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Episode 332: Air is the Enemy of Carbonation

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I'm Insurance executive director Katie Bozeman waddler jumping in to tell you about this week's episode of meat and three Heritage Radio Networks weekly food Roundup this week we're introducing you to some amazing women taking a stand so often being sexually harassed feels like a lots of control and so I wanted to have these very tangible to say here's what you can do others are pushing for more diversity at Major food industry events section that's not just more diverse but more Equitable we also have a report on that summer business stapled the lemonade stand Lemonade Stand overhead easy to get into and requires little experience or special equipment your weekly 15-minute food news Roundup from hrn subscribe on Apple podcast Stitcher or your favor

I got that search meat plus sign three and thanks as always for listening

I work every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 and pizza. David a booth and we are because it is we're back to take your kid to work life we have special guest Booker are no no school today why no school today Booker my teachers have a conference I wanted to tell you I now have a job at anastassios pasta shop called pasta flyer yeah yeah so you should call all of yours and by the way Miss Asia Lopez attempting to overtake McDonald's as America's best first job you don't like McDonald's

nothing negative to say about any quick service restaurant but up up up our commitment to Quality but my mom says yeah right they're just trying to sell you their food so if you know whenever you get that McDonald's sponsorship specifically McDonald's has like McDonald's has hired and made fake what do they what do you call fake like those fake advertorial like fake news things we call those things where the company pays for it do you guys do what's right not saying we're like a couple you're coming to be like hate make it look like you're a News correspondent but really we're just going to push our crap what's that called when people do that I have no idea is there a word for that anyway so like McDonald's has one of those we're like a theoretical neutral person is interviewing someone at them on the McNuggets line at Tyson to Booker does nothing but why

like as if they're doing a as if it's a new story it's cruel to their livestock Booker so like Booker is as you know just so you guys know like as most I think probably 16 year olds is extremely susceptible to internet Pro Tyson bite what is that word mean coo huh no susceptible or whatever it means that it means that you are likely to believe things that you hear on the internet's punches and throws their chicken okay that's not the case why would they do that they also suffocated one by standing on its head okay listen to this is not I don't believe this to be accurate. But I mean like oh it's round thank you cuz the internet telkomsel but the half of it. I have a lot to say the Earth is not flat

yeah correct I have a lot to say hey hey hey yes I used to think we lived inside the planet well something sooner than later anyways my point I have a lot to say negative about you know completely integrated chicken farming but it's a more complicated subject and I do not believe that you know Booker Tyson doesn't actually raise the chickens did you know that

Tyson's alright Tyson has farmers and big fairy by almost nothing per bird and pay raise in Tyson owns the bird but they don't raise the Pipe & Supply

you okay anyway PS no one can see because this is the internet this is a Radio based podcast for you know Radio Disney visual of all mediums it is the famous surveyor who made the first real maps of New York City nor does it mean the stop on the Q train yes no it doesn't mean that it is a synonym for cluster cluster F Urban Dictionary

but I usually I usually when I'm using it in contacts in front of adults will put the F beforehand damn portal you like I like but I use it but he like no one is ever questioned the meaning because they say u i e Lester hey Jarrod what's up so the winning number to this morning said you know people can tweet in question 2 now I owe the person who's been you know listening for in a long time who's Twitter hashtag hashtag Twitter handle is options

band he he wants to know about the Sun or not. He is asking me this he in fact mailed me a couple of those flower beers from up you know upper east coast there to spin out and Spins all the Harvest a yeast-like the whole night and all this guy wants is the thunder nut specs now those either don't know what the hell I'm talking about is was a pistachio based run beverage at Booker and Dax and it was a went on probably for the last one here you are at. Looking for the last year or so of the of our run is that about right there

yeah yeah they issue is is you know Booker and Dax had a bunch of orgeat specs and Booker and Dax had a bunch of other specs but the bartender's didn't make the actual pistachio rum it wasn't an orgy with a pistachio rum + Jack was what was the I hate Jack suggest so Derek now it PDT was a bartender and also at one point bar back at Booker and Dax and Jack was the head bartender at Appleton and actually have the two best people to discuss what was actually in the Thunder not now when I receive the specs this morning on how the stuff was made I was

upset because it was a crazy freaking spec

I mean it's freaking bananas like nutty I can't believe we made that specs back if it's to be believe now

here's the other thing Derek has tried to recreate this for the spins all because I'm assuming that no one out there was making it has the what we used in practice at btx which was a 3-liter benchtop Swan refrigerated centrifuge everything kind of in in think they're so Jack first give the drinks back once you have the pistachio rum the single drinks back was one and a half ounces of pistachio rum a half ounce of Amaro Montenegro 3/4 of an ounce of pineapple syrup OK Google I am finished a suggested orange juice what you have there is a basic Booker and Dax sour spec it's a little off because Montenegro has sugar in it but you got yourself roughly you got yourself a 2 3/4 3/4 right if everything was Boos

and everything was working normally you got yourself a 2-3 you got yourself a 2 3/4 3/4 right there right so so far hunky-dory now ask you to just a doge a very simple every leader of orange juice gets 32 G of citric acid and 20 G of malic acid Stewart old dissolve and Bone that's malic acid okay we can talk about Warheads in a minute anyway let's finish this one first oh so that's your acid OJ Jack what's are pineapples syrup of spec we were low-tech when making a pineapple syrup that book and it was just equal parts by weight sugar and freshly Juiced pineapple juice we added a small amount of citric acid to your I think generally like I want to say I would like in 250 ml of solution

pineapple we didn't adjust for the sugar that was in the pineapple juice I don't care. I want the stuff to be bricked right not freaking taking something that has like 12 bricks already like 11 or 12 brakes and then adding another 50 brakes to it was becoming an episode of Bar Rescue

it sucks this is why everyone everywhere is garbage because no one can keep their numbers and their stuff straight so the stuff swabs as possible. It's just a seat backs me up 100% here too it's like if you're going to work in a big team and your team has rules so that stuff can get swapped in from place to place follow the rules

yes it's almost wonder if the rules change me when continue to change in the space it's like human beings we keep having new generations of human beings and we keep on requiring oxygen you know what I mean it's like to follow the rules anyway okay so I have no so now the spec is even crazier to me because now all of a sudden it's a good bit sweeter than it was but it's also good bit more acidic because there's all the orange juice has sugar in it because the orange juice is rocking at somewhere in the range of 10 right 10 bricks or thereabouts Levin maybe we have pineapple which is now clocking in roughly at 60 bricks right so right now we have a drink it's on the sweeter side the acid level is also a little higher than normal and maybe this all washes out because it's going to have a lot more texture

shaking because of the freaking pistachio right now hear people is where it gets really ugly normally at Booker and Dax we would make orgeat for your nuts but that would become the syrup notice for my loss of the mental stability a minute ago that we already have plenty more than enough sugar in their self how we going to get the nuts into the beverage and the answer is we're going to put the nuts into the booze which by the way is why we had to charge so much and didn't make so much of this stuff because it was super expensive even though Florida Connie which is what we used is an inexpensive rum if you buy Florida Kanya a little bit more but still I'm still like for an aged rum it's on them so yeah we use the 7th so before an aged rum it's on the cheaper side right because here's what we're about to do not Derek how do you do this stuff

I was actually a three-day process which again I don't know if all this is necessary but it's just the way it was done if that's the way we continued to do it so the first steps first day they won is a 400 G of pistachio 650 g of water when it all out let that soak overnight in refrigerator when you're using pistachio is please sort through them and remove the shriveled and or overly yellow or brown ones they will ruin do not sample the pistachios and me at 8 to take that mixture Blended up it does get pretty sick so I'm sure is per one bottle of or Kanye

Jack-n-Grill using 750ml and you didn't join in the water and the water is going into that rum mixer so yes it's it's a little bit weird to me too because you're having a statue in the water so the alcohol that you attended attended low low to mid 20s yeah alright so I got you you're giving me heart palpitations here Derek but go ahead so you soak the nuts and you need to soak the nuts because you want the nuts to primarily absorb water and not booze cuz we can't afford to lose any more liquid I anymore alcohol we also want to have the what kind of strongest extraction we're going to guess we want to soften these nuts up so you blend the whole cycle again that usually gets even weirder

blending in the ticaloid before you spend

so I think it was after and then you sent the raum is added and you don't have to refrigerate it for that next overnight then third day it's fun I had to take Lloyd Wright before I Stir It Up spin

you had to take away after you spin right cuz otherwise what the hell are you doing right you had to take a look before you spend

yeah we suspected we had it with that we got it before spinning

yeah so I recently did it with one of her Booker and Dax regulars you tried it out and see if he's been wanting this back and I recently got to spend all I wanted to try it out and we didn't do that continue at we just did that pain patch mode little nervous about all of that there's a lot of a lot of multiple batches and to work pretty well for us

I didn't measure the yield she's kind of finished off the last of the batch I left out I have for sure I don't have to let me in like a rough like what kind of deal did you get

it looks it looks pretty similar very similar to the pucks that we had at the spinning bucket at seem to be very similar from do what I can remember doing a year or two ago for those who don't have ticaloid powder I forgot to call in to the bar in the copy of liquid intelligence that is at the bar I have handwritten in the substitute for ticaloid cuz ticaloid is just Gum arabic and xanthan gum and I forget Jack and out of the bar right now or you get that back or I'll on the next show of someone ask me I'll get you a chocolate powder now but it's just a mixture of gum arabic in Santan the Santan is acting as the as the stabilizer right so there's emulsifiers emulsifiers are like marriage

counselors that help oil and water live close to each other and stabilizers like traffic cops they keep stuff from moving so it's like it's both the gum arabic is that is the emulsifier is the marriage counselor in this ant anstead traffic cop so that's how you know that's how it works but you know I have a mixture that I made of you need to use the really good powder Gum arabic and try to get a fast dissolving xanthan gum but it's it's something like 3/4 3/4 of it is is is a Arabic and 1/4 of his aunt and it's something like that and you have to use a little more of that mix and you would have ticaloid but no give it a shot but why the heck would you mix it beforehand Derek to make it harder to settle out but yeah it's it's it seemed to work well at and you know it stabilized

separate but I mean it's solved by just kind of shaking it up before you pour out sounds and a half into the cocktail the other thing you're just how long do you have to spend it in spinzall per batch

we did a normal 15 minutes then okay so when you're spinning and spends all with liquor that long make sure you have the the lid that you know that the inner rotor lid on and it's also keep the cap on the top and also I plug up the drain hole just so that you don't have too much of operation out of the unit because especially cuz you've already gotten rid of so much alcohol you might want to keep the rest of it in there so it's a good if you like sweet creamy nut drinks it's a good session drink to have because it doesn't have that much alcohol in it and I'm learning more about the old bar everyday everyday this is us this example is particularly egregious

the nut rum ingredient just sort of appeared on the bar one day he came up with it that here use this and then once back later we had this incredible cocktail would like all right we're going to make this the same way that you made this every time because this is delicious yeah alright well you can't argue with the success of the Drake I mean I'm not too I mean I'm mentally here's the here's the real issue yours would really is kind of like you know burning me up right now is that

you know I think it's always good if you're running tests to go outside of what you normally do right and you get a good result this is good but if it's all black box and just hears a weird spec nobody investigates it went by that I mean tells me to investigate it right cuz you know so then I can't discover whether or not we need to revise the way we do every freaking thing or whether or not is just as a one-off or Boo Boo or boo be poor boo Bob because I don't have the information you know what I'm saying it's like it's like it's like a bar of the weirdest

out there back everything we do right milk share up milk wash all this stuff is because we had some weird effect by doing it wrong or doing it weird and we investigated it but if it's just kept in a little toy store box and you can investigate it the same thing happens like bike for any of yous are going to run a program going to start a program out there like the worst is when you like do development and it's like a multi I love multi-person team-based effort because I think the results are better and everyone gets buying but then when stuff gets changed you were going to remember to send information up and down the chain so that everybody knows what's going on otherwise you know like we were in a situation situation where you try to recreate a suspect based on my knowledge of the chain which is clearly deficient they were never going to get the result because I would never do it that way unless I knew was done that way you don't know saying whatever whatever

you can't argue with people like in the drink has David in the booth says but I'm a Ravenclaw say or what are you cooking issues

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and we are back so Booker did you absorb anything that you have the microphones pointed in the wrong direction PS you don't have your earphones on so yeah Booker's book is really taking this seriously I don't looks good I wished I could stay in bed for longer because like it's time to wake up well my eyes I was woken up to walk the dogs my dog's Patrick O'Sullivan Road in and said I would like your thoughts on a Seltzer system with a corny keg in the fridge as a cold Reservoir in Stillwater then climb to a mechanic or similar carbonator for on-demand and this is what he wrote K would always have flesh water coming in and then

and goes in the next place that is to say fresh water flush water would not be good although now I have them fresh water so fresh water is what happens like when you're like like those who rents chicken that like that kind of like what that scum on the top or flush water is when you're in a not properly clean public pool and there's that likes cam of human fat on the top of it and those hot indoor pool Jones unless I specifically because she does not enjoy the flesh water hey man you know that that's not soap in the hot tub that's human oil of the gross stuff and onto on to the question so basically what Patrick wants to do is he wants does not want to do a cold plate with ice which is you know what I typically do would rather have a

corny kegs of corny kegs are Cornelius kegs they used to use them for they use of a Homebrew now that used to use them for soda and some people use them for cocktails and whatnot but they're relatively cheap relatively available they hold the standard one holds 5 gallons are in 5 gallons then you need a carbonator write the problem here is is that in a standard commercial carbonation system like we have at the bar by the way the new bars carbonation system pretty good rice does a water

is there a person you are you are you are me to meet that's when she calls me on the phone it says you are mean to me you are mean to me and of course you know because someone one of our listeners made me a ringtone when Booker calls me it says shut up

can you give me another live shut up Dad

what a burger

think about shut up. So try to copy the voice it's because he was saying annoying stuff I don't know what could I say so that's why is ringtone like is is shut up Dad he'll Booker also likes will occasionally Booker has kind of stock responses to certain things so if you apply the brakes or turn too hard in the car he used to have a very specific do not get to this please I just want to talk about it

just want to talk about it that's why I don't like cars it's what makes a Subaru a lemon yeah he doesn't like our Subaru but like the other thing is over with the amulet ladies like you never going to see me again this is a nice gift because like takes it looks at her she was Buddhist and late and leaves leaves a Subway yes

I don't know I don't think he looked it up but he doesn't know Booker when he's in the Subway has his and look he's got that kind of like far off this and looking inside anyway so a corny keg holds about 5 gallons it has a a gas in Port which is at the top and then it has a liquid out Port which is at the bottom of a long tube so you can feed stuff into the top and you remove stuff from the bottom in a commercial carbonation system you have a carbonator the carbonator has is plumbed with filtered water straight from the supply at roughly 45 to 65 PSI you then it's at room temperature you then have your CO2 tank plumbed on to it at like like I do the reason my sparkling water is so ripping where I am is because I do it at 110 PSI and then feed it through and so that's at room temperature that needs to be that high because you're doing it at room temperature and then comes out of the carbon

as carbonated water goes and by the way if you ever set up a commercial carbonate and I'll tell you this pageant no matter how you do it no one tells you how to properly set up a carbonator right nobody tells you how to properly set up a carbonator even the Macan people people who make it do not tell you how to properly set it up here I will tell you all now here's how you properly set up a carbonator you fill it with cold water turn off your gas no gas fill it with carbonate with a cold regular cold filtered water there is a vent valve on the top of it that the flip valve write an overpressure and release valve open that blow it until it comes out of that then close it open up your tabs run it until just we just with plain water no gas run it and tell your Taps run full of water then burp that vent valve a couple times now you've gotten rid of all of the air in your system because I want you to mentally repeat air is the enemy of carbonation are is the enemy of

donation so now you have all the air out of the system now here's the important part unplug your carbonator and or disconnect the float switch on it unplug it I don't want any more water coming in to write you can leave the water on but unplug it now turn your your gas on turn the gas on right turn it up to whatever you want now open up your valve and bleed all of the water out all of it until it sputters and then stopped now your system is 100% full of carbon dioxide 100%. Plug it back in and the pump will turn on and inject water into your carbonator and that stuff will be fully carbonated if your car being at room temperature or I do you can't really go over about 120th it's not you can't but I do about a hundred and ten which is super ripping most people going to be down closer to a hundred PSI right then after that it comes up out of the carbonator and goes into

a cold plate now most jerks who hate quality don't appreciate their customers or their own dignity only pass it through one channel the Coldplay Coldplay is just a bunch of stainless steel tubing make sure you never have any copper after the carbonation so no Copper at all they have nickel plated brass Works stainless Works never copper never and also I had to buy to buy bought tube for the bar I bought tube from a reputable supplier I will not mention their name because I'm so freaking angry with them and they recommended I buy vinyl tube they recommended I buy vinyl tube that was braids reinforced why because they said it was more flexible right and I said to myself you know what day your whole life you know decades you've used a braid reinforced polyethylene tubing polyethylene tubing with e v a jacket right first of all

the host has never failed never failed never failed secondly it has never ever ever ever imported an off taste to any liquid I have ever put through ever right because polyethylene doesn't have all those nasty plasticizers did vinyl does right so this guy swears on a freaking stack of Bibles I don't know why the hell I listen but he swore on a stack of freaking Bibles that does vinyl tube everyone's using his final to now and there's not going to impart any taste to the water and so I plugged it and sure shouldn't the water tasted like death plastic and we would have to run the water for like 30 seconds at a time and you can see it foam and get nasty right as it was getting the plastic stuff out do you taste that stuff when you came over garbage I was so angry because I was You Know Jack and I were on our backs underneath our stations like trying to like fit into these cold place which way the heck underneath

stop and I was I was type I was displeased I was displeased and we ripped it all out waste another day ripped it all out and replace it all with the stuff that God wants to use which is polyethylene to braid reinforced with an e v a jacket and our water tastes great now I do use and do recommend the vinyl the braid reinforced vinyl no food grade vinyl tubing for gas lines because it is more flexible and will allow you to do things like carbonate and shake that are all right so bad so remember most people run through one thing of a cold plate so you're coming from your tube which please use polyethylene with braids reinforcement and Evie a jacket please use that type of a tube for your liquid now I'm sure he was like a lot of people when they're running beer and soda they can't taste it I don't care just use the good stuff so you're running it through multiple run it through one circuit of a cold plate which is just a length of aluminum Tube Sorry a length of a stye

steel tube it is embedded typically in an aluminum block you have ice on that as the ice melts a very rapidly keeps the aluminum coils aluminum block and get your water down because the water is going through a quarter inch kind of a tube so it has a lot of surface area for its volume and it shows very rapidly not rapidly enough put it through to so you're feeding into one you take the out of that circuit put it into the end of another and then out of two in that is the way to get good cell so you'll have to get a good selsor dispensing gun I use only Cornelius and Becker post mix soda valve post mix soda valves not those nasty like Wonder Bar guns not beer guns there different they have a different compensator it's not the same as not as good right now back to what you're having here you want to put a Cornelius keg in your fridge right from your water supply into the Cornelius keg into the top into the gas Port you then want to have a draw

are out of the bottom through the product port and have it go into your carbonator your carbonator must also live in this fridge that you're using to chill your stuff because it needs to stay cold if it doesn't stay cold it you're not going to have a good result now your pressure on this is going to have to be lower like 45 PSI 40 to 45 PSI in that range I have never run a carbonator where the gas pressure was below the input the inlet pressure of the city Mains so if you're flowing from your city water through a filter into the corny keg in the fridge you might have to put a regulator on it too dumb your pressure down to below the pressure of your gas I don't know you might have to run some tests but here's the main problem you're going to have one

I don't know whether the carbonator is going to enjoy being in the fridge for long periods of time because of condensation I have done it before but you know your results May Vary I can't guarantee because you might get moist on the inside of the thing the other problem is he going to have his list let's say you have a 5-gallon Cornelius keg and it's totally full with 640 oz of water let's say you leave that water in there long enough to get down to Centigrade OK every 32 ounces you draw out of that is going to replace about 32 ounces of the water in the corny keg with water that's at room temperature roughly 25 degrees Celsius is 25 degrees Celsius there a 32 oz straw of 25° Celsius water into the corny keg will raise the temperature of the whole keg so if you're at a Ford if you're at 4 degrees and you draw 32 ounces you now have a 5 degree keg if this is at least none

the temperature varies widely so so will these numbers but then when you draw another 32 now you're at a 6-degree keg okay and so you have to make sure that if your drawing more than like a leader an hour that your fridge is adequate enough to keep the temperature down or you're going to get creep creep creep creepy creep creep creep up in temperature one way to get around this would be too instead of Plumbing it to your city is to have a valve and push like 20 psi is CO2 into the top let the whole thing cool down 5 gallons and then just refill the whole thing wait for the whole thing to come back down to temperature and do it again so if you're only drinking like a gallon a day of Seltzer like once a week you can vent you can if you only have 20 PSN the tank you can just throw ice and water in and then have that thing Rock for the rest of the time that's maybe the way I would do it if you start to see that your water is going to close it comes out to warm is it comes out that make any sense

I also like if you ever want to send David email and wanted to read it just right subject carbonation question that is not even in the body that is not 100% sure that that is not is not true not true so freaking answer everything about carbonation on a website that's called like carbonation by Dave Arnold. Calm and like everything was going to write it you everything of any combination question that has ever been a should be transcribed and put on that page with links to the things links to the diatribes me who's literally who would do that if we had a competent in turn up for what

the game this is from the show I'm planning on devising an extracurricular for school I want to get these I said tweet your questions in or call them and text at once Matthew sent not in a good chance looking for looking at my Twitter feed support and take a look and I will do it next week for school I want you no kids Booker do you like extracurricular activities and what's your favorite tea is there anything that you like to do like in the subway other than that cuz that's a fun thing then he wasn't working

I got some insight into massages management strategy earlier than it was different style Dave and why he created his own business I want to teach kids 10 to 19 years old a little more about cooking basics of more advanced stuff whatever is fine engaging and beneficial do you have any ideas for a syllabus syllabus Somebody to Love from Germany Lucas have you apply to college these days if you don't have extracurriculars you can't get in at all I mean it's like you know if you haven't cured cancer by the time you're 18 you can't you know you're SOL as we say

confirm good family okay

Erykah Badu think it's like there's so many people from like everywhere that like having just like that the numbers on like stuff like the iveys it's just it's just stupid I don't even understand it that's just crazy going to have like me inside track to get into an ivy

I don't even know if that would work although matter I don't know what the heck this is not like it's not College issues with regulars and food Heston Blumenthal I don't know like maybe 10-12 years ago did a kitchen science series for like a secondary schools in England that you can probably get a hand get a hand on that Manuel where it sets up a lot of interesting it sets a lot of interesting experiments for teaching teaching observation in scientific method through cooking I happen to think that a lot of what they said is wrong in terms of like the conclusions they drew from their experiments but in general I am a rather curmudgeonly hard to get along with individual and so I take it so I tend to disagree with almost everything that it almost everybody

including myself so I would take a look at Heston blumenthal's kitchen science syllabus for kids but by the way yesterday we were so also look at what Harbor does because even though what Harvard does is aimed at college kids they do some interesting experiments and they have opencourseware online I am doing that again this year but we're not doing the first one we're doing the second lecture this year which I don't even know what that means but yeah and I know anyone on the chat room I can think more about what would be a good a good set of things cuz we know I like when I do it I do more demos for kids and so usually with ischemic stroke recovery want to do more Hands-On and then the question is do you you're teaching more of the science of it which is what I normally they had to do or you teach me more just like the basics of cooking you get you the basics of cooking

you know I would also look at kennel kind of what place is like the SEI now the ICC does and they're kind of La techniques class it's kind of like the basic core competency what they're of what you need to teach people to put because I think they did a good job and they've been doing it for like decades and decades but these are all you know what kind of particular that you can look at online and get a handle on what you think what yesterday I was on tape me for an episode of the burger show Chef Alvin so we had to do the science of burgers which you know I may or may not disagree I had the baby will talk about it later we talk about it later if you want to know about that science of burgers and what we talked about on I can't really real too much because the episodes not available yet but it is back we'll talk more cooking issues

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