices and here's what it says we miss our neighbors to need meatballs come to Pasta flyer

wow Mark wouldn't let me post it and he's like unless it's nice and I was like okay and so I guess in her mind she's obviously not obsessed with meatballs enough obviously not enough so the sauce is the kind of person who goes looking for a new apartment in the obituaries Bryant know that that's how I got into the Manhattan that's how I was able to purchase an apartment in Manhattan was literally posted looking for dead people and found one jackals whole lot of you there's only so many slots here in Manhattan and you know what one of the ways you get one of those slides is somebody dies we all do it yeah it's the circle of rant

find a neighborhood that is in transition right so like a family-style neighborhood where an entire cuz a lot of neighborhoods in Manhattan all of New York are build up around communities in a community grows up lives and dies in that Community a lot of times though the children from a particular generation will start moving to a new community this is like the succession of neighborhoods with Peter actually you can talk about if you want how that affects food and food and culture is one of the major aspects of New York City Life is how these communities can move typically from Lower Manhattan areas or any on specific now hot spots in Brooklyn and Queens and then they radiate to different neighborhood has become more affluent excetera excetera updating the power broker on the spot for us changed and all of who used to live in in my neighborhood in lower Manhattan has moved to Williamsburg and so when that when the parents of those

die as they started to do in great numbers and in the early 2000 late 90s early 2000 up till today all those apartments come up for sale because none of the kids want to live there they're all living with their own families in Williamsburg and show their for sale and they're not going into the family and that's how stuff works here you got to find the next neighborhood where you know people have moved out where and when they die they like do you want to live in Mars apartment now just cash out get the money was split with split it among the three of us running lights have tacos meatball Obsession really miss our neighbors 2

Riverside neighbors 2 in the Stasi all the time it's like we are finally open that was the most asymptotic bar opening reception area is that you never actually reach it so like in the limit towards Infinity we open but that we were to have one tiny step close up of the Joker's going to be put in the ass back in a synthetic you're welcome anyway congrats and for what it's worth I mean I went on Friday it was a good friend

you didn't go on Friday it was not amazing it was the drinks were amazing absolutely friends and family if if you're doing a restaurant or a bar please like friends and family is so important are ticket X words to kill us like the ticket times are just Bonkers are POS system wasn't up and running yesterday the first day of friends and family a can't believe we only did two days of friendly family I would like to do what everything's up a mix right it took us so long to open as Peter said asymptotic opening you'll enjoy this I'll tell you after but like asymptotic opening it took so long to open and we're burning through like Personnel in money inthe Saucier familiar with this right and then so then you like okay well how many days are friends and family do you want to do because then you're burning through

like hard wages and not just like Pep Boys hard wages and product

and stay such a terrible person wow really you buy your own wine oh my God for Day to you it's the worst you know what it's like almost like

it's almost like maybe everybody should have done that come with their own wine exactly what it is I think if nastassia was like like normal civil person no one would know what to do if she literally on Friday she came in and order wine and so beat the server down did he run it in even though we had no wine in the building cuz I want to order didn't come in till yesterday morning Brussels you also heard kitchen slammed will have one of everything please you would you would

it wasn't all going to come there and I forgot so we were going to get some which is so you take the kitchen down with tickets in family is harder cuz in a in a restaurant if something is everyone's going to have a full meal so people order stuff the kitchen prepared for that at the bar the assumption is you only going to do about 25% of your sales in food but in a friends-and-family people over order food so the food ticket times get you no get your wee-wee wee-wee soaped the kitchen in Blood and then run it out that night you know what I mean in terms of like just slamming it and compare to the first night where people are actually spending money there like it was a lot smoother last minute but also you know we spend so much time doing are like you know coldwell's and cold plates and carbonation and all that like Razzle Dazzle stuff that you know it's it was hard for us to fit in like the

Carmel staff training like here's here's how the ticket print Xenogears how important your POS goes down which stands for the itis always in my head when I say POS I'm thinking piece of Schiavo you know the

it's like if that thing goes down your customer experience is totally ruined and they don't know they don't know why you know if you've never worked in a restaurant before or never had to use a POS system before it was that mean I don't care I don't care but like or you're like why can't you why can't you put $15 on mine and 3285 on on his buttons I have to push in like thing, Doodles I have to do and then I feel less is there pain in the butt right that's how I wasn't Booker and Dax now I have to work dude I have had them for the past like 3 nights I've had to work the floor at the at existing conditions

I hate working before I hate it yeah right I can go back into that mode I was I was amused to see you in front of house like you know like hanging out in the kitchen I feel safe hang out behind the bar I feel safe but I mean it's like I don't know and then like it just it's a nightmare eyes feel completely I detest it can you instruct your service and never use we never came up but it's all we had that conversation are we doing today

no that's not the way you don't have that right now or the Wii the bar prepare something in a certain way that's fine but we couldn't keep up the table plus the server is but it is true that I am eating half of your food on the way out so yesterday get this get this so you're also totally behold into that your POS system because there is no like the POS system now cuz we're not in the days of writing things on pieces of paper and yelling them at the at the bartenders are yelling at the cook to call the order then the POS system is literally how the the the bartender or the chef is told to cook your Coke or make your product right so if it takes you a long time there's a problem with the POs your stuff doesn't even start getting made until this

the POS system is ironed out so it's like adding huge amount to the ticket Times Square Aloha switching to square for a couple weeks and it was like a dismal failures and it breaks all anybody was talking about here for weeks so yesterday for some reason Aloha was like you know what let's wait and see how this whole boss ain't worth weather is going to work out and not be at before you know we let you know I don't know charge credit cards maybe you should be a cash-only business until like you know we let you process credit cards to her like crap so we had to do it called offline processing so those either don't know if the internet's if the series of tubes known as the internet's goes down you have to process the credit cards offline and then everything has to be

open 24 hours right so otherwise the person who you charge can be like that I don't remember going to that bar you know what I mean so what happened to be working within 24 hours when I swipe offline and when you swipe offline by the way you have to press the button like 85 time I am the goddamn manager anyway so this charge is more than $100 maybe it's a fraud and it was declining all of the offline charges over $100 so all the Four Tops like anyone it was like you're having more food or beverage at their party over $100 and it was just bouncing and so we were running people's cars 4 + 5 * that's and then understand POS

super embarrassing for the guess right so like you're coming you're paying and like all your credit cards are getting declined you think maybe this is like some sort of like you know a movie situation where your identity has been stolen or like Glenn Close when I come murder you or kill a rabbit or something and it's like you're like until like a super embarrassing so after the fourth time we were just being like it's on us we're really apologize come back again and they had to give them the archon for banana Lana's because of the credit card the ticket even without processing find it so we can work it out so like Don runs like no basically threw the jumps through the window outside so you can get on the on the on the phone they think we pick up the phone and they're like oh yeah has to be on $100 so they don't they should be idiots we look like we had to sit there and split everyone's check up in the sub $100 increments and run their car

4 Pi * and then you're like way way way way way show did you charge me like 23 times and all right now, you're a mean it's like it's a whole thing it's a whole thing nobody likes for their check as soon as they ask for the check they wanted to be quick smooth and clean clean they want to get out you know what I mean so what why is it that you had to go under 119 n s not something we can change or knew about that safety feature and if you want to see a real a real proof storm next Monday or Tuesday night I can help you served a mobile

no estas imagen estas his death

he's been in bed all right then. I should be teaching your son anyting I guess the thing I said that like okay I'll either go to store at tolls many times on the air Nastasia comes up to me I'm really good at darts I'm like it's a classic name

right away she has no sense of whether she's like she thinks she's good at certain things for like 3 days after that that was all right that you barely beat me I was like yeah but I also suck that's when you gave me my review oh yeah me and say goodbye right I didn't say goodbye my God by the way Heritage Radio as a as a warming gift has gotten gotten us a fern a fern cuz it's a low-level plant that is planted in a replica of the Heritage Radio contain

Studio adorable

are you dating the crew house Charleston South Carolina had a jar of pace salsa verde in my fridge and it was well within its expiration date but it has been open for about a month and we're running late is in anything but everything seems like alcohol taste and alcohol is a headlight of carbonation so is actually the first before deciding maybe I should think about this

in your fridge yes so it hasn't opened in the refrigerator for about 1 month Corporation doesn't put her some sort of stabilizer in it to prevent yeast from going it was it tastes more yeast or is it takes more lactic acid president which lane to stabilize it in but I mean I guess kind of Kudos I years ago I did a fermented salsa where I did a lactic acid pickling of the tomatoes and they got like a little a little fizzy and then use that to make a salsa and I thought it was delicious I love you you know what I mean like really tasty

if that acidity at the city level of tomatoes you know most saucers are fairly acidic anything that grows in that and also know someone salty inelastic going to kill you so if you like the taste of it I mean I'd say go for it unless it was moldy Mulch and I'm not I'm not a food safety microbiology expert but at my house if I like the taste of it I need it and then it along with that is there a reliable way you think you repeat that just like on its own or do you think I want actually do that I should go get with some cultures are lactic acid or whatever to the ladder I would you could likely if you have any a good way to get like I mean obviously every mediums a little bit different but like before if I want to kick start something if I have some Sour

how to unlike on unpasteurized like live sauerkraut in my or whenever in your kitchen that you like a you can buy dope a little bit and just to get it started although a lot of times in those cultures are in pretty bad shape by the time you're there in your fridge cuz they're not like hyperactive but it's probably better than nothing you know what I mean yeah I mean the one thing that I would say is that salsa salt levels aren't like as high usually is kraut so I don't know how stable a lactic vs. other like stuff you're going to get in it you might get other ancillary stuff but as long as lactic takes over I don't think you're going to have anything from a health perspective negative drawing that you might have off flavors in it but I don't think you're going to have anything that'll be no take you take you or your family out

anyone out there disagrees with me on the on the thing but tomato specifically are high acid and it's also you're also typically adding more acid in the form of lime and salt I don't particularly think the the Chili's are going to have or they or the aliens are going to have any major may I have some but major bacteriostatic effect Don and although I know that aliens do have some bactericidal stuff but I don't think enough to trust stabilize your product so but there are minor, mainly Tomatoes acidic and salt good and you know lime good mean so I'd say I would eat it if it tastes good perfect awesome thank you so much for helping still enjoying the show after years doing great thanks

Dave Arnold slammed my answer things crazy I don't have very much sleep time so hard this is where we are watching Westworld I think I sent you the video

so I see Anastasia on my Gangnam Style she only got 2 hours sleep must be nice yes that's right that's a classic old-school she has thing worse than you must be nice half day like this is one of the things that needs to go away it's like we're talking about like hiring hiring host which we really had the staff up we're understaffed we thought we can pull it off with fewer staff and then you know look when you're when you're when a large portion of your staff is in the tip pool

it's not so much saving the house money that's the most important though obviously house wants to save money but you don't want to water the tip pull down too much because then it's not good for your crew and you can't get the same color people to stay because they don't get the same take on anyway so I don't even know what I don't know how I'm going to do that that's how it should have ended the thing about up again about the thing about it is is that this is what it's called like slightly slightly made nicer but honestly it's such a hard business we're talking about hiring the hose and what is a living

age for someone like this person typically the hose is not in the tip pool right for a lot of places are not a typical Auto Booker and Dax they were in the triple we like how much like they need to be like a smart friendly like you know well dressed person like what does that require that the live in New York it's crazy I don't know how I let you know I don't know where someone's like in like a messed up thing is that like we're all in the clock so now we must be paying OTR out of our ears I don't know what it is but it's like it's like back in the old days when people weren't following labor laws or anything like that special on The Cook's side writer said was like yeah they're literally beat each other into the ground and make fun of each other for being reasonable and it's not cool but I like you can't charge more for what you're doing because like the market is what the market is and some one of the things about the industry that I don't know when push comes to shove how it how it's going to

turn out like I just don't know how it's I don't know how it's going to work on a fine dining or I cry and bar or any of this where service is important but how can you make it work without just grinding people into the Earth are called the rent is too damn High cuz honestly I mean that's like the one thing you could I mean I don't know where the breaking point is homeowner's I think if you get it mean like I think it really depends I think the problem is if you try to step up and do a good job and it's labor that eats through your your your budget so if you can that's why bars are so genius because a lot of the labor pools in the tip of just slightly cheaper for us to run and your margins are better so bars are lot easier I think than restaurant any people overestimate

you know on restaurants how much you no money you can actually extract have that busy that's why they all jokes as you you you want to make you want to make a small pile of money start with a bigger pot of money and open a restaurant easier but I mean a lot easier if you can if you get your numbers right all about getting your call I get your numbers right all right we'll take a break Dave will come back

I got some I got some steel cut oats from a Bob's Red Mill those of you who are in the Cincinnati area might call that I can really call that Pinhead oats I think and what I like about him any kind of crack grain cooking right so you think about your grits your steel cut oats what's nice about him when they cook up is they retain their grain texture but because they're cracked they also get a nice kind of Porgy yourself you if you like grits right you will like to spit the stone cut oats now what I was doing was really interesting to me first of all I'm a lazy buggers I like I like to put them in a rice cooker to make a stop in a rice cooker you got to be a little bit careful with oats because even more so than other grains like a corn oats 10 to really boil up in your rice cooker so it's when it blows up it's going to hit that the roof of your rice cooker but for those of you that have a brain and like Scrabble scrapple is delicious right but east coast grapple is is usually corn buckwheat some other stuff right

mixed up with kind of pork trimmings and pork off already cooked into a block and then a set and then cut and then you fried up is delicious but in the end it more in the middle of the country they make a product called goetta and goetta is scrapple made with steel cut oats now you can do a quick easy version of goetta with Bob's Red Mill steel cut oats by making your favorite kind of meat stock reinforcing it with whatever meat you want you don't have to be traditional anything you like you can use sausage you can use you know for whatever put that down in your bra off a little bit and then in your rice cooker slow cooker make the steel cut oats with steel cut oats with that bra that you have right make sure it's nice and it's a nice kind of gelatinous brought this going to help it set up later make sure to cook it enough to cook enough water off that's a secret of kind of large grain cooking is making sure you add enough water and making sure that as you cook it down you cook it so that the inside is fully cooked and the moisture level is low enough when you're done that it's going to set

back into a solid block right after it's done cooking you can stir in the meat that you've already you know pre-cooked off set it into a block cut it and fry it go to Bob's Red Mill. Calm and use the code cooking 25 that's one word all caps cooking 25 with the number 2 and the number 5 for 25% off your order

yeah we're back so Dave The Neverending Story turns out I give more cooking advice in the commercial Peter Kim by the way pointing out what a low-quality individual I am says you know that I came into the studio said how you doing and immediately put on the headphones because I didn't respond I can't hear you in New Haven in the late eighties early nineties called how you doing guy so maybe I'm like him that was what he was like it was like a mantra with him he's like how you doing how you doing how you doing

but I say you don't have to laugh at other people's bars so many times and there's always a split among whether you whether there is social obligation to at least look mildly entertained when you're watching a stand-up comedians Quebec and Montreal and I was asking what you thought about montreal-style bagels and I used what Peter did to obliterate a college student wants their like they took Peter out to dinner and then like how do you like your dinner and his response was what do you think of it

classic and then the other side goes so how do you get into this business he's like don't

took took a long drag on a cigarette

I was like what what what what do you want to do and it's really I just like to cook it no more something I can come on

I won't even repeat what the chef Chris leave said to someone in the kitchen I know no it was not appropriate and it should not be the kind of thing that said the people in the kitchen but it was equivalent of when I came over cooked with no salt by the way people people people if you own some sort of bagel chain I was in a bagel chain like throw them under the bus because well there is while there's life There's Hope right you can change don't put salt in a rock rock salt bagel bagel soft pretzel salt on their everything Bagels the hell is that

include salt it also includes you know dirt and and Nino stars and everything but like everything in Bagel sense means the onion crap the garlic rat Sesame crap the poppies and salt like clearly this

so if you don't show up your everything bagel and do it on both top and bottom of the bagel I like to have on an everything I like top and bottom but if I eat a salt Bagel which is what when I was a kid with my favorite bagel I like the fact that one side's a little less salty game I want some I think for everything though top and bottom but I don't understand I just understand my child egg with no salt though I will say bizarrely probably my favorite Bagel New York City is the Montreal bagel but made a New York City weather like in Montreal which I think is a good, I haven't been in probably 20 years I didn't have Bagels last time I was there how was Montreal I was food and we arrived at this really short to like four weeks season of Asbury call the cameras very know if you heard about this

elongate elongated blueberry in the inside has like a lot of little small seeds in it and it tastes like a blueberry but crossword like a Blackberry and raspberry and its really soft

a blueberry is a natural Berry and a raspberry is a multiple aching so switch but I can tell you that it tastes like both that and the other thing even though they're both not Perry's Katy Rippon to make it to Noma restaurant

there's no need to talk about this

single best day

Gary Peters cell phone

if the people who have actually listen to God help you but people who have listened to their like all of the episodes of the show have heard his story Robbie at least twice I'll give you the very quick synopsis we are going up to give a talk the three of us Museum related talk and on the way up Peter Kim is in the back like trying to say is on an important call to a newspaper they sell of the Pennysaver I'm just building it up as an assassin I start making fun of him for doing this long interview these real bent about with the with the Pennysaver which is like you know like dry shirts on paper and egg salad sandwich at a gas station a fine choice and thought that the green was somehow Green Eggs and Ham food coloring is the mold the basis of the Futurama episode of eating eating on the way out and he's like what you don't know if it tastes good and then

the gas station there like well we found this one in the bathroom so we restocked it anyway so then then we go up there and like I'm real tired for whatever reason you mean underneath and I go in and I think the doors automatically closing I need to hit the bathroom because of course I'm driving so I go in there my door does not automatically close nastassia Peter try to come up I don't know what the hell the weather luggage is so unlike unlike but I had both doors over cuz I ran into the bathroom the doors open like they come into the thing and I'm like and I can see there's a mirror that's like you can see it's almost like a song like I'm like put the put that suitcase in and close the door and Peter heer's closer and closer

we were walking down the hallway up to your room into the bag of luggage or his hotel room door is open all the way here like are you okay day like it's not normal to have your hotel door wide open

there was a moment of sheer Terror should we locked eyes and and then and then later that evening Peter was in such a bad state of mind that's what he crushed those kids in that dinner sausages on the floor of the hallway just I've never seen her so happy that she has right now family's modernist Pantry to use with my spins off whoever I'm having a hard time finding recipes and procedures online or in the manual can you break down a few of her favorite applications thanks Brandon no I am not yet figured out the best it look here's a problem like with pectinex enzymes are multiple different a pectinase enzyme but we pretty much honed in on the most kind of broad-spectrum one that does

kind of what we need inspect the next Ultra sp-l the issue would amylase and I'll take a look at modernist cuisine modernist website to see which specific one they're they're carrying but the the enzymes that you're using him for breaking down amylase is Ry different range of one so there's the ones that are typically just use theirs Alpha and beta amylase there used in brewing and they take they do different things right seven pectinex you're too kind of his chopping pectin up but even the standard Brewing ones some enzymes cut in the middle of a starch molecule and some start on the ends and break themselves break it down and Interstate they function in different ways but it's even further Complicated by the fact that the Assumption with brewing in time is it all the stars has been cooked right so you're boiling

sorry you're you're you're cooking the starch off and then and then converting it's when you're doing like potatoes or anything like this when your brute when you're making like vodka or what not you cook the starch and then the amylase enzymes can attack the starch right they can't beforehand so there's all different kind of amylase is that are used at different points they have different tolerances to heat different requirements for heat some of them need to heat up so I don't yet have a good recipe but I have a bunch of the Renaissance I'm working with we're working on it I don't you have a good recipe for take this potato add this enzyme do this and it will go clear first before I even worry about that what I'd like to be able to do is knock the starch out of let's say oh I have an apple but it's got a little starch in it how do I knock it out I have carrot juice Carlos starch in it how do I knock it out I've got you no pick your product that has a little starch bananas other than Cavendish that aren't right there right there are there are very ripe bananas it still have it

really high starch content and won't clarify but because they're different varieties you to retain residual starch how do you clarify I don't know yet I'm working on it but as soon as I know I will tell you and I hope we can work on it and you know more after the bars up and running

John Wright's and hello cooking issues team readings and sending my love from Manila Philippines I'm a new fan listener I'm listening my way up starting from the first episode I'm currently on episode 10 so apologies if this question has been asked a man do you have a long nasty road to hoe my friend

can't imagine that's like that's like the opposite of having a present to open it was a remote control and people controlled hitting me in the face with this machine and I was trying to box it and hit buttons to disable it so that's how I would win so you were just having a remote control pad and you were trying to strike me a physical human being with this kind of like you know punching robot and then I would have to like be able to go in and punch it to disable it before you hit me in the face so hard that I quit that was how it work and it was me it was like a long pipe with like I like a piece of Styrofoam on the end of it they would spin around as hit me in the face and then a job thing right where am I going with this I don't know watching episode 10

why did I do that why did the video you made yourself with the elf suit jump into a pillow and Greenspring myself getting wood chips I don't know if you know this Peter but I did not actually jump into a wood chipper that was a cartoon wood chipper you can look at it on posted somewhere on the YouTubes what I'm thinking about and it's an old video I did I need to get one with better sound quality better picture I found it one anyway. There was just basically if you want to know what's going through my head at any one time when I'm staring off in the distance and have kind of a day you can send me smile on my face it could just as image of of a band playing kind of repetitive tune and me jumping to wood chipper over and over and over and over and over again for being so nice

Dave said

is it really terrifying just got to the bar hey what's up this is Jack Hensley I mention making a rum cocktail with coconut milk flavored and ideally it would be something like a pina colada now I have the Pina Colada song going to my dang head if you like pina coladas. Don't don't do it don't do it

how do you think about like you doing all the other stupid songs

getting caught in the rain like how they eventually end up together

something making love after midnight

what is Nastassja talking to me about a story song Stroke like I damaged my neck the other day I'm in Westworld of Mike is this real is this is this the future is this the past like you know I don't have feeling in my right arm and the Stasi is talking about a story song like life as I know it is is not the same anyway

Street Fighting Man

just hit G8

he's on the board going going on fire on the board

shorty fire burning on the dance floor I'm making a cake and booze the best way to prepare a texturizer the game blender why are you blending the gelato and then shaking it just put the whole megillah into the blender if you're going to have a blender at the bar anyway right just put the whole sucker in the blender and do it right do it they dick sizes do you like smoothie drinks like like a milkshake he drinks you're going to say about this

you going to Harold McGee and Me Jesus all right where we going to go ahead go ahead go ahead but for real, I really like your Italiano's de Leon on I'll talk about that show with the juice and blues the best way to prepare it will adding saline solution of rock salt change the texture yeah because if you had that it'll be real salty but also melt faster if you had enough any other hazards have not thought of John here's what I would do if you're going to make a cocktail you're going to destroy the texture of the July. I'm assuming you're not talking about a float right I'm assuming the job's not talking about a float you talk about an integrated mixture

when you add alcohol to gelato or ice cream or whatever like let's say let's say you were doing like the classic Bailey's milkshake which you know that's what Peter Peter put down every night to forget himself to bed sheets the baby the milk and then pounds a giant Bailey milkshake directly out of the blender picture just said

Daddy's night kept adding too much alcohol to ice cream is it melted ferociously fast much faster than adding milk so you can't use a milkshake recipe and do the same thing because the alcohol is going to drastically lower the freezing point of your mixture so you can it's better in a lot of ways to if you're going to freeze in any way is as Nastasia says the way that we make we make our stuff is to just use gelato base mix in your alcohol freeze that as solid as it gets in a bag and then wizard in the blender real quick that's going to be your best texture but if you actually wanted to be a milkshake e texture you're going to have to use a real low alcohol content because otherwise you just going to melt ferociously quickly does why I always look askance at boozy ice cream

or just eat the ice cream and then just going to drink some booze

I like a root beer float the problem is is like how much foaming it is it's hard it's easy at home but in a restaurants in area remember we used to do remember be there when we did the we did the balsamic soda take ice cream has a real good taste of real good, doing like fun stuff I could do it but you know better next week okay synesthesia Sarah Sarah is a touring musician wants to know about I'll tell her this question about going to culinary school and being a vegetarian so that flows you that you don't know when you go to cooking school you have to cook a last stop right and they teach you to cook me and and you know all this other stuff and yeah you are tasting

we had vegetarians who were and you know pescetarians vegetarians and people who have gluten allergies and you know there's a variety of people who have different dietary scriptures and yeah so any cooking school worth its salt will make accommodations for you based on your dietary restrictions the only thing I will say is is they might be better or worse at it so it might more or less harm your education right so if you if is there a good school they will figure out a way to have you have the same kind of experience specially if you can cook it right if you if you don't mind cooking it but just won't eat it so I definitely say you can go do that but just make her talk to him about it be very Frank and make sure that they're going to be honest with you about how your experience will be different from the rest of the people's experience but if you're never going to cook meat again because you're not going to you're going to be a vegetarian special then it doesn't really much

matter how good you get it cooking meat although cooking meat is good practice and cook it as one of the things that's cooked because there are other end of the cooking school might not cook other meat like things enough to give you the experience for cooking them other other protein basing but I would just have it off from talk your other question about dealing with sexism in the kitchen Nastasia said she will think more about it and we'll talk about it more next week I hope also next week to finally get in touch with Christian about the modernist the chefsteps pickling question that we didn't get to from two weeks ago and more about backyard cooking and walk stations in Pandora's next week and Japanese guys from Russell on cooking issues

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