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Episode 329: Booker and Dax Reunion!

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Hammer Lopez and baby birth

I always forget to help them up in the bar questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cuz we have a rather large oh by the way the reason we're doing this bdx reunions now is because I wanted to do it for a long time and we're about to open not Booker and Dax and everyone here has gone on except for the one person's going to work with me in this group is going on to do very interesting things so this is in advance of the new bar existing conditions opening

coming we promised Schramm are Once and Future head bartender I can never Escape Dave and I would never choose to let it go let me start start with you jack will go around the room to say who's in it will say is in here and then we'll in which it going it's Jack Schramm the future head bartender of existing conditions former bar back at Booker and Dax also a bartender head bartender hears

hello this is Robbie Nelson I was a general manager Booker and Dax very early on and now working with Plymouth gin and Pernod Ricard former bar Captain the booker and Dax and now I'm the head bartender at porchlight part of Union Square Hospitality Group when you see me when you say Porsche in your head you sing it in Neil Diamond voice

hello my name is Donnie Clutterbuck can I used to work Apple contacts now I am the head bartender at Kure one of the many cures in Rochester New York and you can't trademark that name because it's a common word so everybody is it and now I travel around and talk about spreadsheets and citrus fruit will also like you also like your usbg all that other stuff right on it and the president of the Rochester usbg chapter an app called poor cost which is a way to find out what it cost you to serve things from a milliliter bottle in ounces at dollars at a percentage for free and what else do I do I drink coffee in the morning and coffee at night and that's your boy asks you what am I turn it into ham

hello I'm Felipe former resident beautiful.boy at Booker and die

hey I'm Derek Ram I was part of the last generation at Booker and Dax and now it PDT at Dante and Dante at genuine where I'm the head bartender and creative consultant for a simple serve and general party time go to have her Dante genuine unrelated to genuine the rapper

not technically unreliable filiated by enjoyment comes back from Sherman's massfx if anyone calls and there's going to have his chute the breeze here which is also fine but I figured we'd make a drink so sorry not Pernod Ricard on this one but Heaven Hill came and did it tasting and they left us a bottle of us could show you how I like the mentality works at think I like both Booker deck mentality hopefully we keep this mentality so they show up and they show us this sacred Bond you know American Brandy which is good and a good price and of course I just run around the room saying word is bond girls Dem sugar like running around like an idiot calling the spirit word is bond and not ever attained the word sacred and then we're tasting it I think Jack and I both agree it was like why we never made it why in all of the years we never made ourselves milk wash side, what what what were we thinking

first of all like sidecar sidecars one of those drinks and you guys will know disagree with me of course because you humans but sidecars one of those drinks that I always want to love a lot and I never quite love it a lot and I know all of you who know me know that I have an issue with like heavy wood heavy acid on a shake and so you know the yak anyways or not using standard sidecars of course she acted the Classic specs have added simple syrup or is it just Cointreau yak and lemon that's like the original Daisy and buy the garbage e spec is a garbage file that under they long list of garbage Classic specs and no one likes Monster

and I know it's bad bad people just terrible people anyway so we milk washed some of the Sacred Bond not wear sacred Bond we have milk wash some of that I should say that's why I was late because I was at the new bar milk washing synoke watch that and I have a new thing for all of you to one of the things we did a Booker and Dax a lot was a suggesting we would take our juice is in a lemon or lime juice but so we're working actually for a new drink at the bar the celery drink and and I thought I was like you know I kind of want just more citrus more OJ into simple syrup so this is not OJ the simple syrup so we have a simple syrup lemon juice so instead of replacing the Quan church with ojc remember also by the way so I'll tell you a couple of Secrets here for calculating suggesting up to simple syrup

only works only works for adjusting to 121 simple syrup if you want to adjust to any other brics you must I lay bricks just means percentage Sugar by weight and juice it is bricks adjusted to 5250 so here's how you look up on the Internet sore if you have a refractometer as we do you look up the brakes and the thing you have and and here's the magic formula if you want any other race at any other like you know bricks do you want to do to one simple syrup then you're on your own go figure out the math but just multiply the Bricks by 2 and subtract that from a hundred so orange juice is 11.8 bricks that's 23.6 drachma hundred is 76.4 some of that that formula always works so then if you have a hundred grams of OJ you add 76 and change grams of sugar in your good

very simple formula * 2 subtract 100 * Ice Company the hundred way of saying

unrelated right before I make this how about we open one of our bottled Specialties that are let's do it is it one of our Booker and Dax is bottled Manhattan's this one happened to be bottled on July 10th 2015 it's been in my freezer for the cap program in 2015 and I never opened it because we were so liquored up the whole week what does this say you know it's just stuff so I just pretended home and until such as this one it's been freezing in a chill environment except for the time it was in my suitcase and then in a mini bar fridge for 6 days and I don't know where it is I thought the bar okay obviously your family and I hope to see you at the bar on a constant basis but

remember we used to store all of our bottle drinks and our carbo drinks in these refrigerators and they were a real pain in the behind my service standpoint because they would Rattle and move in and out in the glass is used to fall off and shatter and then like they would go out of out of temperature and then people wouldn't put the stuff back in and I would start screaming and yelling remember this at the new place we can talk about it cuz they printed it in the newspaper we're going to have vending machines and a vending machines are going to keep it at exactly the temperature and so we're going to have bottle stuck behind the bar to but people who want to order it literally just pop a token in the vending machine in Yankton Drake's how sick is that we can't do the Bennett Martini or make some kind of martinis with what all did he use tonight with that we're going to share this right start

one more thing to say about the fake sidecar will need it if we like it we have no idea I'm making the classic mistake that. What's his name what's his name Thomas Keller yell at me for which making something I've never met before in front of a bunch of people is okay. You're stupid I'm like well thanks I'll take that but we're going to shake it with an orange cuz he don't have shake ice and I don't have the bdx cocktail Q's cuz whenever I do a demonstration like a like somewhere else I brought I bring a btx cocktail cube with me and then invariably I give it to the person who I'm working with at the event so I don't have any so you can get the same. So he was going to add the texture of shake eyes and by the way you can get that texture by shaking with a large piece of citrus in your 10 but if you do it you're infringing on my patent and I will sue you

nobody has to shake a drink with an order well it does actually add a little bit of wear instead of Instagram and it does add a little bit of like said slavery which I also enjoyed still could still taste good to make sure just make one so we can see if it's good and then make more if it is good so the question for you guys are all you know I know where your relative pallets are and you know where my relative palette is how close to 3/4 do you want to get on this I'm doing a fat half you guys okay with that taste the taste of worded milk watch word is bond it's good it's light one of the issues with a wooden Spirits for me is that they get special in shaken cocktails when they're extra diluted and extra cold gets that would eat caca caca caca caca pull straight out the bottle

all right all right so we're shaking with an orange infringing on my own patent and mixing so I don't think that's how that works but you read me the four hands before you got here so you guys cook cook sausages now. What about I was in a place recently where half the men you spell sauce like sauce and the rest of the men you spell sauce like South I think so like it seemed like this was cooler it was just a mistranslation but definitely

set a dish called was it called super mix shops supermix shops so here's my concept you're ready we take to take a lamb chop we got to get different sizes butt pork land beef and then we meet glue them into a super chop low temperature at keep the pork on the outside so that it Cooks higher pork then lie guess Landon beef and then or maybe like pork lamb Beef Pork so that your dinner and then we have at the super mix chop and of course serve with Sally preserves thanks for the magic liquid nitrogen I'm going to taste this word is bond my car is Drake if we actually like and I was thinking something california-based is there an Easy Rider cocktail there is no

like why would he want another person with him on his bike anyway go ahead

hi my friend this is Dana Corey

alright Corey also from Booker and Dax Corey Corey well-known afraid of milk like a shared afeared of milk and a family show I cannot tell you story what is Dana comes over to existing conditions some time after we open and anyone who can hear our voices comes we will tell you the story of Dana Corey and milk by the way the interesting thing about this story is that this is a story that could make someone afraid of milk who was not already afraid of milk

showed up with a already with a fear of milk it's like Indiana Jones already afraid of snakes and strapped into the snake pit good taste good Easy Rider how you doing I'm doing great Danny you live in the great land of mozzarella but true or false I can tell relatively recent Hoboken by the way your your mozzarella was right the best the best best you like it even though it's very correct breakfast with Robbie Nelson from time to time and I even have to put milk in my coffee

formerly was at Miami's we like talking about the bath salts murderer member the bath salts to make it to Miami give me some Miami and also Dan and I both have a love Stupid Love inappropriate love for Quad City DJ's come on ride the train choo choo ride

definitely excited to see you at the bar I want to come check you out and you know I have a little fun you take me to new technology one of the problems I had a Booker and Dax pissed me off was that no one would get the pump stoop so we could pump cream syrup and butter we're not going to bring the cold butter Sara Bareilles back that was the crap out of you I never worked with Anna but I would always hear about it once the managers left of you and actively 86 Nitro muddled drinks

I don't have the answers to Lavender. My other favorite wasn't actually there for it I missed it by a couple of hours was very very very rarely rarely had to throw people out of Booker and Dax one of the crew one of the female crew member and and behind the bar picks up his human and through him like garbage on dance to at all. I just like you're hurtling this dude out onto the street amazing good times

hey Dan are you familiar in Hoboken with the clam broth house sign at the Canberra 50% off and all the clamor of Canada for we have this I will not be here today because we have a tasting with precio opening but why am I so he like he's like no one likes and I won't serve it at the bar I'm like dude it's like clam chowder minus the stuff you don't like that's easy

here we are invited for the Bloody Mary contest every year we did something conceptual and every year we lost we once did they get the hot the hot tomato soup Bloody Mary and served with a grilled cheese sandwich I recall and Kraft singles cheese in a snowstorm like grilled cheese sandwiches and we still didn't lose cuz I can't that contains like a bloody mary. Uh-huh who doesn't like you like right also goes it is very kind of not well-known

like cultural things on Cape Cod are you allowed to describe those are those super secret yeah yeah Fireball talk about this family we play this game that got everyone together and they have two opposing team's Young Nails it's kind of like a ritual ball on fire so hot wire ball that's lit on fire you have to get it from from one end of the post which is also been on fire to the other end so there's a lot of burnt hand everyone's hands looks like like Mickey Mouse at the end of the van cuz it's all swollen saw cut up

right now what would you eat and drink while you were throwing Fireballs at each other in Mashpee

turtle soup by Mashpee I'm like smashpedia because like not funny dad

play someday you'll invite me I'll go and I'll get someone throwing a flaming ball to me and I will light on fire again although I hope to never light on fire again and I will be there the only thing is that they're strict about filming cuz it's a very ritualistic thing but yeah it definitely brings the boys bring family Fourth of July talk about Utah you come to Bar you talk

hey how are you in a long time. My question is I recently in love with Negroni I question can we make a Negroni out so I'm dropping the gym and something if it's something else

I'm going to give you your time Stacy

going to let you finish bud and we can have this argument after after we hear the answer but is it really a Negroni still or is it a different drank almost a knockdown fight at the bar last bar meeting I had because I was like every damn drink according to you every damn stir drink is a freaking Manhattan every freaking thing it's either Manhattan or a martini I got in a huge fight anyway no all right so go ahead going on here but I guess that would be the same building blocks right

Nations a little bit when we are when we're building negronis and you can pretty much literally use any base spirit and if you switch up your bitter is in your vermouth you can make it taste good it's really hard to make it taste good vodka drop are the beauty of the name Brody I personally think that Campari kind of one the one the fight for the Negroni I think you can now make a Negroni with any three parts as long as there is a strong a sweet and then Campari so like there's so many red better is out there that you can well I thought a Negroni has to have Campari I don't know like does it who makes these laws less alcoholic sweeter

little bitter contratto bitter like there's several other I mean do they pay you and then decided it's the one they like Asian that came a little bit before I was there but there's a reason why we use each bitter and each cocktail we also want to keep you know a variety on the menu a lot of times it's I use that because they literally paid for an event and I don't want to change it cuz it we wrote the spec with that close are we to answering your question


new robot voice sounds like he's going through a Sears already something like after all maybe like a buck cappelletti or something like a punch in your face, which I think of Mezcal Negroni is arranged from like super light to like super hardcore mr. Adele Maggie do you have any comments on this where there's also like would you at least agree steak bone with you at least agree you're going to use a Mezcal that's cost-effective in a cocktail right and most of us I think most of them are super Smokey the ones that are

be there for example and make space I like a mix bass all right

no to lighten it up in a drink the lightning you know but you also grieve like you like white you still like a white Spirit not like a like an Age spirit in the droney right or no you can be like anyting painting what about a Kingston Negroni

it does say London will answer your question basically compartment like Campari and vermouth mixed with things taste good in almost any ratio for be

how much of your cocktails left

serve it up in a chill. I'm just saying it's yours if you're going to be like Yakety Yak Yakety Yak Yakety Yak Yakety Yak Yakety Yak and then serving on a big Cube Big Cube the trick is Negroni doesn't like being too warm correct yeah for sure it's like that's one of the never ever order a double anything just say give me one now and make me one in exactly three minutes to the bartender inside a Roberto's he said he's substitute Tzus for the Campari

like which one of you's a sus we can Robinson's issues right now so I have more so we're going to make you a whatever we're going to go to be like Easy Rider would you like an answer I was terrible at naming things did Point Break movie. Online cooking issues

this episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill Inn employee have a question from cat this week I've seen the Sears all being used to caramelize sugar is on Blaze and other desserts what type of sugars work the best okay well I really encourage you to all go purchase Sears Al's on I actually use a regular torch when I'm doing brulees without the searzall head and the reason is is that brulees don't take on that torch taste that you get when you torch things that have fat or high my I like a high-fat looks like meats or things have proteins in them and in fact a torch a straight naked torch is a good way to get kind of crunchy sugars I haven't run the test of different kinds of sugar than no isomalt crunches up real nice I know sucrose punches up real nice but I haven't tested friends

ants like glucose powder of fructose powder on the top of a creme brulee so I can't really say but I doubt it where he wants to hold that you want something that does crystallized nicely so invert tends not to so I would I would choose things like sucrose or isomalt anything that you use kind of in a hard candy situation you can get a whole range of sugars to test with your Sears off at Bob's Red Mill. Calm and use the code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order

tell me about the worst things we've ever made we did a birthday cake we did a birthday cake for a man wants remember that we blend it up on that delicious that was my that was delicious who go to papas fritas you can make a good who go to the papas fritas but it it it goes like rancid in about a day that's a problem find a bottle of red wine recently and then Brixton up to 50 and it was terrible if you like you would not drink the wine so why would you think that as a product that would be good just want to use good wine and potentially ruin it but you're correct you are absolutely correct and I was a cool I guess what else are we talking about milk washing and things we've made like you're saying we did a candy

cocktail once I made it for you that for Dave in the booth

Musashi I just hope he won't be able to operate the phone I'm going to take the other half to wear layering flavors the most like to Pleasant Pleasant cocktail world word is pousse Cafe


do you like it or not she likes it if she likes it and it's not rozay champagne literally like as soon as she walked in the bar someone just looks at her grabs and AP wine glass and dumped a bunch of Rose a bubbly in person like a bucket always yes we're going to have to carry some sort of Rose a sparkler just in case nastasi shows up Cointreau buckets what's this so I I was hanging out with some Remy Cointreau people on Saturday and they tell me about to take a shot of Cointreau you light it on fire you put your hand over the top two to seal out the oxygen so if the fire goes out and it's suctions to your hand and then you can like shake it up and then you take the

I know about this the guy used to work for the recording studio claimed he did this to women all the time to impress them

pictures of breasts

wow I don't know man you need yourself some new friends do you like the little late in the season I thought we'd be open months ago related question this one from okay I love it when people give me the pronunciation of the last name because I can literally just look at it when his name isn't Joaquin Simo it's walking SEMO a lot of Mexican sauce recipes what kind of house lot of Mexican sauce recipes have you heat a little oil in a pan until they weigh

very hot then dumped in the sauce which is otherwise maid-rites already pre-made sauce think like an enchilada sauce or something usually Something Told Me To Your tomato base to quickly reduce and as the recipe off in claims to sear it or not people say they fry their frying a sauce after opening excetra never got boiling Saosin I sucks I think something else when I was younger my eyes were fast my my little membranes with quick is this it is this a nictitating membrane your eyelid is that what that is anyway so I suppose real fast so I never used to get hit in the eyes but now that I'm getting older my reflexes aren't so good and like and that's why I had to go to the hospital and get like a big piece of metal carved out of my eye instead of just wiping off my eyelid like when I was young anyways my question is is Lee idea of searing and big old

what's the sauce vs is there any reason why the same result could not be achieved by reducing the sows and a more moderate rate thanks, okay so the answer is it is not be as you're okay but it is a pain in the butt right way what's going on with Chase it with what are the two and a half year old Martini you are so all of it smells like it's almost as if it had an olive in the bottle from two and a half years show Sasha you guys can try it if you have self things to think about it this way when you were cooking a tomato-based sauce in general like I've said this many times on the show but if you come from Boston Italian stock first of all it's not

hot sauce it's gravy and it's not pasta It's macaroni so it's macaroni and gravy is pasta with tomato sauce and the worst thing you can do because you have to cook the gravy for hours and hours is burn the gravy because it's not fixable if you burn tomato sauce is a non fixable problem and what does it tell you the fact that you can burn tomato sauce

what state was it telling people that it gets above the boiling point is you're having reactions happening at the bottom of that that that are high temperature reaction and it's because it's so thick and it can't get get out of the way it locally dries out he's way up and you can get no high heat flavors this is the reason why a lot of people take a like a very non-stick well-seasoned cast-iron pan and cook down there tomato paste in that I like just give it a little heat in the bottom of a cast iron pan with some oil for they cook it to get a little high temperature action on their tomato paste I don't do that because I'm lazy but people people totally do that and so on a thick sauce yes you can get those kind of cooked flavors the trick is to keep moving around so it doesn't burn and most of those flavors are going to happen very soon after you add it because you're going to turn it down so she doesn't burn your problem is sputtering is you probably have more liquid in it at that point that you want so it's going to Splatter everywhere and if you have a thick layer of Sal's

and you heat it up at the bottom and it's thick like a tomato it's got texting other stuff in it you build up bubbles in bubble stay underneath and then it takes a long time for them to a rough cuz there's no convection so you locally superheat the South it forms a large bubble and then that bubble popped a surface rather violently and shoots Hotspurs everywhere which is why Always cover that sucker always cover that sucker what I would do is dump cover Let It Go for a little bit stir it and then turn it down that's what I would do anyway so I told you the day after you started working I told you oh my God I just had to deal with another Clutterbuck how many of you are there

picture of the mom who showed him how he just was

I am at him

she ran the the permissions for whatever Library I had to get permission when I did the liquid intelligence book to use Ben Franklin's recipe Seaboard somewhere here on the Eastern Seaboard so talk to me about 20-something days old and it spent the first year of its life in my friends trunk

cross rings for women

today's the mall for 2 and it is this actual this is the actual btx make Bennett's back really Taste of Britain own are orange bitters in dry Riesling dry weather in small Olive Castle Pennsylvania Castlevania to Castle Wolfenstein and here is said

like I pulled up its 350ml Beefeater 75ml stripe vermouth this is Dolan 300 ml water 10 - is orange bitters that yields approximately 5 martinis after we put a hundred 50 grams of batch into each bottle with one of the service recipe here is it says Martini open bottle and serve

all right so some suspect questions someone from England Road in and said give me a Spectra hatchback give it to me

and someone else asked for thunder notchback

thunder. Is the hardest drink in the world to make it takes many days and you absolutely have to have a centrifuge speed up the stairs and tripped up the stairs stairs were terrifying hatchback

hatchback is 1 / 1666 mL of water amazing 335IS clarified grapefruit 335 ml simple 335 Mel Campari a liter of tequila of your choice we needed a 26 drops of saline solution and then you chill it for its carbonated and then top it with a half ounce top each 6 oz pour with a half ounce of clarified line German Speck but she said that she was based at on a drink whose trait that she based it on

is it like a siesta write Katie's classic from PDT how did how did you guys name the fact that was like right before I don't know what happened was what had happened was like so Tristan and like the opening crew we all were like we need names for these dang drinks and we just went to a restaurant and just started ordering french fries and booze and we like we're not getting up until we have names for all these friends and that's where you told me I could have had fries become cheap in my old age

you can testify but apparently you were all sitting around you were talking about this is Campari and Tequila drink and some neighbors somebody was like yeah like yesterday and somebody said before the fiesta

that's a win go to William James the really Auto Ant-Man like like the thing is is that there's so many different combinations of spirits out there the people people get so bent on where the Spectrum from that if you if you start from a like this starts from the drink that I brought here starts from Psych are cuz I I woke up and well when I say woke up with me and paid attention when we were in this tasting Heaven Hill and I was like oh sidecar right so this legitimately to me is a sidecar variant but like if you happen to like start with a flavor and arrive at something that is similar to something else but has milk wash has a bunch of herbs in it and then does a bunch of other stuff that no one ever did then is it really a variant on that other drink that you weren't thinking about or or not

my keys are saffron Plymouth Martini really a tuxedo

no more of a seersucker suit oh no it's like the fox say. Except for it's got yellow chartreuse in it and freaking saffron that we wrap in a few other than that exactly the same and we were thinking about the tuxedo when we're making it and it's an inverse ratio but other than that he's a freaking tuxedo tomorrow and you didn't have any idea what any classic was in your spirits and then you started making cocktails with them do you think it is possible that you came up with a cocktail that didn't have any sort of precursor to let you know what I mean now I do think it would be possible if it tasted good

stress about is I think it comes from the Phil Ward Potato Head theory is it everyone sees everything as a variant and I don't think it's helpful from a mental standpoint what I'm trying to describe somebody like even if it's unrelated to a Manhattan a specific cocktail so many fights but if it drinks like a Manhattan it's useful for the customer who likes Manhattan's because they can hang their hat or a Manhattan taste like it's useful for them to know that it's in that ballpark but if you do a bunch of stuff to that drink even if it is a brown Spirit a you know an herbed wine and some bitters but it has no taste comparison to a Manhattan or you've done something weird to it or doesn't taste like a man anymore that's no longer a useful Peg for them to hang their hat on and therefore it doesn't really should fit into that what you talked about it but I think it can also be like when when I was bartending I think something that helped me was realizing that there are these kind of Master ratio is in a lot of in a lot of respect

that's a great way is a bartender to remember how to make the drink if you start

if you start with a basis as a drink and you just mute and use mutilate the hell out of it so it's something different right but any whiskey and then I needed a little bit of sugar in a 6 o I added some vermouth and I want a little more bitterness I added some money no Bitters and then I was a little too strong so I start it and then I put like you or cherry or twisting it so it's basically straight whiskey is unusual about what they're doing 10 to put too much stock in the president of what they are or what they're doing and thinking about it that way rather than just thinking about the ratios

for some reason for some things the ratios are golden because they are you know what I mean but other times I think you can get hampered by thinking of yourself as just building variance and you know for the respect of you guys heard me say it a million times don't start with a different cocktail start with a flavor that you want and so I think that like thinking of everything as a variant of something else even though it's a useful its usual starting place cuz you know these ratios I would rather you think about the flavor you're trying to achieve an if that's best achieved through something is very close to a Manhattan ratio with a you know what I want then you know God bless the best thing ratio wise that you ever forced us to do was the 3/8 measurement because nobody uses that but it's such an easy way to visualize that amount of liquid in a jigger rather than like fat quarter scant half you know it's like those words have a meeting but it's not as precise literally just you and it's amazing

is 3/8 does it is always a 3/8 honey ginger on the air. The show was about food I had a food question this is the chef existing conditions

I was curious how we all feel about Krispy crabs bacon mayonnaise and tomatoes so they don't live in the same season right they just came in to see if tomatoes are always in season somewhere but we're like a month away from having great tomatoes I mean I'm not going to I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag at what we're going to do as long as a lettuce layer between the tomato and the Crab House Campari tomato and everybody everybody knows my favorite fact about soft shell crabs right

effective date when you put your breaking up on me it sounds like you're at the bar

right now this is it by the way people in case you want to know what like my actual life is like it's pretty much like this all the time my favorite thing about soft shell crabs is after you rip their gills out and after you cut their eyes off they bred themselves you throw them in the thing in there like I will help you with my cell number read themselves happy birthday quotes about 30 minutes and that my friends is why you want sprite Lee soft shell crabs not those dead ones that are on the street that have been baking in the freaking Sun you want nice ones they're still moving when you guys by shorty when you bite when you buy razors do you sit there and do you flick do you feel like the muscle so that it

lemon extract back and I'll tell you what's not a family show Dana Skinner who could not be here came up with the all-time bar term man I don't know if we cannot talk about it it's it's a method of expressing just the right amount of grapefruit or orange or lemon oil from a kind of slap incredible we both so so so much I wish you were here no damn why though why

how about we serve you something carbonated and you have your waster

first of all who died I was just playing around the idea I thought it was funny shorty here's my thing with carbonation for me the issue with carbonation with a lot of things is it takes on the note of unless it's a liquor or booze it takes on the note of spoilage so I like 10-15 years ago when everybody was carbonating fruit I was like bad idea because when you start eating fruit and a fruit carbonated you're like death route going south you know what I mean it's like not do any form in Sacramento specific question for Jack yes oh Lala Moment by his body Murphy AKA My Cousin Vinny barbarino AKA Bobby formerly next formerly alinea formerly

have known each other forever

Ken Fried Chicken lunch special

yes yes a million percent you can tell they're at the bar because you can hear it.


course thank you for love you guys will see you soon alright so I guess I would like fried chicken listen Bobby it's very simple is the drink going to get shake and if so do not clarify are you going to shake do not clarify that's one of the great things about this is double Citrus if you will shake it is opaque

textured up the up the Wazoo is it going to take me to sidecar that's not trying to say I started with the sidecar and I ended up here. We're here

enjoy the rest of the show this is the kind of idea and then everyone else is like no

Adele Adele we have a listen I want to thank BTS crew the best crew anyone could ever ask for I love all you guys, I promise it's a shout out to my ex pruzansky barback extraordinaire at the new place you're always family thanks

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