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Episode 330: Keep Plucking That Chicken

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you know you know

join as you can with Nastasia and the hammer Lopez and we got David LaBeouf how you doing cuz we'll talk about that a minute we also have my bar partner and evil cocktail Overlord Donley secret secret but official partner 6 secret Overlord show calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 nastassia said to me this morning by first while she's mad at me because we have colliding email we have colliding I've colliding meetings down and I need to go get some actual chance of us opening the new bar existing conditions cuz he know where members actually Booker and Dax with member of new lab which nastassia by the way

a collaborative I hate collaboration more than almost anything is collaborating with random people but this is kind of a collaborative workspace right done yeah and she'll like you know Don and I are members of it for this for the shops like you know that a shop but I can use a they have a larger laser cutter than Don owns they have 3D printers that I don't know until like between all this spray painting Booth a vinyl cutter all this kind of stuff that you would want for Woodshop you know stuff that we would want to be able to access here in New York but can't because New York not a reasonable place to do anything New York City is the worst place to actually make or do anything it is a free game horror Nightmare and I've known this since I stupidly moved to New York City to become a sculpture guy there's no worst job on Earth than being an unsuccessful large metal sculptor in New York City you know I'm saying that's what I came to

magical to do here but it's hard to move stuff around long story short we are part of this collaborative space but other people have asked about it and said I didn't really join for the Shoppes at Julian for the community there's a lot of lonely people out there right now


really friends family community I think all of these things are like their phone unities they're not real communities you want to mean it's like

you know I have enough trouble keeping in touch with my actual friends family and co-workers like I'm going to have a problem people actually like to spend its elected as an MP what's a wipey well what I'm saying you're saying as people have gone more and more into it like a distributed work place where they're not really working from an office with co-workers they get lonely they want to work with other people who want to be around other folks other like-minded people so it's the rise of co-working spaces like we work and the new lab is just another version of that where it's a little bit more focused and it has all these shops as you know that the reason why were there actually having to sit next next to like-minded people every day to you and to me like my worst thing ever be horrible being there were already pushing the limits her

are like oil and water isn't right it's more like water and sodium

no yes

I was thinking more like water and nap the burning on top of the water and which one of this is the water and lye we all know who's in that they will let you choose to be the NAFTA in this in this narrow but the truth of the matter is is that Nastasia enjoys nothing more than getting me feel very only angry there is like basically seems to me that she has dropped a good five or six years off of my life just for her own humor like just like in order for her to like crack a smile she will she will do anything to make my blood boil say that something is broken

long time ago and I like the last time you saw me the other people too and the great thing about nastase if she gets you to co-sign on doing this to other people so she also makes you into a worse person that's the best thing I think about nastase if she has the ability like to let you know when they go low she'll make you go lower brings out the worst in all of us she has like this like ability to like take sync you down to your base level like if you want to know like what like you're low level of operation is she'll take you right there like right there oh my God should take you there you know dealing with him Don has decided first of all I never realized what a pain in the butt it is to go full a jet on the muse

you play are you guys legit Estancia at the flyer of pasta so you know this is irritating me right so as I'm sure any of you that have actually research this no no you cannot end Dave you know you know as a musical dude you know as a as a sound engineer as whatever you know whatever it whichever one of your hats you wish it were here that we cannot simply just play music even if you could encode own said music you can't do it right now if you owned it it would be no problem I mean that's why I'm saying you own the coffee though I slept for personal consumption on the CDs you bought them or CD for the helmet you only MP3 or whatever CDs vinyl you have them

whatever technology year using till I get your music like you own those does not give you the right to play them in public except you can play radio or you can play anything that you own a copy of for your workers as long as as long as like gas and customers can't hear it right that's one you're allowed to do that that's not public to your allowed to play radio and or television if your bar is under I think 3500 square feet and if you have fewer than I forget what the number is like five or six TVs you're allowed to play broadcast TV broadcast radio however that that's it that's those are the only things if you wanted jukebox you can buy a single jukebox license from a company that does that for jukeboxes if you want to play music you are hoes do you need to if you want to do it legitimately you have to buy not one

not to three separate license is to cover almost almost everything you have to buy your ASCAP you have to buy your BMI and what's the other one day is CC capwell what's it called I don't think it's CCAP like that though it's at the third one well that's like part of the rights to be owned by BMI because that deal with this song writers would BMI this one's with a scab this one's with the third most searched and I all three but you can't buy all three from one person like you can't like walk up to one guy and be like hey Vinny I want to get three licenses snow for the whole thing he's like a okay and then around the corner and Mike I'll see about you come back I'll give it will laminate it anyway and literally like if you're if you're big enough player or if for some reason you get under somebody skin someone like BM I will go

I said you have an ASCAP license someone from BMI or show up at your bar they will you know soak up your booze and customer service on BMI is nickel and then they'll listen to all the songs in the wait for you to play a song that is not you know from BMI it's you know that it does not form a scab is BMI and it's get this $750 + lawyers fees per song that you play maximum right so I don't like how much is it going to cost me a scat I just want to ask a guy didn't bother with the other two yet and they were like well you know tell me a little bit about you something first before we know how big are you what's your name where are you what's your address you know what I mean like they really want to know a bunch of information before they even give you the Price Rite

you're really don't care the square footage they want to know how many seats you have how many nights a week you're going to play music they want to know what kind of establishment you are and they also wanted to be things are going to have live music cuz here's the kicker if you hire a musician to come in and play at your bar unless they own all of the rights to everything they are playing you have to pay a much higher licensing fee for that music so in order for them to play covers for example if they don't own all of the publisher and you know if you're looking at somewhere on the order of between 500 and $1,500 per license per year in that range for non live music pending on the size of your establishment and how many hours a week are open and how many people are going to go with so that's 15-15-15 that's 3 that's $4,500 a year there is still at

ability that you could get sued by somebody else I pretty much you're totally recovered at that point now the other way you can get around this this is for people who are actually going to try to go legit with their music for some reason I went down this Rabbit Hole I was just going to wow West it like they do it some other places I will not mention who they are but some other places where I used to have worked and or maybe been you know involved with that play music in the wild west out of the wild west-style first of all you should never stream music at your location illegally

there are two you're not allowed to play lyrics you're under a certain you're under a certain size so you can play radio and pasta flyer not allowed to play satellite radio you can buy commercial satellite radio where you are allowed to it's not that much more but it's just you can only play from those channels now here's the deal so Spotify now there's a bunch of these businesses Spotify is one of them where they like Spotify for business right until you can have him quotes access to the entire Spotify song list right at your business but the dillio on it is and you can even get this Dave you can upload your own playlist to it right as long as more than three hours because why Don because they are they're doing a music license under radio like Pandora so they Shuffle the songs and you don't get to pick the actual play order nor can you inject the song Midstream you have to just get the shuffle version

write Dave Wright that sucks and it's such a stupid work around because they're letting you pick 3 hours of very specific songs right you know you can I could play you know like if I if I want if I want to go like too short Mac Dre like loonies and end in y I want to go down in a further south in California and then I want to scoot down to like you know Texas you know do some do some you know I don't know I don't know what to choose your Texas choose a Texas rapper

pick one

poem I don't know why I chose that one and then like go over to like Atlanta and then like go up you don't mean you can't because you can't choose to freaking order is just going to random shuffle it but it lets you choose the song Because what you choose you order this is so stupid right there

yep and we are we tested is because Don and I that's real cheap and it's real cheap it's like $25 a month between 17 and $30 a month depending on how you sign up and when you sign a la la la on YouTube and as for me as for Don Don doesn't care that much about Shuffle or not Shuffle that's not the as they say en Francais the hill that he wants to die on you know what I mean but like not this one yeah yeah but like I will get into that later this neighborhood Dave is a trash pit I hate this place

please you're going to park here so I wouldn't have to salute we have to drive in Philly there's like two Subway Lines made it sound ridiculous but like I try to reduce my internal stress level I try I try right so I don't want to get road rage out like I don't appreciate getting road rage doubt right there taxi drivers Nastasia and like you can tell there's two kinds those who will have an aneurysm fall over dead and that's the only thing that's the only sustainable to you don't care whether it's their life is sustainable or not that's the reason why

play am I going about the kind that always hits the accelerator the break so you're like

inside the tattoo and it stops and its trying to wave me through and I'm like trying to wave them through like know you're in the car just all you have to do is step on the gas and you're through in one second like I'm going to have to walk across this intersection which is much more efficient for you to go go right at that time for my taxi driver having a sustainable or Uber driver having a sustainable life so I prefer if they could send out a little bit I just like to take this moment to encourage anyone that's currently listening live to call in with your grapes on it really grinds my gears what does matter fact I know it's okay if you are going to pull out in front of someone who is going the exact like Vision zero speed limit that we have in New York the exact speed limit and you pull out directly in front of them

touch that they have to slam on the brakes you are obliged to go the speed limit you do not pull in front of somebody and then crawl looking for a freaking parking space true or false true okay call around here

hey Dave this is Mark, how you doing everybody alright how you doing

doing well then I'm just stuck at a Crossroads here do lot of wood fired oven cooking or not. I literally at a crossroads right now

at 1 standing in the middle of the road right now

I'm stuck with the recipe you trying to work on and that's been a lot of pies and I see a lot of meats in there and it comes out really great but when I get to frying chicken I've been stuck in the try to do it like an open it sort of like an air fry chicken but obviously it's it's burning up so fast I tried to do it in a dutch oven right and what I'm getting is a CV chicken all dark meat and I when you bite into it it's just perfectly cook tastes great but all the breading comes off in one bite this is like perfect because this is the argument that Kenji lopez-alt has all the time and he's just doing it wrong first of all Air frying about front here's the thing about there's a group of people there are evil and I don't want you to speak to them anymore who are worried with their frying foods that they're worried about the oil content just freak

deal with the oil content and make the sucker taste good and if you're really worried about it then eat your freaking poached skinless chicken breast garbage right frying

is God's cooking with me this is the way God was like I have given you a medium that will not dilute the flavor of your product I've given you a medium that instead of making something soggy will make it crunchy I have made this medium a liquid so they can surround every nook and cranny of your food and I've made this medium so they can get to a high enough temperature to make everything crunchy I have given you this why if God gives you this would you mess with it you see what I'm saying and like air frying and some miserable miserable freaking attempt to take a breading spray some puny amount of hammer other Oil Garbage on the outside and then use an impingement oven to make it crunchy this is 4 in of oil in a dutch oven with a lid next to an open flame

the putting the lid on is going to drastically increase the temperature hand or the pressure not true what is true though it mean you could slightly I've never done the study so to Interstate I don't know as the way frying works is when the when the product is immersed in the oil in this is the problem with air frying to is that when you're quoting so I won't even want to use it when your are destroying your food what happens is is that locally that oil plus bread coding can get up to a very high temperature in another place is it it it doesn't and that's why you get scorched areas and blind areas when you're using that kind of a technique unless you have a very very fast impingement of in which you don't because you're using like you know another one of another one of the great cooking techniques would write so you're not going to do that and so you're going to get scorched Parts in you going to get blind parts now

oil obviously doesn't have that because as the water is boiling out of your product right it's one getting crispy it's too like modulating the temperature of the inside of the food to make it lower and three it's convecting a bunch of stuff around such that your oil is pretty much within the area of the of the actual product going to be a relatively uniform temperature in a large fryer you know you have a big pit in the bottom of it called the cold Zone and that cold zone is where all of your bread and drop down to so that doesn't Scorch right so you're not actually you don't want an even temperature over the whole Kettle but from the place of heat which is where the tubes in a tube fryer are up it's a fairly consistent temperature because of all the convection going on so

so that's about that at the Fright now that safety with the lid the question is again I don't know what effect does you are going to increase the relative humidity in there right by having a lid on but I can see why you would want to have the lid on from a safety percent effective because of the slashing and what not right and I doubt you're going to get enough radiant heat to actually Flashfire the oil that quickly assuming the chicken is fine as soon as the chicken goes like if you are lit say you were making tortilla chips instead of chickens right so the way you make a tortilla chip if you want to do a good job is is that you put it into relatively high enough temperature oil to boil the water but low enough temperature such that the outside is not going to go over cook before you get rid of all the water because when you're cooking tortilla chips the name of the game is complete moisture removal right and so like if you over fire at tortilla chip you'll find the outside Browns and the inside still isn't cooked yet and this is

sad tortilla chips so you tend not to go super high on your temperature when you're doing tortillas and tortillas and potato chips are a few of the things that you can actually do a perfect fry from a cold start right one where you can overload your oil as if you're not worried about like water damage in your oil but you really shouldn't be over short terms like you can overload your oil on things like potato chips and and tortilla chips because you actually want the temperature to drop down a bit but once you get to the end of a tortilla chip when you see the bubbling starts to slow down and it came you've gotten rid of most of water right I don't know then whether or not because you're not going to have as much convective forces much liquid coming off of it weather at that point the radiant heat from your oven becomes a risk with the top of the oil I don't know I've never tested it okay but to your problem on adhesion when you said you are getting low temperature cook chicken does that mean that you are cooking it low temperature and this is back to my gripe with Kenji lopez-alt or are you low temp in the chicken yourself

I take you use about eight pieces of leg and thigh to time 65ft for about two hours and now it's marinated overnight buttermilk and then I poach it and then I dry it and then I've tried 3 different bread batches with the auspices of use double zero flour I've used all purpose of used are buckwheat groats I've tried to use brown rice and it just don't they all come out slightly different very nice looking and great tasting it just as soon as you bite into it it also slips and falls right off maddening for some reason when you said buttermilk I had that the Wham song go through my head buttermilk Jitterbug freedom freedom song she sings In The Blues Brothers

I see when you said freedom I heard George Michael and then my mind jump to Aretha Franklin Singing in The Blues Brothers which is maybe the greatest rock and roll movie of all time

you don't like the Blues Brothers I don't think it's the greatest rock and roll movie what's the greatest no I mean when I say rock and roll movie I mean like the rock and roll the rock and roll in it like the blues rock and roll the R&B and I mean like I mean like like Stonehenge is an interesting song right

as good as Ray Charles singing Shake Your Tail Feather no no it's not as good as John Lee Hooker doing as good as James Brown in the church know as good as Aretha Franklin like you know stepping from behind cooking the four Fried Chickens and it's white but now just not as spinal tap and we can make an argument over whether spinal tap is funnier

then the Blues Brothers this is not an argument that I'm willing to have because I feel like I know you wouldn't ask me to choose between Booker and Dax

goodnight not because she's the kind of lady Anastasia is Booker's employer and here's the problem if you were going to employ somebody's son you have to set some ground rules cuz if you've been friends with him for a long time can I change my shift I didn't like she's a freaking boss but they're going to have to do that anyway back to the chicken please do an assessment when you're going to do a long-term are you low temperature in the buttermilk or not yes okay

here's what I would say if you're going to do a very hard Fry on it it might not be I'm going to go point-by-point and at the end I will address your problem that the issue with acidic I actually when I do my chickens especially when I'm going to load temp them I do not use acidic Brian's I'll use salt obviously cuz I'll add some protection against overcooking and I will use sugar to bounce Altos not a sharp I use milk right and I don't know why I've never done the side-by-side it's just ever since I was you know ever since I can remember I've use milk in my soap the reason I don't use buttermilk I'll use acid if I'm going to do Tandoor right I'm going to pound sand and hit hard or if I'm only going to if I'm only going to soak it for a couple of hours and then cook it right away I'll use acidic just want to say sick like I'll use yogurt I'll use lemon juice in a Tandoor situation and I'm pretty much a yogurt lemon juice kind of a person

or I can do a buttermilk but I want you to just assess for yourself whether or not the texture of the meat gets too mushy right because with the asset is going to do is break down the fibers of the chicken it'll make it soft for sure right so if you were having problems with it being like kind of hard and drive for sure buttermilk is going to make it softer but just do a side-by-side and test to see whether or not you actually if you're going to low temp it right if you're going to cook a traditionally this is why buttermilk marinade You're So Good In traditional Fried Chicken so like if you go to somebody's house and their breasts are perpetually dry they're probably not brining it and they could probably use some buttermilk because they're overcooking the bejesus out of their chicken breast anyway right but if you're going to do low temperature in a fast fry consider doing like either I mean I've never done a water soaks I can't say that but consider doing a milkshake instead of Buttermilk and choose whichever one you like better I'm not here to tell you what's better or worse I'm here to tell you that nothing but the answer to

Fried Chicken you do milk and sugar so I tried both the buttermilk and the milk but the results were the same with the breading falling off about the breading here's where I get to the Natural reason you called inherent along later that the thing is you must you must remove the chicken from the bags or from whatever you're putting it in while they're hot you must put them on racks put them into a speed rack and let them dry for let them flash off all of their moisture and let the outside get Packie before you bred them after you bred them they can then sit for as long as you want and can be refrigerator when are you doing that step

bet this is the first step that you mention I actually did 24 hours uncovered on a drying rack because I got so tired of that make it make it's got to be moisture has to be the problem frigerator uncovered for a day but I did not read and let us the breading sit overnight and become tacky and that's what I spice rep mention to try but I didn't know what your thoughts were on kind of letting it sit in the breading it becomes moist and then to actually like pasty yeah yeah yeah but don't let the bags cool

no no soon as they're done cooking drain pat dry with paper towels and air dry overnight but then I haven't yet let that I shouldn't after that first day than bread and let it become really tacky I think that I would like to try that but I wanted your thought I'd try that and then also the regimen that I use is I'm so I find it very difficult to properly spice straight flower right it's very hard so typically what I'll do is

allspice I do I do pretty much a straight flower for the dust you know if you are worried about it you can add some of the higher text arches to it I never bother but you can Chris code or whatever people whatever the kids are using these days and then I always spice the buttermilk egg mixture so that end in i don't know whether or not my lack of adhesion problems have to do with my breading mixture or not so I'll just tell you what it is I go into straight flower and then my buttermilk mixture is a it's about I think it's one egg per is 18418 per cup of Buttermilk and then I add both soda the reason I add soda is it neutralizes the acidity in the buttermilk if you don't fully some people there people on the internet to say things like he only takes a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to completely neutralize 2

don't listen to these people because the fact that matter is is not only do you need to neutralize you see or do you actually need to push your mixture into the basic realm so that the sucker Brown's right if you if you have a buttermilk mixture and you do not use Soda right if you use only powder and you only use the only spot or not soda it will never Brown properly because it's too acidic is it baking powder or baking soda cuz I wrote down baking powder from a previous episode. You must use both that's the tea use soda and use powder right and I got to be honest I'd love to give you a measurement but I do it by the what are the food and wine food and wine like 15 years ago or 16 years ago printed my recipe so it's in there and I bother and let you know look up Dave Auto Fried Chicken food and wine whatever and but then that's where I add salt

and pepper and spice if you want to go spicy I had it all to the buttermilk so it's in the flour dredge straight flour dredge then into the buttermilk then back into the flower that's the Benjamin net the regimen that I use and then you can let it sit you say let it sit for you know whatever I do it like you no way early in the day and then I pull it out and fry it and you vanish there is obviously the inside of the chickens cooked so all you have to worry about is the outside anyone can you know if you're willing to sit there and you know like Sean Brock you know who Joshua zarsky visited Sean Brock back when he was still alive you know what Sean Brock did that thing where he would cover the pot and let the pot cover the pot and let the pot to get the moisture just right on the crust is what I'm saying

really no 100% what the like exactly how the effect of covering it is but it does change the moisture level in there and probably there for slightly the temperature I've never done it like whether the evaporative cooling off the service changes like do you actually get that 10-15 degrees Difference by covering uncovering who knows not me so if you want to sit there and it just I used to back before I did look at the way I would have to do it is I would fire up my fryer and I would do all the chicken first and I would start the breast first at the lowest temperature cook them all through because I was buying whole chickens and so I had to cook the best whether I want to or not and then I would go to the thighs and the leg balls cuz I only cook leg balls I don't cook legs with bones in them because my family doesn't enjoy that and then after that then I will go to Fry's and Rings ain't no jacket but you know now I can just go in any order I want you know any all around the town but listen

if you're actually having problems like with the suggestion getting your heejin call back and then I'll have a mental argument with verbal argument with myself and we'll try to figure it out because this is the grippe that people like Kenji lopez-alt have about it you should have never had a problem I cook a lot of I took a lot of fried chicken I would think that if like you know they started coming off like the hood of trunks you know that I like like if it was like you know car is shedding their skin like I will be like daring I got to change that it just hasn't been a problem, fairly observant guy you what I'm saying oil so it's more like a pan fry sea does a halfway throughout the flip it what's the advantage of that commercial you're doing at home

well I'm I'm preparing to open a nano brewery here in Pittsburgh and I have a nano vs. micro

is it a batch size is it is it a bruise size order of magnitude

but like but no words are you Brewing like what size vesely are you from ending are you from acting like in a sanke keg size for Mentor

it's just it's just a standard three barrels it's a microbrewery probably for buzzword anyways

I mean the advantages at home if using less oil or that you use less oil the disadvantage is commercially is going to go bad faster right so just go to deep fry or if you want to do it in the wood oven is parked at the stake is all the stuff cooking a load of in including my fried chicken is coming out good to do the pan fry but what would seem to happen is the unexposed parts of the chicken happened we got the you know that leoparding you know what does charring of the certain spot to the flower that weren't submerged yeah because you got radiant heat see the reason that works in a in a stovetop scenario is because you don't have radiant heat hitting room above. Does the probably sitting around a 1200 degrees

now you're telling me your temperature is is

the problem is if you ever like hung out above fryer for a long time which I highly recommend right as well. You get covered with a oil Mist right because it's like oil gets volatilized and that's actually going to be the danger if you locally overheat and you get the stuff into like if you were going thin like you're going in a skillet I think you get a much higher danger of making an oil burst Cloud you know above the above the pan you know what I mean and if you're doing it your way so I think covering is definitely the way to go in this in this scenario also from a long-term safety perspective make sure you are clean out and maintain your hoods between the the carbon that's going up there and the oil mist of going to go up there you're going to use outside

remove the oven to the center of the cross the road

that's a reason I thought he needed help Jack and his oven out of the Cross Road because cars were honking for like miles behind it there's another thing I will say I like to see you know that you're doing this and they got like you know if you need your chimney cleaned out of your flu or whatever clean down on a regular basis but I think you know a lot of people because you burn an ungodly amount of wood when you're actually using wood to it to cook and I think there's a lot of Temptation to use under seasoned wood because you know you haven't planned in advance or the woods not seasoned enough and you're obviously going to get a lot a I don't know if you know this but if if if you look up the number of BTUs of heat you get her a cord of wood if the wood is not properly seasoned if you use actual Greenwich know when does the actual Greenwood like half of the BTUs are used in heating and air and Vapor

Rising the water that's in the wood on the order of half man depends like very high BTUs like very high BTU would like Hickory like probably not a full half because it's probably the same amount of water in Hickory as there is no in a crappy would like birds which has a much lower BTU per pound in Hickory does but the Greenwood it you get a much lower use out of it because you're you're spending all of that energy heating water in the wood secondly you're really dunking up your flue with with that stuff and so you want to make sure that you have you know it's worth a little bit more to get wood that's seasoned properly and not from some Joker who drops you off stuff that they just shop this season you know I'm saying I'm sure you already knew that but I just saying that for other people and good good information to my friend

think about what it takes to swim a coastline longer than the entire Eastern Seaboard and leap tall waterfalls in a single bound what does it take to survive 200 ft deep and I see saltwater what would you be made of Wild Alaska Seafood is made of tight muscle mass long-chain omega-3 and incredible micronutrient it matters where your food comes from experience the flavor of the fittest in every bite and enjoy food the way nature intended Alaska Seafood wild natural and sustainable ask for Alaska on the menu grocery store or smart device for more information visit Wild Alaska Seafood. Com I listen listen Dave with the Wild Alaska Seafood first of all eating food the way nature is that by the way if you somehow escapes


Seafood so like that like the way I don't have time to get all this out later so just skip it been promised by David is delicious I used to get them from True World Foods I don't know whether they still get them but they used to get the Alaskan live king crab king crab. Member we got the entire like I like a guy in Spyro to get a Mills and I used to get the live king crab and then we would do the anesthesia on them with the clove oil then we would do ya then we did they kill and then we would make the soup out of the bodies and serve it in the Giant

Supernanny have all the legs it is it is pretty fantabulous but here's the thing

why does no one push the most important Alaskan product which is Alaskan cabbage first of all what's his name is that right

there's a dentist there's a dentist in Alaska name is Steve hubachek and as of like 5 or 6 years ago I don't 10 years ago and then nastassia found out who Steve hubachek was Steve hubachek grows the world's largest cabbage now. Would you think the world's largest cat

smaller than a quart of wood

oh yeah quarter what is Freebase there they are like on the order of a hundred 50 lb write checks ever made maybe it's only a hundred pound but they are as they say en Francais freaking big right like in 25.9 lb that's a big cabbage so we called Steve one day and we say hey Steve cuz like everyone goes to the State Fair in Alaska with their giant cobbcat cabbages right and they have a contest and Steve always wins so we call them and be like hey Steve I don't want to know the secret of your giant cabbage because frankly I'm never going to grow giant cabbage is not what we're going to do what I want to do is buy one of your giant cabbage is like maybe like the second biggest cabbage you have this year I would like to buy that cuz you're not going to take it to the state fair and it seemed like he was going to do it like

going to get a truck we were going to work we were pitching at the television programs right nastassia like-for-like late-night one not the idea is because I said to him I was like so there's a cabbage being that big make it taste awful as it tastes like garbage he's like no taste fine and then he just stopped returning phone calls it's like

set up some bears and the bears eat it and like that so here's what I wanted here's what I want to do I want to buy a brand new battery chainsaws require oil to oil the bar to lubricate the bar there's a well-known fact right now those of you that don't care about the world you can get like petroleum-based Bar Oil I happen to use vegetable Base Bar Oil with stuff in it that likes Thompson from breaking down and has like five degradable tackifier agents to keep it on the bar

if you're not into it long term you could probably just use grapeseed oil right you got a brand new electric chainsaw with a Long Bar going to a bar for this one right by right we get a first we take the Cabbage right and we take the chainsaw and we hack it into coleslaw with the chainsaw and then you switch over after you've done all your food work you switch over and then you carve a bowl out of a giant ass douglas-fir Stomp and then you eat the bait like this like chainsaw like Alaskan chainsaw coleslaw out of the giant tree stump you in

I won't say no but I feel like it's a waste it just chop it down to coleslaw you got this done cabbage what do you like what you like can't you make the world's largest like cabbage leaf wrap or something like there's enough we can take some outside a whole pig cabbage wrap

oh my God this. She wants to make a stuffed cabbage with ground meat where you grind like whole animals and stick it inside of a single cabbage leaf that's a lot of tomato sauce out of tomato sauce

if anyone out there is from Alaska and no Steve hubachek please I'll start pestering Steve again this is the fall the reason Alaskan cabbage grows this way people is that cabbage size is dependent mainly on number of hours of daylight right and so they plan it and it's like what would be fertile but not exhausted because the growing season is typically so short but because they have those long long long hours of daylight starting now they got these giant freaking cabbages and I want one real bad maybe. Maybe we can fly there maybe the three of us could go for I get one do you think you

put it on an Amtrak that's cheaper but Amtrak what he did tell him that you're a student and that you got to transport it to your dorm is never truly anything on an Amtrak

wait what why'd you go to dead relatives after you committed a crime I don't know we were supposed to get some questions and theoretically I've missed this a clean slate I don't know what questions I've missed so if I have not an

your question email them to Nastassja because they have been officially been missed I have missed them email it again cooking issues

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