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Episode 324: The Flop Is Your Enemy

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probably 12:30 12:45 from Brothers pizzeria in Bushwick

nothing gets you going like hearing your day doing so I remember a couple weeks ago I gave in the booth how you doing Dave Keith in concert at the Blue Note oh my God fifteen bucks great greatest deal ever greater good doctor octagon stuff sometime in April with Doctor octagon so Dan the automator and all that but he did one or two old octagon songs like you did blue flowers and a couple of other stuff but nastassia Holden especially on Kool Keith Mike his his Mike physical Mike stylings and was doing the Kool Keith as she was talking during the promo on the HOV lane

family friendly way

Rick Israel at the latest alleged stay there so many cookies has a very specific let's call it a microphone pump that he likes to do that. He was doing for that they're in the same you waiting something perhaps yes for me that he had a nasty train right so you want to do is just like you know the usual delays and then like just all the every light possible annoyance that you could expect to run into like screaming baby guy playing Sultans of Swing for like 9 Minutes like just torture complete Orchard out loud the Dire Straits Sultans of Swing when he played nightmare

Nosler fan your anti-nausea anti-anti Knopfler okay you might enjoy this on the way in I saw this guy again I was also delayed I'm always trying to do that anyway but more delayed than normal are worse than normal rights does yeah it's worse than normal thing I came up with because he has been so messed up recently that I was like DMT is officially changing it to the fu train just to be more accurate.

and he was staring right newest phone I was like yeah get your face out of your phone and then right after I thought that he stepped directly in dog poop but didn't even look up did he must have felt the squish but he didn't look up and so he left that boot print a poop like all the way down the sidewalk New York New York 18497 to 128 so my son Booker went in for his second training session at that pasta flyer how'd that go in Statue and I know those are you out there who we no work for a living will appreciate this so so Booker right you know my son Booker he's on the Spectrum, Spectrum so you know he's not used to what's the word being a team player

like where what we're walking into thinking like a Booker listen in a restaurant everything is your responsibilities like what what what if the table is Messi exactly opposite way he works at home you like not my problem even if it is probably like not my problem right I'm like everything in the restaurant is everybody's problem I don't know whether he understood that even he gets soaked in the biggest breakthrough as when you were supposed to show up at 5 and he got his apron off his hat off and was waiting for you by the door and you were late and I like 5:05 I went down to the door and I was like Booker you could be making money right now if you put your hat in your apron on until your dad gets here and he was like alright well I have to say although I am chronically late I will say I got Booker there early cuz I was like Booker you need to be dressed and clocked in ready to work on time no effing about right

hey look I'm not late for a shift this is where you call this an okay it's good point

we're kind of at the bank now but I wasn't late for that anyway so I'll so I know I'm super I'm super late to the game here but I've been really getting into Emoji rebuses never do Emoji rebuses Dave what was the second word I don't know that is a Rebus reince priebus what is reince priebus priebus is when you use pictures of buildings I'll give an example not be having a new bar it may or may not opening spring this year anyway so we took possession of the space the very very first thing I did was the bathroom had a giant the ADA Compliant bathroom headed giant sign across that they just said trendy cat rip that right off right and so unwelcoming might have even been worse than that but that we can't take off

is too hilarious to us on the control panel for the music system it says managers only don't touch and it says something don't write threatening don't write threatening signs for your employees is it a bad idea to write like a warning sign is different because that's meant to help your employer write but I got threatening sign is just a crappy thing to do what do you think they've got the attitude is adversarial relationship to set with your team is just unnecessary but if you are going to be a dumbass and write a threatening sign please get your grammar in order because it said you will be fire nody you will be something wrong with you will become fire and put her everyday when I get home to work on fire like that was my first of the Emoji this is it was dead sheep which is you right and then whale the whale emoji

and then the Bumblebee and then the fire but my friend of mine just had a this is my no one's gotten this one yet I sent this one out no one's picked it up yet so my friend just had a baby he's a Metalhead rights as a lot of connections hear baby's name is Ozzie Wright obviously so here's what I sent I sent I sent that's a great one I said I sent the Emoji right and then believe it or not I believe there's that there's a yam and Moji a half of like a yam yam right and then the Iranian flag and then the dancing men so if you look at it real quick if you reading everything I am Iron Man but my wife never going to get it because she doesn't know really who Ozzy Osbourne is be whenever connected to Black Sabbath she would never connect Black Sabbath Iron Man because she's the one sending information to my friend she'll never get it should never get it

that lunatic Judy for molding

I'm I'm interesting it's funny that you mention you know the people who have to work for a living because I don't want that way are you hungry but

medical leave of absence where the kind of depression and I wasn't a few weeks ago I literally don't even have a job I have a couple of questions for you I do not think you know the answer to the first question but I think maybe the Harold McGee might know have you ever heard of John de ashwagandha translation for it

it's it's

Western Colts like to call Ayahuasca oh yes

you can use it as a rennet to make cheese

that's how they get it into the country as not as a narcotic

there's a very roundabout way like it is used as a new age Health thing and that's how it's marketed but I like to go off the deep end research so you don't think you would know how to make cheese from the stuff right no but if it's like the stuff from your son about the stuff that's typically used in South America by like the yanomamis and what not as it as a kind of Indians right so I don't know this product but it look any time you're making cheese you're relying on one of several reactions you were lying on typically like an enzymatic reaction that causes you know that the casing the clock together and acid reaction that's that's also Shifting the pH condition causing that they know that class that form

I'm not exactly sure what it is in plant-based things like thistle that cause the clotting I don't know so I classic like European plant-based rennet are like cartoon thistle related I don't know what the clotting agent is the more the mechanism is is in them so you're not you're trying to make sure you're not trying to have a hallucinogenic experience

I called you a couple years ago I told you busy but I just threw 35 last Friday and it seems like a good time for me to write the Great American novel research drink it the right way which is what I've heard I heard it's incredibly horrifying experience if you do it wrong

yeah there's something on your end so I do have the answer 4 or or

hello baby loser

get in loser hello hey how you doing

to listen do you like a I hope you I hope you're you know get yourself straight and feel better hears me tell you about as a 40 what am I about to be nastassia 40 I have a real question okay what you what you got for me

the Friday before I tried to be there for the first time she says the first one I looked pretty good until I caused massive grease fire in my electric oven on the floor dropped on the floor as a result of the grease fire as a result of the grease fire you dropped it on the floor of these are unrelated incident

any first pizza Evansville suffer a terrible day anyway so I was hoping that you would tell me that I could practice buy baking blanks yes you can make blank pieces and in fact there are pizzerias that do this almost exclusively so pizzerias pizzerias that don't have like real pizza ovens will often do when I call like a griddle Pizza will where they'll they'll do the initial blank bake even in a pan and then just said it pull it out top it and then throw it in an oven or under under a broiler or salamander to finish off a huge fan in the summer time when it's too hot and fire up the oven it's it's a lot faster to do the bottom side Cook-Off on a griddle pan and do the topside Cook-Off on a under a broiler because of your your ovens only on 4 minutes at a time

instead of three hours it takes to get up the pizza temperature but I don't think the results are as good as I could traditional Pizza get but another tip I will give you and this one is a winner real people to stay in this but this is the easiest way for a beginner who's having trouble especially if you're using a high hydration dough so a lot of people like using High hydration does this these days they stick a lot and so a lot of people are beginning will put too much crap on to their peels in order to make sure the pizza comes off and on that's that scorches and leaves unpleasant texture on the bottom unless you happen to like that but most people don't write that he don't like that stuff you a way around this is to get baking paper so like Reynolds baking paper directly but not wax paper but the parchment paper is Medford 8 a.m.

the paper like on on your peel and then here's the trick take scissors or like a knife and cut around the paper so that the paper doesn't extend past your dough more than about you know half an inch or so because any large pieces will it will catch on fire at night but if they're in between the dough and the pizza you'll be fine then throw it onto your stone whatever else you're cooking on and as the pizza bakes it will 100% of the time separate from the paper and in fact a good way to test like you want to test how the thing is doing you can kind of lift it up and yanked the paper out in between midway between the bake if you want as it as an indicator but that's the way and that's also the way if you're doing three four five six pizzas and you're setting them all up and you know you're and you're not at a at a point in your pizza making it where you can reliably set up five doze pick them up and put them in the oven

properly you can reliably even like you know you know a long time in advance like 1/2 hour in advance layout five pizzas onto parchment paper and get them into the oven and never have a problem

I wish I had to carry space Also my my kitchen as far away as possible from any windows I do for Fred for limited counter space is get a bunch of depending on your size of an if you have limited counter space usually your kitchen can't accommodate full sheet pans even if your oven can but like basically just a 90 90° stack of a half sheet pan so one can lay it down neck pain at 90° lay it down and a stack of six hand is still only you know likes like a lesson 6 inches Heights less than an inch per pound I think so or somewhere in that range and so you can get a fairly dense stacking of of your stuff and they're not that heavy so you can swap in between versus kind of big pants I mean I'm lucky the very first thing I installed in my kitchen was a was a rack like a like a pan rack

because it doubles the amount of space you have when you're cooking more than doubles because I can throw sheet pans into my rack whether they're cooked or uncooked of stuff just comes in and out of the oven but I don't know the rest of the world hasn't caught on to that yet vs. Quiz the station having building my ideal kitchen at all yet but I'm supposed to talk to Harold soon I'll get I'll give him a call and I hope your hope you're doing better in 35 35 is nothing to worry about I got 12 years 12 13 years on you and I'm very glad I already have a good one

this episode of cooking issues is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill an employee-owned company that have a question to Melissa about Bob's whole wheat flour Terry wants to know at what point in the production process do white flour and whole wheat flour become different products will Terry that entirely depends on the method being used to make the flowers there's two basic ways that this can happen you have single-stream Milling where you take your flower and you like create hole like hole wheatless a flower out of Wheat and it never gets separated but a lot of modern Jazz new shoes called multi-story building and see what happens is everything is turned into white flour and all the separate fractions of the flower and then is later combined back to make a whole grain products so everything depends on the actual technology being used do you have a question about a Bob's Red Mill ingredient if so sweet it to us at Heritage underscore radio and if you want to experiment with whole wheat flour go to Bob's Red Mill. Calm and use

code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order concerning to hear ourselves during the break but anyway

hey doll working at Asian fusion restaurants and we use kasubuchi for our Dashi in a Ramen broth can I do that same technique for fruits and what you mean what do you mean

like a base broth or some like that are like pieces that are steamed and like a inoculated and dried and spend fired like alternative and they they age them until they repeatedly treat them and tell when you click them together they sound like wood and then they're shaved traditionally you know over what amounts to a very fancy mandolin into the thin shavings that we buy as Bonito flakes to make Dashi Dave Chang and his crew had done a lot of work doing the inoculation and curing to Pork to make pork katsu Bushi the issue is that I don't think you're going to get a mean look could you make a dried fruit flake that you had made a broth out of

it's got it but you know I think you probably have a a fruit soup the thing is is that you need to get in a part of it is a the you know the kind of meaty substrate any ice one of the meteor fish is too but you the second is the protein levels right so it's going to be a different kind of flavor when you're doing a sugar pectin carbohydrate-rich substrate as opposed to a protein-rich substrate because part of the complex flavor of the. Sulu she is the kind of amino acid breakdown like that's where I like a lot of that kind of umami punch is coming from this is it is like the long process breaks and stable it breaks down proteins and then also dries into the Petrified and end stabilize but I think you're not going to get a similar profile that doesn't mean that you can't get like an interesting profile you know I mean there's but yeah as far as that

you need some sort of protein base so why was aging

yeah I know it's your basic substrate is so different that you I don't think you mean like you have to find

a high protein diet like there might be some vegetables that you could do this with like I'm sure you could do a cot so I can use some sort of variant with soy blocks Princeton or Tempe blocks or something like that something that's high in protein but I'm struggling to think of a fruit that would get the same flavor to know if you just want to make sure that the stuff doesn't break apart there's plenty of fruit that does me no veg and fruit that won't break apart in the soup something that can be straightened out afterwards you no answer for that most dried fruit frankly won't you know it'll rehydrate somewhat I guess you could do some stuff too kind of prevent that rehydration like like toasting it once it's once it's you know drive you might be able to prevent some rehydration but you know I don't think you're ever going to get I mean you could get some weird funky flavors by Frances coconut aminos right so coconut aminos

father made but you get some very meaty flavors out of coconut in the product coconut aminos I don't know what the aging process is I think it's more akin to soy sauce so there's like some sort of liquid coconut substrate that they've been aged and ferment to make coconut aminos but you might look at something like I would think you might have good results or something like coconut something that can shave easily and clearly cuz they make the coconut aminos something that would cause that but it's again more akin to the soy sauce flavor taste and not that kind of like like fish broth base that possibly she has I frankly I don't even know if I have ever had Dave's pork katsu ibushi he liked it but even think he said it didn't taste exactly like I said Lucy was a different broth

has anyone in the chat room have anything Dave maybe the way in I'll keep an eye out if you send a question into cooking issue just try and remember I'll try to do you know figure out whether anyone's worked on you interested in Fruit specifically or just a vegetarian cause a luciferian

so I mean I knew that like water was going to be one of my major issues and keeping keeping the fruit from basically just crumbling during the process I was wondering if there's anything that I can add like I mean obviously like I was going to originally start with like apples or peaches or something like that

but I mean if I wanted to try like blueberries

I'll have to find something to maybe like

boost its structural while he was also breaking down at the same time you can probably just set the stuff into a gel that then won't reverse like it like that needs to go so you can do the way that you make agar as you set blocks and then you repeatedly let it kind of free saw the liquid kind of drains on your left for that car so you can probably like dudes gel and strips or agar strips and then let those aged and block format and that might be there for you you know something like that I thought you were trying to actually make like a like a like a soup with it which is a different kind of like whatever kind of funky flavors like apple have the fruits from being aged to make like a a syrup for a teacher or some like that

meaning you do other than pickling not to think about it more maybe someone in the chat room has some ideas what the what the historical antecedents are

oh hey this is West coming from the Northwest Northwest

I want to build an outdoor rotisserie and I might be over like some coals or a might be over at invariably if you use the rotisserie elements that you buy in a big box stores it's going to suck and I'll tell you why

what if what if locks like it's irregular you already know the answer my friend that's the thing they flop and and there is no one there is no one on God's green earth who's good enough at balancing any reasonable size piece of meat such that they're not going to have the Flop with those kind of rotisserie Motors but the good news is there are Motors that are quite good right so you want a you want a motor that basically has no backlash to it and so the best rotisserie one I ever built I built with an old like an actual like gear motor like a really nice gear motor that was running at I forget what the magic rotisserie number is it somewhere in the area of like 4.5 or p.m. right around there I think I forget because I haven't built one in a long time but yeah they issue with that is keeping it keeping it relatively cool right so you can check

drive them and I think I would ya another good way is that did Mark like that that rotisserie unit he got nastase where's that one from was that turkish-greek the one with the little spit so yeah you like that that was Italian Italian so I had like a whole line of mini split so basically did you know those many Spitz that are you know they're only maybe like like a foot-and-a-half long and they're made of a blade of the right like a blade and you shove the end of the blade into like a spinning what amounts to a screw and then it just keeps spinning and you lift it out and it spins on its own axis is make any sense to you know I'm talking about you look up like Italian that's miniature you're looking for a larger spit right I assume you're looking for a larger spit those Motors that they sell you know if you have any fabrication skills you can attach it to your to your own bracket I'm tryna remember what I used to use these Bodine motors which was

boating was the brand they were real pricey but you can buy them used and they had zero backlash you know what I mean and it's like zero so they can use just like you just completely just driving 100% of the time another way you could do it is you could do a chain on a chain drive and then that'll also take up cuz it's your motor is spinning more than your object is so if your motor spinning a lot more than your object is your reducing the effective backlash on it because you know because they're probably accepting the same out of angular backlash in the in the in the output shaft regardless of its RPM so if you all right amount of flop right amount of flop right so that the fact that matter is is that is that any motor right that has tolerance is typically like if you like if you've ever used a machine

tool right you're when you're threatening something forward you're pushing on it and then even the smallest you know increase always pushes it forward then as you back off it takes a little bit of time for the thread to re-engage go in the other direction so that's the playwright the play and so it just gets worse and worse because then meet not being rigid right the more it's right hopping during the during the process and we showed him or hey the more it will kind of tear itself to pieces and get it'll get crappier and crappier as you spent a lot of this also is just designing good and I don't mind them actually the square things that hold on the Square things that that you know go over your rotisserie rods to hold the meat on I don't mind that and but you know what the ultimate thing is honestly like you know you want to cook right do you want to say

and your whole freaking life balancing a freaking pig on a stick know you want the thing to spin the freaking pig regardless of how well you balanced it like an ideal rotisserie you shouldn't have to balance that thing at all it shouldn't care what I mean like like why doesn't anyone make a decent freaking motor for this so I would buy an oversized motor1 and what you want to want to look at is the number of the number in inch pounds to foot pounds that I can do and that's going to let you know how off center your load can be and still have it effectively drive it right so you know like you can look it up it's like that they give out of torta de can provide is going to provide at going to tell you kind of how effectively it can spin it but like I say the way a lot of people do this is goodbye weeny teeny Motors and then they get rid of these crappy gear boxes that have a lot of play in it and then you end up with crappy rotisserie you're sitting about crappy rotisserie with the Flop even if it didn't ruin your meat you always have one section of the meat that's in your fire for less amount

because I fit flops it just goes who the hell wants blondme all right anyway let us know what motor rheostat tweet us back and let us know what it what what happened. She will hate you so delicious like it's more delicious than the sum of its parts is it because the oil gets dispersed by the emotion and it spreads out over your taste bud

well it's is kind of an interesting question I mean first of all you and I clearly believe mayonnaise is delicious but there are people who do not like man is wrong anyway but like the point is is that mayonnaise it is delicious and it's because you've solidify the oil I'm pretty sure it's just a fact that you solidified oil into you know along with vinegar and salt you solidify this oil into something that you can then spread so if you like drizzling oil over things how could you not like mayonnaise you don't even it's just like a a a easier to apply for me that in first of all you don't like mayonnaise every salad dressing is made with mayonnaise do not like salad dressing Dave

you telling me that like a vinegar and oil salad dressing is my ethnicity always got to go there always got to go there but you telling me you don't like any creamy dressings Dave when overdone it is disgusting I need a BLT without mayonnaise

BLT requires mayonnaise do you eat a turkey sandwich without mayonnaise mustard mayonnaise is what you need for the sandwich need both incorrect minimalistic

look turkey a normally American cooked turkey has which predominant characteristic what comes to mind first dryness yes and what is the miracle condiment that fixes dryness everybody mustard mayonnaise

mustard does not fix dryness mustard fix a lot of fixes a lack of piquancy Ludacris what world do we live in

pretty sure you use that are maybe I wanted him to use that and he didn't use that right maybe that was the only reason he didn't use any way I don't know mayonnaise Is It Anyway all right what other than they they they have a mental issue with the fact that it's the texture and or are they what they think the theater at it when I leave the actual greens mayonnaise are actually argue mayonnaise on a flavor / function Point like I'm I'm here for it. Bring it on Anyway by Michael Rosen from Toronto in regards to meet does crust formation inhibit heat penetration is a multi-faceted question here because

as you heat the meat as you form a crust right it loses water as it loses water it does in fact create have heat penetrate less quickly right because the water is a better conductor of heat and the dry meat product however I can also get to a much higher temperature and therefore it can it can go get up to the temperature of the fry or up to the temperature of your oven and therefore can push you can be a higher temperatures I don't know where the answer is I used to know because I had to research this for my book which I was supposed to write year in a little over a year ago so I'm restarting again with the writing so I don't get me started I met with my publisher yesterday.

stassi likes to pester me to ask a question from Devon in Seattle about juice and FDA which I guess I'll have to get to next because it's not you know not that I can't do a nice drawing next date for next week we have a guest when he's coming in about bread well what are you going to ask about the price of freaking eggs Jim Lahey Master bread Baker is going to be here next week in the end and who had to leave after that or what he's coming in from amazing remember if you if anyone has a problem with family shows it's going to be Lahey so like right always good of a solid Master Baker on the air with us exactly

stop from cursing on the radio what anyway I have lots of questions here I didn't get to more it will get will get to him along with all your bread questions next week with Jim Lee on cooking issues

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