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Episode 331: Issues

this episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill in employee-owned company and has been offering organic stone-ground products for decades their flowers and whole grains are the highest quality and are minimally processed at their Stone Mill in Oregon visit to shop there a huge range of products use the code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order

pretty never going to be Tuesday for mono like 12:15 12 sound like they asked about 45 Lopez I doing good God Dave in the booth and habitual line stepper and America's favorite punching bag

firecams. Dave will talk about the burrow he's in with about ten times more enthusiasm than he talks about the two of us see a person out there are excited to be there said to be in Brooklyn do they know who we are no idea. I don't know don't care I just noting observing

hell I don't even like coming to Brooklyn cuz I prefer to stay in Manhattan so sorry about it you don't even like that you don't even know one likes it no one who lives in New York has a messed up thing actually likes to leave like a five-block radius people don't know this about New Yorkers we don't like to actually move around in our city we all think we like to travel anyone who lives outside of New York they're like oh you're there only like 45 minutes away from you you must see them all the time 25 minutes away what I mean like they're like they moved like 40 blocks north of me which is what is that like three mile

not even any like 40 blocks away their dead to me it's pathetic we are the most provincial people like we might as well we might as well be like I don't know like from the 19th century or something like that in terms of are you no getting around

man-about-town go to the best new chefs event last night with our friend of the show Jordana Rothman was she last time I went was stassi left me high and dry doesn't want to ever she's like me this way does not ever want to be anywhere alone because

wish I was with Peter Chevrolet like people right so we can say that it's not just that stuff doesn't want to talk to other people which know that's her prerogative she will actually sort of suck my attention or other people's attention away so I can't even function as a normal serve social human being around her until she has another Wing unit and then then your slept off sort of a suit for yesterday at 3 to get another externship

where the two of us are the words we show up at a party we both put like the most disgusted look on her face and get to the farthest corner behind a glass of booze go to the farthest corner of the room and it's good with you Dave so for normal people the distribution of conversation is small conversations with a lot of people with you it's like 99% time of the first person you see you speak to when you arrive

you know you know you know whatever. All right all right

hey David Sasha Pieterse Florida removed Burlington Vermont now wow nice mean that's very different

very different I like you I always hated the heat over there you know so I've been there since I've too and could no longer do it are you like one of those drivers who

General yeah I want nothing

you know a lot man it's really good quality just food from here around you know in the dead of winter you haven't been there in the dead of winter yet right Dairy as well, dating them inside of a bottle if there's any recommended actual soda siphon never used never use the soda so I can never use a soda siphon

there is no purpose soda siphon serve exactly one purpose and that is to reenact Three Stooges episodes if you wish to re-enact The Three Stooges episode the soda siphon is the best tool you can possibly use for it unless you get the real old fashioned Seltzer things but barring that soda siphon fantastic that if you want to spray somebody and you want all of the bubbles to be gone from your liquid by the time it hits your opponent's face a soda siphon is the way to go other than that or if you really enjoy cleaning out large bottles that have very very small necks so she can't get inside the bottle and clean out the residue of what you put into it if you if you if you want to spend all your time doing that then uses so decide otherwise don't

the question at hand is whether you recommend and adding an extra CO2 cartridge the whipping siphon to bottle of cocktail or or what so when you use it first of all like I'm assuming you're doing this for yourself and not professionally write nightmare it because it's so expensive to use those cartridges but that that procedure is you have to do a pre carb with one and then went out and then and then the actual carb with the second unit II charger so you're in the two charges anyway adding a third charger probably won't help you much right just because of the way the thing works but that that you really if you're going to start bottling cocktails and you don't have your not going to do like the liquid bread cap you're going to do like Crown Court caps into smaller bottles I will tell you the way that they very crappy way hateful way that I do

I hate it but here's here's how it works first of all the most important thing in a carbonated beverage in terms of long-term storage is minimizing the headspace you need to minimize the head space in your bottle so I can't stress this enough headspace is your enemy you need to leave a little bit of headspace because otherwise small pluck pluck sure small pressure fluctuations will blow it Blow the top in a Blow Your Bottle apart but minimize that head space because

just trust me on that just do that now so the way that I do it is I usually chill my bottles you don't want to over chill your bottles if you overfill your bottles like freezer children then it gets so cold that you'll get a ice crystals on the inside of your bottle and the cocktails you pour in will get little crystals those were formed nucleation sites in your hose so I would just say I usually will submerse in ice water for a while like you just totally immersing ice water so they're thoroughly chilled then here's what you do you carbonate in this I would do this with or without like a 2 liter bottle and a liquid bread cap or do it again again again you could do it but you're going to spend a fortune doing I remember at UEC now Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory going to cost him a fortune & fiya Dodge point is is that if you have anyone I want to do it for like an 8-oz something to bring to the beach percent or more more than you need

then you're going to put your chilled bottles into a half hotel pan and you're going to fill it up to the top right and then once the foaming subside keep adding letting it pour into the hotel pan right and then when it as soon as it gets to the proper level cap it right away don't even wait for the phone his cap it right and then wreak then later on for your next batch Ricard the stuff that went into a hotel pan that's the only way to get good Crown cork stuff now if you're willing to take your EC whipper to the beach with you which is not a bad call yeah then just do a Apple charger into your AC vent do another charger shake it weight take it to the beach vent it out and then hang out enjoy a nice cocktail but you have to be willing to take your your EZ whipper to the beach

Dan a feeling that I highly recommend getting a CO2 tank do you have a 20lb CO2 tank I want to get the whole set up for like a Kegerator everybody like you have in the book what size tank could you have leap on you was it what was it in a moving truck it was in my car with me while you shouldn't transport fuel tanks in your car obviously you know what I mean like but do you have any problems with get well obviously you're alive so you didn't have any problems getting poisoned how fast is Italy could have been like before or after I just didn't check till I moved in and get that tank refilled and then I will get

liquid bread carbon cap and then Hotel pans with your bottles and just carved like I say 30% more than you need and keep refilling refilling capping then we chill and we carve in the in the one or two that stuff left over and keep going to that that's how when I need to make a car on the road that's what I do I'm working on a better system but I haven't told you yet is there like a recommended pressure you would have recommended or just what you recommended the book for that very difficult because of the foaming first of all you need to get the cocktail I'll go with a lower ABV cocktail you need to get it extremely cold you need a long long hose need to go through a couple of rounds of a cold plate like a couple like two three and then you need to get a really good compensator Val so I can much better than a beer line and then still I would put all of your

all of your bottles into a half hotel pan and like fill fill fill fill fill fill and they keep like going around filling and spilling as I have to say feeling is feeling then cat cat cat cat cat once you have the airspace very very fairly small and then there should get a decent decent not great decent level of carbonation also like you have to get your lines Prime to get rid of any air bubbles and it's like the first like the first like you know 4 seconds off of a poll on your any keg system is going to be real phony so you get your hotel pan you get your stuff in it you put your your gun over the hotel pan you hold it down until it stops being like hyper foamy and then start your feelings bills on the bottles in the hotel pan so it's it's it's not easy to do one or two but it's not so bad when you're doing like 40 you know

okay that's enough that's not how it works so Peter Kim weekend we had our museums the Museum of food and drinks yearly Godless it was the Shakedown how was it those are both successful and yet I thought there was a lot of the room and you were at you were wrong there's no living room while I just want ya what night is going to learn steel drums I'm going to learn bagpipe and we're going to go we can have the world's only steal your own bagpipe and I can I can finally afford to replace the screens on my searzall

Ariana Robinson to my shopping cart on Amazon but I can't seem to move it but now I can't eat eggs anymore on top of its gross a really happened we want I want to call them and then Dave called Jim Lahey bread man calling me and Brad is a sin and his whole what I say

Chelsea shop the egg is supposed to be scrambled and it is so bad so I can wait wait till the first of all who scrambled eggs do you like from people that I personally know I don't know who you is techniques he boils them for 3 and 1/2 minutes in the shell in the Shell okay then he that's a soft-boiled egg cracks that are soft and into a

food processor and stuff in the background you saying that you're heading out there and then just wait as soon as it turned into like a like a oil and salt

is that sounds more like a sauce then and then one piece fell between my toes one day and I don't know what 2 hours not very good is this a never had it so it's easier for his staff to scoop out like soft boiled eggs scrambled eggs scrambled eggs let me tell you about the advantage like I always would go not French sauce style scrambled eggs on a sandwich because like they extrude and fall over everything even if you love them they listen for better word call it mini curd like the style scrambled egg which is the mini Keurig scrambled eggs that requires low heat and constant stirring I've never tried this pseudo pseudo a typewriter

let's just cuz I can't picture exactly what the texture of what you're talking about is why don't we just discuss like an actual like Integrity so omelette style is the way to go and the best way to do fast on what style stuff isn't necessarily scoop is to do like large-scale flat sheet folded not sweet but like tamago not that thick but like that style like folded by Papa and then cut into the perfect scripture says I'm a great okay describe the great describe each piece of bread or really red man makes piece of bread is piece of bread and through it but he hasn't answered it all the way you guys from bamboo. Bamboo

it has the little knot at the end of the triple knot at the end of it one of those kind of green on one side and brown on the other little we don't talk in about like a cocktail pick he has that but he's only stuck at about a sixteenth of an inch into the top of the bread see no reason for that stick is to shove it through the damn bread fall apart a club sandwich which I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure is one of the top four sandwiches. For got to be top five maybe has anyone ever been a people say you eat bacon in Turkey right as anyone ever been upset when they were handed a club sandwich I have because sometimes when a place does a turkey a turkey be like a club sandwich they'll do like not like the cold cut turkey like like Boar's Head what not but they'll take like actual turkey meat which is good but they won't season it

so many bad turkey club sandwiches were the turkey meat is unseasoned and drives for a small ice cream with you the first move is just in my own misery I know it's like I've noticed that actually in New York City like Diner joints like go up if you get a turkey club it will almost always come on season so ask for extra salt on the turkey happened let me mention this I think I know why this is happening is because people are like I'm going to make a healthy Cloud salted and meet me at the club

like anything healthy but it's all help me I'm not saying it's bad for you I'm just saying

you said it's not you in your mind you're still playing into the game you played the game it's like it's like freaking Jumanji once you're playing the game you're hosed don't play the game don't think about it as a healthy choice or not healthy choice cuz you're buying into crap science and crap argument I would being flip and when I said that I'm just saying it doesn't matter who cares it is what it is it's a turkey club exactly but the reason I care about people buying into it is people who don't otherwise they do don't otherwise know what's actually going on orthanc make decisions then ruin the way things Taste of ruined Peter Kim's lunch on multiple occasions as far as we know based on this line is the the lack of the under application of mayo to a club sandwich like multiple layers of mayo

moderation listen a turkey club sandwich without mayonnaise is just I'm not saying you should do a turkey club without mayonnaise Dave I said it before I say it again sandwich disassembly of the days that was given for the right now it's the worst

yes if you don't like book we have done the courtesy of putting on the menu what it is it is on the freaking sandwich if you have a problem with that if you disassemble your sandwich you were calling me and a whole you're calling me a bread with you get a Miele tomato that is the fault of the restaurant of tomato should be removed and everyone back there should beat their heads against the wall until they understand what they have done

in this country to the figurative tomato there's no point in the figure tomato you can go but right now you can go to my local garbage Supermarket which is what products does Food Emporium they went out of business Food Emporium there still a couple left out in California what's your garbage Mark called Ralph's Ralph's you can go to Ralphs in Covina right you know home of good burger and you can walk into almost any garbage Supermarket right now and buy a decent hot house like a Campari or worst name ever tomato that's the worst name for a publicly-available food not a material made up in a pan any one of you out there can get something that has a tomato be like Flavor right now forget seasonality forget that you can do that or you can buy that melee styro garbage

what's your point girl what's the point in seriously retail I'm not talkin like wholesale pricing retailed for 399 I can go buy a pound of decent Hothouse like Campari tomatoes slice 1 / freaking sandwich bike ride over here or something what's going on today alone in Union Square like in the park just screaming this into the decent quality non one of those Campari tomatoes are going to yesterday with someone all right I'm like okay great this person's tomatoes and maybe they're good now are they good all year round like that's what he's my husband for first of all there is a tomato what you want on your sandwich because for some reason we can't do without it and I like the tomato tomato on my sandwich is Campari tomatoes

I buy them it's just why would you call it that it's horrible name but anyway point being that like that's fine but you should just mentally distinguish between tomato which that is and the tomato tomato is the one that is in peak season from a real farmer out of a real nice piece of dirt name Lee Stokes but in two of them but I wanted to mention that varieties because I need some this year I don't want you Chumps going and buying my tomato that's how much I'm going to Bogart the tomatoes this year people stuff going on to play with the molecules you know the tomatoes and it's just not natural GMOs don't get me started on is like her screen lock is Uranus which is weird

this episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill in employee-owned company that has been offering organic stone-ground products for decades this week we have a question from hrn in turn Sam when cooking farro she likes to toast it first for extra flavor however it's difficult to toast it right after rinsing do you have any tips for quickly dying farro or other grains why not toast it and then rinse it like why not just toasted first and then rinse it afterwards you can throw in a low oven and that'll dry it out pretty quickly to put in a low oven wait for it to get tacky and dry then you can wrap the Heat and do the toast out right all depends on what you're trying to do but there's a bunch of different reasons to rent something one you think it's filthy to it has kind of extra starch and other stuff on the outside like products of Milling or whatever and you want to get rid of those for texture reasons Annika product tell if it's the latter and you're just trying to get rid of something right now or even if it's filthy and but you're going to like cook it wet later then go ahead and

Tulsa first stock up on all your grains go to Bob's Red Mill. Calm and use the code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order then we're back okay so I gave a couple of telephone or something some new allergy thing cuz two days ago cuz it's kind of messed up a little bit because it's crazy I was asleep fell asleep on the couch with when does I get up and go to the bed and like I choked my throat was a little bit close but not a hundred percent you know what I mean cuz the season and like somehow like and they say the doctor says they think it was nice asking love is a flame ball got lodged in my Airway and literally like so I stand up and I think I'm fine and then you can't breathe at all at 6:01 to shut the core

in your throat and you do well so like I was like you know how I am right I get violently like I'm like I try to breathe in and all the makes it through is this like tiny Whistling noise but I do it so hard like popping blood vessels and stuff that like I wake my wife up Jen from a sound sleep on my God and then I Like It by Kidz of the exit but I take all the sudden Cindy and I just do like I do I like a like a Hulk Hogan like like shirt rip like try to expel anything it's in my lungs out like I got a cough out and then like after like like one or two of that I was able to breathe again you should be the spokesperson for Mucinex I feel like I am becoming the actual mucus character from

Mucinex like a kind of like a new Sereno just like this position yet that's why I'm on this medicine now but it does mess me up a little bit maybe that's why Miss salty you so that you got the ball out while I'm alive but did you see such an adrenaline rush can you unlock your phone to unlock code on air anyway I had it but somebody did you know this I have no love for the post office I used to work for them right no love Nastasia hates them what was our famous quote Asia because there's no service but don't try to rip Dax off in a tennis can he wants to be an entrepreneur so he's like buying stuff and they give her this brand called supreme Supreme

we can get from the Supreme drop and try to resell it is what all of the middle school kids are doing here like in his neighborhood and then reselling it so tax by source of all things a freaking ashtray an ashtray and then he gets scammed by someone who's like to swap but here's the information here's the information you can now recall a package did you know that that you just sent you could be like you know what don't deliver it so we got it back nice member when you were with whoever you buying something from the guy was like just send the money we were trying to buy a tractor need someone to take on a spammer like double barrel full board like take nastassia with you say my like if you ever need to get around a line and you need someone who has absolutely no compunction about having everyone in the general vicinity wish her dead

nastase but if you want to make friends don't people like Peter Kim who actually enjoy eating sandwiches write the problem with having the French style egg on a sandwich is as I said Extrusion anyone that makes a sandwich that cannot be eaten without all of the group extruding out of the sandwich I made a grave grave error this is why I love the old days of the hollowed-out bread to the stuff stays inside of his list that eat Subway used to do the v-cut hollow out on their bread is right and it was a higher-quality sandwich back then because it didn't leak all over everything the way it does not also excessive me to go back to mail you do need Mayo on a turkey club but it's like a lot of those places there like excessively group of Phi a sandwich

salted badge on your thing if it's salted too far in advance excessive group is bad but between excessive group and excessive dry I'll take excessive goop if you had to go one way like I think people don't understand every like if you have the top let's save some idiot just put mayo on the bottom slice of bread right then your mouth the roof of your mouth which doesn't I don't know if you know this I don't know if you've been alive but like the roof of your mouth doesn't produce saliva the bottom of your mouth produces what

if you have an incredibly dry top surface you bite in you excoriate the top of your freaking mouth and it's all that dryness up in the roof area pallet section and unless you have enough moisture to moisten the whole body as you bite down it's not pleasant experience no matter what the bottom of it's like so you know I always make sure that this is why I always if you're going to put it when you put your liquidity condiment of choice or creamy continents was always at least do the top I'm a firm believer in bottom as well then it's raining right now and when you have lettuce on a sandwich right think about placing the lettuce in a way that prevents the bread from getting soggy because of lettuce is a semi in permeable membrane this is why I like I like Ron in the sandwich you guys were on Surface in between things

like tomato and avocado let's just say because it kind of switches into them and then lock cement into place give your sandwiches a good firm a good model crush it a good firm press before slicing or serving with your hand to lock all the ingredients into place I think it's also okay moved anything eat a sandwich and see whether or not the vast majority of the ingredients stay on the bread or where they end up between the Stasi of toes and if they end up a racist

egg toast no eggs chatting rooms asking about a vending machine at existing conditions we in fact have to we have Vendo Calrissian and we have Indonesian Antonio Banderas Vendo is the name of the of the brand that we did so we bought is old soda vending machines and I've modified them to go down to stirred cocktail temperatures so they hover in fact slightly cold or so they stay so late is it hovers and around it hovered between -4 and -3 but it's so the drinks day of solid -4 C and then we have existing conditions tokens and you dropped a token in and then you can pull out the cocktail of your choice you can you put the token in and this is the part because I'm not using the original coin

if we had to work on Revenge is not a problem but putting if you have to put the coin in then you have to make it such that it doesn't accept another coin until someone has pulled it then once they pull it a tree locks not the old school people used to do the guy was telling me you know who it is it's your boy by can't match on here because I don't want you buying the rest of this machine because I'm going to buy them but anyway he was saying they're up from like like like I know all you people who you know are from other parts of the country not from the Northeast you think that like you think Connecticut and you think like you think like Greenwich Connecticut right so you're thinking Greenwich Westport like like me know what the pinky out and like on their boats and their ascots Connecticut carts full of like Hicks and swap Yankees once you get in off the coast you know what I mean and where do I get it was so many people I love I love those folks like they're my people I love those folks

beautiful beautiful people

I feel I feel at home with those folks you want to say it but my point is is it that they say is that we're getting we're getting our sewing machine from that kind of crew and not from you know the you know Greenwich Connecticut you know Yard Machine anyway so I used to do with the kids used to do is they would open the door because it's a old school where it has the door on the side you can open and then you physically pull the bottle out doesn't drop it right he said what they used to do is pull the bottle out like a quarter of an inch with a cup and then just pop all the lids off and dump all the first soda into cups and drink and walk away because people are garbage someone does that in our bar don't forget we can see you and we can lock the door just meet me at lots of large people working with us I mean I'm not a lot of person and so yeah so we pop to probably pot who is like you know like doing

well in in in Bangkok right side would call the Simian crease so it seemed increases there's a line across your pants like most of you if you look at your hand scratch feed if you look at your hand you have two lines that go across your palm go straight across and it's called a simian crease and Simeon and usually means that you're a monkey like an like an ape or 1400 medical thing medical thing so so we've always joked about that bass and so are the intern like we pop looked at it and said oh in Thailand that means that someday you will accidentally kill somebody

and he was being dead serious he's like you will someday you will accidentally kill someone he's like you won't kill him on purpose yeah yeah I mean he's almost killed me a few times accidentally don't know things that you do on your own that result in your death are still on you even if I was the instigator Johnny Johnny Ray Road and hay distancia Dave and Dave in the booth

17 using to be here working my way back through the cooking issues, but soon soon as working my way back I have the song going to give me a burning love inside that get there cuz there's somebody on the phone then I'll get the phone regarding days research methods are often referred to interesting academic articles and response elicitors questions wondering how you're able to find supporting detail research are you just using Google Scholar or do you have access to more academic databases I break into something called the web of science which is El Sevilla is database I know that there are done running group but whatever they have a good database I also use Wiley online and those two have a lot of stuff you can also use jstor like I have a lot of Jay store has a lot of the older stuff and you can you swing like Google Scholar to get a first couple of hits but once you get into it in UK

could search terms on the list you can download a bunch of stuff and then download the bibliographies look at it and and digger that's typically the way I do it but the problem is like for instance you had a question like add assaulting mushrooms earlier in the cooking process Drive moisture I suspect it does but maybe you can shed some light on why does or does not this kind of problem isn't typically addressed in the scientific literature because and here's the secret scientific literature only is written if there's money behind it so there's an industrial problem if it if you can save a gram of oil by doing it over the course of making you know billions of potato chips there's a lot of money to do research on it if there's something about fat reduction or some garbage stuff about health some fake lies about how something is going to save your life or there's a lot of research industry wants the saw and if you can think about a problem that you're interested in the industry wants us all just a lot of science behind it specifically on mushrooms the answer is you salt them as you're cooking them because you really want to get as much

moisture out of those mushrooms as as possible I salt and crowd you can go into my old cooking issues blog which still exists I looked at the other day and look at the post on mushrooms but I'm a firm believer the old school French of like Sia single mushroom at a time is it totally wrong crowd those suckers in a pan if you do anything other than crowding them installed into beforehand you're an enemy of quality so just go do that and hope Booker can make it back on the show talk about his first cooking experiences of pasta flyer do you think he's doing well or no heat on a hold recommendation hibiscus AKA soror AKA a mica what

Ginger really good rim for the whole day crepe maker at least yet cuz that retains heat very nicely and I'm trying to use the request as well right but like when I'm spending a little invariably a little bit of cooked crepe is stuck to the tip of the report is infinia and then it appears a hole in my Crepes Crepes professionally but you have had someone try to squeeze you your car right or a plant is basically a crepe squeegee right now the French Raclette a reply that's wrapped flat not recollect droplet are they look like wooden squeegees right with a like and they are the wood is kind of like made to a little bit of a knife-edge and I'd say there oh what's your

like six-seven inch long this excited 7 inches wide and then the one I use looks like the squeegee or a rake I've never used the round dial one maybe that's your problem it gets caught on the interior tip of the spinning like I have a central Anchor Point and I try to keep really level and then I and I do a kind of a clockwise rotation and I feel like always a little bit of cooked parsley Cook gets hooked to the end of it doesn't mean that it just tears of a big tear across the rest of the crap that's really annoying like typically like the way you do like that right Peter they just use the ladle don't they do you label it out you do you're the same like you do the swirl that you're going to do for like Oh you mean really need to have the crepe batter

but like that I never used to so some people you see some people don't do the the pizza sauce world don't you want to talk about the pizza sauce world right and he's been little bit flat but then I drop it and there's literally no force on it so and you do it fast enough you're not getting I never really do it after the initial set so I'm using it basically as the initial wipe around but not so much and maybe I do to two and a half full revolutions but I can't ever remember saying I would have holes in it but if your if the batter is cooked enough to stick to the exterior edge of the reply I'm thinking you're doing it too late in the process in real fast try one of the squeegee shape go look for a squeegee shape grip lat and and see whether it's either that works and remember no down Force are you using any down for no down Force

maybe maybe I am okay so like always come apart so I would keep them kind of moist maybe like I don't know whether that actually helps it but like my flight was always moist also also letting your are you letting your how long you letting your batter rest

I make it the night before okay so you're letting it rest long enough cuz it's usually you obviously like it takes the first couple of craves to get the temperature of your of your thing right right or if you're using semi fresh batter you get those are bubbles and garbage which always cause tears and problems out in the first couple of craves and that's when you're really going to like the 5th through the 30th a good yo Chris went through Fiverr like you know family of grapes and things like it blinis like those are there steady state operations you want your you want your your heat source to be in a steady-state you want and you want your battery to be in the steady-state and so you know that's why I sent them with stuff like Al Pastore like tacos al Pastore or anything like that is someone cannot make the best al pastor if there

not serving a billion units of it a second because it's best when the thing is rotating ants on a high steady heat to create that nice flavor on the outside of me but you're continuously shaving so that it never dries out to certain tricks like like that certain like that really respond well to volume and you know and kind of constant production rather than like kind of one in one out anyway let it snow let us know what happens if I don't know well established restaurants in Seattle really nice been around for forever and they serve these freaking delicious Savory Donuts that were deep fried in Bear fat jack about it and he was like well we get it from a USDA approved facility in Colorado where they use Sharpshooters to shoot black bears and that's why we're able to use their fat in our commercial establishment

which seems wholly like the after me you know here's the thing about strange meets site was the oldest everything was on the up-and-up and we believe them and then found out later that he got an arrest and then some jail time for being shady so just look I'm out looking for going to call bears and you can somehow get USDA certification says you can get bear fat great if it's all on the up-and-up but just if it seems crazy right

all right

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