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Episode 333: The Legend of Shiny's Severed Leg

this episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill in employee-owned company that has been offering organic stone-ground products for decades their flowers and whole grains are the highest quality and are minimally processed in their Stonemill in Oregon is it to shop there a huge range of products use the code cooking 25 or 25% off your order that's cooking and then the number to and the number 5 or 25% off your order I major in communications director cat Johnson with a preview of this week's episode of meat in 3 HRS weekly food news Roundup this week we're focusing on water you'll hear some disturbing news from an NYC investigative reporter how much we don't know about water tanks and their water is heavily polluted with nitrates which are coming from agricultural chemical applications on field and running off into their water table and we'll check in with who's about to open a new bar that will serve some free

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every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 but I do not have Dave in the booth today because Dave is moving from Ditmas Park Ditmars Park to sunset sunset redwood redwood redwood Ridgewood home of the Ridgewood pork store that I've not been too but I hear I need to go to where they they have whole they do whole heads of cabbage as a sauerkraut to buy the whole head of cabbage is a super hardcore Old Skool like a white enamel and Oak Place and everyone's like you never been to the Ridgewood pool store and I'm like no I've never been in there like why I don't like well bad and I don't know I'm stupid that's why I need to go maybe you think if I go there and I see Dave on the street hoping he doesn't know who I am

so instead of day we have Matthew in the in the booth Matthew this is your first time doing the cooking issues so what's the soonest I can get a feel what you know what did you eat anything interesting in this last week when he sings where I look up a recipe and then like retain 10% of that information and just go for it so it was with Portuguese hockey recipe Hawk I like the fish cornmeal Friday did the salsa that was like tomatoes Mexican hatch chile or New Mexican hatch chile olives some other good stuff it was it was good just like a hatch come lately fan hatch hatch

you want like 6 years ago or some like that has become a thing I don't like this I think the New Mexico people are pissed off now the New Mexico people have other Chili's that they can try to be like out chili you with your not had a cornmeal breading did you do a pre dust under a plate of cornmeal the song Dust of the salt on in while I was in the pan cuz I was young I recommend in the future that you do your salt pepper on The Naked Fish before you slap it on to the cornmeal so you were doing straight into the corn meal on a plate didn't make it an Unholy mess are we okay that process knows I was good and used a a like a fine of finer grind cornmeal or more of a coarse ground cumin

alarm it was like extra cornmeal from our Mill so I think it was in there was free with his mighty fine free is the best free is the best kind of cornmeal and then what did you what did what kind of fat in fried in butter and corn do love each other quite a bit now was it greasy or was it good

and how long did it sit around to get like what what's interesting to me about cornmeal crust there's various various schools.

I like cornmeal crust but cornmeal crust

there's a big argument with people are frying cuz these people have different kinds of tastes right whether you like your crust there's a difference to me between crisp and hard right so cornmeal and Zapp I think being a lot of times hard on the outside to add crunchy but it's crunchy in a kind of very hard way has a very specific kind of brake to it when you get when you go through it which I like but it's different from like a shatteringly criss-crossed you agree with me yeah sure I'll go with that Sassy you like do you like a fried polenta sticks I love fried plantain steak you know what I did the other day when I went to Charleston I got some of these like super fancy I think they're called geechie boy grits like Jimmy red corn grits the real good if it's very high-quality grits and I cook the grits and of course I cook them for dinner you know as one I did in the rice cooker with a bunch of like put a bunch of butter and salt right you know what I mean cooked it I cook the fast math you don't get mad you ever seen

My Cousin Vinny Matthew you know that the whole thing turns around the whole the whole plot turns around a passionate okay older than me and spread is fair so I'll go ahead so the whole plot revolves around how long it takes to cook grits right the whole thing is this Northern guy Joe Pesci like somehow it's so into his head because I guess because I don't remember exactly but the whole plot hinges on that you can't kind of Rush grits but turns out you can Rush quits in a in a in a rice cooker on on fast because it can boil off the water very fast without scorching it you said I'm saying so you just need to open up a rice cooker lentil alternate routes are delicious but because my kids are low-quality individuals they did not finish all the grades ahead with leftover and you want to do with those Brits I blended them into pancakes to cook grits in Plant City ever blame cook rice and do a pancake when you have it but have sitting around it's going to go to waste because my kids

so aren't I know I know that's what I want to hear you think about it they're not huge fried rice people so like I try to make the fried rice with my kind of like fried like grit cakes they wouldn't do it but in the pancakes what's amazing about it is it still retained the pancake was had that gooey grits you like to see Matthew you so it retain some of that kind of gooey grit texture is halfway in between a pancake and a grit was kind of cool grip pancakes how to have to be done on grits all the time about cornmeal you own a restaurant and you ain't nothing interesting last week no I did not just feeding the body literally yes just being about this being the butt

very super depressing but I'll be having a lot of presidents Avenue something I built for the bar I finally built I work in glycolysis and I went through three or four different systems safe at Booker and Dax we were showing our drinks we would we were using these refrigerators but the problem is is it was hard because we only had the one refrigerator cuz I had to keep it a very low temperature because anyone starts when we talk about cremation butt stuff has to be really cold so I built I call Phillip Preston from polyscience and bought like a big glycol Chiller and if anyone's interested some point I can tell you how does raid work but it's super sweet every bar station now has a team ever go to wine stores in New York in Estancia you never went to a kid I am going to go to lunch or dare you go a human being thank goodness so like they used to have these like and I think some places still have it they have it gets weird

like circular thing with like kind of a blue liquid and when you buy white wine you throw it into the chiller while you're shopping and then like honestly like 5 minutes later suckers chill so you can drink it right away so we have every bar station has the equivalent of that for carbonated or any other cocktails pretty sweet because you wouldn't even think what do you think what do you think is the problem with it yeah okay why do you think it's difficult problem you don't because you're dealing with a bunch of different bottles some of which are full and some of which are and you don't want to add enough weight to the bottles such that they sink even when they're empty so becomes an issue of how to keep all the bottles properly Corral and rattling around your bar in the minimum amount of space it is an interesting technical problem and I think I saw that in fact I would like to convince the oppression to make some cells contain one maybe we can if we ever open this bar and then if we ever open more of them I can you know roll that out or maybe you know having cell.

did you hear the International House of Pancakes change name of the restaurant but why cuz they're stupid burgers

but it's a different type of restaurant I think they just rip the pee off of their thing or flip the P upside down now it's ihob going to call it I who Bob and I hop in like 20 years but like every other Burger chain just like ripped a new one will ever go to the pancakes do you like pancakes for dinner know I like it but I haven't done it since the kids because we make pancakes on the me to buy used to like I used to like a breakfast for dinner so if you don't you hate that I used to like it to you breakfast for dinner person ever dinner for breakfast I like that like what like steak and eggs or like what do you mean

I just eat all sorts of foods that are not breakfast foods at breakfast time sometimes cuz I don't want to anymore it sounds like a Band-Aid Marvin alden-waggoner up

so some sad news before we are by calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 last week. John lermayer died you know very well known bartender in in Florida he was younger than me is 45 well-known sweet smart sensitive guy and I think it's going to be something we're going to I know that Don and I'm rubbing his bar or talking more about this as talk to you Jimmy and yesterday PT I think everyone in this industry has to just help each other be a little bit me a little bit better to themselves because anyone is going to stay in it a long time you know you don't want to end up dying because of your lifestyle well before well before you should make a lot of people but anyway I just wanted to

say our thoughts are with the friends and family of John the mayor

but I should feel at first maybe last Canal what am I going to say yeah you can't really he was the for a while he was the rep for Cru champagne what's the what's that what's an interesting fact from Krug champagne Nastassja Krug champagne one of the few Champagnes that most of the time does not go through malolactic fermentation this is like fruit champagne tends to have an Apple keynote because it still has a good bit of malic acid at you like you like any kind of champagne I really like her Estancia Lopez even though she's going to come and drink free at my new bar existing conditions will never drink

if you want to have a terrible friend

become friends with nastassia Lopez because nastassia Lopez not only will she not support what you do for a living but she will come in and for free drink the stuff that you pay more for and rub it in your face and anybody else's face that she doesn't want what you've worked hard to try to achieve she and said just wants a giant Fishbowl aspark yep that that is that is Nastassja okay so this is actually it seems like one of the things that I probably had nothing to do with our show but I have never seen anything on the internet to head

more to do with our show then that's okay this is Brian Twitter I got someone on Twitter today Brian Pittman and it is to advise story about an I have to say I don't think there's a good possibility that this is a a hoax a very strong possibility dude on Vice who cooked his own foot and served it to his buddies did they know yes so it is amazing at his a handle he sent his Anonymous but it's handled because we came to people's attention by a Reddit thing shiny shiny cuz we don't know his real name was in a motorcycle accident I'm saying

was in a motorcycle accident his like leg and foot were shattered he's in the hospital and the doctors are like we're going to amputate your foot and literally shiny says what can I keep it is on his back looking at keep it and they're like well it's your foot you and I mean and so they gave it to them in a bag he originally thinks I swear to God is what it says on the think he originally says to himself well maybe I'll get it freeze dried I'll have my foot freeze-dried right

looks it up take it home wash is it off put it in the freezer looks it up freeze drying cost too much money so there's no way he's going to do she's like well maybe I'll make a plaster cast of it it's easy says they get his buddies were tossing around the room like his foot because it's like you said it's I mean I imagine it is too real to have your foot just sitting there and before he takes a plaster casts he cuts off a piece of it put it again in the freezer and saves and then decides weeks later that he is going to cook it right now this is the smartest thing I mean I don't really necessarily agree with the way that it was done but this is the smartest thing I've ever heard he's like I don't want to mess this up find a chef friend of his name by the way kudos to shiny for finding a chef rent find a chef friend who's going to prepare

the date the Peace of the upper part of the foot to Shin there for the for the for the table invites 11 friends over and they all have tacos with the marinated to cook lentils have tacos their tacos with it now here's where it gets crazy here's where the Shadows especially important goes everyone want to know what it taste like

Apparently one of his friends refuse to eat it only one of his friends refuse to eat it

says you know what it taste like he's like I've had Heritage pork before I swear to God he's like I've had Heritage pork before he says when people say people taste like pork it's not like the pork you get in the supermarket it's more like Heritage Port Saint Lucie like older like more flavors muscle I mean I would have a shiny want I mean I don't have any contact with shiny I would have shiny you know yeah but like I mean like that is right up there that's right up our alley oh yeah yeah I was I was like horribly but I mean like I have to show it now that beat me a book the issues I don't think they had that much they want to divide it up between 11 people he said it was a lip to be honest shiny said it was a little bit

kind of disappointing on a texture level the real issue is I think that's where you going to have to spend your time is getting the text her right you don't even I would say if you were going to do it no matter how you get now I'm marinating it is great cuz it's going to soften up there protein but the issue is is that that the kind of connective tissue that you have in a cut like that even just like standard fajita working isn't going to do it you're going to need to do some serious if it wasn't already Jacquard it hard enough by like you know smashing into a tree when he flew off of his bike you know what I mean off his motorcycle I mean that's some serious tenderization are right I totally would have taken like you know what you're going to do it get the Jack card right and do some serious Jack Harding on it so that you can get the tasty want but not have it kind of beat up because he said it was tough and science has figured out trying to science like classic Butchery has figured out like with your cube steak with things like this how to get the texture right of anything

what does pulping the hell out of there with a bunch of needles

I would have suggested that

fan he would have tasted better than I say like I don't think any amount of acupuncture in the lives up there it's not like trying to turn you into Hellraiser into pin Pusher by though you know I guess you have a lot of needles in you like Jack heart is like relatively large they call him needles but they're almost like little like yeah but it's like but they're thicker it's like it's almost like like a kebab skewer you know what I mean by sharper and you in there in one of those like a like a spring-loaded pin head thing and he likes chugga chugga shreds them into something you never got released be removed the texture it's a mechanical means to remove texture from me instead of brining your crying it'll be another way to go emulsified sausage if you want the flavor but the texture is terrible get some fat make an emulsified sausage with it tell it tell the Japanese guy story

friendly it's human body it's not like the guy he was he was a guy he wanted to be completely genderless there's a true story want to be completely genderless you want to be completely asexual so he had his private parts surgically removed so they he has a I mean I don't know what I don't know if I don't know what pronoun I don't know that the favorite pronoun that was chosen afterward but so there was just a spot there and then cooked up the junk

an auctioned off on eBay rights to come eat his junk how do we know is overcooked because one of the one of the people who had paid one of the pain yes was like it was rubbery was overcooked and and four years I've been very upset at this person

for for doing this because as a sassy said earlier in this in this speech are you've got one shot you got you only cut your junk off once and if you're going to do it do it right this is why I like I think shiny is onto something here shiny

got a chef friend to do it and you said you would have circulated the thing the junk definitely one of my life goals is it cook woolly mammoth meat like not Nouveau like Jurassic park-style woolly mammoth meat but I mean one of the one of the side effects one of they I guess like you know positing a possible positive side effects of it's not a good side effect don't even know why I'm saying that global warming is that the tundra is melting at a ferocious rate and as it happens like these woolly mammoth woolly mammoths mammoths mammoths mammoths are like are getting thawed out and they're finding all over Siberia these woolly mammoth

and apparently some of them are still fresh enough to eat even though they're like you know 12 13 14 15 20000 years old right life goal is to cook some of that but the key the key to cooking anything that you've never cooked before is running some tests right you have to run some tests so yeah I mean I would definitely circulate some to see, and what happens to the woolly mammoth meat penis because the mistake that I'm sure this guy clearly not a cook when you fry it up I don't know I don't remember what like what kind of nature was added to it but what you need to do is new take a small a small on a portion away people are afraid when they have a small amount of something to take some away to run some tests so that yes it's true you only have a finite amount of this product

game or but you risk ruining the whole thing by not running a small test first right so you got to cut off a little bit and run a small test that's what I that's what I would have done I think this is a mistake everyone makes they don't they don't think they just kind of roll the dice and I hate them with mushrooms and parsley and so weak

I feel so bad lately 260 lb each of those 300 again we how do we get on this shining so if anyone out there no shiny Matthew think we should get him on the show Scott who writes in looking to do a low sugar sorbet for personal consumption my understanding is that a pocket jet would handle this with ease but it is $5,700 retails I really would have put that cost no damn it used to be like 2500 right used to be so nastase is not showing me pictures which member this is a workplace even though we're not getting paid this is a workplace and you show me some not-safe-for-work photos

and I don't appreciate it. People people is what is is like she's like I looked at it and I don't want to have that image burned into my brain without you having that image burned into your brain as well this is classic nastassia she can't just make a mistake and live with it she makes you live with her mistakes anyways so we were talking about Paco Jets while you were busy looking up overcooked new jumping sold on eBay with mushroom and parsley and do you remember when Uncle Jesse's to class like three grant writer 20 something hundred up to $5,700 for those of you that don't know epochal jet takes a blade you freeze your your your products out now they say that you can do all sorts to save everything which is true you can make fantastic textured Moose's but let's be honest most people use it as an ice cream maker you free

is your base solid writing this is the advantage of it is that you freeze it solid then it stays good Forever on light enough for everybody stays good for a long time I like ice cream which has a lot of problems with recrystallization and kind of loss of texture after it's been spun out of the package at you kind of make that texture out in the nude because a blade feels very slowly into the solid frozen mixture and creates the texture of an ice cream or a survey as it goes on so it's like first you create that the base you freeze it solid then you make the texture now they are very expensive let me finish the question here wondering if you ever heard of anyone fashioning something with a paco jet blade and a modified drill press since I would want to do a full Beaker at a time and have no commercial application for such a device I'm trying to figure out as close as I can get on the cheap any advice okay here's the problem Dupaco jet isn't just the blade is important in the package yet but what's most important apakah jet is the

feed rate so the feed rate on a pocket is very late also say that the exact kind of pressurization of the container in terms of getting the over run getting the air whipped into it is important you can read and I've read many times because I was thinking about trying to build something the patent that Paco jet has an in the patent apocalypse did they let you know various things like the optimum RPM at to get the right texture if you got too much RPM you have too much Heating and don't create the right texture to low in RPM and take too long to feed through and it also melt so there's not them RPM and then there an Optimum Advance rate so how far the blade advances down for every turn that it makes and that the advance rate is what determines the crystal size in it and therefore the smoothness of the ice cream so the package yet it's all about having a large enough blade that you can get a good texture over a large amount of product that's the problem frankly with the smaller versions of the pocketjet like the freaks are which I have the

Italian one blades too small and can't really create the kind of large area of nice beautiful homogeneous text you the package I can but then it feeds down a very specific amount for every amount of goes forward and there's also the way the blades are oriented helps kind of create the right texture and then feedback up but you have to get a big combination of things right you have to get the feed down rate right the speed of rotation right and then also the correct amount of air pressure or kind of tamping down on the top of the of the thing to get the over run over run is at the ice cream and sorbet Landover run is the percentage are that's in your products sold a hundred percent over run memes that your your ice cream is half air and half no base so most meal premium things things to do at home you'll be shooting for a much lower much much lower over run anyway the other problem you have here so no I don't think you can do it with

a with a drill press the other problem you're going to have here and this one is more severe is that a pocket actually cannot make a very good low sugar sorbet a very low sugar sorbet is very difficult to make because sugar isn't just a flavor sugar also provide texture remember when people try to make low sugar stuff at the school and always grainy as hell if it comes out more like a granita or it's like an apocalypse AT&T because it's so cold if it's super dry remember you had like those like like no sugar ice creams or low sugar so days people and then there's a dry dry dry dry dry powder like they don't have like the tetris effect of sugar. So you can if you want to go low sugar you have to add something else to overcome the fact you haven't put sugar in to get the texture right because sugar is the main thing that's doing free is depression so making it such that you still have liquid left at your ice cream and sorbet temperatures and that's what's going to provide the mouth feels it doesn't turn into like a snow pile of dry powder

I am done and you can use think me I don't know why you want low sugar whether it's for Taste is for taste you can use non sweet sugars or whether it's because you're not allowed to have sugar in which case that you had two different things so any technique for like kind of like at home making a good survey

mean you can if you have a champion juicer you can take Frozen cubes of sorbet base and like push them through the first couple will melt out but you can actually make that Chum something into a survey I've never really had much luck with a Vitae prep you could probably buy to prep the Frozen stuff and then reset it in the fridge little bit and probably get a good bit but you're going to want it you never going to get like the perfect texture so I would add some fat to it informal like coconut milk and they're probably help get your your text you right so you do a smoothie and then I refreeze or the champion juicer if you're going to do that you have to keep a lot of kind of structure in it because it's not going to sell old Way Sorbet is that's why they do that would like frozen bananas they do that kind of crap because of banana provides enough structure anyway what do you think all right come back more with more cooking issues

Justice last week I was using Bob's Red Mill almond flour and what I want to do with it was kind of make a version of an angel food cake because everybody knows that one of the main things that is not necessarily so good about angel food cake is that it contains no fat but if you add fat to an angel food cake it deflates somewhat so I thought maybe almond flour would be a good substitute in for the cake flour also the structure of an angel food cake is almost entirely from the egg whites and so you really don't want a lot of protein structure from something like a flower so it's really a perfect application to a make it gluten-free if that's important to you and be to a really kind of reduced down to almost zero that kind of gluten a protein kind of feel that's in the cake so what I did was I took that 360 mL of egg whites with just an extra large egg whites and then 125 grams of the Snagglepuss if this old school angel food cake recipes do they have you

starting greed took super important with almond flour because nut flours tend to Clump together a little bit so push that through you know a sieve or a sifter or whatever you want but a hundred 25 grams of flour then I use 150 g of granulated white sugar and 150 g of confectioner's sugar at 11 for the egg white with a just talked about a second salt which I don't measure I mean to be on a certain measure s to buy and vanilla extract and here's a little something extra so normally like that ratio of Weights would be perfect for an issue cake but because of almond flour doesn't work exactly in a in a moisture management technique like flour dust I also added 50 grams of cornstarch to it so you sift all they do not see if the granulated sugar but all the other dry ingredients into something then take your egg whites start em up with them up as are coming whipping up a Dior granulated sugar add your vanilla add a little bit of at a little bit of lemon juice and salt

whip it up till it's a stiff peaks going to lose all of the volume of your take then fold in the sifted almond flour cornstarch in powdered sugar mixture make that sucker in an angel food cake pan for like you know I don't know depends on your oven like I actually did it in my Breville toaster oven cuz it's Tina was too warm to fire up my big oven and a toaster oven with a little too small so I got a little brown on the top but it made a super moist super delicious gluten-free angel food cake that had a little bit I think that her mouth feel than a normal age for cake because it contains both almonds which are delicious and fat which is everybody knows is delicious so go to Bob's Red Mill. Calm and use the code cooking 25 that's one word all caps cooking 25 remember the number to 5 and not the word 25 or 25% off your order we are back to survive listening to that

I feel like she's like going I hear this jerk enough I have to also give them during the during the break but thankfully she can just take off the now so we have another question let's do it that I don't even understand I had pretty good success with erythritol in blackberry sorbet what's an alternative sugar to get to texture right you have techniques for making a decent sorbet without having any sort of decent machine remastered realize the real kicker there you know what I mean and I think it's going to be some combination of I know what else you could do if you doing it you know how I ever done where you just kind of like you make a whipped cream base and then freeze it or like a moose and you freeze it is not quite like an ice cream but it's bigger than that stuff

do you ever do any way you can do that I bet you could do something like with like a like a makeup like almost like a sorbet mousai with a hydrogel or something I mean and then freeze that it would probably be pretty good like you could probably do I mean I think he wants it to be not cream base cream is so good that way you could do like a like a reinforced like fluid gel like folded in with whipped cream and then freeze that sucker and texture be great but that's not a sorbet you could probably the problem isn't that unreinforced you know you could do a very dense like metha cell phone and then maybe fries that but it's going to be really are you so good we have a huge overrun how would you dense that up if you can make a nice dense foam with a few make a nice dense foam and then freeze it relatively quickly you can probably make a decent sorbet texture without any sort of machine but

let me know if you remember when they used to do they used to put like ice cream base when like Alex 2Pac you supposed to ice cream base into a vacuum chamber and it would turn on listen to a cake do you like that stuff I like this crazy but just for just for giggles at the at the place that's funny hey cooking issues team and the rest I'm looking to make a lobster Shell stock I have five 1 gallon bags of lobster tail shells in the freezer and was looking to use them for a staff soup soup then we need that milk soup be there for that one when we did it in and then like people are coming up there like what are you serving and on a Colombian milk soap changa have your milk soap you would like now I don't want to be like it's delicious and I know you like lost me with the way you said milk sit by the way

if we did the event existing conditions even though we're not open yet we did the city citymeals-on-wheels like their giant koala at Rockefeller Center it was yesterday remember we did that a similar event and John George dressed up as a sailor boy you made me buy it sounds like you have to buy this you have to buy you made me buy a shirt with a sheep on the back and and a rainbow and the Sheep was like made of sodan like cotton balls sit there was a puffy backed sheep with a freaking rainbow and just as he was like you must buy this or I won't work with you anymore and you must wear it so she makes me wear this to the freaking Event John George came in a very you know. Chef Jean-Georges vongerichten came at a very nasty sailor boy outfit with the round sailor's hat with a with a little blue

muscle coming off of it you know what I mean Jean Georges I call him the amazing eyes Asian anyway so he shows up into the vent into the Stasi who forced me to buy this freaking shirt and now is giving me crap saying I was not dressed properly when in fact it was she that made me do it and this again is classic nastassia Lopez anyway

so I did this event yesterday with existing condition so whoever this Jack Bobby you're like opening crew I don't even talk about that

oh there it is come up what I know why and I are the worst at everyone who does these events they have somebody whose job it is and if any one listening it has doing these events are always embarrassed because we spend all this time and energy working on the product and 0 time thinking about the booth my rights as everyone is like people have like River stones and buoys and like multiple levels of freaking serveware and like that's all fancy looking and then we're like hitting it going to need in like isn't our table looks like I hit like a crap she always likes everything is Billy Ray same thing last night like we never take me we spend so much time on our ingredients and on the the stuff that we're preparing that we never take the time to to like make our little booze look good and bad were changing that I'm now pointing somebody at the bar to whose job it is whenever we do an event

2 style out the booth mean it's a smart move since she is the queen of styling out like her boxes like if you are a famous person anastacio likes you so it's a very small subset of people because she hates most people and there's not that many famous people out there but she is still waiting till the people. Some of your style. Boxes black men really well in terms of styling out their boxes I found out that I'm a great hand cut construction paper mail black person

artwork person I'm just going to let that stay right where you put it and not going to say one damn thing about that at all not true I okay okay the roots yeah yeah pacifier just did The Roots Picnic the other day but don't tell him what made you the most angry that she had to leave early made her angry I still do not both my grandparents are dead but I still have never forgiven them for making me leave my mom and step father's wedding early so freak family you know Italian right the father who died last year is Butcher right and you know Gerard was Gerard is there any of the Sun and even though typically you know my mom

family would have paid for the wedding but you know Grandma Grandpa cheap so huge wedding goes all out on the food all out so for months I'm hearing about the food at this wedding the food at this wedding the food at this way. I have a 12:11 to 12 so they tell me they like we're getting the special Italian pastry from the North End juice PD we getting your Speedy makes a speedy what's your speed like it just saying it's like this it's like this ethereal amazing it's Misha speedy speedy speedy speedy everything everything everyday I hear you sure you going to feel like you know I'm waiting for this whole wedding if you I'm not even though I'm young I don't drink it's boring and stop worrying my mom's getting married drive it to the great we're all sitting around them like

Grandma and Grandpa like we're leaving now because we're getting in the motorhome and we're driving back home now and like

and I never got to have the freakiest. Here's the worst part about it we get in the freaking motorhome leave the wedding early we dry by the way my grandparents lived in my driveway for 3 years and it's freaking motor on what day that is showed up put the motor home on blocks and plugged into our house and didn't leave for 3 years when they finally got that thing out there there's a dent 4in deep in our freaking driveways from the blocks this motorhome Grandma who only like use electric blankets use electric blankets constantly constantly blow out the circuits her house because it's freaking umbilical cord coming out of this motorhome which contain get their Grandma and Grandpa two dogs and a parrot I swear to God anyway so they dress up from this wedding and we end up in the bottom of the driveway and then they look at me though I can do you have keys to get into the house

no I don't Grandma I'm 11 why did I leave my mom's wedding early so that we could drive through the night and ended up in the driveway and I can't even get into my house and now I've never had your speedy and to this day I don't even remember what is your Speedy is but it was someone saved my cat like I just walk around sometimes you Speedy any way back to lobster shells

tiles tiles making lots of Chelsea has five 1 gallon bags a lobster tail shells in the freezer and was looking to use them up for stash soap that's a long trip a field from soup

by the way they at one of the dogs names was Taffy was a child and I've only recently overcome my hatred of chows because of this dog Taffy this dog was the meanest dog ever so like honestly I hate his dog so much that when whenever Grandpa would walk Cathy when when when he looked the other way I would make a face the dogs to the dog would growl and Grandpa yank exchange that's how much I hate stop and how much is dog had to be the dog really hated everyone except grandma and grandpa but I when I slept in the motorhome I would sleep above the driver seat in that little like bed that's like sticking out over the highway there

dog would not let me out of the bed to pee so I would like whenever I stay in that motorhome I had that this is how I learn to fly for like 14 hours straight without peeing because once you were in that bed there was no bathroom visits the whole freaking night because Kathy would sit there with her satanic freaking devil dog eyes and his growl at you if you ever tried to put your feet over and get down and use the restroom nightmare noches PD

no just be 5 1 gallon bags of lobster tail shells in the freezer and looking to use them up for staff suit I know if you boil shells too long they give us talk a bit of a calcium taste is it a true story Kyle would make me a double or triple stock out of the shells lead to a bad tasting stop I don't think so but I don't know how much of a game you're going to get you know what I mean like I think you're probably going to be better off making the single-stock and then reducing it but anyway I'm I'm I'm not sure I've never tried it someone in the chat room maybe has some advice on this I've never done a triple stock on on Lobster you have new shells around 30 minutes to an hour that's about right I just think it's have never had any experience with you. Besides shellstock here's what I do have some ideas besides shellstock do you have any suggestions on what to do with all these shells for the employee dinner we have a lot that we can do that we can go through and I'd rather not throughout the rest of the shells and everyone gets tired of soap thanks for the episodes Kyle Youngblood yes what you need to do Kyle is you need to

lobster butter lobster butter I don't like any shell stocks or anything with shells in it like anything of the flavor she'll hate to hear about the loss due to a lobster butter I typically you roast off their shells a little bit right you roast them off then you toss that you chop them up real small young fine cut him up real small so you get like Fast extraction and then you you throw it in with butter and you can do it in the oven almost like you would for clarified you can do it stovetop you can do whatever you want but you steep the shells you could do it in a Ziploc bag I've done that before the promise Ziplocs and lobster shells is it is super easy to puncture the Zippy so then it's the one kind of reason you don't necessarily want to bag the stuff out but whatever so you kind of stupid for a long time

open up that butter will extract like a beautiful color from the shells and you get beautiful flavor from it then you strain the whole supper off chill it and then any scum That Floats or any liquid that you somehow inadvertently left into the into the batter you skim off beforehand otherwise it won't keep right so you you chill it get rid of anything that's on the top or the bottom of it and now you have a solid chunk a lobster butter roll that real tight get rid of all the air and you can freeze it to use for a long time but the way that God wants you to use this lobster butter is making lobster rolls now Nastasia you are hot lobster roll fan or cold Matthew you

I do hot yeah me too I like a hot lobster roll and I like a hot lobster roll where it's just like a soft almost like Martin's hot dog like split that like the one with the flat side you're talking about not really Mart near the flat side hot dog buns split toasted and then just tossed big chunks of lobster meat I like some tail but you got out of cloth you got to clot in your last really like cloth. All right Matthew make sure you're going to Salt in there and then pause that stuff in the lobster butter put that on the bun so you need it's all you need you don't need the gussied-up you're freaking lobster roll people all you need is butter preferably lobster butter chunks of lobster and then on the on that bond which I also like to toast off a little bit and then I demand the good news about that is you just put more lobster tonight I have more Tales to make more butter or cooking issues

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