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Episode 334: Streaming Issues

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I major in communication director cat Johnson with a preview of the next episode of meat and three are weekly food news Roundup we're exploring the future of eating animals and we're going Beyond typical meats or if you look at the length of human history we've been eating in fact a lot longer than we haven't been in the United States and Western Europe want to buy that out of machine can we introduce you to Frank Reese a poultry farmer whose traditional farming methods are featured in a new documentary and I focus basically all on Standardbred poultry and have my whole life these kind of the last one standing with these rarefied breeds that are so important for people going to eat chicken and turkey into the future he's essential he's a National Treasure this week to better understand the history and the future of meat available on Apple podcast Stitcher

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why because there's no freaking internet here and there are no telephones at Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn on the Heritage Radio Network that shows your phone at the game you have the apparently you know Brooklyn Tech Hub that it is we have no internet here and Dave in the booth how you doing how are our voice over IP telephones working Dave we don't have voice over IP telephone internet hear some more fun news this particular area of Brooklyn is a blackout zone for AT&T and Nastassja what carrier do you have Booker bring your child to work like what you had what it what carrier do you have your telephone carrier

to use internet for what I'm doing I am apparently I am playing brick breaker which has been keeping me up late every night these this past week from the Blackberry back in the day for many people missed it so it's now available for iPhone yes oh I was going to push something that we're doing at the bar tomorrow exist in conditions but I guess there's no point in just not going out of life

and like I was going to try to get Chris Young from chefsteps to call into you no answer one question that I didn't even bother to look at the answer to cuz I got to go right to the source but we can't she won't be on for long you'll always be his Forever Young Forever Young you counted on using your brain but since I haven't been able to use my brain effectively for how many years is 2000 decades Booker Booker is working for nastassia a fun eldest eldest son for nastassia at pasta flyer and Booker apparently there's no conception of how scheduling works right and stassi cut like

17 year olds that work there and $16 to tell time when I was a little younger than that so heinous that has he's like Booker makes his own schedule for the restaurant without bothering to tell the person is doing the schedule for the restaurant how does that work out stuff I told you the last time you worked all right well I told you about the everyone and I'm assuming that many people who listen to this have seen the fake GI Joe Weller real p i g i Joe PSAs they remix the end and they had stuff so anyway Mike one of my favorite ones is pork chop sandwiches

I don't have children so she is me this was when you were a child this came out when you are still in diapers practically you're not safer radio stuff and goes in and get the kids out anyway so like Bobby Murphy at the those of you who know will know Bobby Murphy at the bar was developing a pork chop sandwich which is an Iowa and Iowa Pork Chop sandwiches are at Aunt ridiculous piece of bread so we're having Bobby's version of the Iowa pork chop sandwich tomorrow

tomorrow now it won't be too that's on the full menu so tomorrow they at the bar existing conditions there are still some tickets available I think there's a couple tickets available I would search how to get to the website but I don't have internet and I don't have it on the top of my head Dave as you expected to have everything what they side is but it's I think it's on some crazy psycho brown paper bag is like this I think so I think it's on I think it's on that go to my Twitter go to cooking issues if you're interested tomorrow night we're having a preview because you don't have our liquor license yet supposedly supposedly the SLA state liquor Authority board is meeting tomorrow and tomorrow is the day that we will have the firmness of liquor license in are you know sweaty little palms and we can announce the official official opening date of existing condition where to get firm Ryan tomorrow

are we going to do a preview and it's being sponsored by I think either by mace or by Boilermaker so another bar is sponsoring our bar so that we can buy liquor in Booker and Dax closed the new bar cannot keep that name and I and then I say how about Jackson Booker

right well I still hope I mean I still hope someday to reopen a a Booker and Dax would you like to be able to someday go to a bar and or restaurant that to head your name on it Booker

it would be a little awkward but we'll work on it a long time listener and you know what do you call that the correspondent incentive like correspondent News correspondent but one who corresponds with you yeah right hanging bird Road and he says he lost track of how recent podcast on cooking body parts was as recent but I listened grimly amusing the funny and quirky David Sedaris David Sedaris has a new book that includes his adventure of his fatty tumor and how to feed it to turtles that sounds gross you hate the word tumor

sign of Cancer yes I was also disappointed to learn the same show that you are the world's worst friend I was talking to stassi here I mean I heard it before but I didn't think much of it. Said his ringtone to him saying you're mean to me whenever she calls him that that is true but when I've heard the same thing several times I cannot I can just not I cannot just dismiss it although as I think of it all the allegations come from the same Source I'm checking with you again to see if you ever watch reggae the link to Dave and family. It's just a watch Steven Banks home entertainment which is an old lady saying so you guys can go look it up on the internet if you're a fan of it isn't yes I did watch it I enjoyed it okay now about this guy who chopped his foot off

a listener sent to Nastassja the Reddit the direct Reddit thread and then apparently if you scroll through a bunch of stuff you can get to this person's email cuz we wanted to contact him and perhaps get mr. foot eater on the show how'd you like that Dave ambivalent about that about survey what's the backstory here he eats feet friend cook it and then was assumed it was in a motorcycle accident that doesn't answer my question why the guy was on the table probably high out of his mind whatever they were giving him to not pass out from you know the pain and the doctor said we ever eat ated you are foot and the first words out of his mouth I just got my ingrown toenail cut away

and I will and since it was infected I was very worried that the toll would have to be amputated are too much information too much information anywho sorry the guy wanted to freeze dry but didn't have the cash that we cooked it instead Fair Fair anyway this is a real person he's on the read it and someone sent to Nastassja way to contact this person the red it's regularly his email isn't the Reddit thread but just so everyone knows nastassia did not have the stomach to sift through the photos to look for the dudes email address in a booth what sorry I was distracted Because the Internet just came back on

my brother loves that horn you want me to do you going to pay me to do something email to get him on as a through all the pictures of frozen foot but I kind of don't have the stomach for those kinds of things for 97228 pretty good imitation there did I like that been working on it so you want to see if Chris Young is available

I'll do the next to a question here while we're waiting for it all right my name is Laura Maddox this is not me my name is my name is nacho Bar in Austin Texas cause small victory owned and operated by Josh loving we use your at that was my eyes kind of Casey Kasem Escalade I wish right Casey Kasem Gilbert that's not a size 4 in the radio be ever listen to the Flatland flatland the old band did they got a recording of Casey Kasem losing his free about the dead dog about the dead dog and you too and like and it's him going really mentioned dogs and grab you too and he hasn't clearly doesn't know much about you to at all and he's introducing this thing he's going for my Happy song into this dog dying and he lose his Mind's Eye

dogs dying bulshit you start screaming and yelling say things like that Alicia did Alicia it and they know you don't believe this is a quote I can't believe is the quote I can try I'll try to change the quote he goes he goes about you too and you'll appreciate that she goes these guys are English and who gives the first of all not English second of all I forget what you two song it's like it's like Unforgettable Fire something playing with like a real Tinky Winky dinky like casiotone in the background amazing flatland check it out do you want to hear Casey case him losing his my business back by the way before everyone and their sibling like leaked like Studio tapes out this is like the 80s running mean that was pretty funny guys are English and who gives them

Billy Billy anyway it's like we use your cordial with agar technique from liquid intelligence as a foundation for our house lime cordial meeting with the word cordial do you like when someone says we need to say you're being cordial it means you hate someone right that means you're being nice to me even though you hate them they were cordial procedure and equipment that might help us increase our yield below is a recipe we've adapted for our space 500g of lime juice finally screen 250 g of white sugar approximately 50 g of a lime zest 250 g of water and two grams of agar powder are basically like water of Water and two

it's a little high on agar so you could go I mean I typically use to grams per liter on a guitar so for my stuff and the firm are the agar is and it's not linear by the way the firmer the agar is the less yield you're going to get so anyways with paddle attachment miss mix zest and sugar in KitchenAid for approximately 20 minutes let rest 10 minutes add lime juice and mix until sugar dissolve strain out lime zest and asset the Olio lime Oleo Side Story the agar powder into water at room temperature until it is fully well until it is dispersed to get to solve you say dissolve your butt is dispersed bring to boil staring continually for 2 to 3 minutes transfer a car make sure to Hebrew container so we pour lime Oleo into a car make sure whisking continuously once mix to put cordial in the freezer for 1 hour until agar gel said doesn't really need to be in a freezer but yeah you could do that or you can put it if you don't want

freeze freeze it unless you're doing freestyle which case go ahead but yeah you wanted to set as soon as it really gets down below room temperature it'll set an agar sets pretty quickly just want to goes all the way through don't disturb it though and tell so it's good to put it in there just so the people don't mess with it don't you find people always messing with things as a blue

do you remember that one day where was it about Nastassja and fndc blue wasn't number to ever say that one so effing DC blue I think it's to right-size I can't remember the one that they use in all of that all of the foods like blueberry and whatnot so like it's the stuff we're if you eat 50 packages of blueberry your poop green for a little while because as fndc blue goes through your body at turn green known fact so we got it for free at what experiment we were doing with it that the French culinary I was like Hey Nastassja don't mess with it and then I went to go get lunch and I came back and I was like you messed with it in the stars and she's like what you talkin about how do you know her whole face with blue her whole face Dave with blue because the other thing you got to know about Nastassja she can't help but your face is a fact I know cuz I didn't warn her that like the stuff doesn't look so bad but if even the smallest particle of it gets on your hands and then you touch anything else that's something becomes blue saw her face

like freaking Violet Beauregarde out of Willy Wonka it was amazing is awesome

yeah everyone loves Willy Wonka Booker everyone the old one right but the new one is just so rude the new one and he's

he's just an idiot what's more it's like he wants but he he derives pleasure out of watching the kids getting hurt in his Factory yeah yeah well Booker treats Mike teavee like trash disrespect him yeah so Booker what is your alarm tone you get nothing you lose good day sir you know Booker my my dream man in my life has always been Gene Wilder you know who your dream man is in a box that you wanted to like bring someone that is the height of the Trashy Willy Wonka's dad are a bad word in German I don't know about that I never heard that

book it up okay so do you want to take a call I saw the Jaguar sets now wanted set you break the gel in the courage with a Twist for into a cheesecloth line strainer and Let The Cordial leak out of the Joe suspect by the way don't use cheesecloth unless you have access to real cheese cloth which case still use a bunch of layers I actually use like a dish towels are much better like fine linen dish towels or cotton like unbleached cotton muslin is kind of amazing or if you have the money on super bags you can use super bag for it anyway

the Oompa Loompas in the new and crappy 1 or so creepy guy does all the others do that is fact we can talk about I can talk about the original the Oompa Loompas for a long time but I will not okay from this method is usually around 425 to 450 Mills so you're losing about 250 ml of liquid would like to make this and we need more often the pathway of larger batches for a cheesecloth line strainer we're using a flat bottom Chinese strainer sitting on top of a large bowl usually takes several hours to leave the cord out of the jail give me suggestions you can pass along regarding tools materials to scales method up we don't have access to a centrifuge also do you think there be any problems and Dublin this recipe as is I'm concerned about the string leaking losing its Effectiveness is there's too much gel to work with

okay so no I think you can scale that up I would take the a guard down a little bit and if you're you're doing quick a car so you can just sit there and manually kind of do it you can get like a bunch of leaders out by just manually like it's called sorry folks call massaging the sack you pull the thing up and you kind of massage it and unclog the toilet unclog the thing and how many liters are We Done Quick attack so many so many so many so many producers liters and liters gross but anyway so but the creek is if you squeeze too hard you will extrude the stuff out and then it's all nasty you extrude stuff out of the sack and nobody wants tough exterior there's a correct correct cuz on the show I guess wow wow wow don't want to go there anyway but I also like if you're doing a cordial that's going to be left for a long time anyway you might want to consider doing freeze-thaw if you're doing free stuff

Nothing free salad right then you uncrack it and then you let it thaw

that's Booker playing his phone so you let it thaw over the cheesecloth and that's case you do like a wide wide thing like over a perf pan anastacio and I have done like in many many guys like 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 gallon for 1500 people killed every freezer at the FCI with with frozen grapefruit do for the problem with that is it takes a long time to lot less labor and fairly high yield but it takes a lot physically longer anyway we got to call her call her on the air

hey Dave my name is Max Boston big fan sausage making question for you and I wish I had caught Johnny Hunter actually reached out to the underground food separately to ask the same question so traditionally with salami after you stuff the casings there is a fermentation that's where you you let the bacteria can I come alive for. Between 12 to 72 hours depending on the culture using room to your humidity and temperature my question for you is this fermentation step be done sous vide

I don't know I mean the whole idea is to drop the pH right quickly and you're also your night rating right night writing internships a

the botulism shouldn't grow I mean I can't think of any inherently reason why you could not do that but it's not commonly done so there must be a reason why people don't do it but I can't I mean like you do have some with your loss, it's done at a relatively high humidity you know what I mean relatively high and you're talkin 48-hour you talking less and you're talking like 24 hours honestly right or less over the course of a several week drying and firm and a drying and aging procedure minimum so I don't know I don't know what David can you put that out to the chat room and see whether anyone there has tried this or knows why you cannot do it if you were not night writing it

I would say you put yourself in danger because you're not going to reheat the problem product and you could get a botulism growth and then you would not be re sterilizing it to get rid of the meanest everything right so typically during you're not smoking during the firm at the firm and is done in playing oxygen write this in a regular oxygen environment mean so maybe they are worried about some botulism growth in that initial point because you're adding nitrites and the drop in PH and the salt together form the hurdles that make it safe so maybe it isn't inherently safe during that initial drop for the pH goes down I don't know I doubt that that's a real life safety technical question that I don't have at the tip of my fingers

but technically you mean you will be able to get something to eat if you inoculated with lactic acid bacteria and you know keep it at the correct temperature to ferment those bacteria will grow that's for sure you know what I mean I know that because I've done sauerkraut in the bag I'm done kimchi in the bag I've done pickles in the bag ain't never done meat in the bag though me not on purpose every time I've tried it from every time something is fermented in the bag of to meet it's been a horrific mistake and man was an atrocious in one of those bags no one time you were you there that time we did the pork shoulder and it fermented yeah and the entire room smells like cheese yes and we had all those people cheese

well I mean no like cheese what she's like like Swiss like stinky feet cheese like stinky feet cheese

it was hardcore

you ever notice how that goes bad like that your first your first can I fix it can I fix it in your mind if I said can I fix it fix it it's like when we broke into the dining hall in college and the cops showed up and like the cops will I freeze my first instinct was to try to climb out the window what the hell is it going to do and I would have gotten killed falling out the window but your first instinct is not your best Instinct David Reed able to look through that Reddit question but text me back or Argan ain't cooking issues in bedroom says I permitted Koji sous vide so I think the same principle can I play

right except for a Koji I don't know first call Cody a lot smarter the question really is is do you need that oxygen at the beginning of the ferment to protect from botulism in something that will not later be heated and or the whole point of botulism toxin is if you if you heat botulism toxin it will be destroyed or if you don't produce botulism toxin will be destroyed but if you merely allowed to grow then inactivate the bacteria but leave the toxin that's when there's kind of problems if you're not going to eat it again but I don't mean if you have nitrate that mean of the question is is the salt and nitrite alone enough to prevent botulism growth considering the fact that the pH is going to be dropping relatively rapidly because you're going to have lactic acid bacteria that you inoculate plus you know there's going to be a lot of competition for the botulism to grow because the lactic acid bacteria so I mean sounds like it could work but I would be very hesitant to say it's safe unless I

that's a food safety person tell me that it was

thank you Johnny this episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill an employee-owned company that has been offering organic stone-ground products for decades their flowers and whole grains of the highest quality are minimally processed at their Stone Mill in Oregon visit Bob's Red Mill. Com to shop there huge range of products used to code cooking 25 that's all caps cooking and the number to and the number 5 for 25% off your order so they sent me a little bit of there usually makes which I really kind of enjoy so you don't music for those of you that don't know it's kind of like at Emagine Emagine like fruits and nuts seeds oats grains car smashed into kind of a thing almost rolled like a rolled brain a scenario and instead of cooking it mean you can cook it but typically you're going to hydrate that in yogurt over a long. Of time

we can do a quick one you can hydrate the the muesli in in yogurt for like 10-15 minutes if you want to be quick or you can do the more traditional which is actually on the back of their package where you create an apple take the music lady taking over here and sit overnight and I have to say as far as traditional kind of products and textures and I love that stuff so it's been a long time since I've had traditional music my wife and I are constantly making fun of the word musically because it's you know it while we used to hang out with these Germans and any kind of cereal we would be eating they be like we had this also be called if muesli it's not like I like to make fun of it but it's been a long time and it was a really good use I'm sure also because it it's all thin and easily hydrated you can also add it to anything that's quick cook so any quick cook recipe you have your pancakes your muffins anything like this you'll be able to throw them usually makes an and get a shot of nuts fruits and oats in it at the same time it's not going to mess with your recipe too much so it's good thing to have around in the

go to Bob's Red Mill., musical cooking 25 that's one word all caps cooking 25 the number to 5 for 25% off your order

Dear Dave Nastassja Dave in the booth after burning through multiple FoodSaver type Steelers and being frustrated with trying to get a good seal on liquids or items with high moisture content by the way I was at a thrift store the other day and guess what the tag said

moisture management it was apparent Miracle of you forgetting the most important work the miracle the miracle of moisture

yeah I had to put the poker shows of another Food Service a book or tries to show up at work at a restaurant with open-toed shoes and gross I got them if boiling water gets poured on them or Rio that would be nice to have a lot more than your toenail cut off that happened all right

okay so this person is trying to get a FoodSaver burn through FoodSaver type sealers by using liquid with high moisture content I've decided to break down and buy a chamber vac sealer the prosumer models from vacmaster the 112 in the 12112 S return the 120 are in my price range but they actually take up more counter space in the professional models do to the back pumping on the side as opposed to underneath the chamber never use it I didn't ask me if there any good and people sit and I know what I said every time don't know if you're out there let me see my point is is is it review listen to the Black Album but the point is

that I will never recommend something that I have not used right Nastasia every time were you weren't here I cook a whole bunch of recipes with Bob's Red Mill I don't know how bad was it was pretty nasty lady wasn't nasty it's like it's like a huge amount of stuff let's say about how I needed to do these every time she would talk to me about Booker and Dax business but I see results back in stock right every time she would talk to me about Booker and Dax business she would say did you do the Bob's Red Mill recipes I use their almond flour for my angel food cake I don't know where the White Witch was going up and I have to say almond flour and angel food cake is an amazing sub

it's a great song can you make me one of those did you have a piece of the one I met before or did I eat it all before did you not know that was going to be good so you didn't get book about a book or now it's cooking take this out Booker are you a huge fan of the Star Wars movies

no no not as much as Dax right but but what is your favorite cookbook almost every recipe out of both Star Wars cookbooks I think he has made those recipes more even than the writer of the book mean the writer of the book probably didn't even make the recipes are in that book and it so Booker has Booker has been cooking a lot but only exclusively using recipes from the Star Wars cookbook so tell him about your toad in the hole Booker

what to do in the hole is that's toast with an egg in it so Booker's comes to me is like that I need a piece of toast 7in long like Booker you can't just mean like no one makes I have to find like an unsliced Pullman loaf cuz no one makes that because he wants to put two eggs in it because that's Tatooine right that's how I Tatooine that has two sons so it's two eggs instead of one egg that's the type of weed toast what's the name of the wrestler Booker

article of chinese-made knockoffs on the eBay in the sub $500 rate be willing to take a chance on now have that song Take a Chance Take A Chance Abba play Zaba all the time but then now I'm going to take a chance again. I hate that you don't like happiness one thing I noticed is how these low cost units use an oil pump as opposed to a dry pump I recall that sometime in the past you discuss this issue but I don't remember what you said was better oil can you share your thoughts on what I should be looking for a low-cost chamber sealer and give any tips on maintenance

Tracy bags Etc thanks in advance John and Jersey Jersey Jersey again say impossible for me to recommend a product that I haven't even got on that on that whole Tanger before that Master if you send us a unit I will test it and see whether I think it's acceptable or good the truth of the matter is though if I if I don't think so I probably won't say anything but if I do I'll recommend it right we're good we built this awesome system using a Philip Preston polyscience Chiller so if you wanted anyone wants to talk about Chiller systems like I got a lot of new information on Chiller system Wymore I'm working more and more I got more information but the point is is that Philip Preston once imported some of the Chinese and Philip Preston is importing some of the important some of those

chamber system that's like like super racist to think that all Chinese units are the same quality right he imported some units from China that had oil pumps and said that even when using moisture that the pumps fundamentally freaked out and like because they they weren't electrically sealed enough to not have problems when there was high moisture in the chamber so even though oil pump base pump would be good for handling this kind of problem the particular units that he had imported we're not good enough so just because it's got an oil pump which is inherently Superior as long as you keep it clean by running it for a long time the reason our superiors they can achieve a much lower vacuum much much quicker than the equivalent dried pumpkin that's fine that's fine why are you why would you tell me on the radio to make sure make sure you took the radio

that's okay fantastic because I know people have had problems ordering no name Products off the internet even though I think oil-based pumps are superior in general colored on the air

okay hun hey how you doing I know these

so if I mix

honey and oil to get below the honestly the thing about density limits

it's just we didn't test anything for safety over simple syrup density like my personal opinion is that it'll be fine my but I can't say that it'll be fine we just because it hasn't been tested that's where that density limit comes from but yeah if he ultimate density of the rotor is less than you know for you know if the density of the liquid in it ultimate average density is less than 1.23 grams per CC then you'll be you'll be fine

okay did you eat but you're mighty mighty fine anyway did you say you had something about the fermentation Celsius air circulator open in there with some oxygen in the bag and they don't have to worry about like you know just put it in something and let it make sure it gets a good idea I like that I like that thanks so much for all your help I mean I know what did you all right thanks a lot be back with more cooking issues

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