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Episode 326: Renting Issues

enjoy food the way nature intended Alaska Seafood wild natural and sustainable for more information visit Wild Alaska Seafood. Com hey thanks for listening to Heritage Radio Network this is Katie HR an executive director and I'm so excited to share with you our coverage from the Charleston Wine & food festival Charleston Wine and Food join us as we talk all things food and eat some seafood eat all of the seafood chicken fried chicken with chorizo steak and salsa verde mashed potatoes so quintessentially like Southern fair at its finest and have important conversations are also talking about professional women in restaurants and how under-represented they are people of color in restaurants and how they're not talked about we get real with Food Network's maneet Chauhan balance is BS

and find out about raising sugar cane with Chef Sean Brock like being Indiana Jones and inspired by the power of food and the food scene in Charleston your doctor Jessica B Harris food is constantly in flux food is always moving food is

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you never get me Tuesday from 12 to 12:45

we got two stops with a hammer Lopez late today because there is a police investigation on the L train yeah I was running late so fancy every time while you're okay so I used to be every once in awhile this is one of the reasons I decided to just be like screw it when I was late because I used to be there when I was going to be late I would try to take an a car here depend on where I was coming from because you know if I wasn't here the other one and there's always there used to always be this giant truck delivery that would stop the car for like 5 minutes like right in the middle of the highway in this neighborhood if a truck needs to make a delivery look like I'm stop now you're an angel I can hear the whole thing sometimes from in here I'll just be a couple minutes late and not have to cuz nothing Burns me more than spending money to be in the car and seen their like a jerk especially in this neighborhood in Brooklyn where there should be legitimately there should be no traffic

assassin's going to climb behind me because she doesn't she doesn't want to walk in front of me she knows how

I'm happy I get how you doing assassin we don't have a stroke your voice dude that's a real problem I've been speaking with you miss the the intro which was about the Charleston Food and Wine Fest when was that was that was the beginning of March beginning of March right now in correct in Charleston last weekend and I can say I wish I was in Charleston yesterday stay Tuesday and I can say a cool town I've never been there why didn't I didn't take a cruise with stassi to cruise I did not take a cruise virus now at least there's disease which is much better now. So like Fort Sumter where the Civil War began is an island a fake Island actually they made it out of granite but it's an island and so to get to it you have to go by boat and if Nastasia knows if I was going to have a third life after Leather Man it would probably be

Civil War re-enactor although I'm now listening to a book A book about Civil War reenactors and I'll have to say anastacio that that whole situation is like even more crazy than you imagine it is like the whole like how deep the scene gets to spend their lives starving themselves to be gone Confederate soldiers so they starve themselves to death and practice laying on the ground and looking bloated like a two-day-old corpse and they are actually referred to as hardcore reenactors as hardcore as you can go

how's your recipe but going going great I started it in fact I so you can see I have a new piece of equipment in my hands I'm going to try to write on this new iPad with this pencil

massages like I was wondering about that you were cradling it very awkwardly when you came in to talk into work just realized I just figured out how to get the music app into work which was nice very nice cuz I I've always hated Apple's music app I've always use third-party apps but the problem is is that since my son tax bought that new Apple music garbage it's all like it's all protected stuff so none of my old DJ apps can get into Apple music which is irritating I'm sure you deal with this crap all the time babe now

he's like I don't know I'm having a conversation I can't I don't know what you saying you have a problem like what can you use with apple music DRM so you know you questions it says specifically to go to the old does a lot of work for the show including like just sending me a thing saying answer the old questions without actually retyping because she wants me to answer so she's looking at her a highlighting saying answer all questions first and doesn't realize that I've cop I've had to copy and paste all the new questions into one document just goes to show the level of care in East Asia has for you people out there that your questions get answered I-80 anyway because I like San Antonio when I went

do you ever been to tell room or the Airbnb for you and the maid came in while you're now that was an Austin while you were what I was trying to take a shower and they said nope you got to get out Air B&B whatever I'm getting started on Airbnb Santa Airbnb ads on TV the other day there like they're they're blaming Airbnb for Rising rents in New York I was like you got to be after getting an explanation paid for by landlords of America exactly my building cuz it's a big Coop will cuz they're so nosey people are so nosey and sew in everybody's business and not in wanting anyone to have anything that they don't they sniff around for Airbnb people and then try to report them which I think is like just the most garbage way to live your life works if you live your life that way get over it and you

live your own life is someone else is doing something wrong and getting some benefit from a don't let that burn you there are you there then I have a personal question to ask how do you ask a personal question of 30 people apartment you live in ya out from underneath you are they allowed to do that I guess my building doorman gave me a tip on it other nicer place that went up for rent without listening a listing it on the market they let me have first right of refusal Five Guys I was like okay great I'll take it they're trying to do that so you don't sue them for a kicking you out of your apartment because it's it's not a building owned so

got another place she was like you're supposed to stay till the end of May and I was like yeah but you're selling it and like I need another place from the same landlord so she wants me to pay for the last month even though

like if she had sold you asking me an ethical question or what should you do what should I do I mean how many months security passages are the same thing they're basically so the fair thing to do because landlords never going to give her the security deposit back because I haven't paid for this month and she's asking for next month that is Up For Debate in church got some crappy fake fireplace and if it you think makes it better taking up half the damn apartment but like if she had sold it and it was sold right away I'd have to move out you know two months ago when she listed it

that's not the point okay that's not actually true they can't terminate your lease to put someone else in it that's not possible like they have to pay you a bazillion dollars if you finish your lease and she just not renewing it cuz she's going to sell it yeah the correct answer is just make sure that you don't pay that I always like I always just let the security deposit be the last month's rent last month so I was like there's a security you are ethically obligated to pay through your lease okay

I mean Dave back me up on this

I I haven't like technically been on a lease in New York yet so he's flat need to pay 3 Robert where do you live if you don't have a lease buyout he probably is living in Airbnb

kick me out at all cuz you're not going to be like your it won't be that you don't need it's like you I had this guy wants pack his last name was hack jerk I lived in this apartment for a year with my well my future wife right at it hot as all get-out you had Apartments hot as hell could she lives right what you know like cuz it's your living under the roof there

and it came furnished and the day we moved in pillow was missing from the couch I dealt with a small pillow right

we move out a year later I had to live with that for a year right then we leave key doesn't give us our security deposit guess what guess why people in the freaking couch and that was the day that I said never again will a landlord get my security deposit and that's the way it's been strictly speaking ethical but it's what I do we don't have a landlord anymore but if I did that's what I would be doing it's just it's unfair when you leave to have to fight for your security deposit back and they have the advantage at point cuz what you going to do actually I had to do that the last time I was on a lease to go to small claims court why should you have to waste

your time to get your money but it's obviously scam they're just trying to get extra money right you just look dropped off the face of the Earth stopped responding to my emails so I had to look good for this whole process sure I won't get into right now in full when we were going to just go to small claims court and represent ourselves and then before we went to go in front of the judge their attorney pulled me aside and was like okay you can have the money cuz I like a stack of paper like evidence saying why we should actually get double back cuz like the law is if the landlord lease in Pennsylvania if the landlord doesn't give you notice about the status of your security deposit within like 60 days or something then you can potentially claim double that if they're in the wrong

no. I'm sitting in line for the jury duty and they they call up to juricic take a questions and it was a case where this guy had not paid his rent got evicted and the landlord like Chuck and or sold the person's stuff right and I was on the the jerky and the lawyer said so you know do you rent like yes I rent an air like I do you know what's your opinion of landlords I said well I'm sure there's a good landlord somewhere I haven't met them yet goodbye sir

daily laughs in the room knobs there was born everyday. And they're trying to keep a straight face but I guarantee you that the person next to me is like I should have thought of that cuz I had to go up to the judge and then they put on his white noise machine so other people can hear your answers

the Google so willing to get out of it that they're lying there like three Duty I thought it was rewarding those are rewarding experience have to go later this month yeah it's my civic duty I agree have other things to do with their lives cuz it means that they're you know on top of things I want people injuries with brains I saw on the street which is amazing lever pull espresso machine running on the street and the woman who gave me a shot toward me very nice shot it's a cool time you can buy Carolina gold rice on the on the street which I did well in a store that's on the street like like several varieties of you know kind of small

small producer stone ground grits so I bought that you know Jimmy red stuff that's all I want to show Heaven Hill who makes among other things Rittenhouse and Elijah Craig rights over right now like right now so just a good price it cost a lot more than it used to but you know we still on housewives still use it all the time so like they're doing this series of they're doing a contest and as part of the contest around the country they have these dinners afterwards and so literally my only job is to fly to the city and sit down at dinner and then he sport company

that's not true that's why I said we talked about like cocktail balancing and whatnot to the last one I went to the the guest judge was Jeffrey morgenthaler so you know from my Portland and that this this week it was Joaquin Simo from SEMO he told me he's like you've been pronouncing it wrong like since I've known you at SEMO Joaquin Simo anyway so he was the from pouring ribbons he was the other get there today and Peter and I are there

cut your conversations short and Peter ostensibly took me out for my birthday 5 days late I'll add you on a princess everyday man of my dreams still is to grow up to be a Disney princess like which one would you vape says Disney princess why why is every man thinks she's supposed to be her I want to be her not be with her you grows person he's like 12 or good memory stick call hi Dave how you doing good how are you all right I have a roast chicken crispy skin lack of smoke detector question I wish I have a large a high feeling and a sensitive smoke detector so you can't disassemble it

play I can't even get to it like I have to go borrow a ladder and like cuz I thought about it but the shower cap on it or something so I don't know what's up there I'm renting and I probably can't screw with another renter exactly renting issues in check in at like 4:50 and then invariably like 25 minutes into it it's just forget it what it would have done before is gone like super low temp in the oven and then like gone like 500 degrees for 5 10 minutes or so at the end but that takes a long time and it's not the easiest thing to do this on a weeknight so do you have any suggestions or so here's that give you a little preview of the book right

the thing about high temp cooking is that you need the high temp for the for the kind of crust on the on the outside that's true but once you develop said crust right burning the outside like the high heat is not affecting the cook rate of your meat that much it's just affecting to go back to my favorite term of art it's affecting the moisture management at the skin area right so the problem with like like there's various ways you can do this you can go higher lie to start the to kick-start the cooking and just develop the kind of start developing the Browning reaction early on so you can build with the Browning reaction during the first time at the lower temperature right and then there's the I'm going to cook it at a relatively low temperature at the outset and then I'm going to like crank it at the end to get the skin where I want it right now

and there's be I'm going to do a little bit of a boat situation and everything has advantages or disadvantages but the the problem with cranking it at the end is that is very hard to judge when you should crank it to get the skin color where you want it and then if you have to do it too long at that high temperature you risk overcooking the rest of the meet the advantage of doing it at the end is that your only generating all that kind smoke at the end right the way that you're currently describe me which is actually Barbara caucus preferred method in her book roasting which was kind of a it's a book that I do mention in in my book right is the Disco High throughout in her argument is accurately that you're not going to overcook the middle of the meat by having a high temperature right but she likes the kind of outside you get based on that and that's still a kind of preferred situation for things like roast veg what not right where you're just trying to get high heat in and there's so much moisture you need to evaporate out of the veg to get the kind of flavor concentration out of roasting

you want it basically fairly high heat is a good way to go though the whole way through so long as you don't burn now the problem when you're doing something like a chicken even if it's spatchcock which means it's going to cook relatively quickly like a couple weeks ago like I did a whole full size turkey in like an in an hour an hour and small change spatchcocking pressing flat you know what I mean on a sheet tray with that with a high temp oven the the problem is is that you're going to get us smoking because as his stuff drips out into your pan and evaporates out of the pan Which is going to evaporate at a fairly ferocious right because you have a very high he didn't put there it's going to start to make a lot of smoke there's just no way around that so you can either the various things you can do you can have a make sure that you have a drip pan so you could put a spatchcock saying directly on a great right now you're not going to get that you know how when you spatchcock a few deboned and you spatchcock you'll get that crispy Underside where it's in contact with the with the sheet tray you don't

me about you won't get in that if you're on a great right in fact you'll be shielded especially if it is but you'll decrease your smoke factors substantially if you periodically refill a a tray with water underneath and make sure that the water never runs completely dry now I have to run tests to see whether or not that it's going to increase the rate of cooking because you increase the humidity in your oven I don't know to be honest whether it will affect the absolute crispy, quotient of your skin I haven't done the test so I can't say that's one way to keep the smoke down night but another way the way that I would recommend is I would hit high right hit hi to get the Browning started right then add then then turn it down right and add a little kind of liquid so that you're not so you're not like getting like scorched up and turn it down for the majority then make sure all the liquid is gone because now after you've done the cooking you now want to get as much moisture officer pay

the skin is possible to re crisp it because after you do your initial Browning you'll start getting moisture migration through the meet-up through the skin in the skin will lose some of its Christmas crispness so I would then jacket again at the end but just for a short amount of time like right towards the end of cooking so that you're not in danger of overcooking that makes sense thanks so much this is from Megan in San Antonio a question about the is fermented O'Jays he's talked about her numerous times I listen frequently and my boyfriend is a bartender in downtown San Antonio that's your first mistake going out with a bartender just kidding just messing with it

lamented in a highball cocktail are we have 64 Oz Growlers and airlocks and no shortage of fresh OJ and she apologizes to the bar back for having to make the fresh OJ case we let it ferment for a few days after that to use impulse settled and tasted fizzy and had a dry but maybe not necessarily unpleasant smell similar to lunch meat ham

East Asia is going to make a lunch meat ham drink face I'm sure which is just gross right lunch meat hint your people there very few people on this Earth who love him more than I do there people who love it as much as I do but they're very few people who love it more because how could I love it more but I don't want to drink it necessarily ham soup I mean I can see how this question Dave if you could go to a bar let's say the bar was called the clam broth house okay and they had a spigot of constantly flowing hot clam broth when you see this is a good thing or bad thing they're mine the name of the bar is the clam broth house

so it's like you know what you're getting into if you go but Hoboken way this is real of course to signs and it's just a finger and it just it just has clam broth and his points the clam broth house points straight down straight down dudes like at the doorway

it's not like I had this dream of having a clam broth fountain at the bar and Don's like no nobody wants clam broth do you like clam broth first of all clam chowder which everybody likes write it all it is is clam broth + right clam broth + bacon potato is an end milk plant has clam broth house right here in the South Seas looking at the radiator encourage you to to Google image search that how awesome is that in so what did they dispense it into like a bull or a S-10 so you would get a bowl of it and then you ask me what I imagine these are these are questions that need answers I imagine that you have a coffee mug preferably a warm coffee mug kept in like a warmer if someone hands you and you just walk up

and you just put it under the clam broth spigot and then you and that the real problem is is that how can you do it cuz you're you know you can't afford to like one and done your clam broth right

what do we want to sign to look like right leaders in our roping for 8 hours so we need 400 the clam broth today no love like your recircle recirculating your clam broth just means that if somebody dribbles or spits or double dips and then puts it out of their glass becomes unsanitary even if you heat it nobody wants clambroth plus pit

correct so that's the question of how do you I mean you could one and done it if you had to press a button to dispense it but that's a lot less cool then then just having like the somehow like having flowing brought it's like having flowing Seltzer I mean like when you go to Saratoga and you have flowing water out of the ground with bubbles or something anyway around this you have to have the button

the bundle Outlet school can we not agree that the buttons while at school I mean

I think about it's go back to the question Megan's OJ had a meeting but not a pleasant smell that's how we got into clam broth house by the way did you know that it was the bone broth of the day and it was

to lift the fog of even the most severe hangover a good hangover cure there's a reason why those like Clamato things became popular with the Tomato crap just because tomato is seen as a hangover or early the morning after kind of thing clam with seems that you know which is weird because now if you mention Seafood the most people that hate like monkey for hangover diarrhea like I have taken regular sounds like a stevedore would drink first thing in the morning

like they mummified her body and she was hanging on the wall Lake Sylvia and then she finishes her question which says for consistency is there any temperature range in amount of time you should recommend for fermenting in a bar setting for the final product was looking for the OJ to be pleasantly dry and can be forced carbonated needed so Megan I think your problem is is that you and I just might not be what you want to hear but often if you're going to ferment something like OJ on its pulp it's going to be even if that Pope settles out you're going to have a very different taste then if you clarify first that I've seen like a lot of fruits can have kind of funky taste if they're fermented with their right and so busy with apple cider right if you ferment it with all of its toughest is clarifying it first to get a different case I know that firsthand cuz I tried it but I think OJ in particular you're proud

going to get more of these funky aromaz if you fermented entire and then let the stuff settle out so I would try clarifying it first I'm not saying that you should go buy spends all her something but find some way of clarifying the OJ first and try even if you only have a small amount of it try it cuz I think that's what those aromaz are coming from as for consistency consistency in bar thing I haven't been that kind of what I'm looking for consistent with it like typically I'll pitch I'll leave it on the counter top at ambient until I get a good fermentation going and then I'll cool it down a bit you know a little in like 60 or something in in a new 5560 in a wine situation for a little bit at I let it go basically almost all the way through primary and then put it into the wine cooler to let it settle out before I remodel it but let me know and give it a shot it is hot as hell in San

Johnny oh so I'm sure like bar-top it like can be hot if your if your HP AC is not so good hey did I answer the question about the juice business I don't know we're going to call her that's why why I got to call or somebody figure out if I answered the question about the person trying to start the juice business because I know I spoke about it with Don but I don't know what we talked about in the air I don't think so

hey David and Dave in Seattle

that's better you

I'm so I had a question about some of the recipes in liquid intelligence I've been making some of the ones that require like eating a whipper right. Only easy is a thermal with like the insulated one

yeah I was wondering if you had any like testing with the inflated whipper and how that like affected any of the heating of the simmering times yeah so the people that don't know so that the EC the whipped cream maker they have a bunch of different ones so they fit on the basic level you have your half liter and your leader stainless steel whippers and then they make what's called a thermal Whip and a thermoweb is is a thermos whipper and the idea of the thermoweb is that you can put a hot tincture like when you're using one of these things in service and you want to keep a sauce warm in the EC typically you'll have to put it into a bain-marie of water to keep it warm right or cold with this it's more like a thermos so you when you use a thermal whip

you either fill it with ice water or you fill it with boiling water then dump that out and then fill it either with the cold water cold cold mix or hot mix of your choice seal it and it stays warmer at work older for for a lot longer that's the idea of the thermoweb the reason I never got into them is a there a lot more money be there a lot bigger so like they're not taller their little bit taller than 1/2 liter whipper but they're a lot wider because they're insulated like that like a thermos but I don't think that there's any effective way to do heating inside of it just because I don't think there's any effective way to do heating in inside of it

trying to think like a man I can think of ways to modify it it would be super not cool because you would mess with it I wonder whether easy would sell you like a replacement cuz you know the tops are completely interchangeable did you know that yeah yeah yeah I wonder whether they would sell you like as a replacement if you said you lost it just like the half liter bottom

and then like do it that way cuz it's like

the tops are totally under interchangeable but there's I don't think there's any effective way you're going to heat the the inside of that stuff cuz it's whole point is that you can't do that I thought about looking for an extra bottom that wasn't insulated on eBay or something but they don't really seem to sell like just the bottom does not really a market for that would sell it to you or not. It's a good idea or like you know Craigslist or restaurants find someone who like lost their top and it's like just wants to get rid of at the bottom you know what I mean but yeah you're going to have a tough time he didn't mean it's a good piece of equipment but it does you know it's like it it's like a thermos so it's like it exactly does not want you to be able to apply heat to the outside and warm up inside

I don't know and you don't want to drill a hole in the top of your EC and like you know thread a heater cartridge into it with a thermocouple and then pray that you know it's leak-proof and then plug it in at least I don't want to do that and I definitely don't want to recommend that you do that you don't I mean if you don't want to do that that that kind of said something for myself now I have built my own plastic easy tops for carbonation test I have done that you know still like are you fine you can find these old you can make like a what here's what you have to do it's a pain in the butt what you do is you take all the parts off of these in fact I bought you she used to make a plastic topped like non-professional whipped cream maker that has the same threads is there is there a current one and I modified that by like Drilling and adding pieces of Bondo and like printed

and then I cast that in urethane rubber like flexible urethane Rubber and then bought food grade rigid urethane and passed a bunch of cops and they they were great but I mean I don't mean are they you know safe mean they don't go through the safety testing that he's he's real stuff goes now I wasn't using high-pressure with that because I wasn't putting cartridges on I was I was carving from tanks with it so I knew the pressure was never going to go above 100 PSI so I was never going to have a situation like that French blogger that was killed by a part flying off of her you know imitation whipper you know what I mean but it's after you have someone go outside of the bounds like that and kill herself here like love to make recommendations to people to modify equipment it's under pressure if you know what I mean

yeah that is fair to reach out to a Chargers anyway so like that you know maybe they're willing to sell you the bottom thing because I'm the only issue like as a manufacturer that nastase will attest to this is if it's outside of what they can normally do nobody wants to go out of their way unless they really feel like they like you write stuff and nobody wants to go out of their way because everyone's got a workflow and if your if it's within their workflow they're like sure cuz I can just press a button make it happen if it's outside of their work flow they have to really liked you anyway

dump yet what is like the most people I know who work there have like retired or moved on so I can't even like give you someone to pester and say that we sent you you know what I mean but you know used to be able to tell him that Dave said Rick agresta to show you that stuff but like I can't you know if he's he's retired so I don't know what to do for you I'll see if I can get you somebody to for future people to let us know what happens

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you know what I like to taste and everybody Seafood Dave I like to taste I like the taste young people eager for money risking their lives for the high pay of fishing off of the coast of Alaska and getting killed on the regular

no you're still the worst can you taste the falling off the boat and drowning Dave

can you taste it I can

yeah okay so this is front you said I didn't answer it's alright so Devin Seattle what rights in four years I've been wanted to create a juice production and distribution business directed toward bars restaurants hotels in my city and recently the time has presented itself to move forward on this idea that is until yesterday when the Department of Agriculture the FDA told me that we're all juice bars every day can only be so Direct customer and wholesale Jews must be pasteurized so here's my question instead of giving up because I hate pasteurize used to taking the older we did say it's remember Johnson to the face and you were like oh I remember this answer this remember I said take the fda's Johnson to the face which is directly reading this and you're like family show one of 30 so you know

Tumblr all right well question and the answer is is that you don't have to post pasteurize Citrus if you get if you get the estate like a you buy citrus fruit that specifically says it was picked off the trees and not picked up off the ground and then you just have to surface pasteurize a sponsor surface sanitize your fruit skins and then you can choose and sell as long as it's a lat long as it has a note on it saying you know not pasteurize May kill you or the other solution which everyone recommends is just don't ask people what they're using it for and you can sell it to them if they if they buy it as a retail customer then you don't have to worry about it Nystrom rights in my wife and I are going on a restrictive Elimination Diet for autoimmune disease reasons weed not by choice

will you get rid of everything and then add bath see when you have problems yeah previously on cooking issues you talked about that since I'm so good for you some cooking she sounds like TV shows that because now on Netflix you just seen the damn thing you just seen it you don't need to tell me what I previously saw this is like 5 minutes now you can if it was like yesterday or the day before the test to catch you up most of us Dave can remember I shall we saw yesterday

you know most of us have a lot of things going on Dave oh yeah because that's my problem not having a lot of creamy and be breathalyzed so I tried some of my instapot and it came out okay they had a bitter ground note you haven't been around artist Asia I was waiting for that the whole day I underlined or underline under grounding pad to try some based sauces on it in lieu of cream or cheese alternative bye-bye in lieu of creamer milk if you're getting rid of dairy crap I was going to say cook at him. That's what we used to do we would pressure cook garlic in milk into cheese

I know it's the milk that's the problem I wonder whether almond milk wood would help get rid of the bitterness puts expensive the same way that regular milk does my guess is is that went with the garlic when you're doing it like that I might guess is that some of those bitter notes get attracted to and immobilized by the casein in the same way that tannins do in tea but I don't know I just knew from experience and if you cooked in milk that the the milk a wood congeal hard in the pressure cooker at the garlic and you get like this weird ugly stuff you blend it back but I knew that it would take away some of that organist but I wonder whether other protein-based things would do the same thing so I don't know maybe someone in the chat room has some ideas on that I don't know what your favorite pressure cook garlic baked spaghetti sauces anything's any other things worth pressure cooking for sauce onions like you can make like a really good steak onion based sauce and you can use a boat ton of onions because in fact

buy used to make an onion ice cream ice cream sauce pressure cook onions and then you blend them into an ice cream maker ice cream base with all these onions and it's still like a little bit me tsoul free but like most that's gone and sweet and kind of brown and nutty and fantastic and you can use that ass quantities of Onion Creek has really becomes really sweet in fact it's so sweet that you let you knock down a lot of the flavors so like like my favorite way to do the French onion soup is the double its I'll do like a like a huge amount of pressure cooked onions and then I'll sweat traditional sweat some more onions to get some more of the classic flavor in and do like a double onion Mustard Seed is going to pressure cooker but I've had bad luck with it recently it's been bitter I don't know why

for years I didn't Embrace to do pressure cook Mustard Seed all the time I don't know where my palate changed whether I just lost my touch maybe I just lost my touch your nose still isn't just for reference we can't eat but hopefully only temporarily grains seeds and nuts there goes almond milk and there's life grains seeds and nuts that's my whole life seeds nuts every seed seeds nuts rice no corn no wheat no barley bean seeds no beans

right that's a seed they both have this autoimmune they're going on there going temporarily getting rid of everything and adding back to see whether an item of their diet has ever seen me and believe me she see me very very angry why were you a robe Union I lost a bet on this radio show above it was when Jackie molecules was that in the event was that and I'm pretty sure that they cheated but the BET was that that no one can make a piece of raw chocolate that I thought tasted like chocolate and someone gave me something and said listen I'm not going to argue about whether or not the producers a liar or not this tastes like chocolate I've lost the bet Rob vegan for a week you know it was even madder than I was your wife my toilet

like making fun of Robbie like it's not possible to get enough nutrition that's why they have to eat constantly of your raw vegan because your body is can't absorb it was pretty funny anyway also no Dairy and here's your favorite we're going we're going with the Patriots on this no nightshades IE no tomatoes and no potatoes no solanaceae Tom Brady diet musically Eric what can you eat kale like what else is there like you know it leaves the basically they can only eat leaves

right what else is there bulbs and leaves

bulbs and leaves onions and garlic right cuz they're alliums you got bulbs and bulbs and leaves but not leaves as well you don't really eat solanaceae leaves anyway I have to think more about this clearly I did not even though it's discussions been on the books for weeks I clearly have not thought enough about it right and I think about it because I didn't

what they've done

some meats are okay right looks like meats are okay I would you like onion puree for the problem is you can't Bowl shirt with anything creamy because you have no Dairy and you have no nuts so coconut milk you could do coconut milk

or coconut cream like a garlic thing as a sauce face that would be good right would also make a good ice cream so I could like a coconut coconut milk / coconut cream makes amazing ice cream so you can do coconut products along with the pressure cooked alliums get some rich richness put some and then put that back in and I guess all the only thing you can eat is his real report I hope you're off that thing soon Eric seriously I got to get this right and wrong muscle right not Marcel Marceau everyone's favorite French mine if there is such a thing as a favorite mine are you also are you a man hater Dave today your mind mind evolent sure a good mind when I was a kid like the mimes to beat where mummenschanz write some mummenschanz was the mime troupe and everybody like and if you said

how do people what mommy shots with the thing when I was a kid you know so I could think was when we were kids 70s so like if someone said you someone said you do you like my name's you like no no nobody likes mines in fact like one of my high school band name Concepts was my my side right but but they're like what about mummenschanz you consider that mining feel like they are mites anyway yeah yeah yeah but I feel that there is like I used to be a big cultural whenever there's a mime in a TV show it's like you always expect someone to come do something terrible to the mine and then get a big laugh out of how someone has brutalized mine am I wrong about this anyway so this is Marcel Marceau not Marcel Marcel the famous French mine

back to the question

so the question I haven't been there yet Marcel from the Hudson just being a jerk DIY carbonation set up I need the best place to order parts the best place to order parts from Mark powers in Guntersville Alabama you know I have somewhere I had my brother-in-law just bought it I should repost or out can you post things Dave on the radio show page on the internet can be posted on the internet if I gave a list of parts to buy from Mark powers to you could post a list of parts absolutely all right so yeah I'll post that list of parts the only thing the issue with them is his are you going to order the tank from them or not right and you have to figure out where do you want the full 20 lb tank in your house which is what I recommend or if you need a smaller thing cuz you going to put it under underneath the cabinet. The other thing you can't get from Mark Powers is you can't get the the carbonator Casper you can get

come on on Amazon and the whole rig it you have spent a little more than you would if you bought stuff like let's say a SodaStream but your cost of used is basically nothing because depending on where you live in a urine Hudson Valley but I haven't priced it there like a 20 lb refill on co2 is going to cost you like 17 20 bucks something like this and it's going to do wait for it between 2 and 400 gallons of cells are so it's a real low cost of you so that's why I recommend doing it and try to remember to bring the parts list and for next week and we'll put it up on the net there too but also mention issue for example certain ginger ale soda brands have a lot of sediment and certain gingery so does also had crappy carbonation have you ever carbonated or had like a like a beer that you've made or or fermented and like the sediments on the bottom and then when you when you open it it starts overflowing your bottle and pouring all over the sea

that's because like a nucleation site to nucleation site that's all there is to it the only way to get around that is to have lower levels of carbonation such as not going to over foam or a very low alcohol level and other like a low level of other things that phone so that when does bubble out a lot it doesn't build up enough of a phone to overflow your bottle or your or your glass that quickly so that's that's what I say about that very small amounts of sediment that actually make it cloudy but don't provide a lot of nucleation sites aren't going to be that much of a problem I don't worry about like hyper hyper Clarity but in your anything that has chunks enough that are big enough to form nucleation sites are going to be a problem and that's anything like way small all the way down to like microscopic fibers but if it's smaller than that you should be fine to go I should look up what the smallest thing that can be nucleation site is next week next time and can I say one thing on the way out

alright J who wrote in about his no no no no no no we said it was probably that he was using fresh garlic and it was a problem guess what we were right cooking issues

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