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Episode 323: Dave Got Wood

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join as usual the fast cut off in the clap their discipline 3000 Denver right to talk about that dispensary as you may or may not know I am not a user of marijuana I have no problem with it it's just never been my thing I'm more of a of a liquor guy now I know people who are very very fond of it and it is a fantastic place to go are you a dispensary person becomes legal here maybe I don't know I got to find the right kind good so we have some interesting things to talk about that first of all today to say the football Bob's Red Mill just signed on to do more what's it called sponsorship of the of the radio program

all those guys leather Bob's Red Mill as you said many times it is not Bob's Mill that is read it is Bob's Red Mill there there's a noghri there's no Green Mill there's no purple Mill it's not like dudes got like 15 Mills and red nosed one of them is Bob's Red Mill and as a part of a signing on you know to be a sponsor the show he sent us a Bob's bobblehead the meaning of it starts right here on the table is a hefty bobblehead and you noticed us yet I will say this way it's a bobble heads are the exact opposite of like the Camry how to say the camera like put on 10lbs the bobblehead light takes off 10-15 pounds Bob's Red Mill bobbleheads very high-quality a ship with a neck brace on them so that they don't Bible in transit did you know that that gets him the heads totally a locked in transit and then only bottle

it's removed from its bottle brace you don't want any unauthorized bobbling why would you why would you be if you get the milk for free why buy the cow you want anything hate that phrase if that's what it is well but it is what it is is what you ate his supposed to be meaningless because it's like I have nothing to add here I'm just going to string some words together so that there's not a pause in the conversation nothing no one likes it when you say nothing if you could say nothing that's like super awkward like rice sausage that you played in if you like if you like I can't believe this broke this sucks on my God what are we going to do this is like that one phase you always say no choice no problem no problem is I say that when you know someone's like getting all bent out of shape and there's nothing there going to freaking do about it

it is what it is you don't even usually when you say it is what it is you could just say nothing if it weren't awkward my write Dave but like for instance on a radio program UK to have awkward silence at work

let's agree to disagree

yeah because that's not an agreement and first of all that's such like it's such an aggressive thing to say you know what let's agree to disagree saying like I do not accept your logic I am just going to turn inward and double down on my incorrect thinking I'm still right and you're not worth discussing is true I mean that's the presupposing that one person is right in this equation but that's not always true and also doesn't believe you're worth trying to turn to the correct side to disagree to Denver visitor The Candy Factory which like I'm allowed to talk to I can't talk about why I was there we can talk about visiting the oh yeah

Netflix with Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres I haven't seen it I won't see it I won't watch it never again do you ever watch you on a show no of course not in the real life at least you can make fun of me on a show you can't even make fun of me and have me know about it cuz you'll for those of you that know nastassia so cruel hearted person that's true but she doesn't in tripe but she doesn't enjoy making fun of you unless you get to get her back and she wasn't like like one-sided making feel like she was like she doesn't make fun of dead people because what's the point they can't come back at her for all of her like inherent cruelty she she likes to she likes to zip code and so and that's the

reason why I can get along with her if she if she was just a you know one way or the other I couldn't I couldn't handle it that's why nastase and I we know where they going to survive working with us and not if they give it back to us you don't even when Booker was at work Mark was like and stassi is a mean person isn't she in Booker was like no never had known her for 10 years yeah well that is so sweet yeah because it's okay to stassi is also preferentially nicer to certain people yasso Booker my children Booker now is an employee of pasta flyer nepotism mean like what could be better if that's all that he did say multiple times the other staff members on Playstation I'm very sensitive to heat yeah yeah it's funny he got he got home and burned himself at home

burnt Lake mean when your career is not very long here I mean do you know John Oliver he did a string together of Rachael Ray saying that her fingers don't have any feelings for my God is so hilarious so it's Rachael Ray but he cut it so that she just looks really kind of like to press and beaten down she looks like she doesn't have feelings of any kind any more right but she's basically just like trying to say that she cooked for a long time and so she can't feel her fingertips anymore because they've been burned so often but if you see it all strung together she's like that with pasta flyer not only is Booker working there but nastassia now has found a new skill what is it nastassia I am I am a connoisseur of black people

made of drinking earlier and construction paper portraiture Asia first of all what am I what is Dave said you're treading on some super thin ice here I don't know where you're going with this right debut even still know where she's going with this I hesitate to ask our food and I'm and I we've catered for Saturday Night Live and then Twice the Ice and The Roots and we have these boxes that we give out and I try to put something funny about the person on each box the celebrity on Xbox so it's like Leslie Jones didn't trust you I'm suspicious but when you did the roots what happened

each of their faces on the box construction paper but there you go with the freehand construction paper portraiture and then what happened then posted his portrait on his Instagram and he got a lot of comments from other famous people like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the guy that wrote the Chappelle show which I was very proud of and they were all making fun of reporter that I did which I like because I can take it like it's like she knows you my heart but she should be suspicious 72128

do some actual questions on a question based program this is from Queen called and he was the one who wanted to know about I guess working in the business right how to get started in this business of a kind of check related stuff he's on Vancouver Island and you can't really travel anyway not sure if you were gave her a big movie people but I thought you might find this cool I developed a carbonated cocktail based on the shape of water and one of the actors from the movie made it if we made it

I'm I've never seen him out check out the Twins YouTube which is what does you to think it's called cooking bike you or something like this with you take it out I like carbonated I believe it was a mixture of Blue Curacao have went by the way everyone here knows I'm not a fan of the Blue Curacao because I only tell you what let me tell you why I don't like Blue Curacao

I email so I had a rule at Booker and Dax of no Blue Curacao in the house like we wouldn't stock it we wouldn't use it if you want a blue cocktail just use smdc blue right cuz I found one of you's a high-quality orange product I'll use Cointreau I'll use Grand Marnier I'll use combier are use a good tasting orange product and then I will just make the crap blue with artificial food color because you know how they make Blue Curacao they take crappy orange liqueur and then add fndc blue food coloring to it so you might as well just skip the middle person and get a good tasting product and add fake color to what do you think did yeah yeah but then I'm like hey guess what let's not add fake coloring to our stuff because I don't like that now this is this is me so then the first name Nick Bennett does mcbennett you know former head bartender Cooking Dash before Jax Aram goes to start his own program at porchlight very first signature drink on the menu is full of

Curacao is like Nick Nick Nick but it's still makes it's like one of those better known better known drinks look I appreciate the wonder why do I hate it it doesn't fit my style I hate it from me I don't actually mind the taste of my thing is is that I would I would prefer using a better liquor with blue food coloring dye with literally would just add blue food coloring if you want the blue I mean my first of all like why should why should blue drinks just be limited to one city one orange flavor in right I mean if you're thinking of of like a flavor that would be orange would it be mean sorry blue would it be orange which also doesn't exist that's a blue raspberry came to be a thing because there aren't any blue raspberries

there aren't even blue blueberries you think would be blueberry Wright brothers real blueberry has a very heavy purple tinge until you can never get it to be blue in order to get an actual blue color in a stirred style drink or even like a tiki style drink you need to start with a clear base right and so like a lot of these Triple Sec Cointreau things are clear which makes them ideal for food coloring Edition whereas things that have like raspberry like real raspberry or any blueberry in them are so Darkly pigmented already you can't ride over them with that kind of neon blue but the shape of water cocktail he also had some green chartreuse to it with by the way always a good thing I'm very huge fan of chartreuse and carbonated cocktails very huge fan of a little bit goes along with little bit I'll remember that one drink that you didn't like it but it's called chartreuse it was just water green chartreuse and and clarified lime juice

truth about the hot chocolate so there's a classic hot chocolate and chartreuse pink chartreuse water and and clarified lime carbonated and it's real good but you have to really real good but you have to like you have to like green chartreuse allowed to you yeah I like drinking it just to straight

Sue okay now I'm back to a question here story of Daniel Day Lewis's role of water I know the feeling that he's in what is the end of it

good night. I don't even know you were tired and going to bake pastries now no sew for the Phantom thread movie that got like no publicity he made his wife a full-on cook to address to get in purse of course yes it's like to do it later when he's doing these walls like Lincoln when he was like Lincoln when he came home to his wife feel the butcher Poole magic he's not showered for like a month and he's like burning Cleavers into the table and we're in that damn top hat but you never know who's going to come home at night and you know

I come home and act normal you know what I mean

but anyway new Lifetime movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis anyway so Kevin writes in a long story short of course I'm not going to make it short right cuz I'm going to go to 510 tangent long story short I want to open a cafe / fast casual lunch spot in San Francisco and had a couple of questions for Dave anastacio

get out fast casual so what's the difference between Quick Service like a quick service which is what everyone should be put in fast casual it's like just one two subsets of the other more expensive like 11 or $12 and services will sit down and get your food taken table service magic quick-service you don't sit right there so fast casual sit-down candy sit down on opening these these situations had a couple questions for Dave and anastasi we ever move back to the Bay Area

not ever play why I don't really like it you like the place or the people. She that you don't know like you know how like sharkskin like nastase will always rub against sharks going the wrong way you know I'm saying it along Sharks game in the way that won't cut them I don't land of sassy with all this bill the abrasive directions to dress like crap you know like all the Silicon Valley people and all that stuff if you're going to act like I would rather be rich wasp okay so nastassia used to be a fan of beayork until what at a party and her sneakers were dirty and like she's like that lady is too rich to be wearing filthy sneakers I'm done with her that's what

she was at a Questlove Salon anyway so the income bracket on Central Park South or West and not go to like me Brooklyn and get their sneakers everyday everyday a new pair of sneakers okay a little more background running not currently running nonprofit the trans folks transitioning out of homelessness training them in the kitchen my style cooking is plant-based so I guess that means vegetarian write possibly vegan what do you think Dave's plant-based mean vegan or vegetarian unclear unclear I guess eggs not a plantsim plant-based other stuff a plant-based cooking that has bacon is an accident no can't can't I it's based in plants so very big not basing me if you mean vegetarian Kevin let me know

Mexican inspired Cuisine we've been doing dinner pop ups for about a year now but want to have more regularity and sell more food by having our own space question when opening a new food business in here for you coming to stassia what's your process like for recipe testing in deciding on your core product / the thing that people will know and seek you out for this will be our first brick-and-mortar food business any general advice you give me or similar people for starting their first would love to hear about both of your experiences I stopped go and not open your own place that sucks too but the main difference between a powersmart of a restaurant is employees everything about the food business except the people that make the food and the people that eat the food you ate the beautifying but okay so here's what I'm going to say the difference between a pop-up and a like a full-on brick-and-mortar space is that you have more

more control over the consumer in a pop-up scenario then you have in a in a brick-and-mortar for this reason in a pop-up everyone knows it's kind of a limited time only people eat a lot of times are seeking out a pop up so they already kind of know what your stick is and so you have a little more leeway I would say in a pop-up to go outside of someone's normal envelope of comfort zone then you would having a brick-and-mortar space unless you have such a well-known stick that people are going or being driven to your brick-and-mortar space firestick right when you say that's so interesting way that like when you're doing cooking demonstrations or a Live Events where you get to control the customer experience more than you wouldn't have normal dining's nereo you get to go a little further outside of someone's normal Zone because you have the ability to kind of steer their mind in the direction you wanted to go where as in a sit-down environment or if there if they're just coming in office

foot traffic is not necessarily the same I think the same goes with press press have a different expectation of an establishment when it is a permanent establishment they wanted to pop up when you say yeah yeah and so you have to like they're worried a lot more about and you have to worry a lot more about are you cultivating regulars I'd much rather have I'd much rather have like a base of regulars because they're like steady and you get them going and I'll see you have to design also around design different kinds of meals different kinds of things if you expect someone to eat it you know once a week as opposed to a bit is this a once a month or once a year or once in your life kind of a situation when you say stuff yeah yeah and the other thing is is that I would do as anastacio says I would do a lot of pop up beforehand because what you like or even went successful in one or two popups isn't necessarily going to be the day they hit later on down the road

and there's not only what is a hit years of the flip side of that something when you're developing something and it stops you can you know about this more than anyone like you want that sucker specialist fast-casual bulletproof right I'm assuming if it's fast-casual that means that eventually you don't want to have to be there every day and if you don't want to be there every day either you're going to commissary that stuff out are you going to cook it in the back and relatively large batches it needs to be you need form and you're going to need to make sure that whoever is executing on the end isn't going to hose your hose your product and kind of a kind of ruin it so the hardest part is is developing your recipes such that they can be bullet-proofed right at Mark hasn't not been at the restaurant since we open tethering is bulletproof yeah but that's what he's working with you know all of your good intentions of helping people

they just care about their paycheck wow

wow good luck well that's the thing I don't expect like if you're in a fine dining establishment right or if you're doing something New York nonprofit you can get True Believers and True Believers will work because they're True Believers right once you're in a it's just a paycheck environment then you have to worry that they no longer care and if they no longer care in the product has to be truly bulletin right that means that's why

get it cuz nobody cares

if your supply chain doesn't make make sure the stuff or real cook right is on the Fly changing what they're doing constantly based on the input they get so if the produce comes in a different today than it was yesterday or the week before you adjust on the Fly that's actually the hard part about doing the kind of bar that like I'm doing most bartenders aren't used to having to do lots of on-the-fly adjustment for ingredients because most bartending work is done with ingredients that you can just buy and their standard you know or they're in a relatively narrow range of stop once you start dealing with produce that can be vastly different from day-to-day becomes very hard to bulletproof tea recipes and so I think that's that's what you need to kind of focus on don't focus on what you can make you know yourself or when you're leading the crew what can you pull off it's more like what is the highest quality slam dunking is best thing that I can make that

Gillian so that's why I'm resilient doesn't necessarily mean in cooking and inbar resilient doesn't necessarily mean identical obviously you're focusing on consistency right that's the main thing consistency from day-to-day from cook to cook from in a week-to-week but you have to accept the fact that there is going to be very intense and so certain recipes are what I like to call stable in other words a change in a particular ingredient one way or the other is not going to drastically change the flavor of the day and some recipes are very unstable and so I would steer away from recipes where slight changes in the seasoning slight changes in the cooking time slight changes in the whole time on the line so radically change the change the outcome of the dish what do you think so

finding your employees and did you wherever worry at Booker and Dax that people are not representing the drink the way that you imagined it to be well the thing about Booker and Dax was is that I loved our team I loved our crew you know what I mean and I thought you know the vast vast majority of the people that I work with at Booker and Dax wanted to be in the bar at as professionals and they were devoted to doing a good job you know what I mean and that's your that's the benefit in a way

in a way

people outside people don't understand how hard it is to try to design a program around people that don't necessarily care about the product you know what I mean like I would say it's probably harder Mark Wright some Mark now is running pasta flyer and before was running Del posto everyone in Del posto you know the fanciest Italian restaurant there is here right everyone there was a Believer Ian I mean like they're all yo mean everyone on the team special to hire us a 19 they're all like a me every day to try to produce the best part of they can what is he things harder working go poster working pasta flyer that's right if people don't like regular outside person doesn't understand like $500 a night at Del posto sometimes and three different dining rooms and kit and all that and like a lot more going on than a 2000 square-foot fast food place right but you can trust it everyone on your team like their primary goal now people are incompetent as nastassia knows people make

steaks by everyone on the team is focused on the quality not on money because they can make more money doing something else most of these people right and I felt the same as inherently harder to try to make a top quality product when we think of the work involved in having to take yourself out of the equation people don't respect the amount of work it takes to make a good product that is invariant over the over the cook over the Heritage Radio in fact everybody I know the analogy is definitely heading home for me and general like calm and forget the opposite of you are basically opposite Well he kind of makes fun of

Nastasia and of me because he's like you guys think everyone's incompetent you think that you're you know better than anastacio like now know what we have is we no we suck that's like all we have like I always tell him and our staff like no one is harder on me than me so like I am the the toughest critic of myself and about something she thinks she's good at darts and it's actually is garbage garbage at darts just get it done and don't really think about like the consequences so we're working on the new bar right which I haven't announced yet so whatever it doesn't exist whatever but anyways I'm working on a new bar yesterday and we didn't want to have to do it cuz we're trying to use as much of the stuff as we had the space of possible more on that later so I have we have to move the bar

until our contractor basically said I can't find a physical bar so the contractor said I can't move the bar we're going to have to build in a new bar so my both were going to build a new bar I wanted to be something nice not something garbage right and so then and it's like we're sitting at once instead of bright show my step father's favorite phrase one of his favorite phrase is you know choose your favorite like you could be if it could be but it could be you know so if we use it right if we did this if we did that if crapped himself meaning like you sit around you say if if if if if if you never get anything done you never make it to the bathroom you poop your pants if crap himself now you replace I with sugar honey iced tea and you have an actual

an actual Gerard addonizio phrase by the way there is no one better at the curse phrase then my stepfather Gerard I mean he is like he is like from from birth gifted with a series of salty salty phrases but know if himself at all and only very few people understand his people who deal with smart people kids especially here's what you say

how smart that's how stupid are you like you're so smart how could you do such dumb things and so the phrase abuses how smart that's how stupid and so he sees that on the all the time who does look at me and say that and like crap so yesterday we're like arguing about the bar so Jack and Bobby from the bar and I just go to rosenzweig and pick out a literally 1 ton 2000 pounds of lumber and so again I'm not announcing anything about the bar this doesn't exist whatever but like at Solid 2 and 1/2 in thick mahogany wow I'm just sick of crap I'm sick of garbage mean like I have a feeling of course people rosensweet believe this because they you know Sellwood for a living but I think that you know the difference between like a thin layer of plywood or like mahogany boards like laminated together like over plywood people going to be able to tell the difference between that and 2 and 1/2 in

freaking mahogany right so the boards are like 10 and 1/2 in wide two and a half inches thick so it's just three boards there 15 ft long so would two of them to make up their own your two of those sections that has yet to be determined it turns out my track saw is not quite that doesn't quite have enough penetration to go all the way through this stuff there so either I have to buy the Festool which is a very nice track saw Elsa Let the contractor do it he just got it done just got done excited about this managed so it's not we're not cutting down the last tree in the neighborhood where it came from

I don't remember whether this one's African or South America it's called sapele is the variety cuz it's cheaper than the other than the other mahogany and still is beautiful one water-resistant it is the other and has a nice hand meaning of feels good once it's finished so what we plan on doing the nice thing about the solid material is it when you're when you're running a bar what you want at the back of the bars on the bartender side is a nice drain rail so the way that the lot of people accomplish the train rail is you build your bar and then you put a stainless steel drip pan like ass like a between 6 and 8/8 better drain rail pan on the back and you put like a perforated stainless over that and so that's when you're pouring spilled gas pills down you can clean it at the end of the night so it's a lot better than rubber mat because rubber match when you pick him up a spill also the rubber mats aren't level with your mixing with your bar so you can't just slide your

Isis off the rubber mat so rubber mats are great for home at home you should get a rubber mat but at a bar it's not ideal but we're doing is like so much nicer cuz we're going to mail we're going to Route the train into the solid mahogany super waterproof it and then just put dry decking down on the on where it goes so they're just going to be the the drip things going to be this part of our freaking solid mahogany he thought about it like I hope it comes out well because lifting that much would because when you buy that kind of lumber did you did you put it no you didn't see how we hired a guy named Reggie and so I sat around making Indiana Jones jokes the entire time that's just my pet snake Reggie this Lumber doesn't come because literally they're just like they saw it into whatever with it happens to be they take the tree they saw it I saw the bark off and so it's random lengths random wits

so you have to sit there and just sit through all these piles of lumber trying to get with it matches color-wise and trying to say we and it in the yard dogs as as Bobby was calling them are like super do I need to pass beat keep the pies need to keep the piles beats in the Bronx that pause not need no hay jurka we just bought half of your freaking mahogany how the hell am I supposed to make a pile look like a look before when it's half as full as it used to be by the way if you're in the market for 1 and 1/2 in thick like a finish to sapele boards for tables or two and a half inch thick zeppeli now is not the time to go to Rose & Suites as we bought those suckers out we bought like all of the good with the stuff that's left might as well be a corkscrew so give me a couple weeks back. So hopefully Kevin we answer some of your questions about the developing I don't think we did but

company that has been offering organic stone-ground products for decades or question this week comes from Lucy she says I'm working on a homemade gluten-free bread for my son who has Celiac are there any tricks or adding more structure and Rise when using a gluten-free flour yes it is a lot of tricks everything with gluten-free baking is about the specific application so it's hard to say I want what you said she's making she's bread gluten free bread bread like a quick bread or where you're actually trying to mimic a bread bread of the think main thing that gluten is doing is providing structure so this ugly ass uniform things properly it's also what kind of hold it together allows it to expand and have the air pockets in it like a normal bread so it's providing that structure during the rise and bake time and then afterwards it's also providing to texture from the

the protein have to worry about the star stand is setting it out there so what you need is something in there to hold the structure while it's rising and baking and its various ways you could do it I mean if it's supposed to be a tender Iggy kind of bread than just add more kind of egg replacer something that goes in there and in fact when people like they're good Folks at Bob's Red Mill are designing gluten-free flour placers there designing it specifically to try to have those properties when you're baking but you need to buy the product that is specific to the application you're looking for so you if you were trying to do bread not a quick bread bread a risen bread you need to buy a replacer that is specifically intended for something like that and that kind of frankly a standard-bred is the hardest of the things to do other tricks I haven't played with too much but pre-cooked starches are a good way to add some texture and snap to a product you know a partially pre-cooked starch-based is a good way to add protection that's how the way like a lot of like noodle basis and whatnot are done and I Asian

if you have more questions about Bob's Red Mill products Tremonton to Heritage underscore radio if you want to go the gluten-free or paleo route when baking Bob's Red Mill has tons of options are the and use the code cooking issues that's one word all caps cooking issues for 25% off your order and and remember remember when you're subbing out a product for a traditional product there is no one substitute Meats all so you're the great thing about Bob's Red Mill as I have a very wide range of products and just look into their whole range I'm sure they have a product to fit your specific application

and we're back at a would I tell you if it's torture having to listen to us during our own break it supposed to be a membrane ourselves take off the headphones break from Myself radio silent the only true bring it back bring it back so we got a question in from JJ says having problems with my kielbasa in all caps

I just wanted to say is someone's calling and saying that they have already and saying they have a problem with their kielbasa wrong show them they're wrong show we have Love by it's on Hiatus though and Ben rosenblatt so Jay is using a polson's recipe presumably the one out of the charcuterie book Brian posehn's recipe I'm having problems with an off-putting

what do the word often shoot what what is the shoot you should shoot on the mic and they are whatever you think should have I don't have shoes for dinner literally looking at the internet and realize I didn't have shoes for dinner where you going out to dinner

is it what he or hope this have like a Jay-Z siding or some like this Nastasia wants can you fancy him up maybe we can spray them and put sparkles on them go snow boots you can't wear nice shoes when it's crappy but you're the one that got dressed this morning this Dasia I didn't get dressed for you and them anyway we're back to the to the actual question at hand if any of you have some suggestions for stassi going to Legacy records

using potions recipe I'm having problems with an off-putting almost sulfurous flavor the flavor is much more pronounced after pulling some out of the freezer a week later after stuffing I use my hamster stuffing my kielbasa I use my circulator to cook the sausages and Vac bags at 160 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Eliminated a lot of other possible variables such as older milk powder that has been sitting in my pantry for instance I also plays the Sheep casings with a collagen casing this time around as well just in case is it possible that the cooking environment is causing some type of bad flavor from the pink salt I intend to do another pack a batch next week in steam them but figured I'd get your take on it thanks Jay so yeah I don't know about this recipe is onion powder mustard powder mill power meet nitrite in some some other stuff and I actually texted Johnny Hunter about it from underground food Collective and underwear

eats in Madison trying to figure out what kind of going on I should have never had a problem like this just from meat and he said no it is true that a lot of the characteristic aromaz of cooked meats are sulfur containing follicles right of all of those are but usually not going to get a sulfurous off note from at least I hadn't heard about this either my guess is are you using so what is it in your in your ingredient list is heavily sulfur-based the two things that are heavily sulfur-based are the mustard and the allium write the garlic powder onion powder whatever you're using I would guess it probably that and so the real question is especially those temperatures are you using fresh garlic instead of powder because if you're using fresh garlic that could be a source of these aromaz cuz a lot of funky things can happen low temperature with garlic specially on store

in in in in a meat like that so that's the first thing I look at is it that if not most of that super volatile Roma's that are met any unpleasant ones should flash off if it's a bag related so when you're cooking something in a vacuum bag you can often get retained what I like to call hinode volatile so volatile is that disappear relatively rapidly once it's open but a lot of that is in raw meat so you have what's called specifically known as confinement odor so confinement order is kind of a small amount of bacterial action that goes on in a vac packed a piece of meat or even I guess could be other things that are happening in there when you open the bag those things are finally exposed to the air and they flash off and it has that bag play we don't talk about stars right when you open a vac bag of Romney hand smells like that background that's called Consignment a robot and so like that can find a room up will flash off and so it's also possible to get cook notes in undesirable cook note in bags and is true

like more often than not pork is it is a cabasa is with beef and pork right next to mail just specifically kill bosses but like them or dried ones that smell like that summer sausage E-Type

I used to get a salami in the mail there was a but not but like a harder salami like one that would keep like one of them require refrigeration it would just show up and just sit in the dorm for a while and you eat it with the salami sending well you know they acted like there was a thing in World War II was at Katz's that used to have a you-know-what things like send a salami to your boy in the Army yeah that's it and so it's like you know what's something you can send to somebody that they don't have right that is expensive that they don't have to refrigerate that they can eat that's a taste of home so apparently anastacio ate a lot of kill bosses Last Summer sausage you don't realize also going to stassi is Mom would send her plants in the regular US mail just like I plant not like a seed not to see Dave a plant like tomato plant go to the Home Depot

not only is it not probably legal it's also not advisable like she would just go get like a potted plant I swear to Christ people a potted plant and then put that potted plant in a box with wet newspaper and mail it as a formal as a former postal employee I can tell you we do not treat packages well especially moist package do not get treated well so in that plant killed off the entire community garden of all everybody knows California is where the stuff grows I don't know why they call New Jersey the Garden State cuz all we got is corn and tomatoes right like California lay legit grossed up there right what that means is the mites the mites that live in California are the hardiest most badass mites the mites the mites and so anastacio got some sort of tomato might shift to her and like our puny New York like garden-variety

cannot withstand the full my tennis in the California Mighty tomato might you could have no one had tomatoes that summer in the larger ecosystem so there you go Johnny couldn't think of any we were still talking about sausage kielbasa right so I would look at your alley on base right so if it's not strictly speaking to meet is steaming doesn't stealing might also solve the problem I'll tell you why because the the higher temperature is involved in steaming if it even if it is the Garlic will probably inactivate whatever is going on but at my guess is that a lot of also for notes have to do with alliums there's also a lot of like I say sulfur compounds cuz that's the primary kind of flavor compounds in a mustard otherwise like things like Livery flavors are enhanced by

eyebags but you're not saying like a livery flavor your what I'm getting from this more of an actual kind of sulfur thing not a gay me or a delivery note and what he thinks I have to have to check it I want to send it and seen it unlike unlike now I can't watch can't watch it Jacques Torres one of the all-time like hardcore pastry chef guys. I think I said this before I can walk into the French Culinary Institute just walk in and do like these like hardcore sugar bike demos that it would take a normal person they have to work up to it and practice for a while you can just walk in and like manipulate sugar like it's like it's Play-Dohs crazy you guys are sugar monster Dear Dave David debus nastassia Peter doesn't show me where is Peter

but I for those of you that don't know New Yorkers the classic thing any New Yorker says how you doing busy that's all we ever say right if a New Yorkers says I'm doing well dancer around here the correct answer is the New York way to say I'm doing fine is busy you that's New York I don't think people do that everywhere like if you're like you know we living in Spokane you're not like how you doing busy you hear that you have no worse unless you're busy you're not busy when you get fired from every We need. He is legitimately busy I know what you doing we're doing a refurb on child I owe them out a lot of work actually cuz work

add some more refurbished so much stuff that I have to do book Iowa book that's late so that's why I don't tell my publisher but the books on the back burner until I get a couple of things knocked out the bar has to go up and running one there's a new Booker and Dax prototype in the sauce you seen the first I think it is amazing for the first Proto let me tell you that you think you think that we were it is true in the past Booker and Dax we are trailing Edge technology as we said nights at this. He has gotten us booked into several if you wearing a beard teaching business students now about how to not run a business amazing hey we brought you in specifically to talk about failure third with a third or fourth

makes all your drinks marginally but perceptibly better at their tagline the next one I think like the centrifuges a niche market for people that want centrifuges their searzall is a good product and obviously now we know that if it goes out of stock there's problems the cocktail cube is marginally but perceptibly better and the next one I'm thinking is going to be just like hopefully hopefully that's like that's that's the one that's the one I saw it that's the one that gets this and that lets you become with a leather man lets me get a house yet what I do is I just dress up and recycle leather clothing and wander around Connecticut aimlessly like weatherman you see the picture of me as let him enforce

right every time it gets mentioned past abuses the episode photo or some sort of like you know person who wears a lot of Buckskin more likely she'll stable I've been trying to get better at bread baking which means I have a lot of leftover failed experiment pants I've been making a lot of breadcrumbs unfortunately I don't actually use bread crumbs very often by the way you don't use bread crumbs very often you are really good application for breadcrumbs I think the fine one will get it this minute if pasta Isle of breadcrumbs on pasta and meatballs you'll put starch on starch as a as a what's his name Tony Shalhoub said Inn in Big Night

you're a mean like like I know you don't listen your pasta with risotto which is true I'll never forget my mom when she took me to Friendly's when I was a kid and I wanted to get like all the sides I got like a rice and corn and she's a note to start as you can do that yeah anastacio what do you yell at me for two proteins are to starch has an egg and a piece of chicken is that although it might sound like it's not a good idea breadcrumbs sprinkle over pasta is so the which is I think off and desirable and it has a history so not not just for Upon A poverty Cuisine people that couldn't afford grated cheese you know their passport also remember that huge number of Italian recipes don't have cheese or dairy in them specifically because they are designed around fast days which is why fish recipes don't typically contain dairy and or cheese in Italian

recipes because all those fish wants are based on a kind of either Lenten or fast fasting Day recipes of which one third of your day is typically right used to have just in my lifetime people still did meatless Friday but I can vouch for those who used to be a lot more days than just the Friday is like his any random Feast a fast day was that was a fast day and so bread crumbs are a good alternative and you know I'm so it's like bread crumbs are are good for that it's my my thing I like to go back to that your real question

I don't use it very often was wondering how they could get the stuff you buy in stores shelf-stable I took days advice and looked on the ingredient list of the back of the can but didn't see anything helpful I also tried Googling but didn't see anything there either would be great if I could figure out well the good news is he real that if you just make bread crumbs I normally they are shelf-stable right so what you want to do is I would let them stay lout first of all like slice of thin put them on a tray let him stay lout 100% then you can toast out of the I think the reason people have problems with bread crumbs is they try to take fresh bread toasted out and and then and then you always have a gummy inside and a crunchy outside those four most kind of bigger soft bread crumbs which don't necessarily work in his or they dry it out like 100% And then when they pulverized it gets real real small gets to a dust I would I would slice them steal them out till they're hard post them down to breadcrumb and then toast out the bread crumbs what do you think

are you guys do it puts sale sold in sweet bread and then oil herbs I don't know how to cook them

I don't know the point is if you take if you make your bread crumbs at 100% dry and toasted and then you hit them in in a row Goku or in a Cuisinart you'll turn them to dust you get big pieces it don't break down especially if you try to Toast French bread you toast bread fresh bread The Corrs which are resilient will stay as big pieces and the outside will turn to dust and put some in there and then takes another hotel to write Emmanuel crushing is a good way if they're 100% dry right so you can use manual crushing or like a pass or something like that. That's a good way to do it but I have some combination of stealing and or toasting and I'm figuring out like when the crushing have is probably like but don't burn them that's the other issue is like people often don't realize how fast and someone something is dry and the water is mostly gone out of it it goes from 0 to point like right away if you want to 100% shelf-stable I wouldn't boil them

then because he got a pack them in containers and you boil them and told them they might go rancid over time but just see him in a container with no air if you have a vac we used to take things like bread crumbs with so you live in Louisiana and it's real humid you can just take mason jars put them in a vacuum and then suck a vacuum on in the Mason jar will suck themselves down and a break from will last through the next ice age in one of those environments or what

we had we had a bunch of questions about how to use this is. Okay OK Google Facebook people will get the all of your shirt and spends all questions weight are we were around next week write my contacts know I am flying back again from Denver next week on Tuesday so into you will get we will get all of your spins all related questions Facebook a mall in will hook you up with more spins all stuff cooking issues

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