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Episode 328: Seeds Don't Stress Me Out

this episode of cooking issues brought to you by Bob's Red Mill in employee-owned company that's been offering organic stone-ground products for decades their flowers and whole grains are the highest quality and are minimally processed at their Stonemill in Oregon visit to shop there huge range of products use the code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order pulled into a meeting now we ask you something in the booth meeting what's the one time during the whole week where you know you shouldn't be planning on meeting

pulled into a meeting do you have to schedule a meeting their ears inside jobs and crap so I'm I got to put my kids to school so you know who bird least like three nights a week and I'm getting old and getting old and maybe it's time I actually sorry I meant to say Lift Sullivan Street Bakery and I guess I'm part-time Lyft driver

New York I haven't really given it to you so well I mean in terms of the other companies that like

that I kind of influenced if directly or indirectly I don't know the Museum of food and drink is here hello Peter and not no longer just a punching bag Peter but father first-time first-time father is as I feel like I'm no longer and saltpeter in the same way because then I'm insulting someone's dad and that's like that's not cool, you never seem to mind your kids seeing you insult me I remember you I remember one of the first times I hung out with deck seed came over to me and said Peter why is my dad so mean to you

I didn't know exactly to say I deserve it. That is a lie I take and I received but I also received plenty of crap

true yeah and I take it with in generally Good Humor I don't take crap from his people who won't he won't receive it who won't let me let me know Jeff Bezos turns out like his minions have been kind of a good sport about the whole thing I had to fix our problems and Amazon but they've been kind of a good sport or listen so what are we talking about today so Jim has came out at the end of last year a new cookbook they follow up to his called Blockbuster nucleus for a bread book like the like the best selling black bread book that like you know that publicity dated stay on on the Amazon list for quite some time up in the in the top part but you know it's I think more than the book itself I think it's it's the message

in the book has been imitated I think by no less than 12 other authors so I'm you know I'm just a published the first book and then you know there were other books that came out you know trying to popularize the same method National claimed that they kind of like we're like it was their idea Maria Guarnaschelli who sings retired so Ash I didn't get to finish my second book with her anyways she came up right where was the soundtrack for The Applause when you supposed to be anyway so she sure she's lovely she came up and he who you know

we have similar foul-mouthed as he's just he's not used to be on the radio show and so that's all right maybe that's why individual Peter Kim a habitual line stepper so if you take it right conversation right up to the edge of propriety you'll just step out of the pot calling the kettle black I used to be known for that the total cost control during a dressing to go over but then there's these hard lines and then Peter goes right over the United States red line over the yellow line and he just goes on to the platform to use a Subway reference anyways

what do you call the thing under the title the tagline but it was no no need no something and then no work she added that that was her idea no work and she's like that still date Jillian copies ever feel like I can make this kind of bread with no work no work I can make this bread and their likes you sold a million copies of that but I did get my first royalty check which is nice someone is really dumb can make it so it so well so for those you also they don't know Sullivan Street Bakery when did you open 94 years old this year so I moved into the city right right then like that's right when I moved in the same as brand new

and my wife wearing and I were in grad school and the bread cheers beers congratulations was freaking awful like the bread in New York City was an embarrassment in fact one of the reasons to travel to Europe and other places was that they had decent bread and our bread was garbage and by the way the impression that all European still to this day have of America is that our bread is bad and not to let you know pump you up any more than you need him but like when I first went to Sullivan Street I was like holy Christ I was like you know someone cares about their bread their focus on a specific style they care about it I remember you used to it all the staff from stopping me from putting in an ATM machine and some soft serve ice cream

yeah you know I was I just want to take it in all these like no typical directions my employees were like rallied against me saying no you have to keep it really traditional you do the potato one as well get a potato on a typical Pizza that you would get from a bakery right

Italy versus socially the bakery

represents this is like this daily necessity and also

it represents what kind of Life Thrift like the the cheapness of bread in Italy really matters resonates with people they they feel the bridge should be an expensive but there's this deep tradition and culture of methods and techniques and forms and all this other stuff

but in Italy The Bakers would you use to make like a potato pizza the crappiest oils potatoes and they don't necessarily like cherish

back then but nothing but now if you could at least see that you know a lot of these forms that were maybe not front-and-center popular have become even more front-and-center you know you put the song in my head now that's a James XE inspired by a whole new kind of pizza in Italy to top of everything else in New York wow you can see there a certain forms that have been constantly I'm not doing anything new I'm just doing I'm just doing my rendition my version of something that I ate in Europe is giving away is

a wee one how do you feel about all of the Maison Kaiser's that have cropped up everywhere on York City Market for that for this Market in the midst of very French approach I think it's encouraging to see I don't know you know from an operation standpoint how they could make money but but if they do then great I also think just cuz I know how expensive some of the real estate isn't also how much sales or whatever most of the companies that come in in this format like you see all this is of this proliferation of like new coffee companies and Bluestone Lane and Joe & The Juice know this shit like it's just kind of like investment money in investment groups and

people trying to set of capture this set of ever-changing Shifting Market it's almost like we're now at where we've become up we have expectations where we had less before we have much more expectation now about how things should be I mean if the diner is the old man in the golden days in the golden days of Yelp you know when it when Yelp matter like the one I remember when I open Co 10 years ago to recently closed at like that was so important to see to follow Yelp feed if you will and see what your ranking in your reading was but then as time went on it like everything else in this world and which were living it became kind of kind of corrupted by Bots and

became, but was already well as these types of services I mean pretty soon Roberta's is going to be hiring wait staff from the basic Uber version of waiters that come in and and I'm here to working a restaurant is your winter they told you this was going to happen with us we know he's got like maybe a a finger sticking out of the envelope let me know and we know that there's sunlight because we can feel the warmth on her finger or it's maybe a steak someone's nose or something as pessimistic as the next fellow but I know people I think there are people who will pay like why

people people try to bring back the automat right and honestly if the food then I'm going to get his garbage I prefer it to be a zero human being interaction you know what I mean but I think there's always going to be a market and let's be honest because we make very little in this country with our hands anymore right and you know to the extent that we do make things here they're made by robots cuz that's the only way to do it like economically to that extent there's Millions hundreds of millions of people in service jobs that you have no business being in service jobs because they don't care about other human beings or bad service right and so you don't necessarily want interact with those people because they don't want to interact with you but I think it's a high-end there's always going to be a market for a human interaction one where you actually like like and to use your word from earlier but goes back to the submission of hospitality which is one of hosting one of welcoming one of kind of curating for someone and experience I mean

it's it's a it's a form of embrace not just with with words were be no plates or dishes or styles of Cuisine it's me that's ultimately what Hospitality about the miss me

you know I mean the best designers the best chefs the best you know I mean it may be on a certain level for certain operators it gets easier because they have access to so much resource but it doesn't mean that they're going to succeed it doesn't mean it's going to necessarily resonate not like but it's not like there's a there's an algorithm now I'm sure there is already is about that studies you know the algorithm of what the next type of food concept of food trend is going to be based on you know an algorithm you want to worry about that right now at the end of the day I wake up in the morning and

LED light

if I say that that mediocre food mediocre design mediocre environs top-notch FOH service good experience

there's a whole Army of

people who know how to make coffee art and how to pull shots and in this I think there's even a AAA employment service a kind of functions like uber for coffee bars where I want to cough I would like 10 toffee bars and I'm missing us a team member here and if he member there and there was a sort of like circulation of voluntary Barista now according to David Schwimmer that's your first mistake only 10 he's like going to maybe well I mean again it's like what is it there is this sort of like desire or reach in a culture right now for grandmas for big mess for stir dude who needs to kind of laundered money from Israel or whatever

hey hey hey hey hey are you doing alright what's up

I've got a rack of beef spare ribs cut from like the rib Primal and I was wondering if you had any other ways of cooking this thing of the did you kind of short and let the bone on the ribeye. I got the whole thing I didn't do it but do you know

public choice choice crime like that choice Amazon Choice what I would do is look what access do you have to be out of doors

I can get you like a Weber smoker or something like that I would if it's tender enough as is which it sounds like it is I throw it in the bag in a bag with some with some olive oil if you want to put some spices in it whatever you can salt it or not I. Pepper at the get-go depends on how long you going to let it go then I would cook it at looking at my hands have the size I cook it at 55 degrees Celsius in the area of an hour hour and 20 you're not trying to tenderize it that much just want to guarantee that it's that whole level than I thought I would let it cool down and let it sit out whatever cuz you're going to grill the hell out of it later then fire pit grill hot I'm a huge fan everyone's all about control I detest control in all things I like temperature control on temperature control when you're going low then you're going high go high just go high

the surfer that I've been cooking and in advance for the book that I have coming out then I'm literally what I do is because I have a lot of extra Woods I just try to make these maximum size file fires imitate almost in a horizontal fashion the flame intensity you get out of a Tandoor and I create what amounts to a funeral pyre inside of my relatively large grilled cuz I have a cowboy you know grilled and I have intimate wood at the house so I'm making fake fire you do if you had to go there now high heat on it and then I would just put put them off and on I will put it on for depends on how high your flame is between

45 seconds into minutes pull it off for about 3 minutes back on bop bop bop until you get the crust that you want and that way when you can ship everything off and on your grill and tell her everything is done so I tend to I-10 to be nowadays of the instead of trying to regulate the heat I just regulate the amount of time that it's on the heat very rare that you don't want a nice crust on the outside of your food and just by taking it off and on you will lower the average heat input into the middle of the meat since you're not going to overcook it and you every time you apply it to that high temperature for even sure what time you will you will make it better and better cross on the outside so that's typically what I do so for something like you have at the level of heat I use if probably two times on at at a minute aside and that's going to be like real nice and Shari on the outside but again like you'll for me that's like putting it inside of a kiln basically if you have a less intense flame you might want to do it

three times but if you're going to do it a lot of time to make sure to rest it in between this is how in a Tandoor you can have a juicy 12 they also marinating beat the crap out of the meat but this how you can have you not overcook viciously but have a nice outside by off on off on off on and that's kind of what I would do but I would always control yourself with the low temp out of time this way there's no such thing as under your only mistake is to go over not that much extra time because honestly you know unless you're some sort of freak Show you're probably prepping at some point during the day so throw it in the garbage can or you can leave them prepare the day before that's what I like what I would do and then also gives you more time to send a handwritten invitations to your friends also you don't even need a low temperature can because it's so thin you don't need a low temperature can get by size right by chicken thighs in a pound of chicken thighs out relatively thin don't

I remove I always remove the bones and those little thing of cartilage so if you buy bone if you buy people if you buy bone-in chicken thighs please remove that one nasty vein that they always leave in and please remove that little piece of cartilage on on the bone that for some reason that a whole can never clip off for you to remove that little cartilage knuckle because it's unpleasant are you calling my friends a hoe I am main salted but don't do anything else in between two pieces of cellophane then I do a classic yogurt lemon juice pepper garlic and green herb of green herb of your choice and maybe a Spice Girl toys and little bit of sugar sugar that's kind of the marinade that I use a n somewhere I add extra oil and then you just put that in the Zippy or if you have a vacuum my vacuum that with the chicken for a couple of hours that opened that'll tenderize it did acid in the yogurt and lemon juice will tenderize

firm believer in the if if you're going to marinate chicken to the debrief warned you at Toys R Us like like meat is like hyper problematic if you pound it's in and you're going to do the next thing I tell you there's not quite as bad then Grill at Infinity right like just like like real flat off on off on off on hears everything I don't base with oil in between because I'm a lazy weasel so I spray Pam on it in between so I can pull it off and fire spray Pam on and throw it back on a man when you get old to get lazy since I'm saying before like now that I like now that I've been 40 whatever wear my 47 I realize I need to buy gears for my bicycle like my whole arm like how many gears on my bike I don't even

will I'm not a lazy man we're not going over the bridge and I'm like you know what maybe I can maybe I could use a gear on my bike maybe I could use you know people here they go crazy over their fixies and I think honestly people who chew bike years they're just dumb their stuff but here's the thing New York City you why I have a fixed gear bike New York City is buying large flat we have one decent Hill in the nineties somewhere up by kitchen arts and letters the bookstore we have a we have a couple of bridges that have a kind of a decent incline but otherwise we're pretty flat and

the problem with New York is is that my bike is stored in my closet and so my derailleur kept on getting whacked out of whack. Of adjustment constantly and so because like to ride in New York I don't know what it's like in Portland but to ride in New York if you're going to actually lock your bike outside this is way before citibike that Shane was heavier than my bicycle and it took also like it took like 10 minutes to properly lock and unlock it and you would in filth in yourself every time with the chainsaw I'm a huge fan Peter Kim is as well bring your bike inside with you which means me folder right now but the derailers kept on getting annihilated and I was throwing chains constantly on the street like I'd be going down the street you stand on the pedal to get going off of a light you throw the chain the fifth time that happened I'm like no no it's so they question was my going to go to a single speed Freewheel in the person I'm going to go to single speed speed Freewheel or am I going to try the fixi and I was like

you know what I'll try what the heck and then like I just haven't changed it since it's been like you know 10-12 years away that's but I am I time in life I'm old enough that there is like it's just it is as you say stupid to not have some gears on that thing what do you think of me Archie sturmer like Hub gear shift system never used one right

I don't know nothing about that I just know it sounds like you got a good reason here in Portland we got Hill and honestly chills sweating be do you do you guys have bike thieves there

oh yeah it's terrible

China's New York people that steal people's transports like you don't know like first of all you don't know what that bike means that somebody I can think of one thing worse what people that who steal your musical instrument oh my God yeah somebody's livelihood or somebody's form of artistic expression like that's when I wish there was a healthy to go to answer your question about the ribs. If there's a hell below we're all going to go make sure that cool down in Christmas unless you don't celebrate Christmas in which case you'll be ruining the holiday of your choice

I got a question so I can actually it was in Seattle to the West Coast program currently today I'm a chef in Seattle and I have a very small kitchen and their Twitter if you want to look at the kitchen is at the cottage Bothell Bothell orbitel th with Bothell or motels brothel gas I use portable induction sous-vide or as my relatives say sous vide sous-vide and an oven one of my hid menu items is my sous vide jerk chicken jerk jerk people whenever I see the word jerk I have to say jerk that way I can stack salsa tax also doesn't

dark anyway is he called me that sometimes you like that don't you don't think the word jerk is really cool the way the K hits J&K how old is Booker calls me a jerk and honest more than Dax does like when he means it more than tax does how old is Booker 16a also called me an idiot on a fairly regular normal thing Universe it is completely the way it's supposed to be as just as you probably said the same things or at least thought the same things but weren't able to say them because I was a different time yeah you you aren't allowed to say that creda kitchen in the fact that they do

and can and can the difference between Asian families and Families 2 and then I'd be shocked when my friends would like yeah call there. Stupid or whatever like just have a question

Good Times okay but I want to take it to the next level I would love to smoke the chicken with pimento wood what is pimento by the way, is Allspice tree right so I've never seen the would write some spice I like allspice anyway I've never had that I've never used it but it's just too damn nice pants are too important to Seattle my question is is there a way to get the essence of the of the wood that particular wood into the jerk marinade if I were to buy some would have an important could I capture the essence of the smoke wood into an oil liquid

how would you solve this problem thanks. Everything is okay here's the thing I looked it up and dang that stuff is expensive real expensive and there is a Bradley Personnel you have a couple choices here you can you can parse smoke stuff on the wood for instance you can do liquids liquids that are little bit tackier

time to take up smoke better so people will smoke like Prince & BBQ sauces and things like that I looked up online a lot of people are smoking like the aren't like onions so if you have a lot of onions in a sauce like BBQ sauce ranch packet of a bunch of those smoke them and then a blend that into the into their sauce to get a smoky flavor if I was going to do it I would probably do the sauce I don't think you're going to find a liquid smoke maybe you will I will not able to that is specifically pimento wood right I also looked up and it is not that expensive to buy there's tooth there's two things I saw a Bradley Smoker would you bring to the Bradley Smoker makes these these pellets these these like me no puksies pellets they have one called Caribbean would but I think they're Liars I think what they do is they put allspice the spice into Mesquite chips and I don't know whether allspice the spice and pimento would the would have similar smoke profiles so I would test it

since you probably know what you're talkin about since you've used it in the real life Neo your mileage may vary but there is someone who sells pellets of pure I think pure it said pimento wood and it is quite pricey it is I was $60 or $70 for 20 lb like $3 a pound some like this but you're burning about in a pellet smoker you're burning about a pound for pound and a half an hour and you're not going to smoke your sauce you have it in lots of trays and so you have Tre Tre Tre Tre Tre Tre Tre and smoker you're not burning that much less a you smoke your sauce for 3 hours or marinade for 3 hours I think you could get a good amount of flavor into that or if you're doing the onions you could do even last probably like 45 minutes and you can get a good amount of flavor and it's costing you between three and six dollars an hour or so the question is how much sauce can you load in to your box and then you factor out your cost that way but I think that's probably the way I would I would have to do it but I don't know that you know I don't know that you're going to find any commercially available mean if you

to a flavor house and you're like I'm making a jerk saying fake this smell they would do it you know how accurately they would fake it I don't know but I think you could probably do it for a fairly economical price the real way this way that's what Imma do that expensive and you can jerry-rig one if you can't you know what do you mean take a break come back and forth with the issues

which episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill and employee day we have a question for Melissa about Bob's paleo pancake mix and Kayla wants to know if she has to make pancakes or if there are other creative ways to use it the ingredients are almond flour arrowroot starch organic coconut flour organic coconut sugar sea salt cream of the cream of tartar and baking soda is basically a not an ingredient makes that you could use similar to Bisquick but in is there anything you would use Bisquick for but you want kind of a gluten-free / a pharmd grain-free kind of a recipe you can substitute it out for me I don't know how many gay people are making pancakes that seems like not kind of a cave-person thing to do but yeah any one of those it's basically a Bisquick sub do you want to experiment with paleo pancake mix go to Bob's Red use the code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order

well the jerk store called they're running out of you. Okay so tell me about that what's new about the new book what's different about this phone as well it's it's kind of a guide to making sourdough at home it covers a lot of the breads that we met at Sullivan Street Bakery Plus some items that we used to make Once Upon a Time plus some things we don't just come for fun it covers a lot of different techniques and methods for making and putting together Dell both no need and and needing

sourdough used extensively to the book some fermentation of vegetables which is something I enjoy doing and something we incorporate at the cafe and and the true or false the average person who has sourdough at home the starter is much like I wasn't the beginning of the show spent and nasty right it just been sitting too long it's out of breath happens what happens to a Sourdough the microbes go into depending on the the the state of the start of the start over there's a liquid starter or more of a solid sort of but basically happens when it when the Dell reaches a certain level of acidity below

4.2 and all of the you can hit the floor of the microbes that would be useful for making bread form cysts like shelves and those shelves protect the end of the organism and the organism basically stays the yeast and in some cases bacteria Simpson classes back to a business stay suspended until the conditions change in the substrate it's been in the fridge for like Pinot 9 months or something you could theoretically cutoff for scrape off all the mold and just take a look a hunk of it and it should under the right conditions

Google see my cigarettes so you for most people at home you're a fan of the of the real solid starter solenoid starter overtime influences the flavor profile of the of the of the final loaf of bread for using it and also just for management management wants something that they can use between twice and like 0.25 times a month and it's going to be consistent and they can bring back to life within one day

practice and also in my book will give you lots of different tips on things to be aware of the atrocities are always happen slower in that both so you can dehydrate a Sourdough store very easily letting it putrefy literally acidified future Vibe a squeeze the word and drop to an acidity of like 3.8 or 4.2 or lower butt and then you can create a slurry and if you have a dehydrator at home you could put a like best of a slurry of the liquid on a parchment paper and just let it dehydrate only in New York where she mirrors even remotely appetizing

oceansize the word that is used to describe

so they spread out Yu-Gi-Oh the light on over and do something like that you could even just leave it on that you could leave it on to dry out on your counter but then there is always at risk of spoilage organisms alighting on it PS4 how long does it take to bring back to life if it's the starter in my freezer for up after it dried

like 4 years how long does it take to make a 24 hours it was I would take the dry starter I would I would kind of Bring It Back to Life in the more or weather environment like 1 to 1 or wetter than one is better batter consistency diluted in water at some flower

put it up put it into our like a clean ever a very clean mason jar with lid screw tight

and the reason why I say put the lid on tight it's cuz then you can see if the dough is the liquid is being the gas gets a little pop a little bit and that's always a good sign and you better remember that yeasts that that make our beer and wine taste good and are bread taste good or anaerobes it just as happy without oxygen as they are with dinner for easy rock n a p in your server or what is a flower that only use it when can we use the winter weed because it's less likely to have glyphosate resistance recipes on it

I also just like the tip of the flavor profile subtle Nuance to flavor of of winter wheat you know we didn't have itself does not have pronounced flavor profiles really is Dole very very subtle and that is when it's just as raw flour and only when it's fermented that you can actually coax out some other flavor profiles the same like grapes in the cereals are are are the most important thing he hates Martin's potato rolls do you think is garbage and you said Martin put what I mean but I'm saying defensive line

so no gym because it was like I remember that this is a post Trump thing with you you don't want to be a red flashes but all of a sudden in the age of trump which I don't think is that a bad thing and by the way Michelle wolf is fucking genius a political show David Dave in the booth a political show that she did not insult Sarah Huckabee Sanders appearance he will say that she was told to her parents are mistaken or lying just like she does on a daily basis what is missing by what they are admitting

what about life brother what they're admitting by attacking the comedian

so it's almost like the people who are defending her or insulting her I don't understand like I don't understand why people want to

like expose themselves comedians expose themselves to being roasted because they're used to it they gave they take but like to like hire someone whose job it is to skewer you to skewer you and then be upset when you get skewered seems the problem is is the person who was meant to be skewered refused to show up in this is the second year when we talked about bread I thought the airport phenomenon of people trying to use crusty bread they then refrigerate and make a sandwich out of its overly dry all those people should be thrown into a wood chip pile of those switches I've seen him do it moldy egg sandwiches

give me the Testament easy Xerox what is there by does malt there especially when American style sandwiches the way that they're built is a soft with roll with not a lot of crust structure is helpful sometimes

but you're like I just don't like those no no I wasn't I think you're misinterpreting what I'm what I was what I was when I was trying to express was that I think I had said it's good bread is back bad bread is back meaning that

you have to like 15 years ago 20 years ago in a restaurant or or Chef we can think about using a Martin's roll where is now it's okay because it's become so that like this very popularized

Lowcountry no it's not it's just a type of bread it supposed to rain Stetson enriched bread has this awful president behind it it's not in a vacuum hose window so it burns very quickly you have to be careful with Martin's potato rolls because it goes from lightly toasted to Burnt plastic inside the effort of Martin's Roll On Fire it actually begins to drip like a boy pregnant lights in the in the the same empirical proof

torch up some Saint Martin's buns for fun after they cool down we could even have bread face roll her face in bread bread bread bread face was like that's one of my nicknames red-faced see breakfast she's really famous her face in bread I never rolled her face and my brother and I never learned his family showed up I guess that's true he doesn't notice that I'm not talking to you right now would do you ever do any custom work for people if they ask anything specific the volume is there yes what is the volume is not there but I have pretty please

I'm is a one-off at might be more likely that I can go in and show you how to make something I just want I can do it with your bread I can do it to your bed but I would love like a Bianca style thing with Caraway and salt on top cuz I like to come over that's the seeds are easy my Nextbook by the seasoned salt No Seeds don't stress me out I don't care about things man to hear the whenever I ask you to come on just to show up you're not too busy busy busy so there's got to be something you're picking up we've got the text including your boy I am some money glass are you some money

bones black bean, black all black all black and white giant like Leghorn gigantic Leghorn and every time I say I'll say I'll say we've got to have to the Model T of refrigeration the first domestically available Electric Refrigerator very first one in fact most serial number and I like on refinished like look like a general electric corporation is like we make electricity how we going to sell this crap anyway I know we'll put a refrigerator in people's house and then

that's why General Electric got into the refrigerator business because they were selling electricity so you got all that we've got a lot of programs honey tasting this Thursday with cheese and stuff next week there's something with your boy Donnelly looking at Agave Spirits oh yeah and tickets available for the benefit 17 submarine biodiversity or honoring Dave Chang and I think mine is our I think my new bar existing conditions is making cocktails trying to come out and then we have the after party after that with the Robey of A Tribe Called Quest nice tell Josh Josh our Chef Highway jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest on West 8th Street

so look for us and I will be there and I'm opening up my bakery reopening my retail shop on 47th Street this Thursday I have a back in the day when you open when you first move that the production up there was such a crap all this is beautiful red you button. Oh my God listeners radioland Dave and Jim are eating a baguette from opposite ends and it's like the 6-foot sub of a Bianca's

can I get us to the museum staff time and you're worried about a little bread we're not like that anymore by the way what if someone finds crumbs in your in your recording studio

you could theoretically be arrested for it shake shake the try crumbs Shake know you're not what's the Infowars guy if it were twice but Alex Alex Jones the singer I would love to be like that what's new pussycat so fun fact about chickens people that you will learn when you come to museum Island Explorer

wow human chickens domesticated Peter for what reason for entertainment for fighting that's not for me. Seraly for eggs for fighting is the Wild and pretty vicious when they fight and we have some fighting chickens that are taxidermied by the way that they all die naturally naturally because the night went through their throats but they are prime put in their Prime day but they were at the point is that that they were domesticated for fighting we have some fighting chickens there we have lots of interesting breeds come see them it's the only I think the only display of kind of cross-cultural crosstime domesticated Taxidermy that I've ever seen know how many we got there right now

show me rejiggered Chow exhibit so, come see it come hang out come to the museum buy tickets to the gala go to Moffat. Org to purchase tickets correct or do you have some sort of Eventbrite that's not. And I think the gym things to do

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